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Turn Water Into Ice. Magician Christian Lee is going to show us how to turn water into ice in a matter of seconds! He doesn#39;t use a freezer, just a bit of magic!让水在几秒钟之内变成冰,而不需要制冷工具。魔术师克里斯提·李,将会告诉你如何完成。Step 1: You will need所需材料a polystyrene or coloured plastic cup聚苯乙烯或者色的塑料杯some napkins or tissues一些餐巾纸或者面巾纸some water水and a few ice cubes些许冰块you might also need a little magic一点点魔法Step 2: The trick操作Tell your audience you are going to turn water into ice before their eyes. They may think you are a bit odd, but you#39;ll show them. Pour some water into a cup. Blow on it twice. Then empty the contents of the cup to reveal the water has been transformed into ice!告诉观众你将在他们眼皮底下使水变成冰,他们会觉得不可思议。往杯中倒些水,摇晃两下,然后杯中的水都不见了,看起来像是变成了冰。Step 3: How it#39;s done如何做到What your audience doesn#39;t know is that this is no ordinary empty cup. Before performing the trick, secretly stuff a couple of napkins in the bottom of the cup. Then add a few ice cubes. You must not show the contents of the cup to your audience or you will shatter the illusion. Keep it a secret.观众不会知道这个杯子的秘密,在表演之前网杯子中塞入餐巾纸,然后加入冰块儿。将这些信息保密。Now you#39;re y to perform the trick. Hold the cup containing the napkins and ice upright or at an angle so that your audience can#39;t see inside it. Pour a small amount of water into the cup saying you are going to turn it into ice. Blow into the cup as if you are freezing the water with your breath, like Superman in Superman 3. After a few seconds the napkins will have absorbed all the water. You can then tip the ice out from the cup without any water. Your stunned audience won#39;t believe their eyes!现在你准备表演了,直立放置杯子,使观众看不清里面的东西。然后倒入水,说准备变魔术,往里面吹气,装作施法的样子。等过一会儿餐巾纸吸收掉水分,你可以拿出杯子中的冰块。观众会感到不可思议的。Thanks for watching How To Turn Water Into Ice谢谢收看本期“杯水成冰”教程,我们下期节目再见。words to learn生词句型1.tissue面巾纸,和我们所用的湿巾类似。2.stuff填塞;填充物 名词和动词兼备3.stunned震惊的,不知所措的4.illusion幻觉 错觉 Article/201208/192989

科学专栏作家李·霍兹介绍了目前在南极洲西部冰原区进行的庞大计划,在那里有一队伍通过钻探具有一万年历史的冰块以获取关于气候变化的关键数据。 Article/201206/187385

