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Some of Elizabeth#39;s anguish may have been genuine remorse,伊丽莎白的苦恼中有一些是发自内心的自责some of it was downright fear and she was right to worry.还有一些是明显的不安和恐惧 确实如此Even before Mary#39;s execution,King Phillip of Spain had accelerated his plans for the ;Enterprise; Of England,就在玛丽的死刑之前 西班牙国王菲利普 就开始着手他的;进军英格兰;的计划了and with Mary now dead, there would be no stopping him.现在玛丽已去 没什么能阻挡他了Suddenly, Elizabethan England looked very small, very vulnerable.突然间 伊丽莎白统治下的英格兰变得 如此渺小 如此脆弱This was always Elizabeth#39;s worst nightmare,伊丽莎白一生中最可怕的噩梦a full-scale Catholic invasion,and now Phillip was launching one.便是一次全面的天主教入侵 而现在菲利普将其变为现实了The Spanish admirals, however,were deeply pessimistic about the chances of success.但是西班牙的海军将领们 却不对此战报有很大胜算They knew english ships had a massive edge in speed and manoeuvrability.他们深知 英国的战舰 速度极快 操作灵活The miracle was not that England was saved奇迹并不是英格兰在此战中胜利but that the Spanish came so close to pulling it off.而是西班牙就差一点就将其击败Only a few miles of the Channel and an unhelpful wind direction made the difference.就在英吉利海峡几海里远的地方 一阵不利西班牙的海风扭转了整个战局The weather, as usual, batted for England.But it was a close thing.天气 一如既往地 向着英国 但那确实很惊险The English were right to be scared in the summer and autumn of 1588.1588年夏季至秋季 英国的境况确实岌岌可危What do you do when weepy and terrified ?You cry out for Mummy.当你啜泣恐惧时怎么办呢 你会寻求母亲的庇护That, courtesy of Robert Dudley dying of cancer now,罗伯特·达德利的谦恭 他正受癌症的折磨but still the great impresario of Elizabeth#39;s shows但却是伊丽莎白所展示的is how she appeared to the troops at the armed camp at Tilbury这就是她出现在提尔伯里军营前的情景the mother at last, the virgin mother of England最后的母亲 圣洁的英格兰女王and the kind of mother you#39;d want on your side,那个人们希望与他们并肩的母亲a mother dressed in a breastplate of steel.一位穿着铁甲的母亲 /201606/449428

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The agreement is one of the most satisfying of Rockefeller#39;s career.该协议是洛克菲勒职业生涯中最得意的一笔He#39;s forced his biggest rival to hand over a fortune in exchange for an iron ore mine he never had much interest in owning.他逼迫他的最大对手吐出一笔财富 以换取本来就没有多大兴趣拥有的铁矿石Rockefeller may have gotten the better of Carnegie but their deal has drawn the attention of another rival who envisions something even bigger.洛克菲勒诚然是打败了卡内基 但他们的交易已经引起了另一个对手的关注 这位对手的野心更大America has expanded more in the last three decades than any country on Earth.美国在过去三十年里的发展是地球上任何其他国家都无法比拟的Covering the bth of the continent, its prosperity is built on oil, steel and electricity.横跨美洲大陆 其繁荣是建立在石油 钢铁及电力上John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie and J.P. Morgan amassed mind-boggling fortunes and became targets.约翰·D·洛克菲勒 安德鲁·卡内基和J·P·根积累了令人难以置信的财富 也成为人们打击的目标But after teaming up to put their man in the White House,they#39;re now free to do whatever they want.但是他们联手找人入住白宫之后 就可以自由地为所欲为了 Article/201607/452005

