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Finance and Economics财经商业Private equity and the Arab spring私募股权和阿拉伯之春Tentative steps投石问路Investor interest in the Middle East and north Africa remains cautious投资者对中东、北非的兴趣依旧谨慎THE hot money may rush in and out—Egypt’s Case 30 index has posted a 29.3% gain so far this year, for example, after shedding 49.3% in 2011. But a more meaningful gauge of investors’ perceptions of the Middle East and north Africa is the flow of longer-term money.依埃及的情况,中东-北非可能有热钱忽进忽出。例如,埃及目前公布的30项指标在2011年下跌49.3%,今年涨幅为29.3%。而投资者则根据长期资金的流动这一更有意义的指标来感知中东和北非。The private-equity industry is still a long way off its pre-crisis peaks. The high point was 2007, with .1 billion of deals (these figures exclude Turkey, a hot destination which counts as European in the industry data, and Israel, an entrepreneurial ecosystem all of its own). Many of the regional funds that operated back then have closed, and only the most intrepid investors, most of them local, remain active. The average deal size has dropped from 2m in 2007 to m last year.中东-北非的私募股权业若想重归危机以前的峰值,仍有漫漫长路要走。2007年,私募股权业凭41亿美元的交易攀至业界巅峰,土耳其和以色列则不在计算之列,前者虽为投资热点,但业内数据将其视为为欧洲国家,后者则有自己独特的企事业生态系统。彼时运转的大多数区域基金,现今都已结束营业,唯有最具胆识的投资者活跃至今,其中多为本地人。平均交易规模已从2007年的1.72亿美元,跌落至去年的3000万美元。If the glory days are very much in the past, the numbers suggest that investors are slowly regaining their appetite after the initial shock of the Arab spring. Deals worth 5m have been done so far this year, according to Dealogic. That aly outstrips the 2011 tally of 7m.如果说,辉煌荣耀已属于昨天,那上图的数据显示,在经历过阿拉伯之春带来的最初的震撼后,投资者们已慢慢重拾对私募股权业的偏好。Dealogic的数据显示,今年以来的交易总值已达4.75亿美元,早已超过2011年2.37亿美元的记录。Egypt, whose 85m-strong population helped make it the most popular destination for private-equity investments in the region between 2003 and 2008, has suffered from both the financial crisis and the revolution last year. But the prospect of lasting change in the aftermath of Egypt’s presidential election excites many. “Egypt is not very different from Turkey before Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Brazil before Lula da Silva,” says Ahmed Heikal, who heads Citadel Capital, a fund in Cairo. “If there is some stability, we will witness significant growth.”在2003年至2008年期间,埃及依靠着自己8500万的庞大人口,一度成为北非-中东一带最热门的私募股权投资地。但如今,却深受金融危机和去年革命的双重冲击。然而,埃及总统大选的余波预示着持久的改变,如此前景让许多人心潮澎湃。开罗基金公司Citadel Capital总裁Ahmed Heikal说,“现今的埃及,同雷杰普·塔伊普·埃尔多安执政前的土耳其,和卢拉·达·席尔瓦上台前的巴西有很多相似处。如果埃及能稳定些,我们将见埃及的强劲增长。”Turbulence today also gives brave investors useful negotiating leverage. “We see Egypt as more favourable than before the revolution because the competition has backed off,” says Romen Mathieu of EuroMena II, a Beirut-based 0m fund that has just invested in a chain of eye clinics in Egypt. Mr Mathieu reckons that it is easier to win concessions about the level of control funds have over portfolio firms.当下动荡的市场也成为大胆的投资者手中有用的谈判筹码。EuroMena II是一家设在贝鲁特的一亿美元基金,该基金刚在埃及投资了多家眼科门诊。EuroMena II的Romen Mathieu说,“革命将埃及的竞争一扫而光,所以革命后的埃及对我们更有利”。 Mathieu先生预计,基金在对投资组合公司的控制等级上将更容易赢得让步。Saudi Arabia is the only other country in the region with comparable heft to Egypt. Algeria has huge potential but the regulations change too often for it to appeal. Other countries are small or, like Syria, off-limits for obvious reasons. So funds often look for portfolio firms with regional potential. “The Arab world is only 350m people so we go for businesses that can capitalise on this by being regional or expect to expand regionally,” says Mustafa Abdel-Wadood of Abraaj Capital, a .5 billion emerging-markets firm based in Dubai. That requires expertise many funds lack. “Most funds realise they need operational managers who know how to grow a business in the region,” says one local analyst. “But they can be hard to find.”