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郑州大学一附院去痣多少钱河南科技大学第一附属医院口腔科One evening, while my husband and I were talking with a young couple who manage a Community Supported Agriculture business, we wandered onto the topic of summer interns. Because of the couples urban location, their CSA drew workers from the local college who were eager to build raised beds and weed beets.My friend Stacy was amazed at how many of the students never held a summer job. They asked if they would be stiff and sore every morning.My husband John and I joked about how we still felt every muscle after a day of grading and packing several tons of blueberries, but the four of us also ruminated on how interns can restore our wonder and dedication to organic methods as we watch them experience farm life.A couple of years ago, the small farmer guru Joel Salatin wrote an article about how farms thrive when multiple generations work the land. Because less than one percent of the American population was employed in agrarian pursuits, he urged farmers to welcome interns so that young people would embrace agriculture.For many years, John and I had nurtured numerous apprentices from as far away as Japan and the Netherlands, until we adopted our sons and concentrated on raising them. While pondering Salatins thoughts, a friend from Ann Arbor called and asked if we would hire her daughter, Lisa, and her best friend, Rebecca, who were finishing their freshman years in college. I looked at John, and he nodded his head. ;Yes, when will they arrive?; I answered.On a June day, the duo rolled up in a white Subaru Outback stuffed with sleeping bags, a box of books, a guitar case, and a jumble of clothes. Dlocks dangled around Rebeccas shoulders, as she stretched out her hand and introduced herself; I hugged blond-haired, diminutive Lisa whom I had known since she was ten. After showing the young women the old white farmhouse where they would live, and talking a bit about our farms routine, we left them to settle in.The next day heat waves shimmered off the hay field as John drove the baler while Lisa and Rebecca stacked hay bales onto the low wagon with a high rack rising from the far end. Hay chaff coated their arms, clogged their throats and sifted into their boots. Wide sombreros shaded their faces from the ninety degree sun.;Like your hats,; I said, and then poured everyone a round of lemonade as we paused in the shade of the hay barn.;Hows it going? Do you want to share supper with us? We could take you swimming this evening.;;Oh, thanks, but well cook something,; Lisa said. Sweat plastered her red t-shirt and jeans to her slim body.;Were fine.; Rebecca wiped her mouth on the neck of her t-shirt. ;Really.;A few weeks later, the girls would reveal that they had been so exhausted that they had collapsed and slept for a couple of hours before hitting Lake Michigans beach. Over the next two months their hands developed calluses as they weeded young blueberry bushes, thinned peaches, and hoed the garden. But we also found them perched in sweet cherry trees, red juice dribbling from the corners of their mouths or wandering along a farm lane, plucking blackberries.Meanwhile, a pyramid of empty, vegetarian refried bean cans grew on their kitchen counter.;What are you two giggling about?; I asked one morning as we taped together boxes to hold blueberries.;How many tacos we plan to eat for lunch,; Rebecca said. ;And for dinner, she ate nine yesterday,; Lisa said, and we all laughed.By the end of what John and I dubbed Pleasant Hill Summer Boot Camp, Lisa and Rebecca not only had stronger muscles, but they had developed an inner strength that helped them tackle arduous jobs. They understood that when a crop needed to be harvested, the farmer had to ignore the heat and humidity and focus on the satisfaction of a barn stuffed with hay bales or boxes of frozen blueberries waiting