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Subject:You had better come clean. 迷你对话A: David, I heard about that you had worked for another magazine company you came to ours.David,我听说你在来我们一家公司之前在另外一家杂志社工作过。B: What? It... it is impossible.什么?这......这不可能。A: You had better come clean. .One of my friend said that he was your colleague before.你最好说实话。我的一位朋友说你是他的同事。 地道表达 come clean 1. 解词释义此语中的clean是副词,意思是“完全地”,等于completely。Come clean的意思是“全盘招供”“坦白承认”。 2. 拓展例句Why dont you come clean and tell us your plans?你为何不和盘托出,把你的计划都告诉我们?Ive got to come clean with you I was the one who broke the window.我向你说实话--窗户是我打破的。The criminal decided to come clean.罪犯决定供出事实。 Ps:hear about的意思是“获悉,得知”。例如:I was sorry to hear about your illness.听说你病了,我很难过。Anything particular you want to know? Let me hear about it.有什么特别问题你需要了解吗?说来让我听听。 /201405/296188

迷你对话:A: How is your new job? Do you like it?你的新工作怎么样?你喜欢吗?B: Itrsquo;s very interesting, but itrsquo;s bone-breaking too.工作非常有意思,但是十分辛苦。A: You canrsquo;t expect everything satisfactory.你不可能要求事事都称心如意。地道表达: bone-breaking:极其劳累的(工作)解词释义: 这是一条形容词性的习语。改习语直译为;骨骼都碎了的;,形容;令人十分劳累的(工作);。持范例:Eg. The secretaries left bone-breaking at the end of the day that they almost shuffled along, but Eleanor was only nicely started. 秘书们工作了一天,十分劳累,几乎是拖着脚步离去了,而埃莉诺的精力却刚刚换发出来。 Eg. We felt bone-breaking with the toil. 我们因那件辛苦的工作而感到十分疲惫。 /201208/194051


  So it feels like.Adam serously beat me up.Funny,thats funny.Im sorry.就像是 Adam痛打了我一顿 有趣吧 真有趣 兄弟 我错了And I love you.Im sorry.Thats nice,Blake.You are a strong man,But I have seen him naked.我爱你 我错了 Blake 干得好 你很强壮 但我看过他裸体All right,so,lets talk about all of you,让我们来谈谈你们I mean,this is amazing,that all of you are Grammy nominees,真是太了不起了 你们都获得了格莱美提名This is,and Christina for,the Pop Duo Performance Moves like jagger.Christina 凭;Moves Like Jagger;获得最佳流行乐队提名Christina the Best Compilation Soundtrack for Burlesque.Burlesque,yeah.Christina凭;Burlesque;获最佳改编影视音乐专辑提名 是的 BurlesqueAnd Blake for Best Country Song for God Gave Me You.Blake凭;God Gave Me You; 获得最佳乡村歌曲提名Best Country Album for Red River Blue,Best Country Solo Performance for Honey Bee.凭《Red River Blue》获得最佳乡村专辑提名 凭;Honey Bee;获最佳乡村歌手提名Unbelievable,you all will be travling together in the same car.Are you imagine.真是不可思议 你们要坐在同一辆车上旅行 你们想象过吗Yes,to travel every where together,Just like this.是的 旅行时哪里都在一起 就像这样Thats all we do.As a car pool all the time.这就是我们做的 一起拼车I bet,I mean you came to station Wagon today.We did,we did.Thats great.我就知道 你们今天到Wagon站的时候 是的 我们就这么干的 非常好Seriously,I have to tell you,how amazing you were at James funeral,言归正传 我得告诉你 在James的葬礼上你的表现好棒Singing At Last.Thank you.I want to show a tiny if you havent seen it.Thank you.演唱;At Last; 谢谢 如果你们没看过的话 我会放出片段 谢谢Unbelievable,thank you.You voice is just incredible anyway,But lets show a just tiny piece of that.令人叫绝 谢谢 你的嗓音真是不可思议 让我们来看下片段 /201703/500086。

