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自贡学文眉绣眉多少钱成都唯美化妆美甲培训学校学习韩式半永久雾眉毛多少钱I hate the new Apple Watch. Hate what it will do to conversation, to the pace of the day, to my friends, to myself. I hate that it will enable the things that aly make life so incremental, now-based and hyper-connected. That, and make things far worse.我讨厌新上市的苹果手表。讨厌它将会对交谈、生活的节奏、我的朋友以及我自己产生的影响。我讨厌它会提升那些已经让生活变得如此繁琐、急功近利和超级互联的东西的效用。除此之外,除了以上这些,它还会让情况变得糟糕许多。This has nothing to do with Apple. We can still be friends. I’m writing on a MacBook Air, my constant companion since I kissed off my hometown Microsoft-programmed clunker for the sleek and far less needy Mac some time ago. I’m closer to my iPhone 6 than to some of my siblings — you never call, you never text, you never share, not a selfie in six months.这与苹果公司无关。我们还是可以做朋友的。我正在一台MacBook Air上写下这些文字。自从一段时间以前我淘汰了家乡生产的那台微软系统的旧电脑,换成这台漂亮且远不会那么需要照顾的Mac之后,它一直是我的好伙伴。我与iPhone 6的关系比我与一些兄弟的关系还亲密——从来不给他们打电话、发短信,或是分享东西,六个月里连张自拍都没有。No, my animus for Apple’s smartwatch — excuse me, wearable technology — is for what it will do to us. Things are too complicated as it is. At dinner with friends, or in a meeting that I’m supposed to care about, when can I look at my phone? Who’s phone-ignore worthy, and who’s not? At what point is looking down rude? And how long into a conversation till all sides get to call a truce and take a screen dive?不,我对苹果智能手表的厌恶——不好意思,应该是可穿戴设备——在于它会对我们产生何种影响。生活已经够复杂的了。在与朋友吃饭时,或是在我应该重视的一个会议上,我什么时候可以看手机?谁重要到让我不看手机,谁没那么重要?什么时候看手机是不礼貌的?交谈进行了多长时间之后,各方才可以休息一下,看一眼手机屏幕?I say this as an information obsessive. I wish I could say recovering information obsessive. Like most of us, I’m in need of digital detox, not a fresh hit. Those restroom breaks at restaurants were not about bladder relief. God knows how many times I’ve sneaked away from the table just to peek at a football score, a “Daily Show” clip, a text, a photo or email, my Amazon book number. What a miserable wretch. But it could be worse: I have a friend who texts while skiing.我认为这是一种信息强迫症。我希望我能说这种信息强迫症可以恢复。就像我们中多数人一样,我需要戒除网瘾,不是来一剂让我更上瘾的东西。我们在吃饭时去洗手间根本不是因为人有三急。天知道我有多少次从餐桌上偷偷溜出来只是去为了看一眼球赛的比分、《每日秀》(Daily Show)的片段、一条短信、一张照片或电子邮件,还有我的亚马逊图书订单。多可悲啊。但情况还可以更糟:我有一个朋友一边滑雪一边发短信。Apple says its smartwatch, which it rolled out at one of its Dear Leader-like events in San Francisco this week, will make interactions between human and screen less complicated, and less rude. Instead of reaching into pocket or purse in front of someone, the user will just glance at the wrist. In fact, Apple calls the new feature in which the watch is touched to access the Internet a “glance.”苹果本周在旧金山一场致敬伟大领袖似的活动中发布了这款手表。苹果说,它的智能手表将让人与屏幕的互动不那么复杂,不那么不礼貌。用户不需要在他人面前把手伸进口袋或包包,只需扫一眼手腕就行了。实际上,苹果把碰一下手表就接入互联网的新功能就叫做“Glance”(瞥一眼)。Just a glance, nothing rude there. Oh, really? Remember how off-putting it was when George Bush the elder checked his watch during a question period from the audience in a presidential debate? It may have cost him the election in 1992.只是扫一眼,这可没有什么不礼貌的。噢,是吗?还记得乔治·布什(George Bush)在总统辩论中接受观众提问时看手表的动作是多么让人恼火吗?这可能就是他输掉1992年大选的原因。People check their phones about 150 times a day. Now, imagine how many glances they’ll take with all the information in the world on their wrists. Imagine how many people will attempt to drive while glancing, to walk while glancing, to talk while glancing, to make love while glancing.人们一天看手机约150次。现在,想象一下,当全世界的信息都在手腕上展示的时候,人们会扫上多少眼。想象有多少人会试图在开车时扫一眼,在走路时扫一眼,在聊天时扫一眼,在做爱时扫一眼。To the complaints that our smartphone addiction has produced a world where nobody talks much anymore, nobody listens and nobody s, you can add a new one with the smartwatch: nobody makes eye contact.