to be purchased.After the girls departed, John and I moped around, grieving our taco-eating duo that had added a certain spice to our summer and rejuvenated our passion for farming. A couple of weeks later, Lisa sent me an email.;I havent eaten a decent blueberry since leaving the farm. Miss you guys.;;Miss you too,; I wrote, and then returned to posting an advertisement for next summers interns on an organic farming webpage.201507/389331巩义市光子美白多少钱 Because of the Flint water crisis, the U.S. EPA wants more transparency about where the nations lead lines are. Specifically, the EPA wants to know how many lead service lines there still are underground, and they want to know exactly where they are. As we reported Tuesday, many Michigan cities do not know this basic information, its not just Flint.The EPA also wants water systems to post the results from water tests to prove cities are in compliance with the Lead and Copper Rule.This week, the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality gave the feds an update on these requests.In a letter to the EPA, MDEQ officials say theyre closing some well-known loopholes in the way many Michigan cities test for lead. Specifically, theyre recommending cities use large-mouthed water bottles to collect water samples and theyre getting rid of a recommendation to flush water lines for a few minutes before it sits overnight for sampling the next morning.Theyre hiring a corrosion control treatment specialist, to help communities who need technical expertise. MDEQ is also asking cities to prove theyre testing at the homes theyre supposed to; these are typically homes with lead service lines or lead solder.Before the Flint water crisis, MDEQ used to just trust cities when they said theyre testing the highest risk homes. That came back to haunt them in Flint, because the city was not testing the right homes.The EPAs request for increased transparency for the public is proving to be more ;controversial.;The EPA maintains cities should aly know where and how many lead lines they have. But the agencys request goes further than that. The EPA would love to see cities post this information online: how many lead lines there are in a city, a map of where they are, even the results from those individual high risk homes where testing is done once every few years.MDEQ says it is aly hard for cities to get enough people living in these higher risk homes to do this testing. Theres no forcing them. These people volunteer. MDEQ says that posting the test results from those homes online, in such a public way, ;may result in further difficulty getting residents to participate in the sampling.;The state isnt the only one concerned about peoples privacy. Many water system operators weve talked to over the past few weeks said the same thing.Jeff Castro, the director of Ypsilanti Community Utilities Authority, brought this up. He says residents should be able to find the make up of their own service line. But in Ypsilanti, there are only about three dozen lead lines left.;I feel pretty strongly that thats information for our customers only. I dont think theres any need to apply three dozen customers online so 25,000 other customers can see where they dont want their children to play at or a house they dont want to buy,; Castro said.Castro says if they had way more lead lines or none at all hed be more comfortable putting this information on the web, because it wouldnt single certain homes out as badly. If the EPA mandates that the information be posted, hed comply. But for now, thats not something hes willing to do.Privacy isnt the only concern. Some people were worried about security; there was talk of potential terrorists using water system maps to do harm. Others were worried about property values. One guy worried that someone could make a quick buck if they had a list of homes with lead service lines and went around