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湖州曙光医院整形美容中心技术如何德清县做脱毛手术多少钱湖州市曙光医院玻尿酸多少钱 in fits and starts, punctuated at times by hardship,一阵一阵地,时不时地有困难,but ultimately written by generations of citizens whove somehow worked together, without fanfare, to form a more perfect union.但最终被一代代的人们书写着。他们总是一起工作,没有炫耀,从而构建着更加完美的合众国。Over the past eight years, weve added our own new chapter to that story.在过去的8年时间里,我们已经把我们自己书写的新篇章加入到了这样的故事中。Together, weve turned an economy that was shrinking and losing jobs into one thats growing and creating jobs,我们已经一起把萎缩和失业的经济,改变成一个不断增长和创造就业的经济,with poverty falling, incomes rising, and wages that have jumped faster over the past few years than at any time in the past four decades.贫困率在下降,收入在上涨,过去几年的工资比在过去40年的任何时间里,都增长得更快。Together, weve achieved what eluded politicians of both parties for a century我们一起实现了在一个世纪里摆脱两党政治家完成的事情weve moved 20 million more Americans from uninsured to insured,我们让2000多万没有保险的人们获得了保险,ended the days of discrimination against the up to half of Americans who have a preexisting condition,终结了对超过一半已经有身体状况人们的歧视,and secured new rights and protections for everybody with health insurance.让每一个有健康保险的人都拥有着新的权利和保护。201701/488470湖州去斑多少钱

安吉县中医医院做祛疤手术多少钱VOA流行美语 145: back to square one/killerLarry在帮李华写一篇报告,因为李华的电脑出了问题,她写的整个报告都丢了。今天李华会学到两个常用语:back to square one和killer.LH: 电脑出了问题,我写的东西全没了!真糟糕,现在我得从头开始写了!LL: I'm sorry, Li Hua. It's a real bummer, but I guess we're back to square one.LH: Larry,我急都快急死了,你还在做什么游戏,什么方块一,方块二的。方块和我写报告有什么关系?LL: Oh, when you're back to square one it means that you are back where you started and you have to start all over again.LH: 噢,原来back to square one就是回到开头的地方,一切都得从头来起。唉,看来我也只能这么做了。LL: You must remember some of what you wrote. You can start by writing that down before you forget it.LH: 我脑子里是记得一些我写的东西。先把我记得的部份写下来。这倒是个好主意,这样总比一切从头开始要好一些。LL: Don't feel so bad, Li Hua. It could be worse. My uncle spent years working on a novel. But a computer virus destroyed his computer and the backup disk. He was back to square one.LH: 我的天啊!你叔叔比我更惨,写了多年的小说就这样没了。要是我的话,我可能就会放弃了。LL: But my uncle said he's going to rewrite the novel despite the fact he had to start from square one.LH: 你叔叔真有毅力呀!嗯,Larry,你有没有闻到一股烧焦味?LL: Oh no! I forgot about the pizza in the oven. It's burning! Li Hua, I'm so sorry. I'm afraid that we're back to square one with dinner, tooLH: 不得了,比撒饼在烤箱里都忘了。哎呀,你看,都烤焦了。看来我们得重新打电话订比萨饼了。LL: That's a good idea because this one is completely burned.******LL: Let's watch TV while we're eating. The Simpsons are on. I love watching The Simpsons; it's such a killer show.LH: 哎哟,Larry,你有没有搞错啊?“辛普森家族”是个卡通节目,很好玩的。哪是什么杀人行凶的节目呢?LL: No, I don't mean "killer" as in deadly. I mean killer as in awesome or really cool.LH: 噢,原来这里的killer不是杀人,而是指某样东西很棒,很酷。我也觉得“辛普森家族”是个很棒,很好笑的节目。LL: This is killer pizza, too. I'll have to remember to order pizza from the same restaurant next time.LH: 对,这比萨饼真好吃。没错,下回再到这个饭馆去订。 Larry,我已经看过这一集“辛普森家族”了,这一集真的很好笑。