  第一, 迷你对话A: What has happened? You got black and blue in the face.怎么搞的,你脸上青一块紫一块的。B: I fought with Bob.我和鲍勃打了一架。A: Terrible. How come?糟透了,怎么会这样呢?B: I don’t want to mention it. But I’ll get back at him some day.我不想再提了,但是我终有一天会报复他的。第二, 地道表达get back at1. 解词释义Get back at someone的字母意思是“返回到某人身上去”,引申为“报复某人”。2. 拓展范例e.g. I didnt write this book to get back at Henry Ford for firing me.我写这本书也不是为了要向亨利#8226;福特报解雇我之仇。e.g. My classmate played a joke on me, and next day I got back at him.我的同学和我开了个玩笑,第二天我报复了他。e.g. I got back at him for sping those lies about me.他散布谎言诽谤我,对此我进行了报复。e.g. When my boy friend broke up with me, I dated his best friend to get back at him.当我的男朋友跟我分手后,我开始跟他最要好的朋友约会以作报复。第三, 咬文嚼字black and blue : 遍体鳞伤的;青一块紫一块的e.g. After the fight, he was black and blue all over.打架之后,他浑身青一块紫一块。e.g. The smugglers pounced on him and beat him black and blue.走私贩们一拥而上,把他打得遍体鳞伤。fight with sb.:与某人打架e.g. They crowded around me, telling me that I had fought with two bullies.他们把我围住,告诉我说我打的是两个欺软怕硬的家伙。e.g. They fought with all their might.他们全力作战。第四, 口语短句某人的脸上青一块紫一块的。Sb. is black and blue in the face. /201601/420838

  Is that what the house is like,In the morning time in our house你家跟疯人院一样 早上的时候是的Right,cause thats,its.youre just awake screaming for a cigarette是啊 因为这 你醒了一心想抽根烟and someones doing ballet over there on and goes那边有人在跳芭蕾Cause,you know Portia and I have been together six years and you and Angelina is about together the same matter of time我和Portia在一起六年了 你和Angelina在一起的时间也差不多and I just think wow,cause theres Maddox and Pax and Zahara and buffon Handsome men and then twins I dont know我只是觉得 哇 那真是 我的孩子有Maddox Pax Zahara 淘气小鬼头们和双胞胎 我记不清了There is,there is tiddler,there are so many of them.I just dont know how you balance还有 还有一个小宝宝 记不清 实在太多了 我不知道你怎么平衡Now theres gotta be one really really well behaved one that whos favorite肯定有一个表现特别特别好 你最喜欢哪个Eh,how do I get out of this.And what would you,I just throw some at you and you answer what you want呃 这让我怎么说 你会怎样 我随便问你随便答Would you want them to go into this business,or are you like warning them all not to be in this business你想让他们进圈吗 还是说 你告诫他们千万别踏足这行No I want them,you know whatevers gonna make them happy to help them feel fulfilled你知道我希望他们 只要他们快乐 充实Im all forward.But on one can touch them till they are 18我就持 但是他们18岁以前谁也别想进So you are travelling a lot,and you have the kids and you have a career,Angie has a career你经常出差 你们有孩子 你要忙事业 Angle也要忙事业How do you have time to keep to have the romance,to have like along time你们怎么有时间保持 去享受浪漫 享受二人世界Do you just sometimes you say you will be back in a month.Do you just leave them at home你们会不会 跟孩子们说一个月以后回来 然后把他们留在家里 /201611/476683