scaring them into spending thousands of dollars to replace the line.Still, others arent that worried at all.Art Krueger supervises Traverse Citys water treatment plant. He says they aly have a digital map of their water system (to his knowledge, Traverse City doesnt have any lead service lines on city property - although there could be some on private property). He says it wouldnt be that hard for them to post the information online. He understands some people might have privacy concerns, but he says you could get ahold of the lead test results if you filed a public records request.;Its public information likely anyway. If someone wanted to really find out what addresses we were testing, correspondence is going back and forth to the DEQ; they could probably get a copy of those addresses.;Regulators and operators ar0e trying to hash out a middle ground where theres increased transparency without compromising too much privacy. That said, this business of posting information online, this is all a request from EPA. It is not a mandate. Changes in federal law are coming next year, but its not clear this increased transparency will be a part of that.201604/436151许昌/市激光除斑多少钱

河南省郑州华山整形医院激光除皱手术多少钱Its a dwarf of minke whales,one of the smallest of great whales.这是一头侏儒小须鲸,侏儒小须鲸是巨鲸里最小的一种。The turtle have swum from as far away as islands in the South Pacific.海龟们来自遥远的太平洋岛屿。But the whale have travelled considerably further,all the way from Antactic.但鲸鱼来自更远的地方,一路从南极而来。They come to Ribbon Reefs,south of Rain Island,to calve in the warm tropical waters or to mate.它们来到雷恩岛南边的带状礁,在温暖的热带海水里分娩或交配。Whale watching’s becomes a local tourist attraction.赏鲸已经成为当地的一个旅游项目。But some whales turn the tables, they go people watching.但有些鲸鱼却反其道而行之,它们赏人,These are adolescent whales,and they are extremely inquisitive.这些是未成年的鲸鱼,而且它们有着极强的好奇心。The moment of that first encounter is extraordinarily intense because you see the animal materialise beneath you.第一次遭遇鲸鱼的那个时刻会让人异常紧张,因为你看见它们真真切切在你下方。The first thing you see is the white strip on the pectoral fin,and the waters seems to solidify.最先映入眼帘的是胸鳍上的白色条纹,跟着连水好像也凝固了。This is a big animal,5 or 6tons.这是个大家伙,大概有5,6吨重。And then you gradually see it turn, and the eyes foucus on you,and you focus on the eye.然后慢慢地,你看见它转弯,眼珠子一错不错地盯着你,你也盯着它的眼睛。The animals are plainly studying you, and gradually getting closer and closer.这些家伙显然正打量你,而且慢慢地越靠越近。You are the object of curiosity to this whale, and its remarkable sensation.你就是这小家伙好奇的对象,这真是很奇妙的感觉。201510/403494郑州妇幼保健院隆胸多少钱 Shisha lounges水烟休息室Hubble, bubble水烟幻想Young British Asians have adapted an Arab tradition年轻的亚裔英国人已经适应了阿拉伯传统Does your mother know that youre out?你的妈妈知道你外出了吗?MANY parents lose sleep over thoughts of their offspring staying out late, smoking, boozing and getting up to no good with members of the opposite sex. For years it seemed that Muslim parents could rest a little easier. The lack of alcohol-free nightspots has made going out tricky for their teenage children, who are banned by their religion from drinking. But that gap is rapidly being filled.很多父母因为担心他们的子女晚归,吸烟,豪饮或沉醉于与异性之间的性爱而失眠。多年以来似乎只有穆斯林的父母可以稍微松一口气。因为宗教原因,缺乏酒精的夜生活使得穆斯林的青少年们连出门寻找享乐的方式都变得棘手。但是那个缺口正在逐步被填满。Shisha bars, where people smoke hookahs on heated outdoor patios, have mushroomed since a 2007 ban on smoking in public places. A study of 133 local authorities by the British Heart Foundation (BHF) found that the number of bars had risen from179 in2007 to556 in2012. Phil Johnson, one of the founders of the National Association of Shisha Bar Owners, reckons there are many more. Some can accommodate as many as 400 patrons.从2007年的公共场所禁烟令的发布之后,一个人们能够在温暖的户外吸水烟的地方—水烟酒吧,迅速繁荣起来。一项由133家地方当局授权的英国心脏协会的研究表明,水烟酒吧的数量由2007年的179家增长至2012年的556家。全国水烟酒吧联合协会的创始人之一,菲尔·约翰逊表示估计还有更多的酒吧未算在内。一些水烟酒吧可以容纳近400人。Smoking shishas is common in Arab countries such asEgypt. But British Muslims mainly trace their origins to South Asian countries such asBangladeshandPakistanwhere it is rarer. InBradford, one city where shisha bars are flourishing, a fifth of the population is Pakistani. Fewer than 1% are Arabs.