LL: Yeah, you're right, this is a killer episode. I can watch it over and over again and never get tired of it.LH: 这一集我也看了好几遍了,但是还没有看厌。Larry,我觉得另外一个电视连续剧也可以算得上是个killer show。LL: What show?LH: 那个描写6个年轻男女在纽约市的“六人行”节目。那是我最喜欢的电视节目之一,每次播那个节目,我绝对不会错过!LL: There are probably several million people who agree with you. That is a killer show, and one of the most popular TV shows in history.LH: 许多人都同意我的观点! 那是美国电视节目有史以来最红的节目之一。这么说,你同意我的判断噜?LL: I think the show could be better, but Jennifer Aniston has killer legs.LH: 啊!原来你的注意力全在女主角的一双漂亮的腿上呀?LL: It's not the only reason, but she does have killer legs.今天李华学到两个常用语。一个是back to square one, 是指一切从头来过。另一个常用语是killer。这是形容某样东西或某件事很棒,很酷。 /200602/3365湖州吴兴区激光治疗痤疮价格 But it doesnt have to end there.而这个过程可以实现永无止境。This is really exciting.这是令人非常激动的。According to Herodotus, after 18 years the famine wasnt getting better,so the king decided they would play one final dice game.据希罗多德所着,在18年后大饥荒没有任何改善、变好的迹象,因此,国王决定全国人玩最后一次骰子游戏。They divided the entire kingdom in half.他把全国人平均分成两组。They played one dice game,and the winners of that game got to go on an epic adventure.他们一起玩一场骰子游戏,游戏的胜利一方将会踏上冒险的远征行程。They would leave Lydia,and they would go out in search of a new place to live,leaving behind just enough people to survive on the resources that were available,and hopefully to take their civilization somewhere else where they could thrive.他们将会离开Lydia,去寻找一个新地方居住,留下来的人则可以用现存的资源度过饥荒,离开的人则肩负着传播、兴旺文明的重担。Now, this sounds crazy, right?这听起来很疯狂,难道不是吗?But recently, DNA evidence has shown that the Etruscans,who then led to the Roman Empire,actually share the same DNA as the ancient Lydians.不过,最近DNA据显示罗马帝国的祖先—伊楚利亚人和古利迪亚人拥有相同的基因。And so, recently, scientists have suggested that Herodotuscrazy story is actually true.最近科学家们发现,希罗多德的疯狂故事在历史上确有其事。And geologists have found evidence of a global cooling that lasted for nearly 20 years that could have explained the famine.地质学家也寻找到了据表明地球上曾经有过长达20年的全球降温,这就可以解释这次大饥荒的由来了。So, this crazy story might be true.因此,这个看似疯狂的故事兴许是真的。They might have actually saved their culture by playing games,escaping to games for 18 years,and then been so inspired,and knew so much about how to come together with games,that they actually saved the entire civilization that way.他们通过玩游戏保留了他们的文化,并且在游戏中躲避现实长达18年最终得以流传下来,他们早就参悟出了如何通过游戏把人聚到一起,也正是通过这种方式拯救了整个文明。Okay, we can do that.我们也可以通过这种方式做到。Weve been playing Warcraft since 1994.人们从1994年开始就在玩魔兽了。That was the first real-time strategy game from the World of Warcraft series. That was 16 years ago.这是魔兽世界系列里的第一款实时的战略游戏,而这就是16年前的事情。They played dice games for 18 years,weve been playing Warcraft for 16 years.古人玩骰子游戏长达18年,我们则玩魔兽16年。I say we are y for our own epic game.所以我断言,我们已经准备好去接受一个能改变我们生活的游戏了。Now, they had half the civilization go off in search of a new world,so thats where I get my 21 billion hours a week of game-play from.古人通过所掌握的二分之一的文明去寻找新世界,而我们现在则有每周长达210亿小时的玩游戏时间。201606/449391湖州南浔区脱小腿毛多少钱