  新英语900句之生活篇 Lesson37:Flattery奉承541. You haven’t aged one bit. 你一点也没有变老。542. That dress looks marvelous on you. 你穿那衣棒极了。543. Don’t try to impress me with flattery. 别企图用奉承来给我留下好印象。544. I’m not fooled by your false compliments. 我不会被你的虚假的称赞所欺骗。545. You played that piece wonderfully. 你把那首曲子演奏得很好。546. You sing like an angel. 你唱起歌来像个天使。547. He’s the best ball player I have ever seen. 他是我见过的最好的球员。548. You are our most valuable worker. 你是我们最有价值的工人。549. We are very impressed with your work. 我们对你的工作很满意。550. You have the best yard in the neighborhood. 你家的院子是这附近最好的。551. You are just the person I was hoping to run into. 你就是我想遇见的人。552. Because your smile brightens up my day. 因为你的微笑使我的日子都明媚起来了。553. Can’t I just enjoy your company? 我可以和你在一起吗?554. I really like that dress you are wearing. 我真的很喜欢你穿的这件衣。555. I just wanted to let you know how well I think you are running the office. 我只是想跟你说,你把办公室管理得很好。【生词解读】1. flattery [5flAtEri] n. 谄媚;奉承2. marvelous [5mB:v[l[s] a. 【口】妙极的;了不起的3. impress [im5pres] v. 给......极深的印象4. compliment [5kCmplimEnt] n赞美的话;恭维;敬意5. brighten [5braitn] vi明亮,变明亮;闪亮,生辉 /200812/19260

  There was always a sense of a kind of idian world...that one sees in photographs that were done at the turn of the century, for example, by the Seeberger brothers, or different people who were documenting the bon monde, but it wasn#39;t really street style in that it wasn#39;t, theoretically, ;ordinary; people, going about their business dressed in fascinating ways.总会有那么些场景或照片记录着一个国家的变迁,比如说Seeberger兄弟还有其他这些人的照片见了bon monde,但这些都不算真正意义上的街头潮流理论上的 ;普通人;那些仅仅去做生意,或是什么事情时穿着很棒的人普通人。That really begins to happen in the 1960s, and that is the moment which Bill begins.真正的街头潮流大概开始于二十世纪六十年代Bill大概也是那时开始拍照的。On an Easter Sunday, I came back here to get film, and the phone rang and I picked it up, and it was the Times fashion critic and editorial writer Charlotte Curtis, who I knew very well.有一次的复活节我自己回来洗我的照片忽然接到了一个电话,是《纽约时报》时尚的编辑Charlotte Curtis。And she said, ;Bill, grab your cameras and get up to the Sheep Meadow as quick as you can. They#39;re having a be-in.;她让我马上带着相机去Sheep Meadow她说,;那儿正在举行be-in;。What the hell is a be-in?我完全不知道什么是be-in。I jumped on my bike and went up to the Sheep Meadow, and there were thousands of kids.于是我马上骑车跑到Sheep Meadow那儿有很多很多的年轻人。Oh! I mean, you just never saw anything like it.我从来没见过那样的场景。All the flower children, the hippies, everything,那些带着花儿的孩子,嬉皮士那一切都很新奇。All up there, and it was a lovely day, and they were lying on the grass or the dirt or whatever it was, and they were dressed.那真是有趣的一天他们都打扮的很有趣躺在草地上或是泥地里。It was marvelous, and that really did me in.那真是很奇妙完全吸引住了我。From then on, that was it, kid.从那时起,我开始拍这些年轻人。My Sundays and Saturdays...Saturdays down in SoHo, and Sundays up in the park...were completely taken.我的周末计划有了些改变周六在城里拍照周日跑到这些公园去照。That was it.就是这样。 Article/201608/460207。

  零起点英语口语 第14讲 相关专题推荐:从零开始学口语英语口语999句疯狂英语现场教学新英语900句视频色拉英语乐园视频 /200810/53570

  Conversation A : At a Concert?CARA: That was beautiful. Did you like it, MartinMARTIN: It was wonderful.?CARA: Did you like it, HowardHOWARD: Of course.?CARA: Now, Howard, which one is your sisterHOWARD: That woman playing the violin.?CARA: Which one?HOWARD: She has a black dress.?MARTIN: They all have black dresses.?HOWARD: She has red hair.?CARA: Oh, I see. She has beautiful hands. She has long fingers.?MARTIN: Yes, she does. I like her hair. Your hair isn't red.?HOWARD: Our father's hair is red. He doesn't like his red hair.?CARA: Does your sister like her hairHOWARD: Yes, she does.?CARA: It's very nice.?MARTIN: Is her violin oldHOWARD: Yes, it is. It's very old.?CARA: Martin, who is that man over thereMARTIN: Which man?CARA: He's sitting behind that tall man.?MARTIN: The man with white hairCARA: No, no. Look to the right. Do you see that tall