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SPOKANE, Wash. When she moved into her uncles basement in the largely white town of Coeur dAlene, Idaho, in 2004, Rachel A. Dolezal was still blond and pale-skinned and identified herself as a white woman one who had left a black husband and had a biracial child.华盛顿州斯波坎市—004年,蕾切尔·A·多尔扎尔(Rachel A. Dolezal)搬进爱达荷州科达伦镇的叔叔家,住在他的地下室里。科达伦镇的居民大部分都是白人,当时的蕾切尔还是白肤金发。她也自称是个白人,和黑人丈夫离了婚,带着一个混血孩子来到这里。But within a few years, her aly deep commitment to black causes and culture intensified. Co-workers and relatives began hearing talk that her background was mixed-race and even that she had called herself black.但在短短几年中,她之前就对黑人的理想与文化产生的强烈认同又有所深化。同事和亲戚开始听到她说,自己来自混血背景,甚至就是黑人。Many of them questioned the way she described herself, while others accepted it at face value. No one seems to have made an issue of it, but most people saw in her a force of personality that made her a strong and passionate advocate at the Human Rights Education Institute in Coeur dAlene, where she began working soon afterward.不少人曾对她形容自己的方式提出质疑,其他人则简单接受了这一点。但似乎没人把它当成一件大事,他们大多都在她身上感受到一种人格力量,这种力量使她成了科达伦人权教育协Human Rights Education Institute)里一名坚定而富有的倡导者。她在改变身份后没多久就开始在这里工作。“Its really impressive what she accomplished, bringing a lot of energy to these places,her uncle, Daniel A. Dolezal, recalled in a telephone interview on Tuesday, speaking of the human rights group as well as the NAACP chapter in Spokane, which she later rose to lead. He recalled her journey from being a down-on-her-luck single mother who took part-time teaching jobs, tried to sell her artwork, and worked in the camera store he owns in Coeur dAlene, in a part of the Idaho panhandle that was once the headquarters of Aryan Nations, the white supremacist group.“她的成就令人赞叹,给这些地方带来很多活力,”她的叔叔丹尼尔·A·多尔扎尔(Daniel A. Dolezal)在周二进行的电话采访中回忆到,他说到了上述人权机构和全国有色人种协进NAACP)在斯波坎市的分,多尔扎尔最终成了后者的负责人。他回忆了她一路走来的旅程,最初是一个不走运的单身母亲,兼职做着教师工作,后来试着出售自己创作的艺术品,并在他开在科达伦镇上的照相机商店里打工。当地属于爱达荷州走廊的一部分,一度曾是白人至上主义组织雅利安民族(Aryan Nations)的总部所在地。So when Dolezal (pronounced DOLE-uh-zhal) went on national televisionon Tuesdayfor the first time since she became the subject of a raging debate about racial identity and fabrication, it was no surprise that while she cannot claim a hint of black ancestry, she refused to concede that she had misled anyone. “I identify as black,she said with a smile.自多尔扎尔成为一场有关种族认同和身份造假的热烈争论的对象以来,她在周二首次出现在全国性的电视节目上。一点也不令人诧异的是,尽管无法明自己有丝毫的黑人血统,她还是拒绝让步和承认自己之前误导了任何人。“我觉得自己是黑人,”她微笑着说。She would not backpedal, and “I guarantee you she never will,said her uncle, who took her in more than a decade ago as her marriage crumbled. “Thats part of her persona, never backing down always forward, totally sure of herself.”她不会改变这种说法,而且“我向你保她永远也不会,”十多年前在她婚姻破裂时收留了她的叔叔说。“这就是她,永远不会后退,永远向前,百分百自信。”On Tuesday, Matt Lauer ofNs “Todayshowasked her, “When did you start deceiving people?But Dolezal, who stepped downon Mondayas president of the Spokane NAACP chapter, pushed back.本周二,N电视台的马特·劳尔(Matt Lauer)在他主持的《今日Today)节目中问她,“你是从什么时候开始骗人的?”周一刚刚卸任NAACP斯波坎市分负责人一职的她就此做出了强烈回应。“I do take exception to that because its a little more complex than me identifying as black, or answering a question of, `Are you black or white? she said. Over the course of the day, she also described herself as “transracialand said: “Well, I definitely am not white.Nothing about being white describes who I am.”“我反对你这种说法,因为这可比称自己是黑人或回答‘你是黑人还是白人’的问题复杂一些,”多尔扎尔说。在这一天当中,她还称自己“跨种族”,她说:“好吧,我绝对不是白人。有关白人的描绘完全不适用于我。”Her story has set off a national debate about the very meaning of racial identity, with some people applauding her message and goals and others deploring her methods and actions. It was one thing for Dolezal to identify with, appreciate and even partake in black culture, some critics said, but it was another thing for her to try to become black, going so far as to change her physical appearance.她的故事在全美国引发了有关种族身份的争论,一些人赞同她所传达的信息和目标,其他人则谴责她的方式和行为。一些批评人士称,对于多尔扎尔来说,认同、欣赏甚至分享黑人文化是一件事,但试图成为黑人是另一件事,她甚至改变了自己的外貌。“It taps into all of these issues around blackface and wearing blackness and that whole cultural legacy, which makes it that much more vile,said Baz Dreisinger, an English professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York, author of the book “Near Black: White-to-Black Passing in American Culture.”约翰·杰刑事司法学院(John Jay College of Criminal Justice)英语教授、《近似黑人:美国文化中白人冒充黑人的现象Near Black: White-to-Black Passing in American Culture)作者巴兹·德莱辛Baz Dreisinger)表示,“这涉及有关扮演黑人、呈现黑人特征及整个文化遗产的所有问题,这让这种行为显得更加低下。”