一些人抱怨,手机引发的上瘾让这个世界变成了没人长时间讲话、没人倾听,没人阅读的地方。有了智能手表之后,这些抱怨中可以加上一条:没人进行目光接触。Tim Cook, the Apple C.E.O., seems like a decent and likable guy — no tech overlord in a Darth Vader suit. But his presentation of the new watch on Monday creeped me out, and offered a road map to a world I’m not sure I want to join.苹果CEO蒂姆·库克(Tim Cook)似乎是一个讨人喜欢的正派人——不是一个穿着达斯·维达(Darth Vader)式装的科技魔头。但他周一展示的新手表把我吓坏了,而它给世界提供的方向,我也不确定是否想要加入。“The Apple Watch is the most personal device we have ever created,” he said. “It’s not just with you, it’s on you.” Ewwww. It sounds like a digital dog collar, complete with an anti-flea component. From here on out, there is no down time, and no excuses for reality escapes. You are connected, 24/7.“苹果手表是我们推出的最私密的设备,”他说。“你不只是带着它,而且是戴着它。”咦哟。这听起来就像是一个数码项圈,加上一个防跳蚤的零部件。从此以后,再没有放松的时间,再没有逃离现实的借口。你永远都在线,一周七天,一天24小时。Cook tried to humanize Apple’s latest culture-disrupter. You can talk to your wrist — it’s a phone! You can check your heartbeat — it’s a doctor! And if you don’t adequately exercise during the week, your watch will remind you of your failure — it’s a nag!库克试图让苹果颠覆文化的最新产品人性化。你可以对着手腕说话——它是电话!你可以检查心跳——它是医生!而且如果你在一周当中没有进行足够的锻炼,你的表会提醒你——它还唠唠叨叨的。He seemed most rapt in describing how much closer together the Apple Watch will bring us all. “You can tap your watch and get your friends’ attention,” he said. Ah, there’s a rich relationship. I can think of a number of places once considered off-limits for cellphone intrusions — the classroom, the dinner table, the bathtub — where the watch can interrupt. And who’s to know: it’s only a glance.他似乎尤其注重描述Apple Watch能在多大程度上让我们所有人变得更亲密。“轻轻敲一下手表,就能引起朋友的注意,”他说。啊,这联系可真密切。我能想到很多曾经被认为不受手机干扰的地方:教室、餐桌和浴缸。但现在,在这些地方进行的活动手表都可以打断。毕竟谁知道呢:只用瞥一眼。There is some evidence that heavy smartphone use makes you dumber. The theory is that a having the world at the other end of a mobile search makes for lazy minds, while people who depend less on their devices develop more analytical skills.一些据表明,大量使用智能手机会让人变得更笨。相关理论认为,用移动搜索了解世界会使大脑变得懒惰,而不那么依赖设备的人,会形成更多分析技能。Add to this concerns about privacy: that the watch is a tracking device, which sends all your personal information to a central database — a corporate control center that aly knows far too much about the preferences and habits of smartphone users.除此之外,还有对隐私的担忧:这款手表是一台追踪设备,会将你所有的个人信息发送给一个中央数据库。那是一个商用控制中心,已经掌握了太多有关智能手机用户的偏好和习惯的信息。It’s encouraging that smartwatches, thus far, have not sold very well. This could be because many of them look like those fluorescent wrist bands that people have to wear at all-inclusive resorts in order to line up at the buffet table. Or perhaps people are repulsed, as I am, by this most intimate of invasions.鼓舞人心的是,迄今为止智能手表卖得并不是非常好。这可能是因为,许多智能手表看上去像那种发亮的腕带。在全包式度假胜地,人们为了等自助餐的位子,不得不戴那些腕带。也或许人们和我一样,厌恶这种最亲密的入侵。Backlash is inevitable. A few days ago, Patrick Pichette, Google’s chief financial officer, announced that he was retiring because he wanted to spend more time offline. He had this epiphany, he wrote, while watching the sunrise from Mount Kilimanjaro with his wife — an experience Apple has yet to be able to meld to a wristwatch.遭到强烈反对是不可避免的。几年前,谷歌(Google)首席财务官帕特里克·皮切特(Patrick Pichette)宣布他将退休,因为他希望有更多的线下时间。他写道,他是和妻子在乞力马扎罗山看日出时产生这一顿悟的。目前,苹果还无法把这种经历融入手表中。 /201503/364787中华纹绣网 NEW DELHI — A woman was raped late Friday by a driver for Uber, the hail-a-ride service, who diverted from the intended route and switched off his cellphone so that he was untraceable during the ride, police officials in New Delhi said.新德里——新德里的警察表示,周五夜间,一名女子遭Uber司机强奸。Uber是一个用车务公司。