manMARTIN: Maybe.?CARA: Who is the man sitting behind the tall manMARTIN: I can't see his face.?CARA: Now look.?HOWARD: Is he the man with the large headCARA: Yes. He has a round face and brown hair.?MARTIN: He's a Senator.?HOWARD: What's his nameMARTIN: I don't know.?CARA: Where is he fromMARTIN: I don't know.?Practice 1:依照会话A回答下列问题:?1.How do they like the music2.How is Howard's sister different from other players.?3.Does Howard have red hair like his sister4.What color is Howard's father's hair5.Is his sister's violin new or old6.What does the Senator look like会话A : 在音乐会上?卡 拉:刚才那首曲子很优美。你喜欢吗?马丁。?马 丁:非常美。?卡 拉:你喜欢吗?霍华德霍华德:当然。?卡 拉:霍华德,现在告诉我,哪一个是你姊霍华德:拉小提琴的那个。?卡 拉:哪一个霍华德:她穿着黑色礼裙。?马 丁:她们都穿着黑色礼裙。?霍华德:她长着红头发。?卡 拉:啊,我看见了。她的手很美,手指很长。?马 丁:是的。我喜欢她的头发,你的头发并不红。?霍华德:我们父亲的头发是红的,他不喜欢自己的红头发。?卡 拉:你姊喜欢自己的头发吗霍华德:是的,她喜欢。?卡 拉:很漂亮。?马 丁:她的小提琴有年头了吧霍华德:是的,有年头了。?卡 拉:马丁,那边的那个男的是谁马 丁:哪个卡 拉:他坐在那个高个儿男的后面。?马 丁:那个白头发男的吗卡 拉:不,不,往右看,你看见那个高个儿男的了吗马 丁:差不多。?卡 拉:坐在高个儿男的后面的那个男的是谁马 丁:我看不见他的脸。?卡 拉:现在看。?霍华德:是不是头挺大的那个男的卡 拉:是的。他长着圆脸,棕色头发。?马 丁:他是参议员。?霍华德:他叫什么名字马 丁:我不知道。?卡 拉:他从哪儿来马 丁:我不知道。?Conversation B?MARTIN: Your sister is wonderful, Howard.?CARA: Yes, she is. She's very pretty, too.HOWARD: Thank you.?CARA: Is she very tallHOWARD: Yes, she is.?CARA: She has long arms and long fingers.?MARTIN: You're not tall. Is your father tallHOWARD: No, he's short. My mother is short. I'm short, too. HOWARD:But my sister and brother are tall.?CARA: What color are her eyesHOWARD: They are blue.?CARA: I like red hair and blue eyes.?HOWARD: Don't you like my hairMARTIN: You don't have any hair.?HOWARD: I have some hair.?CARA: You have very nice blue eyes, too.?Practice 2:描述人的外貌特征。?Examples:HOWARD: She has red hair.?CARA: She has beautiful hands. She has long fingers.?MARTIN: Your hair isn't red.?HOWARD: My father's hair is red.HOWARD: Is he the man with the large headCARA: Yes. He has round face and brown hair.?会话B?马 丁:你姊演奏得真棒,霍华德。?卡 拉:是啊。而且她也很漂亮。?霍华德:谢谢。?卡 拉:她个儿很高吗霍华德:是的,她很高。?卡 拉:她的手臂和手指修长。?马 丁:你并不高,你父亲高吗霍华德:不,他个儿矮。我母亲个儿也矮,我个儿也矮,但我、兄弟们个儿高。?卡 拉:她的眼睛是什么颜色的霍华德:是蓝色的。?卡 拉:我喜欢红头发、蓝眼睛。?霍华德:你不喜欢我的头发吗马 丁:你根本就没头发。?霍华德:我还长了几根头发。?卡 拉:你还长着很漂亮的蓝眼睛。?Conversation C?CARA: Howard, your sister is very beautiful. Is your brother handsomeHOWARD: Of course. We're all handsome. But he has hair.MARTIN: Would you like a drinkCARA: Yes, please. Anything.?HOWARD: May I helpMARTIN: No, thanks. I'm going to get them.?CARA: Howard, do you see that large womanHOWARD: The one behind MartinCARA: No, no. The one with brown hair.?HOWARD: The one with the white dressCARA: Yes. Who is sheHOWARD: She works in our building.?CARA: Where does she workHOWARD: Upstairs. She knows Martin. They're talking.?CARA: Do you know herHOWARD: Yes. She's very interesting.?MARTIN: How are you, HelenHELEN: Fine, thanks. Do you like the concertMARTIN: Yes. Very much. Do you like the musicHELEN: Yes, I do. Who is that woman with HowardMARTIN: She's Cara Guiterrez.?HELEN: She has a very nice face. But she's very thin.?MARTIN: Come meet her.?MARTIN: Here you are.?CARA: Thank you, Martin.?HOWARD: Thanks.?MARTIN: Cara, this is Helen Stockdale.?CARA: Hello. I'm Cara Guiterrez.?HELEN: Martin told me. I'm happy to meet you. Hello, Howard. How are youHOWARD: Fine, thanks. How are youHELEN: Fine, thanks. Do you like the concert, HowardHOWARD: I