Some people who have known Dolezal only as a black woman said they felt hurt and misled, saying she could have been an equally effective leader at the NAACP without the disguise.一些只知道多尔扎尔黑人身份的人说,他们感觉受到伤害和误导,并且表示即便没有伪装,她也可以成为同样有力的NAACP领导者。“The issue for me has been the deception, the lie, portraying herself as someone she isnt,said Dorothy Webster, a longtime member of the Spokane NAACP and former deputy manager for the city of Spokane. “I cannot rationalize it.”“对于我来说,问题在于欺骗、撒谎,把自己描绘成另外一个人,”NAACP斯波坎市分会的资深成员、该市的前副城市经理多萝西·韦伯斯Dorothy Webster)说。“我无法理解。”Although her advocacy work has admirers, serious questions have been raised about Dolezals credibility and not just about her race. Her public statements about her family and upbringing have been challenged by relatives, including her parents, creating the odd spectacle of dueling interviews, with her making claims on one network, and them denying them on another. Over the years she has reported numerous complaints with the police of racially motivated harassment and intimidation, though the police have said that none have so far proved credible enough for charges to be brought.虽然她的倡导工作得到钦佩,但除了种族问题,多尔扎尔的信誉也不断饱受质疑。她发表的有关其家庭及成长过程的公开声明遭到了包括父母在内的亲属的回击,以至于出现了双方通过采访隔空斗嘴的奇怪景象:她在一家电视网发表声明,她的家人则在另一家电视网予以否认。多年来,她曾多次向警方举报出于种族动机的骚扰及恐吓行为,但警方表示,到目前为止,没有足够的可信据使其可以提出指控。She is estranged from her parents, Ruthanne and Lawrence Dolezal, and in Spokane, she has represented a friend, an older African-American man, as her father. When Rachel Dolezal was a teenager, her parents adopted four black children, one of whom now lives with Dolezal and her natural son, whom she had with her former husband, Kevin D. Moore, who is black.她与父母露丝安娜·多尔扎尔(Ruthanne Dolezal)、劳伦斯·多尔扎尔(Lawrence Dolezal)已断绝来往。在斯坡坎,她一直声称一名年长的非裔友人是自己的父亲。蕾切尔·多尔扎尔的父母在她十几岁的时候,收养了四名黑人儿童,其中一人现在与多尔扎尔及她的亲生儿子住在一起。这个亲生孩子的父亲是她的黑人前夫凯文·D·莫尔(Kevin D. Moore)。She is also estranged from her biological brother, Joshua, who is facing charges in Colorado that, when he was 19 years old, he sexually molested one of his adopted brothers, who was 6 or 7 at the time, in the parents home, which was then in Clear Creek County, Colorado. Ruthanne Dolezal told People magazine that the molestation charges are not true and were initiated by Rachel.她同亲生哥哥乔舒Joshua)也形同陌路。目前乔舒亚在科罗拉多州面临数项指控,称其在19岁的时候对父母收养的当时只有六七岁的一个弟弟进行了性骚扰。那时他们还住在科罗拉多州克利尔克里克县的父母家中。露丝安娜·多尔扎尔向《人物》杂People)透露,这些猥亵指控并不属实,而且是由蕾切尔提出的。Dolezals path to this curious point has been unorthodox, beginning with her childhood in a remote corner of northwestern Montana, in and around the little town of Troy. Earlier this year, she told a news organization at Eastern Washington University, where she taught, that she had been born in a teepee, that her mother and stepfather had beaten her and her siblings, that “they would punish us by skin complexion,and that they lived for a time in South Africa.多尔扎尔来到今天这个尴尬境地是经历了一段不同寻常的过往。她小时候住在蒙大拿州西北部偏远地区的小镇特洛伊附近。今年早些时候,她在自己当时任教的东华盛顿大Eastern Washington University)向一家新闻机构表示,自己出生在一顶印第安人的帐篷里,并曾和家人在南非生活过一段时间。蕾切尔称,生母和继父曾痛打他们几个兄弟,“他们会因为我们的肤色而惩罚我们。”Family members say none of this is true. All agree that she has no stepfather, that this was one of several attempts she has made to deny the existence of her real father, Lawrence. Her parents moved to South Africa after Rachel was grown and out of the house.不过,多名家庭成员表示蕾切尔所说的这些话没有一句是真的。他们一致表示她并没有继父,而这不过是她为了否认生父劳伦斯的存在而采取的几项动作之一。再者,蕾切尔长大离家后,她的父母才去了南非。As for the abuse allegations, “thats just false,her father said in an interview on Friday. “Thats the most hurtful.”至于虐待指控,她的父亲在周五接受采访时表示,“完全是假的。那才是最伤人的。”Dolezal said Tuesday on “Todaythat at age 5, “I was drawing self-portraits with the brown crayon instead of the peach crayon, and the black curly hair, you know.Her parents, appearing later on Fox News, denied that.多尔扎尔周二在《今日》节目中说道,“你知道吗,5岁的时候,我画自画像用的就是棕色的笔而不是桃色的笔,头发画的是黑色卷发。”之后,其父母在Fox新闻台对此予以否认。Daniel Dolezal said Tuesday that her recollection of her 5-year-old self did not ring true. “She probably wouldnt have known any black peoplethen, he said. (Efforts by The Times to reach Rachel Dolezal, Ruthanne and Lawrence Dolezal, and Joshua Dolezal on Tuesday were not successful.)丹尼尔·多尔扎尔在周二表示,蕾切尔对自岁时的自画像的回忆并不真实。“她那个时候可能还不认识任何一个黑人,”他说。(时报在周二曾尝试联系蕾切尔·多尔扎尔、露丝安娜和劳伦斯·多尔扎尔夫妇,以及乔舒亚·多尔扎尔,不过均未成功。)Rachel was home-schooled for at least part of the time she was in high school, her uncle said. And when she was between the ages of 15 and 17, her parents adopted four black infants.蕾切尔的叔叔透露,上高中的时候,她至少有一部分时间在家自学。在57岁期间,父母收养了四个黑人婴儿。“She immediately was drawn to them,her father said. “Ever since then shes had a tremendous affinity with African-Americans.”“她立刻就被这些孩子吸引了,”蕾切尔的父亲说。