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The first national gene bank, built by Chinas gene research giant BGI, started trial operation last Saturday in Shenzhen.我国首个国家级基因库上周六在深圳投入试运行。该基因库由国内基因研究巨头华大基因建设。Wang Jian, chairman of the company, said the gene bank has a collection of 10m samples of biological resources. The project is expected to boost research and business in fields of health, agriculture, diverse species and environmental protection.据华大基因董事长汪建介绍,该基因库已存储生物资源样本1000万份。该项目将推动健康、农业、物种多样性和环保等领域的研究和业务。Approved by the National Development and Reform Commission in 2011, the facility is dedicated to storing and managing the countrys unique genetic resources and data, as well as biological information.该基因库011年由国家发改委批复,用于储存和管理我国特殊的基因资源、数据和生物信息。Wang said the company also plans to set up a national laboratory on genomics.汪建称,该公司还计划建立一座国家级的基因组学实验室。In addition, BGI announced on June 19th, 2016 that it, along with several institutional investors, launched a startup incubator on application of gene technology.同时,华大基因于20169日宣布,公司获得一些机构的投资,将正式启动基因技术应用创投孵化平台。The company promised to open its technology platform and data to members of the incubator.公司保将向其他初创公司公开科技平台和数据。来 /201606/451631

Voting has officially begun in Ugandas presidential and parliamentary elections, but voters are facing long lines and delayed openings at some polling stations Thursday because of late ballot deliveries.乌干达总统和议会选举投票星期四正式开始,但由于运送选票延误,一些投票站推迟开门,选民们大排长龙。VOAs Jill Craig reports from Kampala that many polling stations were still closed two hours after voting was scheduled to start. She said there were long lines outside some Kampala polling stations, and people who had gotten there before 7 a.m. were restless and frustrated as they waited in the heat.美国之音记者克雷格从乌干达首都坎帕拉发来报道说,很多投票站在投票规定的开始时间两小时后还没有开门。据克雷格报道,坎帕拉的一些投票站外面排着长队,选民们早点以前就赶到投票站,在炎热的天气下等候,感到非常不满。Paul Bukenya, spokesman for the Electoral Commission, told VOA that all election materials have now been distributed.乌干达选举委员会发言人布肯亚对美国之音说,选举材料已全部发放完毕。President Yoweri Museveni, in power for the past 30 years, faces a challenge from seven opponents, most prominently opposition leader Kizza Besigye, who has lost to him three times in the past.执政长达30年的乌干达总统穆塞韦尼面临着其他7名候选人的挑战,其中最著名的是反对派领袖贝西耶,他在以往的总统选举中曾三次败给穆塞韦尼。来 /201602/427010


  A group of hard-line Iranian news media organizations says it has raised 0,000 to add to a bounty for the killing of the British novelist Salman Rushdie.一群立场强硬的伊朗新闻媒体组织称,它们已经募集0万美元,用于提高刺杀英国小说家萨尔曼·拉什Salman Rushdie)的赏金。Iran’s former supreme leader, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, issued a fatwa, or religious edict, in 1989 calling for Mr. Rushdie to be killed because of his book “The Satanic Verses,which the ayatollah found to be blasphemous and insulting toward Muslims. Mr. Rushdie has since then been living largely out of sight and under the protection of bodyguards.1989年,伊朗前最高精神领袖阿亚图拉·鲁霍拉·霍梅Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini)发布“法特瓦fatwa),既宗教指令,悬赏刺杀拉什迪,因为霍梅尼认为拉什迪的作品《撒旦诗篇The Satanic Verses)亵渎神圣,是对穆斯林的侮辱。从那以后。拉什迪大部分时间里一直在保镖的保护下隐居。The semiofficial Fars news agency, one of the organizations involved, reported that the new reward money was gathered during a trade fair called the Islamic Republic’s Digital Media Exhibition. It ed the secretary of the exhibition saying that the 0,000 had been announced last week to mark the anniversary of the 1989 fatwa.