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地点:莫妮卡和钱德勒公寓人物:莫妮卡,乔伊,瑞秋,菲比事件:得知瑞秋意外怀后,好友乔伊虽不知孩子的父亲是谁,但为了不让她一个人,他贴心地向瑞秋求婚Monica: Hey! Howd it go?莫妮卡:嘿,情况如何?Joey: Yeah. What—what did Tag say?乔伊:是啊,泰格怎么,怎么说的?Rachel: Tag is not the father! And Joey knows now?瑞秋:泰格不是孩子的父亲还有现在乔伊也知道了?Joey: I do Rach. I do, and Im so happy you.乔伊:是的,瑞,我知道了,而且我为你感到非常高兴Rachel: Oh wow, you didnt even try to unhook my bra!瑞秋:哇噢,你这次竟然没有试图解开我的内衣!Monica: So are you ever gonna tell whoever it is?莫妮卡:所以你还打算告诉孩子的父亲吗?Rachel: Na, I will. Im just not up it tonight.瑞秋:是的,我会告诉他只是今天晚上我不想说了Joey: Hey Rach listen, no matter what this guy says I want you to know youre not gonna be alone in this.乔伊:嘿,瑞,听着,不管那家伙说什么,我想让你知道,你不会一个人面对这一切的Rachel: Im not?瑞秋:我不会吗?Joey:Listen I uh...It a scary world out there especially if youre a single mom. Yknow, I always felt like you and I have this—this special bond. Yknow?So, Rachel Greene, will you marry me?乔伊:听着,我,嗯……世道凶险,对单身妈妈来说尤为如此你知道吗?我总是觉得咱俩之间,有一种特殊的关系,,瑞秋·格林,你愿意嫁给我吗?Rachel: What?瑞秋:啊?Monica: What?莫妮卡:什么?Phoebe: What?菲比:什么? 501。

Dialogue:Jingjing: Hey, Xiao Gao. I didnt know you played Go.京晶:嘿,小高,我不知道你还下围棋呢Xiaogao: I dont, but I really wanna learn. Did you hear about the amazing achievement of Google AI robot, AlphaGo?小高:我不下,但是我真的想学你听说了谷歌人工智能机器人“阿尔法” 了不起的成就了吗?Jingjing: I heard about it, but why are you so excited?京晶:我听说了,但是你为什么这么兴奋?Xiaogao: Because it the first AI program that could beat a professional player at the most complex board game mankind has ever created.小高:因为这是第一个可以在最复杂的人类创造的棋类比赛中打败专业棋手的人工智能程序Jingjing: I thought computers have been able to beat humans at chess a long time. What the big deal?京晶:我以为计算机早就能够在国际象棋比赛中打败人类了这有什么大不了的?XG: Youre right, but there a huge difference between chess and Go. Computers can easily beat humans because it is way less complicated.Computers dont need to be smart to win at chess, they just need to be fast. A computer can use a technique called brute ce to win at chess. This is not possible with Go. AlphaGo uses real artificial intelligence called deep learning in order to solve problems.小高:你说得对,但是国际象棋与围棋有天壤之别电脑能轻易打败人脑是因为这相对来说太容易了电脑并不需要足够聪明来赢得象棋比赛,它只需要足够快就行一部计算机只需要一种叫做的“简单匹配算法(BF算法)“的技术来赢得象棋比赛这对于围棋来说是不可能实现的阿尔法是运用一种叫做“深度学习”的真正人工智能来解决问题的Jingjing: Oh, I think I understand now… But why does this matter mankind?京晶:哦,我想现在我明白了…但此事为何对人类事关重要?Xiaogao: This is important because it shows great potential AI to solve other complicated problems, such as complex weather conditions,disease control, and global warming issues.小高:重要是因为这展示了人工智能解决其他复杂问题的巨大潜力,比如复杂的天气情况,疾病控制,以及全球变暖等议题Jingjing: I heard the AI robot only won out of 5 matches. Does that mean that AI has room improvement?京晶:我听说人工智能机器人只赢了五场中的四场比赛,那是否意味着它还有进步的空间?Xiaogao: That right. The robot isnt perfect, but it certainly impressed the entire world. Some of AlphaGo moves were described as “beautiful” by Go fans.小高:没错机器人不是完美的,但肯定已让全世界印象深刻有一些阿尔法的棋路已经被围棋粉们描述为“漂亮”Jingjing: This is getting scary. Are robots going to take over the world?京晶:这就变得有些可怕了机器人会统治世界吗?Xiaogao: Although Google AI victory marked a major milestone artificial intelligence, the world is still a long way away from mimicking true human intelligence.小高:虽然谷歌的阿尔法取胜标志着人工智能的一个重要的里程碑,但在模仿真正的人类智能方面,世界还有很长的路要走New words dialogue:Go围棋AI short Artificial Intelligence 人工智能(简称)Mankind the human race 人类What the big deal? 这有什么大不了?Brute ce a trial and error method tha temploys exhaustive eft rather than employing intellectual strategies 简单匹配算法Deep learning a branch of machine learning based on a set of al gorithms that attempt to model high-level abstractions in data by using multiple processing layers 深度学习[Something] has room improvement 有进步空间Mark a major milestone to accomplish something difficult that hasnt been achieved bee 标志着里程碑A long way away from… 与…差得很远Mimic 模仿 31。