“从此以后,她就同非裔美国人无比地亲近。”In the “Todayinterview one Tuesday and one that followed on a sister network, MSN, Dolezal, remarkably composed despite harsh criticism aimed at her, stuck to her insistence that racial heredity does not equal identity, and she would not answer questions about whether she had changed her self-identification to merely gain advantage.尽管面对着严厉的批评声,多尔扎尔周二在接受《今日》节目及N姊台MSN的采访时展现出了惊人的镇定,仍然坚持认为族裔遗传并不等同于种族认同。对于有关她是否只是为了获得好处而改变自我认同的问题,她均不予回答。Lauer asked if she could have been as successful an activist if she had portrayed herself as white.劳尔还问道,如果她一直把自己描述成白人的话,能否成为同样成功的活动人士?“I dont know,Dolezal said. “I guess I havent had the opportunity to experience that in those shoes, so Im not sure.”“我不知道,”多尔扎尔回答。“我想我没有机会以那样的身份去体验,所以我不确定。”来 /201506/382008

Japanese authorities have launched an investigation after discovering a small drone on the roof of Prime Minister Shinzo Abes office.日本当局发现一架小型无人机降落在安倍晋三首相官邸的屋顶上,随后对此展开调查。The four-propeller drone measured about 50 centimeters in diameter and was carrying a camera, a plastic bottle, and a flare-like device, according to national broadcaster NHK.日本NHK广播公司说,这架四旋翼无人机长约50厘米,装有一架照相机、一只塑料瓶以及一个类似照明灯的装置。Several media outlets also reported the drone was decorated with a radioactive symbol, and the Kyodo news agency reported a small amount of radiation was measured on the craft.多家媒体还报道说无人机装饰放射性标志,而共同社报道飞行器上检测到微量辐射。Television footage showed dozens of police officers hovering around the drone, which was covered by a blue tarp.电视画面显示,数十名警察在盖着蓝色篷布覆的无人机周围徘徊。It is not clear who sent the drone or what their motive may have been. There have been no reported injuries. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was away from his office at the time, attending a conference in Indonesia.目前还不清楚这架无人机的操纵者,也不清楚操纵者的动机。没有关于有人受伤的报道。安倍首相当时正在印尼出席一个会议,因此不在首相官邸。来 /201504/371462President Barack Obama’s Syria refugee policy has suffered a blow after the US House of Representatives passed a measure that would make it harder for people fleeing the war-torn country to come to the US.美国众议院表决通过了一项法案,将使那些逃离战火纷飞祖国的叙利亚人更加难以进入美囀?这对美国总统巴拉克攠巴马(Barack Obama)的叙利亚难民政策是一个打击。The House on Thursday voted 289-137 to impose stringent vetting requirements for Syrian and Iraqi refugees, with nearly 50 Democrats breaking ranks with the president.周四,美国众议院89票对137票的表决结果,通过了对叙利亚和伊拉克难民实施严格审查规定的法案,近50名民主党众议员站到了奥巴马的对立面。Mr Obama, who has vowed to veto the measure if it also receives the necessary Senate approval, has accused Republicans of “shamefulbehaviour over their response to the Syrian humanitarian crisis.这项法案若想成为法律须在参议院也获得通过。奥巴马已发誓,如果它在参议院也获得通过,他将否决该法案。他批评共和党在应对叙利亚人道主义危机方面的所作所为是“可耻的”。In the aftermath of the Paris attacks, Republican governors, presidential candidates and others have lambasted the administration over its plan to bring 10,000 Syrian refugees to the US over the coming year, citing concerns that members of Isis or other militant groups could pose as refugees to gain entry to the US and launch attacks on American soil.巴黎发生恐怖袭击后,共和党籍州长、总统候选人和其他人士对奥巴马政府在接下来一年里万名叙利亚难民进入美国的计划予以了猛烈抨击。他们给出的理由是,担心伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰ISIS)或其他激进组织的成员可能会装扮成难民进入美国、并在美国国土上发动袭击。Paul Ryan, the new House speaker, said on Wednesday: “We cannot allow terrorists to take advantage of our compassion.”美国众议院新任议长保罗帠襴(Paul Ryan,见文首图)周三表示:“我们不能允许恐怖分子利用我们的同情心。”The White House in September said it would boost the number of Syrian refugees admitted to America from 1,500 in the preceding 12 months to 10,000 over the course of 2016. Its decision followed growing pressure from European officials as hundreds of thousands of Syrians and refugees from other war zones flee to nations across Europe.今年9月美国政府表示,将在2016年全年准万名叙利亚难民进入美国,而之2个月这个数字仅为1500人。美国政府是在受到欧洲官员越来越大压力的情况下做出这一决定的,目前,数十万叙利亚人以及来自其他战乱地区的难民正逃往欧洲各国。The policy was facing scrutiny before the attacks, but the massacres in the French capital have elevated the criticism to a new level. The White House says that all Syrian refugees undergo a rigorous screening process, but critics have called for at least a temporary halt in the programme to test that claim.巴黎发生恐怖袭击前,美国的叙利亚难民政策已受到严密的审视,这场袭击更是令美国国内对该政策的批评上升到一个新水平。美国政府表示,所有叙利亚难民都会经过严格的审查程序,但批评者呼吁至少应该暂时中止该计划,以测试一下这种严格审查是否真能做到。The measure passed by the House would require officials leading several agencies the FBI, the Director of National Intelligence and the Homeland Security department to certify personally that any given refugee does not pose a security threat to the US.美国众议院通过的这项法案要求几家机构——联邦调查局(FBI)、国家情报总监办公ODNI)以及国土安全Homeland Security department)——的主管官员亲自担保任一给定的难民都不会对美国的安全构成威胁。