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郑州上街区背部脱毛郑州激光去雀斑好吗With just hours to spare, Congress has averted a partial U.S. government shutdown by passing a stopgap spending bill to keep federal agencies open past a midnight funding deadline.美国国会赶在午夜截止期限前通过了一个临时开法案,以维持联邦政府机构所需的资金,从而避免了美国部分政府部门关门。The House of Representatives approved the measure 271-151. Earlier Wednesday, it cleared the Senate 78-20. The bill, which extends the governments spending authority until December 11, now goes to the White House for President Barack Obamas signature.众议院以27151的投票表决结果批准了这项措施。周三早些时候,这项法案在参议院80的投票结果过关。将政府的出权延长21日的法案目前已送往白宫由奥巴马总统签署;The most important thing we can do is keep the government open for business and continue vital programs that all Americans rely on,; said Republican Congressman Hal Rogers. ;This legislation is the best path forward at this time, but we all know it is only a Band-Aid.;共和党众议员哈尔罗杰斯说:“我们所能做的最重要的事情是保持政府开门营业,继续所有美国人依靠的重要项目。”他说:“这项立法是眼下最好的前进道路,但我们都知道这只是个应急措斀?”The two congressional votes averted a partial government shutdown, similiar to the standoff two years ago, that resulted in shuttered government offices for more than two weeks, in an ideological dispute over a federal health program.这两项国会表决避免了部分政府部门关门。两年前,类似的僵局导致部分政府办公室关闭两个多星期,起因是关于联邦医疗计划的意见争议。来 /201510/402459河南省中医院激光脱毛价钱费用 A 2,200-year-old crossbow which some experts believe could have been almost twice as powerful as a modern-day assault rifle has been discovered among the Terracotta Warriors.考古学家们在兵马俑中间发现了一200年前的弓弩,专家认为其威力相当于如今步的两倍。The crossbow, which was found intact this week, could have shot an arrow up to 2,600feet - about the length of nine football pitches, the Peoples Daily Online reported.这把弓弩于本周完整无缺的被发现,可以将箭射出600英尺之远的地方,相当于九个足球场,人民日报网站报道。The discovery is particularly exciting as experts believe the crossbow may hold the secret to the success of Chinasfirst emperor, Qin Shi Huang.这个发现特别的激动人心,因为专家称这把弓弩可以解开中国第一位皇帝秦始皇的成功之谜。The crossbow,which was found half-buried next to one of the terracotta statues, was discovered by archaeologists working at the site.在现场工作的考古学家在一个兵马俑的附近找到了这把弓弩,当时半掩埋着。It is the first time archaeologists have seen a complete version of the weapon,although they previously found 10 more broken crossbows in the same pit.这是考古学家首次发现完整弓弩,他们之前在同一个坑中发现了10多把坏掉的弓弩。The bow measures almost five feet in length, with a height of about 50 inches.这把弓弩长度5英尺,高50英寸。Its size suggests that it was one of the most powerful bows of its era. Historical texts indicate that its firing range could have been up to 2,600 feet,according to Huashang Newspaper, which is double the range of an assault rifle, which is aboutl,300 feet.这种尺寸表明这是当时最强大的弓弩之一。历史文献表明其射程可达2600英寸,这相当于步的两倍。Somehistorians believe that analysis of a number of historical texts shows that the crossbow was integral to several important military victories of the period.一些历史学家认为对一系列历史文献的分析表明这种弓弩在当当时的几场重大军事胜利中扮演了不可或缺的作用。Archaeologistsare equally excited about the discovery of a Qing, an item which they had previously only about in historical texts。同样令考古学家感到兴奋的是他们还发现了一;;,此前见诸于史书,并未见过实物。