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Men weigh up potential partners almost instantaneously based on their appearance because their ;ancient; genetic preference for attractive mates leads them to, experts claim.据专家介绍,男性在择偶时之所以会以貌取人,是因为他们天生爱美女的“原始基因”使然。According to research, a woman with an attractive face is taken by men to be fertile and able to continue the family line, appealing to the man#39;s survival instinct.研究表明,有着漂亮脸蛋的女子符合男性的生存本能需要,在他们看来,这样的女子生育能力强,能为他们传宗接代。In contrast women take longer to decide their feelings for a man because they need to weigh up whether he will be a committed partner who will provide for them well – part of their survival programming.相比之下,女性则需要更长的时间来做出判断,因为她们需要考察对方是否忠诚,会养家。这也是她们的一种生存本能。Professor Mark van Vugt and Dr Johanna van Hooff, from the University of Amsterdam, and postgraduate student Helen Crawford, from the University of Kent, were behind the study which is to be published by the Oxford Journal Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience.该研究由阿姆斯特丹大学的马克·凡·福特教授和约汉娜·凡·胡夫士以及肯特大学的研究生海伦·克劳馥共同开展。研究报告将在牛津大学的《社会认知与情感神经学》期刊上发表。They tested men and women#39;s bias towards looks by conducting a series of tests on 20 women and 20 men, making them perform tasks while recording their brain activity.为了解男性和女性对于长相问题的不同态度,研究人员对20名女性和20名男性进行了一系列测试,让他们执行特定的任务,同时记录他们的脑部活动。While the subjects were doing the task they were shown a series of photographs of faces of the opposite sex, ranging from attractive to ugly.在研究对象执行任务的同时,研究人员还让他们看一组异性的照片,其中有漂亮的,也有丑的。Men were easily distracted when they saw a pretty face but women stuck to the task.结果发现,当男性看到漂亮的脸蛋时,他们很容易分神,但女性却能继续专心做手中的事。Prof van Vugt said: ;Men definitely have the most wandering eye but it is because they have evolved to pay attention to cues of fertility and one of those cues is facial beauty – it#39;s not that men are shallow.凡·福特教授说:“男性爱看美女是他们进化的结果,是他们在进化过程中形成了会特别注意异性生育方面线索的特征,其中一个就是漂亮脸蛋,所以这并不是因为男性肤浅。”;But we found they do make snap judgments about women, much earlier than was previously thought. They make that decision on whether a woman would be a good mating partner in milliseconds.“但我们发现男性做出判断所用的时间的确很短,比我们之前预想的快。他们往往在几毫秒之内就能决定一个女性是否是一个合适的求偶对象。;This is something very ancient and a way of helping men find the best mate to produce children.“这是一种十分原始的行为,也是帮助男性找到最佳交配对象的一种方法。;Women were not distracted by attractive male faces because women need more proof of whether a man is a good mate.“而女性不会因为看到英俊的男性面孔而分神,因为女性需要更多的据来判断一个男性是否是一个好的伴侣。;Women make that decision on behaviour, whether a man is trustworthy and committed. They make their decision much later than men.;“女性根据行为来判断男性是否忠诚可靠。她们做决定所需要的时间要比男性长得多。” /201509/397213

