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乌鲁木齐达坂城区治疗咖啡斑价格图木舒克共振吸脂价格Last Sunday --19 ::5 来源: Last Sunday Yesterday was Sunday, I didn’t go to school, but I was busy. In the morning, I got up at eight o’clock, then I ate breakfast. After breakfast, I cleaned my room, it was dirty but it is clean now. In the afternoon, I played badminton with my friends. In the evening, my sister and I ate some cookies, ice cream and drank some juice and milk, but I didn’t like chocolate. After finishing my homework, I watched TV and listened to music.I had a good time last Sunday!新疆维吾尔医医院去疤多少钱 《借东西的小人阿莉埃蒂电影台词 --7 :: 来源: 《借东西的小人阿莉埃蒂电影台词片名:借东西的小人阿莉埃蒂 The Borrowers 导演: Tom Harper 汤姆·哈伯主演:斯蒂芬·弗雷 Stephen Fry ,罗伯特·席安 Robert Sheehan剧情简介:Arrietty is a years old girl who lives under a grand apartment with her parents.Her father supports the family by borrowing. And Arrietty has never been allowed to go out......经典台词1. Nonsense, you're letting your imagination run away with you.瞎说,别异想天开了. Don't get ahead of yourself, though, you've got a lot to learn.别太自不量力了,你还有很多要学3. I've taken a night job, just to tide us over.我打了份夜工,贴补家用. It makes my skin crawl thinking about it.这让我想起来就起鸡皮疙瘩毛骨悚然5. Oh, you keep rubbing me up the wrong way, see what happens.行,你就给我找不自在吧,看我怎么收拾你6. Do you really think we're going to be able to pull it off?你真的觉得我们可以成功吗?7. I was worried sick.我担心死了8. Well, it serves you right stealing my gun.这是你偷我的报应9. We didn't have enough to get by.我们已经过不下去了. You might not need your beauty sleep, but I do.你不用睡美容觉,我可要睡的精对白James: Ahhh!!Arrietty: Ahh!!James: Ahhh!!Arrietty: Get away from me!James: Ow!Granny: If that's someone breaking in, I suggest you break back out again.James: Gran, you won't believe this.Arrietty: You can't let her see me.James: But...Arrietty: You can't! Please!Granny: What is it? What are you hiding in there?James: Nothing. My paint pots.Granny: Well, which is it?James: Both. It's nothing. Well, no, it's not nothing, it's my paint pots, which is nothing. I'm not hiding anything. Have a look if you like.Granny: Well, keep it down. You might not need your beauty sleep, but I do.James: You're telling me.Granny: I heard that.James: I can't believe she was right. My own little person!Arrietty: Who are you calling little?James: Well, you are quite small.Arrietty: No, I'm not. It's you who's...too big, a great big overgrown giant. We're just the right size.James: We? There's more of you?Arrietty: I didn't say that. Get back!James: Ow! I was only going to help you out.Arrietty: You aren't going to eat me?James: Eat you? What would be the point? My name's James.Arrietty: Arrietty.James: You want a hand?Arrietty: Yes, please. Oh...! If that was supposed to be funny...!James: Well, it serves you right stealing my gun.Arrietty: We don't steal, we borrow.James: So there ARE more of you?Arrietty: What's that?James: How about I show you?Arrietty: So what exactly does this thing do...aaargh!James: Arrietty, are you all right? Look, I'm so sorry. I had no idea you'd fly so...well.Arrietty: Can we do it again?James: That was the furthest yet!Arrietty: What shall we do now? (Dawning) What's out there?James: How about I show you?Arrietty: I've tried to imagine what it looked like, the sky, the houses. It's amazing.James: We call it Hackney.Arrietty: Right, you must promise not to tell anyone.James: I promise.Arrietty: Who's that?James: My mum. She died last year.Arrietty: Sorry.James: We don't talk about her in case it upsets me.Arrietty: I'll see you soon. Well, go on. Don't just sit there gawping. Go.James: See ya. 借东西的小人阿莉埃蒂夏天旅游好去处之苏州古典园林 --6 :5:1 来源: 夏天旅游好去处之苏州古典园林江苏苏州是一个满是河渠的城市,同时这里也有不少花园,所以,苏州被称作“东方的” Classical Gardens of Suzhou苏州古典林园 Suzhou in Jiangsu province is a city of rivers and canals and also a city of gardens. Hence it is called the “Venice of the Orient.” The Ming and Qing dynasties between the th and th centuries were its prime periods of garden building, when at one time there were more than 0 private family gardens. A dozen of them are still in good condition today, including the top four classic gardens–the Fisherman's Net Garden, Lion Grove, Humble Administrator's Garden and Lingering Garden. 夏天旅游好去处阿克苏市比基尼脱毛价格

