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Ha Jin: Across an Ocean of Words哈金:超越字海Xuefei Jin, who writes under the pen-name Ha Jin, was born in 1956 in Liaoning province in northern China. At only years of age, Ha Jin joined the People’s Liberation Army. He began teaching himself the middle and high school courses since his third year in the army. After his military service ended, he taught himself English while working the night shift as a railroad telegrapher in Jiamusi, a remote frontier city in the Northeast. During that time he followed the English learner’s program, hoping someday to Friedrich Engelsworks in the English original.金雪飞,以哈金的笔名写作,1956年出生于中国东北的辽宁省岁时,哈金加入中国人民解放军,入伍第3年,他开始自学初、高中课程完兵役后,他在东北偏远城市佳木斯做了一名铁路话务员,并利用夜班时间,自学英语在这期间,他通过收听电台的英语节目学习英语,希望有一天能读懂恩格斯的英文原著Through his perseverance and hard work, he not only succeeded in improving his English skills but also got his bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in universities. In 1985 he left the ed States to study English literature future education.由于哈金的坚持不懈和刻苦努力,他不仅提高了英语水平,而且取得了大学的学士学位和硕士学位1985年,他离开中国赴美深造,研究英语语言文学“ the initial years it was like having a blood transfusion, like you are changing your blood,” recalled Ha Jin. But his perseverance paid off. Not only did he secure a job teaching creative writing after graduation, but his fiction received a number of important praises. In the spring of 1997,he won the prestigious Ernest Hemingway Foundation Award First Fiction his collection of short stories, Ocean of the Words. “This debut book, of simple style and understated beauty,” the judge commented, “is occasion real celebration.”哈金回忆道:“在美国的最初几年,感觉就像一次大换血”他的努力没有白费,毕业后,找到了一份稳定的工作,教授写作课程,并通过自己的小说得到了他人的认可对他而言,得到他人认可非常重要1997年春天,他凭借短篇小说《字海赢得了享有盛誉的海明威基金会第一小说奖评审这样评价:“他的首部短篇小说集,风格简练,有一种朴实的美,这是真正值得庆祝的事情”While Jin admits there are elements of his life and experiences in much of his writing, he says his work is not autobiographical, a practice he tells his students puts serious constraints on a writer. “When you construct a piece of work, a novel or a story, you need a lot of drama and a message,” explains Ha Jin. “But when you write an autobiographical piece, you cannot create a happening. If this has not happened, you cannot say it happened. It is not faithful to reality, and so that is the limitation. In addition to that, I want to make my work better than myself.”哈金承认他的作品中包含一些个人的生活经历,但他表示自己的作品不是自传他告诉学生,作家写自传会有许多限制“如果创作小说或故事,只需一个主旨和大量的虚构情节但写自传时,不能随意编造,如果某事没发生过,就不能说它发生过,否则就是对现实的不忠,这就是自传本身的限制所在除此之外,我不想使我的作品仅仅局限于自身”While he enjoys each of these ms of writing, Ha Jin says practical reasons make short stories his favorite genre. “You can get into a short story and out easily,” he explains. “If I work on a novel, I have to immerse myself in it completely a long time. You are just absorbed by the work, so it is a very hard process, and sometimes I don’t have the time and the leisure to do that. As poetry, it’s pure luck. You don’t know whether this work will work, and you just try and try. I abandon a lot of poems, and so I think it is a high order of writing. It’s harder and it depends on luck. Sometimes you write a poem without much eft but it works well, and sometimes you just work months on one but it doesn’t work.”