  A friend who was down in the dumps wrote me a letter a few weeks ago. His life was full of problems. His heart was full of worries. He was low on hope.几周前,一位生活几经波折的友人给我来信,说他的生活中充斥着麻烦,对此他忧心忡忡、感到无望。He ended his letter to me with this question: “We can’t really change this crazy world we live in, can we?” I answered him immediately and started my own letter with these words: “Yes, we most certainly can!”在信的结尾他问了这样一个问题:“我们确实无法改变这个疯狂的世界,难道不是么?”我即刻回信,以“我们当然能改变世界”来开头。I can still remember one of the first times someone changed my world. She was the music teacher at my elementary school, the guitarist at our church, and a family friend.在很多的第一次中我犹记得一个人改变了我的世界。她是我小学时的音乐老师,也是一名教堂吉他手,同时也是我们家的朋友。I had a huge crush on her too and wanted to impress her more than anything. I had no talent at any instrument, however, and my singing while enthusiastic was quite awful.我深深的对她着迷,做一切能够引起她注意的事情。在乐器方面我没有天赋;唱歌嘛,虽然饱含热情但是五音不全。One day she let me try playing her guitar. I did my best but could only stumble along. When I was done I put my head down. “I guess I am not very good,” I told her.一天她让我试着弹弹她的吉他,我使出浑身解数,但还是很糟糕。奏毕,我低下了头说道:“我大概是一无是处了。”She looked at me with her kind eyes, smiled, and said: “We are all good at something. You just need to find out what you are good at. Then you can share it with the world.”她温柔地注视着我,微笑着说:“我们都有所长,你只要去发现就好,然后为这个世界贡献你的力所能及。”Those simple words changed me. They planted a seed in my soul that continues to grow to this day. They made me realize that I had something to give to others.她简简单单几句话,触动并改变了我,如同在我的心里播下了种子,生根发芽成长至今。这让我明白,我有可以给予他人的东西。I had something inside of me that was good and that could change this world for the better. I just had to find it, bring it out and share it. And that is what I have tried to do all of the years since that fateful day.我内在的可取之物能够让世界变得更加美好。我要挖掘、激发并将它施予。从领悟自己的使命之日起,这就是我日日月月年年要做的事。Can you change the world? Yes you can! You can change it and make it better every single day of your life. You can change it one choice, one person, and one kind act at a time. All you have to do is share your goodness. All you have to do is live your love. Make your love great then! Live well! Do good! Change the world!你能改变世界?是的你可以!每天改变一点,生活就美好一点。每次从一个选择、一个人、一个善行开始。施人慈悲,以爱之名生活。让你的爱变得伟大!好好生活!!多行善举!改变世界! /201706/513350


  .W!7S53IT@,c^ySJj8B-*FUj5k1BxVDt2Xuf[euh.IbAujNyjA4qO(%Moving schools is a difficult time for kids. VideoJug gives you expert advice on how to make a school transition as easy and stress-free as possible for children.gB+,L%NvbJRyl_进入学校对于孩子们来说是一个困难的时期z%6E|6V|9dn6~V^1。VideoJug在这个视频中将教给你怎样方便进行学校过渡并尽可能减轻孩子压力的专业建议^D2+qyjQ!7v。9qE[gQb^*3@%]M%_5W1s.oec|3Ee@X~5H(#csbXlSj6] Article/201205/180668

  and the birth of another.但同时也宣告着另一种生活的开始1876, a century of government policies target native Americans.1876年,针对印第安人的政策已经延续了一个世纪371 treaties keep them separate, isolated, remote.总共371项条约迫使他们分散到边远的隔绝之地Most of America#39;s 300,000 tribes people now live on government assigned lands, reservations.美国30万原住民中的绝大多数 已经生活在了政府指定的区划或保留地里But resistance is still fierce.但仍然有强烈的反抗行动I think probably the darkest spot in our history,for me at least is what happened to native Americans.我认为美国历史上最黑暗的一页就是对原住民的压迫,至少我是这么看的We came here and confiscated their homeland.我们来到这片土地并侵占了他们的家园I think we have a real sense now of what our part was in that,one that I would love to see redefined and rewritten.我想我们现在对自己在这中间扮演的角色已经有了比较客观的认识,我希望这段历史能被重新定义和重新叙述Across the Great Plains.The federal government acquires millions of acres of the Native Americans#39; traditional hunting ground to make way for the iron horse.从北到南,联邦政府获得了大平原数百万英亩印第安人用作传统猎场的土地,用来为工业铁骑开辟道路The Sioux are forced deep into the Black Hills.苏族被迫转移至黑山深处As a young boy. Black Elk witnesses the coming of the railroad and the destruction of the buffalo herds.小时候,巴拉克·艾尔克亲眼见了铁路入侵草原和白人对野牛群的大肆屠杀Now aged 12, he#39;s about to be part of the Sioux nation#39;s last triumph.现年12岁的他将会成为苏族最后的凯旋勇士White men come in like a river.白人像河水一样涌入They told us that they wanted only a little land.他们说只想要一点点土地 But our people knew better.但族人们都很清楚这只不过是幌子Gold is discovered in the Black Hills.黑山里发现了金子100,000 prospectors rush in to seek their fortune.10万人的淘金者队伍蜂拥前来寻找宝藏The federal government wants to clear the area.联邦政府想扫清这一带的障碍On a reconnaissance mission with the 7th cavalry, Lieutenant Colonel George Custer stumbles across the Sioux camp near the Little Bighorn river.在率领第七骑兵团的一次侦察途中,乔治·卡斯特中尉意外地发现了小大角河附近的苏族营地Custer makes a fateful decision.卡斯特做了一个致命的决定with 700 soldiers Custer charges the camp, with 7,000 Native Americans.他率领700名士兵朝着,有7000名印第安人的营地发起了进攻Within three hours all the men in Custer#39;s regiment are dead.不到三个小时 卡斯特的骑兵团全军覆没The Sioux win the battle, but will lose the war.苏族打赢了这场战斗,但输掉了整个战争 /201211/211304讲师: 哈维;芬伯格字幕:中英双文授课语言:英文医学伦理学家哈维;芬伯格向我们展示了人类;新进化;的三个方向:完全停止进化,自然地进化,或控制性的进化(通过基因改良使得我们更聪明,更快也更好)。;新进化;在我们的掌握中。而我们要怎么做? Article/201201/168640

