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1. Do I need a reservation to go by ship?我坐船去需要预订吗?还能这样说:Do I have to make a reservation if I take ship?Do you think I should make a reservation to go by ship?谚语:A little leak will sink a great ship.千里之堤,溃于蚊穴。2. What time does the ship leave?船什么时间起航?还能这样说:When does the ship leave?Could you please tell me the departure time of the ship?应用:by/with your leave 恕我冒昧,对不起;ask for leave 请假;take ones leave of 辞别,离开;leave for 前往3. The ship was due to sail the following morning.这艘船定于第二天起航。还能这样说:The ship got to start the second morning.The ship set sail the following day.应用:set sail for 开船,动身;sail about 逛来逛去;sail for 乘船往……4. How much does a round trip ticket to Wuhan cost?一张去武汉的往返票要多少钱?还能这样说:How much is the fare for a round trip ticket to Wuhan?What does it cost to buy a round trip ticket to Wuhan?应用:a round of applause 掌声雷动;a round of visits 一系列的访问;巡回出诊;all round 周围;四面八方;每一个人;argue round and round 只在问题表面兜圈子 /201406/30333213. A lifebelt is the best thing for you to rowing.划船时最好带着救生圈。还能这样说:You had better take a life ring with you to row.The best thing you can take to row is a life buoy.14. Chinese people are used to having a boat race on Dragon Boat Festival.中国人习惯在端午节赛龙舟。还能这样说:It is a custom for Chinese people to have a boat race on Dragon Boat Festival.Dragon Boat Festival is the day when people in China go to have boat races.应用:a race against time 和时间赛跑;the rat race 激烈的竞争(尤指为保住职位或地位)15. People who are seasick are not suitable to go boating.晕船的人不适合划船。还能这样说:It is not appropriate for the people who are seasick to go boating.Go boating doesnt suit the people who are seasick. /201312/2668681、You make me sick! 你真让我恶心! /201309/256249

Marion: So Steve whats the worst job youve ever had?玛丽恩:史蒂夫,你做过的最糟糕的工作是什么?Steve: Ah, lets see. The worst job Ive ever had has to be Fort Fun in East Born.史蒂夫:嗯,让我想想。我做过的最糟糕的工作就是在East Born的Fort Fun的工作。Marion: Whats Fort Fun?玛丽恩:那是什么?Steve: Fort Fun is fun for children but it isnt fun for the spotty 16 year olds who have to work there, so some have the good fortune to operate go-carts and other things like that. I had the great fortune to work in the tearoom with an old lady called Brenda.史蒂夫:Fort Fun对孩子们来说是乐趣,但是对在那里工作的有雀斑的16岁孩子来说却不是乐趣,有些人非常幸运可以操作婴儿学步车或类似的东西。而我曾经非常幸运的和一个叫做布兰达的老妇人一起在茶室工作。Marion: What was Brenda like?玛丽恩:布兰达怎么样?Steve: Brenda was basically a witch and she had two offspring which were also going to probably a witch training school, and theyd come around and theyd gossip and, but Brenda would always notice in mid gossip whether Id, if Id stirred the tea one revolution too few and then shed be on me, as it is, so I had to serve ice-creams and scalding hot tea from a spitting tea machine that wasnt working properly from two hatches. One, one looking out onto the beach, and one actually inside Fort Fun (Alright) so inside Fort Fun was bearable, because, and also all of this time you have to bear in mind that I was wearing a cowboy hat and a little cowboy waistcoat with a sheriffs badge on it, and I had two holstered plastic guns which I was advised by the manager to like whip out and pretend to shoot like any young kid that came up there. Anyway, that wasnt so bad, having to suffer that indignity, you know lack of dignity, but when it came to serving from the hatch, from the sea front, where all the surfers would come and get their tea, and obviously that provided great amusement to them, and anyway, to cut a long story short, I lasted about three weeks before deciding fuck it, Id rather be poor for the summer, then have people going yeah, thats him as I walked out.