哈金喜欢各种写作形式,但更青睐短篇小说,原因很实际,他解释说:“融入和走出短篇小说很容易我写小说,必须长时间完全沉浸其中,必须要全身心投入到创作中,这是个相当艰难的过程,有时我没时间也没心情去写小说至于诗歌,全凭运气,因为你不知道写出的诗是好是坏,只能一首接一首地写我写过很多诗,后来都扔掉了,觉得诗歌对写作要求太高、太难,而且也要靠运气 有时候,你毫不费力就能写出不错的诗,而有时花费几个月心血写出来的诗却不怎么样”In an interview when asked about the most important advice he could give to young writers, he said, “Be patient. Patience is everything. Sometimes you just waste weeks and months. It happened to me a few times. I wrote eighteen pages and realized it was terrible and had to start again. This is why patience is everything.”在一次访谈中,哈金被问及给年轻作家的一条最重要的忠告时,他说:“一定要有耐心,耐心就是一切 有时你们会浪费好几个星期甚至几个月的时间,我有几次就是这样,写完18页后发现自己写得很糟,不得不重头写起这就是耐心即是一切的根源” 3756Advanced Placement courses and tests; LegosLegoland and Hot Wheels; might versus maybe; judgment call; no-brainerWords:placementcollege-levelsubject areato gear upfinancial aidcollege creditinterlockingkittheme parkreplicatetrackto collectmaybemightjudgment callno-brainer 63o]^*_8L9],dnmGjQeW6qvTPalestinian Refugees Killed In LebanonHundreds, possibly thousands, of Palestinian refugees are killed in refugee camps in Lebanon.In 198, Palestinian refugees living in the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps in West Beirut, Lebanon, were attacked by members of a right-wing Lebanese militia.Estimates of the number of people killed, including men, women and children, range from 800 to 3,500.Lebanon was under the control of Israeli ces at the time, and Israeli soldiers were accused of allowing the massacre to take place.In 1983, an Israeli inquiry found that Israel was indirectly responsible and Defence Minister Ariel Sharon resigned after being widely condemned failing to stop the killings.Sharon went on to become the Israeli Prime Minister in 01.XjVltJT6CR5gGbyZtiM!a^MT-aGxP[!JgVI69EhMWFAh[h!kxpRJ 3Gregory Peck格利高里·派克The movie studio wanted Rock Hudson to play Atticus Finch. Fate decreed otherwise. Gregory Peck got the role of the small town Southern lawyer in the 196 film version of To Kill a Mockingbird. The hero of Harper Lee’s Pulitzer prize winning novel had been a man much like her father and when the author met the actor on the first day of shooting, she noted“Gregory,you’ve got a little potbelly just like my daddy.” The star replied, “Harper, that’s great acting.”制片厂打算让罗克·赫德森饰演阿提库斯·芬奇可冥冥中却偏偏另有安排格利高里·派克获得了那个角色,在196年的影片《杀死一只知更鸟中扮演南方小镇的律师这是哈珀·李获普利策奖的小说中的主人公,非常像她的父亲;影片开拍的第一天,作者与演员相遇时,她说道:“格利高里,你恰好和我父亲一样有点大腹便便”那明星回答说,“哈珀,那才是真正的表演”From his early days as the most gorgeous man in pictures in Spellbound and Duel in the Sun to his long prime with a Mount Rushmore visage and the voice of Yahweh on a good day, Peck was the sonorous pitchman movie humanism. He showed how a strong man could also be a gentle man. He counseled ethnic tolerance of Jews in Gentleman Agreement and blacks in Mockingbird. As a crusading attorney who is also a gentle single dad to his two young kids. Peck made rectitude appear robust.