The White House has described the approach as “untenableand warned it would complicate efforts to resolve the refugee crisis in Europe.美国政府称这种做法“站不住脚”,并警告此举将令化解欧洲难民危机的努力复杂化。During his trip to Asia this week, Mr Obama has lashed out at critics, including those such as Ted Cruz, the Texas senator running for the Republican presidential nomination, who say the US should only take Christian refugees.在本周访问亚洲期间,奥巴马抨击了一些批评人士,包括德克萨斯州参议员、竞选共和党总统提名的特德克鲁兹(Ted Cruz)。这些批评人士称,美国应当只接纳信仰基督教的难民。The debate comes as immigration has surfaced as a polarising issue in the presidential campaign thanks to Donald Trump.由于唐纳德礠朗普(Donald Trump)的关系,移民问题已成为美国总统选举中一个容易引起尖锐对立的问题。Earlier this week, David Miliband, the former British foreign secretary who now heads the International Rescue Committee, warned that the US risked abandoning its leadership role as a recipient of refugees because of the backlash since the Paris attacks. “It could increase the pressure everywhere else and could give all sorts of people an excuse to say that even America was stepping back,he told the Financial Times in an interview.本周早些时候,前英国外交大臣戴维猠利班David Miliband)警告称,由于巴黎发生恐怖袭击以来民众出现了强烈的反移民情绪,美国可能会放弃其在接收难民方面的领导地位。他在接受采访时告诉英国《金融时报》:“这可能会让其他所有国家面临更大的压力,而且可能会让所有人都有借口说,连美国都在打退堂鼓。”米利班德现任国际救援委员会(International Rescue Committee)主席。来 /201511/411974Vietnam has accused China of sinking one of its fishing boats in disputed waters near a Chinese oil rig that is at the centre of a dangerous maritime stand-off between the two Asian neighbours.越南指责中国在争议海域的中国油井附近撞沉一艘越南船只,该油井位于两国危险的海上对峙中心。Vietnam News said a Chinese ship had sunk the vessel carrying 10 crew on board. Bloomberg cited Vietnam’s foreign ministry saying that the fishing boat was “rammed by a Chinese boat越南通讯Vietnam News)称,一艘中国船只撞沉了一艘载0名船员的越南船只。彭Bloomberg)援引越南外交部的消息称,这艘渔船遭到“中国船只的撞击”。China and Vietnam have been at loggerheads since early May when China moved a drilling rig to an area near the disputed Paracel Islands. Scores of Chinese and Vietnamese boats have been engaged in a tense stand-off for three weeks that has seen each side accuse the other of dangerous tactics. The dispute also sparked anti-Chinese riots in Vietnam that hit foreign factories across the country.5月初以来,自中国将一钻井平台移动到争议的帕拉塞尔群岛(中国称西沙群附近海域,中越之间便纷争不断。大量中国和越南船只之间的紧张对峙已经持续了三周,双方互相指责对方在实施危险策略。争议还引发了越南的反华骚乱,越南全境的外国工厂都收到波及。China won control of the Paracels in 1974 following a brief naval conflict with Vietnam. The current tensions are the worst deterioration in relations between the countries in years, and come just months after Chinese Premier Li Keqiang visited Hanoi as part of a southeast Asia charm offensive.1974年,中国在与越南海军发生短暂冲突后,赢得了对帕拉塞尔群岛的控制权。目前的紧张局势是数年来两国关系恶化最严重的一次,就在几个月前,中国国务院总理李克强还访问了河内,作为其对东南亚发动魅力攻势的一部分。The incident in the South China Sea is just part of a broader pattern of escalating tensions between China and its neighbours. On Monday, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe criticised Beijing after two Chinese fighter jets intercepted Japanese spy planes that were monitoring a joint naval exercise being conducted by Chinese and Russian forces. Japan said the Chinese jets came “dangerouslyclose to the Japanese surveillance aircraft, but Beijing accused Japan of interfering with the exercises.中国与其邻国的紧张关系正在升级,这起发生在南中国海的事件,只是这种升级的紧张态势的一个例。本周一,日本首相安倍晋Shinzo Abe)批评中国两架战机阻截了监督中俄联合海上演习的日本侦察机。日本表示,中国战机曾“危险地”接近日本侦察机,但中国批评日方干扰中俄演习。China is also embroiled in maritime disputes with the Philippines. In an interview with the Financial Times, Benigno Aquino, the Philippines president, said he was concerned that China would follow its move near the Paracels by drilling for energy in waters that are claimed by Beijing and Manila. He also accused China of playing a “dangerous game of brinkmanship and gunboat diplomacy中国还卷入了与菲律宾的海上争议。在接受英国《金融时报》采访时,菲律宾总统贝尼尼奥#8226;阿基Benigno Aquino)表示,他担心,中国将仿效其在帕拉塞尔群岛附近海域的举措,在中菲争议海域开采能源。他还批评中国在玩“危险的边缘政策游戏和炮舰外交”。来 /201405/301511

