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In the months leading up to the launch of my book, The 7 Non-Negotiables of Winning, I’ve talked a lot about winning—but I’ve talked a lot about failing, too. Learning how to fail productively—to “Fail Up”—is one of the greatest secrets to full-on success.在我还有几个月就要出版的新书:《胜利的7个原则》(The 7 Non-Negotiables of Winning)中,我谈了很多有关成功——以及失败——的内容。学会如何有成果地失败——“失败是成功之母”——这是取得最大成功的最重要秘诀之一。And in that vein, I was impressed with a recent article by business author Bernard Marr. He pointed out that there is one single thing that all “radically successful” people have in common: They have a ferocious drive and hunger for success that makes them never give up.在这个方面,我对商业作者伯纳德·马尔(Bernard Marr)最近发表的一篇文章印象深刻。他指出,所有“取得了巨大成功”的人士都拥有一个共同的特征。他们都有着强大的动力,对成功的渴望让他们永不放弃。There are many varieties of success. Jobs and careers are one area, but success in family life, personal relationships, community and church work, philanthropy and sports or treasured hobbies are important success priorities as well.成功有很多种。工作及职业是一个领域,但家庭生活、人际关系、社区和教堂的志愿工作、慈善事业及体育运动,或者宝贵的业余爱好,这些都比成功更重要。 /201308/253511

;McResource Line; — McDonald#39;s#39; employee-only resource and advice site — has been dispensing a hot mess of helpful tips in recent months: From advising workers to get a second job, to suggesting they sell their stuff for quick cash, to reminding them to tip their nannies and pool boys generously this holiday season.“McResource Line”是仅向麦当劳员工开放的资源与建议交流网站,近几个月来该网站发布了多条热门建议,包括鼓励员工找兼职,建议他们卖掉自己的东西换成现金,还提醒他们假期里要记得大方地给保姆及游泳池杂工小费。Its latest recommendation, however, may be its most useful yet: Lay off the fast food.但最近的一条也许是所有建议里面最有用的了:别吃快餐了。An image posted on the site labels a McDonald#39;s-like meal of hamburger, fries, and a coke as an ;unhealthy choice,; and warns employees against consuming such foods, which are ;almost always high in calories, fat, sugar, and salt.;在该网站发布的一张图片中,麦当劳式的汉堡、薯条及可乐的套餐被打上“非健康选择”的标签,称其“几乎都是高热量、高脂肪,糖份、盐份也非常高”,还呼吁员工不要吃此类食品。;It is hard to eat a healthy diet when you eat at fast-food restaurants often,; the site goes on to say. ;Many foods are cooked with a lot of fat, even if they are not trans fats. Many fast-food restaurants do not offer any lower-fat foods. And most fast food restaurants do not offer many fresh fruits and vegetables.;“如果你经常在快餐店里吃饭,那么你很难保持一个健康的饮食习惯。”该网站称。“在制作快餐时一般都会放很多动物油,尽管这些油并不是反式脂肪。大多快餐店一般没有低脂肪的食品,也没有什么新鲜的水果和蔬菜。”So what can employees do to eat healthier? For one thing — stay away from McDonald#39;s.所以员工们怎样才能吃得更健康呢?一个选择就是——远离麦当劳。;In general,; the site suggests, ;eat at places that offer a variety of salads, soups, and vegetables.;“一般来说,多去那些有多种沙拉、汤以及蔬菜的餐馆吃饭。” 该网站建议。None the less, the company said it was ;looking into the matter.;但麦当劳公司声称其将会“调查此事”。 /201312/270369Liberals, to paraphrase Leo Tolstoy, are all alike; but conservatives are all conservative in their own way. While liberals insist on universal human rights and the pursuit of a globalised world, conservatives value national uniqueness, sovereignty and identity, defending their exceptionalism from a single, encroaching world order.套用列夫#8226;托尔斯泰(Leo Tolstoy)的话说,自由派总是相似的,保守派却各有各的保守之处。自由派坚持倡导普世人权,追求一个全球化的世界;而保守派重视国家的独特性、主权和认同,面对咄咄逼人的单一世界秩序,努力捍卫本国优越主义。During his third term as president, Vladimir Putin is starting to distinguish himself as a Russian conservative. Understanding this will have considerable benefit for those seeking clues to the country’s future.在自己的第三个总统任期内,弗拉基米尔#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)开始表现出俄罗斯保守派的特质。理解这一点,大大有助于判断俄罗斯未来的走向。