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如果世界上每一个灯泡都能传输数据会是什么样呢?在TED全球会议上,Harald Haas 通过闪烁的单个LED灯,他利用那些微小到人类眼睛都无法察觉的光亮变化,传输了比一个信号塔还要多的数据。 Article/201305/240477

The currents causing through the rock通过岩石产生的电流can give rise to other oddities,能引起其他奇异的现象including one that Freund believes其中包括弗罗因德认为may explain the lights in the sky before an earthquake.能解释地震前天空中出现亮光的现象If it were dark here,如果现在周围是黑的we would start seeing little flashes of light我们将会看到这些岩石边缘形成的forming along the edges of these rocks.微弱的闪光Maybe in nature,也许在自然界they are sufficiently strong它们足够强大that they could become luminous phenomenon known形成了在地震前 地震中as earthquake lights that can happen before earthquakes,以及发生余震时during earthquakes and also during the aftershock series.出现的被称为地震光的明亮闪光You think there#39;s a connection between this and...?你认为他们之间有联系Oh, yes, yes, there#39;s definitely a connection.是的 肯定有联系Friedemann Freund is fighting a tide of opposition斐迪曼·弗罗因德在与主流观点的反对from mainstream science,作着斗争but he#39;s convinced that he#39;s right但是他坚信自己是正确的and he#39;s prepared to put his money where his mouth is.并且准备为此倾其所有So far, everything that I#39;ve shown you到目前为止 我给你展示的这些was essentially done on a shoe-string budget,都是在实验经费十分紧张的情况下完成的with lots of private money going in there and very,其中倾入了很多私人的资金very little funding from any government sources.而来自政府方面的资助很少Who#39;s been funding it up until now?目前为止是谁在资助呢 Article/201305/240459



  And shadowing them...而紧随他们身后的是..Africa#39;s biggest predator.非洲最大的食肉动物A Bryde#39;s whale.布氏鲸This female is 15 metres long这条雌鲸有15米长and weighs more than a whole family of elephants.比一个大象家族还重The dolphins are in pursuit of sardines - millions of them.海豚们正在追逐上百万条的 沙丁鱼But these cold-water fish但这些冷水鱼are heading towards an impenetrable barrier of warm water正在朝一道他们无法穿过的that they will not cross, the Agulhas Current.暖水流前进 即厄加勒斯暖洋流They#39;re trapped.他们被困住了And that gives the whale her chance.这就让鲸鱼有了可趁之机But the sardines are so speedy但沙丁鱼游得很快that the whale only catches a few with each pass.庞大的鲸鱼每次出击只能吃到几条 Article/201404/287641

