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郑州/手臂激光脱毛多少钱河南郑州市华山整形美容医院打美白针多少钱The Majestic Opah Is The World#39;s First Truly Warm Blooded Fish!大月鱼成为世界上首例温血鱼类The Opah is a striking fish species that can grow as large as 7-feet in diameter and weigh over 100 pounds. Also referred to as moonfish, the giants that can be found in both temperate and tropical seas reside at depths of 150 to 1,300-feet where the waters can be extremely chilly. Scientists have often wondered how the fish can withstand the temperatures given that they lack typical deep sea dweller characteristics like a large heart. Now thanks to some curious California researchers that mystery has finally been solved - The Opah has warm-blood!月鱼是一种大型鱼类,它直径能长到7英尺,重达100多磅。在温带和热带水下150-1300英尺深度的极寒海域中都可看到它的身影。科学家常对月鱼如何能承受这样的温度感到奇怪,因为它的心脏并不像其他深海生物那样大。现在,好奇的加利福尼亚研究者终于解开了这个谜题——月鱼是温血鱼类!The chain of events leading to the discovery was accidental. It all began in 2012 when Southwest Fisheries Science Center researchers Owyn Snodgrass and Heidi Dewar caught a few more Opah specimens than normal during a research trip off the Southern California coast. Since very little was known about the elusive fish, the scientists decided to take advantage of the unexpected catch and sent some tissue samples to their colleague Nicholas Wegner for dissection.发现这个结果纯属偶然。在2012年,西南水产科学研究中心的研究员Owyn Snodgrass和Heidi Dewar在去南加利福尼亚海岸做调查的路途中,碰巧多抓了些月鱼标本。由于对月鱼的奥秘了解甚少,他们决定充分利用这次意外的捕获,送了一些组织标本给他们的同事Nicholas Wegner做解剖。While the researchers had expected to learn some intriguing facts about the fish#39;s lifestyle, they had not anticipated anything earth shattering. Even Wegner, who specializes in the respiratory adaptations of fast-swimming fish, later admitted that he had always thought the Opah was just another sluggish cold-blooded deep-water species.研究者们本来是期待对月鱼的生活方式多了解一些,从没想过能有如此惊人的发现。专注于游动飞快的鱼类的呼吸适应研究的Wegner后来也承认,自己一直以为月鱼只是迟钝的冷血深水鱼类。So you can imagine everyone#39;s surprise when Wegner discovered that the opah#39;s gill tissue is webbed with red and blue blood vessels or ;rete mirabile.; These surprising findings have resulted in a new respect for this fish. According to Wegner, ;All indications are that this is a very fast fish and an active predator . . . Specialized for living deeper than those other predators.; This shows how much we still have left to learn about the amazing marine animals that reside in our oceans.所以,你可以想象当Wegner发现月鱼腮部组织遍布红色和蓝色的血管时,人们有多么惊讶。这个惊人的发现也使人们对月鱼产生了新的敬畏。Wegner表示,“月鱼游动飞快,善于捕食,比其他捕食者生活的水域更深,这些都印了这个结果。”调查结果也说明了神奇的海洋生物身上仍然有太多奥秘值得我们探究。译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201507/381816PayPal is on the hunt for international acquisitions to drive growth and fend off predators, as it prepares to separate from eBay and become an independent company in the first of several big technology split-ups this year.PayPal正在物色国际收购目标以推动增长并防止自己被收购。该公司眼下正准备脱离eBay成为一家独立的公司——这将拉开今年数家大型科技公司分拆的序幕。Chief executive Dan Schulmantold the Financial Times that acquisitions would be a priority, as PayPal uses the bn war chest that is a legacy of the split.PayPal首席执行官丹#8226;舒尔曼(Dan Schulman)向英国《金融时报》表示,收购将会是公司的优先考虑事项,因为此次分拆给它带来60亿美元的现金储备。“The balance sheet affords us the opportunity to look opportunistically where it makes sense to acquire,” he said. “I think there is a tremendous opportunity to look across the world.”他说:“当前的财务状况给我们带来了物色有价值的收购标的的机会。纵观全球,我们有着巨大的收购机遇。”The strong balance sheet would also support PayPal’s lending programmes, he noted.舒尔曼指出,强劲的资产负债表也将持PayPal的贷款项目。PayPal will pass a milestone towards independence today as pricing begins for its shares. Shareholders of eBay will get one share in PayPal per share they hold when the formal split takes place on July 17.