沙特阿拉伯是中东-北非地区唯一与埃及实力相当的国家。阿尔及利亚虽潜力巨大,怎奈频繁变动的监管机构令其吸引力大打折扣。其他国家或为小国,或如叙利亚,受限制原因显而易见。于是,基金常常寻找具有区域潜能的投资组合公司。新兴市场公司Abraaj Capital总资产75亿美元,总部设在迪拜,公司的Mustafa Abdel-Wadood说,“阿拉伯世界仅有3.5亿人口,所以我们投资的是能够利用这一特点具备地域性,或有望在区域内扩张的企业。” 这所要求的专业知识也恰是大多数基金所缺少的。当地某分析师称,“大多数基金意识到,他们需要熟知如何在这一地区发展生意的运营经理。但这样的人才寥寥无几。”None of which makes an immediate uptick in Western funds’ activity seem likely. The potential for further political upheaval remains great, and there are many obstacles to private equity’s growth. Most businesses are family-owned and it can easily take a year to earn the trust needed to complete a deal, says Mr Mathieu. There are barriers to taking controlling stakes in portfolio companies, particularly in Saudi Arabia. Exit opportunities are not obvious. An investing revolution to follow the political one will take time.要想凭借以上几点立刻提高西方基金的活跃度的可能性不高。中东北非地区继续发生政治动荡的几率巨大,私募股权的成长之途障碍重重。Mathieu先生说,阿拉伯世界绝大多数企业都为家族企业,如果交易需要,他们可以轻松用一年时间来赢得基金的信任。而若想在投资组合公司中获得控股权,也要面临层层阻碍,尤其是在沙特阿拉伯的公司。抽身机会并不明显。如此看来,若想紧跟政治革命发动投资革命,还需要些时日。 翻译:王葭苇译文属译生译世 /201606/451547

Thank you so much.Some good dancers out here today,and some excellent singing going on,you sang almost that entire song.谢谢你们 今天现场有些很棒的舞者 还有一些极棒的歌手 你们几乎唱完了一整首歌People who have turned their chairs around if you were on the right side.把椅子转了圈的人 检查下你的方向是不是对的All right we have addressed swimsuit issue,lets talk about topless man.既然咱们已经聊过了女式泳装 接下来就聊聊半裸的男人A couple of weeks ago,I announced a contest where I will be sending my gardener, Nick,几周前 我组织了一个比赛 我把我的园丁尼克to different cities and you would have to find him.送去不同的城市 然后让大家找到他Its called ;Nick in Your Garden;.这比赛叫;尼克在你花园里;And I mentioned it a while ago.我之前也提到过we sent him out but then we couldnt find him.我们送他出去了 但我们找不到他了Unfortunately I think I chose a bad location to start.非常不幸 我没选对开始的地方He went to Boston. Its cold there.他去了波士顿 那里很冷Look what happened.Oh no. God. Not even any bushes.看看发生了什么 天啊 连点灌木丛都没有Its like he doesnt even know how to gardening or something.貌似他不知道 该怎么修理花花草草了So were gonna thaw Nick out,were gonna send him to another city.我打算把尼克解冻 然后送他去另一个城市If you find him,take a picture with him and you could win a trip to the show.如果你找到他了 跟他合个影 你就有机会来艾伦秀现场And now lets talk about what everybody is talking about.现在我们来聊聊最近的大热话题;50 Shades of Grey;.Who seen ;50 Shades of Grey;?;五十度灰; 有谁看了;五十度灰;吗 /201510/404620

But youre still smacking your foot directly on the ground, without any padding.但是光脚跑步仍然是在没有任何衬垫的情况下脚部直接猛烈接触地面。Wouldnt this lead to more foot injuries? Possibly.这会不会导致脚部受伤?很有可能。And, of course, it takes time to develop calluses on your feet thick enough to make barefoot running comfortable.而且要花上一段时间脚才能长出足够厚的老茧让你舒地跑步。And I suppose running in cold weather could be a problem.而且我猜在寒冷的天气中跑步也是个难题。So like most things in science, theres more than one side to this story.像大多数科学中的问题一样,这个说法不只有一种结论。Running barefoot may have certain advantages, but there are some pitfalls, too.光脚跑步有一定的优势,但也存在隐患。201503/363065

