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I bought this jeweler#39;s eye-piece at a yard sale.我今天在二手市场买了个小玩意儿,珠宝鉴定放大镜。It#39;s amazing! You can see the tinest details on things.易于携带,使用方便,捕捉任何细节,很好玩。Whoa, look at the gunk on this fork! I thought you were a better dishwasher than that.哇塞,瞅瞅叉子上这油印子,真庞大,太恶心,你以前刷完不是刷得挺干净的嘛?Me and my big mouth!直言贾祸!少说为妙啊 /201506/379715For my parents, who immigrated from Hong Kong in the 1970s, leaving Chinatown was how you knew you had made it in America. They worked there for 20 years in the garment industry — so that I would never have to, they insisted — but every night they made their proud exit to the New Jersey suburbs. Meanwhile, at school, I was hiding my stinky lunches from my American friends and hoping they wouldn’t hear our alien language.上个世纪70年代,我的父母从香港移民到美国。对他们来说,逃离唐人街就是在美国站稳脚跟的标志。他们在那儿的一家装厂工作了20年——他们说这样做是为了我将来不至于也干那样的活儿——但每天晚上,他们都骄傲地离开唐人街,回到新泽西的郊区。与此同时在学校里,我一边要把散发异味的午饭藏起来不让美国朋友们看见,一边暗自希望他们听不见我们说的外语。But when I finished college, I wanted to know the neighborhood where my parents worked, to be as Chinese as Chinatown could make me. Fifteen years later, I’m still trying to figure out what Chinatown means for Chinese people. Last month, I took just a short walk for lunch but saw, on the streets and in the food, so many ways you can be from somewhere you’re not really from.但大学毕业后,我开始想要了解父母工作的区域,想变得像唐人街里的中国人一样。如今15年过去了,我还在努力理解唐人街对于中国人的意义。上个月的一天,我为了吃午饭在外面走了一小段路,却发现,原来很多时候,在街上、在食物里,你都能感受到自己的家乡,虽然你根本不是从那儿来的。Near the Bowery end of Division Street, I passed a spot that used to be the New South Wind restaurant. For 30 years, it served tea from a water heater the size of a plane engine. Lunch could have been rice with canned ham and soy sauce, or dumplings — theirs were big, clunky things with thick, bland skins. I once heard a customer disparage them as “Americanized,” but a friend, born and raised nearby, told me that her grandfather ate there because it reminded him of how the food tasted in his first days in America, when the bachelors of Chinatown made whatever they could with their rudimentary kitchen skills and strange American ingredients.在蒂法信(Division Street)街靠近包厘街(Bowery)的一端,我路过新南风餐厅(New South Wind restaurant)的旧址,这家餐厅卖了30年茶水,茶都是从一个飞机发动机那么大的烧水炉里接出来的。午餐也许是米饭和火腿罐头,配上酱油,要么就是大饺子,厚厚的饺子皮一点味儿也没有。某次,我听到一位顾客批评这里的食物太“美国化”了,但一个在这儿土生土长的朋友却告诉我,她的祖父来这儿吃饭,就是因为这里的食物让他想起刚到美国时吃的东西。那时候,唐人街的光棍们只能靠自己的一丁点厨艺和手头稀奇古怪的美国调味料做东西吃。Crossing the Bowery to the living movie set of Doyers Street, I realized that you can still have a little taste of that historical fantasy (with better cooking) at Nom Wah, the oldest dim sum parlor in New York, sanguinely situated on a block constantly bloodied by gang murders when it opened in 1920. Preserved by a young new owner, it still draws crowds, many non-#173;#173;Chinese, hungry for authentic egg rolls. (My parents had never heard of egg rolls until they came here.)穿过包厘街,来到多也斯街(Doyers Street)存续至今的电影取景地,我发现,过去的美味如今依然能在南华(Nom Wah)品尝到,而且风味更佳。南华点心店开业于1920年,是纽约第一家粤式点心店,尽管当时杀人团伙经常在街区内作案,但南华点心店一直在这个街区好好地开到现在。如今,南华的老板是个年轻人,客人(很多不是中国人)依然络绎不绝地到这儿来品尝正宗蛋卷(我父母来这儿之前压根就没听说过什么蛋卷)。I’m normally tempted to drop in for one, but I was headed a block away, where a gaggle of young Chinese packed the entryway at Cha Chan Tang. In Hong Kong, eating baked food and creamy sauces was once the privilege of the wealthy, so luncheonettes called cha chaan tengs brought a little of that béchamel class to the masses. This food, called “soy-#173;sauce Western,” included things like baked pork chops on ketchup-#173;#173;sweet spaghetti with the distinct taste of the wok’s fire and oil. It would probably seem awful to you, but for me it occupies the same exact pleasure center as boxed mac and cheese — and for older generations, it tastes a little like success. It’s adaptive and aspirational. Every time someone asks me for the most “authentic” food in Chinatown, I secretly want them to eat this stuff.