  Learn some common mood issues that cause trouble sleeping in this Howcast .跟随Howcast这段视频了解一下可能干扰睡眠的几种常见不良情绪。Hi, I#39;m Janet Kennedy. I#39;m a licensed clinical psychologist and sleep specialist in New York City. You can find out more about me and my work on my website, nycsleepdoctor.com. Sleep is really responsive to what#39;s going on in your daily life and your mood is a big factor.大家好,我是Janet Kennedy。我是纽约市一名临床心理学家和睡眠专家。您可以登录我的网站了解关于我和我的工作的详细内容。睡眠与我们的日常生活密切相关,情绪也是一个很大的影响因素。Depression causes sleep problems. It can cause insomnia, it can cause frequent night waking, it can cause nightmares and it can also cause early morning waking. Some forms of depression also cause you to sleep too much. If you#39;re feeling depressed, talk to a therapist or talk to your physician about getting some medication to improve your mood.抑郁会导致睡眠问题。抑郁会造成失眠,夜间频繁醒来,做噩梦,还会让你早上太早醒来。某些形式的抑郁也会造成嗜睡。如果你感觉到压抑,咨询治疗师或外科医生,让他们给你开一些改善情绪的药物。Anxiety and stress also takes a toll on your sleep. Anxiety causes your body to release adrenaline which is a stimulant that keeps you awake at night because adrenaline is designed to keep you awake. Anxiety also causes your mind to race, and those racing thoughts not only make the adrenaline process worse, but they distract you to the point that it#39;s very hard to relax.焦虑和压力也会降低睡眠质量。焦虑导致身体释放出肾上腺素,这是一种刺激物,让你夜间保持清醒,因为肾上腺素原本的作用就是让你保持清醒。焦虑还会加快你的思维,这些不断冒出的想法不仅导致肾上腺素更快分泌,还会让你更难放松下来。Worrying about sleep itself is a huge problem. Once people start having difficulty sleeping, they tend to get what we call performance anxiety and in the hours leading up to bedtime they become increasingly stressed and anxious about whether they#39;re going to be able to sleep. These days, people have a really hard time unplugging, and creating a boundary between work and home. Creating that boundary gives you a chance to unwind and relax, to release all of the stress of the day and quiet your mind.担心睡眠本身也是一个大问题。一旦人们睡眠出现困难,他们很有可能会出现行为焦虑,在快要睡觉的几个小时里,他们感到压力越来越大,越来越担心他们能不能睡得着。这些日子里,人们很难清除障碍,在工作和家庭之间划清界限。划清界限有助于放松,释放白天的所有压力,让思维平静下来。视频听力由。 /201310/259706Israel Airstrike On Gaza #39;Kills Five Children#39;Palestinian authorities say an overnight airstrike that killed seven civilians was the deadliest single bombing in the last week.新闻背景:以色列对加沙实施的“防务之刃”军事行动,以色列军队8日轰炸加沙地带数十处目标,强化打击力度,并且为可能发动地面进攻做准备。巴勒斯坦安全人员同日说,以色列空军对加沙地带的空袭造成23人死亡、90余人受伤。当地医疗人员实,23名遇难者中包括多名妇女和儿童。以色列总理内塔尼亚胡表示,以色列当天扩大了对加沙的打击力度,并将继续采取行动保护以色列平民免受哈马斯袭击。而巴勒斯坦总统阿巴斯则谴责以色列的军事行动是对加沙实行“种族灭绝”。法新社报道,以军发动行动后,哈马斯对耶路撒冷、特拉维夫和以色列北部海滨城市哈代拉发射了远程火箭弹。Homes are nowhere to hide in Gaza. Israel#39;s message to Hamas is brutal and clear, neither your family nor your children will shield you. Targeting the houses of those it believes that are responsible for rocket fire becomes one of the defying aspect of this confrontation. But it is a devastating approach to take, laying bare the carnage in broad daylight. Human are very angry and the defiance so often keeps the cycle of violence in motion.Your occupiers will pay a higher price. Resistance will not stay silent. And what the resistance shows today is only part of what it is capable of.Israel insists it selects its targets with procession, focusing on where militants operate, conceal rocket launching position and tunnel networks. And the country#39;s prime minister has said the attacks will now be stepped up.We will not stop. They will first receive a heart blow from both the air and the sea.And if a ground invasion is needed, there will be a ground invasion. All options are open.In Gaza#39;s main hospital, doctors say supplies are aly running low, now down to 50% of what they need, a shortage which could soon impact their ability to treat the number of patients they receive.We hope to stop this attack now, because for long, four days for example, it will be critical.About a year ago, Hamas built this monument to the M75 rockets, celebrating the fact that it was the one that was able to reach T in Novermber 2012. They say now in the last few days, they have fired more of these, putting many more population centered in Israel under threat.In the business harbour of T, residents running for shelter as signs bring out. A rare occurance before now, but things appear to be changing.With longer-range rockets being used, more of Israel is now in the range of Hamas. And rockets aren#39;t the only weapon being deployed. This mission launched from the sea so armed militants attempt to infiltrate Israeli base. Yhey were killed in the process, but the audacity underlines Hamas intent.Israel#39;s troop built up on the Gaza is now growing. For now, its superior military strength is allowing an arm- length of war, but that could quickly change. /201407/312904