  Israel and Palestine以色列和巴勒斯坦Take a break僵局再起The two-state solution is still the only one that makes sense. But it wont happen this time round目前两国制仍是解决巴以问题的唯一方式,但这一次依然无法实现。IT IS a cliché: every time a worthy mediator, in this case John Kerry, Americas secretary of state, sets about ending the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians, people say the clock-hand has reached “a minute to midnight”; disaster will follow if the parties fail to agree. By Mr Kerrys timetable, the chimes will ring out dolefully at the end of this month (see article). He may find a last-minute rewinding ploy to keep both sides burbling a bit longer. But there is scant chance, even with that extension, of a two-state deal being done. Mr Kerry has tried his heroic best, but this round of peacemaking is fizzling out.这已经是老生常谈了——每当有分量的调停人出现,希望终止巴以冲突时(这一次的大人物是美国国务卿克里),人们就知道了,核威胁怕是迫在眉睫了。一旦双方谈崩,便是灾难的开始。对克里来说,本月底很可能就是哀歌奏响的最终期限。也许他还能找到缓兵之计,使两方继续谈判,但即使再拖下去,两国制的方针也很难真正实现。克里已经勇敢地做出了最大的尝试,但这一轮的调和谈判还是以失败告终了。Disaster will not immediately follow. As things stand, Israel is not under threat, despite its understandable aversion to the prospect of other states in the Middle East, such as Iran, matching it with nuclear weapons. Israel is a prosperous democracy in a region of chaos and bloodshed. Binyamin Netanyahu, its prime minister (pictured left), is unchallenged. The Palestinians demanding a state are weak, divided and quiescent; morose as they are, few favour a return to suicide-bombing.不过灾难也不会瞬间降临。就现在的情况来看,尽管中东的邻国,如伊朗,正在向成为核国家迈进,但以色列并没有遭受实际的威胁。在这片混乱而血腥的土地上,以色列以一个富饶的民主国家屹立于此。本雅明·内塔尼亚胡(Binyamin Netanyahu)作为以色列的总理,他的地位无可争议。巴勒斯坦也要求成为独立国家,尽管他们软弱、分裂、僵化,且国民性格孤僻,但只有极少数人还持自杀式爆炸这种恐怖暴力行为。Yet Israel cannot afford to be complacent in the longer run, for this stalemate poses a real threat if the country is to preserve its essence as both Jewish and democratic. It cannot stay both, if it indefinitely controls the Palestinian territories and their people while denying them full rights under Israeli law, including the vote. And if the Palestinians were enfranchised, demography suggests that a Greater Israel between the Mediterranean and the Jordan river, including Gaza, would no longer be predominantly Jewish. Israel must give the Palestinians a proper state of their own if it is to remain a Jewish democracy.但长久来看,以色列无法自给自足。如果它想要保持自己犹太民主国家的本质,那么这一次的僵局将对其造成真正的威胁。如果以色列无限期地掌控着巴勒斯坦的领土和人民,却又根据以色列的法律拒绝给予他们包括选举权在内的各项权利,那它是无法保持既犹太又民主的本质的。如果巴勒斯坦公民拥有了选举权,那从人口学上看,地中海到约旦河,包括加沙在内的大以色列地区的大部分人口将不再是犹太人。如果以色列想要以犹太民主国的身份存在,那就必须给巴勒斯坦人应有的一个真正意义上的国家。Mr Netanyahu knows this. But most of his own Likud party and much of his coalition still roundly reject the two-state idea, and he is loth to face them down. This time, he has added a clutch of extra demands which his predecessors, notably Ehud Barack at Camp David in 2000 and Ehud Olmert in Jerusalem in 2008, saw no need for—on such issues as boundaries, Jerusalem and the Jordan valley, which many in Likud now want to annex. He has let Jewish settlements on the West Bank expand as fast as ever. And he says the Palestinians must first acknowledge Israel as a specifically Jewish state.内塔尼亚胡明白这一点。但他所在的右翼利库德党(Likud party)和他所领导的政府仍然坚决抵制两国制的想法,他本人也不愿说反对者。这一次,他还在谈判中附带了更多的要求,如两国边界问题,耶路撒冷和约旦峡谷问题,这都是利库德党中很多人想要吞并的地区,但内达尼亚胡的前任们,主要是埃胡德·巴拉克(Ehud Barack)和埃胡德·奥尔默特(Ehud Olmert)分别在2000年的大卫营和2008年的耶路撒冷就已经看出这些要求是没有意义的。他让约旦河西岸地区的犹太人定居点通过去一样快速扩大,同时他还认为巴基斯坦人应最首先认可以色列是一个独立的犹太国家。The Palestinian leader, Mahmoud Abbas (pictured right), says he cannot submit to such demands as a precondition. He would be ditched by his own people if he were to cast Israels Arabs (who are a fifth of Israeli citizens) into what they see as a second-class status and to disavow the Palestinians claimed “right of return” to Israel proper. The fact that the Palestinians will have to climb down in the final stage of any deal only adds, like the Israeli demands, to a sense of bluster.巴勒斯坦领导人马哈茂德·阿巴斯(Mahmoud Abbas)表示,他无法接受这些作为前提条件的要求。如果他将以色列的阿拉伯人(以色列的第五类公民)算入二等公民,并否认巴勒斯坦人宣称的回到以色列的合法权利,那么他将被自己的人民所抛弃。事实是,巴勒斯坦人将在谈判的最后阶段一味妥协,这只会增加民愤,而这正是以色列希望看到的。