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Gustav Klimt, The Kiss, 1907-8克林姆:《吻》We#39;re in the Belvedere in Vienna, and we#39;re looking at Gustav Klimt#39;s The Kiss from 1908, probably the most famous Klimt. And I actually have to admit that I have forgotten that the painting was almost a perfect square because I#39;ve seen it in so many posters where it#39;s been cut down and made into a rectangle.我们在维也纳的美景宫美术馆,我们正在欣赏古斯塔夫˙克林姆于1908年的《吻》,也许是克林姆最出名的画作。我其实必须坦承我已忘了这幅画几乎是个完整的正方形,因为我已经在许多被剪裁并做成长方形的海报中看过它。It#39;s a very large painting, and there#39;s so much gold that it#39;s hard not to think of a religious icon. And I think in some ways, Klimt was trying to create a modern icon—something that suggested a sense of transcendence.这是个非常大的画作,且有许多金箔,以致于很难不去想到圣像画。我认为在某些方面,克林姆正试着创作一个现代的圣像--某些暗示出超然感的东西。Well, there#39;s no question that the gold here makes you think of the Byzantine tradition—maybe some of the tile work at Ravenna. There is a way that patterning, especially around the faces, becomes a kind of a halo as well.嗯,毫无疑问这里的金箔让你想到拜占庭传统--也许一些在拉温纳的磁砖艺术。有个方式,特别是在脸部周围,那图形也变成一种光晕的方式。You have Klimt building up the gold. He#39;s got those gold circles that actually rise off the surfaces of the canvas, and catch the light much the way that the gold was tooled in medieval paintings.你有克林姆铺叠那金箔。他有那些确实从画布表面升起的金色圆圈、捕捉到那光线,大致像金箔在中古世纪画作被利用的那方式。There is this sense of the male figure, of patterns that are direct linear in contrast to the curvilinear, to the circles and the ovals that we see in the female form.有这种男性人物的概念、这种直接线性的图形概念,相反于曲线、相反于我们从女性外形上看到的圆圈和椭圆形。But the point that you made about the sense of the spiritual is so powerful in this painting. I think we forget that that darker gold ground seems so much as if the figures are somehow being dissipated into the cosmos that they are so lost in the intensity, the eternity of that kiss.但你所提出关于心灵概念的看法在这幅画作中是如此强而有力。我认为我们忘记那较深的金色底色看似如此之多,好似人物们不知怎么地消失进入和谐的宇宙里,以至于他们是如此迷失在那个吻的强度、永恒之中。And all removed from the everyday world. I mean, we have to remember that this is a time of incredible modernization in Vienna. The City of Vienna has been transformed in the previous 30 years into a modern city.且全都远离日常的世界。我是说,我们必须记得这是在维也纳一段惊人的现代化时期。维也纳市在前三十年中已转型为现代城市。Here, Klimt is abstracting a universal experience from the trauma, the difficulties, the anxieties of everyday life. I think it#39;s also important to see this in relationship to Klimt#39;s Beethoven Frieze, where the figures confront evil forces, these mythic figures. And in the end, there#39;s this embrace, this kiss, this emergence from evil into fulfillment and perfection.此处,克林姆正从日常生活的创伤、困难、及焦虑中,将一个普遍的经验抽象化。我认为同样很重要的是要看到这个与克林姆的《贝多芬横饰带画》的关系,这幅画中的人物面对恶势力、这些神话人物。在最后,有这个拥抱、这个亲吻、这个从邪恶进入成就和完美的现身。A minute ago, we were looking at the painting by Egon Schiele called The Embrace. But there, there was so much more of a sense of the physicality of the bodies.一分钟前,我们正欣赏埃贡·席勒名为《拥抱》的画作。但在那里,有更多身体形体特征的概念。˙The way that the bodies really aren#39;t present here and are cloaked in these decorative forms reminds us how much Klimt, although he was exploring this kind of sensuality, was also disguising and covering it with a kind of decorative patterning.那些肉体实际上在此处并没有出现、且被这些装饰形式掩饰其中的方式,提醒我们,虽然他正在探索这种感官享受,克林姆同样以一种装饰的图形伪装、掩盖了多少事物。And that#39;s absolutely right, with the exception of the faces. And here, this is where the entire painting changes. The female figure is completely full-frontal but horizontal, so that there#39;s this beautiful sense of her passivity, receiving that kiss, but also kind of deep interior feeling with her eyes closed.那是完全正确的,除了脸部之外。在这里,这里是整幅画作改变之处。女性人物是完全朝向前方但也是横向的,所以这里有这种她被动的美感概念,接收那吻,但同样随着她的双眼闭上也有种深入的内心感受。Her fingers just delicately touching his as he holds her head. And his neck reaches out and around. And you get the sense of his physical power through the strength of that neck, but also the intensity of his desire.她的手指就这样微妙地摸着他的手指,就在他捧着她的头的时候。他的脖子伸出到周围。你透过那脖子的力度感受到他体能的概念,还有他欲望的强度。And, of course, they#39;re both crowned. On his head you can see a wreath of leaves. On hers—almost as if they were the stars of the heavens.而,当然,他们两个都被加上冠冕。在他的头上你可以看到一圈叶子。在她的头上--几乎就像它们是天堂的繁星。Schiele gives us an image of a couple that#39;s electrified by kinds of agitated outlines.席勒给了我们一个被各种颤抖轮廓所刺激的情人画面。Schiele is showing us a kind of truth through the energy of the moment, whereas Klimt seems to be reaching out to a truth that is for all time. That is so aestheticized it feels as if it has a degree of absolute permanence.席勒正透过那瞬间的能量展现某种真相给我们看,然而克林姆似乎要伸向一个永恒的真实性。那是如此美学化的,感觉好似它有个绝对永恒的程度。 Article/201503/361945