这名司机从预定路线改道,并关掉了手机,所以无法在行驶过程中对他进行追踪。The authorities arrested the accused driver, identified as Shiv Kumar Yadav, 32, on Sunday evening in his native city, around 90 miles southeast of New Delhi. Officials intend to bring civil or criminal charges against the ride-sharing service, said Madhur Verma, the deputy commissioner of the police for the northern district of New Delhi.现已确定,这名司机是32岁的希夫·库马尔·亚达夫(Shiv Kumar Yadav)。周日晚间,官方在他家乡所在的城市将其逮捕,这里位于新德里东南方向约90英里(约合145公里)。新德里北部地区的警察局副局长马德胡尔·维尔马(Madhur Verma)表示,官方打算对这个搭车务公司提起民事或刑事指控。The woman, 26, who works at a finance company, was returning from a dinner engagement and used the mobile app for Uber to hail a car to drive her home to Gurgaon, outside New Delhi, Mr. Verma said. The rape case was reported to the police about 1:25 a.m. on Saturday. Mr. Verma said the woman had been physically examined and showed signs of a “fierce sexual assault and rape.”维尔马说,遭强奸的女子今年26岁,在一家金融公司工作。当时,她刚刚结束一个晚餐约会,然后用Uber的移动应用叫了一辆车送她回家,她家位于新德里之外的古尔冈。周六凌晨1点25分,警方接到报案。维尔马称,该女子已接受身体检查,结果显示,她遭到了“猛烈的性侵犯和强奸”。The police in Delhi said Mr. Yadav, who migrated to the capital from the neighboring state of Uttar Pradesh, lived in a rented one-room house and had no criminal history.德里警方表示,亚达夫是从旁边的北方邦搬来新德里的,他住在一间租来的一居室里,没有犯罪记录。In a public statement, Uber said it had suspended the driver’s account.Uber在公开声明中表示,它已暂时关闭了亚达夫的账户。“Our thoughts are with the victim of this terrible crime, and we are working with the police as they investigate. We will assist them in any way we can,” said the statement, which was posted on Uber’s blog.发布在Uber客上的声明称,“我们的心与这个可怕罪行的受害者在一起,我们正在配合警方调查。我们将竭尽所能地为他们提供协助。”Mr. Verma said Uber could face civil or criminal charges.维尔马表示,Uber可能面临着民事或刑事指控。Evelyn Tay, a spokeswoman for the company, said that in India, Uber works “with licensed driver-partners to provide a safe transportation option, with layers of safeguards such as driver and vehicle information” to ensure “accountability and traceability of all trips that occur on the Uber platform.”该公司女发言人埃韦林·塔伊(Evelyn Tay)称,在印度,“为了给乘客提供一种安全的交通选择”,Uber的合作伙伴“都是获得许可的司机,而且还拥有司机或车辆信息等多层保护措施”,以保“Uber平台上所有行程的可靠性和可追踪性”。According to Mr. Verma, the woman fell asleep during the ride. When she awoke, she found that the driver had taken her to a secluded area. He then stopped the car and assaulted her. Mr. Verma said the driver threatened to kill the woman if she reported the assault to the police, and then drove her home.维尔马称,这名女子在乘车过程中睡着了。当她醒来时,发现司机已经把她带到了一处僻静的地方。然后,他停下车,侵犯了她。维尔马说,这名司机曾威胁这名女子,如果向警方报案,就杀了她。随后,他开车把她送回了家。“She was alert and smart enough to get a picture of the cab with the number plate on her mobile,” Mr. Verma said.维尔马说,“她很机警,也足够聪明,用手机给这辆车拍了照,照片显示了车牌号。” /201412/347250Technology companies and advertisers are putting pressure on carmakers to pass on data collected by connected cars, BMW has warned, highlighting the concerns the automotive industry faces as it ts a fine line between performance and privacy.宝马(BMW)警告说,高科技企业和广告商正在向汽车制造商施加压力,要让他们交出通过互联汽车收集的数据。这种局面凸显出汽车业正面临有关保护隐私的担忧,它们不得不在用户体验和隐私权之间仔细权衡。Ian Robertson, the German manufacturer’s board member for sales and marketing, said that every car rolling off its production lines had a wireless network that could yield information about location, speed, acceleration and even the occupants of the car.宝马公司主管营销的董事会成员伊恩#8226;罗伯逊(Ian Robertson)表示,每辆走下该公司产品线的汽车都装有无线网络,可以生成关于该车位置、速度、加速度、甚至车上乘客的信息。“There’s plenty of people out there saying: ‘give us all the data you’ve got and we can tell you what we can do with it’,” he told the Financial Times on the sidelines of the Detroit motor show, adding that this included “Silicon Valley” companies, as well as advertising groups. “And we’re saying: ‘No thank you’.”