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石家庄/市第一医院去痘印多少钱石家庄/市妇产医院激光去斑手术多少钱Low-risk pregnancy cases are being urged to avoid hospital birth under new NHS guidelines Photograph: Katie Collins/PA根据英国国家医疗务体系指引,低风险妇敦促避免住院分娩Women with low-risk pregnancies are to be encouraged to have non-hospital births under new NHS guidelines, which could see almost half of mothers-to-be planning to deliver their baby away from traditional labour wards.根据新的NHS指引,鼓励低风险妇不在医院分娩,这就意味着半数左右的准妈妈们将不在传统的产房分娩。Guidance from National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Nice) says that midwife-led care has been shown to be safer for women and recommends that all women with low-risk pregnancies – 45% of the total – should be advised that giving birth in a midwifery-led unit, whether attached to a hospital or not, is “particularly suitable”.Nice(国家临床医学研究所)指引表明由助产士护理更安全,建议那些占总数45%的低风险妇在助产士机构分娩是极为妥当的,无论这些助产士机构是否附属于医院。The changes, published on Wednesday , have been made because women who give birth under midwife-led care have less chance of being asked to undergo medical interventions such as episiotomies, caesareans and use of forceps or ventouse.星期三发布了新的指引,由于在助产士的护理下分娩的女性,被询问实施诸如会阴切开术,剖腹产,产钳产以及吸引产的医疗干预的机会较少。Susan Bewley, professor of complex obstetrics at King#39;s College, London, and chair of the Nice advisory group, added that infections were more common on hospital wards.伦敦国王学院综合妇产科教授兼国家临床医学研究所咨询小组主席Susan Bewley补充道,感染在医院病房更常见。;We#39;re supporting an individual calm conversation about what is right for each individual in her circumstances,; Bewley said. ;They may choose any birth setting and they should be supported in those choices as that#39;s their right.;我们持那些根据自己的情况做出适合她们的选择。Bewley说道,应该持她们选择分娩环境的权力。The NHS body also advised midwives not to clamp and cut a baby#39;s umbilical cord until at least a minute after birth in the absence of complications, and generally within five minutes.NHS还建议在没有并发症的情况下,助产士应在一分钟以上五分钟内剪断婴儿的脐带。The announcement reverses decades of NHS policy and its own advice from 2007 recommending ;early clamping and cutting of the cord;.这条指引的宣布颠覆了数十年来的NHS制度以及2007年推崇尽早剪断脐带的建议。Research suggests that early clamping and cutting may leave newborn babies deprived of vital blood from the placenta, risking anaemia.研究表明尽早剪断脐带会使新生儿过早失去胎盘血,导致有贫血的风险。In separate guidance on postnatal care, Nice said parents should also be informed about the association between falling asleep with their baby on a bed, sofa or chair and sudden infant death syndrome until the baby is 12 months old.关于产后护理的指引,NICE指出父母应知晓在婴儿满12个月之前,和婴儿同睡与婴儿猝死综合征之间有关联。The change represents another significant change to the guidelines, issued in 2006, which only applied to babies up to the age of six to eight weeks. Parents should also be informed that the association may be greater if parents use drugs or have recently drunk alcohol, or if the baby was of low birth weight or premature. 这项新的指引对2006年公布的适用于6-8周大的婴儿身上的指引作出了显著的修改。应告知父母,在期药或饮酒,还有婴儿出生时体重过轻,早产和婴儿猝死综合征的联系更大。Nine out of 10 of the 700,000 babies born in England and Wales each year are currently delivered in hospital under the supervision of obstetricians. Nice added that commissioners should ensure that women have all four possible options for giving birth available to them: hospital care, midwifery units in hospitals, midwifery units based in the community and at home.每年有700,000的婴儿在英格兰和威尔士出生,其中90%的婴儿在产科医生的监护下出生。NICE补充道 应确保女性有四种分娩环境的选择,即选择在医院,医院附属助产士机构,社区助产士机构以及在家中分娩。Professor Mark Baker, Nice#39;s clinical practice director, said: ;It#39;s very difficult to explain why this is happening but the closer you are to hospital, and indeed if you are in hospital, the more likely you are to receive hospital care and surgical interventions.;Nice临床实践主任Mark Baker教授说道“离医院越近以及已入院,接受医院护理以及外科手术的可能就更大,很难解释为什么会这样。”;Surgical interventions can be very costly, so midwifery-led care is value for money while putting the mother in control and delivering healthy babies.;因为外科手术费用昂贵,当产妇在可控范围内分娩健康宝宝时,助产士护理会物超所值。The outcome for the baby is the same in different settings except in the case of first-time mothers giving birth at home, where there is a ;small increase; in risk of serious complications – nine in every 1,000 compared with five in every 1,000 in the other settings – which the guidance says mothers should be advised about. Home births are the cheapest, followed by midwife-led units and then hospitals but Bewley said costs did not come into the equation.