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Men who earn less than their female partners are more likely to cheat on them, a study published on Monday found.本周一公布的一项研究发现,收入低于女伴的男性在感情上出轨的可能性更大。Cheating may be a man's way of trying to restore his gender identity when he feels it is under threat, Christin Munsch, a sociology doctoral candidate at Cornell University, says in the study, which she authored and presented at the annual meeting of the American Sociological Association.康奈尔大学社会学士生克里斯汀#8226;穆切在她撰写的研究报告中称,男人在感觉自己的“男权”地位受到威胁后,出轨可能是他挽回尊严的一种方式。克里斯汀士在美国社会学协会的年会上提交了该研究报告。"Making less money than a female partner may threaten men's gender identity by calling into question the traditional notion of men as bwinners," Munsch said.穆切说:“经济上处于弱势地位会威胁到男人的性别认同感,因为这有悖于男性是家中经济柱的传统观念。” /201008/111620。

"Taking all things together on a scale of one to 10, how happy would you say you are?"  “如果把一切因素考虑在内,从1到10划为十个等级,你会为自己的幸福程度打几分?”  With that question and global surveys, the folks at the World Database of Happiness have ranked the nations on a happiness scale.  世界国民幸福水平数据库的工作人员用这个问题在全世界范围进行调查,他们将各个国家根据其国民的幸福水平做出了排名。  The Netherlands is one of the world's rather happy countries, its industrial capital, Rotterdam, is home to the database, housed at Reassume University. Its director, Ruut Veenhoven, has made his life's work researching which nations are home to the happiest citizens.  荷兰就是世界上相当幸福的国家之一,世界国民幸福水平数据库就设在其工业中心鹿特丹的伊拉斯姆斯大学。数据库主管鲁特· 范荷文毕生都在研究哪个国家的人生活得最幸福。  Veenhoven's research shows that Scandinavian nations come out on top, making up five of the 13 happiest nations. Denmark tops the list as a whole——its citizens rank their average happiness as 8.2 on a 10-point scale. Switzerland's citizens closely trail the Danish, each reporting an average happiness level of 8.1, followed by Iceland (7.8).  范荷文的研究显示,北欧国家的人位居幸福前列,在13个最快乐的国家中,北欧就占了5个。丹麦的排名位居榜首——在10分制的评分中,丹麦人平均给自己的幸福水平打了8.2分。瑞士人紧随其后,给自己的幸福水平平均打到8.1分,接下来是冰岛(7.8分)。  Inspired by Veenhoven's rankings, former foreign correspondent for National Public Radio (and self-proclaimed grouch) Eric Weiner embarked on a quest to visit the happiest places on earth. In his book The Geography of Bliss: One Grump's Search for the Happiest Places in the World, Weiner immerses himself in the cultural fabric of the world's happiest countries to pinpoint exactly why residents of some countries, like Iceland and Switzerland, are so downright satisfied with their lives.  受到范荷文这个排名的启发,前美国国家公共广播电台驻外通讯记者埃里克?韦纳(他自称是个爱发牢骚的人)决定出发去走访世界上那些最快乐的地方。在他的书《天佑之地:一个牢骚鬼寻找世界上最快乐的地方》中,韦纳每到一个最快乐的国家,都会把自己沉浸在当地的文化中,找出究竟为什么像冰岛和瑞士这类国家的居民会对自己的生活如此心满意足。  The Swiss, Weiner discovered, are efficient and punctual, comparatively wealthy and face hardly any unemployment. Their streets, air and tap water are squeaky clean and chocolate is a national obsession. But Weiner saw no joy in their faces, and reasoned that perhaps it's better to live in this middle range than to vacillate between gleeful moments of elation and gut-wrenching spates of despair. Swiss happiness, he writes, is "more than mere contentment, but less than full-on joy".  韦纳发现,瑞士人做事很有效率、守时,比其他国家的人富裕,几乎不会遭遇失业。他们的街道、空气和自来水都干净得没话说,而且人人都酷爱巧克力。不过韦纳看不出瑞士人有任何喜形于色的表现,他觉得大概这种中庸平静的生活要比大喜大悲、起落无常要好。在他笔下,瑞士人的幸福是“满足却不满溢”。  