在阿拉比国家吸食水烟是很常见的事,例如埃及。但是像英国穆斯林起源主要追溯于南亚国家,像孟加拉国和巴基斯坦,这些国家是很少提倡水烟。在巴基斯坦人口排得上第五的城市——布拉德福德, 那个地方水烟酒吧生意兴隆,但是却比不上阿拉伯国家的百分之一。Shisha lounges appeal to Muslims of both sexes who are too devout to go to clubs but not devout enough to hang out at the mosque, says Naweed Hussain, a political activist inBradford. There, and in cities such asBirmingham, the clientele is predominantly Asian. InLondonandOxfordpatrons are a more mixed bunch. But even inBirminghamnon-Muslims are keen. A decade ago there was much worry about Asian Muslims living “parallel lives” that rarely intersected with whites. Shisha lounges are an exception.布拉德福德的政治活跃分子Naweed Huassain表示,水烟酒吧对那些太虔诚以至于不去酒吧却不够虔诚呆在清真寺的群体有着吸引力。在这儿,还有诸如伯明翰的一些城市他们的务对象主要是亚洲人。在伦敦和牛津顾客们更是鱼龙混杂。而且即使是在伯明翰的非穆斯林们都热衷于水烟酒吧。十年前很多人担心亚洲穆斯林们那种几乎不与白人打交道的“平行生活”状态。水烟休闲室是一个例外。Few serve alcohol. In the Havana Shisha Lounge inBirmingham, piles of fruit, waiting to be juiced, sit next to lavishly iced cakes and tubs of ice cream. Milkshakes are a common accompaniment to shishas. Young Muslims relish sickly flavours of tobacco such as fizzyberry, gummy bear and blueberry-vanilla much as non-Muslims savour pineapple Bacardi Breezers. Smoking them is cheaper than other suitable activities, such as bowling. A shisha costs about £10 (); four or five people can share one for an hour.水烟休闲室很少提供酒精饮料。伯明翰哈瓦那的水烟休闲室,在华丽的冰镇蛋糕和管状冰淇淋旁,成堆的水果等待被榨成果汁。奶昔常常伴随着水烟而摆上桌。年轻的穆斯林们乐衷于病态口味的烟草,如fizzyberry,软糖熊和香草蓝莓,就像非穆斯林喜爱品尝菠萝味的百加地酒。吸水烟比其它合适的休闲活动要便宜的多。(例如保龄球)。水烟的成本约十英镑(也就是十六美元),四五人可以共享水烟长达一个小时。Fans argue that, unlike getting drunk, smoking shishas is not haram (forbidden). At worst, it is makruh (detested but not strictly prohibited). Ibrahim Mogra, a senior member of the Muslim Council of Britain, disagrees. The molasses-soaked tobacco used in water pipes damages peoples health (the BHF says that one hour of shisha smoking is equivalent to puffing on 100 cigarettes), so shishas are haram. He also frets about what goes on besides smoking: “I d to think of them becoming the equivalent of bars and pubs where anything and everything goes.” Boys and girls may be out of their parents sight but not out of Gods, he cautions.持者们辩解道:与饮酒不同的,吸食水烟不是罪孽的(不被禁止)。最坏而言,它是可恶的行为(憎恶但是不是严格禁止的)。英国穆斯林委员会的高级成员Ibrahim Mogra持反对意见:用于浸泡烟管的糖蜜对人的健康有害(BHF表示吸食一小时的水烟相当于吸食100根香烟的膨胀)因此水烟是有罪的。他同时也表达了对伴随着吸烟所产生的其它焦虑,那就是“我害怕水烟酒吧变成和普通酒吧一样,一个什么事情都可能发生的地方。他警告,男孩女孩们可以一时逃离父母的视线,但是在上帝的注视下他们无所遁形。Mr Mogras fears are not entirely misplaced. One young man who sometimes works in his fathers shisha bar says that customers occasionally smuggle in alcohol from a nearby supermarket (his father does not know). Girls come in droves and boys flock there to meet them. But those worried about the integration of British Muslims ought to find all this reassuring. Muslim teenagers are as rebellious and amorous as young people everywhere.Mogra的担心并不是空穴来风。一个在父亲的水烟酒吧工作的年轻人说道,顾客偶尔会从附近的商场里走私酒精(他的父亲并不知情)。女孩们成群结队而来,男生们涌入迎接。但是那些担心英国穆斯林的整体形象的人们却认为这个现象值得放心,因为穆斯林的青少年们的叛逆与风情是世界各地年轻人的代表。译者:黄佳欣 校对:毛慧译文属译生译世 /201512/416063河南省郑州华山医院绣眉手术多少钱

郑州省人民医院纹眉价钱费用 Science and technology科学技术Biometrics计量测定学Clocking peoples clocks识别人们的行踪Facial-recognition systems are getting better面部识别系统愈发完善WITH some pride, the FBI trumpeted the news last month that thanks to the agencys facial-recognition system Neil Stammer, wanted for sexual assault and kidnapping, had been apprehended in Nepal after being on the run for 14 years. The truth was slightly more prosaic. A State Department official had used the FBIs “Wanted” posters in a test for passport fraud. The system then matched Mr Stammers face with an American calling himself Kevin Hodges who regularly visited the US embassy in Kathmandu to renew his visa. Still, Mr Stammers arrest illuminates the growing importance of facial-recognition technology.