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It takes a few changes of clothes to climbMalaysian Borneo’s Mount Kinabalu. At its peak, stone slabs offer no shelter,and its 4,095m-high altitude brings more cold than you might expect in theheart of the tropics. Further down the mountain, a thick tree canopy providesshelter, but it is a cool, misty forest that drips. And at the base is theslightly too-warm embrace of tropical rainforest.要爬到马来西亚婆罗洲的基纳巴鲁山顶需要换几次衣。在山顶,石板并没有为人们提供任何遮蔽,4095米的海拔让温度比你想象中热带地区的温度低得多。往山下走,茂密的树冠为人们遮阴,但这是一片阴凉潮湿的树林,水珠会从树上滴落下来。到了山脚下,就变成了那种有点太热的热带雨林。Seemingly unfazed by the sticky humidity,market vendors in the city of Kota Kinabalu, from where most journeys up and downMount Kinabalu start, sell a variety of local foods to hikers returning fromthe summit. Amid the sizzle and clatter of food stalls and the enticing aromasof buttered prawns and barbecued fish, pouches of sticky rice in dull, mottledwrappers aren’t the type of snack that catches attention.来自亚庇市的小贩们似乎并没有被湿热的气候影响,他们在基纳巴鲁山脚下摆摊贩卖各种当地小吃,不管上山还是下山的游客都会光顾。烹炸食物的嗤啦声和餐具撞击声交织在一起,奶油大虾和烤鱼发出诱人的香味。在堆积如山的食物中间有一种不起眼的小吃,是把糯米包在一种有深色斑点的小罐子状的叶子中。But this modest bite is something quiteextraordinary. Made from coconut-scented sticky rice wrapped in the traps of acarnivorous plant, the snack can be found in several countries in SoutheastAsia. But in Malaysian Borneo, that consumption of nasi pelut (whiterice) in periuk kera (pitcher plant), also known as lemangperiuk kera, is thriving.但这种朴素的小吃实际上很特别。它是把椰汁糯米饭装入一种食肉植物的叶子制成的,在东南亚很多国家都能见到。但是在马来西亚婆罗洲,这种把nasi pelut(白米)包进periuk kera(猪笼草)的叫lemang periuk kera的小吃十分流行。Amid the offerings at the Kota Kinabalumarket, lemang periuk kera isn’t the type of snack that catches attention(Credit: Will Steeley/Alamy)在亚庇市的市场上,lemang periuk kera是一种不引人注目的小吃(版权:Will Steeley/Alamy )Mount Kinabalu is one of the richestbiodiversity hotspots in the world. It is packed with life in varied forms,including some animals and plants that don’t live in the wild anywhere elsesuch as several species of carnivorous pitcher plant. These plants use avariety of techniques ? such as nectar, smells and colours ? to lure insects, and their traps deploy sheer drops, smoothsurfaces that cannot be scaled or blockades of bristles to prevent their preyfrom escaping.基纳巴鲁山是地球上物种最丰富的热点地区之一。在这里有一些在世界其他地方不存在的动物和植物,尤其是一些种类的猪笼草。这种植物用不同的方法——包括花蜜、味道和颜色——来引诱虫子,它的捕食笼壁非常陡且光滑,让有鳞片或刚毛的昆虫也无法逃脱。Pitcher plants often appear on touristinformation leaflets as a symbol of Mount Kinabalu’s biodiversity, but inmarkets in Kota Kinabalu and across Malaysian Borneo, they are part of the richculinary culture of Malaysia’s indigenous tribes.猪笼草经常被印在旅游宣传单上以宣传基纳巴鲁山的生物多样性,但是在亚庇市和整个马来西亚婆罗洲,猪笼草是马来西亚土著部落饮食文化的一部分。Dr Rachel Schwallier, lecturer at GrandValley State University Department of Biology in Michigan, was in Borneo in2012-2013 conducting research on the evolution and diversity of pitcher plants.On hearing about the use of pitcher plants in local cuisine, she expanded herwork and returned to look at the culture and heritage of edible pitcher plants.瑞秋·施瓦利尔士,密歇根大峡谷州立大学生物系的讲师,曾经在2012-2013年在婆罗洲研究猪笼草的进化和种类。当听说当地对猪笼草的烹饪方法时,她扩大了研究范围,并回过头去研究食用猪笼草的文化和传统。