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How To Cope With Boring Office Work on HowcastStep 1: Build a portfolioWork to build a portfolio displaying your greatest work and achievements to help build your confidence.第一步:建立一个作品集建立一个展示你杰作的作品集,成就能使人建立自信。Tip:Build your portfolio by volunteering for special projects or to teach a class for other employees.小贴士:建立作品集时选择的内容可以是自愿做特殊的项目或是为其他雇员上课。Step 2: Build relationshipsBuild relationships with colleagues. Meet people in other departments and learn to communicate with people who have challenging personalities.第二步:建立良好的关系和同事建立良好的关系。和其他部门的人见面并学着和那些很有个性的人交往。Step 3: OrganizeInterrupt a boring workday by having a weekly breakfast, scheduling a daily or weekly walk, or organizing a game of touch football during lunch.第三步:要安排好活动每周吃一次特别的早餐,每天或每周都出去走走,或在午休期间来一场橄榄球赛,这样就不会过枯燥的工作生活。Step 4: DaydreamDaydream about the next vacation your boring work will pay for. Daydreaming gives us hope and helps us cope with the dull parts of life.第死步:做白日梦想想枯燥的工作会换来的下个假期。做白日梦能给我们带来希望并帮助我们应对生活中单调乏味的部分。Step 5: Listen to musicListen to music while you work. It lifts your spirits and energy level to get you through the day.第五步:听音乐工作时听听音乐。音乐能提神,使你精力充沛轻松度过全天。Step 6: ExperimentExperiment with new ways to complete a task. Try figuring out a better, more efficient way to accomplish the task at hand.第六步:尝试尝试用新的方法来完成任务。试着找出一个更好,更有效的办法来完成先有的任务。Step 7: Set goalsMake challenging work-related goals for yourself.第七步:设定目标。为自己设定和工作相关的,有挑战性的目标。 Article/201011/118625Chocolate Mint Smoothie. Chocolate, ice cream and a hint of mint make this smoothie a naughty treat for kids of all ages.Experience our Chocolate Mint Smoothie.巧克力薄荷奶昔。巧克力,冰淇淋和少量薄荷会让这款奶昔成为所有年龄段的人永不厌倦的美味。Step 1: You will need1.你需要#8226;1 blender搅拌器#8226;1 spatula雪糕棒#8226;1 serving glass玻璃杯Step 2: Ingredients2.原料Add 500ml of milk, 4 tablespoons of instant cocoa powder, half a teaspoon of vanilla extract, a few drops of peppermint extract and half a litre of vanilla ice cream to a blender.向搅拌器中加入500毫升牛奶,4汤匙速食可可粉,半茶匙香草精,几滴薄荷油,半升香草冰淇淋。Step 3: Blend3.搅拌Put the lid on securely, and blend until smooth.盖好盖子,搅拌至光滑。Step 4: Serve4.享用Pour into a glass and garnish with a sprig of mint. Drop in a couple of straws and serve.将搅拌好的奶昔倒入玻璃杯中,用薄荷装饰一下。加入几根吸管就可以招待客人了。Thanks for watching How To Make A Chocolate Mint Smoothie.感谢收看“怎样制作巧克力薄荷奶昔”视频节目。 /201212/217821Today in History: Thursday, February 14, 2013历史上的今天:2013年2月14日,周四On Feb. 14, 1929, seven rivals of gangster Al Capone were gunned down in a Chicago garage in the St. Valentine#39;s Day Massacre.1929年2月14日,情人节大屠杀中,歹徒Al Capone的七个对手在芝加哥一车库被。1859 Oregon was admitted to the Union as the 33rd state.1859年,俄勒冈州加入联邦成为美国第33个州。1895 Oscar Wilde#39;s final play, ;The Importance of Being Earnest,; opened at the St. James#39; Theatre in London.1895年,奥斯卡·王尔德的最后演出《认真的重要性》在伦敦圣詹姆斯剧院上演。1903 The U.S. Department of Commerce and Labor was established.1903年,美国商务和劳动部成立。1912 Arizona became the 48th state of the Union.1912年,亚利桑那州成为联邦第48个州。1920 The League of Women Voters was founded in Chicago.1920年,美国妇女选民联盟在芝加哥成立。