Mom always told us we#39;d go blind if we in the dark. Does science back her up? Jim Sheedy, a doctor of vision science and director of the Vision Performance Institute at Oregon#39;s Pacific University, sets his sights on the truth.妈妈总是告诉我们如果我们在暗处看书会弄坏眼睛。这种说法有科学依据吗?且听俄勒冈太平洋大学(Pacific University)视觉功能学院(Vision Performance Institute)所长、视觉科学医生吉姆?希迪(Jim Sheedy)为我们揭示真相。Dark Matter暗处阅读Turns out, our parents were wrong. #39;There is no reason to believe nor evidence to support that any long-term damage to the eyes or change in the physiology to the eyes can be caused by ing in the dark,#39; Dr. Sheedy says。原来,我们的父母是错的。希迪士说:“我们没有理由认为,也没有据明,在暗处阅读会造成眼睛的长期损害,或引起眼睛的生理变化。”That is not to say that nocturnal page-turning won#39;t lead to discomfort or fatigue。但这并不意味着在夜间昏暗光线下看书不会引起不适和疲劳。The lack of light will cause the pupils to dilate, resulting in a smaller depth of field -- the distance between the nearest and farthest object that the eye considers to be in focus. Dr. Sheedy says the added effort to change focus (called the eye#39;s accommodative system) and the effort to change the angle of the lines of sight between the two eyes (called the vergent system) will likely make your eyes feel tired and your body spent. But, of course, that#39;s often the object of ing under the covers。光线不足会引起瞳孔扩张,导致景深变小,即眼睛能聚焦的最近和最远的物体之间的距离变小。希迪士说,费力地去变焦(通通过眼睛的调节系统)和费力去地改变两眼之间的视角(通过眼睛的收缩系统)可能会使你的眼睛和身体感到疲倦。当然,这通常是在被窝里看书的后果。Seeing Clearly看清楚Dr. Sheedy says he assures his students that there isn#39;t enough evidence to argue that what you do with your eyes leads to myopia (nearsightedness): #39;The predominant determinant of myopia is genetics.#39; No link to long-term damage has ever been conclusively shown, says Dr. Sheedy. #39;It#39;s an old tale, a ploy used by moms to get kids to go to sleep when they wanted them to,#39; he says。希迪士说他告诉他的学生现在还没有足够的据能说明用眼习惯会导致近视:“近视的主要决定因素是遗传。”他说并没有确凿的据明长期损害跟近视之间存在关联。希迪士说:“这只是一个古老的传说,是妈妈们希望孩子们去睡觉时常用的一个说辞。”Electronic Age电子时代Reading on a tablet device won#39;t damage your eyes, Dr. Sheedy says. His team has studied various fonts, computer displays and pixel resolutions, and found the difference in effect on the eye between ing e-ink and the printed word to be negligible。希迪士说,在平板设备上阅读文字不会伤害眼睛。他的团队对各种字体、电脑显示器和像素分辨率进行了研究,发现阅读电子读物和印刷文字对眼睛影响的差异是可以忽略不计的。He adds that pixel density and screen resolution have reached the point at which the eye doesn#39;t know which it is seeing. So if ing a printed book in dim light is fine, so is ing a Kindle or iPad。他补充说,像素密度和屏幕分辨率已经发展到了让眼睛分辨不出电子读物和印刷文字之间差异的程度。如果在昏暗的光线下阅读印刷书籍没什么问题的话,在Kindle或iPad上阅读也不会有问题。Moving from Dark to Light从暗处到亮处The eyes adapt quickly when going to the light -- emerging from a tunnel into the sun, say -- but going to the dark #39;requires the regeneration of photo pigments, and that takes some time to reach full dark-adaptation,#39; says Dr. Sheedy。希迪士说,从暗处到亮处时眼睛适应起来非常快,比如从隧道里出来重见天日时,但从亮处到暗处时“需要新生成光色素,因此需要一些时间来完全适应黑暗”。Adjusting to the dim light next to your bed should only take seconds. But when going from bright light to maximum darkness, studies have shown, eye sensitivity continues to change for up to 25 minutes, he says。他说,你对自己床边暗光灯的光线的适应只需要几秒钟的时间。但有研究表明,如果从亮如白昼转到漆黑一片,眼睛的感光度要持续变化长达25分钟的时间。Just ask a pirate。