Mount Kinabalu is one of the world’srichest biodiversity hotspots (Credit: Nora Carol Photography/Getty Images)基纳巴鲁山是世界上物种最丰富的热点之一(版权: Nora Carol Photography/GettyImages )Lemang periuk kera is recognised as aMalaysian heritage food that differs from other methods of cooking sticky ricebecause of the way the pitcher plant is used. To make the snack, pitchers arecleaned and filled with rice, packed upright into a steamer, covered withcoconut milk and then steamed for an hour. Cooked in this way, the naturallyglutinous texture of local sticky rice is transformed into tidycoconut-flavoured packages.Lemang periuk kera是一种马来西亚传统食物,由于使用了猪笼草,使得它的做法跟其他烹调糯米的方法区别开来。具体做法是:将猪笼草清洗后装入糯米,直立在笼屉上,倒入椰汁,蒸一个小时。用这种方法可以将当地富有粘性的糯米自然地转变成椰子味的米包子。One person interviewed by Schwallierdescribed eating it on a highland trek in Borneo. In the case of this meal, thelandscape provided cooking vessels as well as fuel for the fire: their tribalguides collected pitchers, coated them in mud and placed them on the coals of afire to cook the rice.一位施瓦利尔的采访者描述了在婆罗洲高地旅行中吃这种食物的经历。在这个例子中,自然环境为人们提供了烹饪容器和燃料:他们的土著部落向导摘了些猪笼草,放入大米后把它们包在泥巴里放在炭火上烤。“I was lucky enough to cook the snack alongwith a tribal family in Borneo, too, and it seems that the rich flavour reallycomes from the coconut milk that the rice is steeped in, making it sweet andfull of flavour,” Schwallier said.“很幸运,我在婆罗洲跟一个土著部落家庭一起做了这种食物,丰富的香气似乎来自于浸泡糯米的椰汁,米饭变得又甜又香,”施瓦利尔说。(译者忍不住吐槽:马来西亚的米粗糙而且没有味道,就算用椰汁煮出来的椰浆饭也无法在味道和口感上跟普通中国米饭相比,更不用说我国还有顶级的东北大米,深深为这群没吃过上等米饭的外国人感到悲哀……)The pitcher plant’s unique shape is perfectfor holding rice (Credit: Barcroft/Getty Images)猪笼草的形状让它成为盛放米饭的绝妙容器(版权:Barcroft/GettyImages )At market stalls in Kota Kinabalu andthroughout Borneo, vendors customise their own versions: a bit of pandan leafadds fragrance, while peanut or fermented shrimp paste creates depth.在亚庇市和整个婆罗洲的市场上,食品摊主们有自己的烹调技巧:放一点班丹叶来增加香味,放花生和虾酱让味道更加醇厚。(译者又来吐槽啦:这不就变成臭烘烘齁咸的椰浆饭了么……)The flask-shaped pitcher plant (named forits unique shape that allows it to consume falling leaves) is ideal for holdingrice, though the common swamp pitcher plant also does the trick. One way totell one from the other is that lemang periuk keramade with the commonswamp pitcher plant can be eaten whole because the plant makes more pliable andchewable pitchers. The flask-shaped plant has pitchers that are much more likecardboard ? harder to chew but easy to peel off therice.这种瓶子形状的猪笼草(名字来源于它用来捕食落入陷阱的小虫的捕虫笼的形状)非常适合盛放米饭,虽然其他普通的沼泽猪笼草也可以用来装大米。一个把这种猪笼草和其他普通沼泽猪笼草区别开的方法是这种猪笼草的捕虫笼更加柔软,可以被嚼碎,这样它可以跟米饭一起被吃掉。这种瓶子形状的捕虫笼更像纸壳——很难咀嚼,但可以轻松剥掉稻壳。Sometimes, use of plants – such as theedible Curcuma candida, a flower native to Myanmar and Thailand – incooking is restricted in order to conserve them. But pitcher plants aren’t atrisk of extinction. Only the right pitcher is picked from a plant: it must besmall (but not too small), not too old or brittle. The rest of the plant isleft growing in the forest, continuing to produce more pitchers.有时候,使用植物——例如可食用的Curcuma candida——一种缅甸和泰国当地的花朵来做饭是被明令禁止的,因为涉及到保护濒危植物。但是猪笼草不是保护植物。只有合适的猪笼草才会被采摘:尺寸必须小(但也不能太小),不能太老也不能太脆。其他猪笼草就被留下,在森林中继续生长,繁殖出更多的猪笼草。Lemang periuk kera (white rice in pitcherplants) is a popular snack in Malaysian Borneo (Credit: Jonathan Lin/Flickr)Lemang periuk kera(猪笼草盛白米)是马来西亚婆罗洲一种十分流行的小吃(版权:Jonathan Lin/Flickr)In describing being taken into theforest by a family who were harvesting pitchers near the village ofKampung Duyoh in southwestern Borneo, Schwallier said: “I literally could not takea single step without crunching the pitchers below my feet – that is how wellthey carpeted the forest floor.”