love it.?CARA: His sister is playing.?HELEN: That's wonderful. Which one is sheMARTIN: She plays the violin.?HOWARD: She's very tall. She has red hair and blue eyes.?CARA: She has long arms and long fingers.?HELEN: Yes, I know.?CARA: Helen, do you know that man? He has gray hair and gray eyes.?HELEN: I don't see him.CARA: He's behind that fat woman.?HELEN: Is she shortCARA: Yes. She has a very round face.?MARTIN: What color are her eyesCARA: I can't see her eyes.?HELEN: Does she have black hairCARA: Yes, she does.?HELEN: That's Mrs. Van Wolk. She has a cafe on M Street.?CARA: Oh, yes. Now I see.?HELEN: I don't know the man.?CARA: When is the concert finishedHOWARD: At 10:30.?Practice 3:依照对话C回答下列问题。?1.Are Howard's sister and brother and he himself all good-looking2.Who is going to get some drinks3.How does Howard comment on the large woman4.Who is the large woman5.Do Helen and Martin both like the concert? ?6.What does Helen think of Cara's look7.Who is the fat woman8.What does she doPractice 4:描述人的外貌特征。?Examples:?CARA: Howard, your sister is very beautiful. Is your brother handsomeHOWARD: We're all handsome.?CARA: Do you see that large woman? The one with brown hair?HELEN: She has a very nice face. But she is very thin.?CARA: She has long arms and fingers.?HOWARD: She has red hair and blue eyes.?CARA: He has gray hair and gray eyes.?会话C?卡 拉:霍华德,你姊长得很美,你兄弟也英俊吗霍华德:当然。我们都英俊,但他有头发。?马 丁:你想喝点什么吗卡 拉:请来点,什么都行。?霍华德:我可以帮忙吗马 丁:不必了,谢谢。我去弄些来。?卡 拉:霍,你看见那个大块头女的了吗霍华德:马丁后面的那个吗卡 拉:不,不。棕色头发的那个。?霍华德:穿白裙子的那个吗卡 拉:是的。她是谁霍华德:她在我们楼里工作。?卡 拉:她在哪儿工作霍华德:楼上。她认识马丁,他们在交谈。?卡 拉:你认识她吗霍华德:认识。她很有意思。?马 丁:你好吗,海伦海 伦:很好,谢谢。你喜欢这场音乐会吗马 丁:很喜欢。你喜欢这音乐吗海 伦:我喜欢。跟霍在一起的那个女的是谁马 丁:她是卡拉·克蒂埃勒兹。?海 伦:她的脸蛋儿很漂亮,但她很瘦。?马 丁:来见见她。?马 丁:给你。?卡 拉:谢谢,马丁。?霍华德:谢谢。?马 丁:卡拉,这是海伦·斯托克代尔。?卡 拉:你好。我叫卡拉·克蒂埃勒兹。?海 伦:马丁告诉过我,很高兴见到你。你好,霍。你怎么样霍华德:不错,谢谢。你好吗海 伦:不错,谢谢。爸爸喜欢这场音乐会吗,霍霍华德:我很喜欢。?卡 拉:他姊参加了演奏。?海 伦:好极了。她是哪一位马 丁:她拉小提琴。?霍华德:她个儿很高,长着红头发、蓝眼睛。?卡 拉:她的手臂和手指修长。?海 伦:我知道了。?卡 拉:海伦,你认识那个人吗?他长着灰白头发,灰眼睛。?海 伦:我看不见他。?卡 拉:他在那个胖女人的后面。?海 伦:那个女的个儿矮吗卡 拉:是的。她长着圆脸。?马 丁:她的眼睛是什么颜色的卡 拉:我看不见她的眼睛。?海 伦:她长头黑头发吗卡 拉:是的。?海 伦:那是范·沃尔克太太,她在M街开了家咖啡馆。?卡 拉:噢,是啊。现在我知道了。?海 伦:我不认识那个人。?卡 拉:音乐会什么时候结束霍华德:10点30分。New Words and Expressions 生词和短语?violin n. 小提琴?senator n. 参议员?handsome adj. 英俊的?gray adj. 灰色的?Language Points 语言要点?1.That woman playing the violin. 拉小提琴的那个女的。?playing the violin 是动词的现在分词短语,为 that woman 的定语,相当于 That woman who is playing the violin. 再如:?Who is the man sitting behind the tall man坐在高个儿男的旁边的男子是谁The girl talking to Alan has blonde hair.?跟艾伦讲话的那个女孩长着金黄色的头发。?There are some students chatting and laughing in the corridor.?走廊里有几个学生聊着,笑着。?2. Look to the right. 朝右看。?to the right/left 表示朝右/左方向,on the right/left 表示在右/左面某个位置,其它常用的方位词还有 next to, behind, in front of, above, under 等。?3. Come meet her. 来见见她。?此为口语表达法,相当于 Come and meet her. 或 Come to meet her.?Cultural Notes 文化注释美国是个移民国家,有全世界各种族的人,常被称为 melting pot(大熔炉)或更确切地被称为 salad bowl(色拉钵),因为各种族的人既是美国人,同时还保留了一些本族的文化特点。其中有欧洲白人(whites)、黑人(blacks)、拉美移民(the Hispanic)、印第安人(Indians)、东方人(Orientals)等等。这使得美国人在皮肤、头发及眼睛的颜色上彼此呈现出很大的差异。以白人为例,其头发就有 bolnde, brown, black, red 等,眼睛有 blue, brown, gray, green 等。白人女子可分为 a blonde (金发女子),a brunette (黑发女子),a redhead (红发女子) 等。? /200602/3405新英语900句视频版 第12课:山本爷爷 文本如下:JIM: He doesn#39;t watch television!他不看电视,JIM: He doesn#39;t go to the movies! He goes to the store every day.