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There are such sad stories of what follows,and perhaps some of them are true.战争之后流传着很多悲伤的故事 或许有些是真的One of them has Harolds lover, Edith Swan-neck,哈罗德的爱人便是其一 伊迪斯·斯旺内克walking through the heaps of gory corpses to identify the dead king尸横遍野中 试图辨别她死去的丈夫by marks on his body, known only to her.他身上的印记 只有她才认得出What we do know is that around half the nobility of England perished on that battlefield.我们确定的事实是在那场战斗中 英格兰半数的贵族命丧当场William had sworn that should God give him the victory威廉曾起誓 如果上帝赐予他胜利he would build a great abbey of thanksgiving at the exact spot where Harold had planted his flag, and here it is他将在哈罗德竖旗的地方 建造一个大教堂 以表达他的感恩 地点就在我身后a statement, if ever there was one, of pious jubilation.要说的话 这更像是一次虔诚的欢庆举动But William had to make sure hed won not just a single battle but the war for England.但是威廉必须确定他赢下的不单是一场战役 而是整个英格兰This was done in the time-honoured way,cutting a swathe of fire, rape and plunder他遵循古老的传统 走遍英格兰东南的各个村庄through the countryside of south-east England.烧杀掠夺 奸淫掳掠One by one the Anglo-Saxon cities folded.盎格鲁撒克逊人的城市一个接一个被攻陷William was crowned at Westminster on Christmas Day 1066.1066年圣诞节 威廉在威斯敏斯特加冕But the event was more like a shambles than a triumph.但仪式更像是个屠宰场而非一次盛会At the shout of acclamation,the Norman soldiers stationed outside thought a riot had started,振聋发聩的欢呼声 让镇守在外的诺曼士兵以为有人暴动to which their response was to burn down every house in sight.他们的镇压举措是烧毁所有看得见的房屋 /201608/460346栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201609/460648Bede sees without any starry-eyed sentimentality what could overcome the deep mistrust of the pagan kings比德总能理智地思考 如何才能除去异教国王深埋心中的疑虑when asked to abandon their traditional gods.让他们能够摒弃传统的神祗According to the most touching speech in Bedes entire history,根据比德演讲史上最动人心弦的一场演说the clinching moment of persuasion for one noble was nothing more than a gamblers bet.对于一个贵族而言 最脆弱的时刻 莫过于他赌上自己的前身后世之时It seems to me, my Lord,that the present life of men on earth is as though a sparrow in winter should come to a house and swiftly fly through it,陛下 在我看来 一个人现世的生活 就好似一只麻雀 在隆冬进入一间暖屋 转瞬之间便穿堂而过entering at one window and then passing out through another,while you sit at dinner with your captains in a hall made warm with a great fire,从一扇窗中进入 自另一扇飞出 当你在此和你的部下们围火而坐 尽享美食while outside are the raging tempests of winter rain and snow.而外面却值严冬 狂风大作雨雪交加For that short time it be within the house,the bird feels no smart of the winter storm,在这房中短促的时间内 鸟对窗外的寒冬毫无预警but soon passes again from winter back to winter and escapes your sight.但很快地便会飞出 从严寒中来 往严寒中去 脱离你的视线So the life of man here appears for a little season,but what follows or has gone before,that surely we do not know.人的一生也不过转瞬 而我们从哪里来 最终要到哪里去 我们无从得知Wherefore if this new learning has brought us any certainty,methinks it is worthy to be followed.因此 若这道理有任何启发作用 在我看来都是值得遵从的It typical of Bede put these words in the mouth of a nobleman.比德惯于借由贵族之口说出此番话语The church in Anglo-Saxon England was just really a branch of the aristocracy.盎格鲁-撒克逊时期的英格兰 教会不过是贵族统治的一小分St Wilfred, the aristocratic Bishop of York,deliberately used part of Hadrians Wall约克郡的贵族主教圣威尔弗雷德 特意借用哈德良长城一隅to build at Hexham a basilica worthy of Roman authority.在赫克瑟姆 建起了足以匹配罗马权贵的长方形大教堂 /201607/454273

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201608/457830