1962 First lady Jacqueline Kennedy conducted a televised tour of the White House.1962年,电视直播了第一夫人杰奎琳·肯尼迪参观白宫。1979 Adolph Dubs, the U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan, was kidnapped in Kabul by Muslim extremists and killed in a shootout between his abductors and police.1979年,美国驻阿富汗大使Adolph Dubs在喀布尔被穆斯林极端分子绑架,在警方与绑架者交火中遇难。1989 Iran#39;s Ayatollah Khomeini called on Muslims to kill Salman Rushdie, author of ;The Satanic Verses,; a novel Khomeini condemned as blasphemous.1989年,伊朗人Ayatollah Khomeini呼吁穆斯林处死《撒旦诗篇》的作者萨尔曼·拉什迪,谴责他的小说亵渎神明。1989 Union Carbide agreed to pay 0 million to the government of India in a court-ordered settlement of the 1984 Bhopal gas leak disaster.1989年,联合碳化物公司在法院同意付印度政府4.7亿美元,解决1984年帕尔汽油泄漏灾难。2003 Dolly the sheep - the first mammal cloned from an adult - was put to death at age 6 due to premature aging and disease.2003年,第一只成年克隆羊多利因过早衰老和疾病被处死。2005 Former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri was assassinated.2005年,黎巴嫩前总理哈里里被暗杀。2006 Iran said it had resumed uranium enrichment, prompting Russia and France to call on Tehran to halt its work.2006年,伊朗表示已经恢复了铀浓缩,此举促使俄罗斯和法国呼吁德黑兰停止其工作。2008 A former student shot five students to death in a lecture hall at Northern Illinois University before committing suicide.2008年,北伊利诺伊大学一校友在演讲厅射杀了五个学生,随后自杀。 /201302/225106Rekindle Romance In Marriage寻找婚后浪漫Sheri Meyers (Marriage and Family Therapist) gives expert advice on: What are some tips to rekindle romance in marriage?; What are some easy ways I can show my spouse I love them?; How can I encourage my partner to be more romantic? and more...雪莉·麦亚思是一名婚姻和家庭问题咨询专家,将现身说法,为婚姻之后的爱情之路指点迷津。What is #39;romance#39;?什么是浪漫Romance is a partnership love story. It is your love story. Romance is vital to a thriving, passionate relationship.浪漫史爱情的伙伴,并且通常情况下是良好男女关系必不可少的因素Why is romance so important to keeping a marriage alive?为什么而浪漫这么重要Romance is vital to keeping your marriage alive because it is the language of love that you speak to each other. The important thing is to know your partner#39;s language, because what may be romantic to you may not be romantic to your partner. Romance is a language and it is the language of love and it is vital to your relationship and marriage.浪漫史保持婚姻关系的关键因素,通过你在日常生活中所说的每一句话来传达。很重高的一点是要了解你另一半的想法,因为你和他关于浪漫的看法不会完全一致。浪漫需要表达,表达爱意和忠诚,因此不可或缺。What are some tips to rekindle romance in marriage?有没有什么诀窍呢?To rekindle the romance in your marriage, you have to remember three As: Attention, Appreciation, and Acknowledgement. Those three As are what will start the fire of your romance. That is how to rekindle romance in marriage.当然有。三个“注意”:注意感受,注意赞赏,和注意事实。有了这三个诀窍,就可以重新使婚后生活充满甜蜜。Thanks for watching Romance In Marriage For more how to s, expert advice, instructional tips, tricks, guides and tutorials on this subject, visit the topic Married Life.谢谢收看本期“重燃婚后浪漫”教程,更多心得建议,可以访问本网站。我们下期节目再见。 Article/201208/193056