在底特律车展会场外,他告诉英国《金融时报》:“很多人都在跟我们说:‘把你们获取的数据都交给我们,我们能告诉你我们能用它做什么。’”他补充说,这么说的企业不仅包括广告公司,还包括那些“硅谷”公司。“对此,我们的回答是:‘不用了,谢谢。’”About two-thirds of today’s new cars have sensors and communications systems that send and receive data, offering potential for carmakers to find out more about how drivers use their vehicles. But the systems could also provide insurers and advertisers with personal information about customers.如今,大约三分之二的新车拥有能发送和接收数据的传感器和通信系统,从而令汽车制造商有可能更多地了解司机的用车方式。不过,这样的系统同样能够向保险公司和广告商提供客户的个人信息。BMW said it had a firewall in place to protect crucial data about the internal running of the car. But any transmission of data raises concerns about who might access that information — and what they might do with it.宝马表示,该公司设置了防火墙,以保护那些有关汽车内部运转的关键数据。不过,只要存在数据传输,就会有人担心谁可能访问这些信息,他们会对这些信息做什么。Adam Jonas, analyst at Morgan Stanley, said it was a “major issue” for carmakers, which “ unanimously want to create a barrier on this information”. He said: “They don’t want to be the first one to let [their] guard down on information privacy or to become the first company to have a car hacked with bad consequences and image.”根士丹利(Morgan Stanley)分析师亚当#8226;乔纳斯(Adam Jonas)表示,这对汽车制造商来说是个“大问题”,他们“无一例外地想在这些信息上设置壁垒”。他说:“他们不想成为第一个降低隐私保护标准的公司,也不想成为第一家因为其汽车被黑客攻破而导致不良后果和流出非法照片的公司。”Ford was forced into an embarrassing retraction at last year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas after Jim Farley, then head of marketing at the US carmaker, said: “We know everyone who breaks the law. We know exactly when you do it because we have a GPS sensor in your car.” He added: “By the way, we don’t supply that data to anyone.”在去年的消费电子展(Consumer Electronics Show)上,福特(Ford)曾因其营销主管的一句话而不得不十分尴尬地予以澄清。当时,时任该公司营销主管的吉姆#8226;法利(Jim Farley)说:“我们知道每个违反交通法规的人。我们会在你违法的那一刻知道此事,因为我们在你的车里装了GPS接收装置。”他补充说:“顺便说一下,我们不会把数据交给任何人。”Mr Farley later clarified that the company did not track anyone without their permission.后来,法利曾澄清说,福特不会未经许可跟踪任何人的状况。The scale of the data collected by modern vehicles goes beyond how fast or far cars have driven. In an illustration of the potential data that could be surrendered by carmakers, Mr Robertson said that BMW cars knew whether a child was on board, based on weight sensors in the seats linked to the airbag system.当代汽车收集的数据已不限于汽车的速度和开出的距离。为了向人们展示汽车制造商可能泄露的数据,罗伯逊表示,在宝马汽车的座椅上,安装着一个连接至安全气囊系统的的重力感应器,这个感应器令该车能知道车上是否坐着儿童。“Several companies have said: ‘We’d like to know that data because then we will know whether it’s an adult or a child sitting in the car’,” said Mr Robertson.罗伯逊表示:“有几家企业曾表示:‘我们很想获得这些数据,因为那样我们就能知道坐车的是成人还是儿童了。’”He said that advertisers also wanted to know how long the engine has been running so that they could tell “from the navigation system, they’re about to pass a McDonald’s, the car’s been running for three hours and the child’s probably hungry”.他还说广告商还想知道引擎已运转的时间,从而令他们“能够从导航系统了解到,这辆车正要经过一家麦当劳(McDonald#39;s),而车已跑了三个小时,车上的孩子可能饿了。” /201501/354717成都素秀纹绣培训学校韩国专家

