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11 years later, Jobs was still bitter.11年以后 这件事依然让史蒂夫非常怨愤What can I say? I hired the wrong guy.我还能说什么呢?我看走了眼-That was Sculley? -Yeah,-你是指Sculley? -是的and, er, he destroyed everything Id spent ten years working for.他毁了我十年来所有的心血Erm, starting with me, but that wasnt the saddest part.辞退我也就算了 这还不是最主要的问题Id have gladly left Apple if Apple had turned out like I wanted it to.如果苹果最终能变成我期望的那样 那我是愿意离开公司的Sacking Jobs seemed natural to the man schooled in selling sugar water.对于卖惯了糖水的人来说 解雇乔布斯是件无可厚非的事In hindsight, that was a terrible decision. I was part of it.事后看来 那是个糟糕的决定 而我也促成了这个决定Coming from my vantage point, out of corporate America,我来自一个典型的大企业 在我看来people were asked to step down all the time when there were disagreements当公司里出现分歧时 有人被要求离职是再正常不过的事情了so I didnt appreciate what it meant to be a founder of a business,所以 我没能去理解 他作为公司的创始人和规划者the visionary of the business.会有什么样的感受I was focused on how do we sell Apple computers,我关注的重点 是我们该怎么去销售苹果的电脑he was focused on how do we change the world?而他在乎的 是怎么去改变世界Jobs severed all ties with Apple, except one.乔布斯断绝了与苹果的所有联系He kept a single share in the company he had founded,但他还是保留了一份股权selling off the rest for more than 0 million.并以超过一亿美元的价格 卖掉了其余所有的股权He hated the company. He couldnt see that it would succeed without him.他对苹果恨之入骨 他不觉得这个公司没了他还能取得成功He didnt want it to succeed without him.他也不想让公司在没有他的情况下成功Over the next 11 years, Jobs didnt relent.在以后的11年中 乔布斯并没有失去斗志Once again centre stage, he set up a new company called Next, building high spec computers.他成立了一家名叫Next的公司 生产高规格计算机With cases made of magnesium and a price to match, they didnt sell well.Next计算机制作精良 有镁制外壳 因而也价格不菲 未能打入市场Though one important computer scientist was impressed.尽管如此 还是有一位重要的计算机科学家对它表示了欣赏Steve Jobs had arranged that,史蒂夫·乔布斯设计了一个小功能whenever you get a Next machine,你买了一台Next电脑后there would be a message from him.就会收到来自他的一条信息One of the things I remember he said was that its not just about personal computing, which was the rage,令我记忆犹新是 他说 当时风行一时的个人电脑并不是科技的走向he said this should be about interpersonal computing.电脑应该成为人与人之间交流的工具And I thought, yeah, thats... Yeah, hes got it.我想 是啊 的确是这样 他真是一语中的 /201308/251732嘉兴市曙光医院整形美容为纽约大都会物馆馆长,Thomas P. Campbell深刻体会到艺术展览不仅仅是对艺术作品的筛选和罗列,而是通过布设让公众能够领悟其中的故事。利用辉煌的视觉图像,包括中世纪挂毯画,以及亚历山大·麦奎因大量时装艺术品,他向我们展示他的策展哲学是如何起到作用。.(来自TED2012“设计”分会场,由Chee Pearlman和David Rockwell策划。)201406/302750嘉兴腋臭微创手术在面对威胁时如何以不使用武力的方式回击?在这个充满智慧的演讲中,和平活动家Scilla Elworthy解释了我们需要的技巧——国家和个人都需要这些技巧——来不以武力的方式对抗极端暴力。为了解答为什么非暴力有效以及如何有效的问题,她引用了历史上的名人——昂山素季,穆罕穆德·甘地,尼尔逊·曼德拉——以及撑和平抗争的个人哲学。201402/275608嘉兴手臂抽脂哪家医院好

嘉兴植发多少钱嘉善县激光去痘印多少钱嘉兴曙光中西医医院激光祛斑手术多少钱Like all the objects Ive chosen this week, these creatures speak of the consequences of climate change and human responses to it. They have a story to tell about their owner that stretches far beyond Grave A23.就像本周我选择的其他物品一样,这些陶牛也描述了气候变化和对人类生活产生的相关影响。它们拥有自己的故事,远远超越了这处命名为墓A23的墓葬地。All of the things found in this grave were intended to be useful in another world and, in a way never imagined by the people who placed them there, they are. But theyre useful for us, not for the dead. Because they allow us unique insights into remote societies, their way of death casting light on their way of life, and perhaps even more important, they give us some idea not just of what people did but of what they thought and believed. 这座坟墓中出土的一切物品,当初为了以供墓主来生使用;如今它们的有用之处,却是当年人们放置物品时绝对想象不到的。因为它们是对我们这些活着的人有用,而不是那些死去的前人。因为它们为我们了解那遥远的人类早期社会提供了独特的见解,他们的死亡方式恰恰折射出他们当初的生活方式。也许更重要的是,这些随葬品让我们了解到的,不止是当时人们做了什么,还有他们在想什么,相信什么。Most of what we know about early Egypt, thats Egypt before the pharaohs and the hieroglyphs, is based on burial objects that archaeologists have discovered, objects like these little cows. They come from a time when Egypt was populated only by small farming communities living along the Nile Valley. 早期古埃及是指埃及法老与象形文字出现之前的年代,通常现在我们对那段时期的了解,大部分都来自于这些类似这些小陶牛的考古发掘成果。它们所处的那个年代,古埃及人类们还只是形成规模不大的农耕小村落,零星地散布在尼河罗谷上。Compared to the spectacular gold and tomb ornaments of later Egypt, these little clay cows are a modest thing. Funerals at that point were simpler; they didnt involve embalming or mummifying; that kind of practice wouldnt come for another thousand years. Instead we find a simpler way of burying people.与古埃及晚期壮丽辉煌的黄金与墓饰相比,这些小小的陶牛真是登不上大雅之堂。然而在这个时期,墓葬礼仪通常相对简单,没有涉及到防腐处理或者木乃伊化,这两种习俗还要晚一千年才出现。相对的,根据我们所发现的,当时采用了一种更简单的方式来埋葬死者。201404/288710嘉兴玻尿酸多少钱

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