他不看电影, 他每天去商店,JIM: He never takes a day off!他未曾休假过!PEARL: Jim, calm down.吉姆, 静下来.JIM: He never laughs! He never gets angry!他不曾笑过, 不曾生气过!FRANK: That#39;s the way he is, Jim.他就是那样, 吉姆.JIM: Is he happy? Is he sad? Do you know, Dad? He#39;s your father.他快乐吗? 悲伤吗? 爸, 你知道吗? 他是你的父亲.FRANK: He doesn#39;t think about happiness, Jim.吉姆, 他不曾考虑过快乐,FRANK: He thinks about his family and his obligations.他只想到他的家庭与责任.JIM: That#39;s no way to live.那并非生活之道.PEARL: Maybe not, but it#39;s his way.也许不是, 但却是他的生活方式.JIM: All right. It#39;s his way. But...好吧, 那是他的方式, 不过...PEARL: But, what?不过什么?JIM: Why doesn#39;t he like me?他为什么不喜欢我?JIM: Why does he insult me in front of the customers?为什么他当著顾客的面侮辱我?PEARL: He doesn#39;t, Jim! I don#39;t believe it.他不会的, 吉姆, 我不相信.JIM: It#39;s true, Mom. He always says, ;All of the customers know the prices. Why don#39;t you?;确实是这样子, 妈, 他常常说 ;所有的顾客都晓得价格, 为什么你就不知道?;PEARL: Oh, Jim, that#39;s the way he is.噢, 吉姆, 他就是那样子.JIM: OK. but does he have to be that way all the time? We work together every day, but we never talk to each other. Either he changes or I quit.好, 但是他有必要整天都这样子吗? 我们每天一起工作就从来没说过话. 不是他改变, 就是我.FRANK: You know, Jim,你知道的, 吉姆,FRANK: you are his favorite grandchild.你是他最疼的孙子.JIM: How do you know?你怎么知道?FRANK: He doesn#39;t say it, but I know.他没说过, 但我明白.JIM: I give up.我不说了.CUSTOMER: Congratulations, Mr. Yamamoto. You#39;re famous!恭喜你, 山本先生, 你出名了.MR. YAMAMOT: Famous?出名?CUSTOMER: Yes. That was a great article about you in the paper.是啊? 报上有一大篇关于你的文章.MR. YAMAMOT: Ssh. Don#39;t tell the vegetables. They don#39;t know yet.嘘! 不要跟蔬菜说, 它们还不知道呢!CUSTOMER: What does your family think about it?你家人觉得怎样?MR. YAMAMOT: They#39;re very happy about it. It#39;s good for business.他们很高兴, 这有助于生意.CUSTOMER: Where#39;s Jim today?吉姆今天到那里去了.MR. YAMAMOT: He#39;s at the Fair. He#39;s celebrating.他在览会, 他庆贺去了.CUSTOMER: What#39;s he celebrating?他庆贺什么?MR. YAMAMOT: My new fame and fortune.我的新名誉和运气.CUSTOMER: Maybe he#39;s right. Why aren#39;t you celebrating with him?也许他是对的, 你为什么没跟他一道庆祝呢?MR. YAMAMOT: Celebrations are for young people.庆祝是属于年轻人的.CUSTOMER: Well, maybe. But all of us need a day off, sometimes. Why don#39;t you go to the Fair, Mr. Yamamoto?嗯, 也许是, 不过, 我们大家有时候也是需要休息的. 山本先生, 你何不到览会去呢?MR. YAMAMOT: I don#39;t really like crowds.我真不喜欢人群.CUSTOMER: I can understand that. But you can go on Wednesdays or Thursdays. It#39;s not so crowded then.我能了解, 不过, 你可以在星期三或星期四去, 那时候就没有那么拥挤了.MR. YAMAMOT: Yes? Well, maybe.是吗? 好吧, 也许. /200809/47071We are an obscure, poor people,though formerly of better account,我们是不为外人所理解 贫穷的人民 就算在之前乐观地考虑removed to a remote corner of the world without name and without alliances.我们也将孤苦去向世界尽头 默默无名并孤立无援In 1707, the deed was done.1707年 他们终于达成了一致A Treaty of the Union had been drafted.他们起草了联合条约It took just ten weeks to go through the Scottish parliament,six through Westminster.苏格兰议会仅用了十周时间就通过了条约 而英格兰议会只用了六周Scotland and England were now joined at the hip.苏格兰和英格兰终于紧密不可分割了What kind of nation was this Great Britain?这样的大不列颠是个怎样的国家呢To answer that,all you needed to do was to go to the new Royal Naval Hospital,想要找到 你只需要去一趟新成立的皇家海军医院a palatial retirement home for pensioned-off servicemen, in Greenwich.一家坐落于格林威治的 为那些遣散军人建造的豪华退休之家It was a triumphal statement of how Britain saw its place in the world in the early 18th century.那是十八世纪前期的英国 对自己在世界范围中定位的 胜利宣言On the ceiling, painted by Sir James Thornhill,该穹顶画由詹姆士·桑希尔爵士亲自完成a jubilant allegory celebrates the reign of William of Orange and his wife Mary.画中是一个歌颂奥兰治的威廉 和他的妻子玛丽统治时期的寓言故事 /201705/509112

  TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201611/479263Hi my name is Rebecca and in today#39;s lesson, I#39;m going to show you how to give advice to someone in a diplomatic way when you#39;re in a personal situation or a professional situation, Okay?大家好,我是Rebecca。今天我们将学习在私人情况或是工作场合中,以一种外交方式给别人提意见。Of course, there#39;s many ways in which we can give advice to others, some are nice and some are not very nice. Let#39;s look at some of these possibilities, okay?当然给别人提意见的方法有很多,一些方法比较友善而有一些则并不是那么友善。下面我们来看一些例子。Alright, so suppose you think that somebody that you#39;re talking to should go and see the doctor, you could say to them, ;Go to the doctor.;假设你认为和你说话的这个人需要去看医生,你会对他们说,“去看医生。”now that#39;s called an imperative, that#39;s the imperative voice so that#39;s like giving somebody an order,这样的说话方式和声音,特别像是在命令别人,给别人发号施令,not very nice, person isn#39;t going to feel very good when you say that, okay?显得不友善,当你这么说的时候,会给大家一种不好的感觉,不是么?You could also say, ;You should go to the doctor.; Now that#39;s a little better than the first one,你可以这样说,“你应该去看医生。“ 这样的说话方式会比第一个稍微好一些。but it#39;s still going to sound to the other one like you#39;re telling them what to do and nobody likes too much to feel that somebody is telling them what to do.但是这听起来仍然有点像是你再告诉别人应该怎么做,而没有人会喜欢这种感觉。So if you#39;d like to give advice in a way that#39;s a little bit more diplomatic, a little bit more gentle, you could learn this useful expression.因此,如果你想以一种更加老练、更加礼貌的方式给别人提意见,那么,你应该学习以下这种有用的表达方式,You could say, ;If I were you, I would go to the doctor.; Okay?你可以说,“如果我是你的话,我会去看医生。”So what you#39;re learning is this part, if I were you I would and then you add the advice, okay?你该学习的是这一个部分,如果我是你,我会,然后加上你给出的意见。明白了么?So let#39;s see how to use this now in different situations.下面让我们来看看如何在不同情境下使用这个句型。Let#39;s say you would like to suggest that somebody stop smoking, so you could say, ;If I were you, I would stop smoking.; Okay?假设你建议某人戒烟,你可以说,“如果我是你,我会戒烟。”So you#39;re just saying that you would do that, you#39;re not telling them to do that but indirectly you are in fact telling them to do that, okay?因此你是在表达你会怎么做,而不是告诉别人该做什么,但事实上这是以一种间接的方式告诉他们该做什么。明白不?Look for a new job. If I were you, I would look for a new job. Okay?比如,找工作。如果我是你,我会找份新工作。If I were you, I would finish university. If I were you, I would accept their offer. If I were you, I would buy that house. Okay?如果我是你,我会完成学业。如果我是你,我会接受他们的录用。如果我是你,我会买下那间房子。And if I were you, I would arrive by 6:00 p.m. All right?以及如果我是你,我会下午6点到。So by learning this expression, if I were you I would and you just use the verb in the regular tense, right,因此,这个句型就是“如果我是你+时态动词”这个句型,比如,I would finish my homework, I would go to school every day, I would eat a healthy breakfast every day. Okey.我会做完作业,我会每天上学,我会吃健康早餐。So whatever you want to say, you can say after that but by putting it this way, it#39;s much more likely that your advice will be accepted.不论你想说什么,你可以将你想说的放在后边。这样的话,人们会更愿意接受你的建议。And you#39;ll be a lot more polite, okay? So if you#39;d like to do a quiz on this or many other aspects of English,而你应该更加礼貌,明白了么?如果你想做下英语方面的小测试,please visit our website www.engvid.com. Thanks for watching, bye for now.请登录我们的网站www.engvid.com。谢谢观看。下期见。 Article/201707/516244