泸州学纹眼多少钱They are the new favourite toy of the rich and famous, but it seems the likes of Lauren Goodger, Brooklyn Beckham and Rochelle Humes will no longer be able to use one to glide along the street.悬浮滑板是富人和名人们的新欢,劳伦·古杰(Lauren Goodger)、布鲁克林·贝克汉姆(Brooklyn Beckham)和罗谢尔·休谟(Rochelle Humes)都对它喜爱有加,但是现在看来,他们再也不能踩着悬浮滑板在大街上滑来滑去了。That#39;s because prosecutors have revealed that futuristic #39;hoverboards#39; - also known as self-balancing scooters - are illegal to ride on public roads or pavements in Britain.这是因为据检察官透露,在英国的公路或人行道上使用这种未来派的“悬浮滑板”(也称为自平衡滑板车)是违法的。The #163;400 vehicles, which feature a platform with a wheel on each side, can only be used on private property because they are too dangerous to ride in public, the Crown Prosecution Service says.英国皇家检察署(Crown Prosecution Service,CPS)表示,悬浮滑板只能在私人财产的土地上使用,因为在公共场所使用太危险了。这种滑板价值400英镑,有一个平台,两侧各有一个轮子。The scooters, which are also known as #39;segways#39;, have become increasingly popular with actors and footballers over the past year - with many stars seen riding them both in public and at home.在过去的一年里,这种也被称为赛格威平衡车的滑板车越来越受到演员和足球运动员的欢迎,很多明星经常在公开场合或家里玩这种滑板。The CPS guidance was originally issued for Segways, which include a handlebar and are also not permitted on roads - but the Metropolitan Police said that it also covers hoverboards.CPS的指南最初是针对赛格威(Segway)平衡车发布的。这种平衡车还有一个把手,也不允许上路,但是伦敦警察厅(Metropolitan Police)称,这一规定也适用于悬浮滑板。It is an offence under section 72 of the Highway Act 1835 to ride them on the pavement in England and Wales - and, north of the border, under section 129(5) of the Roads (Scotland) Act 1984.根据1835年颁布的《高速公路法案》第72条,在英格兰和威尔士的人行道上使用滑板车是违法的,而在英国北部边界的苏格兰这一行为也是非法的,违反的是1984年颁布的《苏格兰公路法》第129条第五款的规定。Meanwhile it is also illegal to ride them on a public road because they are not approved by the European or British test schemes for road-legal vehicles.同时,在公路上脚踏滑板车出行也是违法的,因为它们没有通过欧洲或者英国的公路合法行驶工具准入测试。CPS guidance states: #39;You can only ride an unregistered self-balancing scooter on land which is private property and with the landowner#39;s permission.CPS发布的指南规定:“未经登记的自平衡滑板车仅可在私人财产的土地上使用并需获得土地所有人许可。”#39;The Department for Transport would advise that appropriate safety clothing should be worn at all times.#39;“英国交通部(Department for Transport)建议使用滑板车时穿着适当的防护装。”Simon Benson, from hoverboard distributor Ghetto Gadgets, claimed that the legal clarification could boost the vehicles#39; profile and lead to them becoming even more popular.悬浮滑板经销商Ghetto Gadgets的西蒙·本森(Simon Benson)称,这项明文规定会提升悬浮滑板的形象,使其更受欢迎。#39;Clearly customers need to take advice, but millennials are not going to take kindly to the authorities using a law that pre-dates the penny-farthing to tell them what they can or can#39;t do on the streets of Britain.#39;“顾客当然需要遵循建议,但是当局援引比古董自行车还久远的法律来告诉千禧一代在英国大街上什么能做什么不能做,这些年轻人可不会买账。”The boards are also becoming massively popular in the US, with hundreds of different products now available in response to huge demand following their use by the likes of actor Jamie Foxx and singer Justin Bieber.悬浮滑板在美国也掀起了一股热潮,演员杰米·福克斯(Jamie Foxx)和歌手贾斯汀·比伯(Justin Bieber)等人都是悬浮滑板的拥趸,从而带动了巨大的市场需求,成百上千种悬浮滑板产品琳琅满目。American stars such as Kendall Jenner are being sent free samples of the boards by companies scrambling for market share and using celebrity endorsement to raise awareness of their products in a crowded marketplace.悬浮滑板公司向肯达尔·詹娜(Kendall Jenner)这样的美国明星发放免费样车,以在竞争激烈的市场中争夺更多的份额、利用名人效应提高本公司产品的知名度。The 19-year-old model posted on Instagram about how she was using the PhunkeeDuck board, and it got more than one million likes - sending demand through the roof.这名19岁的模特在Instagram上贴出一张照片,展示了她是如何使用PhunkeeDuck滑板车的,获得了一百多万个赞,大大推高了市场需求。There has also been a dispute between makers of the IO Hawk and PhunkeeDuck hoverboards over who invented the vehicle in the first place.悬浮滑板生产商IO Hawk和PhunkeeDuck之间也就究竟谁最先发明了悬浮滑板而发生争端。Last month Wal-Mart announced that it would be stocking the vehicle from November, saying that it expects it to be a big seller for Christmas.上个月,沃尔玛宣布将从11月起储备悬浮滑板,表示沃尔玛预计悬浮滑板将在圣诞节大卖。The law on using hoverboards in the US is not entirely clear, but 45 states are said to permit #39;electric personal assistive mobility devices#39; - including Segways - on public rights of way.