The brutal killings in Paris come on top of the downing of a Russian airliner in Sinai, the bombing of a Hizbollah stronghold in Beirut and an attack against Kurds in Ankara. Some 500 have been killed in the past few weeks, and many more injured. Isis has claimed the first three, and is suspected of the fourth.就在巴黎发生残忍杀戮事件之前,一架俄罗斯客机坠毁在西奈半岛,贝鲁特的黎巴嫩真主党大本营发生了爆炸,安卡拉则发生了针对库尔德人的袭击。过去几周内,已有约500人在这些事件中丧生,更多人在事件中受伤。“伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国ISIS)声称对前三起事件负责,而对于第四起,它也负有嫌疑。So how should we understand the strategy of the Islamist militants? Do they want to draw foreigners in further or frighten them away? I am not sure that is how they are thinking.那么,对于这些伊斯兰激进分子的战略,我们应该如何理解?他们是希望进一步吸引外国人,还是令他们惧而远之?我无法确定这是否正是他们的想法。What Isis wants is continuing turmoil in Syria, and in Iraq too, so that it can control territory and resources to build up its “caliphate It is not seeking to overthrow Bashar al-Assad the Syrian president is useful as a target of Sunni anger, and there has been tacit co-operation between Isis and the regime. They avoid direct conflict, trade in oil and both target the more moderate militias.ISIS想要的,是叙利亚和伊拉克的乱局持续下去,这样它就可以控制大片土地和资源以建设其“哈里发”。ISIS并未寻求推翻巴沙尔阿萨德(Bashar al-Assad),这位叙利亚总统是吸引逊尼Sunni)怒火的有用靶子,而ISIS和该政权之间也一直存在心照不宣的合作。两者之间会避免发生直接冲突,开展石油交易,并且都把更温和的武装人员当做目标。Isis wants the horrors of war and terrorism as a recruiting sergeant. The best option for them is a conflict that can be presented as Muslims against infidels, whether American, Russian or European. A conflict pitching Sunni against Shia also helps: they want Sunnis in the Middle East and beyond to see them as their standard bearer. In their mindset, the Paris attacks are a show of power. They keep the pot boiling and will draw more Muslims in Europe to their cause.ISIS希望用战争的可怕和恐怖主义充当遴选新人的军官。对他们来说,最好的选择是造成这样一场冲突:它能被描绘为穆斯林和不信教人士(不论是美国人、俄罗斯人还是欧洲人)之间的对战。而引起逊尼派与什叶派(Shia)争斗的冲突对他们也会很有帮助:他们希望中东及其他地区的逊尼派将他们视为标杆。在他们的头脑里,巴黎的袭击是一次力量的展示。他们要确保局面始终混乱,并将吸引欧洲更多穆斯林走上他们的轨道。Two things Isis does not want. First is a full-blown ground intervention by Nato or Russia as this would quickly cost the militants their base in eastern Syria and western Iraq. The group will calculate, probably rightly, that in the wake of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan there is no appetite for that in western capitals or Moscow. French President Hollande’s talk of war is unlikely to result in Nato’s article five commitment to collective defence being triggered in any meaningful way.有两件事是ISIS不希望看到的。首先是北约(Nato)或俄罗斯的全面地面干预,因为这会很快导致这群激进分子丧失在叙利亚东部和伊拉克西部的基地。该组织会打如下算盘(很可能他们是对的):西方各国政府或俄罗斯政府在伊拉克战争和阿富汗战争之后,没有进行全面地面干预的兴趣。法国总统弗朗索瓦攠朗 Hollande)有关战争的讲话,不太可能以任何有实际意义的方式触发北约有关集体防御义务的第五条款。Second is a peace deal bringing a new government to Syria. If there were a settlement accommodating Syrian Sunnis a big if, given that it would require Mr Assad’s departure Isis would lose its appeal. That should reinforce the resolve of foreign ministers from the US, Russia, Europe and the Middle East who met in Vienna on Saturday to seek a political solution to the Syrian war.ISIS不希望看到的第二件事,则是达成能让叙利亚建立新政府的和平协议。如果存在包容叙利亚逊尼派的和平协议(考虑到这以阿萨德下台为必要条件,这是个十分大胆的假定),ISIS就会失去吸引力。这一点应该会加大美国、俄罗斯、欧洲及中东各国外长的决心,他们于上周六在维也纳会晤,以寻求叙利亚战争的政治解决方案。Diplomacy will always reflect what is happening on the ground. Russia’s military intervention in Syria, targeting anti-regime forces, has strengthened the negotiating hand of the Kremlin and its ally, the Assad regime. If the west wants to shape the outcome, its military role will have to be less tentative than the current limited strikes against Isis and arms supplies to the less extreme anti-Assad militias.外交始终是地面军事态势的反映。俄罗斯对叙利亚以反政府武装为目标的军事干预,为克里姆林宫及其盟友阿萨德政权增加了谈判的筹码。如果西方希望改变这一结果,它们就必须提升在军事上发挥的作用,不要像现在那么试探性。目前,它们的行动还只限于对ISIS十分有限的打击,以及向不那么极端的反阿萨德武装人员提供武器。Why did Isis attack France? Well, Paris has been at the forefront of opposition to Islamist extremists in the Sahel and in Syria. The French Muslim community is not well integrated and, being mainly of north African origin, feels more involved in the conflicts in the Arab world than the south Asians in Britain or Turks in Germany, which has made them more susceptible to Isis rhetoric.ISIS为何要袭击法国?在萨赫勒地区(Sahel,非洲撒哈拉沙漠和苏丹草原地区之间一条横跨多个国家的地带——译者注)和叙利亚,法国一直站在对抗伊斯兰极端分子的最前沿。法国的穆斯林群体没有很好地融入社会——由于法国的穆斯林主要是北非裔,比起英国的南亚裔穆斯林或者德国的土耳其裔穆斯林,这些人在情感上更关注阿拉伯世界的争端,这使他们更容易受到ISIS的宣传的影响。Some ask if there was a failure of intelligence that could have prevented the atrocity. We do not yet know. It was a complex, well planned attack by skilled operatives. Of course, some were known to the French security services it would be much more alarming if they were all “clean skins We need to know how they planned, how they communicated, where they trained and what traces they left ahead of Friday.一些人问,情报工作是否失败,否则我们本可能阻止这场暴行。这一点我们还不知道。这是一次复杂、精心策划、由训练有素的行动人员进行的袭击。当然,法国的安保部门知道其中一些人的存在——如果他们全都“背景干净”,此事就骇人得多了。我们需要了解,他们是如何策划、沟通的,他们在哪里接受训练,在周五事件发生前又留下了什么痕迹。