  A: I am fed up with Jack. He is so weak in dealing with other people and always eat dirt.我受不了Jach了,他交际太差,总是忍气吞声。B: So he is. But, why not try to help him to become stronger?他的确是这样。但是你为何不帮助他变得强壮点呢?A: How do you know that I didn’t try? I just couldn’t manage it.你怎么知道我没帮,我只是没帮成功而已。 特别声明:该内容出自可可编辑Juliet和外教,英语教育专家共同合作发行出版的《娜娜教英语》之《小题大做》篇,在此倾情供给可可会员学习,若需转载,请注明出处。 /201508/390495正确发音小技巧发长音/a:/时,嘴巴放松,自然张开。 发短音/#652;/时,嘴稍张一点,嘴形比/a:/小得多,从喉咙后部短促地发出这个音。 初学正确发这个音时,肌肉会比较紧张。如图: /a:/ heart car large park farm/#61521;/ husband cut lucky pub funny唇舌训练: I love my husband's large car in the park. /a:/ /a:/ /a:/She's cutting the picture of heart in the pub. /a:/ The lucky man who owns a farm wins a funny car. /a:/ /a:/The woman and his husband are talking to each other, aren't they? /a:/ /a:/Those funny cars are everywhere: in the park, in the farm, even in a pub. /a:/ /a:/ /a:/ /a:/ 单词中字母的发音规律一般发长音/a:/的字母 al calm, palm ar start, farm, large, yard一般发短音/#61521;/的字母 o come, month oo blood, flood ou rough, trouble, country u luck, husband, hurry, up请注意:有很多单词中的字母“a”在字典可以看到是发/a:/的音,如:dance, grass, plant, fast等等,但在美音发音中,这些音都会发成/aelig;/, 所以在以上的单词字母的发音规律表中没有列出来。同时,有些单词如:laugh, aunt中的字母“au”,其英式发音也是/a:/,但美式发音会发/aelig;/的音。发音与朗读训练(在做以下朗读练习时,请注意黑体单词中画线字母的发音) Confidence 自信There's nothing wrong with trying to excel. 试图超越他人并没有错。 But if your best isn't as good as someone else's, 但如果你已经尽了最大的努力,仍不如他人,don't allow yourself to lose confidence, 请不要丢掉你的自信,either work harder to reach a new best, or accept that that's the way things are, /a:/ /a:/要么更努力一些,要么只要你已经尽了全力,as long as you're giving your all. 就接受现实。As I said earlier to my students, I'm not that far from complete confidence, /a:/ 正如我曾对我的学生说过的那样,我也是一个充满自信的人,and that confidence comes from knowing my strengths and weaknesses 那种自信来源于我对自己的优势与弱势的认知and accepting them. 与接受。I also know I'm not in anything alone, I have friends and family behind me, 我也知道我并不是孤独一人,我有朋友与家人持着我。no matter what I do, and with that kind of support, 无论我做什么,只要有那爱持伴着我,why wouldn't I be confident?我怎能不自信呢? /201109/155391

  听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):Since Donald Trump was elected to be the 45th President of the ed States, the reactions, both for and against, have been forceful. Many Americans are afraid of life under President Trump, based on campaign messages that regularly targeted people based on religion, gender, ethnicity, and race.And they wonder: why would someone vote for a candidate whose rhetoric was so often hateful?One possible conclusion is that those who did vote for Trump must share those hateful views.Saeed Khan, a lecturer at Wayne State University who also teaches a course on Muslim-Christian diversity at Rochester College, is encouraging a more measured view.In a recent article on ReligionNews.com, he compared such blanket assessments of Trump supporters to the false equivalency sometimes made between Muslims and terrorists:...to infer that all of Trumps supporters are rabid racists, or even motivated by such base impulses, would be as ironically absurd as those who contend that all Muslims are terrorists. An accurate assessment of the election and the reality of this nation requires nuance, not the replacement of one binary narrative with another.Khan has an unusual perspective on the divide between the red and blue America. Although he did not support Trump himself, he is a native of Lapeer, a small town in a county that Trump won with over 60% of the vote.Khan believes that it was Trumps economic message, not his hateful rhetoric, that helped him carry places like Lapeer.;This is a community where my parents still live,; Khan told us. ;They were there during 9-11. There was never an ounce of racism, there was never a matter of bigotry.;Listen to our full interview with Saeed Kahn above.201701/486742