新疆石河子大学医学院第一附属医院切眼袋手术多少钱How to make everybody hay -- :5: 来源: How to make everybody hay This is the way I maked all the students happy. One Monday. Tom and I went to Simon's office. Suddenly, I was slipping and fell, because there was some water on the floor. When I stood up I thought: If I took the mop and dry the floor, nobody would slip and fall. then, I took the mop and dry the floor. Tom also helped me drying the floor.So I maked all the students happy.昆玉割双眼皮多少钱 我的可爱老师(My Lovely Teacher) -- ::9 来源: 我的可爱老师(My Lovely Teacher)   我们班有个可爱的老师,我们学生都把他当成我们的朋友,我们愿意把自己的喜怒哀乐告诉他,他不仅在学习上帮助我们,也会在其它事上指导我们,我很高兴有这样的老师  本文译文:  there is a lovely teacher in our class. we like him as our friends. we would like to tell him everything, happiness and sadness. he helps us on our lessons and guides us on other things. i am happy to have such a good teacher.哈密市做脱毛手术多少钱

乌鲁木齐去胎记要多少钱Student Life --19 ::1 来源: Speaking of my student life, it's very interesting. Besides studying, we have many parties at our school special festivals. Of course, we must study many subjects at school and do homework every day. I receive instructions from my teachers and discuss problems with them.   Although sometimes we have many exams in our student life, it can be good us. Everyone hates exams, but it helps us realize how much we've learned from school. Just enjoy your student life. It goes by fast. 《灵魂梦飞行经典台词 -- 3:31:3 来源:kekenet 背景介绍:《灵魂梦飞行(SoulPlane)是一部喜剧黑人青年纳肖恩(凯文·哈特饰)坐飞机出差时受尽了羞辱和惊吓,一怒之下将航空公司告上了法庭,结果获赔1亿美金纳肖恩拿这笔 钱开辟了历史上第一条只供黑人搭乘的名为NWA的航班首航时很多黑人朋友赶来助兴NWA航班特立独行,拥有最顶级的务:性感火辣的空、无限放送的黑人灵乐、忘情热舞的夜总会、终极享受的浴缸……谁知飞机上天之后却遭遇无数险情,由此引出一幕幕令人捧腹的闹剧这段对话发生在纳肖恩和机长麦克(史努比·道格饰)初次见面之际麦克表面上显得非常自信,然而后来却明根本不是这么回事儿Nashawn:Hey, you are late. Mack:Don''t worry about me bein'' late. I''m goona take this plane of yours up another 1,000 feet, and we gonna be there five minutes early. Real slick like hair GREase, but with less mess. Can you dig it?Nashawn:Yeah, I can dig it. I was lookin'' at your resume, man. I see that you flew in Desert Storm. That''s pretty impressive. Mack:Actually, that''s a typo. I drew over in Desert Storm.Nashawn:I''m sorry, I didn''t... What you say?Mack:I was the nigga that drew the little say-ings on the bombs:Damn Saddam. That was me. Matter of fact, I''m not even ''posed to be talkin'' about that. Nashawn:What? Do you even know how to fly a plane, man?Mack: Sure, I got my wings when I got out. 纳肖恩:嘿,你来晚啦麦克:别担心我来晚了我要把你这架飞机的飞行高度再提高00英尺,而且我们还会提前5分钟到那里这趟飞行将像润发膏一样顺滑,而且还没那么多粘粘糊糊,你明白吗?纳肖恩:是,我明白我刚才在看你的简历哥们儿,我发现你在“沙漠风暴”行动中飞过,这真是太好了麦克:事实上,这是个打印错误我在“沙漠风暴”期间是画画的纳肖恩:对不起,我不……你说什么?麦克:我就是往炸弹上写“该死的萨达姆”等小句子的那个黑人,那就是我其实我都不该对你讲的纳肖恩:什么?那你到底会不会驾驶飞机啊?哥们儿?麦克:放心吧,我出来的时候,身上就跟长了翅膀似的语言点:1、麦克所说的“Can you dig it?”,是问“你明白吗?”这个用法有些过时dig还有喜欢的意思,如“I really dig those shoes!”(我真喜欢那双鞋!)、这段对话的语言多处都不合语法,写出来还有许多拼写错误,但这就是美国黑人英语的特色黑人英语中,词尾的“ing”发音为“in”如文中的“I was lookin'' at your resume.”而词尾的“er”则发音为“a”例如“I was the nigga……”3、nigga其实就是nigger这个词是白人对黑人的蔑称,我们提到美国黑人时,一定要说black,有时候还说African Americannigger一词侮辱意味很强,绝不可以使用但这里麦克把自己称作nigger,则含有幽默的意味、把“going to”说成“gonna”,“want to”说成“wan-na”,美国白人如今也这么含混地说话黑人英语还有很多省略、吞音,如“What you say”(What did you say),“Matter of fact”(As a matter of fact),“''posd to”(supposed to) 飞行 经典台词 灵魂图木舒克光子美白多少钱乌鲁木齐市中医院激光祛斑手术多少钱



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