The Great Wall of China was built by the Han Chinese长城始建于中国汉代to keep out the nomadic tribes from the north为了抵御来自北方的游牧民族而建They called these people barbarians当时把这些游牧民族称为戎狄and their lands were considered barren并且认为他们的土地贫瘠且and uninhabitable不适宜人类生息Northern China is indeed a harsh place中国的北方确实是一个笼罩在严酷寒冬之中的of terrible winters艰辛之地ferocious summers无情的夏天harsh deserts严酷的沙漠But it is far from lifeless但是这块多多姿的土地With colorful places却充满了勃勃生机surprising creatures有着令人惊讶生物amazing people奇风异俗的人民and strange landscapes以及独特的景致The further we travel, the more extreme it becomes旅途越发深入 景致越发精So how do people and wildlife cope长城以北的人民与野生生命with hardships and challenges of life beyond the Wall是如何应对艰苦的自然环境和种种生存挑战 /201208/195928

Time for ;The Shoutout.; Which of these wars began in 1939? If you think you know it, shout it out! Was it: Spanish Civil War, Korean War World War I or World War II? Britain and France declared war on Germany beginning World War II on September 3rd 1939. That`s your answer, and that`s your ;Shoutout!;.这是“大声喊出来”时间!哪场战争发生在1939年?如果你认为你知道,那么就大声喊出它!它是:西班牙内战,朝鲜战争,第一次世界大战还是第二次世界大战? 1939年9月3日,英国和法国想德国宣战,第二次世界大战开始。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: World War II was the deadliest and the biggest war in world history.二战是世界历史上最致命的、最大的一场战争。Proof of that is still turning up.至今仍有明能明这一说法。After finding an unexploded bomb recently in Munich, Germany`s third largest city, experts tried to diffuse it, but couldn`t.最近,在德国第三大城市慕尼黑找到了一颗未爆炸的炸弹,专家试图分解它,但没能成功。And what came next was a scene that might have played during the allied air assault over 60 years ago.接下来的场景是本该是在60年前的盟军空袭时发生的。(EXPLOSION)(爆炸)AZUZ: Even though it was a controlled explosion, it still caused evacuations, set roofs on fire and broke some windows in downtown Munich.尽管这是一次控制爆破,还是造成人员撤离,屋顶起火并且震碎了慕尼黑市中心的一些窗户。While any kind of explosion there is unusual, finding bombs from World War II is not.尽管这里的爆炸是不寻常的,但找到二战遗留的炸弹并不奇怪。There are tens of thousands of World War II bombs believed to be scattered across Germany.人们相信,德国境内散布着数以千计的二战时遗留下来的炸弹。 /201209/198918

_m~R5Y0^A0RownTy^HnVP+~@BIyRah!harvb;qLike the artist Chip Lord#39;s half-buried Cadillacs in the Texan desert, the fishing boats of Kazakhstan rise from the salty plain that once was the bed of the Aral Sea. But this is no art installation. It#39;s not a seaside attraction extolling the freedom and mobility of ships. It#39;s a folly, the legacy of the Soviet Union#39;s plan to divert rivers to grow cotton. Those diverted rivers no longer fed the Aral Sea. A dam was built on the Aral Sea and the life there got much better. The locals have also some income from fishing.jj@QU490D~GQ%qivcF就像艺术家奇普bull;罗德的那辆在克萨斯沙漠被半埋着的卡迪拉克车艺术品一样,哈萨克斯坦的渔船从平原;;曾经咸海的海床中升出+ppmAKne,]rCsEt。而后者很明显不是艺术作品JTPr]+bxC3Xh。这不是颂扬船只自由及运动性的海边景点4_eIe),Nx)CpD。这是苏联计划改道河流来种植棉花留下来的;愚蠢;遗产+#MwzKhlsm]p7!l;0。这些河流改道后不再注入咸海ypv(cqR%meT]PiQN3yV。在咸海建造了一个大坝,而那里的生态环境变得有所改观T3dUqG-rT44zG^^NSW。当地人也有一些依靠钓鱼而得的收入[M5y.VDCb4y]。2@TW.~Mpr4eZw词语解释:sZ.^Li.EkVx1_cZX#g~l1. desert n. 沙漠2. plain n. 平原3. attraction n. 吸引力CfWm3tmg#eh|G|v9J[dx!VNq[xAuzbIwbIaBprB.%d,Xqw6gD Article/201112/163560

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