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哈尔滨医大一医院治疗宫颈糜烂好吗黑龙江省第五人民医院社保卡Entrepreneurs in Hong Kong are developing innovative ways to help inhabitants of tiny apartments as the Chinese territory embraces a micro-living trend that is catching on in London, New York and beyond.香港企业家正在开发创新方法来帮助居住在微小公寓的市民,这个中国的特别行政区正在拥抱伦敦、纽约和其它国际都市正在兴起的“微型生活”趋势。From suitcase rental to external goods storage managed by smartphone apps, businesspeople in Hong Kong have established a range of start-ups designed to capitalise on the lack of living space.从行李箱出租到通过智能手机应用管理的外部储物,香港商人创立了一批旨在获利于居住空间狭小的创业型企业。Hong Kong has the world’s most expensive residential property after Monaco, according to estate agents Knight Frank, with tiny 20 sq mapartments on sale for as much as HK.5m (0,000). Three-quarters of apartments in this densely populated city of 7m people have no dedicated storage space, according to Colliers, another estate agent.根据地产代理莱坊(Knight Frank)的数据,香港住宅价格在世界上排名第二,仅次于纳哥,区区20平方米的狭小公寓每套售价就高达450万港元(合58万美元)。另一家地产代理高力(Colliers)称,在这个700万市民的人口密集的城市,四分之三的公寓楼没有专门的储物空间。As they struggle to afford decent housing, young professionals from London to Hong Kong are increasingly opting for micro-apartments that range from ill-fitting conversions to slickly designed buildings with shared facilities such as gyms and lounges.从伦敦到香港,年轻的专业人士在很难负担体面的住房之际,越来越多地选择微型公寓单位,此类住宅既有不怎么宜居的旧楼改造,也有设计新潮、配备健身房和休息室等共用设施的新建公寓楼。“Prices are rising all the time and apartments are getting smaller by the day,” says Rachel Cheung, a former public relations officer who launched Hong Kong’s first suitcase rental business in October. “A suitcase takes up a huge amount of space at home but doesn’t get used that often.” Her company, Rent-a-Suitcase, leases upmarket Rimowa suitcases from HK a day and she has served 300 customers so far as she looks for investors to help expand her business.“楼价不断上涨,公寓单位一天比一天小,”前公关人员、去年10月推出香港第一家行李箱租赁公司的Rachel Cheung表示。“行李箱在家里占用大量空间,但用得并不是太频繁。”她的公司“租游列国”(Rent-a-Suitcase)出租高档的Rimowa行李箱,每天收费68港元,迄今她已向300位客户提供务。目前她在寻觅投资者以求扩大业务。Norman Cheung, a former investment banker, has got much further with his micro-storage start-up, which has raised .1m since January from some of Asia’s best-known investors, including the founders of Ting Hsin group, the world’s biggest maker of instant noodles.前投资家张迅豪(Norman Cheung)的迷你储物务创业型企业走得更远。自1月份以来,他已从亚洲一些最知名的投资者募集810万美元,包括世界上最大方便面生产商顶新集团(Ting Hsin group)的创始人。Mr Cheung’s company, Boxful, offers a much more flexible version of the traditional self-storage model, where customers have to travel to a distant warehouse and hire large amounts of space for fixed periods.张迅豪的公司宝易存(Boxful)提供远比传统自助储物模式更为灵活的自助储物务。传统的自助储物模式要求客户亲自往返遥远的仓库,租用较大储物空间,而且期限固定。Boxful’s staff go to the customers, providing standard-size crates, and offer an on-demand pick-up and drop-off service from HK a month.宝易存的员工上门取送,提供标准尺寸的储物箱和预约取件/送件务,费用从每月49港元起。Boxful, like US counterparts Boxbee and MakeSpace and London’s SpaceWays, has an app that allows users to photograph their belongings and generate an electronic inventory.就像美国同类企业Boxbee和MakeSpace,以及伦敦的SpaceWays那样,Boxful有一个应用,允许用户对入箱的物件拍照,生成一份电子清单。“Most of our customers have never used self-storage before and that is unexpected but very encouraging because we’re creating a new market,” says Mr Cheung, whose company stored 3,500 boxes as of April, with growth accelerating month by month.