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Somehow my brain isn't functioning today. 不知为什么我今天脑子不好使. /201002/96826。

  • 五分钟英语快餐 第97期:Swear 相关专题: 社交美语英语口语 /200809/47958。
  • B: guess what! I know something you don't know!L: what's that?B: how many planets are there in the solar system?L: that's easy. Everyone knows that there are nice.B: not anymore! Can you believe it? They've decided that Pluto is not a planet anymore!L: nice try. I wasn't born yesterday, you know. B: I'm dead serious. They've decided that it's too small to be a planet, but actually they haven't yet agreed on how big something has to be in order to be a planet anymore.L: that sounds crazy. They can't just change their mind about things like that.B: yes, they can. If you remember correctly, people used to believe that the world was flat. L: I suppose you're right. They also used to think that they were so important that the sun revolved around them, not the other way around.B: we actually know relatively little about space and the cosmos.L: do you think that we'll one day be able to travel to another planet for a vacation?B: I suppose we could actually live on a planet outside of the milky way.L: do you think we'll ever get to meet an alien from outer space?B: I hope not. I think they would be a threat to those of us that lived on Earth.L: you're so old-fashioned. That's what people used to think about people from another country!B: point taken. Hopefully one day, we'll live in an interplanetary society. /201004/102376。
  • 今天我们要讲的两个习惯用语都含有惩罚的意思。要是一个人是惩罚的对象的话,这两个习惯用语会使他感到很痛苦的。一个人在一生中没有受到任何形式的惩罚是很少的。小的时候做错了事激怒了父母而受到惩罚也是常事。例如像不准吃晚饭,不准出去玩等。不过,我们今天要讲的是成年人犯了错误,或做了违法的事而受到惩罚。现在我们先来讲第一个习惯用语。To lower the boom. To lower就是把什么东西放低,boom在这里解释为帆船的帆下面的杠。用这个杠可以按当时的需要把帆升高或降低。要是一个人正在把杠往下放,而你的头正在杠下面的话,那个杠就会打到你的头。这可能使你感到非常痛。作为一个习惯用语,to lower the boom就是很严格的惩罚,或者是采取步骤严格地执行法律。下面是一个电台报导的一条消息。例句-1: The new chief of police announced today that he was going to lower the boom on drug peddlers by putting a lot more officers in neighborhoods where the situation is worst.这则消息说:新的警察局局长今天宣布,他将派很多的警察到贩毒最严重的地区去,以此来对那些贩毒者进行严格的管制。******美国的犯罪率比较高。这是政府和公众都很关心的问题。人们在如何解决犯罪这个问题上议论纷纷。下面就是一个受害者在发表自己的看法。例句2: I was robbed in broad daylight last year. The police caught the guy but set him free after six weeks. I dont understand this, why cant they lower the boom on these criminals so that they will think twice before they do something bad.这个人说:去年,我在光天化日之下遭到抢劫。警察抓住了那家伙,但是关了六个星期就把他放了。我真是弄不懂,他们为什么不能对这些罪犯更严格一些。这样他们才会在干坏事前先考虑一下。******上面那个受害者一定很愿意用下面这个办法来对待罪犯,但是没有一个罪犯愿意受到这种惩罚的。这种严厉的惩罚就是我们要讲的第二个习惯用语:To throw away the key. To throw away就是把什么东西扔掉,key就是钥匙。美国的法律并不是全国统一的,各州有权制定自己的法律。但是,对大多数的州来说,最严重的惩罚恐怕就是把犯人关进监狱,然后throw away the key。大家也许已经猜出了to throw away the key是什么意思了。把犯人关进监狱,然后把监狱的钥匙扔掉。那当然就意味着这个犯人永远也出不了监狱了。也就是无期徒刑。我们来举一个例子。这是一个人在告诉他朋友关于一件抢案件的判决。例句3: You remember that man who shot three people when he held up a bank? The judge locked him up and threw away the key: she sentenced him to life in prison with no chance of parole.这人说:你还记得那个在抢劫的时候打死三个人的那个罪犯吗?法官把他关进监狱,让他永远也出不来。她判他无期徒刑,连保释的机会都没有。******刚才说无期徒刑在美国许多州是最严重的惩罚。这是因为美国有许多州是没有死刑的。应不应该有死刑是美国人争论的一个主题。有的人认为,尽管那些罪犯确实犯了严重的罪行,但是死刑是不人道的。然而,对那些受害者和某些公众来说,只有严厉处决才能控制犯罪率不断上升的趋势。下面是一个人在发表他的观点。例句4: I dont think to throw away the key is the answer to the ever increasing rate of criminal cases. We must impose death sentences on those murderers who kill people without even blinking an eye? Only that may stop them killing so freely.这人说:我认为无期徒刑不是解决犯罪率不断上升的办法。我们必须对那些杀人不眨眼的谋杀犯处以死刑。只有那样他们才可能不再随便杀人。 /201111/162497。
  • L: The band is pretty good. How do you like the music?I: it's very nice. I haven't heard live music in a while. This is fun.L: well, then, may I invite you for the next dance?I: of course. But I'm afraid I'm not much of a dancer…L: don't worry. I'm not much of a dancer myself.I: you're dancing so well.L: you dance beautifully too.I: when did you learn to dance?L: in college. But I don't dance very often. What's your favourite dance?I: it's hard to say. It depends. But I love the waltz.L: how about tango?I: oh, I like it. It's such a beautiful dance, but I can't do it well. What about you?L: Tango is my favorite. Anything but hip-hop or the foxtort.(the music has stopped)I: thank you for the dance.L: my pleasure. Let's go and have a drink.I: ok. /08/81140。
  • Pursue what you love. 1. 追求自己喜欢的。Passion is an incredible motivator. It fuels focus, resilience, and perseverance. 是一个惊人的动力。它给注意力、恢复力和毅力提供燃料。 /201008/112337。
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