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An Italian woman who made anonymous calls to her lover#39;s wife to tell her of their affair has been told she must pay a 287 fine for harassment.意大利一名女子给情人的妻子打匿名电话,揭露他们的情事,被法院以骚扰罪判处300欧元的罚款。The woman, named locally as Annamaria D.R., also told her lover#39;s wife about other affairs her husband had allegedly been having in Bari and Potenza, southern Italy.这位名叫安娜玛利亚的女子同时还在电话里向情人的妻子揭露了其夫在意大利南部城市巴里和波坦察有过的风流韵事。She argued in court during an appeal hearing that because her lover#39;s wife did not hang up on her calls immediately, it was clear she was interested in what was being said.这名女子在法庭上诉中表示,情人的妻子并没有立即挂断她的电话,很明显是对自己所说的内容很感兴趣。The mistress tried to overturn a conviction of harassment originally issued by the Court of Potenza in 2013.这名女子试图推翻波坦察法院在2013年对其作出的骚扰罪判决。However, Italy#39;s Supreme Court in Rome ruled that the fact the wife did not interrupt the calls ;cannot be seen as acquiescence on the wife#39;s part, given the serious nature of what was being revealed.;不过,位于罗马的意大利最高法院判决称,“鉴于当时电话中所说事情的严重性,”那位妻子没有挂断电话“并不能被看做默许。”;The petulant and disturbing nature of the calls is shown in the anonymous forms they took,; said the ruling.判决书表示:“匿名电话的任性、骚扰本质已显露无疑。”The court upheld the original conviction of harassment, with judges saying that an anonymous call to reveal an affair is a reprehensible act regardless of whether the claim is true.法庭维持了原判,法官表示,用匿名电话揭露婚外情是一种不道德的行为,无论揭露的事实是否属实。The mistress called her lover#39;s wife a total of three times, once from her office phone and twice from her mobile, to tell her that her husband had betrayed her many times and continued to do so. One call lasted 28 minutes, another 11 minutes.这名女子一共给她情人的妻子打了三次电话,一次从办公室电话打出,两次用她的手机打出,在电话中她对那位妻子表示,她的丈夫已经背叛过她很多次,而且并未停手。有一通电话持续了28分钟,还有一通持续了11分钟。The wife, who cannot be named due to privacy laws, later decided to file a complaint and requested the examination of her phone records to trace the call.那位妻子,因为隐私法原因不能透露其姓名,后来决定提起诉讼,并要求对其通话记录进行彻查以追踪到呼叫人。According to a 2010 survey, half of Italians have extramarital affairs. The study by the Italian Association for Family Lawyers found that 55 per cent of men and 45 per cent of women cheat on their wives or husbands.据2010年的一项调查显示,半数意大利人有过婚外情。由意大利家庭律师协会进行的这项调查同时发现,55%的男性和45%的女性都曾出轨。In around half of cases, cheating partners are found out through indiscreet mobile phone text messages, emails betray one in five and a further one in 10 are given away by anonymous letters.在半数的出轨案件中,出轨一方是被言辞不检的手机短信出卖的,被邮件出卖者占五分之一,另有十分之一是被匿名信揭露的。 /201507/386273