“我们的多数客户以前从未用过自助储物,这是令人意外但又非常鼓舞人心的,因为我们正在创造一个新的市场,”张迅豪表示。他的公司截至4月储存了3500个储物箱,业务增长速度逐月加快。Stuart Cerne, who co-founded Boxful’s main Hong Kong rival Spacebox, says the business model will generate economies of scale as individuals outsource personal storage and the companies buy warehouse space in bulk.宝易存在香港的主要竞争对手Spacebox的联合创始人斯图尔特张尼(Stuart Cerne)表示,随着人们外包私人物品储存,随着企业批量购买仓储空间,这种商业模式将形成规模经济效益。Spacebox is also working on a new service that will allow customers to share boxes of their belongings, whether they contain baby clothes or electronics.Spacebox还在研究一项新的务,让客户分享装有自己物品(从婴儿衣物到电子设备)的储物箱。Mr Cerne says his company, which has 500 users and is targeting 5,000 by the end of the year, is not just about storing goods but “using technology to unclutter your life”.Cerne表示,他的公司有500名用户,争取到今年底发展到5000名,其意义不只在于储物,而是“用科技去除你生活中的杂乱”。Boxful’s Mr Cheung is convinced the service will take off around Asia as property prices rise sharply in developed and developing cities alike. “We’re thinking about expanding internationally from next year and we’re looking at Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing in China as well as Singapore, Jakarta, Manila, Bangkok and Tokyo,” he says.宝易存的张迅豪确信,随着发达国家和发展中国家的城市楼价大幅上涨,他的务将在亚洲各地起飞。“我们正考虑明年开始国际扩张,我们在研究中国内地的深圳、上海和北京,还有新加坡、雅加达、马尼拉、曼谷和东京,”他表示。 /201507/387777黑龙江省肿瘤医院治疗妇科炎症好吗 The extent of China#39;s soil pollution, long guarded as a state secret, was laid out in an official report that confirmed deep-seated fears about contaminated farmland and the viability of the country#39;s food supply. 中国官方报告公布了一向被视为国家机密的中国土壤污染数据,人们对中国耕地污染以及食品供应的担忧得到印。Nearly one-fifth of the country#39;s arable land is polluted, officials said in the report, shedding unexpected light on the scale of the problem--a legacy of China#39;s three decades of breakneck economic growth and industrial expansion. 中国富翁的农产品情结报告称,中国有近五分之一的耕地受到污染。报告出人意料的揭示了土壤污染问题的严重程度,这个问题是中国长达30年的经济高速增长和工业扩张带来的一个后果。#39;The national soil situation overall does not offer cause for optimism,#39; said the report. #39;In some areas, soil pollution is relatively severe. The condition of arable land is troubling, with the problem of pollution from industry and mining particularly worrisome.#39; 报告称,全国土壤环境状况总体不容乐观。报告称,部分地区土壤污染较重,耕地土壤环境质量堪忧,工矿业废弃地土壤环境问题突出。While China#39;s problems with air pollution are well-documented, environmentalists have warned about the effects of less-visible contamination of the country#39;s land. 此项为期七年的调查实际调查面积为630万平方公里。报告发现,中国约有16%的土壤和19%的耕地受到不同程度的污染。报告称,污染主要来自重金属等无机来源。中国国土面积为960万平方公里。#39;Air pollution is definitely more visible and present, but soil is the last environmental media where pollutants end up,#39; said Wu Yixiu, head of Greenpeace#39;s East Asia toxins campaign. Heavy metal particles in the air and water seep into the land, then #39;get into the food and affect everybody,#39; she added. 报告显示,中国土壤中的主要无机污染物为镉、镍、砷这三种重金属。镉和砷是采矿业的副产品,众所周知它们可导致慢性病。The report, based on a seven-year survey covering 2.4 million square miles, found that about 16% of the country#39;s soil and 19% of its arable land was polluted to one degree or another. The vast majority of the pollution came from inorganic sources such as heavy metals, it said. China#39;s total land area is 3.7 million square miles. 