  6月20日是难民日。估计有五万八千名难民在15个月叙利亚的动荡期间越境进入黎巴嫩。但不像边境国家约旦、土耳其,黎巴嫩没有如何对待那些已经逃离人们的官方政策。本月,该国有史以来第一个难民营在阿尔萨镇建立。June 20th is Refugee Day. An estimated fifty-eight thousand refugees have crossed into Lebanon during the 15-month Syria unrest. But unlike border countries of Jordan and Turkey, Lebanon has no official policy on how to deal with those who have fled. This month the country#39;s first ever refugee camp erected in the town of Arsal. CCTV correspondent Stephanie Freid visited the area.A scenic panorama marking the border between Lebanon and Syria, on closer inspection is that people who came across that border. Syrian refugees in Lebanon#39;s first and only tent camp, but we can#39;t get close because this is private land and it#39;s a sensitive issue.Tens of thousands of refugees have crossed into Lebanese towns like this. But not wanting to imply permanency, Lebanon#39;s government has not implemented an official housing policy. Taking on 4000 extra residents has created financial and humanitarian conundrums for this town of 40,000Ali Hojairi, Mayor, Arsal, Lebanon, said, ;We cannot contain any more refugees. We#39;ve asked donors for more tents—three or four hundred. They#39;re in storage. If necessary we#39;ll start pulling out tents and erect a refugee camp.;Without an organized camp, Syrian refugees rely solely on Lebanese hospitality for shelter and foodCCTV correspondent Stephanie Freid said, ;Three Syrian families live inside this dwelling and as you can see, they#39;ve put up blankets to cordon off areas. This is a living area and this is the common area. This corner serves as the makeshift kitchen. It#39;s basic and simple but it#39;s all there is for now.;Some family members have been here for two months, others for mere days. This woman arrived from the hard hit Syrian town of Homs two days ago. She spoke of fighting, heavy weaponry and bloodshed. Every person here has lost a neighbor, a friend or a family member to the unrest in Syria. Escape was fraught with danger.Wazeem, Syrian refugee in Lebanon, said, ;It was really hard to cross. We thought we#39;d be killed all the time because there is a lot of security on the streets and every few hundred meters there#39;s a checkpoint so it was really hard;Their thoughts are never far from the conflict back home. Dreams are of returning to Syria soon. Article/201206/187741


  演讲简介:当今世界中,我们要在学校、工作、孩子及其他事项中保持平衡,我们中多数的人都无法达到推荐的八小时睡眠。杰莎·甘布尔检视了我们身体内生物钟背后的科学,揭示出我们应留意的令人惊讶的实质的休息方案。 Article/201211/207149。

  UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It#39;s time for the ;Shoutout.;这里是“大声喊出来”时间。In the economic world, what color is associated with profits?在经济行业中,哪个颜色代表着利益?If you think you know it, then shout it out. Is it green? Blue? Red? Or Black? You#39;ve got three seconds, go!如果你认为你知道,那就大声喊出来。它是绿色,蓝色,红色还是黑色?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!When a company is making a profit, it#39;s said to be in the black.当一个公司获利时,它被称为盈余。That#39;s your answer and that#39;s your ;Shoutout.;那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。LANCE: That#39;s why this Friday is called Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving officially takes off the holiday shopping season.那就是为什么这个周五被称为黑色星期五,感恩节正式拉开节日购物季的后一天。It#39;s one of the busiest shopping days of the entire year, and it#39;s when stores make enough sales to hopefully put themselves in the black.这是全年最忙的购物日之一,这就是商店大卖希望能够有所盈利的时节。Some stores aren#39;t waiting for Black Friday to start Black Friday.一些商家来不及等到黑色星期五来开始购物季。Wal-Mart, Sears, Target and Toys R Us are some of the stores that are open on Thanksgiving evening.沃尔玛,希尔斯百货,塔吉特和玩具反斗城就是那些在感恩节晚上营业的商家。That might sound good to shoppers, but not to some of the employees who work there.这听起来对购物者有利,但对在那里上班的雇员来讲并不是这样。They#39;ve started petitions against the early openings, so that workers can spend Thanksgiving with their own families.他们请愿抵制提早开放,这样工人们就能和他们的家人共渡感恩节。Some Wal-Mart employees are planning to protest by walking off the job on Black Friday.一些沃尔玛的雇员计划着在黑色星期五罢工来抗议。 /201211/211059

  I had never visited the North Pole before,我以前从未来过北极so this was a great highlight for me.所以这对我来说是头等大事But it was hard going in temperatures of minus 40,但零下四十度下的旅程异常艰难so as soon as filming finished, we flew south.拍摄一结束 我们就立即飞往南方Little did we know that we had made it out just in time.当时我们并不知道 我们离开得很及时We got back from the Pole camp last night我们昨晚从北极营地回来and I#39;ve just bumped into the Russian Commander,我刚好碰到了那位俄罗斯指挥官who#39;s just heard from the camp.他刚刚收到营地的来信And the news is that a little crack,据说 我在冰上看到的那条which I#39;d seen in the ice between our tent and the airstrip,位于帐篷和飞机跑道之间的小裂缝which was no more than an inch or so wide,当时还不到一英寸宽has, overnight, widened to 20 metres.一夜之间增加到二十米宽了Temporary break-ups, caused by stormy weather and strong winds,暴雪和强风导致的一时崩裂have happened before,以前也发生过but they#39;ve been getting more and more frequent over recent years但近些年 越来越频繁了as the ice has got weaker.因为冰层越来越脆弱了It was only swift action by the staff全体员工的迅速反应that prevented a lot of valuable equipment going in the drink.使许多昂贵仪器幸免于遭殃 /201301/220194

  5zy[d|qAFhE-)lCK_ff,@U.L2zNQekDh;ws;P~xJ!,B2X6pf]The only reason we actually watch these out-of-date beauty competitions is because these girls are downright gorgeous! How are beauty queens able to appear so perfect? These pageant beauties reveal their secret tricks of the trade.I5EFfHvN#BZKdqw)@9我们真正看这些过时的选美竞赛的唯一的原因是因为这些女孩漂亮极了!选美皇后是如何能够显得如此完美?在这个视频中选美佳丽们将揭示她们的诀窍[S*,on!HlW_KV7。FvF3]rKU#NG5qdv_gqaEl9w|WAKmqWst8soM.tQ@ Article/201206/185684

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