问问海盗吧#39;Ever wonder why a pirate wears patches? It#39;s not because he was wounded in a sword fight,#39; says Dr. Sheedy. Seamen must constantly move between the pitch black of below decks and the bright sunshine above。希迪士说:“想知道为什么海盗总是戴着眼罩吗?这并不是因为他在剑战中受了伤。”真正的原因是水手必须经常在漆黑的甲板下和明亮的阳光下这两处地方之间变换位置。Smart pirates #39;wore a patch over one eye to keep it dark-adapted outside.#39; Should a battle break out and the pirate had to shimmy below, he would simply switch the patch to the outdoor eye and he could see in the dark right away -- saving him 25 minutes of flailing his cutlass about in near blindness。聪明的海盗“在一只眼睛上戴着眼罩,就能保有一只眼睛始终能适应黑暗。”如果战斗爆发,海盗必须转战到甲板下面,他只需要把眼罩换到另一边,就可以马上在黑暗中恢复视力──这样一来他就不用在近乎失明的情况下挥剑战斗25分钟了。 /201307/247821IN JOURNALISM, cynics suggest, three data points are enough to pronounce a trend. As of March 3rd, AIDS researchers hope that two might be sufficient. On that day Deborah Persaud of Johns Hopkins University announced to the Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections in Atlanta, Georgia, that a patient under her care had been cured of HIV infection. The announcement was hedged in the usual caveats (“functionally cured” was the exact term used). But the bottom line was clear. Dr Persaud thinks her patient, a two-and-a-half-year-old girl whose identity is confidential, has joined Timothy Brown, a man known to many as the “Berlin patient”, as a human being who was once definitively infected with HIV and now no longer is.在新闻界,愤世嫉俗者认为三个案例足以推断出一种趋势。自3月3日起,艾滋病研究人员则希望两个可能就足够了。在那一天,(美国)约翰霍普金斯大学的黛拉·佩尔绍德在佐治亚州的亚特兰大召开的逆转录病毒和机会性感染会议上表示,她已治愈一位患有艾滋病毒的病人。这一消息也受到很多的质疑(确切的称“功能性治愈”)。但是情况很清楚。佩尔绍德士认为她的病人(2岁半的女孩,具体身份未透露)和人称“柏林病人”蒂莫西·布朗的病例相同,布朗曾确诊感染艾滋病毒,现已完全治愈。The facts of the case that Dr Persaud was prepared to make public are limited (the patient is, after all, a child). But the pertinent point is that she was born infected because her mother was infected and was treated with standard anti-retroviral drugs almost immediately and for 18 months afterwards. She was then lost track of for five months. When the child returned to doctors’ attention, they found the virus had vanished—and six months later, despite the fact that the girl is no longer taking anti-AIDS medicine, there is no sign of HIV having returned in force.佩尔绍德士准备公之于众的案例是有局限性的(毕竟这仅是个孩子)。但是相关的内容是:因为小孩的妈妈感染了艾滋病毒,小孩在出生时被诊断出携带艾滋病毒,研究人员随即对其进行了18个月的标准性抗逆转录病毒治疗。此后五个月中止了治疗。当医生再次对该小孩进行检查时,发现她体内病毒已消失—6个月之后,虽然小女孩不用再用抗艾滋病毒药物,但是她体内已没有艾滋病毒繁殖的迹象。This is a result of great potential significance. Mr Brown’s cure was effected, accidentally, because his bone marrow (and thus the pertinent part of his immune system, which HIV infects) was destroyed and replaced during a course of treatment for leukaemia. That is hardly a viable approach for those who do not have that disease. But if HIV infection can be cured with drugs, as Dr Persaud’s observations suggest, a whole, new line of investigation opens up.这一成功案例有潜在的重大意义。布朗先生的艾滋病意外地得到治愈,是因为在进行白血病治疗过程中,他的骨髓(以及受艾滋病感染的相关免疫系统部分)遭到破坏并得到移植。对于那些没有患白血病的艾滋病毒感染者来说,这不是一个可行的治愈方法。