  Wouldn#39;t it be so romantic to make your own engagement ring? Vannetta takes you step-by-step on how to do this and explains what materials you will need to accomplish this unique piece of jewellery.亲手制作自己的订婚戒指难道不是很浪漫的事情吗?Vannetta逐步向你展示怎样制作,使用什么材料来打造这件独一无二的珠宝。In this , I#39;m going to show you how to make your own engagement ring. To start with, you will need a ring mandrel, a vice to secure the ring mandrel. You need some letter stamps.在这段视频中,我将向大家展示怎样制作订婚戒指。最开始,你需要一个戒指心轴,一个用来固定心轴的钳口,还需要一些印章。This is the letters of the alphabet, and you need some ring blanks. Now, these ring blanks, I have 3 different ring blanks here. I have silver.这里是字母表中的字母,你需要一些空白指环。我这里有三种不同材质的指环。This is silver. I have gold, 18 karat gold, and 18 karat white gold. These blanks can be purchased from any jewellery shop.这一个是银的,还有一个18克拉的黄金,一个18克拉的白金。这些空白指环在任何珠宝店都可以买到。Now, to make your own engagement ring, it#39;s a little bit tricky because you don#39;t know what your receiver would like. So, I thought to make it a bit interesting and a bit quirky, you can buy these alphabet stamps at any hardware shop, but they need to be quite small ones. These are 1 millimetre.现在,要制作自己的订婚戒指会有一点棘手,因为你不知道收到戒指的人喜欢什么样的。所以,我认为最好有趣一点,奇特一点,你可以在任何五金商店购买这种字母表印章,但是必须非常小。这样的大概是1毫米。I thought it would be a nice idea to stamp “Will you marry me?” If you#39;re going to attempt to do this, you need some extra metal so that you can practice stamping. The stamping is not consistent. It#39;s a little bit more organic.我认为在戒指上刻上“嫁给我好吗?”这句话比较不错。你需要一些备用金属,这样可以练习一下怎样镌刻上去。印章的过程并不是连贯的,看上去整体比较一致就可以了。The style is a little bit like old-fashion type lettering. The particular stamp that I have, they have a little slot so that you know which direction they should be facing in. The little slot should be facing towards me.这种风格看上去比较像老式的字母。我这里有一种特别的印章,上面有一个小小的凹槽,这样你就知道他们应该面向哪个方向。凹槽应该面向我。And you try to line them up as well as you can, but inevitably, the stamps are not even so your stamping will not be even. And one of the reasons for securing your ring in a ring mandrel, so you need a hard surface underneath, so that you can apply a reasonable amount of pressure, you position your letter and use a little hammer. The first one is a W.你应该尽可能地让他们整齐划一,但是不可避免的,印章本身就是不均匀的,所以刻出来的印章也不可能是均匀的。用戒指心轴来固定戒指的一个原因就是,下面需要有一个表面比较坚硬的物体,这样就可以用合适的力度,把字母放在合适的位置,然后用锤子砸。第一个字母是W。The second letter is going to be an I. Okay. There you go.第二个字母是I。现在印上去。“Will you marry me?” stamped nicely along this ring. That#39;s how you make your own engagement ring. .“嫁给我好吗?”这几个字母沿着指环刻上去。现在,你的订婚戒指做好了。Thanks for watching How To Make Your Own Engagement Ring.感谢收看“如何亲手打造自己的订婚戒指”视频节目。视频听力栏目译文属。 Article/201307/248667



  Whether your wallet has gotten thin or you#39;re just plain tired of the bars, a night in with your buddies can be the perfect excuse to get house drunk with your best friends. But your neighbors don#39;t want to hear the night turn into a travesty of badly-sung Billy Joel ballads. Put a purpose behind your night. A little organization and preparation can go a long way.无论是囊中羞涩,还是厌倦了酒吧,和兄弟们在家中开个小聚会,可以让你和最好的朋友在家里不醉不归。但是你的邻居肯定不希望这个夜晚成为声嘶力竭鬼哭狼嚎的音乐会。提前做好计划。一点计划和准备大有帮助。Step 1: Thirsty Much? 1.酒水When considering your drink , don#39;t make it complicated. Guys don#39;t want appletinis, guys want beer! Make sure you stock your fridge with all your buddies#39; favorite booze. The best bet is to go with a classic beer that everyone will agree on. But don#39;t forget the most important ingredient to a great guy#39;s night in: buy in bulk. Always have more than enough beer to get you through the night.考虑酒水单的时候,不要太过复杂。男人们不喜欢苹果饮料,而喜欢啤酒!确保冰箱中装满男人们最喜欢的酒水。最保险的就是准备每个人都喜欢的经典啤酒。但是不要忘记进行聚会最重要的成分:批量购买。你准备的啤酒一定要远远超过当晚的需求量。Step 2: Feed The Machines2.食品Depending on the party theme, you#39;ll want to match your to that. The easiest thing to do is to have something delivered. Check online for delivery deals in your area. Order the food in advance so it#39;s there before your buddies arrive. And make sure you get enough to satisfy those late night munchies.取决于聚会的主题,选择一个与之相称的食谱。最简单的就是配送。上网查看当地的配送务。提前预订食物,这样当伙计们来到的时候食物已经准备好了。确保拥有足够的食物,以免上演饿狼传说。Step 3: Home Entertainment System3.家庭设施Now that your buddies have arrived, there#39;s only so long that you can sit around and talk about girls. And keep an eye on your heartbroken homie because its your responsibility to not let this night turn into a some drunken daytime talk show. So have some diversions around, like firing up your brand new Xbox. You can all pass around the controllers and kill terrorists with lethal force. Ahh, nothing cures the broken hearted like spilling blood.现在,伙计们已经来了,那么充裕的时间,你们可以坐下来讨论一下女孩子。留意一下伤心的朋友,因为你的责任就是不让这个夜晚演变为醉鬼的脱口秀。所以,准备一些转移注意力的节目,例如打开刚刚买回来的游戏机。你们可以轮流操纵遥控器,以合法力量诛杀恐怖分子。没有什么比血腥更容易治愈受伤的心灵了。Step 4: Competitive Nature4.竞争的天性When fellas get drunk, fellas like to get physical. And the only thing better for them than breaking stuff is breaking your stuff. If you don#39;t want them to descend to the level of a cruel beast, then give them an alternative to breaking all your stuff. How about a grappling tournament? Just like Roman Gladiators would do! Put all your names in and create a round robin tournament. Go outside into a grassy area and wrestle for pride and honor!当伙计们喝醉的时候,喜欢进行体力比赛。对他们来说,打破你的东西或许可以让他们泄愤。如果你不想事态演变为残忍的野兽之战,可以给他们一点其他选择。格斗比赛怎么样呢?就像罗马角斗士一样。把所有人的名字写下来,轮流进行格斗。到外面有草坪的地方,为荣誉和自豪而战!Thanks for watching How To Have A Guys#39; Night In.感谢收看”如何举办男人聚会“视频节目。视频听力节目由。 Article/201309/256683


