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新宾满族自治县中医院电话号码是多少抚顺望花妇幼保健院看男科医院#39;There may be sort of a general classification that people who are susceptible to motion sickness have,#39; Dr. Stoffregen said. #39;Maybe they just move differently in general.#39;施托夫雷根指出:“易患晕动病的人或许可被大致归为某种类型,那就是他们身体的移动可能通常都和别人不一样。”Max Levine, an associate professor of psychology at Siena College, studies behavioral and alternative motion-sickness treatments. In a recent experiment on about 50 individuals, half received capsules with ginger root and the remainder got a placebo. Then the individuals were seated in a chamber and exposed to a rotating device called an optokinetic drum that induces motion sickness.锡耶纳学院心理学助理教授麦克斯#8226;莱文(Max Levine)研究了针对晕动病的行为疗法和替代疗法。在最近一个大约包含50名受试者的实验中,他安排了一半的人用生姜胶囊,其余的人则用安慰剂。这些人随后被安排坐在一个房间内,接触一种名为视动性眼震仪的旋转装置,此装置可引发晕动病。#39;The folks who got ginger beforehand ended up doing much better both in terms of the symptoms they developed and in terms of the physiological reaction that they had in the stomach,#39; he said.莱文称:“就他们出现的症状及胃部产生的生理反应来说,事先过生姜胶囊的人的表现要好得多。”Recent behavioral experiments have found that cool compresses or gel packs placed on the forehead are somewhat effective at controlling physiological changes, such as abnormal rhythmic stomach activity that generally accompanies nausea, but didn#39;t significantly reduce nausea. Listening to one#39;s favorite music as a distraction showed improvements in symptoms including nausea, as well as in physiological changes, Dr. Levine said. Now, Dr. Levine is studying how deep breathing and relaxation may aid in motion sickness.近期的行为实验发现,敷在前额上的冷敷膜和冷敷凝胶袋对控制某些生理反应有一些效果,比如通常还伴有恶心症状的胃部间歇性异常反应,但它们并不能大幅减轻恶心症状。莱文说,听自己最喜欢的音乐来分散注意力可改善恶心症状以及引发其他生理变化。目前他正在研究深呼吸和放松对治疗晕动病有何帮助。Doctors say a common misperception is that traveling on an empty stomach helps. Wrong. It#39;s better to eat a light meal beforehand, especially one high in protein.医生指出,一个常见的误解是空腹旅行有助于缓解晕动病。这其实是错误的。最好是事先吃些清淡的食品,尤其是蛋白质含量高的食品。In a 2004 study in Alimentary Pharmacology amp; Therapeutics, 18 individuals completed three trials. In one, they had a protein drink before exposure to a device that induces motion sickness. In a second trial, they had a carbohydrate drink, and the third time they had nothing. They fared best after the protein drink. Protein #39;really tends to get the stomach into that slow normal rhythmic activity more so than fats and carbohydrates,#39; Dr. Levine said.在一项发表于《食物药理学与治疗学》(Alimentary Pharmacology amp; Therapeutics)杂志的2004年的研究中,18名受试者完成了三个实验。在第一个实验中,他们在接触可引发晕动病的装置之前先饮用了蛋白质饮料;在第二个实验中他们饮用的是碳水化合物饮料;而在第三个实验中则什么都没喝。实验表明,他们在喝过蛋白质饮料后的感觉最好。莱文说,蛋白质确实会比脂肪和碳水化合物更能让胃部产生缓慢的间歇性正常活动。Children over age 2 seem more prone to motion sickness than adults. Some experts think children#39;s extra-sharp senses may make them aware of even a slight mismatch. Adults in their golden years seem to experience motion sickness less often─perhaps because of habituation.两岁以上的儿童似乎比成年人更易患晕动病。有些专家认为,这或许是因为儿童的感觉格外敏锐,能感觉到哪怕是不起眼的不一致现象。处于黄金年龄段的成年人发生晕动病的情况则更少见一些,这大概是因为他们已经习惯了。Women have a greater tendency than men to get motion sickness. Some experts believe this is because women also are more prone to getting migraines, and migraine sufferers have a higher rate of motion sickness. Or women may simply report motion sickness symptoms more often.女性比男性更容易患晕动病。