在不同环境分娩婴儿结果是相同的,但不包括初产妇在家分娩,因为会有小部分人有严重的并发症-千分之九的概率,而在其他环境分娩的概率为千分之五- 在家分娩花费最少,其次是助产士机构,医院花费最多,但是Bewley说费用不是作出选择的关键。Cathy Warwick, chief executive of the Royal College of Midwives (RCM), said: ;For low-risk women, giving birth in a midwife-led unit or at home is safe and reduces medical interventions.;皇家助产士学会首席执行官Cathy Warwick说:对低风险妇来说,在助产士机构或在家分娩是安全的,减少医疗干预。“We hope this will focus commissioners#39; and providers#39; of maternity services attention on ensuring that women have a real choice about where they give birth.”我们希望这会使妇产科机构的管理层关注于确保女性能选择适合他们分娩的环境。The RCM has been campaigning for about 5,000 extra midwives to be recruited. Warwick said the new guidance would not stretch existing medical staff further but ensure they were better employed, as more women would have births without interventions, which require more resources.RCM正致力于再招收5000名助产士。Warwick说:在新的指引中,现有的医务人员不再扩增,但会被安排在更合适的岗位,因为更多的女性将在没有医疗干预的环境中分娩,这将需要更多的资源。Elizabeth Duff, senior policy adviser for the NCT (National Childbirth Trust), welcomed the advice and urged the NHS to ;put these guidelines into practice as soon as possible and make home and community birth, a real, not just theoretical, option;.国家剩余信托基金会高级策略顾问Elizabeth Duff对这个指引表示欢迎并敦促NHS尽早将指引落实,在家和社区分娩将会是个真实的选择而不光是理论的。Community midwife units have lower medical intervention rates and rates of transfer to obstetric wards than those in hospitals but many have been closing recently. For women not giving birth for the first time they also have a lower rate of transfer to an obstetric ward than mothers who planned to give birth at home.相对医院来说,在社区助产士机构中医疗干预和转到产科病房发生率较低,但是最近很多社区助产士机构已经关闭。比起那些打算在家分娩的妇来说,经产妇转移到产科病房的发生率更低。 /201412/347641石家庄/妇幼保健院整形科 石家庄/市第六医院冰点脱毛多少钱

河北省妇幼保健中心脱毛多少钱Anthropologists exploring a cave in Israel have uncovered a rare 55,000-year-old skull fossil that they say has a story to tell of a reverberating transition in human evolution, at a point when and where some early humans were moving out of Africa and apparently interbreeding with Neanderthals.古人类学家在以色列探索一座洞穴时发现了一枚5.5万年前的头骨化石,他们认为,这只头骨揭示了人类进化史上一次意义深远的转变。那是在早期人类离开非洲的时候,并且在大迁徙中可能与尼安德特人发生了混血。The story is of when the Levant was a corridor for anatomically modern humans who were expanding out of Africa and then across Eurasia, replacing all other forms of early human-related species. Given the scarcity of human fossils from that time, scholars say, these ancestors of present-day non-African populations had remained largely enigmatic.当时,黎凡特地带是一条迁徙走廊,解剖学意义上的现代人从这里走出非洲,走向亚欧大陆,取代了其他所有的早期类人物种。学者说,那个年代遗留下来的人类化石很少,因此,今天非洲以外人类的祖先的情况仍然是个谜。From the new fossil find, which could be closely related to the first modern humans to colonize Stone Age Europe, it appears that these people aly had physical traits a bit different from the Africans they were leaving behind and many other human inhabitants along the corridor.最近发现的这具化石可能与石器时代移民欧洲的第一批人类关系很近,从化石来看,这群人已经具备了一些特征,与当时留在非洲大陆的人类、以及黎凡特走廊沿线其他人类颇不相同。Could this support recent genetic evidence that modern Homo sapiens and their Neanderthal cousins interbred, perhaps in the Middle East and most likely between 65,000 and 47,000 years ago? The discovery team urged caution on the interbreeding issue, but noted anatomical features of the cranium suggesting that some human-Neanderthal mixture had presumably occurred before any encounters in Europe and Asia.近来有基因据表明,现代智人可能在中东地区与他们的近亲尼安德特人交配,时间大约是6.5万到4.7万年间。这具化石是否持了这种基因据?发掘小组的科学家强调在交配假说的问题上需要慎重,但指出,头盖骨的解剖学特征表明,一些智人与尼安德特人混合的迹象可能在这两种人在欧洲和亚洲相遇前,就已经出现了。The discovery in Manot Cave in western Galilee, made in 2008 and subjected to years of rigorous analysis, was reported on Wednesday in the journal Nature by an international team of researchers led by Israel Hershkovitz of Tel Aviv University. They said this was “the first fossil evidence from the critical period when genetic and archaeological models predict that African modern humans successfully migrated out of Africa and colonized Eurasia.”在加利利西部马诺特洞穴(Manot Cave)发现的化石是2008年出土的,经过了多年严谨的分析。研究结果由一个多国科学家组成的科研小组于周三发表在《自然》杂志上,他们的领队是特拉维夫大学的伊斯拉埃尔·赫什科维茨(Israel Hershkovitz)。他们说,这是“来自一个关键历史时期的第一份化石据,基因和考古模型已经预言,非洲现代人类就是在那个时期成功走出非洲,在欧亚大陆定居的”。The researchers further concluded that the Manot specimen “provides important clues about the morphology of modern humans in close chronological proximity to a probable interbreeding event with Neanderthals.” They also noted that the shape of the cranium established this as a fully modern human at a time when warmer and wetter conditions were favorable for human migration out of Africa.