史蒂夫:布兰达就是个巫婆,她有两个后代,可能也上了巫婆训练学校,他们会过来闲谈,但是布兰达总是会在闲谈时注意到我,看我是不是把茶搅拌得太少了,之后她就会过来,所以我不得不供应冰激凌,还要用制茶机泡热茶,而在两个窗口之间工作并不是很顺利。一个窗口面向海滩,另一个就在Fort Fun里面(好的),在Fort Fun里面的窗口还能应付,在这个时候你要知道,我当时戴着牛仔帽,穿着上面有警徽的牛仔马甲,我有两把放在套里的塑料,经理建议我要拔出塑料假装向出现在那里的小孩子射击。总之,不得不忍受那种羞辱,你知道,缺少尊严,还不算太糟,但是在海边的窗口务时,所有的冲浪爱好者都会过来喝茶,显然这对他们来说是很享受的消遣活动,不管怎样,长话短说吧,我做了三周的时间,之后我决定离开,我宁愿暑假期间过贫穷的生活,让别人去做,对,那就是我离开之后的那个人。Marion: Thats the cowboy from Fort Fun?玛丽恩:那就是Fort Fun的牛仔吗?Steve: Yeah, that is.史蒂夫:对,没错。Marion: Brilliant. Thanks Steven.玛丽恩:真精。史蒂夫,谢谢你。Steve: Youre welcome.史蒂夫:不客气。 /201404/290017

Catherine: Hello youre listening to The English We Speak with me Catherine.凯瑟琳:大家好,你们正在收听的是我们所说的英语,我是凯瑟琳。Feifei: Catherine? Is that you? Wow!! I almost didnt recognise you there! You look totally different!菲菲:凯瑟琳?是你吗?哇!我几乎没有认出你!你看起来完全不一样了!Catherine: Yes, its me. What do you think?凯瑟琳:是的,就是我。你觉得怎么样?Feifei: You look... Different! Youve had your hair cut - and its a different colour!菲菲:你看起来...不一样!你改变了发型——而且是不一样的颜色!Catherine: Do you like it?凯瑟琳:你喜欢吗?Feifei: Well yes I do! Its very different to your normal hairstyle! But it really suits you - and it makes you look a lot... Younger!菲菲:是的我喜欢!这和你平时的发型风格很不一样!但是很适合你——而且它让你看起来年轻了很多!Catherine: Younger in a good way, i hope...凯瑟琳:我希望是年轻好的方面。Feifei: Most definitely! And, lets see... Youre wearing a new jumper... New shoes...菲菲:当然了!而且,我看看...你穿了新的外衣...新的鞋...Catherine: Do you like them?凯瑟琳:你喜欢它们吗?Feifei: Well yes! Normally you wear quite dark colours... But these are so bright! You look really pretty!菲菲:是的!通常情况下你都穿深色衣...但是这些都是亮色的!你看起来真的很美!Catherine: Thanks, Feifei!凯瑟琳:谢谢,菲菲!Feifei: Its true - but something else is different... Lets see... Aha! Your eyeshadow... Blusher... Lipstick - youve completely changed your make-up!菲菲:是的,但是还有不一样的地方...让我看看...啊哈!你的眼影,腮红,唇膏——你完全改变了妆容!Catherine: Oh the make-up? Yes, thats different too. Everythings different, in fact! Ive had a makeover.凯瑟琳:哦,我的妆?是的,这也改变了。一切都改变了,事实上!我做了大转变。Feifei: A makeover? I said youve changed your make-up. Whats all this about a makeover?菲菲:一个化妆美容?我说了你改变了妆容。你说的化妆美容是什么?Catherine: Yes, Ive changed my make-up. And Ive changed my hairstyle and the type of clothes I wear too. When you make lots of changes to something so that it looks completely different, fresh, new and much better - youve given it a makeover.凯瑟琳:是的,我改变了妆容。而且我也改变了我的发型和穿衣风格。当你做了很多改变因此你看起来完全不一样,新鲜,全新而且更好了—你就做了大转变。Feifei: Ohhh... Youve completely changed your appearance so that you look better, fresher, nicer. Thats a makeover. What verbs go with makeover?菲菲:哦...你完全改变了你的外表所以你看起来更好了,更新鲜,更棒了。这是一个大转变。那么大转变搭配什么动词呢?Catherine: Have a makeover, give something a makeover, get a makeover, need a makeover. Here are a few examples:凯瑟琳:完成一次大转变,给某事一个大转变,获得一次大转变,需要一次大转变。这是一些例子:I was so fed up with the way my husband dressed. He looked so untidy all the time! I threw out all his old clothes and took him shopping for a complete new wardrobe. Now hes had a makeover, he looks as handsome as he did when we first met.我很厌倦我丈夫穿衣的方式。他总是看起来太不整洁了!我扔掉了他所有的旧衣然后带他买了一整个衣柜的新衣。现在他做了一个大转变,他看起来和我们第一次见面时一样帅。This room looks so old-fashioned! It really needs a makeover.这间屋子看起来过时了!它需要一次大转变。Yes, if we paint the walls and change the curtains it will look so much better.