French security services will have been working on these questions all weekend, supported by counterparts across Europe. They are battling to get on top of the escalating threat at home. DGSI, the internal service, is having to shift from its police methods to an intelligence-led approach to get on top of the modern threat. DGSE, the external service, is geared more to pursuing French interests abroad than supporting security at home. French intercept capabilities come under the external service and are not as easily directed against terrorists in France. Countering terrorism tight co-ordination of agent penetration, intercepts and bulk data analysis. Teamwork is vital. In the UK we developed it only after the 2005 London bombings. Reform of the French services, aly being driven by Manuel Valls, the impressively tough prime minister, is certain to be accelerated.法国的安保部门在欧洲各国安保部门的协助下,整个周末都在研究这些问题。他们正在奋力控制国内不断升级的威胁。负责国内安全事务的法国国内安全总局(DGSI),现在必须将警察式的手段转换成以情报为主导的策略,以控制现代威胁。负责外部安全事务的法国对外安全总局(DGSE)比起持国内的安全工作,更多追求法国在国外的利益。法国的情报截查能力设在外部安全部门下,因此没那么容易以法国国内的恐怖分子为目标。反恐需要特工渗透、信息截查和批量数据分析的紧密协作。团队合作十分关键。在英国,我们在2005年的伦敦爆炸案之后才发展出这样的机制。风格极其强硬的法国总理曼纽尔瓦尔斯(Manuel Valls)已经开始推动法国安保部门的改革,现在这项改革势必提速。The next attack probably will not be in France. Isis wants to provoke division across Europe in particular, hostility to the refugees flooding in. It wants the far right to grow in strength, further alienating European Muslims. Germany might be vulnerable as Isis would see an attack as weakening Chancellor Angela Merkel and dividing opinion. It could just as easily be in London: according to Andrew Parker, head of MI5, the UK domestic security agency, six terror attacks have been foiled in the UK this year aly though none, I suspect, as extensive as what we saw in Paris.下一次袭击很可能不会在法国发生。ISIS希望在全欧洲制造分歧——尤其是,对涌入欧洲的难民的敌意。ISIS希望极右翼势力提升实力,使欧洲的穆斯林进一步遭到疏远。德国可能是一个容易受到攻击的目标,因为ISIS会将袭击德国视为削弱德国总理安格拉默克尔(Angela Merkel)和制造观点分歧的手段。袭击同样很有可能发生在伦敦,根据英国国内安全机构军情五MI5)处长安德鲁帕Andrew Parker)的说法,今年英国已经阻止次恐怖袭击,尽管我怀疑其中没有哪一起能比得上巴黎暴恐案的规模。Political calculation and available operatives will determine where Isis tries to strike next. There is little doubt that there will be further attacks. This will challenge not just our intelligence agencies. The wars in Europe’s neighbourhood are now washing on to our shores and governments in Europe especially France, Germany and Britain will have to lead the response. We cannot expect the US to ride to our rescue.政治盘算和可用的行动人员将决定ISIS下一次会在哪里试图发动袭击。无疑,我们会看到更多的袭击。这挑战的不仅仅是我们的情报机构。在欧洲邻近地区发生的战争已经蔓延到了我们的边缘,欧洲各国——尤其是法国、德国和英国——政府必须领导起应对行动。我们不能指望美国前来救援。来 /201511/410968Answer by Michael Wolfe, startup founder初创公司创始人迈克尔·沃尔夫的回答This is extremely common, especially for entry-level jobs.这很常见,尤其是对于入门级工作而言If you join the military, civil service, police force, become a professor at many schools, etc you will be going into a job where the salary is pegged to the job, not the person. You will receive the same offer as everyone else.如果你去参军,成为公务员,当警察,或者做大学教授,这些工作的薪酬都是与岗位挂钩,与人无关。你会得到与其他人相同的条件。Many corporations are the same way. For example, I started my career at Goldman Sachs GS 0.77% . Every new college grad that year in my role received identical offers. Note that this is probably the best-paying corporation in the world, but for new grads, our entire program had identical comp.许多公司也是如此。例如,我的第一份工作是在高盛公司(Goldman Sachs)。当年与我从事相同职务的大学毕业生,都收到了完全一样的条件。虽然高盛可能是世界上薪酬最高的公司,但对于刚毕业的学生而言,我们整个项目团队都领取相同的薪酬。If it is a good offer, take it. If not, look elsewhere.如果条件不错,不妨接受它。否则,还是另谋高就吧。Answer by David S. Rose, entrepreneur, investor, mentor创业者、投资人、导师戴维oSo罗斯的回答First of all, get off your high horse. There is nothing “fairor “unfairabout a salary offer, nor is there any way it can be “insulting.It is simply an offer that you are free to accept or reject.首先,放下自己的架子。工资条件不存在“公平”或者“不公平”之说,也不可能带有“侮辱性”。这只是一份工作邀请,接受与否完全由你自己把握。If the company that is offering it says that it is non-negotiable, take them at face value because they’ve just made your life a lot easier. You now have a simple, binary decision: take the job with a good heart and a desire to excel at this entry-level job, or else politely decline it and keep on looking. No big deal and no need for drama. If the combination of job and salary is not right for you,that’s perfectly OK. So if they are not prepared to negotiate (which is not at all atypical for entry level jobs) just move on, and don’t burn any bridges with silly talk about “unfair and insulting.”如果提出条件的公司表示,工资没有商量余地,那就接受它,因为这些工资起码能让你的生活变得更轻松。很简单,你现在有两个选择:真诚地接受这份工作,努力在这个初级岗位上做到出类拔萃;或者礼貌地拒绝,然后继续求职。没什么大不了的,也没必要过于情绪化。如果工作和薪酬都不适合你,你完全可以拒绝。如果他们不准备讨论工资问题(这在初级工作岗位上很常见),那就继续寻找其他机会,但千万不要说“不公平和侮辱性”这些愚蠢的话,断了自己的后路。Answer by Gene Khalyapin, entrepreneur企业家吉尼o卡利亚平的回答Years ago I accepted a non-negotiable offer at half the going rate. Why? Because I had only ,000 and I absolutely had to find a way to survive in New York, plus experience working for that company was very valuable to me.