研究者还进一步得出结论,认为马诺特标本“为现代人类在与尼安德特人发生可能的交配活动前后的形态学特征提供了重要线索”。他们又说,这枚头盖骨经明属于一个完全意义上的现代人;当时相对更温暖湿润的气候有利于人类走出非洲。In other words, Dr. Hershkovitz said in an interview, the Manot cranium “is the missing connection between African and European populations.”换言之,马诺特头盖骨“是非洲人类和欧洲人类之间缺失的中间环节”,赫什科维茨接受采访时说。Scientists not involved with the research team praised the “fascinating new fossil” and the cautious interpretation of its broader implications in understanding the early migrations into Eurasia. “This fossil fits previous predictions,” said Eric Delson, a paleoanthropologist at Lehman College of the City University of New York, “which is a nice rarity in our field.”未参与这个研究项目的科学家赞扬了这块“奇妙的新化石”的发现,以及关于它对理解人类进入亚欧大陆过程的意义的谨慎解读。“这块化石与此前的预言吻合,这在我们这个学科领域,是少有的,”纽约市立大学李曼学院的古人类学家埃里克·戴尔森(Eric Delson)说。Dr. Delson, also a researcher at the American Museum of Natural History, added, “As always, we want more fossils to document variations in and details about this presumed fossil population.”戴尔森还是美国自然历史物馆的研究员,他补充说:“我们总是希望获得更多化石样本,以便记录这个可能存在的群体的变异和有关他们的详细情况。”In an email, Dr. Delson praised the journal authors “for hitting the mark with their analyses and interpretations, reaching all the possible conclusions one could think of: The partial skull combines a basically modern human form with a few features also found in Neanderthals.” In addition, he pointed out, the analysis “supports the similarity of its shapes” to those of modern Africans and early modern humans from Europe, such as the Cro-Magnons.戴尔森在电子邮件中赞扬论文作者的“分析和解读十分恰当,得出了我们能想像得到的所有结论:这块头骨既有现代人类的基本特征,也有一些尼安德特人的特征”。此外,他也指出,他们的分析“可以持头骨形状近似”现代非洲人和早期欧洲人——比如克罗马侬人——的事实。The partial skull, designated Manot 1, is of a fairly small adult individual, its sex undetermined. The distinctive bunlike shape at the base of the skull resembles modern African and European skulls but differs from other anatomically modern humans from the Levant, and is thus a strong clue that these were among the first humans to settle Europe, scientists said.这块头盖骨被命名为马诺特1号,属于一个身材较小的成年人,性别待定。颅骨基部明显的髻状突起接近现代非洲人和欧洲人,但有别于其他在黎凡特地带发现的现代人种,因此强有力地暗示着,这可能是早期进入欧洲的人类。Dr. Delson agreed that the evidence “makes it possible that this individual is (or is descended from) a ‘hybrid’ between modern humans and Neanderthals, but as the authors note, such a conclusion cannot be reached from a single fossil, especially as hybrids between species of modern primates usually have some genetically related anatomical oddities.”戴尔森同意,这些据“可能说明这个人是现代人与尼安德特人的混血(或其后代)。但正如论文作者所说的,不能从一块化石就得出这样的结论,特别是考虑到现代灵长类动物的跨物种混血后代往往都存在某些遗传上的解剖学异常”。One concern is that the fossil skull is fairly small, with a somewhat lower braincase capacity than in modern humans. With only one specimen, it is hard to know whether this is normal for the general population, scientists said. And Dr. Delson said it would be interesting to test for DNA in the skull to support its possible hybrid status in a time of overlapping modern human-Neanderthal populations when early humans were making their way, as he phrased it, to “that small zoological backwater of Eurasia known as Europe.”顾虑之一,是这件颅骨化石相对较小,脑容量比现代人小。因为只有一件化石标本,科学家很难判断,这是不是这个群体的普遍特征。戴尔森说,如果能检测头骨的DNA,从而实这的确是现代人与尼安德特人共存时代的一个混血人种,那将是很诱人的。他说,“今天所谓的欧洲,是亚欧大陆物种进化的一个小流”。Excavations at Manot Cave are expected to continue through at least 2020, searching deeper for more fossils and artifacts from the migrating people. Israel, Dr. Hershkovitz said, “is like a Swiss cheese, lots of caves everywhere.”在马诺特洞穴的挖掘预计将至少持续到2020年,更加深入地寻找更多迁徙人类留下来的化石和器物。赫什科维茨说,以色列就像“一块瑞士奶酪,到处都是窟窿”。Several caves in the vicinity of Manot were occupied for long times by Neanderthals between 65,000 and 50,000 years ago. In this respect, Dr. Hershkovitz said, Manot is an excellent place to search for possible hybrids, but they may be difficult to recognize from surface features. “Only DNA study will solve the problem,” he said.马诺特洞穴附近的一些洞穴,在6.5到5万年前,长期被尼安德特人栖居。考虑到这一点,赫什科维茨说,马诺特是寻找混血人种的理想场所,但从表面特征上,可能很难识别。“只有DNA研究能给我们,”他说。 /201502/360790河北省民政总医院激光去胎记多少钱 With their intoxicating spices and complex flavours, Indian curries are enjoyed the world over.印度咖喱因其美味的香料以及多样的风味风靡全球。Now, in a study of more than 2,000 recipes, scientists have discovered the secret behind curry#39;s popularity on a molecular level.