湖州曙光时光美容医院VOA流行美语 138: juice/nukeLesson 138 - juice / nukeLarry和李华正在电影院外面等朋友。电影都快开场了,可是朋友还没到。Larry 决定用手机给这个朋友打电话。今天李华会学到两个常用语:juice和nuke.LL: Darn! My cell phone is out of juice. Can I use your cell phone to call Bob and Lisa and find out why they're late?LH: 你的手机怎么啦?Out of juice, juice是果汁。哎噢!该不是你的电话掉到果汁里啦?难怪不能用啦!LL: No, my cell phone is out of juice. "Juice" is slang for "power". I meant that the battery in my phone is out of power.LH: 噢,原来juice在这里是指电池里的电啊!所以out of juice就是没电的意思。既然你的手机没电了,你可以用我的,我昨晚才充过电,so it has plenty of juice.LL: That's fortunate. At least one of us has a functioning phone.LH: 对了,Larry你前些天不是说你的车有毛病吗?现在怎样啦?LL: Yes, my car wouldn't start because the battery was out of juice. I had to go to the mechanic and get a new battery.LH: 原来是车子里的电池也没电啦!看来这juice还真少不了,否则什么也干不了。昨天,我的激光唱机没有电。噢,没有juice了,偏偏我又找不到电池,害得我什么也听不了。LL: Yeah, I hate it when that happens, too. The other day, I was in the middle of typing a report on my laptop, when the battery ran out of juice. I almost lost the whole report.LH: 哇,你可得特别小心电脑的电池呢。如果电脑没电了,你输入的报告还有档案都可能会泡汤。那可就严重了!LL: I know! I've had some awful experiences with that. Fortunately, now computer companies are making laptops with batteries that hold more juice.LH: 就是,现在的电脑用的都是容量比较大的电池,所以打到一半没电的情况比较少了。Larry, 你还是快点儿给他们打电话吧!电影很快就要开始了。******LH: 我真不敢相信Lisa和Bob居然说好了会不来。太糟糕了!LL: Yeah, I agree. Do you still want to go out to dinner? Or do you want to nuke the pizza that's in my fridge and eat that?LH: "Nuke a pizza"? "Nuke"是nuclear核能的简称。哎,Larry,你准备怎么吃那块比萨饼呀?LL: Oh, to nuke something is slang for cooking it in the microwave.LH: 噢,你真吓了我一跳呢!原来to nuke是把东西放进微波炉里加热啊!所以你是说你想把冰箱里那块pizza热来当晚饭吃。LL: Well, it would save some money. I also have some frozen dinners we could nuke. It would be faster than going to a restaurant.LH: 嗯,吃冷冻食品是比去餐馆吃饭是比较快,又便宜,可是我觉得冷冻食品不好吃耶!吃东西还是要吃新鲜的好!LL: My cousin won't eat food that's been nuked at all. She thinks that using a microwave is unhealthy.LH: 真的吗?你表说微波过的食物都不健康。那微波食物真的对身体有害啊?LL: I don't know and I don't want to know. Nuking food is so convenient and quick that I really don't want to give it up.LH: 我知道,微波食物既方便又快速。有时候我实在太忙,没时间做饭,我也是用微波炉来热剩菜剩饭。LL: I hardly ever have time to cook an entire meal. I'm also not a very good cook, so I would probably starve without a microwave.LL:好多男生都不会做饭,也没有兴趣。我看没有微波炉是要饿死的。今天李华学到两个常用语。第一个是juice,也就是电源,电力的意思。 另一个常用语是nuke,是用微波炉加热的意思。 /200602/3358 96. On second thought, ... 仔细想了之后,······ 用法透视 如果你想改变主意,就可以用这句"经过第二思考之后",表示你做了新决定。 持范例 1. On second thought, I'm going home on this vacation. 仔细想了之后,我打算回家休假。 2. I'll do it, on second thought. 仔细想了之后,我干。 3. On second thought, I won't tell her the truth. 仔细想了之后,我还是不告诉她真相。 会话记忆 A: Would you like a cup of coffee? 你要不要喝一杯咖啡? B: No, thank you. 不,谢谢。 A: I'm going to get one for myself. They make really good coffee here. 我自己要一杯,他们这里的咖啡很好。 B: On second thought, I will have a cup. 仔细想过之后,我想我还是要一杯 /200706/14634浙江省湖州打溶脂针价格湖州98医院修眉手术多少钱



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