这些团体中包括半官方性质的Fars新闻社,据它报道,这笔新赏金是在名为“伊斯兰共和国数字媒体展览”的交易会上募集的。它引用该展览秘书长的话,称0万美元赏金是上周公布的,正赶989年法特瓦的周年纪念。The Iranian government distanced itself from calls for Mr. Rushdie’s death under former President Mohammad Khatami, a reformist who declared in 1998 that the fatwa had ended. But the religious authorities said it could not be withdrawn by anyone other than Ayatollah Khomeini, who died four months after issuing it. His successor, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said in 2005 that the fatwa remained valid.在前总统穆罕默德·卡塔Mohammad Khatami)领导下的伊朗政府与拉什迪的谋杀令脱离了关系998年,身为改革主义者的卡塔米宣布该法特瓦失效。但宗教权威人士称,只有阿亚图拉·霍梅尼本人才能终结这个命令,而谋杀令颁布四个月之后,他就去世了。他的继任者阿亚图·阿里·哈梅内伊(Ayatollah Ali Khamenei)005年宣布,这条法特瓦依然有效。The decree had aly put a considerable price on Mr. Rushdie’s head: A religious organization called the 15 Khordad Foundation initially offered a .7 million reward to anyone carrying out the fatwa, then increased it to .3 million in 2012. The new money, bringing the total bounty to nearly million, came from 40 news outlets listed by Fars, which said that it had contributed ,000.早先的刺杀令已经为拉什迪的人头开出了相当高的价格。一个名叫5 Khordad 基金会”的宗教组织出价270万美元,奖励执行这条法特瓦的人,2012年又把奖金提高到330万美元。如今这笔新的款项把赏金提高到将00万美元,来自Fars新闻社列举的40家新闻媒体,该社也提供了3万美元。Iranian hard-line organizations tend to make symbolic gestures involving the Rushdie fatwa every year around its anniversary, Feb. 14. Whether the bounty really would be paid is unclear. Many news organizations in Iran do not turn a profit, and some are subsidized by state organizations.这些伊朗强硬组织每年24日都会就刺杀拉什迪的法特瓦做出象征性姿态。赏金是否会真正被付,目前尚不明确。伊朗的很多新闻组织都不盈利,有些出版物是由国家机构补贴的。The announcement highlights the continuing political infighting in Iran as elections approach for Parliament and the Assembly of Experts, a council that would choose the next supreme leader. The government of President Hassan Rouhani has promised to improve relations with the West, while his hard-line opponents have campaigned against any opening. Analysts said the hard-liners may have been seeking an electoral edge by raising the Rushdie matter now.这项声明表明,随着议会及“专家会议”选举(Assembly of Experts)的临近,伊朗内部的政治斗争仍在继续——“专家会议”是负责挑选下任最高领导人的组织。哈桑·鲁哈尼( Hassan Rouhani)政府承诺改善与西方的关系,而他的强硬派反对者们则反对任何开放政策。分析师们称,通过提高拉什迪一事的悬赏金额,这些强硬分子可能是希望在选举中谋求好处。“This is just to overshadow the elections, because the hard-liners and their media want to dissuade people from voting in large numbers,said Mojgan Faraji, a reformist journalist. She said the hard-liners drag up issues from the past to confuse people and to “make other issues more important than voting.”“这只是为了影响选举,因为强硬分子和他们掌握的媒体希望组织人们大规模投票,”改革派记者穆耶根·法拉Mojgan Faraji)说。她说,强硬分子翻过去的老账,是为了让人们感到困惑,从而“让其他问题显得比选举更加重要”。来 /201602/428250。



  Turkey blamed a Syrian suicide bomber from Isis for a large explosion that killed 10 including at least eight German tourists in Istanbul’s historic Sultanahmet district yesterday.昨日,土耳其伊斯坦布尔市历史悠久的苏丹艾哈迈德广Sultanahmet)发生大爆炸,导致包括至少8名德国游客在0人死亡。土耳其当局指责一名来自“伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国ISIS)的叙利亚自杀式炸弹袭击者对此负责。The blast occurred at 10.15am in Sultanahmet, a thriving tourist area close to attractions such as the Blue Mosque and the Aya Sofya.爆炸上午10点一刻发生在苏丹艾哈迈德广场,该广场是一个人流密集的旅游区,靠近蓝色清真Blue Mosque)、圣索菲亚大教堂(Aya Sofya)等著名景点。