有些专家认为这是因为女性也更容易得偏头痛,而偏头痛患者患晕动病的几率也更高;但或者这也只是因为女性比男性更经常报告自己的晕动病症状。Doctors say prescription drugs and over-the-counter options like Dramamine are the best treatment option, though some can cause side effects. Such drugs work by suppressing the central nervous system#39;s response to nausea-producing stimuli. They reduce symptoms for many people but aren#39;t universally effective.医生认为,处方药和茶苯海明等非处方药是治疗晕动病的最佳药物,尽管有些药品会引发一些副作用。此类药品通过抑制中枢神经系统对造成恶心的刺激物的反应而发挥作用。它们可以减轻许多人的症状,但并不是对所有人都有效果。Some travelers rely on homeopathic remedies such as ginger or acupressure wrist bands. Sujana Chandrasekhar, director of New York Otology in New York City, said they aren#39;t universally effective, but are #39;worth trying.#39;有些旅行者则借助生姜和指压防晕腕带等顺势疗法来治疗晕动病。纽约市纽约耳科医院(New York Otology)的主任苏查娜#8226;钱德拉塞克哈(Sujana Chandrasekhar)说,这些疗法并非普遍适用,但是“值得一试”。There are behavioral tips for preventing or minimizing symptoms. Cynthia Ryan knows them all. The 45-year-old Portland, Ore., resident has suffered from motion sickness since she was a child commuting to school along winding roads, her barf bag in hand. Now the executive director of the Vestibular Disorders Association, Ms. Ryan says individuals with vestibular disorders are prone to motion sickness.有些行为方面的小技巧也可预防晕动病的症状或将症状减到最轻。现年45岁、家住俄勒冈波特兰的辛西娅#8226;瑞安(Cynthia Ryan)就了解这些技巧。瑞安从孩童时期起就深受晕动病之苦,那时她每天要坐车沿着弯弯曲曲的道路往返学校,手里总是拿着呕吐袋。她现在是前庭系统疾病协会(Vestibular Disorders Association)的常务理事,她说患有前庭系统疾病的人也更容易患晕动病。Her rule of thumb is to always be the driver. #39;I almost never let somebody else drive,#39; she said. #39;And if I do, I sit in the passenger seat.#39; Even when sitting as the front passenger, Ms. Ryan says she does deep-breathing exercises and tries to focus on a fixed point on the road in front of her. #39;I can#39;t participate in conversations,#39; she said. #39;I can#39;t . Sometimes someone will pass me a smartphone and say, #39;Can you me the directions?#39; And I#39;ll say, #39;Not unless you want me to throw up in your car.#39; #39;她的经验就是总是包揽司机工作。她说:“我几乎从不让别人开车,就算别人开,我也要坐在副驾驶座位。”她还说,即便是坐在副驾驶座位上,她也要做些深呼吸运动,尽量把注意力放在前方路面一个固定的点上。她说:“我不能和别人说话,也不能看书。有时候有人会把智能手机递给我说,‘你能给我念念路线吗?’我会回答,‘不能,除非你想让我吐在你的车里。’”Watching television TV or ing in a car is a no-no. #39;Face forward in the vehicle to be as alert to what#39;s happening outside the vehicle as the driver would be,#39; Dr. Chandrasekhar said. #39;You want to try to match your eyes to what#39;s going on and to what your inner ear is feeling.#39; experts say: Just close your eyes and sleep.在车内看电视或看书也绝不可行。钱德拉塞克哈说:“坐在车内面朝前方,像驾驶员一样警惕车外的状况。你要做的是,尽量让你眼睛所看到的与所发生的、以及你内耳所感受到的情形相符。”而专家的建议是:只要闭上眼睛睡觉即可。 /201307/247402抚顺望花区医院包皮手术多少钱 问题1:所起英文名太常见 第一种问题是起的英文名太常见,如:Henry, Jane, John, Mary. 这就像外国人起名叫赵志伟、王小刚、陈小平一样,给人牵强附会的感觉。虽然起名字并无一定之规,但给人的感觉很重要。 问题2:不懂文化差异而犯忌 此外,由于文化差异,有些名字引申义不雅,如:Cat, Kitty,在英语俚语中,它们指的是女性的阴部。Cat宜改为Cathy,Kitty 宜改为Kate。 问题3:改名又改姓 一般来说,非英语国家的人到了美国,都可能改名,但没有改姓的。这关系到家族荣誉,将来还会关系到遗传基因。因此,无论自己的姓多么难读,都要坚持。常见有人起英文名时连姓也改了,如司徒健Ken Stone,肖燕Yan Shaw。下列英文姓尚可接受,但也最好不用,如:Young杨,Lee李。 问题4:英文名与姓谐音 有些人因为姓被人叫得多,便起个与姓谐音的英文名。但这样的英文名单独叫尚可,全称时就不太自然了,如:肖珊Shawn Xiao,钟奇Jone Zhong,周迅Joe Zhou,安芯Anne An。 问题5:不懂语法用错词性 名字一般用名词,不用形容词。有些人不懂这一规律,用形容词起名,如Lucky,其实这不是英文名。 问题6:用错性别 偶尔还有人弄错了性别,如女士起名Andy, Daniel。 那么怎样起英文名呢?