TheQing helps explain how the crossbow was transported and stored, helping it tomaintain its shape when not in use.檠是用来运输和储藏弓弩的,在弓弩不被使用的情况下,用以保护弓弩的形状We believe that not only in the Qin dynasty but perhaps during the entire Warring States Period they had a very complete system of weapons production, storage and transportation/ Shen Maosheng, the archaeol ts team leade.r told Central China Television.“我们认为不仅仅在秦朝,而是战国时期,他们都具有一套非常完整的武器生产、储存和运输系统,”该考古团队的带头人对中央台说This discovery of the most complete Qin Dynasty crossbow, especially the Qing, provides us with new histo rical evidence for the follow-up study of the Terracotta, especially the study of the Qin dynasty military force.“这把完整的秦朝弓弩的发现,特别是檠的发为我们的兵马俑研究,特别是秦朝军事力量的研究,提供了新的历史据。”来 /201503/365837郑州/整形哪里好

郑州人民医院丰胸价钱费用An airliner that disappeared on Sunday with 54 people on board crashed on a mountain in eastern Indonesia, according to the country’s transport officials.据印度尼西亚交通部门官员表示,印尼一架上周日失联、载4人的客机已经坠毁于印尼东部的一座山上。There were no reports of survivors. The accident was the latest in a string of incidents that have raised concerns over air safety in the country.没有关于幸存者的报道。该事故是印尼一连串航空事故的最新一起,这些事故已经引发了人们对该国航空安全的担忧。Reuters news agency ed Suprasetyo, Indonesia’s air transportation director-general, as saying the missing Trigana Air carrier had been located by villagers in the Oktabe district, about 175 miles south of Jayapura, the capital of Papua province, from where the plane had taken off.路透社(Reuters)援引印尼航空交通运输司司长苏伯拉斯迪约(Suprasetyo)的话称,特里嘎纳航空公司(Trigana Air)的失联客机已经在奥克巴普(Okbape)地区被村民发现。该地区在飞机的起飞点印尼巴布亚Papua)首府查亚普拉Jayapura)以南75英里的地方。“The latest information is that the Trigana aircraft that lost contact has been found,Reuters ed Mr Suprasetyo as telling reporters. “Residents provided information that the aircraft crashed into Tangok mountain.”“最新的消息是,这架失联的特里嘎纳航空客机已经找到,”路透社援引苏伯拉斯迪约告诉记者的话称,“当地居民提供信息称,这架客机已经坠毁于唐格Tangok) 山。”来 /201508/393309郑州/管城回族区做双眼皮手术多少钱 河南祛疤痕的医院

安阳市人民医院激光祛太田痣多少钱International efforts to secure an end to the hostilities in Gaza appeared stalled on Tuesday after John Kerry, the US secretary of state, endorsed as the “frameworkfor a ceasefire an Egyptian proposal rejected last week by Hamas, the Islamist movement in control of the territory.周二,国际社会试图终结加沙地带敌对状态的努力陷入了僵局。此前,美国国务卿约#8226;克里(John Kerry)曾对埃及的提议表示持,称它为停火提供了“框架”。然而这一提议却在上周遭到哈马Hamas)的拒绝。哈马斯是控制加沙地带的伊斯兰运动组织。Mr Kerry, who spoke in Cairo after talks with Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, the Egyptian president, said Hamas had “a fundamental choice to makethat would have a profound effect on the lives of people in Gaza.在与埃及总统阿卜杜勒#8226;法塔#8226;塞西(General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi)会谈之后,克里发表讲话称,哈马斯“要做出一个根本选择”,这一选择将对加沙民众的生存产生深远影响。He said Egypt had provided “a framework and a forumfor the Islamists and other Palestinian factions to have “serious discussionsand voiced his country’s support for Israel’s “right to self defenceagainst missiles fired from Gaza.他表示,埃及为伊斯兰主义者和其他巴勒斯坦派别间开展“认真磋商”提供了“讨论框架和论坛”,并宣称美国持以色列对来自加沙地带导弹的“自卫权”。Mr Kerry also said he would keep working for a truce and announced that the US was sending m in humanitarian aid for tens of thousands of Palestinians who have fled their homes in Gaza to escape the fighting.