  英语口语1+1:A chip on the shoulder【1+1英文】Angela: "What's bothering that guy?" Andy: "Nothing. He's just got a chip on the shoulder."【1+1中文】安吉拉:那个家伙碰到什么麻烦了?安 迪:没什么。他只是有点自卑罢了。【1+1】To start a fight, men used to put chips of wood on their shoulder and challenge others to "try to knock it off". 中文意思:自卑感;喜欢向人挑衅。 /200605/7013

  英语900句(英音附字幕版) 第53课:Schools and education 学校和教育[00:00.00](SCHOOLS AND EDUCATION)[00:06.48]781. Children enter school at the age of five, don't they?[00:10.87]孩子们都在五岁上学,对吗?[00:15.26]782. In elementary school, the child learns to and write.[00:20.55]在小学里孩子们学习朗读和写字。[00:25.84]783. In secondary school, children get more advanced knowledge.[00:30.21]在中学里,孩子获得更深一些的知识。[00:34.59]784. In universities, students train to become teachers and engineers.[00:34.09]在大学里,培养学生成为教师和工程师。[00:33.59]785. He went to grade school in New York and high school in Chicago.[00:38.07]他是在纽约上的小学,在芝加哥上的中学。[00:42.55]786. In college I majored in science. What was your major?[00:47.54]在学院里,我主修自然科学,你主修什么课程?[00:52.52]787. My sister graduated from high school. Graduation was last night.[00:57.55]我刚中学毕业,毕业典礼是昨晚举行的。[01:02.58]788. I'm a graduate of Yale University. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree.[01:07.91]我是耶鲁大学的毕业生。我获得了文学学士学位。[01:13.24]789. If you expect to enter the university, you should apply now.[01:18.18]如果你要上大学,现在就该申请。[01:23.11]790. This is my first year of college. I'm a freshman.[01:27.65]这是我入学院的第一年,我是新生。[01:32.18]791. My uncle is a high school principal.[01:36.06]我的伯父是中学校长。[01:39.94]792. What kind of grades did you make in college?[01:44.51]你在大学里的学习成绩如何?[01:49.08]793. During you first year of college, did you make straight A's.[01:53.51]大学一年级时,你各门功课都得优吗?[01:57.94]794. My brother is a member of the faculty. He teaches economics.[02:03.56]我的哥哥是个大学教员,他教经济学。[02:09.19]795. John has extracurricular activities. He's on the football team.[02:14.93]约翰参加了很多课外活动,他是个足球队员。 /200604/6146。

  You always have to prepare for the unexpected in the wild,在野外你必须对突发事件有所准备But survival is about turning whatever confronts you to your advantage.但生存就是充分利用 你遇到的东西All those frogs up here.Missed it.Where#39;s he gone?There#39;s loads around here.Here we go.前面有些青蛙 找不着了他上哪去了 听声音是在这里 抓住了Got a good-sized frog.And a frog like that,it#39;s fine just to eat raw.一只大青蛙 像这样的青蛙 生吃是没问题的You want to be careful with toads. You don#39;t want to eat them,你得注意癞蛤蟆 可别吃它们You can tell when they have a really scaly, warty back to them.可以通过背部的鳞片和瘤子区分他们But a frog,as long as it#39;s not brightly coloured.但是青蛙 只要不是鲜艳的就行which is gonna mean it#39;s probably poisonous,A frog like that is fine just to eat.颜色鲜艳的一般有毒 这样的青蛙吃起来没事的Let#39;s cut down it#39;s back.切开他的后背And then you just can peel it, and what will happen.就可以撕开它了But it really gets all of guts,and skin.内脏全都出来了 还有皮肤It#39;s kind of like taking it#39;s trouserous off,and shoes.就像给他脱裤子一样 还得脱鞋And you#39;re left with all the bit that#39;s fine to eat.把这些扔掉 可以吃了Cold, froggy,and full of bones.又冷又腥 而且全是骨头Just moving through this sort of jungle burns up to a thousand calaries an hour.单单是穿越这样的丛里 每小时就会消耗一千卡路里的能量Nearly half of what a man needs in a day.大约是成年男子一天必须能量的一半You#39;ve got to boost energy levels whenever you can.