通常我都会被馋得去店里买一个,但这次我被吸引到了一个街区外的“茶餐厅”(Cha Chan Tang),门口还挤着一群中国年轻人。在香港,烤肉搭配奶油浇汁曾是富人的专享,所以名为茶餐厅的快餐店为百姓阶层带来了那种调味酱食物。这种食物被称为“豉油西餐”(soy-sauce Western),其中一种是烤猪排骨点缀在番茄酱甜意面上,散发着油炸过的独特味道。听上去可能有点可怕,但在我心中,它带来的幸福感简直堪比盒装奶酪通心粉——而对于年纪稍大的一代人来说,它仿佛有一丝成功的味道。这种食物老少皆宜而且振奋人心。每次有人跟我打听唐人街里最“正宗”的食物时,我心里都想让他们尝尝这玩意儿。As I ate condensed-#173;milk toast (as good as it sounds) and drank milk tea the texture of cream, I marveled at the décor. Simulated windows open onto an HDTV Hong Kong street scene; stare long enough, and you feel as if you can hop the bus to Kowloon. But it was after stepping back out onto Mott Street that I understood the significance of this place. Naming the restaurant Cha Chan Tang is like naming a coffee shop Coffee Shop; there used to be cha chaan tengs all over Chinatown, but this is something more. It’s a Cantonese theme park, not a place to remind you of home as much as a place to remind you of where your parents used to call home. Everything has the familiarity of things you remember from vacation, but when I ordered, practicing the Cantonese in my head to make sure I had the sounds right, my server caught me off guard with totally unaccented English. He was born here, raised here. This is a new generation of Chinatown, one that doesn’t mind staying.我吃着炼乳吐司(和听上去一样好吃),喝着奶茶,感受着丰富泡沫的口感,店里的装潢也让我震惊。打开的仿真窗户正对着高清电视上的香港街景;盯着多看一会儿,仿佛就能搭上去九龙的巴士。后来走回到莫特街上,我才想通这个餐厅的意义。这家店起名“茶餐厅”,就好比咖啡店的名字起做“咖啡店”。曾经,唐人街上到处都是茶餐厅,但这家店和那些有所不同。它是一个广东主题公园,并不是让你怀念家乡的地方,而是让你怀念父母一辈过去称为家乡的地方。一切都和假期里的记忆吻合,但当我点菜前在脑海中练习粤语,想确保发音准确时,务生纯正的英语却令我猝不及防。他在这儿出生,也在这儿长大。这是唐人街的新一代,是不介意留下的一代。On the walk back to the subway, I went under the Manhattan Bridge on Division. There, in storefront employment agencies, men just-#173;arrived in this country go to find jobs serving .95 General Tso’s. Most of these agencies are nothing more than a desk, a counter, a map on the wall; the new immigrants learn words like “Nebraska” and “Newport News” before stepping onto a bus outside and making those words their homes. I saw a man walk into one, leathery skinned, looking slightly lost, a small slip of paper in his hand. And I wondered: Where will he want his kids to work one day? Where will he want them to go, or stay away from, to know that he has made it?回地铁站的路上,我从曼哈顿大桥下的蒂法信街上走过。初到美国的人们在街边的求职中介里寻份工作——在餐厅里端4.95美元(约合30.7元人民币)的左宗棠鸡。大多数中介里不过摆着一张桌子,一个柜台,墙上挂着张地图。新来的移民们学着“内布拉斯加州”和“新港新闻”之类的词,搭上一辆外面的巴士,去往这些词所代表的地方,那儿将成为他们的家。我看见一个皮肤粗糙的男人走进一家求职中介,手里拿着张纸条,看起来有点恍惚。我很想知道:他以后会想让自己的孩子去哪儿工作呢?他想让他们去哪儿,又远离哪儿来,以此明自己在这里站稳脚跟了呢? /201505/377426

Is there any major holiday that isn#39;t celebrated with a special festive food? Given the important role food plays in Chinese culture, it is not surprising that many foods have symbolic meaning. The symbolic significance of a food may be based on its appearance or on how the Chinese word for it sounds. Here are several symbolic Chinese foods:哪个特殊的中国节日会没有美食的陪伴呢?美食在中华文化中扮演着重要角色,也自然地有了象征意义。食物的象征意义可以来源于外形本身或者名字发音。以下是一些中华文化中极具象征性的食物:1. Eggs1. 鸡蛋Eggs hold a special symbolic significance in many cultures, and China is no exception. The Chinese believe eggs symbolize fertility. After a baby is born, parents may hold a ;red egg and ginger party,; where they pass out hard boiled eggs to announce the birth. (In some regions of China the number of eggs presented depends on the sex of the child: an even number for a girl, and an odd number if a boy has been born).鸡蛋在很多文化中都有着特殊的象征意义,在中国也不例外。