  get up the nerve1:I'm trying to get up the nerve to walk in and tell my boss I want a 20% raise我打算鼓起勇气到老板的办公室去,告诉他我想加薪百分之二十有时候人们用work代替get,成为work up the nerveI've been trying to work up the nerve to ask her to marry me, but I'm afraid all she'll do is laugh. 我一直想鼓起勇气开口向她求婚,但我老觉得难以启齿,因为我怕她会一笑了之。 我们再来学个习惯用语: have got a lot of nerve。在这个习惯用语里,nerve不再解释为“神经”或者“勇气”,而是“鲁莽”。 You've really got a lot of nerve telling me I spend too much money! Remember, you are the one who goes up to New York every month and brings back a thousand dollars worth of stuff. 你也好意思说我花钱太多?你每个月都得去一次纽约,而且每次总要买一千多美元的东西!Of all the nerve。Of all the nerve! How dare you criticize me for being late in the morning. You're the one who sneak out half an hour early - at least I work a full eight hours every day! 真是大言不惭!你还说我早上迟到?你自己每天提前半小时就回家了,至少我每天都待够八小时。 /201106/139580。


  听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):Dennis Potter is still doing what he discovered he loved in 1977. He ties flies for fly fishing. He says he still remembers tying his first one.“To take that fly that I tied – I can show you within six inches on a log where I caught my first trout on the Au Sable River almost 40 years ago,” Potter said.Dennis Potter was hooked.He took a fly-tying class, but he says his real education came from being fortunate enough to know a lot of good fly tyers.He studied their patterns and techniques. He also studied the insects fish prey upon.“Trout in particular can become very selective, not only to a specific species of insect that they’re feeding on, but to a certain stage of the life cycle of that insect. So, if you don’t have the right bug, it can be difficult,” he said.Potter and his family live in a nice house on a private drive. They also own a place on the Au Sable River. I had to ask: How did he manage to get to the point where he could make a living at tying flies? He scoffed. He told me he’s not.He says he retired from the family business, traded places with his wife, Karen, and became what he calls the “househusband.” And he tied flies.“There are very, very few people who make a living – e, une – being commercial fly tyers. It’s an unbelievable commitment and you virtually have to tie every day,” Potter said.He adds you’d be lucky to pull in about ,000 a year. But, Potter’s done OK. He designs patterns for a company called Umpqua Feather Merchants. His flies are duplicated in factories Sri Lanka, Thailand, other places. He gets a small commission from that. He makes money from his own retail operation, Riverhouse Fly Company. And he speaks at shows and workshops and produces instructional s.“I absolutely love the teaching aspect of this. And, it sounds corny, I’m driven to share all this information that I’ve borrowed, stolen from others, come up with on my own. By far, the greatest satisfaction that I get is helping someone get better at what they’re doing,” he explained.The entire time we talked, Potter was tying flies. He grabbed a bit of this, a scrap of that and in two minutes – actually, a shorter time than that – he’d tied a fly using all kinds of materials around him.“The natural materials: deer hair, elk hair, calf tails, peacock, turkey feathers, virtually any fur, any hair, any feather can and probably has been in fly tying,” he said. He pointed at a fly he’d been working on while we talked.“Many, many years ago that fly would have been deer hair or elk hair, but it gets wet, it breaks, it gets heavy. So, anything I can do with synthetic, I’m going to do,” he said.Synthetic materials are lighter. They don’t soak up water. They stay on the surface of the water better just as many insects do. Some materials are shiny just like some bugs.Like a lot of the Artisans of Michigan I’ve met, Potter takes pride in his work. He believes he stands out because he puts in more effort than some of his competitors.“Every fly that I tie for a fly shop or my retail customers is tied exactly the same way as the flies that go into my fly box. And that’s not the case with a lot of commercial tyers. They’ll crank out something quick, quick, quick that doesn’t have the durability, they don’t all look the same. I just simply refuse to do that. So, could I tie faster? Yes. Absolutely, but I don’t.”I had to ask him: Do you have to think like a fish when designing a fly?“Do you have to think like a – well, uh, not when you’re tying. Well, yeah, I guess you do. You know, I’ve tied enough that when I do come up with something new, I can look it and and know, wow, that’s going to catch fish! You simply know,” he said.And it only took tying a few hundred thousand flies to get there.That’s Dennis Potter with Riverhouse Fly Company, our latest Artisan of Michigan.201706/513184

  Do you sell duty-free items on this flight?这个航班上有卖免税商品吗?Can I have a look (at it)? Can I have a look?可以看一下吗?Lily老师的公众微信账号:贵旅特(shanghai_greeters) /201508/392965

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