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千山秋游(An Autumn Trip to Qiahan) -- :01:5 来源: 千山秋游(An Autumn Trip to Qiahan)   last autumn we took a trip to qianshan by bus. it is about thirty miles from the city. we planned to put up in a hotel there in order to watch the sun rise the next morning.  as soon as we got there, we began to climb up the mountains. how great the sight is! we felt as if we had entered amother world full of beauty, peaeefulness and loveliness. there are hundreds of mountains, one after another. there are magnificent cliffs, one above another. we climbed up vigorously and breathed the fresh air greedily. as the sun was going down, we descended to a little hotel at the foot of the hill, where we had a big dinner, and then went to bed early so as to regain the energy ior the expedition next morning.bee daybreak, we reached the peak of the highest mountain after a hard groping and climbing in the dark. unaware of the cold wind, we stood motionlessly, with our eyes fixing at the hr end of the east. suddenly thin ravs of red hue sp across the sky. as the redness deepened, some mysterious clouds moved across thc sky, dividing heaven from the earth. just at this moment, up from the brightening far east rose the sun. it was so red and yet so tender that we could gaze at it with naked eyes. and a slight applause from us. the amazed spectators, rang through the peak. up, up it rose, adding to itself strength and glory at every step. it dazzled with vigour, driving away darkness, cold, and misery from the earth, and bring light, warmth, and happiness to men.  we were completely amazed at the wonder and the greatness of nature. we jumped and shouted like innocent children and we bathed in the first rays of the sun with the peak till it was time our return.泰坦尼克号Titanic经典台词 -- 3::3 来源:kekenet 《泰坦尼克号Titanic:1.Outwardly, I was everything a well-brought up girl should be. Inside, I was screaming. 外表看,我是个教养良好的,骨子里,我很反叛. .We’re the luckiest sons-of-bitches in the world. 我们是真他妈的走运极了.(地道的美国国骂) 3.There is nothing I couldn’t give you, there is nothing I would deny you, if you would not deny me. Open you’re heart to me. 如果你不违背我,你要什么我就能给你什么,你要什么都可以.把你 的心交给我吧. .What the purpose of university is to find a suitable husband. 读大学的目的是找一个好丈夫.(好像有些片面,但比较真实) 5.Remember, they love money, so just pretend like you own a goldmine and you’re in the club. 只要你装得很有钱的样子他们就会跟你套近乎 6.All life is a game of luck. 生活本来就全靠运气 7.I love waking up in the morning and not knowing what’s going to happen, or who I’m going to meet, where I’m going to wind up. 我喜欢早上起来时一切都是未知的,不知会遇见什么人,会有什么样的结局 8.I figure life is a gift and I don’t intend on wasting it. You never know what hand you’re going to get dealt next. You learn to take life as it comes at you. 我觉得生命是一份礼物,我不想浪费它,你不会知道下一手牌会是什么,要学会接受生活 9.To make each day count. 要让每一天都有所值(※I like this one ) .We’re women. Our choices are never easy. 我们是女人,我们的选择从来就不易 .You jump, I jump. (another touching sentence) .Will you give us a chance to live? 能不能给我们留一条生路? .God shall wipe away all the tears from their eyes, and there shall be no more death. Neither shall there be sorrow or dying, neither shall there be any more pain, the mer world has passed away. 上帝擦去他们所有的眼泪.死亡不再有,也不再有悲伤和生死离别,不再有痛苦,因往事已矣. .You’re going to get out of here. You’re going to go on and you’re going to make lots of babies and you’re going to watch them grow and you’re going to die an old, an old lady, warm in your bed. Not here. Not this night. Not like this. 你一定会脱险的,你要活下去,生很多孩子,看着他们长大.你会安享晚年,安息在温暖的床上,而不是今晚在这里,不是像这样的死去 泰坦尼克号 经典台词 Titanic

在暑假里(in summer hoilday) --9 ::01 来源: 在暑假里(in summer hoilday)  in summer hoilday.i'm going to hang kong. i'm going to go by ship. i'm going to go sighseeing.  i'm going to stay in a hotel. i'm going to book store. i'll be very happy.