报告显示,中国有近3%的耕地要么属于中度污染,要么属于重度污染。报告没有对各种程度的污染加以界定。报告称,长江三角洲、珠江三角洲和东北老工业基地的土壤污染问题较为突出。The most common inorganic pollutants found in China#39;s soil were the heavy metals cadmium, nickel and arsenic, according to Thursday#39;s report. Cadmium and arsenic, both known to cause chronic health problems, are byproducts of mining. 由于耕地面积缺乏,耕地污染问题对于中国来说尤为令人担忧。根据最近一次全国土地调查,截至2012年年末,中国耕地总面积为3.34亿英亩(合20.27亿亩),较政府设定的“红线”(指养活中国人口所需的耕地面积)多出3,700万英亩左右。Nearly 3% of arable land in China was found to be either moderately or seriously polluted, the report said, without defining what those levels of contamination mean. Pollution was particularly severe in eastern China#39;s Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta in the south and old industrial zones in the northeast, it said. 中国国土资源部去年12月公布,已经有824万英亩耕地已经不适于进行农业种植。环保人士们称,余下的耕地中大多数属于低质或中质水平,几十年来大规模使用化肥和杀虫剂使得这些土地丧失了生产能力。Pollution of farmland is of particular concern in China because of how little of it has. According to the most recent national land survey, China had 334 million acres of arable land at the end of 2012, roughly 37 million acres above the government#39;s #39;red line#39; for the amount of farmland necessary to feed the country#39;s population. 这么多的污染土壤意味着中国未来可能需要开始进口更多食物。美国农业部经济研究所(Economic Research Service)的经济学家盖尔(Fred Gale)说,长期而言,中国需要放松自然资源基础承受的压力,并进口更多食物。他说,农业受到工业污染的影响,但同时农业自身也造成了许多污染,他这里指的是中国肉类需求增加所造成的浪费和生态环境破坏。Aly, some 8.24 million acres of arable land has become unfit for farming, China#39;s Ministry of Land and Resources disclosed in December. Environmentalists say the majority of the remaining land is of poor or moderate quality, having been stripped of its productivity by decades of heavy fertilizer and pesticide use. 2013年4月,几批来自中国主要大米出产省份湖南的大米中被发现含有大量镉。这一发现引发了外界对耕地的担忧,并一度使得湖南大米价格下跌达14%。湖南同时也是中国前五大铜、铅等有色金属的生产地区。So much polluted soil means China will likely have to begin importing more food. #39;China will need to ease pressure on its natural resource base and import more of its food over the long-term,#39; said Fred Gale, an economist with the U.S. Department of Agriculture#39;s Economic Research Service. #39;Agriculture is impacted by industrial pollution but also creates a lot of pollution itself,#39; he said, citing waste and ecological damage caused by China#39;s growing taste for meat. 普遍接受的标准是,每公斤大米可含镉量为0.4毫克,若长期食用超过这一标准的大米会导致骨骼疼痛,并对肝肾造成损伤。2013年检测的几批湖南大米样本显示镉量均超标。In April 2013, the discovery of unusually high quantities of cadmium in batches of rice grown in Hunan--the country#39;s top rice-producing region, as well as a top-five producer of nonferrous metals like copper and lead--set off worries about farmland and sent prices for Hunan rice tumbling by as much as 14%. 而就在湖南大米被检测出含镉量超标之前不久,环境保护部拒绝了一位北京律师要求公布土壤污染调查结果的请求。该部门当时说,相关数据涉及国家机密,因此不能够公布。Consuming cadmium in excess of the widely accepted standard of 0.4 milligrams per kilogram of rice over a long period can cause crippling pain the bones and liver and kidney damage. Several samples of the Hunan rice tested in 2013 showed levels of cadmium above that standard. Zuma Press青海省,农民正在给耕地松土。不过中国政府已经开始加强重视环境恶化带来的风险。