佩尔绍德士的研究表明,如果药物能够治愈艾滋病患者,一项全新的调查研究即将开启。 /201303/228910Romance: Pisces (February 19-March 20):Pisces is a constellation south of Andromeda. Pisces is the 12th sign of the zodiac, which the sun enters on or around February 21.The story of Pisces started from Venus, the Queen of Love. When Venus was young, she fell in love with David — the most handsome man in ancient Rome. But, David was perfect and Venus had a broken arm. Her deformity was nothing but perfection in David’s eyes. Their coupling was the great love in divinity, because the gods gave them a precious gift, their child Cupid.Cupid was a cute boy with wings and carried a bow and arrow with him at all times. Two people shot by his arrow would fall in love with each other and be happy ever after. However, Cupid himself could not acquire happiness because he never shot himself.One day, there was a banquet in heaven. Venus took her son Cupid to participate in it. A girl with pretty image but sad eyes attracted Cupid. He wanted to find out why and it turned out this girl was the daughter of the Prophet Solomon. Solomon predicted that this banquet would be a disaster and her daughter named Bloodstone was to be the sacrifice. After hearing that, Cupid was very sad and fell in love with her unconsciously.Suddenly, a monster appeared and destroyed the banquet. This monster was hostile to all the gods but there was no way to escape. But Bloodstone said, “We must kill this monster.” Forgetting her father’s prediction, Bloodstone was brave enough to rush at the monster. Cupid was so worried about Bloodstone’s safety that he accidentally shot the monster and Bloodstone at the same time. Meanwhile, Venus found her son and they jumped into the river. They escaped by becoming two fish. Venus held onto Cupid tightly. Looking back with tears, Cupid was heart-broken to see they were disappearing in the universe.For thousands of years, this faint zodiacal constellation has been seen either as one or two fish. Pisces lies between Aries and Aquarius in the northern skies.星座起源的美丽传说:双鱼的浪漫鱼也有眼泪,只因在水中哭泣,我们看不见罢了。爱神丘比特也有自己的爱情。只不过,那是一段很远很远的往事了,没有人记得,也没有人提起。故事要从美神维纳斯说起。当维纳斯还很年轻的时候,她爱上了大卫——这个古罗马传说中最美的男子。大卫是完美的,而维纳斯是残缺的,她是一个断臂美女,她的残缺在大卫眼中却是如此的完整。他们的结合是神界里最伟大的爱情,正因如此上天赐给他们一件最能象征爱情的礼物,那就是他们的孩子丘比特。   丘比特是一个长着双翼的可爱男孩,他有一把玲珑的神弓,凡是被他的箭射中的人们都会相爱,而且会永远幸福。但是,同样渴望爱情的丘比特却不能带给自己幸福,因为他无法用箭射中自己。就在那次神的宴会上,维纳斯带着心爱的儿子丘比特去参加,一个神情特别的女孩闯进了丘比特的心。这个女孩很漂亮,却一脸的黯然神伤,丘比特走上前询问原因,原来这个女孩是预言家所罗门的女儿,所罗门曾经预言这是一场灾难的宴会,而她,血石,将成为这场灾难的祭献。丘比特听后非常的伤心,因为他不仅同情女孩的遭遇,而且已经不知不觉间爱上了她。就在这个时候,可怕的百眼怪出现了!它呼风唤雨,将宴会搅得一塌糊涂。百眼怪是专门与众神为敌的,它本领很大,众神拿它都没有办法,除了拼命的逃离。血石说:“不能再这样下去了,我们终究要除掉这个恶魔。”她似乎忘记了父亲的预言,勇敢的冲向了怪物。而丘比特万分担心血石的情况下,竟慌乱的朝怪物射了一箭,他只想击退他,却忘了他自己的箭是做什么用的。不幸的是这只箭不仅射中了怪物,还射中了奔向怪物的血石!与此同时,维纳斯找到了心爱的儿子,拉起他跳进河里,他们变成两条鱼来脱险。丘比特无法挣脱母亲的手,他含泪回头望着,望着血石和怪物一起离开,消失在茫茫的宇宙中……后来,天上就有了一个星座叫双鱼,可是丘比特不在上面,他一个人孤独的坐在木星上,有的时候会向着地球的方向射上一箭。于是,浪漫的双鱼座女孩就会在世界末日与陌生人共舞,爱上他,然后移民到另一个星球去结婚生子…… /201209/200044

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