现在,通过对2000多种食谱的研究,科学家从分子水平上发现了咖喱风靡全球背后的秘密。They claim that unlike Western dishes that tend to pair similar flavours together - such as beer and bee f - Indian dishes use at least seven ingredients that do not contain overlapping flavours.他们解释道,并不像喜欢把味道相近的东西在一起的西方的吃法(例如牛肉加啤酒),印度菜中一股要用至少七种不同风味的食材。Researchers at the Indian Institute for Technology in Delhi looked at how often overlapping flavour comp ounds were used in a dish#39;s ingredients.位于德里(印度城市)的印度研究所的研究人员着重研究了菜肴中具有相同风味的化合物出现的频率。They reviewed of recipes on TarlaDalal.com, studying the subtle molecular-level differences that distinguish the cuisine, according to a report in the Washington Post.根据华盛顿邮报中的一篇报道,研究人员们研究了TarlaDalal网站上的食谱,他们从分子的水平上细微的差别来区别不同的菜肴。#39;We found that average flavour sharing in Indian cuisine was significantly lesser than expected,#39; researchers wrote.研究人员写道;我们发现,印度菜肴中出现相同风味的化合物的概率比预料中要低得多。;The study found that ingredients such as garam masala and bell peppers are usually teamed up with other ingredients that have no chemical similarity.这项研究发现,像是辛香料和青椒这些材料一般都和那些与它们化学成分不同的材料搭配。This is in contrast to Western dishes that share like flavours. Chefs, for instance claim that seemingly incongruous ingredients, such as chocolate and blue cheese, can taste good together because they share similar compounds.这与西方的习惯是不一样的.例如,厨师们会说,看起来搭配不协调的东西吃起来会很好,像是巧克力加蓝奶酪,他们搭配起来味道很好是因为它们的化学成分相似。An example is acetal, which can be found in whiskey, apple juice, orange juice and raw beets. Strawberries, meanwhile, have flavour compounds that match white wine.乙缩醛就是一个例子,威士忌,苹果汁,橘汁和原料甜菜都含有这种物质.并且,草莓跟白酒也很搭。In Indian dishes, the more overlap two ingredients have in flavour, the less likely they are to appear in the same Indian dish, the scientists said.科学家说,在印度,两种食材的风味越是接近,它们就越不可能出现在同一道菜中。Researchers believe this makes the dish more tasty as the ingredients each bring their own unique flavour to the dish, rather than simply blending in.研究者相信这会使食物更加可口,因为菜中每一种材料都散发着自己独特的风味,而不是简单的混合在一块。Out of the 381 cooking ingredients in the world, the research team from that Indian food uses 200 in their cuisine.在世界上的381种烹饪原料中,研究团队发现印度菜肴中出现了其中的两百种。#39;Each of the spices is uniquely placed in its recipe to shape the flavour sharing pattern with rest of the ingredients,#39; the researchers said.;每一种香料都被唯一的使用在了适合它的菜肴中,这样能使它的味道与其他食材相得益彰.;研究人员说到。Previous research has found curry could actually be good for you, easing arthritis and even protecting people from Alzheimer#39;s.之前的研究发现,咖喱能有助于人们的健康.它可以缓解关节炎甚至还能预防老年痴呆。Most curries contain turmeric, cumin, allspice, cardamon, ginger, garlic and capsicum - spices with stro ng anti-bacterial properties.大多数咖喱含有姜,孜然多香果粉(一种香料),豆蔻,生姜,大蒜和辣椒,具有较强的抗菌性能。This is largely why they#39;re found in dishes from hot countries, where meat needs to be preserved.所以在热带国家菜肴中,我们会经常看到他们添加这类东西,因为那里的肉类需要保存。Separate studies have found that garlic, cinnamon and cumin can destroy up to 80 per cent of meat-borne bacteria, while ginger can slow bacterial growth by 25 per cent.一项独立研究发现,大蒜,肉桂,小茴香能够杀死80%的以肉为宿主的细菌,而姜可以使细菌的生长速度减慢25%。COULD CURRY BE USED TO BANISH BAD MEMORIES?咖喱可以用来消除不好的记忆吗?A spice commonly used in curry could help erase bad memories, according to a study.根据一项研究表明咖喱中常用的香料可以帮助消除不好的记忆。Curcumin, a bright-yellow compound found in the root of the Indian spice turmeric, prevented new fear memories being stored in the brain, and also removed pre-existing fear memories, researchers found.姜黄素,一个明亮的黄色化合物,在印度香料姜黄根粉末之中被发现,研究人员发现它可以阻止了新产生的恐惧记忆储存于大脑之中,并且可以删除原有的恐惧记忆。It is hoped that the findings will help develop treatments for people suffering with psychological disorders.希望该发现将有助于帮助心理障碍患者的治疗。Psychologists from The City University of New York trained rats to become scared when they heard a particular sound. Scientists assumed the creatures were frightened when they froze.纽约城市大学的心理学家训练老鼠当他们听到一个特别的声音的时候变得恐惧(条件反射)。科学家认为当动物恐惧时就会呆住。Hours later, when the same sound was played to the rats, those who had been given ordinary food froze.几个小时后,当相同的声音响起时老鼠(普通饲料饲养的老鼠)全部呆住了。Yet the rats fed the curcumin-rich diet didn#39;t freeze, suggesting their fearful memories had been erased.然而,使用丰富姜黄素饮食的老鼠并没有呆住,这表明他们的恐惧记忆已经被抹去了。 /201503/366105河北石家庄/新乐市去雀斑多少钱