The cadmium disclosure came shortly after the Ministry of Environmental Protection rejected a request filed by a Beijing-based lawyer to release the results of the soil pollution survey. The ministry said at the time the data couldn#39;t be released because it was a state secret. 去年12月,中国宣布将抛弃以往以GDP为核心的政府官员考核体系,代之以一套涵盖更广泛的标准,其中就包括环境保护。在网络上发起呼吁提高空气质量信息透明度的运动三年后,中国大多数大城市都每小时发布空气污染水平数据。去年7月,环境保护部发布了相关规定,要求中国所有省份建立网络平台,发布主要企业的实时污染数据。Authorities have started to give more weight to the risks of environmental degradation. 力推公开土壤污染信息的律师董正伟说,这是让公民在环境保护问题上享有知情权的第一步。他还补充说,这一信息对公众来说已经来晚了,不过总比没有强。In December, the Communist Party announced it would scrap its previous gross domestic product-driven performance evaluation system and replace it with one that would judge officials according to a wider variety of criteria, including environmental protection. Three years after an online campaign calling for more accurate information about air quality, most major cities in China now publish hourly data on air pollution levels. In July, the environmental ministry issued regulations requiring all Chinese provinces to establish an online platform for reporting pollution produced by major companies. 广东省生态环境与土壤研究所土壤治理专家陈能场说,这打破了土壤污染普查结果是国家机密的观念,并提供了更多信息。但他也称,政府发布这份数据只是做个姿态,并未提供确切的解决方案。#39;This is a primary step for citizens#39; right to know about the environmental protection issue,#39; said Dong Zhengwei, the lawyer who pushed for release of the results. He added, #39;this information is late for the public, but it#39;s still better than nothing.#39; 土壤修复是使遭受污染的土壤恢复正常功能的技术措施,这一过程对技术要求很高,而且需要几十年的时间。在不同的条件下,重金属的反应也不同,这就令确定污染源变得困难,要把重金属从土壤中除去,可能需要把土地休耕数年。Chen Nengchang, a soil remediation expert with the Guangdong Institute of Environmental and Soil Sciences, said the report #39;clears away the image of soil pollution as a state secret and provides more information.#39; But he added that the release is #39;a gesture#39; that did little to provide solutions. 中国在最新的五年规划中提出,将投入人民币300亿元用于土壤修复和污染预防,不过有专家表示,相关成本要比这个数目多得多。 /201404/289088China may have recorded its worst annual growth rate in nearly a quarter of a century but the country’s leadership does not appear too worried.中国也许出现了近四分之一个世纪以来最低的年度增长率,但这个国家的领导层似乎不太担心。“The national economy has been running steadily under the ‘new normal’, showing good momentum of stable growth, optimised structure, enhanced quality and improved livelihoods,” Ma Jiantang, head of China’s National Bureau of Statistics, said on Tuesday as he revealed the economy had grown 7.4 per cent last year, the slowest pace since 1990.“国民经济在新常态下保持平稳运行,呈现出增长平稳、结构优化、质量提升、民生改善的良好态势,”中国国家统计局(NBS)局长马建堂周二表示。他公布中国经济去年增长7.4%,这是自1990年以来最慢的增长步伐。The main reason for the nonchalance is the fact that job creation and wage growth in China are both chugging along steadily, even as the economy slowed from 7.7 per cent growth in both 2012 and 2013.这种不担心的主要原因是中国的就业创造和工资上涨都在稳步推进,即便经济增速从2012年和2013年7.7%的水平有所放缓。China created 13.22m jobs last year and this, combined with the fact the slowdown has so far been gradual, has convinced the Communist party it can allow growth to slow further.去年中国创造了1322万就业岗位,而且经济增长放缓迄今是逐渐的。这些情况使共产党确信,它可以允许增长进一步放缓。Overall employment pressure is also fading because China’s working-age population peaked in 2011 and is expected to fall at an accelerating rate in the coming years, thanks largely to the decades-old one-child policy.