悬浮滑板的相关法规在美国并不完全明确,但是据说有45个州依据公众通行权,允许“电动个人辅助移动设备”上路,包括赛格威。Among the other products companies are using in an attempt to corner the market are the Hovertrax, Cyboard and Future Foot.试图垄断悬浮滑板商品市场的公司推出的产品还有Hovertrax,Cyboard和Future Foot。The CPS advice comes after a teenager was beaten in the face and robbed by four men for his #163;300 hoverboard in Enfield, north London - the first case of its kind in the capital.CPS发布这项指南前,一个少年在伦敦北部的恩菲尔德(Enfield)被四个男人打伤面部,价值300英镑的悬浮滑板也被抢走了,这在伦敦是首例。Police said the 18-year-old victim was riding the hoverboard when a car stopped in front of him and the gang surrounded him, before one of the attackers hit him and stole the vehicle.警方表示,这名受害者18岁,当时他正在街上踩着滑板车滑行,一辆车停在他前面,一群人下来围住了他,之后一个人袭击了他并偷走了他的车。USrapper Wiz Khalifa, whose real name is Cameron Jibril Thomaz, was handcuffed by customs officials in August after refusing to get off his hoverboard at Los Angeles Airport in California.美国说唱歌手维兹·卡利法(Wiz Khalifa),本名卡梅伦·吉布里尔·托马兹(Cameron Jibril Thomaz),8月份时因为在加州的洛杉矶机场拒绝从悬浮滑板上下来,被海关官员铐上了手铐。 /201510/404366成都美容美发化妆学纹绣价目表多少钱 It seems that even Apple is frustrated with the iPhone#39;s abbreviated battery life.苹果公司自己似乎也对iPhone异常短的电池寿命感到挫败。The Cupertino company on Tuesday joined a cadre of accessory makers and released a new battery case for its smartphone. The 0 case, designed for the iPhone 6s, the smaller of the two current iPhone models, promises to boost the device#39;s talk time to 25 hours and its Internet time over the cell phone networks to 18 hours. Without the battery pack, Apple promises the phone will give 14 hours of talk time and 10 hours of Internet usage. But many owners find that they often get less than that.当地时间12月8日,一家位于库比蒂诺的公司效仿一众配件制造商,发布了针对苹果手机的新款电池盒。这个售价100美元的电池盒专为iPhone 6s设计,据称能将设备通话时间提升到25小时,将手机上网时间延长到18小时。而没有这个电池盒,苹果手机通话时间为14小时,网络使用时间为10小时。不过很多用户发现他们的电池使用时间远低于这个数值。The case#39;s design seems a bit out of step with Apple#39;s typical aesthetic. It only comes in two colors — white and black. And rather then mimicking the slick, thin design of the phone and other Apple products, it packs the battery in a bulge on the back.该电池盒的设计似乎与苹果典型的美学主义格格不入。它只有两种颜色——黑与白,也没有如iPhone及其它苹果产品那般光滑轻薄的外形,而只是将电池贴在背部,凸出一块。The case does offer some advantages over its competitors. An iPhone can recognize when it is attached to the case, and when it displays its remaining battery power, it will reflect the boost the case provides. To ensure that it doesn#39;t degrade a users#39; cell phone signal, the case includes a built-in antenna. And unlike many cases, it can be charged with the same Lightning cable that is used to power the iPhone itself.相比其它竞争者,这款电池盒的确有一些优势。当贴在这款电池盒上,iPhone即可识别它。当手机显示剩余电量时,它还会显示电池盒提供的额外电量。为了确保它不会减弱用户手机信号,电池盒包含一个内置天线。与很多电池盒不同,它能使用iPhone充电线。But other battery cases and battery backups provide far more power for the same or less money. While Apple#39;s battery case has a 1877 mAh battery, Mophie#39;s Juice Pack Reserve has one that#39;s nearly as big - 1840 mAh - but costs just . For 0, users can get Mophie#39;s Juice Pack Air, which has about 50 percent more battery power than Apple#39;s case. Oh, and Mophie and other manufacturers also offer battery cases for iPhone 6s Plus; Apple isn#39;t making one for it#39;s jumbo-sized phone.然而,其它品牌的电池盒、备用电池可以提供更多储备电量,有的价钱也更便宜。苹果电池盒容量为1877毫安,而提供几乎相同容量(1840毫安)的Mophie的Juice Pack Reserve只需要60美元,而用户花100美元可以购买到Mophie的Juice Pack Air,后者提供的电量比苹果电池盒多50%。此外,Mophie和其它制造商还为iPhone 6s Plus提供电池盒,而苹果目前尚未有此类产品。And that#39;s not to mention that some other phones offer much longer battery life without needing an extra case. Motorola#39;s Droid Maxx 2 has a built-in 3630 mAh battery - which is more than double the reported capacity of the iPhone 6s#39;s battery. Maybe Apple could think about making more room for a battery inside of its phones, instead of making them ever thinner.更不用提无需电池盒即可提供更长电池寿命的其他手机。托罗拉Droid Maxx 2拥有3630毫安的内置电池——这大约是iPhone 6s电池容量的两倍多。也许苹果可以考虑在手机内部为电池多留出一些空间,而不是一味的将手机做薄。 /201512/414761阿坝州半永久定妆培训