是的,如果我们染一下墙再换了窗帘,它会看起来好很多。Feifei: So not only people but also things can have makeovers.菲菲:所以不止人,事物也可以做大转变。Catherine: You can give almost anything a makeover, Feifei. Even you can have a makeover - Ill take you shopping if you like! We can start with your hair - a nice short cut I think would suit you, then get you a nice new pair of skinny jeans, and change your makeup, and get...凯瑟琳:你可以给几乎任何事做大转变,菲菲。甚至你可以做一次大转变,如果你愿意我可以带你去购物!我们可以从头发开始,我觉得一个很好的短发会很适合你,接着给你来一条紧身牛仔裤,然后改变你的妆容,然后...Feifei: Im quite happy with the way I look, thanks. I dont think I need a makeover.菲菲:我很满意我现在的样子,谢了。我觉得我不需要一次大转变。Catherine: Oh, OK, sorry.凯瑟琳:哦,好吧,抱歉。Feifei: Thats OK.菲菲:没关系。Catherine: Just a haircut then...凯瑟琳:只要一次理发那么...Feifei: No!菲菲:不要!Catherine: Colour change maybe? A little bit of red here and there?凯瑟琳:或许变一下颜色?在这里和那里来一点红色?Feifei: I do not need a makeover.菲菲:我不需要大转变。Catherine: Well, if you change your mind, you know where I am! Now I must be going, Im going to give my living room a makeover and theres a sale on at the furniture shop.凯瑟琳:那么,如果你改变了主意,你知道我在哪的!现在我得走了,我要去给我的客厅来一次大转变,而且家具店有打折活动。Feifei: Well, good luck with that Catherine.菲菲:那么,祝你好运凯瑟琳。Catherine: Thanks Feifei. Join us again for more The English We Speak.凯瑟琳:谢谢菲菲。加入我们获得更多的我们所说的英语。 /201401/274197

9. I waited for a week but they didnt arrive. 我等了一星期他们也没来。还能这样说:I kept on waiting for a week without seeing them.They made me waiting for a week, but they didnt come.应用:too late a week 未免太晚了,太迟了;week in, week out 一星期又一星期,接连好几个星期;不断地;week and week about 每隔一周10. Time is always against us. 时间总跟我们作对。还能这样说:Time set itself against us!Time opposed to us.应用:go against 违反,不顺心;be against sth. 违反;无视,不顾;dead against 断然反对;正对着11. What do you want from me? 你到底想让我怎样?还能这样说:What are you really asking me to do?How can I on earth do next?谚语:Waste not, want not.不浪费就不缺乏(尤指食物或钱)。12. You should lay low for a while. 你真应该保持低调。还能这样说:You should try to keep a low profile.You should have little fanfare.谚语:If you bow at all, bow low.既然低下了头,干脆就多低点。13. The chairman didnt permit me to take the floor. 主席不给我发言的机会。还能这样说:The chairman didnt give me chance to speak.The chairman didnt allow me to make a statement.应用:permit 除了作动词:允许,使可能,许可; 还可以作名词:执照,许可。例如:Have you got a permit to drive? 你有驾驶执照吗?14. Hey, you stood me up again! 嗨,你又放我鸽子了。还能这样说:Hey, you broke your date with me again.Hey, you blew me off again.应用:stand by 袖手旁观;stand for nothing 毫无用处;stand good 依然真实,仍然有效;stand at 犹豫不决,踌躇15. It is a fine day out. And here I am stuck inside the office with the paper. 外面天气那么好,我却守在办公室内处理这些文件。还能这样说:Its sunny outside. But I have to deal with my work in the office.Its beautiful day today. But I am staying in the office to handle my paper.应用:get stuck in 开始工作;in stuck 陷入困境;out of stuck 摆脱困境;stuck on 被迷住16. I want you to stop hogging my desk space. Can you? 请不要再占用我的桌子了,行吗?还能这样说:My desk is always occupied by you. Please dont do that again, all right?Could you keep my desk unoccupied?应用:for a space 暂时;短时间;一段时间;for the space of a mile 一英里的距离;from space to space 每隔一定的距离17. Doing this mindless work every day is going to make me crazy. 每天都做这种不用动脑筋的工作,会使我发疯的。还能这样说:It will drive me mad to do the work like a machine each day.I cant stand doing the automatic and impersonal job every day.应用:be crazy for 渴望,痴想;be crazy with (pain) (痛苦)得发狂;crazy as a bedbug 发疯的;荒唐的 /201210/204453

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