总体就业压力也在减轻,因为中国的劳动年龄人口已经在2011年见顶,预计将在未来几年加快下降——这归因于实行几十年的一胎化政策。China’s working-age population fell 3.71m last year, after falling 2.44m in 2013.中国的劳动年龄人口去年下降了371万,此前在2013年下降了244万。But China’s official unemployment statistics are the worst of a notoriously unreliable set, raising a worrying question over whether Beijing’s sang-froid is misguided.不过,中国官方的失业统计数字以不可靠出名,这就带来一个令人担忧的问题:中国高层的镇定是不是受到误导的?The country’s official jobless rate has remained unchanged, at 4.1 per cent, for the past five years.过去五年来,中国的官方失业率一直保持在4.1%不变。It has fluctuated in a tiny band between 4.0 per cent and 4.3 per cent for the past 13 years, a period in which the quarterly year-on-year GDP growth rate was as high as 14 per cent and as low as 6 per cent.过去13年里,这个数字在4.0%至4.3%的狭窄区间里波动,即便在此期间季度同比GDP增长率最高为14%,最低为6%。The government itself acknowledges this number is not credible and has for many years gathered its own internal data, which it periodically announces but does not regularly publish.政府自己也承认这个数字是不可信的,并已多年采集自己的内部数据,后者不定期宣布,但没有定期发布。On Tuesday, in response to a question from the Financial Times, Mr Ma said these internal “non-published” data put the real jobless rate in China at 5.1 per cent last year.周二,在回答英国《金融时报》提出的问题时,马建堂表示,根据这些“没有正式发布”的内部数据,中国去年的实际失业率为5.1%。The debate over China’s real unemployment rate is not just academic.围绕中国实际失业率的辩论不仅仅是学术性的。Since at least 1989, Beijing’s top priority has been to create enough jobs to maintain social stability and head off popular uprisings that could overthrow the authoritarian state.至少自1989年以来,中国高层的首要任务一直是创造足够的就业机会,以维护社会稳定,阻止可能推翻威权政府的群体性事件。As recently as 2011, the government regarded 8 per cent annual growth as a quasi-mystical threshold, below which Chinese society would descend into chaos and the Communist dynasty would implode.就在2011年,政府还把每年增长8%当作某种近乎神奇的门槛,仿佛达不到这个门槛中国社会就会陷入混乱,共产党王朝就会发生内爆。Thanks to a much larger base, less pressure from demographics and a gradual shift in the economy away from heavy industry towards labour-intensive services, the government’s new growth threshold is somewhere between 6.5 per cent and 7 per cent.由于基数扩大了许多、人口压力减轻,以及中国经济从重工业向劳动力密集的务业逐渐转型,政府设定的新增长门槛介于6.5%和7%之间。“The [official, published] unemployment rate is based on the number of people who register as unemployed but most people who lose their jobs in China have no incentive to register,” says Ding Dajian, associate professor at People’s University School of Labor and Human Resources. “In the worst years, the government was not willing to publish the [more accurate internal] unemployment rate, which scholars estimated as high as 20 per cent. Now pressure in the labour market has really moderated so it is a very good time to announce the real unemployment rate.”“(官方发布的)失业率是基于登记失业的人数,但中国大多数失业者没有登记的动力,”中国人民大学劳动人事学院副教授丁大建表示。“在最糟糕的年份,政府不愿意发布(更精确的内部)失业率,学者们估计该数字可能高达20%。现在,劳动力市场的压力确实减轻了,所以这是一个宣布实际失业率的很好时机。”Some analysts believe the internal figure revealed by Mr Ma on Tuesday is still too low.一些分析师认为,马建堂周二透露的内部数字仍然偏低。The Economist Intelligence released a report last week, based on research conducted with the IMF and the International Labour Organization, in which it estimated China’s real unemployment rate in 2014 was actually 6.3 per cent.经济学人信息部(EIU)根据其与国际货币基金组织(IMF)和国际劳工组织(ILO)联合进行的研究,上周发表了一份报告。报告估计,中国2014年的实际失业率达到6.3%。