南充美容纹绣培训Over the next few months a striking piece of symbolism will take place around the mighty General Motors building on Fifth Avenue in New York. Apple, the tech group, plans to move out of the basement where it has operated a flagship store-cum-tourist attraction for the past decade, underneath a now-iconic glass cube.在接下来数月内,极具象征意味的事情将发生在纽约第五大道(Fifth Avenue)上那座宏伟的通用汽车(General Motors)大楼周围。科技巨擘苹果(Apple)计划将过去10年来游客经常造访的那家旗舰店,从如今已成为地标的玻璃方屋下方的地下室中搬出。The tech group will not be disappearing altogether from this prime site, tucked on the southeast corner of Central Park. Instead, it is renovating the basement to cope with soaring numbers of visitors, and, later this year, it plans to move “temporarily” into a space on the ground floor of the General Motors building next door.这家科技集团并不会从这个紧邻中央公园(Central Park)西南角的黄金地点彻底消失。相反,苹果正在对这座地下室进行翻修,以应对日益增加的游客。今年晚些时候,苹果计划“暂时”搬进旁边通用汽车大楼的一层。In a neat twist of timing, FAO Schwarz, the equally iconic American toy store, has decided to vacate its flagship location in the GM building on July 15 “to realise meaningful rent savings” in the face of “the continuing rising costs of operating a retail location on Fifth Avenue”. The store has not yet revealed where its new home will be.刚巧就在这个时候,同样标志性的美国玩具店FAO Schwarz决定于7月15日将其位于通用汽车大楼内的旗舰店搬走。面对“在第五大道开设零售店成本持续上涨”,此举是为了“实现重大租金节约”。该玩具店尚未公布新店地址。So when tourists flock to Central Park this summer, they will no longer see stuffed animals, dolls, Lego and train sets — or the gigantic “floor piano” keyboard that Tom Hanks and Robert Loggia danced on in the 1988 movie Big (a film that helped to immortalise FAO Schwarz). Instead, the site will host piles of gleaming electronic gadgets — and the inevitable throng of visitors who pay pilgrimage around the clock. (Apparently, the store under the cube is not just the busiest in the world but also the only Apple store that operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.)因此,今年夏天当游客蜂拥至中央公园时,他们将不会再看见毛绒动物玩具、玩偶、乐高积木(Lego)以及火车模型,也不会再看见地板上的巨型“钢琴”琴键——在1988年的电影《飞向未来》(Big)中,汤姆#8226;汉克斯(Tom Hanks)和罗伯特#8226;洛贾(Robert Loggia)就是在这个地面琴键上跳舞(这部电影让FAO Schwarz在人们心中留下了难以磨灭的印象)。取而代之的是,那里将会摆满成堆闪闪发光的电子小玩意——游客也必然会成群结对,不分昼夜地前来“朝圣”。(显然,玻璃方屋下面的苹果旗舰店不仅是世界上生意最忙碌的,还是唯一的每周7天无休、24小时全天候营业的苹果店。)Now, in one sense this rental dance is nothing new. As the journalist Vicky Ward recounts in her book, The Liar’s Ball (which tells the history of the GM building and which is about to be made into a Hollywood film), this site has aly seen endless commercial flux. Business empires have risen and fallen there at startling speed. Indeed, one of the great (and little-known) ironies about that famous glass cube is that the man who first dreamt up the idea, Harry Macklowe, the real estate titan who owned the GM building, actually went bankrupt (before later rebounding).眼下,从某种意义而言,这种租户更迭没什么新鲜的。正如记者薇姬#8226;沃德(Vicky Ward)在她的书《骗子的皮球》(The Liar’s Ball)中叙述的那样,这个地点已经见了数不尽的商业变迁。(该书讲述了通用汽车大楼的历史,即将被拍摄成为好莱坞电影。)在这座大楼中,商业帝国以惊人的速度崛起和没落。事实上,关于那座著名玻璃方屋极具讽刺意味(且鲜为人知)的一点是,最初设计出这个想法的人——房地产大亨、通用汽车大楼曾经的所有者——哈里#8226;麦克洛(Harry Macklowe)实际上破产了(后来东山再起)。