John Harris has been investigating these tar pits for the past 20 years.John Harris过去20年中一直都在研究焦油熔池What happened would be a horse or a ground sloth or a camel would wander along,情况可能是一匹马、一只地懒,或是一头骆驼正在这里散步and get stuck and... Just demonstrating here.一不小心陷了进去,我来示范一下Once it#39;s in, it takes a great deal of strength to pull it out.陷进去后,需要用很大力气,才能把它拔出来And of course if an animal gets stuck on the surface like this,因此一旦动物陷进这种地方when it#39;s trying to pull out one leg, it#39;s pushing in three others.当它们试着拔出一条腿时,其它3条腿就会越陷越深And so very soon it will get totally immobilized.很快它们就动弹不了了The trapped animal would lure predators to the swamp, who would, in turn, become stuck.受困的动物把掠食者引来沼泽,它们也跟着一块儿陷了进去It would be meat on the hoof, waiting for the sabre-tooths and the dire wolves to come in and feed from it.这是送到嘴边的肥肉,剑齿虎和恐狼赶过来吃它们,And they would come in and, they in turn, get stuck.结果也跟着落入陷阱The down would come vultures to feed for a moment and they would get stuck.然后秃鹫也飞下来吃,它们也陷进去了In would come the flies, and they would get stuck, too.后来苍蝇也过来吃尸体,它们同样难逃厄运In pretty short order, you#39;d build up the example whole food chain.所以在短期内,这里说不定已经有了一条食物链Over time, hundreds of dinosaurs would have sunk into traps.随着时间的推移,数百只恐龙落入了陷阱Millions of years later, the tar and mud has turned to rock,亿万年后,焦油和泥浆变成了岩石the bones fossilized, and the site would look like any normal rocky bone bed.骨骼变成了化石,这里也就成了很普通的化石场If Currie#39;s dig site was actually a prehistoric predator trap,如果Currie的挖掘地点是一个史前掠食动物陷阱it would destroy his theory that the tyrannosaurs lived and hunted in packs.那将全盘否定他关于暴龙是集体生活和狩猎的观点But how could the paleontologists tell?那么,古生物学家又是如何解释的呢 Article/201612/484375

栏目简介:《造物小百科How it#39;s made》介绍了许多东西的制作或者说发明方法,非常实用。其中的英语视频发音地道,内容浅显易懂,过程形象生动,是提高英语听力水平,积累英语知识和一些简单生活常识的好素材。 Article/201510/402422