In an ideal world, Mr Netanyahu, a clever populist, would emulate the late Ariel Sharon by abandoning his partys right wing and the rejectionists within his coalition in order to forge a new ruling coalition genuinely committed to the two-state option; the Knesset arithmetic would let him do so. And Mr Abbas would step down in favour of a more dynamic leader, such as Marwan Barghouti , imprisoned in an Israeli jail for murder: he helped organise a bloody uprising. That, though, might give him the clout to drag the Palestinians into making painful but game-changing concessions.理想情况是,内塔尼亚胡作为一个高明的平民主义者,应效仿已故的以色列前总理阿里尔·沙龙(Ariel Sharon),抛弃利库德党的右翼主义和政府内的反对派,以建立一个新的持两国制的统治集团,以色列议会也会持他这样做的。而阿巴斯也应主动退位,推举更有活力的领导人上台,如因谋杀罪入狱的马尔万·巴尔古提(Marwan Barghouti)。他曾帮助组织了一起血腥的起义,但这让他有一定的影响力去迫使巴勒斯坦做出一些痛苦但具有转折性的让步和妥协。Instead, both sides are embarking on a blame game. Neither will win. The Palestinians are still stateless—and their prospective state is getting smaller. The Israelis face not just the growing opprobrium of the outside world, boycotts and all, but also the prospect of missing another opportunity to ensure the survival of a country that is both democratic and Jewish.但现在,巴以两方都在相互指责,最终只会导致两败俱伤。巴勒斯坦至今仍没有主权,而且未来的希望也变得越来越渺茫。以色列也不仅要面对外界越来越多的指责和抵制,还可能再一次失去保留犹太民主国特性的机会。译者 王安庐 译文属译生译世 /201510/403194



  The wetter the summer, the more mosquitos youre likely to find outside.In hot, dry summers, like the summer we are having now, there are fewer mosquitoes. But the mosquitos that are around pose a greater threat. Thats because West Nile virus sps more easily in warm weather. This summer Michigan State University has predicted an outbreak of West Nile in Michigan.Ken Wuerfel is co-owner of the pest control company Mosquito Squad. Wuerfel says he doesnt usually get as many calls when its a hot, dry summer like this one.There arent as many mosquitoes out there. But while some species of mosquitoes suffer in the heat, the one that carries West Nile virus thrives.(Subscribe to the Stateside podcast on iTunes, Google Play, or with this RSS link)Its a hardy little mosquito called Culex pipiens and it likes urban areas with standing water. Wuerfel says they breed in everything from large retention ponds to the smallest pooling water you can find.;If you have a water bottle and you take the cap and give it a toss and it happens to land cup side up, that little bottle cap a mosquito could—if it filled with water—lay a raft of 300 eggs,; says Wuerfel.Its not just the army of Culex mosquitoes that makes summers like this bad for West Nile. Ned Walker researches mosquito-borne diseases at Michigan State University. He says the hot weather also helps the virus sp.;Mosquitos are animals. Theyre cold blooded, and so the warmer it is, the faster things happen,; says Walker. ;And mosquitos get the virus infection by feeding on infected birds and then once a mosquito has gotten a blood meal from an infected bird, the virus has to grow inside the body of the mosquito. And it grows faster when its warmer.;Every year Walkers team at MSU tries to predict West Nile outbreaks based on weather patterns. He says this season closely resembles the summer of 2012. That year we saw the most deaths from West Nile in U.S. history. Out of more than 5,000 cases, roughly 280 people died.Because the Culex mosquito likes urban areas, youre safer in the woods than you are in the city. In fact, Walker says most people probably get West Nile in their own homes. He nicknames Culex pipiens the ;Northern house mosquito.;;Its very good at sneaking into houses. For example, its common for people to leave a back door propped