Were fucking fancy.我们真是怪。Its not that you cant, its that youre not willing to give up dumb shit for a better life.不是你做不到,而是你不愿意放弃垃圾去追求更好的生活。Youre not willing to go backwards.你不愿意走回头路。Youre not willing to make yourself dramatically happier,你不愿意让自己更快乐,to move out of your home and downsize and go into a different neighborhood.你不愿意搬家、裁员、进入不同的环境。Youre not willing to go backwards. That to me is fascinating.你不愿意走回头路。这对我来说很有趣。The fact that things, whether home, car, watch, clothes, going out,事实上,所有的东西包括住宅、汽车、手表、衣、旅行,is holding people back from a substantially happier life, is fascinating to me都在阻碍人们获取更幸福的生活,这个事实很有趣。And something that we need to debate.这些也是我们需要讨论的问题。Because at the end of the day, that one at-bat is all we got.因为一天结束时,一次上场就是我们的所有收获。And so if I can absolutely push you one tangible item,所以如果我能给你们列出具体的一点,I see some people have pads and pens, and Im fascinated by that.我看到人们有平板电脑和笔,我迷上它们了。Go, y? Go to a fucking, F-U-C-K-I-N-G, retirement home,写下来,准备好了吗?写F-U-C-K-I-N-G,养老院、spend time, collect data, realize regret is the worst, and do something about it.消磨时间、收集数据、意识到后悔是最糟糕的,那就开始改变吧。201706/515070So the Duke went to strategy number two,turning the matter into an international crusade.于是公爵决定用备选策略 将其发展成一次国际征讨Couldnt the Pope see that his cause was just,that Harold was an infamous oath breaker,a despoiler of churches?教皇又怎会看不出 他此举出于正义 哈罗德不过是一个声名狼藉的背信小人 一个教堂掠夺者呢William on the other hand was a builder of abbeys,a protector of bishops against bullying barons.而威廉却是修道院的建造者 保护主教 对抗恃强凌弱的财主们It was completely absurd and it worked like a dream.此举随荒谬之极 却轻而易举地得以实现The Pope was won over,gave William his Papal blessing and invested him with his ring and banner.威廉赢得了教皇的心 得到了教皇的祝福 并被授予权戒和族旗It was now much more than a dynastic feud.形势的发展已远远超过了王朝内斗William used the consecration of his wifes abbey,here at La Trinite in Caen,威廉利用在卡昂的拉特立尼达 他妻子修道院中的献祭to proclaim a crusade against the infidel Harold.宣告对异教徒哈罗德的讨伐The barons whod fought shy of risking their necks on the Dukes personal vendetta之前因怕受牵连而不愿 插手公爵私怨的男爵们now flocked to join the legions of the blessed.现在蜂拥加入了这个挟上帝之名的讨伐大军中The Bayeux Tapestry shows work immediately got under way to build an awe-inspiring expeditionary force.贝叶挂毯上展示了他们如何立即投入精力 组建一令人敬畏的远征军队Rows of Normandy trees went down to the axe to emerge as 400 dragon-headed ships.斧头下 成排的诺曼底树被砍倒 摇身变成了四百艘龙头船Loaded onto the ships were coats of mail, bows, arrows, spears and the most indispensable item of all, vast casks of wine.船上载满了铠甲 弓箭 梭镖 还有最不可或缺的 大桶大桶的酒 /201608/458067

Think about how much time we spend on our phones doing things like this.思考一下我们每天用手机花多少时间做以下这些事情。You and your friend are grabbing dinner and youre trying to remember the address for Umami Burger,你和朋友想去吃饭,你试图记起鲜味汉堡的地址,so you switch to a totally different app.所以你切换到另一个app。You search Umami burger, you find the address you copy it with those little thingies,搜索鲜味汉堡,找到地址,然后复制这些信息,switch back, you paste it, and finally you hit Send.再切换回来,粘贴,最后点击发送。We do this a lot. Switch apps, search and switch back, so we had a thought.我们经常这样做。切换 apps,搜索,再切换回来,所以我们产生了一个想法。What if you could search right from your keyboard?假如可以从键盘上直接搜索会怎样呢?Heres how it works: you just tap this and search Umami burger.它是这样操作:只需要点这个图标,并搜索鲜味汉堡。Results show up down here and you can send them up here.搜索结果在这里显示出来,你就可以把它们发送到输入框里。You get everything you need without leaving the app.可以不用切换app就能搜到你需要的一切。So no matter what app youre in - texting, emailing, chatting - itll be right there.所以不管你正在用什么app—短信、邮件或是聊天—这个图标都会显示在那里。Its like having Google search in any app right from the keyboard. We call it Gboard.就像是在任何应用里都可以从键盘上进行谷歌搜索。我们称之为Gboard。It works for everything: YouTube s, your flight details, or gifs.