Ahmet Davutoglu, the prime minister, said the attacker belonged to Isis and that the dead and wounded were foreigners. “We know that he [the bomber] is a foreign citizen and a Daesh member,he said, using the Arabic acronym for the jihadi group.土耳其总理阿赫迈特达乌特奥Ahmet Davutoglu)表示,袭击者来自ISIS,死者和伤者都外国人。“我们获悉他(炸弹袭击者)是一名外国公民、‘达伊沙Daesh)成员,”他说,并用阿拉伯语缩写指称该圣战组织。Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey’s president, said the country was being targeted for its campaign against “terroristorganisations in the region. “This incident once again has shown us that we have to stay united against terrorism,he said in televised remarks.土耳其总统雷杰普吠伊普埃尔多安(Recep Tayyip Erdogan)表示,土耳其因打击该地区的“恐怖”组织而成为袭击目标。他在电视讲话中称:“这一事件再次表明,我们必须团结起来打击恐怖主义。”The German government said at least eight of the dead and many of the 15 people injured were Germans. The explosion took place not far from a fountain memorialising the visit of the German emperor to Istanbul in 1898.德国政府表示,至名死者以5名伤者中的许多人都是德国人。爆炸地点距离一座纪念德国皇898年访问伊斯坦布尔的喷泉不远。Angela Merkel, Germany’s chancellor, said international terrorism “once again shows us its brutal and inhuman face德国总理安格拉默克尔(Angela Merkel)表示,国际恐怖主义“再一次向我们展示了它残暴、非人性的一面”。Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Germany’s foreign minister, struck a similar tone, describing the act as a “barbaric, cowardly act of terrorand lamenting that it had targeted the heart of Istanbul, which “we all value for its openness to the world德国外长弗兰瓦尔特施泰因迈尔(Frank-Walter Steinmeier)表达了同样的愤怒,称之为“野蛮、懦弱的恐怖行为”,并痛惜,袭击的目标是伊斯坦布尔的中心,“我们都因这里对世界的开放而珍视它”。The bombing is the third major terrorist incident in Turkey since July, and heightens concerns about security as Mr Erdogan confronts the spiralling effects of the civil war in neighbouring Syria as well as violence in the largely Kurdish south-east of Turkey.此次爆炸事件是去月以来土耳其发生的第三起大型恐怖事件,进一步加深了对土耳其安全的担忧,埃尔多安所面对的问题正在急剧增加,包括邻国叙利亚内战,以及以库尔德人为主的土耳其东南部发生的暴力活动。The bombing raises questions about the capabilities of Turkey’s vast surveillance and intelligence networks in preventing attacks.土耳其拥有庞大的监视和情报网络以防止攻击,此次爆炸对该网络的能力提出质疑。If it is confirmed that the bomber was a Syrian, the attacks could become a domestic political issue in Germany, where Syrians have entered the country in large numbers as refugees. Sexual assaults on women in Cologne on New Year’s Eve, allegedly committed mainly by asylum seekers, have caused outrage in Germany and increased criticism of Ms Merkel’s refugee policy.如果确认袭击者为叙利亚人,则袭击事件可能在德国引起政治问题,因为德国接受了大批叙利亚难民。跨年夜科隆发生的女性遭性侵事件,据称作案者主要是申请避难者,此事在德国引起民愤,并增加了对默克尔难民政策的批评。Yesterday’s attack could also complicate the chancellor’s efforts to secure a wide-ranging deal with Turkey on her top priority: limiting the inflow of refugees from the Middle East into Europe.德国总理原本寻求与土耳其就她的首要任务达成广泛协议,即限制难民从中东流入欧洲,昨日的袭击可能会令她的努力复杂化。来 /201601/423003


  Following a brief market plunge, the President-elect’s speech on Tuesday night was more conciliatory than many expected and emphasised his commitment to infrastructure investment. 在短暂的市场暴跌后,当选总统特朗普在上周二晚的演讲比很多人预期的更加温和,强调了他对基础设施投资的承诺。Investors have, on balance, concluded that the combination of a shift to very expansionary fiscal policy and major reductions in regulation in sectors ranging from energy to finance to drug pricing will raise demand and reflate the American economy.