所以你必须随时随地补充能量Need to start thinking about making camp.It#39;s starting to get a bit darker.得搭个帐篷了 天有点黑了And when it dose get dark in the jungle, it happened so fast.You#39;ve got to be prepared.丛林里天黑得很快 你得准备好You know, but the main thing is you get off the jungle floor when you make a camp.当你搭帐篷时 最主要的是 离开地面This is where it all happens,all the snakes, the ants, the scorpions, are down here,蛇啊 蝎子啊 全都在地上so you want to make sure you#39;re raised up a little bit.Okay. See what we find around here.你必须确保高一点 看看附近有什么材料But in the jungle,you need to check who you#39;re sharing your bed with.但是在丛林里 你必须检查一下床上都有什么Look at the size of that.For a centipede.That is just a monster one.看看这大小 对于蜈蚣来说 简直成精了 Article/201607/456111

  A stone tank in which to keep live fish bait.用来保存活鱼饵的石质水槽And since we know that some of houses had drains underneath them,我们知道有些房屋已然拥有了地下排水沟so they must also, believe it or not,have had indoor toilets.Luxuries?那么无论你相信与否 它们也有了室内卫生间 奢饰品又为何物呢The orthopaedically correct stone bed may not seem particularly luxurious,一张中规中矩的石床 或许算不得极尽奢华but the addition layers of heather and straw would have softened the sleeping surface但在上面铺上这石楠丛与稻草 却能使床面变得柔软舒适and would have made this bed seem rather snug.让普通的石床摇身变为精致典雅的卧榻At the centre of it all, though,was this spectacular dresser放置在一切陈设中心的 是美轮美奂的梳妆台on which our house-proud neolithic villagers would set out all their most precious stuff.讲究的新石器时期屋主 将所有家珍在此悉数摆出Fine bone and ivory necklaces,beautifully rolled and carved stone objects,精美的骨头和象牙项链 与精雕细琢的石器everything designed to make a grand interior statement.无不衬托着室内的奢华与气魄Given the rudimentary nature of their tools,以当时落后原始的工具it would have taken countless man-hours to build not only these domestic dwellings定花费了数不尽的人力与时间 不仅建造了这些民宅but also the great circles of stone where they would have gathered to worship.还有那些他们围起来的 供以祭祀膜拜的巨石圈So Skara Brae wasn#39;t just an isolated settlement of fishers and farmers.看来斯卡拉布雷并不只是 渔夫和农民与世隔绝的世外桃源Its people must have belonged to some larger society,这些人一定从属于成熟强大的社群one sophisticated enough to mobilise the army of toilers and craftsmen,人员组成复杂到足以动员起 劳工与工匠所组成的大军needed not just to make these monuments,but to stand them on end.不仅能建造起这些庞然大物 还将其立置起来 /201606/450552

  Where you live could affect your life span by as much as 20 years, according to a new study.根据一项新的研究,你居住的地方可能会影响你的寿命达20年。Researchers looked at counties across the U.S. and found the highest life expectancy was almost 87 years old. The lowest was about 67 years old.研究人员调查了美国的各个县,发现最高平均寿命是87岁左右,最低约为67岁。Counties in North and South Dakota saw the lowest life expectancies, and the hardest hit communities included Native American reservations.南北达科他县预期寿命最低,最严重的社区包括美国印第安人保留地。The highest life expectancies were found in central Colorado.最高的预期寿命出现在科罗拉多中部。Socioeconomic factors like poverty, education and unemployment had a big impact on projected life spans in the study.研究发现,社会经济因素如贫困、教育和失业对预测寿命有很大的影响。But health factors like obesity and smoking had the biggest impact.但健康因素,如肥胖和吸烟的影响最大。Unfortunately, the life-span gap depending on where you live in America is getting wider. The researchers say by next year, the difference will likely be over 20 years.不幸的是,依据你在美国居住地产生的寿命差距越来越大。研究人员表示,到明年差异可能会超过20年。译文属。 Article/201705/508535

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