open if theyre say barbecuing on a back deck and theyll leave the door open. Or if they want their dog to be able to run in and out theyll just leave a door open or maybe open a window. Or perhaps the screens arent repaired properly and theres holes in screens. Things like that that allow those mosquitoes to come in doors,; says Walker.Walker says they also bite very late at night.;So its not the typical time people put on repellant. For example, I dont know anyone who puts on mosquito repellant right before they go to bed,; he says.So how do you fight such a stealthy, tough mosquito?Walker says the best way is through community-wide control.;You cant dump out an abandoned swimming pool and you cant empty out thousands of street catch basins, but you can treat them. And there are communities that have adopted programs like this,; he says.According to the Michigan Mosquito Control Association, only Bay, Midland, Saginaw, and Tuscola counties, and about 10 townships, have treatment programs.Tom Putt of the association says there used to be a lot more 10 years ago, but cities and towns dont have the money for that anymore.Ned Walker says the few municipalities that have mosquito programs are often the only ones that send MSU mosquitoes for testing. Walker says even high risk areas like Grand Rapids and Detroit dont report.;Unfortunately without good surveillance, we cant make strong statements about the risk, but we do have this forecast model and thats been reliable so far,; he says.Ken Wuerfel of the Mosquito Squad says there are some things you can do to keep Culex mosquitoes from breeding. Dump out any standing water in your yard, clean your gutters, and get rid of yard waste that could hold water. There are more tips from Mosquito Squad here.Blue jays and crows are often susceptible to the disease. So if you see a freshly dead crow or blue jay in your yard, call the Michigan Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Disease Lab at 517-336-5030.Fortunately, according to the Centers for Disease Control, 70 to 80% of people who contract the virus dont have any symptoms.201607/456099Thats true,though you can look at me like its not真的 虽然你可以用不相信的眼光看我Im Taylor Swift,I would like to be dating with blank.Nobody我是Taylor Swift 我想跟谁约会 没人Im Taylor Swift,my publicist told me to say blank我是Talor Swift 我的宣传代理人告诉我说出什么My publicist told me that dont answer any personal questions.Ok now we getting somewhere我的宣传代理人说不要回答任何私人的问题 好吧 那我们可有得聊了My favorite color is blank,Purple.No,mine,I didnt say Taylors.Blue.Yes.我最喜欢的颜色是 紫色 不 是我的 我没说Taylor喜欢的 蓝色 回答正确The last person I kissed was blank我最后一个吻的人是I got a eight years old kid in audience last night.thats gross.You were disgusting我昨晚吻了一个八岁的小观众 真下流 真让人恶心It was on the cheek,It wasnt like a.Anything at all thats we are not going to look back只是在面颊上轻轻一下 又不是 我们也不能回放 这里要说的事情太多了There is too many things about whole real about the taste我是说关于那个味道Im Taylor Swift and I wash my hair every blank.One and a half days我是Taylor Swift 我多久洗一次头 一天半一次So half will be in the afternoon.No,its just not fully two所以一次是在下午咯 不是 因为不是整整两天Its not one cause sometimes its different so just as far as like,Mathematicly putting together,an average,there will be the average也不是一天 每次不一样 而是 用数学的方法加起来再平均 是个平均数Lets talk about your time in prison.Emm,I didnt go to prison.No,No.我们聊聊你在监狱里的事情吧 额 我没去过监狱 没有吗 没有Im sorry,Im thinking of my questions for T.I.真不好意思 我这个问题是要问T.I.的 /201610/471883