派克从早期影片《爱德华医生和《阳光下的决斗中的帅哥,到漫长的全盛期中他那仿佛在晴空下的拉什莫尔石像的面孔和耶和华般的声音,都表现出他是宣扬电影人文主义的嘹亮歌手他表明一个健壮的人也可以是一个温柔的人他提倡种族宽容:在《君子协定中宽容犹太人,在《杀死一只知更鸟中宽容黑人作为进行圣战的律师和两个年幼孩子的单身好父亲,派克使正义坚不可摧Peck wasn’t just an icon. He was an actor, a smart one. He picked hit properties in a wide variety of genres.派克不仅仅是一个偶像他是一个演员,一个聪明的演员他在范围广泛的样式中选择了最受欢迎的那些Winners and losers are all too clearly defined in today’s movies. Peck’s best films always found thoughtful shades of gray. Atticus has taken on the case of a black man accused of raping a white woman -- a perilous assignment in an Alabama town in the 1930s. He argues his case brilliantly demolishes the opposition convinces each member of the movie audience... and loses. But Atticus has shown courage in the fight.今天的影片中胜败泾渭分明在派克的最佳影片中总能看到发人深省的灰色影子阿提库斯接手了一桩黑人男子被控强奸白人女子的案子——这在世纪30年代的亚拉巴马小镇乃是一项要命的差事他辩护精, 驳倒了对方,令影片的每一个观众心口…可他败诉了但阿提库斯在战斗中表现出了勇气It’s dangerous to confuse an actor with his movie roles. But by all s the reel and the real Gregory Peck were close kin. He was a model of probity, a loyal friend to colleagues in distress, a father confessor to the Hollywood commy. He chaired the National Society of This the American Academy of That. He was laden with official honors Lyndon Johnson gave him the Presidential Medal of Freedom Richard Nixon put him on his Enemies List. Peck received perhaps his sweetest laurel when the reclusive Lee said “Gregory Peck was a beautiful man. Atticus Finch gave him the opporty to play himself.”把演员与其影片中的角色混为一谈是危险的但人们说银幕上的格利高里·派克和现实中的格利高里·派克 十分相近他是正直的表率,患难中的真交,好莱坞社区的告解神甫他不是这个全国什么什么协会的会长,就是那个美国什么什么学院的主席他被官方荣誉压得喘不过气来:林登·约翰逊授予他总统自由奖章;理查德·尼克松把他列在了敌对者名单上隐居的李说,“格利高里·派克是个帅男子阿提库斯·芬奇给了他扮演自己的机会”这也许是派克获得的最甜蜜的桂冠But who will play the Gregory Peck hero now that noble is wimps and the best place to find integrity is in Webster’s? The masculine delicacy that Peck represented is gone from films no star has filled his mold. Movie actors don’t have the voice or posture or temperament it. Maybe America can’t believe in it.但是,既然高尚已经用在了懦弱之人的身上,寻找操守的最佳地方只有在韦氏词典里,那么,谁又将扮演格利高里·派克式的主人公呢?派克代表的男性典雅已经从电影中消失了;任何明星都无法胜任他的那种类型 电影演员不具备他那种声音、仪态和气质也许美国不可能相信这种类型 53Melbourne trams also take very large numbers of people to and from the many sports and other special events here in Melbourne. example, during the Australian Rules Football season and the cricket season, extra trams will run to carry many sports fans to and from the MCG and the Docklands Stadium. During events such as the Australian Tennis Open in January, the Australian mula One race in March and the Melbourne Cup in November, extra trams will also be running in order to move the large numbers of people to and from the venues.在墨尔本举行体育比赛或特殊赛事时,有大量民众会乘坐墨尔本有轨电车往返于体育馆举个例子,在澳式足球联赛和板球赛举行期间,墨尔本会增加有轨电车的数量,帮助众多体育迷往返于墨尔本板球场和码头体育场在每年1月的澳大利亚网球公开赛、每年三月的F1澳大利亚站以及每年月的墨尔本杯赛马节期间,墨尔本同样会增加有轨电车的数量,满足体育爱好者往返于各大体育馆的需求And it works very well too. Trams are great people movers.