总的来说,投资者的结论是,向极具扩张性的财政政策转变、结合大幅削减对从能源到金融再到药品定价等多个领域的监管,将促进需求并刺激美国经济。The result has been a rise in real interest rates and inflation expectations, along with a strong stock market and a strong dollar. 结果是实际利率和通胀预期上升,同时股市走高、美元表现强劲。Experience suggests, however, that initial market responses to major political events are poor predictors of their ultimate impact.然而,经验表明,市场对于重大政治事件的最初反应,通常无法准确预示事件的最终影响。The late MIT economist Rudiger Dornbusch made an extensive study of the results of populist economic programmes around the world, finding that while they sometimes had immediate positive results, over the medium- and long-term they were catastrophic for the working class in whose name they were launched. 已故的麻省理工学MIT)经济学家鲁迪多恩布施(Rudiger Dornbusch)在广泛研究了世界各地民粹主义经济计划的结果后发现,尽管这些计划有时会产生立竿见影的正面结果,但是从中期和长期来看,这些打着造福劳动阶级旗号推出的计划会对劳动阶级造成灾难性的打击。This could be the fate of the Trump programme given its design errors, implausible assumptions and reckless disregard for global economics.鉴于特朗普计划的设计错误、不合理的假设以及对全球经济状况的草率忽视,特朗普计划可能也会难逃这样的命运。I have long been a strong advocate of debt-financed public investment in the context of low interest rates and a decaying US infrastructure, 我长期以来一直非常赞成在利率水平较低以及美国基础设施陈旧的背景下,以债务融资进行公共投资。So I was glad to see Mr Trump emphasise it. 因此,看到特朗普强调这一点我很高兴。Unfortunately, the plan presented by his advisers, Peter Navarro and Wilbur Ross, suggests an approach based on tax credits for equity investment and total private sector participation that will not cover the most important projects, not reach many of the most important investors, and involve substantial mis-targeting of public resources.遗憾的是,他的顾问彼纳瓦Peter Navarro)和威尔伯.罗斯(Wilbur Ross)提出的方案表明,该计划的实现方式将基于为股权投资和全体私人部门参与提供税务抵免,不会覆盖一些最重要的项目、触及不到很多最重要的投资者、并且将涉及公共资源的大量错配。Many of the highest return infrastructure investments such as improving roads, repairing 60,000 structurally deficient bridges, upgrading schools or modernising the air traffic control system do not generate a commercial return and so are excluded from his plan. 很多回报最高的基础设施投资——比如改善道路状况、修0000座存在结构性缺陷的危桥、升级学校设施和空中交通管制系统——不会带来商业回报,因此被排除在特朗普的计划之外。Nor can the non-taxable pension funds, endowments and sovereign wealth funds that are the most promising sources of capital for infrastructure take advantage of the program.享受免税待遇的养老基金、捐赠基金和主权财富基金这类最有可能为基础设施提供资金的机构,也无法受益于该计划。I am optimistic regarding the efficacy of fiscal expansion. 我看好财政扩张的效果。But any responsible economist has to recognise that, past a point, it can lead to some combination of excessive foreign borrowing, inflation and even financial crisis. 但是任何负责的经济学家都不得不承认,超过某个度,财政扩张可能会导致出现以下三种情况中的一种或多种:外债过高、通胀、甚至是金融危机。As Dornbusch showed, in emerging markets this can happen quite quickly. 正如多恩布施表明的那样,在新兴市场,这种局面可能会很快形成。In the US the process would take longer.在美国,该过程耗时会更长。Even without taking account of the likely costs of the infrastructure plan (which the Trump team badly underestimates) or the propodefenceense build-up, the Trump tax reform proposals are too expensive. 即使不考虑特朗普的基础设施计划(特朗普团队严重低估了该计划的成本)以及巩固国防提议的可能成本,特朗普的税制改革提议也太过昂贵了。Many, like the proposed abolition of the estate tax, will only benefit the high-saving wealthy.就像废除遗产税的提议一样,很多提议只会有益于储蓄率较高的富人。While drastic changes in the proposed domestic programme are necessary for it to work, the general direction of increasing public investment, reforming taxes and adjusting regulation is appropriate. 