石家庄/自体脂肪隆鼻价格 I go to Rome and I know that there will be prosciutto in my days, bucatini in my nights. I go to Lisbon with an uncontestable agenda of the shellfish and the sausage that the Portuguese cook so enviably.我去罗马的时候,知道自己应该白天吃意大利熏火腿,晚上吃意大利细条面。我去里斯本的时候,确定无疑地将葡萄牙喷香诱人的贻贝和香肠纳入旅行计划。I go to Hong Kong with no foregone conclusions, just a blank to be filled any number of ways. That’s what I love about it.但我去香港的时候却什么美食计划也没做,因为我知道有太多的东西可以填充我空白的菜单,这也是我喜欢香港的原因。Technically, Hong Kong’s cuisine is Cantonese, and you should fit some dim sum into your dining. But what really distinguishes this electrifying city is its almost unrivaled culinary internationalism. It’s not just a global crossroads for business. It’s a global crossroads for food, one of a handful of commercial capitals, like New York and London, that have no particular concentration of ambitious, accomplished restaurants in any one genre. The most appealing and important places cut across all traditions.理论上讲,香港美食属于粤菜,所以游客总会品尝些点心。但让这个活力之城与众不同的是它无与伦比的美食国际化。香港不只是个国际贸易的集散地,更是全球美食的融合之所。像纽约、伦敦等少数几个商业大都市一样,各种风格的美食都有,但又没有任何一种凌驾于其他流派之上。那些最吸引人、最重要的餐馆,都是超越传统的。That’s the case in Hong Kong partly because it’s a setting where many of the best-known chefs from other countries establish outposts, sometimes even exporting versions of the enterprises that made them famous. Sushi superstars from Tokyo have planted flags here. As in Manhattan, there’s a Motorino for Neapolitan pizza lovers and a Carbone for fans of Italian-American cooking. As in Paris, there’s a L’Atelier de Jo#235;l Robuchon.香港的美食现状正是如此,部分原因是许多国家的知名大厨都选择到香港开业,有些大厨的事业甚至是从香港起家的。来自东京的著名寿司品牌,纷纷在香港安营扎寨。就仿佛在曼哈顿,既有供应正宗那不勒斯披萨的Motorino披萨店,也有定位美式意大利菜的Carbone饭店。或者像巴黎的L’Atelier de Jo#235;l Robuchon米其林餐厅。During a visit I made to Hong Kong in 2013, two of the new spots drawing the most chatter were a Mexican restaurant, Brickhouse, and a Japanese yakitori, Yardbird.我2013年造访香港的时候, 名气最大的新晋饭店有两家,一家是墨西哥饭店“砖房”(Brickhouse),另一家是日式烤肉店“新兵”(Yardbird)。When I returned recently and took a fresh inventory of newcomers that had generated significant enthusiasm, the list included many restaurants with Mediterranean moorings — Spanish, French, Italian or an amalgam of those. One restaurant advertised a melding of Italian and Japanese. A spot specializing in upscale American hamburgers was a big hit, as was one specializing in Japanese curry.趁着这次再访香港,我对当地美食界的新秀又做了一次盘点。这些在吃货中引发巨大热情的饭店,很多都供应地中海饮食——包括西班牙菜、法国菜、意大利菜或融合多种风味。有一家饭店的广告声称自己既有意大利菜,又有日本菜。一家专注于高端美式汉堡的饭店非常火爆,同样火爆的另一家餐馆专做日本咖喱饭。And that’s not counting the five standouts described in more detail below. Suffice it to say that in this one polyglot city across one hungry week, I ate the whole wide world.但本文详细描述的几家优秀餐馆,却不在上述行列。一言以蔽之,在这个包罗万象的城市停留一星期,我尝遍了整个世界。NurNurThe main dining room opens to a terrace several stories above the streets of central Hong Kong, and on the night when I dined here, a gentle breeze blew in.位于香港中环,主要就餐区正好对着一个高出地面好几层的露台。我去吃饭的那晚,有习习凉风吹过。But that wasn’t all that the terrace provided. Time and again, regarding dish after dish, our server noted that some leaf, shoot or blossom had come from the greenery out there, mere strides away. Forget farm-to-table, this was patio-to-table — and a vivid illustration of Nur’s stated commitment to local products.但这不是露台能提供的所有好处。一次又一次,在上菜间隙,给我们上菜的务员提到,不断有来自周边环境的树叶、竹叶或花朵从我们身边飞过。忘掉“从农场到餐桌”的口号吧,Nur是“从露台到餐桌”的,这同时也是饭店坚持使用本地食材的生动体现。I had sat down to my dinner here with some doubts. The restaurant’s name recognizes the first syllable of the chef’s (Nurdin Topham) as well as the Arabic word for “light.” Its website lays out both Mr. Topham’s belief in a restrained, healthful discipline he calls “nourishing gastronomy” and his past involvement in “a somewhat unorthodox project — the deliciousness of insects.” I braced for preciousness and strange critters. I needn’t have.我刚开始吃饭的时候,心里还有些犹疑。饭店的名字Nur是首席大厨诺丁·托普汉姆(Nurdin Topham)名字的第一个音节,它在阿拉伯语中的意思是“光芒”。饭店网站不仅强调了托普汉姆先生对节制型健康饮食的信念 “滋养型美味”,还讲到他以前参与的一个“非传统项目——作为食物的昆虫之美”。所以我刚到的时候,猜测这里的饭菜大约是剑走偏锋那种,充满奇特物种。但品尝之后发现自己多虑了。There are traces of molecular gastronomy in some of Mr. Topham’s artfully composed dishes, which reduce certain ingredients to concentrated pastes or broths of intense flavor. And there’s a vigorous nod to the Copenhagen culinary temple Noma, where Mr. Topham briefly worked, and to its locavore ethos. For that reason, Nur has sometimes been called a New Nordic restaurant.在托普汉姆先生精心烹制的食物中,有些颇能体现“分子美食”的追求,风味浓郁的面团和肉汤集中了多种配料的精华。此外,饭菜不仅明显体现出对哥本哈根美食圣殿诺玛(Noma)的致敬(托普汉姆曾在这家饭店工作过一段时间),更明确表达对本地饮食风格的重视。所以,Nur有时会被归入“新北欧”风格饭馆。