  Charter Schools特许学校Big, not easy大,但并不简单Revolution and innovation in some of Americas toughest neighbourhoods美国的一些“老大难”街区的改革和创新AS PUPILS file into their classroom at Kipp Renaissance, a high school in a battered corner of north-east New Orleans, each one stops to shake the hand of a history teacher. “Changes”, a rap song by Tupac about the struggles of being poor and black in America, plays quietly in the background. Within a minute or two, the dozen teenagers—all black—are busily filling in test papers. Soon afterwards, Mr Kullman, the teacher, begins rapping himself—hopping around the room demanding quick-fire answers to questions about the civil war. Pupils shout back answers in chorus.知力复兴(Kipp Renaissance)高中座落在新奥尔良东北角的一个破旧的角落里,那儿小学生们排队进入他们的教室,每个人还要停下来和历史老师握手。“改变”,是一首来自Tupac的饶舌歌曲,悄然地播放在校园中,讲述关于在美国穷困的黑人如何生存。几分钟内,那群黑人青少年就忙于填写测试答卷。很快,考尔曼老师开始开始唱起Rap,在教室里小幅跳动着,要求学生快速回答关于内战的问题。学生们则不整齐地回答出来。Kipp Renaissance is one of New Orleanss newer high schools. Since Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005, only six traditional public schools, directly run by the city, remain. Instead 94% of pupils now attend charter schools, which are publicly funded but run by independent non-profit organisations such as Kipp (in full, the “Knowledge is Power Programme”).知力复兴高中是新奥尔良市一所历史较短的高中。自从2005年卡特里娜飓风袭击后,直属市辖的高中仅剩下六所传统的公立学校。取而代之的是94%的小学生现在都报名特许学校,这些学校是由公众资助,但由独立非盈利性组织例如知力经营(全称是,“知识就是力量项目”)。Change began in 2003, when Louisiana created a Recovery School District (RSD) to take over and turn around failing schools across the state. Katrina dramatically accelerated the process: the RSD now controls most schools in New Orleans. Since 2008 alone, it has closed about 50 and presided over the opening of an equal number of charters. The district organises admissions and expulsions, and helps allocate school buildings. But staffing, teacher training, transport, catering and much else are left in the hands of schools and the charter chains which run them.改变从2003年开始了,那时路易斯安那州创办了一个叫复原学校街区(RSD)组织,目的是取代并扭转整个州立失败的教育。卡特里娜飓风戏剧性地加速了这一进程:RSD现在经营新奥尔良市大部分学校。从2008年一年来说,它关闭了将近50所学校并主持开班了同样数量的特许学校。街区制定了准入令和驱逐令,帮助分配学校建筑。但是员工雇佣,教师培训,交通,饮食提供和很多其他的事情都被下放到学校掌管,连锁的特许学校经营它们。A decade ago, teachers in New Orleans were demoralised. The citys school district had eight different superintendents in the decade to 2005, none of whom managed to curb corruption or control waste. Affluent whites had fled the system: before Katrina New Orleans was roughly 67% black and 28% white, yet only 6% of public-school pupils were not black.十年前,新奥尔良市的老师士气低沉。市里学校街区竟在2005年之前十年有八个主管,没有人遏制腐败或是控制浪费。富裕的白人则逃离这一系统:在卡特里娜飓风来临之前新奥尔良市有大概67%的黑人和28%的白人,然而只有6%的公公学校的学生不是黑人。Under the new regime, schools have sharply improved. In 2004 just 16.5% of pupils in New Orleanss schools beat Louisianas state performance score; by the end of the most recent school year, 31.1% did, according to the Cowen Institute at Tulane University. High-school graduation rates have risen from 55% before Katrina to 73% now; drop-out rates have fallen by half.在新策略下,学校则大幅改观。2004年,新奥尔良市只有16.5%的小学生达到了路易斯安那州成绩考核;在最新的学年里,根据杜兰大学科文中心数据,31.1%的学生做到了。高中毕业生比例从卡特里娜前的55%增至现在73%;辍学人数则下降了一半。After Katrina, most of New Orleanss 7,500 unionised teachers were, in effect, fired. Charter schools have hired some back—but they have also hired plenty of new, young ambitious teachers, often straight out of college, who work the long days and extra hours without complaint.在卡特里娜之后,新奥尔良市7,500名教师中大部分实际上被解雇。特许学校返聘了一部分回来——但他们也雇佣了很多新的、年轻有志的老师们,通常是刚从大学毕业,可以工作很久、加班没有怨言。The ability to choose a school matters less than you might expect. Autonomy and central scrutiny matter more. New Orleanss charter schools are probably more closely watched than public schools ever were, and those that fail to meet targets do not get their charters renewed. With academic targets set centrally, schools tend to agree on what works best.