几年前,我接受了一份薪酬不容商量的工作,而且我只要了一半的工资。为什么?因为我当时只,000美元,因此,必须想办法在纽约生存下去,而且在那家公司工作的经历,对我来说非常宝贵。It was tough but I made it work. My rent was 0 for a tiny room. My next job was well above the market rate and I did well in that great city. For every “unfairjob offer there may be somebody who would take that chance and make it a first step on the way to a brilliant career. And this is very fair. If you are not that “somebodythen this offer is not for you.虽然很难,但我还是坚持了下来。我租了一个小房间,租60美元。我第二份工作的薪酬远远高于市场水平,我在那个大城市里过得很奀?对于每一份“不公平”的工作邀请,可能会有些人希望抓住这次机会,把它作为开启辉煌事业的第一步。这是非常公平的。如果你不是我所说的“这些人”,那说明这样的工作不适合你。To answer your question as it is: it is absolutely fair to offer non-negotiable salary. Imagine you are offered double the regular rate and more than you expected but they don’t negotiate would it still be unfair?可以这样来回答你的问题:提供没有商量余地的工资,是绝对公平的。想象一下,假如对方提供了远远超出你预期的条件,比正常工资水平高出一倍,而且不容商量——这种条件是否依然不公平?Now, to answer the question that you actually meant to ask: yes, it is also fair to offer a very low salary. It’s a free market driven by supply and demand. You don’t like the salary? Move on! Either they will find somebody who accepts the offer or they will be forced to raise the offer. Your living situation and your rent payment is irrelevant.下面,按照你的本意来回答你的问题:没错,提供非常低的工资也是公平的。这是一个供需关系决定的自由市场。你不喜欢这样的工资?那就继续找其他机会!企业要么会找到愿意接受这种条件的人,要么不得不提高条件。你的生活状况和你要付的租金与此无关;换句话说,初级职位的工资由市场决定,而不是某个人。Answer by Jim Hopkinson, author of Salary Tutor, writer, speaker and teacher《薪酬谈判指南》(Salary Tutor)一书的作者,作家、演说家、教师吉姆o霍普金斯的回答What makes this question interesting is the use of the word “fair,which makes them seem as if they are angry or pouting over the situation. The answer to thatquestion is, it’s totally fair. Companies can handle their hiring however they want.这个问题有趣之处在于使用了“公平”这个词,让你看起来非常愤怒,或者对现状不满。对这个问题的回答是:绝对公平。公司可以按照自己的意愿进行招聘。Some publish salaries beforehand; others keep it secret; some leave room for negotiation. And as someone stated, it is a common practice in many educational institutions, the military and government.有些公司会提前公布薪酬;有些公司则会保密;也有公司会留出协商的余地。正如有的人所说的那样,在教育机构、军队和政府部门,固定工资是惯例。Additionally, the fact that the company is able to do this is probably because the job is in San Francisco, notin spite of it.此外,这家公司能够这么做,很可能就是因为工作地点在旧金山,而非像你所说的那样不顾这一事实。To be helpful, let’s change the question to: I’m interviewing for an entry-level position that says the salary is non-negotiable what’s the best way to handle the situation?我们不妨把问题修改一下:我参加了一个初级工作岗位的面试,雇主表示这份工作的工资没有商量余地——面对这种情况,最好的应对方式是什么?I’d say that if you’re just starting out in your career, there are other things that are more important than salary. Do you have a great boss that can serve as a mentor? Do you get along with your co-workers? Are you in a growing industry? Does it have a good work/life balance? Does it have a manageable commute? And most importantly, are you learning as much as possible and doing something you truly like doing? If it’s not your dream job, is it at least getting you one step closer on the path to your dream job?在我看来,如果你刚刚踏入职场,还有许多东西比工资更重要。你能否遇到一位可以作为导师的好上司?你能否和同事融洽相处?你是否进入一个蓬勃发展的行业?这份工作能否保工作与生活的平衡?公司的上下班时间是否可控?最重要的是,你能否学习足够多东西,是否在做自己喜欢的事情?如果这并非你梦想的工作,它是否至少能让你离自己梦想的工作更进一步?That being said, there are other things that you can try and negotiate, even if salary is locked in. Does the company give out signing bonuses? Can you get an extra week vacation? Can you asked to be put on a certain project? Can you attend industry events? Can you expense training that will help further your career, etc 总之,即便公司给出了固定工资,你还有其他内容可以试着与对方协商。公司是否会提供签约奖金?你能否多获得一周假期?你能否要求参加某个项目?你能否参加行业活动?你能否参加有利于个人职业发展的培训?If you’re just starting out in the working world, you don’t have as much leverage as someone with more experience, so you’ll need to approach this in the proper way. However, even if you ask and don’t receive a single thing in return, you’ll be practicing a skill that will be valuable many times over down the line.如果你刚刚踏入职场,你的影响力比不过更有经验的人,所以你需要找到与雇主打交道的恰当方式。然而,即便你提出要求但没有得到任何回报,至少你锻炼了一项对未来职业发展非常宝贵的技胀?Answer by Dan Ogden, recruiter招聘官丹o奥格登的回答How fair is it to have a budget for anything?给每一件事设定预算公平吗?You know how one might, say, wait until something they like goes on sale before they buy it because they simply will not pay full price for it? Is that unfair?你知道,有的人可能会一直等到自己喜欢的商品打折,才会买下来,因为他们不愿意全价购买。这公平吗?We can’t all live in a penthouse, so we choose our housing according to what we are willing and able to pay for it.我们不可能全都住在顶层公寓里,所以我们会根据自己的意愿和付能力选择住房。