Despite recent sales weakness from Diageo’s U.S. vodka portfolio, the company is convinced consumers will keep saying: “I’ll have another.”虽然最近帝亚吉欧的伏特加系列产品在美国的销售情况并不理想,但公司仍然相信,消费者对该品牌的热情未减,而且他们会继续说:“再来一杯”。The alcoholic-beverage giant has reported full-year sales and profit were stung by weak vodka sales in the U.S. and a broader drop in demand in China, though the alcoholic-beverages giant isn’t dissuaded and sees progress ahead.帝亚吉欧发布的全年销售业绩显示,伏特加在美国市场的销售低迷,中国市场的需求也普遍下滑,两大因素导致其利润受挫,但该公司并未因此打退堂鼓,而是认为好戏还在后头。Overall, the maker of Johnnie Walker Scotch, Ketel One vodka and Don Julio tequila reported net sales slid 9% to 10.3 billion British pounds (.3 billion) for the year ended June 30.总体而言,作为尊尼获加威士忌、坎特1号伏特加和唐胡里奥龙舌兰的生产商,帝亚吉欧在报告中提到,其截至6月30日的年净销售额下滑9%至103亿英镑(约合173亿美元)。In North America, reported net sales dropped 7% due to weakness from the company’s vodka brands: Smirnoff and Ciroc reported sales declines while Ketel One demand was unchanged from the prior year.在北美市场,报告中净销售额约7%的下滑源于伏特加品牌销售的不景气:该报告显示,伏特加和诗珞珂伏特加销售额下滑,而坎特1号伏特加的需求与去年持平。Vodka is by far the most popular spirit sold in the U.S., generating .6 billion in revenue for distillers last year and accounting for 32% of the industry’s total volume, according to the Distilled Spirits Council of the U.S. But volume growth has slowed the past few years, as more consumers turn to tequila, bourbon and Tennessee whiskey. Diageo’s results highlighted that divide North America. Don Julio’s sales leapt 22% while Bulleit bourbon posted a 63% jump in sales.到目前为止,伏特加是美国市场最畅销的酒精饮料,美国蒸馏酒委员会(Distilled Spirits Council of the U.S.)的数据显示,去年伏特加为酿酒厂带来了56亿美元的营业收入,销量占行业总量的32%。然而在过去几年中,伏特加的销量增长放缓,因为更多消费者转向了龙舌兰、波旁和田纳西州威士忌。帝亚吉欧的业绩凸显了北美地区的这种销售差异。唐胡里奥的销售额上涨22%,而子弹波旁威士忌的销售飙升了63%。“We don’t see a trend where vodka is going to no longer resonate with the consumer,” Diageo Chief Financial Officer Deirdre Mahlan told Fortune. “The vodka category grew 4% this year in the U.S. Our brands didn’t perform as well.”帝亚吉欧公司财务总监 Deirdre Mahlan向《财富》杂志透露:“没有迹象表明,消费者已对伏特加失去了兴趣。今年伏特加品类在美国的销量增长了4%。我们的品牌表现得并不是很好。”Mahlan said while it is “absolutely true that whiskeys are in vogue,” Diageo was pressured by heightened competition and some promotional pricing in the category. More than 200 new vodkas have hit U.S. shelves the past two years, and some of the lower priced brands are using promotions to drive scale. As a result, Diageo says Smirnoff in particular lost some market share as the company wanted to maintain pricing power against its rivals.Mahlan表示,虽然“现在确实流行喝威士忌”,但激烈的竞争以及该品类的某些促销定价也为帝亚吉欧带来了压力。在过去的两年中,超过200种新伏特加酒在美国上架,而一些低价品牌正利用促销活动来走量。因此,帝亚吉欧指出,其中较为突出的是伏特加,该品牌失去了部分市场份额,因为公司想保持其定价能力,并以此打击其对手。Diageo says a better way to its U.S. performance is to look at how well the higher priced beverages sold compared to more affordable options. Bulleit, Don Julio and the higher priced Johnnie Walker Scotches sold well, while Smirnoff and Captain Morgan rum were pressured as some consumers traded down to lower priced spirits.帝亚吉欧表示,比较高价酒与低价酒的销售情况有助于更好地解读美国业绩。子弹波旁威士忌、唐胡里奥和价格较高的尊尼获加威士忌都很畅销,而伏特加和根船长朗姆酒的销售则面临压力,因为部分消费者转而购买价位更低的酒。Mahlan and other consumer-product companies have in recent weeks called out pressure middle- and low-income Americans have felt as a result of payroll tax changes and an economic recovery that has left those on the lower economic rungs feeling left out.最近几周,Mahlan和其他消费品公司大声疾呼,美国中低收入阶层感到生活充满压力,原因在于工资税的变化和经济复苏让那些处于经济阶梯下层的人感觉自己处于被遗忘的边缘。