今日PayPal将会启动股票定价,从而向成为一家独立公司跨出里程碑意义的一步。7月17日正式分拆时,eBay的股东每持有1股eBay股票将获得1股PayPal股票。The company’s enterprise value could be about bn, roughly two-thirds of eBay’s valuation, analysts at Wedbush estimated.Wedbush的分析师估计,PayPal的企业价值大约为400亿美元,大约是eBay估值的三分之二。PayPal’s rapid growth — revenues were up 19 per cent last year, with customers rising 13 per cent — has come increasingly from outside the eBay empire.PayPal的迅速增长——去年收入增长19%,客户增长13%——越来越来自eBay帝国的外部。Last week PayPal announced it would spend nearly bn to purchase Xoom, a growing international remittances company, which will leave about bn in net cash on its balance sheet.PayPal上周宣布,将斥资近10亿美元收购Xoom,这将让公司资产负债表上剩下约50亿美元现金。Xoom是一家正在成长中的国际汇兑公司。Other recent acquisitions include Braintree, which bolstered PayPal’s presence in processing software used in mobile apps. That deal included Venmo, a money transfer app for splitting the cost of meals or paying rent, which has seen total payment volumes quadruple in the past year.PayPal最近的收购还包括Braintree公司,后者让PayPal加大进军移动应用中的处理软件。该交易包括了Braintree旗下转账应用Venmo,该应用可用于分担餐费或者付租金。Venmo在过去一年里的付总额增长了3倍。Even as PayPal looks for acquisitions, it is considered a takeover target itself, particularly when cashed-up companies such as Apple and Google are trying to bolster their own payments businesses.就在PayPal寻求收购目标之际,它本身也被视为收购目标,尤其是在苹果(Apple)和谷歌(Google)等资金充沛的公司努力提升自己的付业务之际。 /201507/384363郑州/金水区耳部整形多少钱

郑州省人民医院玻尿酸价钱费用郑州/纹眼线手术多少钱三门峡市曼托丰胸的价格Xiaomi, the fast-growing Chinese gadget maker, will make its first tentative steps into the US market this year.快速增长的中国移动设备制造商小米(Xiaomi),今年将向美国市场迈出试探性的第一步。The five-year-old company, which was valued at roughly bn in a fundraising last year, will launch an array of accessories through its mi.com ecommerce portal in the coming months.这家成立只有5年的企业在去年一轮融资中估值达到约450亿美元。它将在随后几个月里,通过其mi.com电子商务门户网站,向美国推出一系列电子配件。However, Xiaomi said it will not bring the smartphones for which it is best known to the US yet, focusing on lower-cost items such as headphones, battery packs and fitness trackers, because of what its executives described as high regulatory and legal requirements for more expensive and sophisticated devices such as mobile phones and television sets.不过,小米表示,目前还不会向美国推出其最知名的智能手机产品,而会把精力放在耳机、充电宝和健身跟踪设备等价格较低的商品上。小米主管表示,这么做的原因是,对于移动电话和电视机等更昂贵和更精密的设备,监管和法律方面的要求很高。“We intend to launch here in the US in a few months, perhaps a few other markets as well,” Hugo Barra, Xiaomi’s head of global, said in San Francisco on Thursday.周四,小米全球主管雨果#8226;巴拉(Hugo Barra)在旧金山表示:“我们打算几个月后在这里向美国推出我们的产品,也许我们还会向其他几个市场推出产品。”In its first significant press conference held in the US, Lin Bin, Xiaomi’s co-founder, set out his vision for the business, which saw revenues increase 135 per cent to Rmb74.3bn (.9bn).在小米在美国举办的首个大型记者招待会上,该公司共同创始人林斌勾勒了他对小米的愿景,表示小米营收将增长135%,达到743亿元人民币(合119亿美元)。“We are an internet company,” he said. “We are not in the business of only making handsets.”他说:“我们是一家互联网公司,我们的业务不仅仅包括手机制造。”Xiaomi’s MIUI operating system, a customised version of Google’s Android software, is used by more than 100m smartphone owners around the world, he said. He intends to expand that scale even further, fuelled by more than bn in funding last year.他说,全球逾1亿智能手机用户正在使用小米的米柚(MIUI)操作系统。他打算在去年筹得的逾10亿美元资金帮助下,进一步扩大该系统的装机量。米柚是谷歌(Google)Android系统的定制版本。“Driving market share and having a great experience on the device that we sell to users is really the most important goal for us — not profit.”“对我们来说,最重要的目标是扩大市场份额,以及令我们出售给客户的设备带来极佳体验——而不是盈利。” /201502/360147河南附属医院整形美容

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