克里还表示将继续为达成停火而努力,他还宣布美国正在向数万名巴勒斯坦人发出价700万美元的人道主义援助。这些巴勒斯坦人为了躲避战争而不得不逃离他们位于加沙地带的家园。More than 600 Palestinians and some 27 Israeli soldiers have been killed since the latest bout of violence began two weeks ago.自两周前该地区爆发最新暴力冲突以来,00名巴勒斯坦人和约27名以色列士兵已在冲突中丧生。On Tuesday, Israeli artillery fire rained down on Gaza, while Hamas sent barrages of rockets into southern and central Israel.周二,以色列的炮火倾泻在加沙地带,与此同时哈马斯则向以色列南部和中部发射了大量火箭弹;There is literally no safe place for civilians,; Jens Laerke, spokesman of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), told a news briefing in Geneva.联合UN)人道主义事务协调办公OCHA)发言人延#8226;拉尔Jens Laerke)在日内瓦的一次新闻发布会上表示:“毫不夸张地说,没有哪个地方对平民来说是安全的。”The new shelling prompted the Federal Aviation Administration to order US airlines to halt flights to Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion international airport for 24 hours after a rocket landed within a mile of the airport. The FAA’s action comes less than a week after Malaysia Airlines flight 17, flying over eastern Ukraine, was brought down, apparently by a surface-to-air missile.新的炮击事件促使美国联邦航空局(FAA)下令将美国各航空公司飞往特拉维夫本古里安国际机场(Ben Gurion international airport)的航班停4小时。在那之前,一枚火箭弹曾落在离该机场不到一英里的地方。就在FAA做出这一举措之前不到一周,马来西亚航空公司(Malaysia Airlines)的MH-17航班在飞越乌克兰东部时被击落——击落它的似乎是一枚地对空导弹。Cairo last week proposed a ceasefire that was accepted by Israel but rejected by Hamas, which said it had not been consulted. The suggested truce would have been followed by talks in Cairo, but Hamas said it first wanted negotiations to secure certain demands, including prisoner releases and the lifting of the blockade imposed by Israel and Egypt, the countries bordering the territory.埃及政府曾在上周提议双方停火。以色列接受了这一倡议,而哈马斯却未能接受,并表示该提议并未与其提前商量。在开罗的磋商之后原本应该出现提议中的停火。然而哈马斯却表示,它首先要就满足特定要求开展谈判,这些要求包括释放监狱中的犯人以及解除埃以两国对该地区的封锁。Sameh Shoukri, the Egyptian foreign minister said there were no plans to amend the ceasefire proposal.埃及外长萨梅#8226;舒凯Sameh Shoukri)表示,目前还未打算对停火提案加以修改。来 /201407/314820 A French prosecutor says Fridays attack on a U.S. gas factory in Lyon bears the hallmarks of the Islamic State militant group.一位法国检察官说,法国里昂一家美国工业气体工厂上星期五遇袭事件具有伊斯兰国极端组织作案的特征。Prosecutor Francois Molins said Tuesday that the man who is suspected of carrying out the attack, Yassin Salhi, had a ;terrorist motive; when he beheaded his employer and attacked the gas factory. ;Salhi decapitated his victim, he hung the head on a fence to get maximum publicity, as he told us during interrogation,; said Molins.检察官莫林斯星期二说,将雇主斩首、并袭击这家工厂的嫌疑人萨利赫有恐怖主义动机。莫林斯还说,萨利赫在审讯中交代,他将被害者斩首,把头颅挂在围墙上,最大程度地示众。Salhi, who was arrested soon after the attack, is being held on suspicion of terrorism.萨利赫行凶后很快被捕,目前因涉嫌恐怖主义活动而被关押。He is suspected of crashing his vehicle onto the factory grounds and causing an explosion Friday.萨利赫涉嫌于上星期五开车冲入工厂,并制造爆炸。After Fridays attack, French President Francois Hollande raised the security level in the region of Rhone-Alpes to the highest possible level.法国总统奥朗德在袭击发生后将罗讷-阿尔卑斯地区的安全警告提升到最高级别。来 /201507/383453郑州市第一人民医院激光去烫伤的疤多少钱郑州中原区玻尿酸隆鼻多少钱

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