这里给你几条建议: 方法1:英文名最好与中文名发音一致,如: 郑丽丽Lily Zheng杨俊June Yang 孔令娜Lena Kong 张艾丽Ally Zhang 吕萌 Moon Lu张波Bob Zhang 许开云Caron Xu 江丽霞Lisa Jiang 王姬Jill Wang 蒋大为David Jiang 张爱玲Irene Zhang李斌Ben Li 方法2:如第一条做不到,则争取英文名与中文名局部发音一致,如: 李连杰 Jet Li谢霆锋Tim Xie 侯德健James Hou许环山Sam Xu 朱晓琳Lynn Zhu 王冬梅May Wang 吴家珍Jane Wu 吴珊Sandy Wu 关荷Helen Guan 方法3:如上述两条均做不到,还可使英文名与中文名发音尽量接近或相关,如: 陈方宁Fanny Chen 李秀云Sharon Li 王素琴Susan Wang 周建设 Jason Zhou 罗凯琳Catherine Luo 董岱Diane Dong 崔文生Vincent Cui 李翠Tracy Li 黄宏涛Hunter Huang 沈茂萍Maple Shen 刘丽芳Fountain Liu 方法4:意译 此外意译也是个不错的选择。 王星Stellar Wang 李冰Ice Li 元彪Tiger Yuan 齐天Sky Qi 白云Cloud Bai 刘长河River Liu 陈苹Apple Chen 总之,起英文名时要尽量与自己的中文名有联系,让人感觉这就是你。当然,实在找不到对应的英文名时也只好将就了。毕竟,起名没有一定之规。 /201309/257727抚顺市新抚区第二医院前列腺炎哪家医院最好

清原满族县男科医生Greetings 美国人的问候方式 East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet." At least, that's what English writer Rudyard Kipling said. Truth is, nowadays Easterners and Westerners meet quite often. And when they do meet, naturally, they have to find an appropriate greeting. Aye, there's the rub. What's culturally appropriate for people in one culture may be completely out of line in another culture. So the best approach is to follow the well-known maxim, "When in Rome, do as the Romans do." 「东方是东方,西方是西方,两者是不会相会的。」至少,英国短篇小说家吉普林是如此认为。事实上,当今东方人与西方人时常碰面。当他们会面时,自然而然地必须找出一种合适的问候方式。唉,这就麻烦了!在某个文化里可能恰到好处的事,到另一个文化里,就可能过分踰矩。因此,最佳的做法就是遵守这个耳熟能详的行事准则:「入境随俗」。 So what's an appropriate salutation for Americans? Maybe you aly know how to say, "How are you?" You might even know the customary response, "Fine, thanks, and you?" Is that all there is to greeting people American-style? Well, Americans do often use this trite greeting, and they generally expect nothing but the standard answer. (If you want to shock an American friend, the next time he greets you this way, tell him how you're really doing.) But most Americans enjoy a little variety now and then. In informal settings, you might hear Americans say, "How's it going?" (which doesn't mean, "What's your destination?") or "What's up?" (which isn't an inquiry about the stock market). Formal situations, on the other hand might call for expressions like "Good morning" or "Hello, it's nice to see you." 那么,对美国人而言,什么才是适当的问候语?可能你已经懂得怎么说「How are you?」(你好吗?)你甚至也知道一般常用的回答「Fine, thanks, and you?」(我很好,谢谢,你呢?)用美国的方式来问候别人,就仅仅如此而已吗?其实美国人的确常用这老套的问候方式,而他们所期待的,也只是一般的标准回答。(你如果想让你的美国朋友吃惊,下一次他如此问候你时,你就把你真正的感觉告诉他。)但是,多数的美国人偶而会喜欢有些变化。在非正式的场合里,你可能听到美国人说「How's it going?」 (它不是在问「你的目的地是哪里?」)或者是「What's up?」(它也不是询问股市的动态) 而在另一方面,一个正式的场合所使用的问候语,则可能是「Good morning」(早安),或是「Hello, it is nice to see you.」(哈啰!很高兴见到你。)After the initial "hello," what kind of comments are appropriate to kick off a conversation? You might engage in small talk and make a remark about the weather, your job or current events. Or you could ask your American friend about his recent activities or his upcoming plans. If you know that he's been under the weather, you might ask him how he's feeling. But don't make use of personal comments or questions like "Boy, you've put on weight!" or "What are all those bumps on your face?" or "How much money did that necklace cost?" Americans might take offense at questions or comments about money or their appearance. 说了开场的「Hello」之后,用什么话来适当地打开话闸子呢?你可能与对方闲聊,提及天气、你的工作或是时事。或者,你可以问你的美国朋友他最近做了什么,或是再来的计划有哪些。如果你知道他一直身体不适,你或许可以问他感觉如何。但千万不要用牵涉个人的评语或问题,像是:「唷!你体重又增加了!」或是「你脸上一粒一粒的是怎么来的?」或是「那条项练你花了多少钱?」美国人可能会对于有关金钱以及个人外表的问题或批评,感到反感。 