上个月,在FBI面部识别系统的帮助下,因性侵犯和绑架而被通缉长达14年的Neil Stammer在尼泊尔落入法网。FBI对此大肆宣传,还带着点小骄傲呢~ 经过可能较为平淡。一名国务院官员使用FBI的通缉海报来测试护照欺诈行为。然后系统识别出,Stammer的面部同一名自称Kevin Hodges的美国人相符。后者经常到美国驻加德满都大使馆去更新他的签。不过,Stammer的落网,说明面部识别技术日益重要。The two main techniques used to recognise faces electronically are principal-component analysis (PCA) and linear-discriminant analysis (LDA). Both compare a picture of someones phizog with a reference image taken in a controlled environment. Passport photos and mugshots, then, are about as ideal as it gets.电子识别人脸的两种技术分别为主成分分析(PCA)和线性判别分析(LDA)。两种方法都是通过在特定环境下比较某人的面部和参照图片。碰巧,护照照片和疑犯照片是最理想化的。Basic PCA and LDA are good for skin colour, hair colour and the like. Advanced systems, such as that used with British biometric passports, may look at cheek bones, the bridge of the nose, jaw lines and eyes.基本的PCA和LDA擅长处理肤色、发色等。先进系统,比如英国计量生物学护照所采用的,可能会记录面颊骨骼,鼻梁,下颌轮廓以及眼睛。All of which is fine when someone is sitting or standing in front of a camera, but is less useful in the world beyond the studio. That requires a technique called Elastic Bunch Graph Matching (EBGM), which tries to create a three-dimensional (3D) model from two-dimensional images. This model can, thereafter, be used to match any subsequent image, or part thereof.在人正坐在或者正立在摄像头前的时候,所有这些标准都好办,但是在摄影棚外就不那么有用了。这要求一种名为弹性束图匹配(EBGM)的技术,该技术力求通过2D图像创建一个3D模型。因此这个模型就能用于匹配任何相关图片,或其中的部分。EBGM considers the head as a union of two ellipsoids: one whose main axis is vertical, and runs from forehead to chin; the other whose main axis is horizontal, and runs from tip of the nose to the back of the cranium. This basic scheme is overlaid with “fiducial” points which act as anchors for the modelling. These can be as few as half a dozen (the pupils of the eyes, the corners of the mouth, and so on), or as many, in one system, as 40,000.EBGM将头部视为两个椭圆的结合体。一个的主轴是垂直的,从前额到下巴;另一个的主轴是水平的,从鼻尖到头盖骨后侧。基本方案是通过确定基点位置,定位模型尺寸。基点少则6个(瞳孔,嘴角,等等),多则可能在一个系统中达到40000个。EBGM allows the construction of a three-dimensional representation of a face from poorly lit images taken at odd angles, such as a closed-circuit television camera might provide. Once it recognises enough fiducial points it can work out what aspect of a face it is viewing. It then extrapolates the expected positions of other fiducial points. As more data come in from the camera, the models shape is updated. Given enough horsepower, says a British official, such a system can build a model from as few as 80 pixels located between a subjects eyes—and only two images are needed for a 3D reconstruction.EBGM可以将小角度拍摄的暗光照片,比如闭路电视所提供的,塑造为三维模型。一旦它捕捉到了足够的基点,系统就能计算出它所观测的是面部的那个位置。然后系统推断出其他基点的预期位置。随着摄像头提供的数据增多,模型的形状不断更新。如果有足够动力,比如英国官方要求,只需要两张照片,像素少到在人物的眼睛中只有80个像素,这个系统就能偶建立出3D复原模型。Governments are not the only ones interested. Earlier this year, Facebooks DeepFace system was asked whether thousands of pairs of photos were of the same person. It answered correctly 97.25% of the time, a shade behind humans at 97.53%. Although DeepFace is only a research project, and is aided by the fact that many Facebook photos are tagged with the names of people in the images, which lets the system learn those faces in different poses and lighting conditions, it is still an impressive feat.并不只有政府对此感兴趣。今年早些时候,有人拿脸谱的“深脸”系统测试了成千上万张照片,看他们是否是同一个人。其正确率为97.25%,在人背后后有阴影的情况下识别率为97.53%。尽管深脸只是研究项目,并且脸谱上的许多照片都是贴着人的姓名这个情况给出了一定帮助,使得系统能够辨别出不同姿势、不同采光下的人脸,但是这个成果仍旧令人瞩目。As DeepFace shows, access to an accurate gallery of images is crucial. Passport photos, or those on national identity cards, can act as such galleries, as they can be rendered by EBGM into usable 3D models. Add in the increasing ubiquity of closed-circuit television, and the idea that anyone will be able hide for long in Nepal, or anywhere else, looks quaint.正如深脸所显示的,想精确识别大批量图案依然困难重重。护照照片,或者那些用在国民身份上的,可以作为这种相片管理系统,因为他们可以可以由EBGM转述为实用3D模型。再考虑到闭路电视的普及,那么任何一个人,想要在尼泊尔或者其他任何地方藏起来的这种想法都会变得不切实际。 /201410/333530郑州/金水区治疗黄褐斑要多少钱新密市永久性脱毛多少钱

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