择校能力仅仅和你可能预想中的部分相关。自治权和中央审核关联更大。新奥尔良市的特许学校可能会比以前的公公学校受更紧的监察,那些无法达标的学校无法更新特许件。将完成学术目标设立为中心,学校倾向于许可工作最好的部分。The challenge now is whether improvement can be sustained. On national tests, Louisiana still comes last or nearly last on a range of measures. What the state deems “mastery” of a subject barely passes for acceptable in other states: by the standards of Massachusetts or Maine, schools in New Orleans remain terrible. Middle-class whites still mostly send their children to private schools.现在面临的困难是进步能否被保持住。在国家性考试中,路易斯安那州仍然垫底或是在一定范围检测里将近垫底。这个州里被认为是高级学科的课程在其他州仅仅被认为是可以接受的课程:通过对比马萨诸塞州和缅因州,新奥尔良的学校仍然很渣。中产阶级白人们仍然可能将他们的孩子送往私立学校。One worry is money. Before Katrina, spending per pupil in New Orleans was 7,900 per year, about the same as in Louisiana at large. Last year the figure was 12,797—much more than the state average. Federal money, doled out to help rebuild after the hurricane, now pays for repairing almost all the citys school buildings. But it will not last for ever.另一担心则是钱的问题。卡特里娜之前,每个小学生身上每年花销7,900刀,路易斯安那州每个小学生基本相同。去年这个数字是12,797刀—远远超出其他州平均水准。用于救助灾后重建的联邦拨款现在正应付着修建城里的学校建筑。但是这不会持续到永远。At some point, the citys overworked teachers may begin to struggle. Some critics say reform has been imposed paternalistically by white reformers on black communities, and so has only limited support. Yet in a vote on December 6th a new tax for school maintenance was easily approved by the citys voters. They, and their children, seem to like what they are getting.某些观点上,城里过度劳累的老师们可能开始抗议。一些批评家认为改革是白人改革者家长式作风,强加于黑人社区,而且持效果有限。然而在11月6日的城市投票中,针对学校维修的新税法投票中被轻易审核批准。他们以及他们的子女看来是喜欢正享受的东西。By:彭威 译文属译生译世 /201412/349264


  Europe The EU and the Balkans欧洲 欧盟与巴尔干Asylum system abuse庇护系统的滥用Will the EU reimpose visas for travellers from Balkan countries?欧盟是否会重新限制来自巴尔干的旅行者签?“Fake asylum seekers”, warns a poster in Belgrade airport, “risk everything.” It is three years since Serbs, Macedonians and Montenegrins got the freedom to travel without a visa to Europe’s 26-member Schengen zone. Bosnians and Albanians received it a year later. They see it as the single most valued prize in the European integration process.贝尔格莱德机场的一张海报这么警示道:“假冒的庇护寻觅者会不择手段。”三年前,塞尔维亚、马其顿共和国和黑山共和国的公民获得了到欧洲26个申根国家地区可以免签的待遇。一年之后,波斯尼亚和阿尔巴尼亚也紧接着获得了这个权利。他们视其为欧洲一体化进程中举足轻重的嘉奖。The five Balkan countries may not be allowed to keep it. The reason is surging numbers of asylum seekers, especially from Serbia and Macedonia. In , before visas were lifted for them, 9,860 of their citizens applied for asylum in the European Union (EU). In 2012, with incomplete data to October, the figure stood at 33,530. Serbian citizens in Germanymade 10,412 applications and Macedonians 6,012. Serbs topped the list of asylum seekers there, well ahead of Afghans and Syrians.这五个巴尔干国家也许会被剥夺这项权利。其原因是庇护寻觅者人数扶摇直上,尤其是来自塞尔维亚和马其顿共和国的。在年,当时签还未对该二国解禁 ,有9860名公民申请了欧盟的庇护。在2012年,截止到十月的不完全统计,这个数字已经攀升到33,530。德国的塞尔维亚公民提出了10,412份申请,马其顿人则达到6,012。榜单上塞尔维亚鹤立鸡群,远远地甩开了阿富汗和叙利亚。“The increasing abuse of the asylum system is not acceptable,” said Hans-Peter Friedrich, the German interior minister in October. “The huge inflow of Serbian and Macedonian citizens must be stopped immediately.” In October six EU interior ministers demanded faster action to allow the suspension of visa-free travel.“对庇护系统的滥用日趋泛滥,这是不可容忍的。”德国的内政大臣汉斯—皮特·弗雷德里奇在十月说道,“ 必须立即制止大批塞尔维亚和马其顿共和国公民涌入我国 。”当月,六名欧盟内政大臣要求迅速采取措施停止免签旅行。