尽管特朗普针对国内事务所提出的计划需要做出剧烈改变才能奏效,但是该计划增加公共投资、改革税制以及调整监管的总体方向是恰当的。The same cannot be said of Mr Trump’s global plan, which rests on a misunderstanding of how the world economy operates.特朗普针对全球的计划则不然,后者是基于他对世界经济运行方式的错误理解。Consider the immediate effects of Mr Trump’s victory. 考虑一下特朗普获胜后的直接影响。The Mexican peso has depreciated about 10 per cent relative to the dollar over fears of new protectionist policies, and many other emerging market currencies have also fallen sharply. 由于市场担心美国会出台新的保护主义政策,墨西哥比索兑美元汇率下跌0%,很多其他新兴市场货币也急剧下跌。The impact of this change is to raise the cost of anything the US exports to Mexico and to lower the cost of anything Mexico exports to the US.这一变化的影响是增加了美国向墨西哥出口任何东西的成本、而降低了墨西哥向美国出口任何东西的成本。It will also make Mexico and other emerging markets much cheaper relative to the US for global companies. 对于全球企业而言,这还将使墨西哥和其他新兴市场相对美国的成本更加低廉。So US workers, particularly in manufacturing, will see increased pressure.因此美国的工人(特别是制造业工人),将承受更大压力。The plan seems to assume that we can pressure countries not to let their currencies depreciate, as suggested by the intention to have the new treasury secretary name China as an exchange rate manipulator. 该计划似乎假定我们可以迫使他国不让其货币贬值,正如特朗普让新财长把中国定为汇率操纵国的打算所显示的那样。This is ludicrous. 这是荒唐的。While there are reasonable arguments that China manipulated its exchange rate for commercial advantage in the past, the reality is that for the past year the country has intervened to prop up its exchange rate. 尽管有合理据表明中国过去曾为了贸易利益而操纵汇率,但是事实是中国过去一年一直通过干预撑人民币汇率。The same is true of most emerging markets. 大多数新兴市场也是一样。Not even US presidents with political mandates can repeal the laws of economics.即便是拥有政治授权的美国总统也不能推翻经济规律。Populist economics will play out differently in the US than in emerging markets. 在美国实施民粹主义经济计划的过程将不同于在新兴市场实施同类计划的过程。But the results will be no better. 但是结果会一样糟糕。All with a stake in the global economy must hope that now, as has happened often in the past, a US president faced with the responsibility of governing preserves the valid core of campaign economic plans while making major adjustments.如今,所有参与全球经济的国家肯定都期望,正如过去通常的情况一样,面对治理责任的美国总统可以在保留竞选经济纲领中站得住脚的核心要素的同时,对该纲领做出重大调整。来 /201611/478605。


  Saturday night, President Donald Trump held a rally in Melbourne, Florida, where he attempted to defend his controversial “Muslim banexecutive order by pointing to the consequences of migration in Europe. He focused on an unspecified event that took place “last night in Sweden周六晚,唐纳特朗普总统在佛罗里达州墨尔本市举行了一次集会,集会上他把矛头指向了欧洲接受移民的后果,试图为他颇有争议的“穆斯林禁令”这一行政禁令辩护。他强调了“瑞典昨晚”发生的一次不明确的事件,他说:When you look at what’s happening in Germany, when you look at what’s happening last night in Sweden Sweden! Who would believe this? Sweden! They took in large numbers, they’re having problems like they never thought possible.“你们看看德国正在发生什么,你们再瞧瞧昨晚瑞典发生了什么。瑞典!谁会相信是瑞典?瑞典!他们让大量难民涌入,正面临从未预料到的各种问题。”The only problem is that nothing happened the prior night in Sweden. The reaction was swift and confused. @Sweden, a national Twitter account run by a different Swedish citizen each week, denied that anything happened. Former Swedish Prime Minister Carl Bildt tweeted, “Sweden? Terror attack? What has he been smoking?”唯一的问题就是瑞典前一晚什么事都没发生。人们的反应非常迅速,而且人们都很困惑。@Sweden是一个Twitter账户,每周由不同的瑞典市民管理,这一账户否认了有事发生。瑞典前任首相Carl Bildt发表推文称:“瑞典?恐袭?