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2019年12月06日 11:15:57来源:美资讯

  • Indian farmers hit by drought and debt displayed the skulls of fellow farmers believed to have committed suicide, and placed live rats in their mouths at a protest calling on Prime Minister Narendra Modi to save them from starvation.近日,饱受干旱和债务困扰的印度农民举行了一场抗议活动,他们将自杀农民的头骨摆在地上、嘴里咬着活老鼠,以此来呼吁总理莫迪拯救他们免于饥饿。The farmers, who travelled to the Indian capital from the southern state of Tamil Nadu, say lack of rains over the last year have led to crop failure, forcing many to take loans from banks and moneylenders to survive.这些从南部城邦泰米尔纳德邦来到印度首都的农民表示,由于去年缺乏降雨导致农作物歉收,迫使许多人为了生存,从和放债者处贷款。Some held up large white rats and placed the squirming rodents between their teeth — saying they would be forced to eat them in order to avoid starvation.一些人把巨大的白毛老鼠咬在嘴里--称他们为了避免挨饿他们将不得不吃老鼠。;These skulls are all that remains of our brothers who killed themselves because they could not repay their debts,; said P. Ayyakannu, president of South Indian Rivers Linking Farmers Association, sitting by a row of eight human skulls.南印度Rivers Linking农民协会的主席阿亚卡努坐在8个摆成一排的人类头骨旁说道:“我们的兄弟因为偿还不起债务自杀了,这些头骨是他们剩下的唯一一点东西了。”#39;It has come to the stage where hundreds of farmers are committing suicide due to the pressure of not being able to repay these loans, yet our prime minister is doing very little. We are here to demand Modi help us and write-off these debts.#39;“现在已经发展到了数百名农民由于无法偿还这些贷款而选择自杀的程度,但是我们的总理却什么也不做。我们到这里来,就是请求莫迪总理能帮助我们,并勾销这些债务。” /201704/502770。
  • We#39;re suing your sea plane company for stealing our landing technique developed through millions of years of evolution...我们要起诉你的海上飞机公司窃取我们历经数百万年进化而成的着陆技术…… /201701/487643。
  • I loathe that tall freak!我真讨厌那个高个子的“奇葩”!Look at that douche showing off over there!瞧瞧那草包在那炫耀的熊样!The mountains next to Mount Everest珠穆朗玛峰旁边的群山 /201612/481244。
  • The advent of technology has removed barriers between countries and opened a window of opportunity for travel and tourism. However, optimism has been tempered with caution as the recent spate of terrorist attacks has put safety at the forefront of the tourism industry, with industry leaders as well as politicians voicing concern.科技的到来消除了国家间的障碍,为旅游业打开了机会之窗。然而,最近发生的恐怖袭击事件使得旅游业最先考虑安全问题,因此乐观主义还需谨慎为妙,旅游界领导人和政界人士都发言表示了担心。From terrorist threats to aviation disasters and mishandling of passengers on aircraft, issues relating to travel and tourism have made headlines across the globe this past decade. Former British Prime Minister David Cameron opined that the threat of Islamic extremists is one of the biggest threats to the world and the travel industry, citing terrorist attacks in France, Russia, Britain, the ed States and other countries.从恐怖袭击到空难再到飞机上对乘客的不当处理,有关旅游业的问题在过去十年一直都占据着全球头条。前英国首相戴维·卡梅隆认为:伊斯兰极端分子的威胁是全世界及旅游业面对的最大威胁之一,并列举了发生在法国、俄罗斯、英国、美国和其它国家的恐怖袭击。;No region is exempted, including this one,; he said, during his keynote speech at the annual World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) Global Summit 2017, which was held in Bangkok, Thailand, on April 26 and 27. Some of the recent terrorist attacks, from Paris to Brussels and Germany, have heightened concerns among players in the industry.;没有一个国家例外,包括这个国家,;他在2017年年度世界旅游业大会全球峰会的主旨演讲中说道,该峰会于4月26日至27日在泰国曼谷举行。从巴黎到布鲁塞尔再到德国的近期恐怖袭击事件使得业界参与者极为关注。Policemen inspects the cordoned-off site of a bomb blast at the popular Erawan shrine in the heart of Bangkok#39;s tourist and commercial centre on August 18, 2015. The death toll from a bomb blast in the Thai capital rose to 20 on August 18 with 123 wounded, police said, with eight tourists from China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore among those killed in the attack.2015年8月18日,曼谷旅游和商业中心的四面佛景点处发生了爆炸,警方封锁并检查了现场。警方称,泰国首都爆炸事件造成20人死亡,123人受伤,其中,8名来自中国、香港、马来西亚和新加坡的游客死亡。Within Asean, the 2002 Bali bombings in Indonesia claimed the lives of 202 people while in recent years, the 2015 Bangkok blast at the Erawan Shrine killed 20 and left over 120 people injured. The Jemaah Islamiyah was said to be behind the devastating Bali bombings while the Bangkok blast was reportedly motivated by revenge for an official crackdown on human trafficking gangs.在东盟内部,2002年印度尼西亚巴厘岛爆炸事件夺去了202人的生命,最近,2015年曼谷四面佛的爆炸事件致使20人死亡,120多人受伤。据称,伊斯兰祈祷团是巴厘岛破坏性爆炸事件的幕后黑手,而曼谷爆炸事件则是一起报复事件,报复官方打击人口贩卖团伙。Echoing Cameron#39;s sentiments was Thailand#39;s Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha who said there is a need to pay attention to the threats of terrorism, cross-border terrorism and cyber crime. ;We must find measures and new technologies in order to screen travellers and tourists who come into our country more stringently.泰国总理巴育·占奥差的言论与卡梅隆的观点相呼应,他说有必要注意恐怖主义、跨国恐怖主义和网络犯罪的威胁。;我们必须找到措施,发明新科技,以更为严格的扫描进入我国的游客。;;There#39;s a need for us to strike a balance between independence and human rights and also safety. It is a delicate balance,; said the premier in his speech.;我们有必要在独立和人权以及安全之间取得平衡,这是非常精妙的平衡,;总理在他的演讲中说道。译文属 /201705/509875。
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