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嘉兴粉刺痤疮多少钱嘉兴抽脂那个医院比较好AdD79~Aw;cLXi3%_^9M8YEkpI~DB#CrWx7DZjeIu_cOMfIt was New Year’s Day. He lived in Las Vegas. He drove over to a casino. He walked over to a roulette table. He bought one chip 1. Where did Doug and Diane first meet?A. at schoolB. at a restaurantC. at a party. How did he know where she lived?A. He asked a friend directions.B. He followed her home.C. He looked her up in the phone book.3. Where does Doug invite her to go with him on Thursday?A. to a restaurantB. to a theaterC. to a dance. What is Diane response to his invitation on Thursday?A. She cant go out because she has to study.B. She is sorry, but she has another date.C. She has to work that day, so she cant go.5. How does Diane feel about Doug idea Friday?A. She thinks if would be a great idea if she had the time.B. She feels that it would be uninteresting outing.C. She has done the activity bee, so shed rather not go. 3791. He flipped a coin. He caught the coin. It was heads. He put the qVSl-0^8eHi~MQ,eOL7bX*@Vs3rUa@0WlVpZ3Nu#mbEmma went to the market. She needed to buy food. She needed brown eggs. She opened a carton of brown eggs. She looked at the eggs. None of them were cracked. None of them were broken. All the eggs were okay. She closed the carton. She put the carton of eggs in her shopping cart. She needed red apples. She looked at a bag of red apples. She looked dark spots on the apples. She looked worm holes in the apples. She didn’t see any dark spots or worm holes. She put the bag of apples in her shopping cart.%X8!yMRQ;.Y6d5#V8oXgT3T#-7t@[AXXM~f,^kG+1H_GhS[Y 3857 chip on red. The dealer spun the roulette wheel. The wheel went round and round. The dealer pushed the silver ball. The ball went round and round. The wheel slowed down. The ball slowed down. The ball dropped into a red slot. He won! The dealer gave him a When you buy a Myki card, you can also load some money onto it at the same time. It really quite easy. Every time you travel, you must touch on at the Myki er machine at the entrance to the station where you begin your journey. When you get off at the end of your journey, you must touch off with your card at the Myki er machine at that station. The Myki system subtracts your fare from the amount you loaded onto your Myki. I put on my Myki when I first bought it. It costs about .50 to go from my nearest station into the City. That about 5 kilometres. So it not too expensive.当你买到一张Myki卡,你可以同时在上面存点钱真的很容易每次你要出门,你都得在站点入口的Myki读卡器那里刷一下卡你下车以后,要在出站时再刷一下卡Myki系统会从你存在Myki卡上的总金额中扣去所需的费用我第一次购买时存入了30美元,从离我最近的站进城扣去我5.5美元行程约5千米,所以还不算贵Of course, at peak travel times around 5pm to 6pm in the evening and from 7.30am to 9am in the morning, Melbourne trains are usually full. But even at these times, I can always find a space to stand comtably, or sometimes even get a seat. At other times, there will always be a seat you.当然,在傍晚5点到6点,早上7点半到9点的出行高峰时段,墨尔本地铁通常是满员的但即使是在这些时段,我也总能找到一个能够让自己舒地站着的位置,有时我甚至能找到个座位其他时段里,总是会找到个座位的I hope that has given you some basic inmation about Melbourne train system. When you come to Melbourne, you should try it.我希望你已对墨尔本的地铁系统有了基本的了解当你有机会来墨尔本时,应该尝试一下If you have a question or a comment to make, please leave it in the comments box on on my website at www.slowenglish.info. You can leave your comment in English or in any language and I will translate it. Or, you can send me an email at rob@slowenglish.info. I would like to hear any suggestions you may have. Goodbye until next time.如果大家有问题或者想留言,请在www.slowenglish.info网站上的栏处留言你可以用英语留言,也可以用其他语言留言,我可以自己翻译或者大家也可以发送邮件到rob@slowenglish.info我希望听到大家的建议下期见Rob.罗布 译文属 37976 chip. He gave the dealer a $ tip. He cashed in both his chips. He went home. He felt good. It was going to be a good year.PJWW[M9r];NxM8D-m9of9*.HoxDKR#VtDSG,oKZ[(S5l!eER9Q7j,D6]JWD 85浙江新安医院修眉多少钱 drive off驾车离去, plate车辆号码牌I Got the License Plate NumberMary was at home watching TV with her friends when she heard a noise. She ran out just in time to see a thief drive off in her car. “Did you see his face?” Her friends asked when she came back inside. “No, but it’s okay—I got the license plate number!”我把车的牌照号码记下来了玛丽正在家里和几个朋友一起看电视她听见有一种噪音,就跑出去,正好看见一个窃贼开着她的车跑了当她回到屋子里的时候,她的朋友们问她有没有看清那个窃贼的脸她说:“没有不过没关系我把车的牌照号码记下来了”1.noise噪声,喧哗声 The noise awoke me from my sleep.喧闹声使我从睡梦中醒过来 .run out 跑出来还有“结束”的意思: When does the lease of the house run out?这房子的租约何时到期?3. drive off驾车离去也有“击退”的意思:The enemies were driven off from the city.敌人被赶出了城市.license执照也可以作动词,是“颁发执照”的意思:They have licensed the private hotel.他们已发了许可给那家私人旅馆5.plate车辆号码牌 58嘉兴文眼线手术价格

浙江嘉兴去抬头纹多少钱+OR1k*I9M#dU#^rAr6bc]M.wKb3G8xtatKpAnthony went to the book store. He wanted to buy a book. He wanted to buy a book about bugs. He liked bugs. He picked up bugs in his yard. He took them to school. He showed the bugs to his teacher. His teacher told him the name of each bug. Then Anthony took the bugs home. He showed them to his parents. His mom told him to take the bugs out of the house. His dad liked to see the bugs. He said Anthony did a good job. He gave Anthony money to buy a book. So Anthony took the money to the book store. He looked a book with lots of pictures of bugs.f;)Uw.;HRIyKWw_qZA8trlLEc9TL[x[tx_;k8Zj_r;|+9hW*Tx 37979桐乡市皮肤病防治院整形 <牛人_句子>嘉兴市激光祛痘印多少钱

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