中国人相信鸡蛋象征着繁衍。婴儿出生后,父母可以组织一个“红鸡蛋和生姜宴”,传递煮好的鸡蛋以宣布新生儿的出生。(在中国有些地区,拿出的鸡蛋个数代表着孩子的性别:偶数代表女孩,奇数代表男孩。) /201412/347556A little BB cream or even light foundation can go a long way. Throw in some eyeliner and mascara, eyeshadow and face powder, or even the more extreme (but very popular) face contouring, and you can look almost like an entirely different person.涂一些BB霜或打一点点粉底,你看起来就会很不同。若是再画眼线,涂睫毛膏,打眼影,扑粉,甚至有点极端(但颇流行的)画点脸部轮廓线,你完全可以变成另一个人。Makeup does that. Whether you’re more of a natural girl or you’re a man who loves a woman who is skilled at applying makeup, there’s no denying that makeup has almost magical powers in certain cases. Take for example the South Korean woman in the below.这就是化妆的魔力。不管你是质朴女孩还是美妆达人的男友,你都不得不承认化妆真的有神奇的力量。前段时间走红网络的韩国子卸妆视频就是个例子。The was posted online at the beginning of the month, but it’s aly nearing 3 million views fast, and getting attention from the international media. Once you see the startling difference in the woman’s face at the end of it, you will understand this kind of interest in it.上个月初,一名韩国姑娘在网络上上传了自己的卸妆视频,没想到短短几天在全球点击率就突破三百万。若是看了视频中她判若两人的前后对比,就不难理解为什么这个视频会这么红。The unidentified woman starts off the by looking and smiling into the camera: she’s got a face full of makeup, which is clear both from her porcelain, flawless skin and her eyes, heavy with smoky makeup.视频的主角是一位不知名的女子,视频开始时她对着镜头微笑,从精致白皙的皮肤和烟熏的眼圈可以看出她化了浓妆。She applies some makeup remover to one pad and then proceeds to removing half her face. By the time she looks into the camera again, half her face is completely clean, while the other is as it was at the beginning, and there is a huge difference between the two.她把卸妆水倒在卸妆棉上,开始为左半边脸卸妆。等她拿开卸妆棉、再次看镜头的时候,左边无妆和右边带妆的鲜明对比着实令人咋舌。Commenters in the claim some editing trickery must also be involved, because she seems to be wearing iris enlarging contacts at the beginning of the , but she’s never seen removing the lens from one eye. Neither is she seen removing the fake lashes that she appears to be wearing.虽然中有人指出,这个视频有经过后期加工的嫌疑。因为视频开始时,她带着假睫毛和美瞳,仅用化妆棉擦拭了之后,这些东西就都不见了。These details aside, the shows the magic of makeup, if you know how to apply it to emphasize your best features and to hide what you perceive as your flaws.先不管这些细节,光是看她前后的对比图就足以说明,化妆达人可以利用化妆品扬长避短,让自己发生脱胎换骨的变化。On a related note, it’s also getting attention because people want to know what kind of makeup remover she’s using. Normally, removing the amount of makeup she does in the would require some scrubbing and at least 2 cotton pads, but she does it easily, with just one - and some soaking.还有不少人想知道她用的是什么卸妆水。因为通常这么浓的妆,起码要用两块卸妆棉用力才能擦掉,可她卸妆的过程看起来相当轻松:仅用一块卸妆棉敷了一会,轻松就擦掉了化妆品。 /201506/379467

Technology shows such as the annual E3 games conference in Los Angeles have become known for their scantily clad #39;booth babes#39; designed to attract people to stands.在洛杉矶,一年一度的E3游戏展以穿着暴露的展品模特儿闻名。However, a Dutch firm has taken a slightly different approach for its London event.然而,荷兰的一家公司为他们在伦敦举办的展览做了点小小的改变。TransIP hired a pair of pole dancing robots for an event in Shoreditch. TransIP公司聘请了一对跳钢管舞的机器人在肖尔迪奇区做产品模特儿。The dancers, which cost around #163;2,500 to hire, were made out of old car parts and were designed by British artist Giles Walker, with their moves controlled by a computer.这对电脑操控的机器人的成本大约是2500英镑,由英国艺术家贾尔斯·沃克(Giles Walker)设计,是由旧汽车的零部件制作而成的。The robots were originally created in 2012 by Walker for a show called #39;Peepshow#39;.在2012年,沃克原本是为“西洋镜”展览创作的这对机器人。#39;We are now all living in a peepshow. Continually being watched by mechanical peeping toms on every street corner,#39; he said.“我们现在都生活在西洋镜里,时不时地被街角的偷窥狂偷窥,”他说。