Because the country is dark and cold, Weiner was initially skeptical about Iceland's ranking as one of the happiest nation in the world. He learned the small nation is quite literally a family; curiously, geneticists have found that all Icelandic citizens are related.  由于冰岛阴暗寒冷,韦纳先前对这个国家是世界上最快乐的国家之一感到很怀疑。他了解到这个小国家实际上是个大家族;奇怪的是,遗传学家们发现所有的冰岛人全都是亲戚。  Certain phrases in the Icelandic language, Weiner writes, are even more telling . When people greet each other, the phrase they use roughly translates to "come happy", and when people part, they utter the equivalent of "go happy". The country is a favorite stamping ground of artists and cultivates a creative spirit; the government supports writers with generous subsidies.  韦纳写道,冰岛语中的一些用语其实更能说明问题。冰岛人互相问候的话可以大致翻译成“高兴地来”,道别的时候他们也用与之相对庆的说法:“高兴地走”。艺术家们偏爱这个国家,也为这里培养出一种富于创造的精神,就连政府也为这里的作家提供丰厚的津贴。  Then just how does the ed States fit into this picture? "Happiness is there for the taking in America," Weiner writes. "You just need the willpower to find it, and enough cash." The surprising fact, though, is that America is not as happy——scoring 7.3 and ranking 17th in the database——as it is wealthy. U.S. residents are three times richer than they were in 1950, but the happiness ratings haven't shifted in the past decade. After Sept. 11, researchers found no significant decrease in measured levels of happiness.  那么美国的情形又是怎样的呢?“在美国,快乐唾手可得,”韦纳写道,“你只要有决心和足够多的钱就行了。”不过,让人惊讶的是,美国人虽然富有,实际上却并不那么快乐——他们给自己的幸福水平只打了7.3分,在数据库的排名中居第17位。美国人现在比1950年富裕了3倍,但在过去的十年中,他们的幸福指数却没有改变。在“9?11”事件以后,研究人员发现美国人的幸福水平也没有明显下降。  "Americans work longer hours and commute greater distances than virtually any other people in the world,“ Weiner writes, but "they remain profoundly optimistic." Two-thirds of Americans say they are hopeful about the future.  “美国人事实上比世界上任何其他国家的人都工作更长时间,花费在上下班途中的时间也更多,”韦纳写道,不过,“他们仍然由衷地感到乐观。”三分之二的美国人说他们对未来充满希望。  It's comforting, though, that most people in the world report being satisfied with their lives. "Virtually every country in the world scores somewhere between five and eight on a 10-point scale," Weiner writes. "There are a few exceptions ." So while, admittedly, those Scandinavians have it pretty good, the rest of us aren't too far behind. And that's something to be happy about.  而让人欣慰的是,世界上绝大多数的人都表示对自己的生活满意。“在10分制的评分系统中,世界上所有国家的人实际上打分都在5到8分之间,”韦纳写道,“只有很少数的例外。”所以,虽然无可否认的是那些北欧人生活得很好,但我们其他人过得也不错,光是这样就让人挺开心的。 /200812/58461。

You know eating fruit and vegetables is virtuous. But did you know it can also make you look good?你知道吃水果和蔬菜有很多好处,但你可知道多吃水果蔬菜会让你变漂亮?People who increased their intake over just six weeks developed a healthy glow and appeared more attractive, researchers found.研究人员发现,增大水果蔬菜的摄入量,只需六周就能让你焕发出健康的光,看起来更有魅力。Scientists at St Andrews University found eating them subtly increased yellow and red pigments in the volunteers#39; skin.圣安德鲁斯大学的科学家发现,吃水果蔬菜能微量增加志愿者皮肤中的黄色素和红色素。They monitored the food intake of 35 people and took pictures of their faces, arms and hands using a sensitive camera at the start, and after three and six weeks.他们监测了35人的食物摄入量,并在一开始、三周后和六周后用高灵敏相机给他们的脸、胳膊和手拍了照片。Increasing their intake of greens by 2.9 portions a day was found to make the person look more healthy and an extra 3.3 portions could enhance their attractiveness, when their photographs were rated by others.研究发现,从他人对照片的打分来看,每日增加2.9份的蔬菜摄入量将让人看起来更健康,再增加3.3份摄入量将使人看起来更有魅力。