What the figures do not show is that officials estimate that 95% of the asylum seekers are poor Roma. Life maybe tough back home, but there is no overt persecution. In Serbia and Macedonia, Roma are better integrated into society than in most other countries. These asylum applicants know they won’t get it. From to 2011 of 19,650 Serbian applicants in Germany, Sweden and Luxembourg only 15 were allowed to stay. But they are trying their luck thanks to “the wide availability of information about benefits for asylum seekers”, says a new report by the European Stability Initiative (ESI), a think-tank.数据并未显示出的是,据官方估计,95%的寻求庇护者都是贫穷的罗姆人(即吉普赛人)。在家乡的生活也许艰苦,但那里没有公开的迫害。相比于大多数其他国家,他们在塞尔维亚和马其顿能够更好地融入社会。这些庇护的申请者深知他们难以得到庇护。从年到2011年,德国、瑞典、卢森堡的19,650位塞尔维亚申请者中只有15位获准留下。但由于“庇护寻觅者得到各种好处的信息广为传播”,他们仍在试运气。这是由名为欧洲稳定机构的智囊团最近的一份报告提出的。During the months of waiting while authorities decide whether a claim is bogus or genuine the state provides applicants with money, accommodation, health care, schooling and so on. Given that in Macedonia the average monthly wage is 330 euros (6) it clearly makes economic sense to head north for a few months.在等待当局判断避难申请属实与否的几个月里,该国为申请者提供金钱、住宿、医保、教育等等。考虑到马其顿的平均月薪是330欧元(436美元),经济上看来北上数月是合情合理的。Visas could be reimposed for Serbs and Macedonians this year. If this happens, says a Serbian official who asked not to be named, this would be seen as “rejection and punishment” and harm aly falling support for joining the EU. Even worse, it may incite reprisals against Roma.今年内可能会对塞尔维亚人和马其顿人重新提出签的要求。如果这一切发生的话,据一名要求匿名的塞尔维亚官员说,会被视为“拒绝与惩治”,对加入欧盟日渐式微的持也会被进一步挫伤。更糟糕的是,这可能煽动对罗姆人的报复性行为。Tanja Fajon, a Slovene member of the European Parliament, believes some EU politicians are using the controversy to score political points, especially in Germany, which has elections this year. Carl Bildt,Sweden’s foreign minister, says that the visa-free regime needs to be protected but that action should be taken at “both ends of the problem”.一位欧洲议会的斯洛文尼亚成员汤加·法琼认为一些欧盟政治家正利用争议性行为为自己的政绩增光添,尤其是在年内将迎来大选的德国。瑞典的外务大臣卡尔·比尔迪特表示免签政策需要得到保护,但应当在“问题的两端”采取行动。Although Macedonia has now begun stopping some people leaving if they don’t have a certain amount of money per day for a trip, such tactics teeter on the racist and the illegal. The obvious answer, argues Gerald Knaus, the head of ESI, is that Germany and other countries should speed up decisions on asylum applications from safe Balkan countries. After the Swiss did this the numbers applying tumbled. But when in July 2012 the German Constitutional Court ordered a threefold increase of benefits for asylum-seeking families, numbers surged.尽管马其顿已经开始阻止一些日均旅费没有达到一定数额的人离境,但该政策摇摆于种族歧视与违反法律之间。欧洲稳定机构的首席杰拉德·克劳斯主张道,最明显的就是德国和其他国家加快对来自安全的巴尔干国家的庇护申请的审批。在瑞士这么做之后申请人数锐减。但在2012年7月当德国立宪法院要求将庇护寻求家庭的利益增加三倍之后,人数又猛然上升。翻译:袁航译文属译生译世201609/467720。



  On Tuesday, during his historic address in Havana, President Obama urged Cuba to expand Internet access across the country, stating that the Internet is “one of the greatest engines of growth in human history.” 周二在哈瓦那历史性的讲话中,奥巴马总统敦促古巴扩大全国各地的互联网接入,称互联网是“人类历史经济增长的最大引擎”。President Obama went on to say, “If you can’t access information online, if you cannot be exposed to different points of view, you will not reach your full potential and over time the youth will lose hope.” 奥巴马总统接着表示:“如果你不能在网上获取信息,如果你不能接触到不同的观点,你将不能充分发挥你的潜力,同时,年轻人将失去希望。”According to the World Bank, only 30 percent of Cubans have internet access at all, and the access they do have often remains strictly censored. 据世界的统计,只有百分之30的古巴人接入因特网,他们的访问经常会被严格审查。Upon landing in Cuba, the President told A News that Google is working to expand internet access to the island nation.登陆古巴后,总统告诉美国广播公司,谷歌正在努力扩大互联网接入这个岛国。译文属。201603/433002

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