施瓦利尔在描述她跟着婆罗洲西南石隆门附近一个村庄的家庭去森林里采摘猪笼草时说:“实际上我在森林里每走出一步都会踩到猪笼草——可见它们在森林里多么普遍地存在。”Schwallier believes there is conservationvalue in the consumption of pitcher plants. “Preservation of traditional foodenhances the link that people have with their natural environment andsustainable forest practices,” she said. “Maintaining [this] connection…strengthens the value placed on local forests, which strengthens the likelihoodthat communities will call for preservation of their forest when it isthreatened by drivers of deforestation.”施瓦利尔相信这种用猪笼草烹煮食物的传统十分具有保护价值。“保留传统食品可以加强人们同自然环境和持续利用森林的联系,”她说。“维护(这种)联系……增加了当地森林的价值,当砍伐者对森林产生威胁时,本地的居民更可能站出来保护森林。”In line with conservation approaches thatseek to maintain traditional plant uses, visitors to Malaysian Borneo can enjoythe taste of a food that tells a tale of people living in some of the richestforest in the world. And for hikers descending on market stalls in KotaKinabalu, a bite of unassuming lemang periuk kera is a tasty reminder of theirtrek through the forest and the exotic plants that live in it.得益于对利用植物烹饪米饭的传统的保护,来到马来西亚婆罗洲的游客们可以吃到这种特殊的食物,它的味道代表着人们在这个世界上森林最繁茂的地区之一的生活。在亚庇市小吃市场上穿梭的驴友们会记住lemang periuk kera的味道,这种朴素的食物会让他们想起他们的旅程,以及森林里生长的奇异的异乡植物。Pitcher plants use smells, colours andnectar to lure their prey (Credit: Goran ?afarek/Alamy)猪笼草用味道、颜色和花蜜引诱猎物(版权:Goran ?afarek/Alamy) /201705/508432海宁市中医院做韩式隆鼻手术多少钱嘉兴保妥适除皱The Kangaroo Island Natural Resources Management (NRM) Board is proposing to eradicate feral cats on the island by 2030.袋鼠岛自然资源管理委员会计划在2030年前将岛上所有的野猫消灭殆尽。It has unveiled a three-stage project to be rolled out over the next 15 years.他们打算在接下来十五年内,通过一个“三步走计划”去实现这个目标。It is expected the project will cost about million and a community survey will be run next month to establish the level of community support for the proposal.该计划预计将耗资约200万美元,下月将进行社区调查,来确认民众对这项提议是否持。The first stage will seek funding to trial effective cat control techniques, with the second and third stages focusing on eradicating feral cats from the Dudley Peninsula and the rest of the island.第一阶段是筹集资金进行试验,研制出行之有效的对猫节育技术,第二阶段和第三阶段重点根除达德利半岛和岛上其余地方的野猫。Richard Trethewey from the Kangaroo Island NRM Board said feral cats threatened more than 50 native species, including the island#39;s dunnart.袋鼠岛自然资源管理委员会委员理查德·特雷斯韦表示,野猫的存在威胁到了超过50多种本地生物的生存,其中还包括袋鼩。;This is of total benefit to the island#39;s very significantly threatened species and the wildlife of Kangaroo Island are part of our international tourist recognition but they#39;re also very much part of our way of life,; he said.特雷斯韦说道;“这是为了岛上受到威胁的绝大多数物种的总体利益着想,这不仅仅是因为袋鼠岛的野生动物深受外国游客的喜爱,更因为它们是我们生活中至关重要的一部分。”;That freedom from feral cats underpins our brand. Our southern brown bandicoot which is pretty unique to Kangaroo Island, we just recently had echidnas and our Rosenberg goannas listed as threatened species, so there#39;s a small mix of small mammals in that and a very good reason why feral cats need to be eradicated.;“摆脱野猫之患,才能更好地稳固我们的品牌。我们的南方棕色袋鼠几乎是袋鼠岛独有的物种,我们还有最近才被列为濒危物种的针鼹以及罗森伯格沙巨蜥。这个岛上有很多小型哺乳动物栖居于此,这就是我们要把野猫根除掉的重要原因。” /201610/471996嘉兴曙光隆胸排名