1 Missing第1单元 失踪Mr. Nicolas waited. All the other kids were gone. Where was his son, Mark? It was 3:30. Mark got out of the school by 3:00. He was getting impatient. He went into the school to see if anyone has seen Mark.尼可拉斯先生还在继续等着,其他所有小孩都走了,但是他儿子马克呢?已经下午三点半了,马克应该三点就放学了他开始有点不耐烦,便走进学校看看有没有人看到马克His teacher said that he left with the other kids. Mr. Nicolas began to panic. He checked the school grounds. One of the other kids said they saw Mark get into a car with a strange man. Who was the man? Mr. Nicolas called the police. He said his son was missing.他老师说他是和其他孩子一起离开的,这一来尼可拉斯先生开始慌了他到学校操场察看时,有几个人小孩说他们看到马克和一个陌生人进入一辆车子里那个人是谁呢?尼可拉斯先生赶紧报警,说他儿子失踪了Soon, everyone was looking Mark. They checked all the parks, the malls, and the bus stations. He was nowhere. Mr. Nicolas went home, every saddened by the events of the day. When he walked in the door, he saw Mark. ;Dad, where have you been all day?; Mr. Nicolas was shocked. ;Mark, where have you been all day? I was worried about you.;不久之后,大家便动员起来寻找马克;他们找遍了所有的公园、购物中心和公车站,但是都不见马克的踪影最后尼可拉斯先生只好先回家,今天发生的事情让他觉得很难过;结果他一进门却看见马克“爸,你一整天都跑哪里去了?”尼可拉斯先生大吃一惊“马克,那你一整天又都跑哪里去了?我好担心你”;Oh,; said MArk. ;Mr. Smith, the next door neighbor, gave me a ride home. I have been here all day.; Mr. Nicolas hugged his son. He was glad Mark was safe.“哦,”马克说:“是隔壁邻居史密斯先生顺路载我回家啦我一整天都在这里”尼可拉斯先生紧紧抱住他儿子,很高兴马克平安无事 19。