“I’m optimistic,” Mahlan said. “While you might trade down to a less expensive brand temporarily, when you can go back to a more aspirational brand, you tend to go back up.”Mahlan表示:“我很乐观,虽然消费者暂时倾向于购买价格较低的酒类品牌,但当他们有能力购买更有品位的品牌时,他们就会回归价位较高的品牌。”The Greater China region was another area of concern, where sales slumped 33% in the latest fiscal year. Those problems didn’t drastically weigh down Diageo’s overall results, as China generates about 1% of the company’s global sales.大中华地区是另一个令人担忧的地区,上个财年该区域的销售业绩下滑了33%。这并没有对帝亚吉欧的整体业绩构成巨大拖累,因为中国在全球销售中的占比仅为1%左右。Still, worries of weakness in China always generates headlines. Western-style spirits companies are facing challenges there as they aim to bolster low consumption and limited knowledge about their products. A bulk of China’s alcohol consumption is of baijiu, China’s native alcohol, and so it’ll take time to change their habits.尽管如此,对中国的疲软销售状况的担忧总能成为人们关注的话题。西式酒精饮料公司一心希望提高其在中国较低的销量和有限的知名度,但他们在这一过程中将面临挑战。中国人消费的酒精饮料主要是本土制造的白酒,所以改变中国人的习惯还需要时间。“As the Chinese consumer becomes more familiar with Western-style spirits, we think there is huge potential for the business,” Mahlan said.Mahlan表示:“随着中国消费者对西式烈酒认知度的提高,我们认为中国存在巨大的商业潜力”。To court those preferences, Diageo later this year is launching a single-grain Scotch called Haig Club, which has a lighter flavor and could be more suitable for the Chinese market. Because many Chinese consumers prefer to drink alcohol with their meals, Diageo is hopeful Haig will be a more suitable pairing.为了迎合这些偏好,今年晚些时候帝亚吉欧将推出单一谷物苏格兰威士忌,名为黑格俱乐部威士忌,口味较清淡,更适合中国市场。因为很多中国消费者喜欢在就餐时喝酒,帝亚吉欧希望黑格能成为更合适的佐餐伴侣。“It is such early days for [our categories] in China,” Mahlan said. “It is an investment market for us.”Mahlan说道:“在中国,[我们的产品]处于非常初期的发展阶段,中国对我们而言是一个投资市场。” /201408/317880

A supplier to McDonald’s and KFC in China has been accused of supplying rotting meat and falsifying expiry dates, writes Lucy Hornby.麦当劳(McDonald’s)、肯德基(KFC)中国业务的一家供应商被指供应变质肉类和篡改保质期。The Shanghai food safety watchdog said yesterday it had closed a US-owned meat and poultry processor in the outskirts of the city after a television station caught it putting new labels on expired meat.上海市食药监部门昨日表示,已查封市郊一家美资肉类和家禽加工企业,此前该企业被电视台曝光在过期肉类产品上贴新标签。KFC and McDonald’s apologised to customers.肯德基和麦当劳已向顾客致歉。Generally, foreign food companies are seen in a better light than domestic competitors but local media reports have clouded that reputation.民众通常对国外食品企业比国内竞争对手投以更信任的目光,但当地媒体的报道为这一声誉蒙上阴影。A probe 18 months ago found excessive antibiotic use by a supplier of poultry to KFC, the fried chicken chain owned by Yum Brands. China accounted for 35 per cent of Yum’s operating profit in 2013.18个月前一项调查发现,百胜(Yum Brands)旗下的肯德基的一家家禽供应商过度使用抗生素。2013年百胜在华营业利润占其总营业利润的35%。“Once the news gets out it is going to be difficult for them to convince Chinese consumers that [KFC] can put the needed checks in place on their suppliers,” said Ben Cavendar, analyst at China Market Research.