浙江嘉兴曙光医院开双眼皮多少钱嘉兴哪里纹眉纹的好How to boost a flagging sex drive has been the subject of endless discussions and countless column inches, with the prevailing wisdom being that everyone wants to give their libido a lift.如何提高萎靡不振的性欲一直以来都是无数讨论和无数专题文章的主题,普遍的观点是每个人都想提高一下自己的性欲。But now there#39;s been a backlash from women who insist that there#39;s nothing wrong with not wanting to have sex - and that it#39;s possible to enjoy a perfectly happy relationship without it.但是现在女人们似乎在强烈反对这一观点,她们坚称不想有性行为并没有错--而在无性的情况下,也可以享受和伴侣完美的关系。The debate was ignited on Mumsnet after one poster revealed how she disagrees with the assumption that everyone wants sex, and she was by no means the only one.这场争论始于Mumsnet(英国育儿交流社区)上一篇帖子,一名女子在发文表示,她不同意“所有人都想要有性生活”这一假设,并表示她绝不是唯一这么想的人。Even those who have previously enjoyed an active and even satisfying sex life agreed that they were perfectly happy never to be intimate with a partner again.即使对那些之前在性生活中非常主动、甚至非常满足的人来说,他们也很高兴不用再与伴侣亲密了。Others admitted that now they#39;ve had children they feel relieved that there#39;s no need to have sex ever again.而其他人则承认,有了孩子之后就放心了--因为再也没有必要做爱了。One woman said that she#39;s very attracted to her partner and they have an #39;intimate#39; relationship that doesn#39;t involve sex.一名女性表示,她的伴侣非常迷恋自己,他们有过“亲密”接触,但是却没有涉及性。She and others pointed out that believing everyone should want sex is akin to thinking everyone must like cake or cats, and there#39;s something wrong with anyone who doesn#39;t.这名女子和其他一些人指出,认为所有人都想做爱就好像认为所有人都必须喜欢蛋糕或者猫咪、而如果有人不这样那他就一定有问题一样。However, some posters insisted that those who have lost interest in sex are with the wrong partners or have never experienced it at its best.但是,一些发帖者坚持认为,那些失去了做爱兴趣的人,要么是没有遇到对的人,要么就是从未体验过最棒的性生活。 /201703/498314Women with high vitamin D levels in their blood following a breast cancer diagnosis are more likely to survive the disease, a new study said last Thursday.据上周四公布的一项最新研究显示,患乳腺癌的女性如果血液中维生素D的含量较高,那么她的存活率将会更大。While the mechanisms for how vitamin D influences breast cancer outcomes are not well understood, researchers believed it may be related to its role in promoting normal mammary-cell development, and inhibiting the reproduction of and promoting the death of cancer cells.尽管维生素D如何影响乳腺癌的机制还没有被很好地理解,但是研究人员认为这也许和维生素D在促进正常乳腺细胞发育、抑制癌细胞产生,以及促进癌细胞死亡过程中的作用有关。The current study, published by the US journal JAMA Oncology, included 1,666 women who were diagnosed with breast cancer between 2006 and 2013.目前这份研究被刊载在美国杂志《JAMA肿瘤学》上,研究的对象包括在2006年到2013年之间确诊患有乳腺癌的1666名女性。These participants provided blood samples within two months of diagnosis and answered questions about diet, lifestyle and other risk factors, with follow-ups at six months and at two, four, six and eight years.这些参与者提供了确诊患病后2个月内的血液样本,并且回答了有关饮食、生活习惯、以及其他风险因素等问题,后续访问的时间分别是6个月、2年、4年、6年、8年之后。Vitamin D is a nutrient best known for its role in maintaining healthy bones, and vitamin D deficiency has been associated with the risk for several cancers.维生素D是一种营养物质,最为人所知的作用就是保持骨骼的健康,而缺乏维生素D已经被实会加大患有某些癌症的风险。Common sources of vitamin D include sun exposure, fatty fish oils, vitamin supplements, and fortified milks and cereals.维生素D的常见来源包括晒太阳、鱼油、维生素药物以及强化牛奶和谷物。;We found that women with the highest levels of vitamin D levels had about a 30 percent better likelihood of survival than women with the lowest levels of vitamin D,;senior author Lawrence Kushi at the Kaiser Permanent Northern California Division of Research, said in a statement.