它适用于一切:YouTube视频,航班信息或是动画制作。Plus it has glide typing to make typing faster, emoji search to make finding emojis faster,另外它的滑动输入可以使打字更快,表情搜索可以更快的找到相应的表情,and multilingual support for changing languages on the fly.并且可以快速切换多种语言。Bueno. Very bueno. Meet Gboard. Get it for your Android.好的。非常好。遇见Gboard。快为你的Android收入囊中吧。201706/515931Between them they covered the religious spectrum from hard-line Protestant to fanatical Catholic.他们信奉的宗教大不相同 一方恪奉新教 而另一方则是狂热的天主教徒And the road the country took after Henry,亨利死后国家的道路back to a Catholic past or forwards into a Protestant future,是重回天主教 还是迈向新教would depend, like never before,on the lottery of births, deaths and marriages.将前所未有地取决于 王储们生育 死亡及婚姻的弈When Henry died in 1547,he left 600 pounds to pay for two priests to say prayers for his soul forever.1547年亨利驾崩 他留给两位神父六百英镑 让他们永远为其灵魂祈祷You have to wonder how he apparently failed to notice that Edward had been educated by fervent Protestants你也许会想 他明显忽略了 爱德华从小接受狂热的新教徒的教导who obviously had no time for such superstitious nonsense.他显然不在乎异教徒无意义的迷信Led by Thomas Cranmer,they saw the nine-year-old boy king as a new Josiah,在托马斯·克兰麦的辅佐下 新登基的九岁小国王在人们心目中 俨若约西亚转世the Biblical king who had taken it as his mission to destroy idolatry.约西亚是《圣经》中将打破盲目崇拜 作为使命的君王Now this would be the real reformation.这将是场真正的变革For just look what happened in the six years of Edwards reign.纵观爱德华统治的 这六年可以看出All the customs and ceremonies of the old Church,所有旧教堂的习俗和庆典the blessing of candles at Candlemas and palms on Palm Sunday were banned.圣烛节用的祈祷蜡烛 以及棕榈主日的棕枝尽皆被禁Away went the religious guilds and fraternities.宗教协会和修会也消失无踪了The Cults of Saints that had survived Cromwells attacks,在克伦威尔的攻势下 幸存的圣人崇拜along with their relics and their pilgrimages,were forbidden.连同举行的场所及朝圣之路 全部被禁And images, statues, stained-glass, paintings,were attacked with chisels and limewash.相关图案 雕刻 绘玻璃以及画作都毁于凿击和石灰浆 /201701/488267栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201612/481060

When I think about life, I think about so many different things当我思考生活时,我想到许多不同的因素that can factor into winning the day, winning the year, winning the game.影响着今天的胜利,今年的胜利,整个人生这场比赛的胜利。The five rules that I live by are confidence.我赖以生存的五条规则就是自信。Honestly, I think self-esteem and confidence is the ultimate drug in society老实说,我认为自尊和自信是社会的终极良药,and keeps most of us away from losing scenarios.并且让我们大多数人远离失败。Positive vibes only is a huge one for me.只有积极的氛围对我有巨大作用。Its not ;Positive vibes;, its ;Positive vibes only.;不是“积极氛围”,而是“只有积极氛围”。And thats because too many people are keeping people around them that are bringing them down.那是因为太多人身边围着的都是消极的人。Theyre allowing negative energy to dictate their outcome.他们允许负能量来配他们的结果。and I really believe that people have to cut out negative vibes in their environment.我真的觉得人们应该远离环境中的消极气氛。Strengths over weaknesses is a big one for me. I preach this all the time.优点比缺点更重要。我一直宣传这个观点。Triple down on what youre good at.强化你的优点。The worlds gonna tell you to fix this, youre not as good at that.世界将会告诉你哪里需要弥补,哪些做得不够好。I just dont believe in that.我只是不认可这一点。Figure out what youre best at and keep crafting that craft.弄清楚你最擅长的是什么,并一直精益求精。Do it over and over and over. Legacy over currency.反复的强化,经过沉淀下来的内在精华要比现在的外在物质重要得多。Understand that in 20, 30, 40, 50 years from now, youre going to care much more about what people thought of you,你要理解20,30,40,50年后,你就会更在意人们对你的看法,what your kids thought of you, what the world thought of you.你孩子对你的看法,世界对你的看法。Did you do it the right away?