That was higher than both the UK, which the EIU estimated had an unemployment rate last year of 6 per cent, and the US, at 6.2 per cent.这比英国和美国都更高。EIU估计,去年英国失业率为6%,美国为6.2%。The picture is complicated further by the 274m rural migrant workers who power China’s economy but are almost entirely ignored by unemployment statistics.若考虑到为中国经济发展立下汗马功劳、但几乎完全被失业统计忽略的2.74亿农民工,情况就更加复杂了。When most migrant workers lose their jobs they return to their homes in the countryside.多数农民工在失去工作后,都会回到自己在农村的家。Since these people can generally grow enough food to survive, this serves as a safety net in the case of mass unemployment of the kind China saw in late 2008 and early 2009.这些人一般都能生产足够的食物维生,对于中国在2008年末2009年初出现的那种大规模失业,这形成了某种安全网。On the other hand, these people are severely underemployed and returning to the farms often pushes them back into abject poverty.在另一方面,这些人严重就业不足,而且回到农村往往使他们再度陷入赤贫。China’s slowdown is expected to continue this year, with problems particularly concentrated in the real estate construction, manufacturing and heavy industrial sectors, all of which are suffering from chronic overcapacity.中国经济放缓预计将在今年持续下去,问题特别集中在房地产建筑业、制造业和重工业,这些产业都存在长期产能过剩。“As the property downturn persists and further weighs on growth in 2015, employment will likely come under pressure,” says Wang Tao, chief China economist at UBS. “We expect job losses to be less severe in scale, though more protracted in length, relative to 2008-2009.”“由于房地产持续低迷,进一步拖累2015年增长,就业将很可能承受压力,”瑞银(UBS)中国首席经济学家汪涛表示。“相对于2008-2009年,我们预计这一次的裁员在规模上不那么严重,但会持续更久。”For now, China’s leaders appear relatively sanguine about the potential for massive lay-offs and accompanying social unrest.就目前而言,中国领导人似乎对大规模裁员和与之相伴的社会动荡的可能性比较乐观。But if the government’s own internal unemployment figures are not accurate then the risks of miscalculation amid the slowdown only increase.但是,如果政府自身的内部失业数字是不准确的,那么在经济增长放缓期间,误判的风险只会增加。 /201501/355992延寿县妇女医院好吗

哈尔滨治疗白带异常医院After the McDonald#39;s black burger and Burger King#39;s scarlet creation, KFC China has now sandwiched its chicken leg patty with cheese between two pink buns。继麦当劳和汉堡王分别推出黑色汉堡和亮红色汉堡之后,肯德基中国餐厅也推出新汉堡,把鸡腿肉和芝士夹在两片粉色面包中间。The fast food giant introduced the unusual new burger to its summer , along with another fried option wedged between black buns。这家快餐业巨头把这款汉堡加入到今年的夏季菜单,一同加入的还有另一款汉堡,是黑色面包片夹炸鸡腿肉。According to The Nangfang the limited edition treats consist of the Black diamond bacon spicy chicken leg burger and the Rose cheese roasted chicken leg burger。根据The Nangfang网站的介绍,这次的限量版汉堡是黑钻培根辣鸡腿堡和玫瑰芝士烤鸡腿堡。But fast food fans have taken to Instagram to share their own experience of the bizarre meals, which appear quite different in reality to the pictures in the ads。但是快餐迷们把他们自己吃到的这款奇异汉堡的样子分享到Instagram上,和广告图片上的样子大不相同。One diner, Chris Tweten, tweeted: #39;Chinese #KFC is #MindBlowing and not in a good way. #Rose flavoured chicken burger?#39;用餐者Chris Tweten在推特上说:“中国的肯德基很新奇但这并不是个好办法。玫瑰和鸡肉汉堡搭在一起能吃吗?”From fast food fans#39; pictures the rose burger#39;s bun is more anaemic in real life and lacks the moulded appearance。从快餐迷们拍的照片上可以看出,玫瑰汉堡的面包在现实中非常干瘪,一点也不饱满。Meanwhile, the filing also looks deflated, the buns shade of pink has a brownish hue and the lettuce is hard to spot。与此同时,它的外形看上去就像泄气了一样,粉色面包看着像褐色而且生菜也少得根本看不见。The Black diamond burger looks far more similar to the sandwich advertised, with shiny ink-coloured buns。