有轨电车系统运行良好是非常棒的旅客运输系统One of the great things about trams is their colour. Many trams are painted in bright colours or covered with bright advertising. My favourite tram is the one painted with pictures of Rhinos. Rhinos are a very heavy African animal. Trams are big and heavy too.有轨电车最棒的地方在于它们的颜色许多有轨电车都涂上了鲜艳的颜色,或是配有明亮的广告我最喜欢的有轨电车是有犀牛图案的电车犀牛是一种体型庞大的非洲动物有轨电车也很庞大,而且很重This tram is giving the message that one tram weighs as much as 30 Rhinos. Car drivers need to take care that they dont collide with a tram. Trams are not to be argued with on the road!这辆有轨电车给出了一个信息,一辆有轨电车的重量等于30头犀牛的重量汽车司机要小心不要和有轨列车相撞没有车在路上会和有轨列车争抢A popular tram in Melbourne is the City Circle tram. This is free and operates just within the city centre.环城有轨电车在墨尔本很受欢迎这辆电车免费,而且只在市中心运行译文属 38395

Jane:Our lease is up at the end of this year and we need to negotiate a new one.简:我们的租约今年年底就到期了,需要再签新合同Monty:I know, but if I bring it up first, the landlord will think Im desperate to renew.蒙蒂:我知道,但如果我首先提起这个事情,房东肯定会认为我迫不及待想续约Jane:We are desperate to renew.简:我们就是迫不及待Weve built our business here, and it would be really difficult to uproot it and reestablish it elsewhere.我们的生意是在这里发展壮大,现在连根拔起再去别的地方重新来过会很困难Monty:I know, but given our antagonistic dealings in the past, Im afraid the landlord is going to jack up our rent and well be ced out.蒙蒂:我知道,但鉴于我们过往的劣迹,恐怕房东会提高房租,那样我们就会被赶出去Jane:It in the best interest of the landlord to keep a steady business leasing his property.简:房东总是希望自己的房子能够租出个好价钱Monty:He might not see it that way.蒙蒂:他可能不这么看He might see this as an opporty to bring in a higher-paying tenant.他可能会认为这是一个带来一位高薪房客机会Jane:Or he may realize that a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.简:或者他可能意识到双鸟在林不如一鸟在手Monty:Or he might think, “Out with the old and in with the new.”蒙蒂:或者他可能会想着旧的不去新的不来Jane:You wont know until you contact him.简:你不你联系他永远不会知道的Monty:Right, but I think Ill let him stew just a little longer.蒙蒂:对,但我想我会让他烦扰一段时间

fussy挑剔的, pick on挑选,dismay灰心Buying A HatA lady went to a hat shop to buy a hat. As she was very fussy, it took her a long time to pick on one. Aly at the end of his patience the salesman was afraid that she might change her mind again so he tried to flatter her: "An excellent choice, madam. You look at least ten years younger with this hat on!" To his dismay, the lady took off her hat at once and said: "I don't want a hat that makes me look ten years older as soon as I take it off. Show me some more hats!"买帽子一位妇女到一家帽子店买帽子她很挑剔,用了很长时间才选好了一顶已经忍耐到极限的售货员害怕她再改变主意,便恭维她:"你做了极好的选择,夫人你戴上这顶帽子看上去起码年轻十岁!"但令他沮丧的是,这位女士马上摘下了她的帽子说:"我不想要一顶摘下来便使我立刻显得老十岁的帽子多拿一些帽子给我看看!"1.fussy挑剔的也可以指”瞎忙的, 大惊小怪的“:The little girl dislikes her fussy parents.小女孩讨厌她那过分操心的父母 .pick on挑选也可以指“招惹,找茬”:The older boys always picked on the younger ones.大孩子总是招惹小的孩子3.flatter阿谀也有“给以愉快的感觉”的意思:The music flattered his ears.这音乐使他听得很愉快 .excellent优秀的,杰出的 It's excellent that you are here.你在这儿太好了5.dismay灰心也有“诧异”的意思: To their dismay, the door was locked.使他们惊慌的是, 门已被锁上了6.take off取下也有“离开”的意思: I'll take off now, and see you later.我现在就要走了, 回头见

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