  But look at this, it#39;s like a string of gleaming pearls.但是你看这个,看起来很像一串闪亮的珍珠It#39;s a fireball一个火球expanding out from what must have been a massive explosion.在强烈爆炸后向外扩张A supernova.一颗超新星So bright that when light from the explosion reached Earth 20 years ago爆炸产生的光非常亮,当20年前抵达地球时it was visible to the naked eye用肉眼就可以看到And so violent, it triggered a string of nuclear reactions而且爆炸非常强烈,引发了一连串核反应forcing atoms together, creating new elements迫使原子聚合生成新的元素gold, silver, platinum, blasting them out into space.金、银、白金,被抛入太空The gold in the ring on you finger你手指上戒指里的黄金was forged in a massive supernova like this就是数百亿年前在这样一个trillions of miles away, billions of years ago.距离数兆英里的超新星内部中生成的Before we left home, the universe seemed desperate在我们出发前,宇宙似乎与我们无关something out there, up in the sky.只是存在于我们头顶上的天空But now we know better.但是现在我们更了解了We are the universe, and it is within us我们是宇宙,它就在我们之中It#39;s comforting to remember as we venture through this abyss.在穿越这个深渊之时,这个想法让我们稍感安慰Further and further越来越远Faster and faster远来越快The Andromeda Galaxy two and half million light years away仙女座星系距离地球250万光年It#39;s racing through space它在太空中疾行everything blown apart, like shrapnel in an explosion.太空中所有的东西都像榴霰弹爆炸后的弹片那样四散分离We#39;re seeing this galaxy as it was我们看到的这个星系的形态when our ape-like ancestors first walked on the African plains和我们的猿类祖先首次在非洲平原上行走时的一样Further through space, and further back in time我们在太空中前进越远,回溯的时光也就越远Hold on. This doesn#39;t look right等等,这个看来有点不对劲A whole galaxy exploding?整个星系在爆炸?The only thing large enough to cause an explosion on this scale唯一能引起这么大规模爆炸的is another galaxy.必定是和另一个星系相撞It looks like the end of the world这看起来像世界末日But this galaxy won#39;t die, it will be reborn.可这个星系不会死亡,它会重生A new shape, perhaps even new stars形成新的形状,甚至可能诞生新的恒星as dust and gas collide, creating friction, shockwaves当尘埃和气体碰撞、产生擦、冲击波triggering the birth of stars.引发一个恒星的诞生 Article/201507/389023


  Our solar system, the place we call home太阳系,我们的家园lies about 26,000 light years from the center of our galaxy, the Milky Way.位于距离系中心二万六千光年的地方or around two thirds the way out.或说是系直径的三分之二处The story of how these huge planets came to be orbiting这些巨大行星用了六百万年才开始an average yellow star is six billion years long,环绕一颗中等大小的金色恒星运行and since we don#39;t have that much time, I#39;ll speed it up a bit.由于时间有限,我会加快速度解释过程It starts with a bang.故事的开头是一个大爆炸Long ago an ancient star exploded,很久以前,一颗古老的恒星发生爆炸littering space with swirling clouds of the materials it had made while it lived向空中抛出旋转的它燃烧时产生的物质云团and the heavier metals it created as it died.和灭亡时产生的更重的金属We know this because we我们之所以知道这些是因为can see similar feels of dust out in space today.现今能从星际尘埃中看到相似的感觉They are called nebulae and they are very beautiful.它们叫作星云,形态绚丽多Every nebula is different,每个星云都不同 and in our case the clouds contained nitrogen and oxygen and iron and silicon我们的星云包含氮,氧,铁,硅and all the other stuff needed to build a world like ours.和其他构成丰富多的世界所需的东西Then the tireless force of接着,不知疲倦的万有引力开始gravity started to pull it all back together.将一切牵引到一起And the heavy engineering that produces planets began.创造行星的浩大工程开始了Vast spirals of dust began to form大量尘埃飞扬,开始排列and at the center of one of these,某片尘埃中央a rocky planet called Earth started to take shape,一颗称为地球的岩状行星开始成形built of stardust and assembled by gravity.由星尘为材料,由万有引力组建而成 Article/201509/399836