A company (which could just as easily be a single person rather than a faceless entity made up of thousands) can make the same choice with their potential hires. They have a budget, and they stick to it. Time will tell if they are making the best decision for them.公司(更像是一个人,而不是由数千个人组成的匿名实在招聘时,也可以做出同样的选择。公司有预算,而且必须严格遵照预算。时间会明,他们是否正在做最好的决定。And you, as a potential employee, can make the decision to accept it or not.而作为一名潜在员工,你可以决定是否接受。As far as being “fair,who says anything in life is fair? An employer is not your parents; they are a business. They will do what they feel is best for them; keeping you happy is incidental at best.至于说“公平”,谁敢说生活中事事都公平呢?雇主不是你的父母;他们是一家公司。他们会做感觉对自己最有利的事情;让你心满意足充其量就是个偶然事件。Walk away from it if you think it’s unfair, but you are destined for disappointment if you are expecting other potential employers to treat you the way you think you should be treated.如果你认为这不公平,放弃它便是,但如果你指望其他潜在雇主会按你想象的那样对待你,那你注定会失望。来 /201407/315224Taiwan’s governing party has called a special congress to consider dropping its unpopular presidential candidate just three months before an election that will set the tone for relations with Beijing.台湾执政党举行一个特别会议,以考虑更换其人气不高的总统候选人。三个月后台湾就将举行大选,这场选举将为台海两岸关系确定基调。In a rare race between two female leading contenders, Hung Hsiu-chu, a straight-talking legislator from the ruling Kuomintang or Nationalist party, has fallen 20 percentage points behind the frontrunner, opposition politician Tsai Ing-wen.在少见的两位女候选人对垒的竞选中,直话直说的国民党立法委员洪秀Hung Hsiu-chu)目前在民调中落后领先者、反对党政界人士蔡英Tsai Ing-wen) 20个百分点。The KMT, which has ruled Taiwan for much of the period since it fled mainland China after losing the civil war with the Communists in 1949, decided yesterday it would hold the extraordinary meeting to “gather consensus and unite for victory在内战中被共产党打败的国民党,在1949年逃离中国大陆以来的大部分时间里统治着台湾。该党昨日决定举行特别会议,以求“凝聚共识、团结胜选”。Beijing regards Taiwan as a renegade province. A victory for the opposition Democratic Progress party would strain relations with mainland China because Ms Tsai’s DPP takes a more strident position than the KMT on Taiwan’s independence.北京方面认为台湾是一个叛离省什?反对党民进党如果赢得选举上台,将使台湾与大陆的关系趋向紧张,因为蔡英文的民进党在台湾独立问题上立场比国民党更强硬。The KMT was trounced in local elections last year, as voters voiced frustration over the high cost of living and Taiwan’s economic dependency on mainland China.国民党在去年的地方选举中一败涂地,选民们发泄了他们对生活费用高和台湾在经济上依赖中国大陆的不满。Eric Chu, KMT chairman and mayor of New Taipei, said in a speech that for the legislative elections, which will be held at the same time as the presidential contest in January, were concerned about the effect Ms Hung was having on the party’s popularity.国民党主席、新北市市长朱立Eric Chu)在一次演讲中表示,立委选举(将与总统大选一起在明年1月举行)的多名候选人担心洪秀柱对党的民意持率产生的影响。“As the party chairman, I must honestly report to Ms Hung that during this time, many of us who are running for the 2016 legislature are facing difficulties,he said.“身为党主席,我必须诚恳、完整地向洪秀柱报告,尤其是这段期间,很多2016年立委参选同志面临困境,”他表示。He also criticised Ms Hung for being too close to China, saying her views on cross-strait relations “deviate from mainstream public opinion他还批评洪秀柱过于接近中国,称她对两岸关系的看法“与台湾主流民意有所偏离”。Mr Chu has been touted by analysts as a possible replacement for Ms Hung, despite having declined to stand as the party’s presidential candidate before her formal selection in July.分析人士认为,朱立伦可能取代洪秀柱,成为国民党提名的总统候选人,尽管他在今月洪秀柱被正式选定之前拒绝竞选总统。Ms Hung, who is vice-president of the legislature, defended her stance, telling reporters “my campaign is to help our country find the right path, to help find a way out, a way to live and survive身为台湾立法院副院长的洪秀柱捍卫了自己的立场,她告诉记者,“参选是要替国家确立正确道路,替台湾找出路、活路”。Asked how she felt about her possible removal from the presidential race, she said: “I blame myself for not clearing things up. I stress again that we haven’t done enough communication. We will continue our work.”在被问及对于她可能被取消提名资格有什么感想时,洪秀柱表示:“怪我自己,很多话没有说得很清楚,我一再强调,沟通做得不够,我们将继续努力。”J Michael Cole of Thinking Taiwan, a think-tank backed by Ms Tsai’s foundation, said a victory for the DPP would send a strong signal to Beijing after eight years of rule by a KMT legislature.得到蔡英文的小英教育基金会持的智库——想想论Thinking Taiwan)的寇谧将(J Michael Cole)表示,在国民党统年后,民进党胜选将向北京发出一个强大信号。“After eight years of substantially closer relations, the fact that the public might vote out the KMT is quite significant,he said. “It speaks volumes about the red lines that Taiwanese have drawn... how far a government can go in relations with China.“经年密切得多的关系后,公众可能在选举中把国民党赶下台这一点相当重大,”他说。“这充分说明了台湾人画出的红线……决定政府在与中国的关系上可以走多远。”来 /201510/402731

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