But it’s more original than that. With a scrupulous emphasis on the best vegetables, fish and meat available and with absolutely flawless cooking, at least when I visited, Mr. Topham produces food that’s sensationally robust without being the least bit rich. It’s almost oxymoronic, packing a light wallop, with a clearness and purity of effect that I’ve seldom encountered. And it’s bug-free! If this is nourishing gastronomy, put me down for ceaseless gastronomic nourishment.但这家饭店的创意远超过人们的归类。它全面表现了自己对优质果蔬、鱼类和肉类以及烹调技术无微不至的强调——至少在我去的那天如此。托普汉姆先生为我烹制的食物精致可口,滋味微妙,新鲜至极。说起来自相矛盾,但这里奉上的食物既微妙又极具冲击力,纯净程度平生罕见。而且没有虫子!如果这就是滋养型美食,就给让我永远沉浸在这无穷无尽的滋养中吧。Nur doesn’t give you any choices. It serves just one tasting of nine courses including dessert, and they came in rapid enough succession and sensible enough measure that I never felt impatient or overwhelmed (though, by the end, I felt amply filled).Nur饭店不许食客点菜,只提供包括九道菜的品味套餐。上菜的速度很快,上菜的顺序和方式也很合理,整个过程我从未感觉不耐烦或压力(当然最后,我发现自己吃得过饱)。There were orbs of heirloom tomato with a texture almost like sorbet and a pool of tomato water around them. A subsequent dish combined salmon eggs with walnuts and horseradish yogurt. Squid, paired with charred onions and lemon basil, was exquisitely supple and sweet, and dessert was a fitting, fetching cap to a meal with such a vegetal, herbaceous bent: ice cream that tasted like French onion soup.菜品包括:几只传统方法烹制的质感仿佛冰沙的西红柿,周围是一汪西红柿汁;接下来是一道融合了鲑鱼卵、胡桃和山葵酸奶的小菜;鱿鱼搭配微火碳烤的洋葱和柠檬罗勒,尝起来滋味柔甜,微妙无比;餐后甜点是尝起来像法式洋葱汤的冰淇淋,回味丰厚,对以果蔬为主的清爽美食进行了适当而及时的补充。Although that terrace accommodates a few diners, I sat at a spacious and relatively quiet table just inside, within view of an open kitchen more fully and pleasantly integrated into the dining room than such stages often are. And I had a glass of white Burgundy, followed by a glass of Barolo, from a wine list that covered many of Europe’s highlights.尽管露台上能容纳好几桌食客,但我的餐桌位于室内,一个宽敞而相对安静的所在,可以看到完整且与就餐区和谐融合的开放式厨房。至于酒水,我先喝了一杯意大利巴罗洛干红,然后是一杯勃艮第白葡萄酒。酒水单上的选项,大都是来自欧洲的好酒。#173;Nur, 1 Lyndhurst Terrace, Third Floor, Central; nur.hk. Dinner for two, without drinks or tip, comes to about 2,375 Hong Kong dollars, or 5, at 7.50 Hong Kong dollars to the U.S. dollar.Nur,地址1 Lyndhurst Terrace,三楼正中间; nur.hk。两人份晚餐约2375港币,不含酒水和小费,根据美元对港币7.50的汇率约315美元。SouvlaSouvlaThe white granite tables are rimmed in bright red. The booths and benches are upholstered in deep purple. There’s a long, long bar that rests atop a long, long rectangle of pale stones held together by a mesh cage. As visually arresting as all of this is, I’m not sure what it has to do with Greece, which is the country whose cooking Souvla pays tribute to.白色花岗岩餐桌镶着红边,包间和座椅都包有深紫色的软垫。长长的吧台设在一块形状狭长、用网笼箍好的灰色石板上。这家饭店的第一印象很是吸引眼球,但我不知道它与希腊有什么关系,而店名Souvla(字面意思为“希腊烤肉”)显然表达了对希腊烹饪的致敬。But the would be instantly recognizable to any Athenian. The food would pass muster as well. Greeks like to think that they have some special secret for octopus that’s tenderer than anywhere else, but they’d be hard-pressed to outdo the kitchen here, which sculpted and arranged the thin columns of pale pink flesh into a sort of pyramid. It was octopus Legos.但只要看到菜单,任何雅典人都会承认这家饭店的正宗。端上来的菜也非常符合要求。希腊人总认为自己有某种秘密手段,能将章鱼肉烹得比其他地区更为柔嫩,但他们如果看到这家饭店就会备感压力,因为这里的厨师能将章鱼幼细浑圆的浅粉色腕足精心雕塑,再排成金字塔的性状——简直就是章鱼肉拼成的乐高玩具。I’m an ardent lover of taramosalata, that Greek (and Turkish) sp of smoked fish roe and olive oil, and Souvla’s achieved the perfect pitch of saltiness, along with an ethereal creaminess. It sp like a cloud across triangles of toasted pita that were glossed with oil and still warm.我非常喜欢希腊(以及土耳其)红鱼籽沙拉,一种由烟熏鱼籽拌上橄榄油而成的菜品。Souvla的红鱼籽沙拉不仅做到了完美的咸度,还有一丝若有若无的奶油味。将这种鱼籽抹在微温且略带油香的三角形皮塔饼上,仿佛一层轻柔的云朵。Those two dishes came toward the start of our meal, and I figured that they’d be the high points. But there were taller peaks ahead. One was gemista, a hearty, earthy casserole of potatoes, tomato sauce and peppers stuffed with rice. The other was the slow-cooked lamb, ribbons of meltingly soft leg meat placed next to a glittering relish of pomegranate and a tiny glass bottle filled with a tangy yogurt dressing.以上是我们那一餐的两道头盘,我以为它们就是当天的亮点。但后面其实有更大的惊喜。土豆青椒炖香米(gemista)是一种分量十足的砂锅类炖菜,主料是土豆、番茄酱和塞满米饭的青椒。另一道菜是小火慢炖的羊肉,一条条羊腿肉被烹得软糯无骨,搭配的小菜由亮晶晶的石榴籽做成,蘸料则是盛在小玻璃杯里的浓香酸奶。As I looked at the artful presentation of the lamb and thought back to the octopus, the décor suddenly made sense. It was an announcement that Souvla would respect Greece but reinterpret it with fillips all its own. So while Souvla covers the hoary classics — spanakopita, moussaka — it gives some of them a face-lift, and it tacks on a long list of elaborate specialty cocktails, the focal point of a lively bar scene.