Fruit and vegetables are rich in carotenoids, which are known to protect against cell damage from pollution and UV rays, and can also prevent age-related diseases including heart disease and cancer.水果和蔬菜的类胡萝卜素很丰富,而据我们所知,类胡萝卜素可以保护细胞不受污染和紫外线的损害,还可以防止心脏病和癌症等老年病。But while it was known eating extreme amounts of certain vegetables such as carrots could turn skin orange, it was not known a small increase was perceptible to others - and was seen as appealing.不过,尽管人们知道某些蔬菜(如胡萝卜)摄入过量会让皮肤变成橘黄色,但人们不知道这种细微变化会被他人觉察到,而且这种皮肤颜色还被视为很有吸引力。A camera measured changes to the skin’s redness, yellowness and lightness, and found it significantly changed in people who naturally increased their intake. These changes were not evident at three weeks.研究人员通过相机拍照来测量皮肤的红色、黄色和明亮度发生的变化,发现那些以自然的方式增加蔬菜水果摄入量的人的皮肤发生了明显改变。不过这些改变在三周内还看不出来。Using light sensors, the researchers showed these red and yellow hues were linked with the levels of carotenoids in their skin.借助光传感器,研究人员指出,皮肤呈现的红色和黄色与皮肤内所含的类胡萝卜素水平有关。There are hundreds of carotenoids but those thought to have the most dramatic effect are lycopene - which gives tomatoes and red peppers their red colour - and beta-carotene found in carrots as well as broccoli, squash, and spinach.类胡萝卜素有数百种,但据认为对皮肤颜色影响最显著的是番茄红素和胡萝卜素。西红柿和红辣椒的红色都源自番茄红素,胡萝卜素则可以在花椰菜、南瓜、菠菜和胡萝卜中找到。Skin colour is also affected by chemicals called polyphenols, found in apples, blueberries and cherries, which cause blood rush to the skin surface.皮肤颜色还受到化学物质多元酚的影响,多元酚可以在苹果、蓝莓和樱桃中找到,这种物质可以让血液流向皮肤表面。 /201204/179368。

When graduate school entrance exam scores are released every year at this time, many romantic relationships take a hit. Lovers considering different locales for work or study must make some tough choices – beginning with whether or not to break up. 每年这个时候正是考研分数公布之时,许多恋情都因此经受着打击。对于恋人们而言,异地工作或学习可能会迫使他们做出艰难抉择,最先面对的就是分不分手的问题。    The moment that Fang Yunxia, a 22-year-old English major from a university in Nanchang, learned that she had been awarded a second interview at Peking University, she shed tears of joy. While she was imagining new life on her future campus, a congratulations call from her boyfriend pulled her back to reality: She was in a committed relationship with someone who is unlikely to follow her to Beijing.  22岁的方云霞是南昌某高校英语系的学生,当得知自己进入北大第二轮面试时,她留下了高兴的眼泪。当她还沉浸在崭新校园生活的遐想之中时,男朋友打来的祝贺电话将她拉回到现实:她和男朋友的感情十分真挚,但他可能不会追随她去北京。    So she sent him a message that , simply: “We need to talk.”  于是她给他发了一条信息,聊聊几个字:“我们需要谈谈。”  Although the two did not break up right away, they knew their two-year relationship had come to an end. “We are still seeing each other, but things have changed. We don’t talk about the future,” said Fang. “And we sigh a lot.” 尽管没有立刻分手,但他们清楚这段两年的恋情已经走到了尽头。方云霞说:“我们仍然会见面,但是一切都变了。我们不再谈论未来,只是一声声叹息。” /201108/146964。

Debating seems common in our daily lives – you discuss social issues with friends, argue about an NBA game, and haggle to get a good deal on your new laptop. But when it comes to English debating, things are different.日常生活中争论似乎每天都在上演。和朋友们探讨社会热点、争论NBA球赛、为买到优惠的笔记本电脑讨价还价。可要说到英语辩论,情况则完全不同。The Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press launched the 16th national English debating competition this year, attracting over 10,000 students.今年,外语教学与研究出版社举办了第十六届全国大学生英语辩论赛,吸引了逾万学生。