中国市场研究(China Market Research)的分析师本#8226;凯文德(Ben Cavendar)说:“新闻一旦传出,他们很难再说中国消费者(肯德基)有能力对供应商进行必要检查。”Supply chains have scaled up quickly in China and food safety is a perennial issue. But in the latest case the processor, Shanghai Husi Food, a subsidiary of Illinois-based OSI, has been in operation almost two decades.中国的食品供应链规模扩张迅速,但长期存在食品安全问题。不过在最新这起事故中,涉事加工商上海福喜食品有限公司(Shanghai Husi Food)为总部位于美国伊利诺伊州的OSI集团的子公司,已运营近20年。“We are working with government departments and an investigation is under way,” said an employee at the Husi plant in the Shanghai suburb of Jiading.在位于上海市郊嘉定区的福喜工厂内,一名员工说:“我们正配合政府部门的调查。”OSI began supplying McDonald’s in China in the early 1990s, when the fast food group ventured into the country only to discover that local supply chains did not exist. It operates eight meat or poultry processing plants in mainland China.20世纪90年代初麦当劳进入中国市场,结果发现当地没有任何供应链,OSI便成了这家快餐集团的供应商。该集团在中国内地经营着8家肉类或家禽加工厂。In January Walmart recalled “five spice” donkey meat from stores in China after fox DNA was found.今年1月沃尔玛(Walmart)在华门店所销售“五香驴肉”被检测出狐狸DNA,随后该产品被召回。Yum said on the Weibo instant messaging site it had suspended supply from Husi’s Shanghai plant.百胜发微宣布,已停用上海福喜供应的肉类食品原料。McDonald’s said it had suspended sourcing from the plant, and expected a shortage in some items.麦当劳称,已停用上海福喜供应的所有食品原料,预期会出现某些原料断货的情况。KFC and McDonald’s restaurants in Beijing appeared to be as busy as usual, although some customers said they were sticking with drinks.北京的肯德基和麦当劳餐厅依然如往常一样繁忙 ,尽管有些顾客表示他们只点饮料。“What can you do?” sighed one mother after buying a chicken burger for her son at a McDonald’s in an underground mall in Beijing. “You can only avoid the food for a while.”“你能怎么办?”在北京一家地下商场的麦当劳里,一位母亲给儿子买了个鸡肉汉堡后叹气道,“你只能暂时不吃而已。”Another hamburger muncher snarled: “Can you please not talk about this while I am eating?”另一位正在大嚼汉堡的人咆哮道:“你能别在我吃的时候谈这个吗?” /201407/314560

By mid-century, the sun could be the largest source of energy and help reign in global warming by preventing the release of billions of tons of carbon dioxide emissions, according to a new report from the International Energy Agency.国际能源署(International Energy Agency)在最近发布的一份报告中表示,到本世纪中叶,太阳能有可能成为全球使用规模最大的能源,这将会减少数十亿吨二氧化碳的排放,从而有助于抑制全球变暖趋势。The bullish report is the latest dose of good news for the solar industry that has seen phenomenal growth. Global demand is expected to double every two years through 2022 as prices fall and the technology continues to improve. The ed States is one of the markets poised for strong growth.对于近年增长势头迅猛的太阳能行业而言,这份乐观的报告无疑是一针强心剂。从现在起直到2022年,随着太阳能的价格逐步下降而技术持续完善,预期全球需求将会每两年翻上一番。美国市场更是有望出现强劲增长的市场之一。Though it is the fastest growing source of renewable electricity, solar power still only represents a fraction of energy mix dominated by fossil fuels. Globally, it provides 0.5 percent of electricity generation and, in the ed States, it currently provides 0.2 percent of energy generation.虽然太阳能是增长最快的可再生电力来源,但在以矿物燃料为主的能源组合中,太阳能目前仍然只占很小的比例。从全球来看,太阳能发电仅占各类能源总发电量的0.5%,而在美国,这一比例仅为0.2%。