  Whatever you want your arms to do, stretching your triceps will help prepare them for it.无论你的手臂想做什么,伸展三头肌可以帮助手臂做好准备。You Will Need你需要#8226;Comfortable clothing舒适的装#8226;A towel (optional)毛巾(可选)Steps步骤If you have been inactive for a length of time, or if you#39;ve had any recent surgery or physical problems, particularly of the muscles and joints, please consult your doctor before you start a stretching or exercise program.如果你已经长时间没有活动,或者最近接受了外科手术或身体有什么问题,尤其是肌肉和关节问题,开始伸展运动或锻炼项目之前一定要咨询医生。Step 1 Stand amp; bend knees1.站立,弯曲膝盖Stand up straight with your knees slightly bent.身体保持笔直,膝盖微微弯曲。Step 2 Bend amp; raise elbow2.弯曲并抬高肘部Bend your right elbow and lift it straight forward and up so the inside of your forearm is next to your ear and your palm is facing your back.弯曲右臂肘部,并抬高成直立状态,前臂在耳朵旁边,手掌正对背部。Step 3 Grab elbow3.抓住肘部Reach your left arm over your head, placing your left hand on the front of your right elbow.左臂伸过头部上方,将左手放在右臂肘部前面。Step 4 Pull elbow back4.将肘部拉回Gently pull your right elbow back until you feel a nice tension.轻轻地将右手肘部向回拉,直到感觉到舒适的拉伸力度。Step 5 Hold stretch5.坚持Hold for 10-20 seconds, breathing deeply.坚持10-20秒钟,深呼吸。Step 6 Repeat on left arm6.左臂重复Release your right elbow and lower your right arm to your side. Bend your left elbow and repeat the stretch with your left arm.放松右手肘部,右臂还原到体侧。弯曲左手肘部,左臂重复同样的伸展动作。Step 7 Repeat on right arm7.右臂重复Release your left elbow and repeat the stretch on your right elbow again, going slightly further into the stretch and holding for up to 30 seconds.放松左手肘部,右手肘部再次重复伸展动作,拉伸力度缓缓加大,坚持30秒钟。Step 8 Repeat on left arm8.左臂重复Release your right elbow and repeat the stretch on your left elbow again, going slightly further into the stretch and holding for up to 30 seconds.放松右手肘部,左臂再次重复伸展动作,拉伸力度缓缓加大,坚持30秒钟。Step 9 Release stretch9.放松Release your left elbow and enjoy that loose-limbed feeling.放松左手肘部,享受双臂轻松的感觉。视频听力栏目译文属。 Article/201303/232841

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