#39;With this in mind, I wondered if it was possible to literally make a CCTV camera sexy using simple mechanics...and by using the imagery of a pole dancer question the roles played in voyeurism.“带着这种想法,我想知道就用这些简单的金属和想象中的一些钢管舞者的形象,是否有可能创造出一个性感的机器人。”#39;Could this pile of old windscreen wipers and odd pieces of metal become something sexual.... #39;“这些破旧的雨刷器和奇怪的金属块能变成一些很性感的东西吗......”#39;Inspiration Centraal#39; - the free event hosted by Dutch hosting company TransIP - has so far seen more than 3,500 technology enthusiasts attend to hear talks from some of London#39;s most successful startup entrepreneurs, including MindCandy founder Michael Acton-Smith and #39;gaming industry godfather#39; Ian Livingstone.“灵感中心”——一个荷兰的TransIP公司举办的免费活动——已经吸引了超过3500个科技爱好者来听一些伦敦最成功的企业家的演讲,这里面包括Mind Candy的创始人,迈克尔·阿克顿·史密斯,还有游戏产业教父,伊恩·利文斯通。The eight day event, was been staged to celebrate the UK launch of Dutch VPS, hosting and domain name company TransIP.荷兰的电子公司TransIP用这个八天的展会来庆祝它正式进入英国市场。#39;We chose Shoreditch and Tech City quite deliberately as our new home, as we are a fan of London#39;s growing stature as an international technology hub, but frankly our expectations have been exceeded by the level of engagement we#39;ve experienced from the startup community in this beautiful city,#39; said TransIP CEO Jeroen Hüpscher.“我们是故意把公司的新址选在肖尔迪奇和科技城,因为我们喜欢伦敦这个正在蓬勃生长的国际化的科技中心。但是坦白说,我们在这座美丽的城市里的新兴社区所得到的远远超出了我们的预期。”TransIP的首席执行官杰伦·胡夫彻说。#39;We#39;ve been blown away by the reaction to our event, the level of attendance and the infectious enthusiasm for building a vibrant and successful startup ecosystem.“我们对此次展会的参会人数,群众的反响,和他们对于展会的热情感到很吃惊,这也有助于建立一个充满活力的成功的新兴的生态系统。”The robots will be pole dancing for the remaining four days of the event, along with presentations from leading figures in the technology industry.在接下来的四天里,这对机器人会给观众们表演钢管舞,此外还有科技产业一些领头的公司做产品展示。 /201505/374084Drinking coffee is associated with a slightly reduced risk for skin cancer, a new study has found.一项新研究发现,喝咖啡能轻微降低患皮肤癌的风险。Researchers used health and dietary data on 447,357 non-Hispanic whites ages 50 to 71 who were cancer free at the start of the study and followed them for an average of 10 years. Over the course of the study, the researchers identified 2,904 cases of melanoma, the most serious kind of skin cancer.研究者们分析了447357名50至71岁的非西班牙裔白人的健康和饮食数据。研究开始时,这些人没患任何癌症。在对他们进行跟踪的平均十年时间里,研究者们发现了2904个黑素瘤病例。黑素瘤是最严重的一种皮肤癌。The more coffee consumed, the lower the risk. Drinking four or more cups of coffee was associated with a 20 percent risk reduction compared with those who drank none. The association did not hold for decaffeinated coffee or for melanoma in situ, melanoma in its earliest stages that affects only the top layer of skin.咖啡喝得越多,患黑素瘤的风险就越低。与不喝咖啡相比,每天喝四杯以上(含四杯)咖啡能降低20%的风险。这种联系不适用于低因咖啡或原位黑素瘤,也就是最早期的黑素瘤,它只影响皮肤表层。While the results may be encouraging for coffee drinkers, “they do not indicate that anyone should change their coffee drinking preferences,” said the lead author, Erikka Loftfield, a graduate student at the Yale School of Public Health. “The most important thing a person can do to reduce risk is to reduce sun and ultraviolet light exposure.”这项研究的主要作者艾丽卡·洛夫特菲尔德(Erikka Loftfield)说,虽然这一研究结果对咖啡饮用者具有鼓舞作用,但“并不是说人们应该改变自己的咖啡饮用习惯”,“要想降低风险,最重要的还是减少日晒和紫外线照射”。The study, in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, controlled for age, sex, education, smoking, physical activity, alcohol consumption and other health, behavioral and genetic factors, but the authors acknowledge that other unknown variables might help explain the association.这项研究发表在美国《国家癌症研究所杂志》(Journal of the National Cancer Institute)上。它控制了年龄、性别、教育背景、吸烟、锻炼、饮酒等健康、行为和基因因素,但是作者们承认,其他未知的变量可能也能解释这种联系。 /201502/357418

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