Experts say that debating is good for developing logical thinking。有关专家表示,辩论有助于培养逻辑思维。;In an era of entertainment culture, we need debating competitions to help more students pay attention to social issues,; said Du Huiliang, deputy director of the college department in the Central Committee of the Young Communist League.共青团中央学校部副部长杜汇良表示:;在这个文化时代,我们需要这样一项辩论赛,来帮助更多学生去关注社会热点问题。;;By debating, students learn the truth about society and the right social and personal values.;;通过辩论,学生们能够认清真实的社会,树立起正确的社会观和价值观。;Logical thinking and presenting arguments are more important than a beautiful accent when speaking English. So students have created ways to practice their powers of analysis and logical thinking.英语辩论中,逻辑清楚、论点鲜明比优美的发音更为重要。因此,同学们便可以创造多种方式来锻炼自己的分析能力和逻辑思维。Fang Shuqiong, 22, a senior majoring in English at Xiamen University, likes role playing while practicing her debating skills with teammates.22岁的方舒琼是厦门大学英语专业三年级学生,她喜欢和队友们通过角色扮演的方式来练习自己的辩论技能。;We play different roles including Prime Minister and Deputy PM every night. We select subjects for debate from past competitions and TOEFL compositions,; said Fang.方舒琼说:;每天晚上我们都会扮演不同的角色,包括总理和副总理。我们从以往的辩论赛还有作文题目中挑选辩题。;Apart from inviting a foreign tutor, the team enjoys brainstorming various issues from loser culture to dating shows. Everyone tries to make impromptu speeches about these topics, which Fang says is helpful and fun.除了邀请外教指导之外,方舒琼的团队还喜欢就各类议题展开头脑风暴,题目从;失败者文化;到相亲节目各异。每个人都试着就这些话题展开即兴演讲,方舒琼认为这样做可以即有效又很好玩。;It really improved my logical thinking,; said Fang.她还说:;这种方式真的使我的逻辑思维能力得到了提升。;To expand your mind it is good to communicate with more people. Rao Qionglei, 20, set up a QQ group named ;central China debating elites club;, which has attracted over 50 debaters in different universities.要拓展思维,就要多跟人去交流。20岁的饶琼蕾创建了一个名叫;华中地区辩论精英俱乐部;的QQ群,吸引了来自多所高校的50多名辩手。;In the past three months preparing for the debating competition, we have discussed topics and shared experiencs,; said Rao.饶琼蕾说:;过去的三个月,我们一边准备辩论赛,一边讨论辩题、分享经验。;Teachers also like to organize face-to-face discussion. The English debating club holds a competition every week, attracting nearly 100 students.老师们也喜欢组织面对面的讨论。华中地区辩论精英俱乐部每周都会举行一场辩论赛,吸引了近百名学生。;The impromptu discussion and speeches inspire people to view a subject from a different angle,; said Yang Rui, leader of the English debating team at China Foreign Affairs University.外交学院英语辩论队领队杨锐表示:;即兴讨论和即兴演讲可以启发人们从不同角度来看待相同议题。;Someone might think debating is like quarreling but in Zheng Bo#39;s eyes, debating seeks a compromise.有的人觉得辩论就好比是吵架,但在郑看来,辩论寻求的是和解。Zheng, 26, China Representative to World University Debating Council, is the judge for the national debating competition.26岁的郑是世界大学辩论协会中国代表,担任本届全国辩论赛的评委。Zheng says that in most debating competitions, it is hard to decide who is right and who is wrong, but you can find what both sides agree on.郑表示,大多数辩论赛中,很难决定谁对谁错,但你能够找到双方达成一致的点。;Debating isn#39;t a quarrel. Students should know that the criteria for deciding the winner is reasoned argument,; said Zheng.郑说:;辩论不同于争吵。学生应该知道——合乎逻辑的论才是决定胜负的标准。;;The great thing about debating is not reaching a conclusion, but understanding that certain compromises are valid; that stories always have two sides; and that we need to learn and tolerate both of them.;;辩论的重要一点不在于得出结论,而是要明白可以进行一定的妥协;凡事都有两面,我们应该去了解并包容它们。; /201208/194481。