黑钻培根辣鸡腿堡看起来像广告上的三明治,面包上闪着油墨一样的光泽。However, many KFC diners seemed undisturbed by the difference between the advertised pink burger and the reality, enthusiastically tagging images on social media with #pinkburger, #yummy and #unique。然而,很多肯德基用餐者似乎很从容地对待粉色汉堡在广告和现实之间的巨大落差,很兴奋地给发到社交媒体上的照片打上#粉色汉堡#好吃#独特的标签。One theory behind the two new bun shades is that they#39;re based on the protagonists in Puella Magi Madoka Magica, a Japanese anime that is popular in China。在这两款新汉堡的背后有这么一种说法,它们的原型来自一部在中国很受欢迎的日本动画《魔法少女小圆》。The two main characters, Madoka Kaname and her friend Homura Akemi, wear signature black and pink outfits。其中两个主要角色,鹿目圆和晓美焰,她们就分别穿粉色和黑色的饰。 /201508/393749哈尔滨手术宫颈肥大哪个医院好 依兰县保胎哪家医院最好的

齐齐哈尔铁路中心医院治疗子宫肌瘤好吗 The UK will simplify visa applications for Chinese visitors through a new partnership with Belgium which allows travels permits for Britain and the European Schengen area countries to be processed in the same centre.英国将通过与比利时缔结新的合作伙伴关系,简化中国游客的签申请。相关安排将让中国公民在同一个中心申请英国和欧洲申根区国家的签。The move follows lobbying from UK retailers and business groups who complain that London is missing out on high-spending Chinese visitors who can shop in Paris, Milan and Berlin using just one visa covering the 26 nations of Europe’s border-free Schengen zone. Britain is not part of Schengen.此举出台之前,英国零售商和商业团体进行了游说,它们抱怨称,伦敦与花钱豪爽的中国游客擦肩而过,这些游客只需一个覆盖欧洲申根区26个国家的签,即可在巴黎、米兰和柏林购物。英国不是申根协议的一部分。The new UK-Belgium agreement means that Chinese tourists and business people will be able to obtain a visa for Britain and the Schengen area through a single visit to one of three joint application hubs in Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai.新的英国/比利时协议意味着,中国游客和商务人士只需跑一趟北京、广州或上海的联合申请中心,就能获得英国和申根区签。Last summer Theresa May, home secretary, streamlined the system by allowing Chinese visitors to use the same website to apply for a British and a Schengen visa. However, this still fell short of a true joint application system, since those requiring a UK permit were still required to visit a dedicated British visa centre in person to process their biometric data.去年夏天,英国内政大臣特里萨#8226;梅(Theresa May)精简了手续,允许中国游客使用同一个网站申请英国和申根签。然而,这仍算不上真正的联合申请系统,因为需要英国签的人士仍必须亲自跑一趟专门的英国签中心,以便处理他们的生物特征数据。Under the pilot programme, which will open on July 1, Chinese travellers will be able to apply and pay for both UK and Belgian visas online using just one set of supporting documents, then book a single visa appointment to complete the process.根据7月1日启动的试点方案,中国游客将可以在网上申请英国和比利时签并缴费,使用一套明文件,然后获得一个签预约以完成整个过程。Despite the current obstacles, the number of UK visitor visas issued to Chinese tourists and business people increased by 10 per cent in the year to March. The benefits of collaboration with Belgium may be relatively slim, given that relatively few Chinese visitors travel there.尽管目前存在种种障碍,但在截至今年3月的一年里,英国发放给中国游客和商务人士的旅游签数量增加了10%。与比利时合作的好处可能相对较小,因为前往该国的中国游客相对较少。In 2013, France admitted 335,961 Chinese visitors, while the figure for Italy was 333,705, and for Germany 268,404. The UK issued 291,919 Chinese visitor visas that year, compared to Belgium’s 14,223.2013年,法国迎来33.5961万中国游客,而意大利的这个数字是33.3705万,德国是26.8404万。英国在那一年向中国公民发放了29.1919万个旅游签,而比利时只发放了1.4223万个签。 /201506/382359黑龙江妇儿医院妇科医生怎么样哈尔滨省医院妇科电话多少



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