“凯撒永久”财团北加州研究分机构的资深作家劳伦斯·库什在一份声明中说道:“我们发现,相比于那些体内维生素D含量最低的女性来说,体内维生素含量最高的女性的存活率要高30%。”Although the study did not examine the effects of vitamin D intake from foods versus supplements, Kushi noted that it supports the recommended daily levels of vitamin D -- 600 international units for those one to 70 years old and pregnant or breastfeeding women, and 800 international units for those over 71 years old.虽然这份研究没有对从食物和维生素药物中摄取维生素D这两种方式的影响进行比较,但是库什指出了研究持的维生素每日推荐摄取水平--不到70岁的女性、妇、以及哺乳期的女性每日600国际单位;71岁以上的女性每日摄取800国际单位的维生素D。;The more we know about vitamin D, the more we understand that it may play a key role in cancer prevention and prognosis,; Kushi said. ;This study adds to the evidence that vitamin D is an important nutrient.;库什说道:“我们对维生素D了解得越多,我们就越能理解维生素D也许在癌症预防和治疗中起着十分关键的作用。这份研究进一步明了维生素D是一种非常重要的营养物质。” /201611/479585嘉兴曙光去黑头多少钱More than 30 percent of university students were pressured by their families to attend blind date or matchmaking when they returned home during the recent winter holiday, a survey has found, according to a report by China Youth Daily.据《中国青年报》报道,一项调查发现,超过30%大学生在这个寒假被家人逼迫参加相亲。Out of the 927 students polled by China University Media Union across the country, 27 percent of them said their families had urged them to consider a blind date or matchmaking as they were worried about their single status.中国高校传媒联盟对来自全国共计927名大学生进行了调查,其中27%的受访者表示,由于家人对自己的单身状况感到担忧,曾敦促自己参加相亲。While 6 percent said their families had planned blind date or matchmaking for them.而6%的人则表示,他们的家人为自己安排了相亲。Matchmaking is a traditional way for single Chinese men and women in their 20s and 30s to meet.在中国,相亲是2、30岁年轻异性交友的一种传统方式。It has become especially popular amid the rising number of so-called ;leftover; people — well-educated, highly paid young professionals who find it increasingly hard to find a mate.尤其是在当下“剩男/剩女”越来越多的情况下,相亲尤其受欢迎。剩男/剩女们一般都受过良好的教育,工资很高、很年轻,但是却觉得越来越难以找到一个合适的伴侣。Zhao Ming, a senior at a university in Tianjin, said his parents had arranged three potential partners to meet him during the holiday. He added that this was a good way to find or meet his Mrs Right because his family knows him and would find ;proper; girls.天津某高校大四学生赵明表示,寒假期间他父母为其安排了三场相亲。他还表示,相亲是一种找到自己真命天女的很好的方法,因为他的家人很了解他,会给他找到“合适”的女孩。However, not everyone shares Zhao#39;s view. The survey shows that 28 percent of the students said they reject the idea of matchmaking or blind date.但是,并不是每个人都赞成赵明的观点。据这项调查显示,28%的受访大学生称他们拒绝相亲。Wang Lin, a student at a university in Beijing, said she believes matchmaking would make her feel no ;passion for love; at all. She said she would rather find her true love in a way she likes and not by the standards of her parents.北京某高校学生王玲称,她认为相亲让自己完全感受不到“爱情”。她表示,她想要用自己喜欢的方式找到真爱,而不是按照父母的标准。The reason why some students do not like matchmaking and blind date is that they hope two persons should start as friends and get to know each other before they commit to a relationship, said Zhou Jun, a psychology teacher with China Youth University of Political Studies.中国青年政治学院心理学老师周君表示,之所以有些学生不喜欢相亲,原因是因为他们认为两个人应该首先从朋友做起,在确定关系之前要先互相了解。 /201703/495043嘉兴整形公立医院绣眉手术多少钱

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