One other caution: In some social contexts, particularly in an office or a professional setting, greetings between the sexes should be very conservative. If you're a man, greeting a woman with a statement like "Wow! You look beautiful today!" may be construed as a come--on. So when you're giving a compliment, the key is to use discretion. 另一项值得注意的:在某种社交场合,尤其是在办公室或专业场合里,两性之间的问候应该非常保守。如果你是男性,而问候女性时你说:「哇!你今天真漂亮!」这可能会被误解为一种挑逗行为。因此,赞美他人时,仔细斟酌非常重要。 What about overt displays of affection, like hugging and kissing? Contrary to some stereotypes, Americans don't go around hugging and kissing everyone they meet. Of course, girls might give each other a squeeze as a friendly gesture, and in some high society circles, a little peck on the cheek is a common courtesy. But except with family members and close friends, Americans usually don't give out wholesale hugs. Besides that, not all Americans are inveterate huggers anyway. So don't wrap your arms around the next American you see. He or she might be just as uncomfortable as you are. 那么,公开地表示感情,例如拥抱以及亲吻,又该如何呢?美国人与一般人所认定的典型不同,他们并不会到处拥抱、亲吻遇见的每一个人。当然,女性们可能会在见面时彼此紧抱一下以示友好;而且在某些上流社交圈里,轻吻对方的面颊是很普遍的礼节。但除了对家人与好友外,美国人通常不会经常随便拥抱他人。此外,并不是每一位美国人都习惯拥抱他人。因此,不要随便把手臂环住下一个你碰到的美国人。他可能会跟你一样地不自在。 /200803/32556新宾县人民医院治疗性功能障碍哪家医院最好 新宾满族县妇幼保健院男科专家

抚顺阴茎延长手术Here#39;s another reason to get serious about saving — it#39;s a new year. Although the occasion isn#39;t going to turn us into smart savers, it sure is a good reminder. We all have our own methods of dealing with money, but here are a couple of saving tricks that will grow your money:又有一个原因让你认真地考虑储蓄问题了,那就是新的一年开始了。即使不能利用这个机会变成聪明的储户,这也很好地提醒了我们存钱的重要性。我们都有自己处理金钱的方法,但这里有些省钱技巧可以让你“钱生钱”:The top-down view: Instead of skimping here and there, take the top-down approach to saving money. Basically what you need to do is figure out your biggest expenses, then brainstorm ways to save and tackle the biggest expenses first.从大处着手:与其从小处抠钱节省,不如从大的方面开始存钱。基本上你需要做的就是找出最大的开,然后想办法如何从这笔最大的开中省出钱来。Improve your memory: Studies have shown that training your memory can build up a desire to save since short-term memory is linked to planning for or envisioning the future. A couple of ways to improve your memory include attaching an image to something you want to remember and practicing memorizing it over and over again, and avoiding multitasking.提高你的:有研究表明,训练可以让你有存钱的欲望,因为短期记忆与规划展望未来有关。增强的一些方式包括:把想记的东西和图像联系并且反复记忆;不要同时处理多件事。Let technology aid you: Use web tools to make it easier to budget your money. There are free site that lets you to view all of your accounts in one place and provides budgeting tools that help determine where it would be easiest to cut spending. Consider downloading apps that#39;ll help you save. There are even apps that will save you money on gas and let you text for free.使用高科技:网络工具可以让你更方便做出预算。有些免费网站可以让你在一个地方查你所有的账号,并提供预算工具帮你确定最简单的削减开的方法。考虑下载应用程序帮你省钱。Automating: The best way to make sure you#39;re saving enough is to automatically put a chunk of your money into your savings and retirement accounts every month. It#39;s generally better than relying on your willpower. If you#39;re aly automating, try to increase the amount by five percent.自动存钱:确保你攒够钱的最好方式是每月自动往储蓄账户和退休帐户转一大笔钱。通常来说,这个方法好于依靠意志力来存钱的方式。如果你已经自动转账存钱了,试着增加百分之五的储蓄量。 /201302/225601 这是关于一个女孩、女人、女性的成长漫画On A Claire Day:亲情、友情、爱情;家庭,朋友、婚姻,工作,生活……一切的一切~今日嘱咐:有些东西做有用,有的事情做着无聊! 表面再光鲜,也挡不住背后散发的恶臭。译者:koogle内容来自: /201304/235303抚顺曙光治疗前列腺炎抚顺包皮治疗价格



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