“Another Way to Die”是0电影历史上第一首男女合唱主题歌,该原声大碟将于今年月日上市,影片则将于月7日在北美上映Artist:Alicia Keys Feat. Jack WhiteSong:Another Way To DieI know the playerWith the slickTrigger finger Her MajestyAnother oneWith theGolden tone voiceAnd then your fantasyAnother billFrom a killerTurned a thrillInto a tragedyChorusA door left openA woman walking byA drop in the waterA look in the eyeA phone on the tableA man on your sideSomeone that you thinkThat you can trust is justAnother way to dieAnother tricky little gunGiving solace to the oneThat will never seeThe sunshineAnother inch of your lifeSacrificed your brotherIn the nick of timeAnother dirty money,Heaven sent honeyTurning on a dimeChorusA door left openA woman walking byA drop in the waterA look in the eyeA phone on the tableA man on your sideSomeone that you thinkThat you canTrust is justAnother way to dieWo-oh-oh-oh-oh-oah!Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh!Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh!Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh!Another girlWith her fingerOn the world singing?Another gun thrown downAnd surrenderedTook away your fearHey!Another manThat stands rightBehind youLooking in the mirrorChorusOh, a door left openA woman walking byA drop in the waterA look in the eyeA phone on the tableA man on your sideOh,Someone that you thinkThat you can trustIs just another way to die 年7月9日,《0:余温之恋制作人之一的Michael G. Wilson宣称该部邦德电影的主题歌名为"Another Way To Die"这首歌曲由白色条纹乐队(White Stripes)成员杰克·怀特(Jack White)创作,Ramp;B歌手阿莉茜亚·吉斯(Alicia Keys)演唱这是自《女皇密使、《八爪女、《皇家之后第四部主题歌名与片名不一致的0电影(《诺士只有主题曲,并无主题歌)这部电影由马克·福斯特(Marc ster)导演,丹尼尔·克雷格(Daniel Craig)主演北美上映日期为年月7日,英国上映时间为年月31日影片的原声带将于月日发行 679。

美国广播公司:一项调查显示,每7个美国人中,就有一个人愿意为了手机而对朋友置之不理.现在来看美国广播公司的这篇报道.N News: A recent survey found that one in seven Americans would rather give up their best friends a week than part with their smartphones.An even greater number — 0 percent of respondents — said it would be difficult, if not impossible, to surrender their phones a day, even if offered to shed their cellular handcuffs.The 518 people surveyed said they keep their devices within reach, day and night. The desire to remain in constant contact is so great, they frequently dont turn off their phones. 3。

讲解今天我们讲的这位泰国插画师,用自己的画笔描绘了很多暖人的瞬间She illustrates sweet comics about love that make hearts melt.Being both humorous and sweet at the same time, Pratchaya comics depict(描绘) different romantic gestures between lovers. 我们一起来听听他插画里的小故事,小瞬间,小确幸A boy and a girl sit on the roof of their house, and the boy tells the girl:”the sky is full of stars, but…… I still stare at you.”夜空中那么多美丽的星星,但我只想望着你A boy tells the girl that she got a very beautiful smile. The girl says, “Ive got it from you.”我无忧无虑的微笑是因为有你之后的安心In another illustration, illustrator depicts two boys sit on the stairs.One says, my girlfriend is like Google.The other asks, why? Because she knows everything?And the boy answers, No, it is because she has everything Im searching .我爱你,是因为我要找寻的所有美好都在你那里One day, a girl finally finally has thecourage to tell her boyfriend her feelings about him. She says, I have something to tell you. I love you.And the boy says, me too.I love me too. 恋人之间的小调戏都是那么的暖暖有爱And when a girl asks boy if he loves her, the boy answers I dont know, but I love everything about you. Does that count? 你觉得呢,这算爱吗? 那个小瞬间最让你心动呢?留言告诉我们吧 Talk to you next time! 808。

Keke Funny Moment可可轻松一刻30.AM radioI knew a guy who played his radio only in the morning.When someone asked him why,he replied, ;This is an AM radio.;Notes:1. I knew a guy who played his radio only in the morning.我认识一个人,他只在早上收听广播. When someone asked him why,he replied, ;This is an AM radio.;当有人问他为什么时,他回答:“(我的)这一台是AM(调幅)收音机;AM;表示“调幅”(amplitude modulation),也可表示“上午的”,通常与时间连用,不需再加oclok,也可以用;a.m.;表示,如:at 9 a.m.(在早上九点)广播的收听方式有调幅 (AM)和调频(FMfrequency modulation)两种那个拥有AM收音机的人认为AM是早上的意思,所以只能在早上收听amplitude [#7;#30;mpl#618;tju:d] n.(物理)振幅modulaiion [#7;m#59;dj#650;le#618;#63;n] n.(电子)电波频率的调变;调幅frequency [#7;fri:kw#601;nsi] n.(物理)频率本节目可可原创节目, 365。