  Jo was the only member of the family to attend church services regularly and was baptized here at the age of 11.乔是家里唯一一个经常来教堂务的人。11岁的时候,她在这里受洗。Do you believe in God?你信仰上帝吗?Yes.是的。I do- I do struggle with it.我真的,真的对此挣扎过。I couldn#39;t pretend that I#39;m not doubt-ridden about a lot of things and that would be one of them. But I would say yes.我没法假装对许多事情不抱怀疑,这也是我挣扎的原因之一,但我还是会说“是”。Do you think there#39;s a life beyond this of some kind?你相信冥冥之中有某个东西超越于万物之上吗?Yes, I think I do.是的,我想是的。Jo#39;s religious belief and her thoughts about love, death and the afterlife were severely tested when her mother was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1980.乔的宗教信仰和她关于爱,死亡和来生的想法在她母亲1980年被诊断出多发性硬化症的时候遭到了严峻的考验。I was 15 when she was diagnosed.她被确诊的时候,我15岁。But we now know that she was showing signs probably from when I was about 10 or 11.但我们现在知道她从我10岁11岁时就可能有症状显示了。She would have odd losses of feeling in limbs.她的四肢会奇怪地失去知觉。Her balance actually was poor for a long time.她的平衡感其实很长一段时间都很差。And then it just got worse and worse and she decided it was time to visit the doctor but she wasn#39;t expecting to hear anything.之后身体每况愈下,直到她觉得要去看医生,但她本以为没什么大碍。And then, you know, a year of tests and there we were.然后一年的检查下来,我们得到了确诊。She had a very virulent form of the illness.她患上了恶疾。And at that time there were no drug treatments at all.那时候没有一点药物可以治疗。They said, ;Well, you#39;ve got multiple sclerosis. See you. ;他们说:“好吧,你得了多发性硬化症,保重。”The illness was to have a devastating impact on the two girls.这场病给两个女孩带来了毁灭性的影响。Particularly as they found their father difficult.特别是她们与父亲相处不和。One of the reasons Harry Potter is so full of idealized father figures Hagrid, Dumbledore and Sirius Black is that Jo#39;s relationship with her own father was far from ideal.《哈利·波特》中充满了那么多完美父亲的形象:海格,邓布利多和小天狼星·布莱克,原因之一就是乔和自己父亲的关系并不如意。I was very frightened of my father for a very long time.很长一段时间以来,我很怕我的父亲。And...But also tried.然后……但是我也尝试了。Well, it#39;s a common combination, isn#39;t it? I also tried desperately to get his approval and make him happy, I suppose.父女不和是种很常见的关系,是吧?我拼命尝试得到他的认可,或者说哄他开心。And then there came a point, quite shamingly late in life where I couldn#39;t do that anymore.直到某一天自觉羞愧,一直到了年纪挺大的时候我再也不想这么做了。And so I haven#39;t had any contact with my father now for a few years.所以在这之后,我已经好几年没和父亲有任何联系了。The absence of any meaningful relationship with her father and the long, slow loss of her mother are two of the most important influences on Jo#39;s writing.这种父女之间重要关系的缺席以及看着母亲死去这一段长久而缓慢的经历是影响乔写作的两个最重要因素。Ann Rowling died in 1990.安·罗琳于1990年离世。She never knew about Harry Potter or the phenomenal success her daughter was about to enjoy.她再也不会知道《哈利·波特》也不会知道她女儿即将享有的非凡成就。 Article/201510/404515

  栏目介绍:搞笑英语轻松学通过不同的搞笑生活片段来学习日常口语,领域涉及生活的各个方面,让我们边看视频边学英语。正宗地道的口语,假一罚十。美剧电影真人秀都看过了之后还能看什么学口语呢?当然是看这些双语视频啦!又好玩,又原汁原味,又顺便学一两句地道英语,多痛快!快来看看吧! Article/201509/399824

  栏目简介:Meanwhile, the annual archery World Cup event also wrapped up yesterday in Pudong. This year it was hosted in a new location to attract more spectators. Here#39;s Cui Hui#39;ao, once again. Article/201701/486554



  栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。 Article/201511/406346

  Find new uses for that old bridesmaid dress hanging in your closet.为悬挂在衣柜里的那件旧的伴娘礼寻找新的用途。You Will Need你需要A used bridesmaid dress穿过的伴娘Ingenuity独创性Imagination想像力Steps步骤STEP 1 Take apart your dress and use the fabric by sewing the material into throw pillows, chair covers, or a runner.Simple pillow patterns are available online.1.拆开伴娘,充分利用布料,可以缝成绣花枕头,坐垫或长条地毯。简单的枕头款式在网上可以找到。STEP 2 Sell the dress at a consignment shop, online, or at a garage sale.2.可以在寄售商店,网上或废品回收处出售这件伴娘。STEP 3 Donate your dress to a high school’s prom dress charity. Other charities and local thrift shops also accept special occasion dresses.Check online to find local dress donation drives.3.把你的伴娘捐赠给高中慈善毕业舞会。其他慈善机构和当地旧货店都接受特别场合的装。上网查看当地装捐赠事项。STEP 4 Shorten it to a cocktail dress or alter it into a blouse or simple skirt. If these projects are beyond your skill, hire a seamstress to do the alterations.4.剪短变成鸡尾酒裙,或者改造为衬衣或简单的短裙。如果你不会这些手艺,可以雇佣一名女裁缝师。STEP 5 Lend the dress to a younger sibling or relative for a school dance.5.把你的伴娘裙借给表或亲戚参加学校舞会。STEP 6 Wear an old bridesmaid dress as part of a Halloween costume. Be a proper Southern belle or rip the dress and go as a prom queen zombie.6.可以在万圣节化妆舞会上穿一件旧的伴娘。打扮成迷人的南方美女,或者把裙子撕开,装扮成僵尸皇后。Did you know? Historically, bridesmaids protected the bride against evil spirits by wearing similar clothing to confuse them.你知道吗?在历史上,伴娘要穿上类似的装迷惑恶灵,保护新娘免受恶灵侵害。 Article/201501/354721

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