他在乱喷什么?”There’s a very real question going on here: What on earth was the president of the ed States talking about? What does he think is going on in Sweden?现在有一个非常现实的问题:美国总统究竟在说什么?他认为瑞典发生了什么?Our best guess: Sweden’s alleged “rape epidemic我们最有可能的猜测就是:外界宣称的“强奸盛行”。There’s a clear narrative about Sweden: Muslim migrants are raping Swedish women at unprecedented numbers. These claims have even made it into mainstream outlets like National Review and Fox News. Friday night, Fox’s Tucker Carlson interviewed Ami Horowitz, a journalist who said that “from the onset of the refugee crisis, there was a surge in [Swedish] gun violence and rape.”关于瑞典有一个明确的说法:穆斯林移民强奸瑞典妇女的案件数量史无前例。这些说法甚至进入了主流媒体,比如《National Review》和《福克斯新闻》。周五晚,《福克斯新闻》的塔克?卡森采访一位新闻工作者Ami Horowitz时,Ami Horowitz说:“自从第一次恐怖袭击开始,瑞典的暴力和强奸率激增。”The odds are that Trump heard one of these claims about a Swedish refugee rape epidemic somewhere and appropriated them to justify his travel ban.奇怪的是特朗普在某个地方听到了一个这种关于瑞典难民强奸案激增的言论,就用来为他的旅游禁令辩护。Sweden has a higher official rape rate, because its police are better able to investigate and prosecute sexual violence. These panics about immigration, instead, reflect a long history of sexual panics in the West about nonwhite immigrants. The so-called “rape epidemicis just something anti-immigrant campaigners have latched onto to justify their preexisting desire to shut the door on Muslim migration.瑞典官方发布的强奸率比以往高,因为警察能更好地调查起诉性暴力。相反这些关于移民的恐慌反映了西方长期以来对于非白人移民的性恐慌。所谓的“强奸盛行”只是那些反移民运动者用来为他们一直存在的不接受穆斯林移民的愿望而辩护的工具。Monday, Sweden’s current Prime Minister Stefan Lofven, in a joint press conference Monday with Canadian Governor General David Johnson, said of Mr. Trump’s comments: “Let me put it like this: I was, like many other I believe, surprised by the comments made about Sweden this weekend. Sweden like many other countries, we have opportunities, we have challenges, I believe that goes for every country in the world.”周一瑞典现任首相Stefan Lofven在同加拿大David Johnson总督一起参加联合记者招待会时提到了特朗普先生的言论,他说:“这样说吧,我像很多我相信的人一样,对于本周末关于瑞典的感到震惊。瑞典像很多其他国家一样有机遇,也有挑战。我相信世界上每个国家都是如此。”That very same evening, riots erupted in Sweden’s capital, Stockholm, in an area predominately inhabited by refugees. On Monday night for “over four hours, the crowd burned about half a dozen cars, vandalized several shopfronts and threw rocks at police. Police spokesman Lars Bystrom confirmed to Sweden’s Dagens Nyheter newspaper that an officer fired shots at a rioter but missed. A photographer for the newspaper was attacked by more than a dozen men and his camera was stolen, but ultimately no one was hurt or even arrested,The Washington Post wrote.当晚瑞典首都斯德哥尔一处以难民为主的聚居区就爆发了暴乱。《华盛顿邮报》报道,周一晚暴乱持续了四个多小时,暴乱分子烧毁了六辆汽车,砸了几家店面,还朝警察扔石头。警方发言人Lars Bystrom向瑞典《Dagens Nyheter》报纸实了一名警察朝暴乱者开,但没打中。该报的一名摄影师被多人袭击,照相机被偷。但最终无人受伤或被捕。In 2015, Sweden took in the largest number of refugees. Although the Swedish Crime Survey says the country’s crime rate has decreased since 2005, official statistics also show that foreign-born residents account for the lion’s share of crime in Sweden,the Washington Times has reported.2015年瑞典涌入了大量难民。据《华盛顿时报》报道,虽然瑞典犯罪调查部门说瑞典的犯罪率从2005年起一直在下降,但官方数据也显示了外籍居民在瑞典犯罪案件中占很大比例。Monday night offered a glimpse into those statistics. Guess Mr. Trump had a point, after all.周一晚上的暴乱就印了这些数据,这一局特朗普险胜。来 /201702/494024


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