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乌市沙依巴克区膨体隆鼻多少钱吐鲁番去痤疮多少钱昆玉去除眉间纹手术多少钱 The Arctic Ocean is of huge military importance,北冰洋有重要的军事意义as it#39;s the shortest route between North America and Russia.因为这里是北美和俄罗斯之间最短的通道Since the late 1950s,自上世纪五十年代末起British, US and Russian submarines英国 美国和俄罗斯的潜艇have been patrolling the Arctic Ocean.就在北冰洋巡逻But as well as looking out for enemy activity,他们在探查敌军的动向的同时they#39;ve also been measuring the thickness of the ice,也在测量冰面的厚度critical when looking for a place to surface.因为这关系到他们在何处浮出水面When scientists got permission当科学家获得准许to look at the submarine crew#39;s records,查看潜艇船员的记录时they discovered that the ice has been thinning fast.他们发现冰面在急速变薄In fact, it#39;s nearly halved in thickness since 1980.事实上 从1980年起已减少近一半Across most of the Arctic Ocean,北冰洋大部分的冰面there are now just a couple of metres of ice.现在只有几米厚了It#39;s so thin that it could冰面实在太薄melt away almost entirely in the summertime,到了盛夏时节很可能会全部融化and that includes the ice at the North Pole.北极的冰也难以幸免If current trends continue, then there will be如果持续下去 在未来几十年里open ocean here by summer#39;s end,到了夏末some time within the next few decades.这里就完全变成海洋So, the days of the Arctic Ocean being covered北冰洋被冰层覆盖的岁月by a continuous sheet of ice seem to have passed.似乎已一去不返Whether or not that#39;s a good or bad thing, of course,当然 这究竟是好是坏depends on your point of view.每个人的观点不同 /201212/217307新疆省抽脂瘦腿多少钱

昆玉市自体脂肪填充多少钱In the first half of 2012, a total of 141 films have been shown in China. Among the movies to hit the big screen were 103 domestically-made works with the remainder being made by foreign film makers. Despite the dominance in the number of films played, success at the box office for Chinese films has been a different story.2012上半年,共有141部影片在中国各大院线上映。其中103部影片为国产片,剩下的为外国影片。尽管在所有上映的影片中中国以数量取胜,但对于中国来说,在票房上取得成功远没有影片数量骄人。Chinese supernatural fantasy film ;Painted Skin: the Resurrection; took in 300 million yuan in just four days.The success brought new encouragement to China’s film industry. But its success seems to be the exception as the majority of domestic films have experienced a disappointing first half in 2012, especially in April and May.中国魔幻大片《画皮II—复活》自登陆各大院线仅4天就创造了3亿人民币的票房收入。《画皮2》的成功票房令中国电影产业倍受鼓舞。但是,相对于绝大部分国产影片在2012年上半年,特别是4月和5月经历的票房惨淡,《画皮2》的成功似乎是个例外。Zhang Xiaobing, operation director of UME’s Huaxing Int’l Cineplex, said, ;The total box office gross in April and May was more than 90 million yuan, but only 20 million was generated from domestic movies. It’s quite disappointing.;UME华星国际影城的运营总监张小缤说,“4月和5月的票房收入总额为9千万人民币,但是,只有2千万人民币是国产影片产生的票房收入。这一数字是让人失望的。” Article/201207/190760乌市整形美容医院切眼袋手术多少钱 乌鲁木齐铁路中心医院口腔美容中心

库尔勒市祛除胎记要多少钱It is important to know how to react and quickly tend to someone who is suffering from heat stroke to alleviate the symptoms and aid their recovery. In this guide, first aid trainer Clive James from St John Ambulance shows you how to do this.有人中暑的时候,必须迅速做出反应,帮助病人缓解症状,这非常重要。在这段视频中,急救教练Clive James教给你应该怎样做。Heat stroke occurs when a person#39;s body temperature is above 40.6 degrees. It is different from a fever, however, as it is caused by prolonged exposure to an external heat source, where fever is caused by something physiological. It is important to cool a heat stroke sufferer down as quickly and efficiently as possible.当某人的体温上升到40.6摄氏度以上时就会发生中暑。这和发烧不同,因为中暑是由于长时间暴露在外界热源中,而发烧是由生理原因造成的。必须尽快使中暑的人凉下来。The symptoms of heat stroke include very hot, flushed skin, profuse sweating, dizziness, nausea, vomiting and confusion.中暑的症状包括非常热,皮肤潮红,大量流汗,头晕眼花,恶心,呕吐和神智不清。Have the person sit down and remove their outer layers of clothing. Wrap them in a damp towel or sheet and pour water onto this to reduce their temperature quickly. Check their temperature regularly with a thermometer if one is available. Once their temperature is below 38 degrees you can remove the wet sheet and wrap them in something dry. It is important to keep monitoring their temperature for some time to make sure that it does not rise again. If it does, repeat the wet sheet procedure.让病人坐下来,脱掉外衣。用湿毛巾或床单裹住他们,向上倒冷水来快速降低体温。经常用体温计测量体温。一旦体温降到38摄氏度以下,你可以拿掉湿床单,用一些干衣包住他们。必须持续监测他们的体温,确保不会再次升高。如果体温又升高,重复冷却的过程。If their temperature does not seem to be decreasing with your help, it is crucial that you contact the emergency services.如果在你的帮助下病人的体温没有下降,必须立即寻求专业机构急救。Thanks for watching How To Treat Heat Stroke.感谢收看“怎样治疗中暑”视频节目。 /201211/208801 乌鲁木齐去眼袋那家好可克达拉冰点脱毛多少钱



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