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When I was , I found out I had a brain tumor. I had surgery to remove it, but the size and location of the tumor caused my optic nerve to atrophy. three years afterward, I had partial sight, but my ophthalmologist told me that eventually I would go blind.岁那年,我被诊断患有脑瘤手术切除了脑疱.但肿瘤 的大小和位置却导致了我的视觉神经萎缩3年后,我还能看见 一点点东西,但眼科医生说我最终会失明At the end of my th year, doctors pronounced me legally blind and said there was nothing that could be done. I had a 5 percent chance of surviving the tumor, and I did, but somehow I could never deal with the fact that I was going blind. I tried to behave as if everything were just fine. When it happened, I was devastated.快过完岁时,医 生断言我已经完全失明,并且亳无办法治疗,当时,我患上脑 瘤后,存活的几率只有5%,结果我活了下来,但对于即将失 明的现实,我却无能为力我努力表现得一切正常,但当它真正 成为现实时,我却绝望了My dad left us when I was , and I took that really hard. Because of that, and because I was blind on top of it, my greatest fear was that no one was ever going to love me, that I would never get married and have kids and a full life. I was afraid of being alone, and I guess that is what I thought blindness meant.岁那年,父亲离开了我们,这简直令我无法承受正因 为如此,再加上处于失明最痛苦的时期,我最大的恐惧是没有人 再爱我,我永远都不能结婚,不能有自己的孩子和一个完整的生 话我害怕孤独,我想,这些就是我当时对失明的理Ten years later, on Nov. of last year, I was cooking dinner and leaned over to kiss my guide dog, Ami. I lost my balance and hit my head on the corner of my coffee table and then on the floor. It wasnt unusual. When you are blind, you hit yourself all the time. I got up, finished making dinner and went to bed.年过去了,去年月曰,我正在做晚餐?弯腰亲吻 我的导肓犬阿米时,突然失去重心,一头捶在了咖啡桌的一角,然后又摔在地这没什么大不了的,要是你失明了,你也总会 撞伤自己我爬起来,继续做完晚餐,然后上床睡觉When I woke up, I could see. Light was coming through my window, and the curtains were drawn. Of course, I was shocked, but not scared, not like when I lost my sight. There is a big mirror in my bedroom, but I didnt look at myself right away. I wanted to wash my hair and put on makeup first.当我醒来时,我能看见了阳光从拉着窗帘的窗户透进来 当然,我大吃一惊,但并不像失明时那样恐慌卧室里挂着一 面大镜子,我并没有立刻去照I do not look good in the morning, and I didnt want to be frightened. As I was showering, I caught my reflection . And just that left me speechless, really.我想先洗头,化妆,早展的模 样并不好看,我不想让自己受到惊吓洗澡的时候,我看见了 自己的影子顿时说不出话来,真的The last time I saw myself, I had short hair, a pale complexion and features that didnt show because I had such light eyebrows and eyelashes. I looked awful, like a teenage girl, I suppose.最后一次见到自己时,我留着短短的头发,脸色苍白,面 容黯淡因为我的眉毛和睫毛都很淡,看起来像一个十几岁的 小女孩,糟糕极了Now, all of a sudden, I realized that it was true what people told me, that I was an attractive woman. When I stood in front of the mirror, I reached to touch my face.但是,现在,我突然意识到,别人跟我说 的都是真的,我是一个漂亮的女人我站在镜子前,触摸着自 己的脸That is what I had been doing years -- it was how I understood -- so it was a natural impulse. It was not until I saw myself that I realized how much my memory had faded of things I once could see.十年来,我一直这样做一我只是这样理解的一所 以这是一种自然冲动直到我看见自己,才意识到曾经看见的 记忆^已经在很大程度上消退了It was about four hours bee I told anyone. I stayed with Ami. We looked at each other and played outside in the yard. I just wanted to be alone, and take it in. It was so much.大约四个小时后,我才告诉 其他人我和阿米在一起,我们注视着对方,在外面的院子里 的玩儿我只想独自接受这一事实,它对我的意义太大了The strange thing was that I knew it was going to happen. About a week bee, I was walking Ami and suddenly saw blue dots in front of my left eye, the one I would regain my sight in.奇怪的是,我很早就知道自己会复明大概一个星期前, 我带着阿米散步,突然看见左眼前面有蓝色的圆点后来正是这 只眼睛复明了I told my mum because I found it funny; blue had been my favorite color and was the easiest color me to see when I had partial sight. I took it as a sign.我告诉了妈妈,因为很有趣的是,我一直最喜欢 蓝色,这也是我还有部分视力时最容易看到的颜色我把它当成 了某种信号People dont treat me differently now. I was always completely independent. I lived in Auckland, New Zealand, in my own flat with my dog. I would have parties and go clubbing. I would listen to the beat of the music and go with it and hope the best.现在,我不再享有人们的特殊对待了,我一直独立生活, 带着小住在新西兰奥克兰市自己的公寓里我以前会参加聚 会,去俱乐部玩,会听着音乐,打着节拍,祈求最佳状态When your friends grab you and point you in the other direction because they are actually over there, that is when you remember youre blind. I also loved movies. Going to the movies blind was like someone telling you a really good story with great sound effects, and you make up all the images in your head.当我 和朋友们一起疯玩时,只有当他们抓住我的手,指着另一个方向,告诉我,其实他们在那边时,我才想起自己是个盲人我也喜欢看电影,盲人看电影就好像在听别人给你讲一个 非常好的故事,伴着精的^^响效果,你可以在脑海中想象所有 的情形I havent been back since I regained my sight. But Ive been able to see my favorite soap, hortland Street. And my friends took out magazines and pointed out Pamela Lee Anderson and Brad Pitt. The biggest surprise was Brad Pitt. I just thought, What is everyone going on about? The best was seeing my boyfriend.自从复明后,我还没有去看过电影,却在看我最喜欢的 肥皂剧《苏特兰街朋友们翻弁杂志,指着帕梅拉?李?安德 森和布拉德?皮特给我看,布拉德?皮特最令我吃惊,我只是想, 他有什么值得人们反复谈论的呢?最美妙的事是见到我的男朋 友He rode the ferry over, and I knew him the moment I saw him. He was as sexy as I had imagined. I am not surprised that things are pretty much the same in my life. I didnt expect anything more than what I have now. I worked very hard to surround myself with genuine people and to create a normal life myself.他坐渡船过来,我一眼就认出了他,和我想象中的一样性感 我并不感到惊奇,生活还和以前一样现在拥有的一切已 经让我感到很满足,我并不期望更多我努力工作,置身于这些 诚恳的人群中,为自己创造正常的生活I am still the same person. It just means that physically, perhaps, I can share more and put the two together the feelings I had, with sight.我还是以前的那个人, 也许复明只是意味着,’我能从身体上分享更多的东西,而且,能 把以前的感受和现在的结合起来;The same doctor who told me I would never see again told me I had regained 80 percent of the vision in my left eye. To be able to look him in the eye and tell him I could see again -- honestly, that felt pretty damn good.曾经说我再也不能复明的那个医生,现在又告诉我,我左 眼的视力已经恢复了 80%能够看着他,说我又能看见了老实说,这感觉简直再好不过了He ran all the tests and made me the eye chart, but he has no explanation. He said himself, and still says, that once the optic nerve is damaged, it cannot regenerate.他给我做了所有的测试,让我 读视力检查表,却没有做出任何解释,他依然像以前那样,自言 自语道,视觉神经已经损坏了,不可能再生的I dont think the knock on the head had anything to do with it. If others want to believe that is how it happened, that is fine. But I consider this a miracle. There is no other way to describe it.我并不认为这和我那天撞到头有什么关系,如果别人要这 样认为,那也没关系但我认为这是一个奇迹,除此之外,再也 没有其他方式可以形容了Some things just cannot be explained. Of course, some people are skeptical . me, it is precious. I try not to think about the possibility of going blind again. But my recovery would be no less a miracle even if I lost my sight tomorrow.有些事情就是无法解释当然,有些 人会很怀疑,但对我来说,它无比珍贵我努力不去想可能还会 失明,就是明天再度失明,我的恢复也依然是一个奇迹 958