你要马上做吗?The dollars, the products, the house and the car,金钱、产品、房子和车,whatever, you know, the monetary things that dont matter long term that youre striving for now.从长远来看,你现在为之奋斗的物质方面的东西都不重要。Dont worry about your bank account,不要担心你的存款,worry about how many people show up to your funeral.不要担心多少人会出席你的葬礼,And hustle, my friend. Number 5, hustle.我的朋友,动起来。5号,动起来。If dont work hard, youve lost.如果你不努力,你就失败了。Theres not a single winner on Earth that took it easy.世界上没有一个赢家能轻易成功。Theres not a single winner on Earth that didnt hustle 24/7/365.每个赢家都一年365天,每周7天,一天24小时的忙碌着。201706/515816Ranks of infantry meet head on.Such a smashing of spears that men could hear it far away.整列的步兵随之进攻 短兵相接之声 远境犹可闻English archers are now swept away by Scots cavalry or blocked by the four Schiltrons,which unite and push forward.英军的弓箭手不是被苏格兰骑兵横扫 就是被四个阵形齐整 不断向前推进的长矛阵所拦截And many a splendid mighty blow dealt there on both sides英军腹背受敌Until blood burst through the mail coats And went streaming down to the earth.直到鲜血渗出盔甲 滴落到地上Edward II fled the field with 500 knights.最后爱德华二世带着500骑士逃离战场The English force broke behind him and was slaughtered.留下的英军阵营瞬间崩溃 惨遭屠杀The burn becomes so choked...Men could pass dry foot over it on drowned horses and men.战火使人窒息 血流成河 唯有踏尸而行方可不湿足Edward II left his shield, his seal, his honour And perhaps 4,000 English and Welsh dead.爱德华二世丢盔弃甲 抛荣卸誉 令4000多名英格兰和威尔士士兵命丧战场Having won a victory on the battlefield if not the war itself.虽然算不上战争的最后胜利 但也是一场大捷The Scots now sought international recognition of their newly-won liberty.苏格兰人现在要寻求其它国家 承认他们新近取得的独立The occasion was a letter sent to the pope,Setting out the reasons why Scotlands independence于是他们寄了一封信给教皇 信上列举了苏格兰的独立ought to be recognised by the church as itself sacred.应该被教会所承认的原因The letter was written here in Arbroath Abbey,And more than anything ever produced south of the border信是在阿布罗斯修道院写的 其意义远超不列颠南部有史以来的政治成果represented a perfect fusion between the two ideas of sovereignty weve seen in action the nation and the prince.代表了关于主权的两种理念的最完美结合 这种结合是前所未见的 那就是 国家和君王 /201611/475707To anyone who had witnessed Henrys terrible meltdown,not even heard about it,对于那些亲眼目睹亨利的可怕爆发 甚至只是有所听闻的人来说his words could only mean one thing that he wanted the interminable,insufferable Becket problem to go away.他的话只有一个意思 他要这个没完没了 让人无法忍受的贝克特消失Not go away as in six feet under perhaps,but then thats what he took, so be it.也许消失并不非要到杀死的地步 但既然他咎由自取 那就杀了他吧He was after all a traitor and, well,what happens to traitors?毕竟他已经沦为一个叛国者 而叛国者的下场是什么呢The four knights who would kill Becket had no doubt what Henry had in mind,那四名骑士完全清楚国王的意图 他们要杀死贝克特and rushed to Normandy to take a ship to Kent.他们从诺曼底坐船赶到肯特郡Dawn the next day, december 29th, 1170,Beckets last.次日黎明时分 1170年12月29日 贝克特大限已至Reginald Fitzurse, William De Tracy,Robert Le Bret and Hugh De Morville.Arrived in England and set off for Canterbury.雷金纳德·费泽斯 威廉·德·特雷西 罗伯特·勒·布雷特和休·德·莫维尔 抵达英格兰后动身前往坎特伯雷At around three, they burst into the Archbishops Palace And found Thomas with his advisors.大约三点钟 他们闯进了大主教宫 发现托马斯和他的顾问们在一起When the knights came in, he studiously ignored them.骑士进来后 主教故意无视他们Fitzurse broke the silence,saying hed an important message from the king That Becket should go to Winchester and give an account of his conduct.费泽斯打破了沉默 他说 他来传达陛下的重要旨意 贝克特必须去温切斯特 为他的所作所为而请罪Becket said hed no intention of being treated like a criminal.贝克特声称自己无意被当做罪犯Things rapidly got ugly,Fitzurse ominously declaring that Becket was no longer under the kings peace.于是事态迅速恶化 费泽斯的声音如同丧钟 他宣布 贝克特已不再享有国王的庇护 /201609/467041

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