To my mind, this switch of retail outlets speaks to far more than just the vagaries of NY real estate. After all, FAO Schwarz is not just any old toy store: in recent decades it epitomised a 20th-century style of kiddie consumer dream, which, of course, is why families have long flocked there to stare at the goodies — and that famous piano.在我看来,零售店的转变所体现的远不止是纽约房地产市场的变幻莫测。毕竟,FAO Schwarz并不是普通的老牌玩具店:最近数十年,它象征的是20世纪儿童消费者的梦想,当然,这也是长久以来很多家庭蜂拥至此,凝视那些玩具和那台著名钢琴的原因。In recent decades, like so many 20th-century American icons, the glittering fa#231;ade has concealed a sense of rot. For while tourists have visited the store in droves, they have not been spending money on the scale that FAO Schwarz’s owner — Toys R Us — needs. These days families tend to buy toys at budget downmarket shops (think Walmart) or upscale boutique outfits (such as American Girl). The middle has been squeezed — making it hard to justify Fifth Avenue rents.最近几十年,就像那么多20世纪美国的标志性物品一样,那座光芒闪耀的店铺流露出一种衰败的味道。这是因为,尽管游客成群结队地走进这家商店,但他们在这里花的钱却一直无法达到FAO Schwarz的所有者——玩具反斗城(Toys R Us)——需要的水平。如今,家长往往要不就在经济型低端商店(比如沃尔玛(Walmart)),要不就在高端精品店(比如美国女孩(American Girl))里购买玩具。中端商店受到挤压——使得其很难付得起第五大道的租金。But at Apple’s glass cube consumers are not just thronging to look but to spend money too. Never mind the fact that the shopping experience itself is often horrid. (When I descended there myself recently, to get a new iPhone, the basement was so jam-packed and sales assistants so scarce that it felt like the retail equivalent of the seventh circle of hell.)但是在苹果的玻璃方屋下,消费者不仅是成群结队地来,同时也会大笔花钱——尽管购物体验本身通常很糟糕。(最近我自己前往那家店购买一部新的iPhone手机,发现店内如此拥挤,店员也如此短缺,感觉就像到了商店版第七层地狱。)Indeed, sales are so high that Mort Zuckerman, the current owner of the GM building, is ed in The Liar’s Ball as saying that “whenever I want to cheer myself up I just take a walk around the Apple Store”.事实上,这家店的销售额极高,以至于通用汽车大楼目前的所有者莫特#8226;祖克曼(Mort Zuckerman)(援引于《骗子的皮球》一书)曾表示,“每当我想让自己开心起来时,我就会在苹果店周围逛逛。”At the beginning of this decade the store was making “5m a year for 10,000 square feet” of space “in a windowless basement”. Undoubtedly it is dramatically more today; in fact, some well-placed insiders suspect that if anyone could get comparable public data on sales per square foot from retailers around the world (which is all but impossible), Apple’s glass cube would be the most profitable retail outlet in the world.在2010年代初,这家“位于地下、连个窗户都没有的”苹果店“1万平方英尺面积每年能创造6.65亿美元的销售额”。毫无疑问,如今这个数字肯定高得多;事实上,一些知情人士认为,如果有人能得到全球各地零售店每平方英尺销售额的可比公开数据,可能会发现苹果的玻璃方屋是全世界最赚钱的零售店。Perhaps this is just another passing fad, like the FAO Schwarz floor piano. As the history of the GM building proves, business fortunes swing faster than anyone can imagine. In another couple of decades we may find it utterly bizarre to think that anyone ever wanted to go into a windowless basement with hundreds of others to buy an iPhone. Least of all treat it as a tourist attraction.也许这只是另一次短暂的热潮,就像FAO Schwarz的地面钢琴一样。正如通用汽车大楼的历史所明的那样,企业命运跌宕起伏,速度之快超出所有人的想象。再过几十年,我们也许会感到难以置信:居然有人想要去一间连窗户都没有的地下室,和数百名其他顾客挤在一起,只为购买一部iPhone。更别提还把它当作一个游览胜地。Right now, I will be watching curiously to see what Angela Ahrendts, the ultra-stylish design queen at Apple, does with that cube. Like it or not, it has now become a powerful symbol of our modern age, a time where kids (and adults) still love to buy “toys” — just not quite the type of toys our parents flocked to in the past.现如今,我将会饶有兴趣地期待苹果超级时尚的设计女王安杰拉#8226;阿伦茨(Angela Ahrendts)对那个玻璃方屋的改造。无论你喜欢与否,这个玻璃方屋已经成了我们当今时代的有力符号。在这个时代,孩子(和大人)仍然喜爱买“玩具”——只不过跟过去我们的父母爱买的玩具类型不太一样罢了。 /201507/384989 四川新时代纹绣培训学校学习唇妆唇部纹绣价格成都/阿杰形象设计学院韩式定妆眉毛切眉术培训



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