6人英语剧本The Ghost Story鬼故事 --1 ::57 来源: The Ghost Story by Sonia Tiao 刁青琅 6人剧本,寝室几个人集体翘课,无聊了讲鬼故事从前有一个女孩……人物 Jessica Chen: A ghost who is disguised one of the roommates. Jeanette Lee: Roommate Mandy Wu : Roommate Ken Lin: Roommate Dorice Lin: Roommate Claire Wu: Aside ——————————————————————————–SCENE I There are four people in the dormitory. They skip the class and chat together. Ken: Oh, the class is very boring. (Ken looks some tedious) Jeanette: You can say that again. Jessica: Come on, all of us think the class is really boring. Mandy: Well, we skip the class together, but now what do we do? Ken: I don’t know~today is a boring day~ Jeanette: Can we find an interesting thing to do? Jessica: Hmm…Let me think…How about a ghost story? Mandy: That sounds great! Jeanette: Not good! No ghost stories, please! Mandy: But this is really fun, don’t you think so? Ken: Ha ha~ she is scared. Jessica: Wow! I see a chicken~ Jeanette: I don’t feel scared! I just…just… Ken: You don’t feel scared? OK! Let’s start! Who’s first? Jeanette: Oh…I am very very scared…can we change the subject? (Ken. Jessica. Mandy are laughing.) Jessica: No way, unless you can find a more interesting subject. Jeanette: I…I can’t (Sign) Mandy: She can’t, so let’s start telling the story! Ken: OK, I first? Jessica: Have you ever heard the story about the dormitory? Jeanette: No. …I’m really afraid of it. (Jeanette feels little annoyed but she finally concedes) Mandy: Oh yeah! SCENE II Ken: Do you notice that there were some strange voices in the midnight? Jeanette: Yes, those sometimes woke me up. But, I was tired, I just kept sleeping. Mandy: You are always sleeping, just like a pig. (Jessica looks unhappy and in a bad mood) Jessica: And then? Ken: Do you want to know something about that story? Jessica: What that is? (Jessica’s voice sounds strange) Ken: Ya!! There has been a girl living here. She really wanted a boyfriend to keep company with her. (Aside) She was very strange. When she saw a man, she always went ward, winked at them, and showed them a big smile. But, all of men just ran away very very fast. She really felt lonely. This made her sad, and then she often wandered in the dormitory, even in the midnight. One day, she was found dead below the bridge. And her face was gone. Ken: Do you know where the bridge is? Jessica: Maybe it is located……ha ha Jeanette: Oh, no…can we stop this subject? Mandy: In front of our room? Ken: Hey~ you got it… Jessica: Wait! I want to go to the toilet. (Jessica looks uncomtable) Jeanette: Hey girl! Are you scared? You are so afraid that you wanna go to the toilet (Ken and Mandy laugh) Jessica: Are you kidding? Oh oh…no… (Rush out the room) (Jeanette. Ken. Mandy feel so bored and they try to do something interesting, so they start to play cards.) SCENCE III (The true roommate wakes up) Dorice: Hey, what are you talking about? (Ken. Jeanette. Mandy look at Dorice with pale and keep a long silence that nobody dares to break the quiet) Dorice: You all look so scared. Ken: We are talking about the ghost story in the dormitory. Dorice: Are you? So you skip the class, too. Ha ha… Jeanette: Wait a minute. You…you…you went out to the bathroom. Are you always here? Dorice: I have slept on my bed a long time. I was awake by your noise. What happened? (Stretching herself) Mandy: Oh my ~ who is the person talked with us? (A little shocked) Ken: Ah~ Jeanette: I…I…I am so scared! Dorice: Shut up!! (The ghost comes back) Jessica: Everybody~ I come back~ Jeanette: Oh no~ don’t get closed to me. Mandy: Leave me alone. (Shouted) Jessica: I…I…I just… Ken: You…you leave here right now! Jessica: I just want to make friends with you. Mandy: You don’t belong here. Get out here! Jessica: I don’t want to hurt you… Ken: But you are… Jessica: We chatted happily, didn’t we? Jeanette: Stop it, please… Jessica: All right, I’ll leave here. (The ghost leaves) 英语 剧本 Ghost

我的(My Sister) -- 1::30 来源: 我的(My Sister)I have a pretty sister.She is twenty years old.Her name is ZengJie.She likes ing. So she is very clever.Her favourite sport is swimming.I sometimes swim with her.She is a friendly girl,because she always be friendly to everyone.She is also my little teacher.She always helps me to do my homework. ?I like my sister.I must learn from her.

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