#173;看着眼前充满艺术气息的羊肉摆盘,刚才章鱼肉的摆放方式忽然有了意义。这是Souvla饭店的自我宣言——它尊重希腊本土烹饪,但也用多种有趣的创造对传统进行重新解释。所以,Souvla烹制菠菜派(spanakopita)和穆萨卡(moussaka)等经典菜品的同时,也对它们进行了升级换代。此外,精心调配的多种鸡尾酒也让这家饭店别具特色,营造出一种轻松愉快的酒吧氛围。#173;Souvla, 1/F Ho Lee Commercial Building, 40 D’Aguilar Street, Central; conceptcreations#173;.hk#173;. Dinner for two, without drinks or tip, averages 1,150 dollars.Souvla,地址:1/F Ho Lee Commercial Building, 40 D’Aguilar Street, Central;conceptcreations.hk。两人份晚餐,均价1150港币,不含酒水和小费。ChachawanChachawanWhile Souvla and Nur are tucked away, almost invisibly, in tall buildings, Chachawan opens wide to the street, with the sidewalk almost acting as its vestibule. This befits its air of scruffy, ragtag informality and a that’s inspired in part by street food from Thailand, or, to be more specific, the northeastern Thai province of Isan. That’s how narrowly focused this restaurant is, and that’s how ethnically ambitious Hong Kong can get.Souvla和Nur藏匿在高楼大厦之间,从远处几乎看不到,Chachawan就在街面上,人行道如同它的门廊一般。这也颇符合它凌乱无章、不拘礼节的底层特质。它的菜单部分来自泰国的路边摊,或者更准确地说,来自泰国东北的伊森省。这家餐厅的专营范围就有这么窄,或者说香港美食在民族层面就有这样丰富。With the cooking of Isan you get ample spice. You get serious fire. One dish almost brought me to my knees. It looked so innocent, so pretty, a salad with a bright, approachable medley of colors and textures, courtesy of green papaya, cherry tomatoes, dried shrimp, peanuts. But there were a few small chiles lurking in there, and they soon enough registered their presence in my throat and in my gut, which was suddenly a caldron. It seethed and bubbled for hours to come.伊森的烹饪需要加入大量香料。这定能给你带来兴奋刺激。其中一道菜令我深深折。它看上去只是一道漂亮无害的沙拉,各种明亮的色与亲切的质地混合在一起,似乎是青木瓜、樱桃番茄、虾仁和花生的混合。但是里面还潜伏着少许辣椒,很快就开始在我的喉咙与肺腑之内彰显它们的存在,我觉得自己简直变成了一个大汽锅,其后几个小时都在一直沸腾冒泡。Chachawan was worth the burn. Not every dish carried that risk, but nearly every dish had the interplay of contrasting effects that are at the heart of Southeast Asian cooking. In the “Larp Moo,” a loose, wet mix of chopped pork, pork skin, shallots and mint needed something dry and firm, so it got that, from leaves of crisp, cool iceberg to be used as wraps.Chachawan完全值得你为之沸腾。每一道菜都有这样的危险,而且每一道菜中都有鲜明的反差效果,这是东南亚烹饪的精髓。“Larp Moo”是把猪肉馅、猪皮、小葱和薄荷混合在一起,松软多汁,需要配合干硬的东西一起吃,因此外面包着又冷又脆,如同冰山的叶子。Sweet and sour, sugar and spice, cold and hot: These were the currents that ran through most of the dishes, including a garlicky, boneless chicken thigh on a stick: a supersized satay. Sweet and salty were the playmates in an excellent dessert of coconut rice dumplings in a salted coconut cream.绝大多数菜肴里贯穿着甜与酸、糖与香料、冷与热的口感,比如用大蒜调味的无骨鸡腿,用签子串着——这是一份特大号的沙茶烤肉。椰米饺子是一道美味的甜点,要蘸着咸味的椰酱食用,甜与咸仿佛成为一对玩伴。Chachawan is routinely thronged, but it’s not for everyone. Situated in the increasingly trendy neighborhood of Sheung Wan, it doesn’t take reservations. Some of its servers are better at striking hipster poses than seeing to your needs. The seating is on the awkward side of snug.Chachawan通常都很拥挤,而且不是所有人都能来想用。它坐落在日益时尚的上环,不接受定位。有些侍者与其说照顾客人,不如说更擅长摆出时髦姿态。座椅也不舒。But there’s no arguing with the food that the chef, Adam Cliff, produces. And if the self-consciously scruffy setting isn’t exactly relaxing, you can use Chachawan’s vivid, creative cocktails and its smart international selection of beers to unwind.但是大厨亚当·克利夫(Adam Cliff)烹制的食物无可挑剔。如果你在这种刻意的凌乱环境中感到不自在,那么享用一杯Chachawan新颖可口的鸡尾酒,或者来自世界各地的精的啤酒,你就会放松下来。#173;Chachawan, 206 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan; chachawan.hk. Dinner for two, without drinks or tips, averages 675 dollars.Chavchawan,206 Hollywood Road,上环,chachawan.hk,两人份晚餐,均价675港元,不含酒水和小费。Aberdeen Street SocialAberdeen Street SocialThis restaurant is as polished and refined as Chachawan is hectic. It sps out over two stories that include a downstairs bar, outdoor terraces and an upstairs dining room that’s dominated by dark woods and brings to mind the inside of a chest of drawers. The servers are numerous, proper and hovering.如果说Chachawan是忙乱的,这家店则是风雅而又精致。它占了两层楼,楼下是酒吧,还有个露天平台,楼上的用餐区以深色木质装潢为主,令人感觉置身五斗橱中。侍者人数众多,举止得体,在四处走来走去。And the prices reflect this. Especially if you order wine from Aberdeen’s widely ranging list, the bill can climb high.这些特点也体现在价格上。这里的菜单虽然价格多样,但如果你点了红酒,可能就得付天价账单了。