“The rapid cost decrease of photovoltaic modules and systems in the last few years has opened new perspectives for using solar energy as a major source of electricity in the coming years and decades,” IEA Executive Director Maria van der Hoeven said. “However, both technologies are very capital intensive: almost all expenditures are made upfront. Lowering the cost of capital is thus of primary importance for achieving the vision in these roadmaps.”“过去几年里,光伏组件和光伏系统的成本迅速下降,为太阳能在未来数年和数十年内发展成为主要的电力来源开辟了新的前景,”国际能源署总干事玛丽亚o范德胡芬表示,“但是,这两种技术都属于资本密集型行业——几乎所有的开都需要在前期就早早投入。因此降低资本成本便成了实现这些发展路径图的首要任务。”The price of solar photovoltaic, or PV, systems is expected to drop by 65 percent by 2050, van der Hoeven said. Another key to the growth of solar will be government offering up clear policies to support the sector. The solar sector in the ed States, for example, has benefited from the solar investment tax credit, which provides a 30 percent tax credit for solar systems on residential and commercial properties. The industry is pushing for it to be extended beyond 2016.据范德胡芬介绍,到2050年,预计太阳能光伏(PV)系统的价格将下降65%。而推动太阳能增长的另外一个关键所在,则要靠政府制定出明确的产业扶持政策。例如美国的太阳能产业就可以获得太阳能投资税收减免优惠——政府对民用住宅和商用建筑中采用的太阳能发电系统提供高达30%的税收减免。该行业目前正在积极游说政府将这一优惠延长到2016年以后。“By contrast,” van der Hoeven said, “where there is a record of policy incoherence, confusing signals or stop-and-go policy cycles, investors end up paying more for their investment, consumers pays more for their energy, and some projects that are needed simply will not go ahead.”“与之相反,”范德胡芬继续介绍,“有些地方的政策不连贯、不明朗或者时断时续,导致投资者需要为投资付出更高的成本,消费者需要为购买能源付出更高的费用,甚至有一些存在需求的项目最后却难以为继。”With 137 gigawatts of installed capacity at the end of 2013, PV has dominated the market — adding more capacity since 2010 than the previous four decades — and will continue to do so through 2030, according to the IEA. But once solar reaches from 5 percent to 15 percent of electricity generation, the picture changes.根据国际能源署的报告,太阳能光伏在2013年年底的装机容量达到137千兆瓦,在能源市场上占据了主导地位——自2010年至今的新增容量甚至超过了之前40年的新增容量——并会将这种增长势头一直延续到2030年。不过,一旦太阳能光伏占到了各类能源总发电量的5%到15%,局面就会发生变化。At that point, PV begins to lose value in wholesale markets while solar thermal electricity, which uses the solar to produce steam power, “takes off at this stage thanks to (concentrating solar power) plants’ built-in thermal storage, which allows for generation of electricity when demand peaks in late afternoon and in the evening, thus complementing PV generation.”到那时,太阳能光伏发电将会开始在批发市场丧失价值,而利用太阳能产生蒸汽动力的太阳能热能发电技术,则会“在这一阶段开始蓬勃发展,这要归功于(聚光太阳能)电厂内部的蓄热器可在属于用电高峰时段的傍晚和夜间进行热能发电,对太阳能光伏发电形成补充。”Across the globe, China is expected to continue to lead the way on PV, followed by the ed States. Solar thermal, meanwhile, has greatest potential in sunny areas meaning it probably be a “major opportunity” for Africa, India, the Middle East and the ed States.展望全球,预计中国将继续在太阳能光伏领域引领风骚,美国则紧随其后。与此同时,太阳能热能发电则在日照充足的地区拥有无限的潜力,这意味着非洲、印度、中东和美国将迎来“重大发展机遇”。 /201410/334026

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