新闻英语听力入门训练出来后,反响异常热烈!!!所以现在我打算乘胜追击,推出节目的姊篇---影视英语听力入门训练^^节目选材于原汁原味的美剧,截取片段,让大家听写一段话~~这样日积月累,相信一定会对大家的听力有帮助的.今天精听的对话:Mike: Carol just told me the awful news and well I just thought I'd come in to offer my condolences.Maggie: We're sick, Mike, not dead.Mike: well, ok then. That settles it.Maggie: settles what?Mike: oh see, there was a class ski trip this weekend and I thought I'd try to get out of it so I could spend sometime palling around with you guys. But obviously your are in no shape that. So I guess I gotta go.Jason: get it Mike.Mike: Dad?Jason: you are not going anywhere while you are still flunking English.注:这个节目是照美剧剧集来做系列的,我们先做成长的烦恼这一个系列~~大家有什么想法可以在下面给我留言^^ 8365

I asked nothing我一无所求 泰戈尔I asked nothing,only stood at the edge of the wood behind the tree.我一无所求,只站在林边树后Languor was still upon the eyes of the dawn,and the dew in the air.倦意还逗留在黎明的眼上,露润在空气里The lazy smell of the damp grass hung in the thin mist above the earth.湿草的懒味悬垂在地面的薄雾中Under the banyan tree you were milking the cow with your hands,tender and fresh as butter.在榕树下你用乳油般柔嫩的手挤着牛奶And I was standing still.我沉静地站立着I did not come near you.我没有走近你The sky woke with the sound of the gong at the temple天空和庙里的锣声一同醒起The dust was raised in the road from the hoofs of the driven cattle.街尘在驱走的牛蹄下飞扬With the gurgling pitchers at their hips,women came from the river.把汩汩发响的水瓶搂在腰上,女人们从河边走来Your bracelets were jingling,and foam brimming over the jar.、你的钏镯丁当,乳沫溢出罐沿The morning wore on and I did not come near you.晨光渐逝而我没有走近你收听更多双语节目,请关注微信公众号;奇喵课堂; 689


Day 第天Love Is Cruel, Love Is Sweet爱情残忍爱情甜Thomas MacDonagh托马斯·麦克唐纳Love is cruel, love is sweet, —Cruel sweet, Lovers sigh till lovers meet,爱情残忍爱情甜,——残忍而又甜, 情人肠断到相见,Sigh and meet — Sigh and meet, and sigh again — Cruel sweet! O sweetest pain!肠断到相见——肠断到相见,相别肠又断——残忍的甜呵!最甜的肠断!Love is blind — but love is sly, Blind and sly.爱情盲目爱情尖, 盲目而又尖,Thoughts are bold, but words are shy — Bold and shy心事勇敢言腼腆—— 勇敢而腼腆Bold and shy, and bold again — Sweet is boldness, — shyness pain.勇敢而腼腆,回头又勇敢-- 勇敢是甜呵,--腼腆令肠断 651

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