The restaurant is affiliated with the English chef Jason Atherton, a Gordon Ramsay protégé with a rapidly growing international roster, including several previous places in Hong Kong. His here has been called “modern British,” a culinary phrase that, like “new American,” tends to be elastic. In Aberdeen’s case, it means the existence of British staples and British conventions complemented by Asian, Mediterranean influences. So while the starters I encountered included a pig’s trotter with black pudding for the Anglophile, there was also tuna tataki with ponzu dressing, not to mention a tomato salad with Italian burrata cheese.这家餐厅与英国大厨杰森·阿瑟顿(Jason Atherton)关系密切,他是戈登·拉姆齐(Gordon Ramsay)的学徒,迅速积累起在世界各地工作的经验,其中也包括上面提过的几家香港餐厅。他将自己的菜单称之为“现代英式菜”,这个烹饪术语和“新美国菜”一样,非常灵活。在Aberdee这里,他为英国主餐与英国传统菜赋予少许亚洲与地中海气息。比如我吃到的开胃菜中就有英国血肠配猪脚和金鱼刺身蘸柚子醋,更不必说番茄沙拉搭配意大利布拉塔奶酪。I was especially impressed with two entrees, a sublime pork chop served with a red pepper relish and slices of lamb rump dusted with a “kidney powder” that teased out the meat’s muskiness. My companions and I savored these at a spacious table next to a glass wall that let just the right amount of light onto our meal.主菜中我特别喜欢的有两道,搭配红辣椒调料的猪排令人赞叹不已;搭配“肾脏粉末”的切片羊羔后臀肉散发着麝香般的气息。我和同伴在宽敞的桌前用餐,阳光从身边的玻璃幕墙射进来,照在道道佳肴之上。#173;Aberdeen Street Social, JPC G/Floor, 35 Aberdeen Street, Central; aberdeenstreetsocial#173;.hk. Dinner for two, without drinks or tip, averages about 1,450 dollars.Aberdeen Street Social, JPC G/Floor, 35 Aberdeen Street,中环;aberdeenstreetsocial.hk. 两人份晚餐,均价约为1450港元,不含酒水和小费。Ho Lee FookHo Lee FookIf the pork at Aberdeen Street Social was sublime, the pork at Ho Lee Fook was nearly life-changing. I mean the strips of pork char siu, which refers to a Cantonese method of cooking the meat over fire and giving it a sweet red glaze. Char siu is a staple of Chinese takeout, but I’ve never had takeout that uses Berkshire pigs from Japan. When that caliber of flesh meets this method of preparation, the results are a fatty, flavorful knockout.如果说Aberdeen Street Social的猪肉令人赞叹,那么Ho Lee Fook的猪肉简直能够改变人生。我指的是这里的叉烧猪肉,这是一种粤式烹饪方法,把猪肉放在火上炙烤,为它赋予甜美的红色光泽。叉烧本是中国外卖餐馆中的主菜,但外卖不会提供用日本的德克夏猪制作的叉烧。在这里,用这种高质猪肉制成的叉烧肥美可口,令人着迷。Then again, most everything I had at Ho Lee Fook wowed me. The restaurant fuses Cantonese with other Asian traditions as well as any flourishes that the chef, Jowett Yu, deems appropriate. It’s thrillingly unbound, never letting precedent get in the way of deliciousness.Ho Lee Fook把粤菜和亚洲传统菜融为一炉,几乎所有菜都让我赞叹。此外还有不少大厨乔伊特·于(Jowett Yu)拿手的小菜。它们无拘无束,不拘一格而又美味之极。My favorite dish, even better than the pork, comprised slices of wagyu short rib that were arranged on one side of the bone, a green shallot kimchi on the other side and a jalape#241;o purée through which either or both could be swept. The way the heat of that purée cut the richness of the beef was exhilarating.我最喜欢的还要算是神户小牛排,甚至超过了猪肉:餐盘一边放着肉骨,一边放着青葱泡菜和一墨西哥青椒,你可以两边分别吃,也可以一起吃,青椒的辣味绝好地反衬出牛肉的肥腴。The sprawls across a half-dozen categories, including “raw,” “roast meat” and “vegetables.” There are fried chicken wings as well as hot-and-sour steak tartare, cabbage-and-pork dumplings as well as clams cooked in a Thai basil and tamarind broth. My companion and I ate twice as much as any two people should, longed to eat more and seriously thought about coming back the next night to do precisely that.菜单分为六大类,包括“生食”、“烤肉”和“蔬菜”等。你可以品尝到炸鸡翅、酸辣鞑靼牛肉末、猪肉白菜馅饺子和罗勒与罗望子调味的泰式蛤蜊汤。我和同伴吃了双份的食物还意犹未尽,盘算着第二天晚上再来一次。The restaurant’s setting is sexy: a dark underground room with just a few riveting pieces of art, including a white and gray dragon along one wall. This is what a Chinese drug lord’s rec room might look like.餐厅的布置非常优美:光线幽暗的地下室,墙上悬挂着若干饶有趣味的艺术作品,包括一条灰白色的龙,在墙壁上蜿蜒而过。感觉中国毒品大亨的室就应该是这样的。The tables aren’t jammed too close together, even though people clamor for seats. Reservations are taken only for groups of five or more; others wait at nearby bars for the hostess to summon them back. It can take an hour or more.这里不算拥挤,但仍然有很多人等位。只接受五人以上(含五人)的预定,其他人可以在附近的酒吧等候迎宾女招待的通知,可能需要等待一个小时甚至更长时间。And it’s worth it, for a feast that’s a bevy of culinary traditions in one — much like Hong Kong.#173;但是为了一顿融汇了各种传统的盛宴,等待是值得的,而香港也是如此。#173;Ho Lee Fook, 1-5 Elgin Street, Central; holeefook.com.hk. Dinner for two, without drinks or tip, averages 1,050 dollars.Ho Lee Fook, 1-5 Elgin Street,中环;holeefook.com.hk,两人份晚餐,均价1050港元,不含酒水或小费。 /201502/357845邯郸市中心人民医院光子脱毛手术多少钱河北石家庄/新乐市激光治疗痤疮价格



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