The swing towards conservative ideas is partly a response to what is happening in the world. As Francis Fukuyama has shown, it is the statist right, rather than the radical left, that has won the battle of ideas in the wake of the global financial crisis. But it is also in large part the result of their inherent popularity at home, and the unique relationship of the Russian masses to their leaders.向保守主义思想的转变,一定程度上是对当今世界形势的反应。正如弗朗西斯#8226;福山(Francis Fukuyama)所明的,本次全球金融危机之后在意识形态斗争中胜出的并非激进的左翼,而是奉行中央集权的右翼。但在很大程度上,这一转变也是因为保守主义思想在俄罗斯国内一向受到欢迎、以及俄罗斯民众与领导人之间的独特关系。Russian conservatism can be traced to the time of the monarchy and is known by a simple formula: “Good tsar, bad elites.” It has always depended on giving the leader control in exchange for reining in the petty nobility. This was true of Ivan the Terrible and Joseph Stalin. It was true, too, of radical reformers such as Peter the Great and Vladimir Lenin, equally authoritarian but widely approved of because their target was the elite.俄罗斯的保守主义可追溯至君主制时代,用一句简单的话来概括就是:“好沙皇,坏精英。”其一直以来的存在基础是将控制权交予领导人,以换取对小贵族的钳制。伊凡雷帝(Ivan the Terrible)和约瑟夫#8226;斯大林(Joseph Stalin)是如此,彼得大帝(Peter the Great)和弗拉基米尔#8226;列宁(Vladimir Lenin)等激进改革者也不例外——后两人的专制程度不比前两人逊色,却因为打击精英而备受认可。One sees echoes in Mr Putin’s policies. In his first term, he cut the oligarchs down to size. Now he is chastising his own ruling group over petty corruption, symbolised by the firing of defence minister Anatoly Serdyukov after his ministry was embroiled in a corruption scandal.普京的政策也是如此。首个任期内,他削弱了寡头阶层。如今,他正在围绕轻度腐败问题严厉整治自己的统治集团,其中标志性的事件是在国防部卷入腐败丑闻后将部长阿纳托利#8226;谢尔久科夫(Anatoly Serdyukov)免职。Modern Russian conservatism is both anti-communist and anti-liberal. It is not the same as the US version, which values a small state. Here, conservatives value undivided political power, with economic power rooted in and subordinate to it. They value the traditions of established religion, sovereign foreign policy and the guarding of great power status.现代的俄罗斯保守主义既反共产主义,也反自由主义,这与强调小政府的美国版保守主义不同。在俄罗斯,保守派看重的是独揽政治权力,而经济权力植根并从属于政治权力。他们重视国教传统、独立自主的外交政策和捍卫大国地位。For his first 12 years in power, Mr Putin’s conservatism was tempered by the need to appeal to an influential liberal elite. But with the desertion of this class to the ranks of anti-government protesters since 2011, he is finally making his true views known. This should not be seen as winding back the clock, however. Russia is in transition from the pure totalitarianism of the Soviet era; this conservative moment represents a rethinking of what comes at the end of the transition.在执政的最初12年里,由于需要吸引富有影响力的自由派精英,普京的保守主义思想受到抑制。但随着2011年以来这一阶层背离普京、加入反政府抗议者之列,普京终于开始展露出自己的真实想法。不过,这不应被视为倒退。俄罗斯正处于走出苏联时代纯极权主义的转型期;这一保守主义时刻代表着对转型结束时俄罗斯命运的反思。Russia cannot return to the Soviet model other than on a symbolic level – such as reviving the Soviet anthem or socialist rhetoric. Likewise, we will not see the rebirth of the Tsarist empire with the Orthodox Christian tradition as the official ideology. Today, we are a multi-ethnic society with a growing Islamic population.除了一些象征层面的调整——比如恢复使用苏联国歌或社会主义言论——俄罗斯不可能再回到苏联模式。类似地,我们也不会看到以东正教传统为官方意识形态的沙皇帝国重生。当今,俄罗斯是穆斯林人口不断增加的多民族社会。It is also worth noting that, while liberals are a numerical minority, they are influential. The government is controlled by moderates, with Dmitry Medvedev as their head. The oligarchs, who by and large espouse liberal ideas, retain much power.同样值得注意的是,尽管自由派在人数上占劣势,但他们仍具有不小的影响力。政府是由以德米特里#8226;梅德韦杰夫(Dmitry Medvedev)为首的温和派控制的。大体上拥护自由主义思想的寡头们也仍握有很大的权力。If we put these facts together, Mr Putin’s presidency is pragmatic – conservative mainly in the sense that it does not share globalists’ optimism. It is not trying to guard an exhausted status quo. His ideas, by and large, do not transgress the limits of moderate western-type nation-building.将这些事实汇聚在一起可以看出,普京的这一总统任期是奉行实用主义的——其保守之处主要在于它不认同全球主义者的乐观看法。它并不试图维持穷途末路的现状。普京的思想总体上并没有逾越温和的西方式国家建设的界限。Mr Putin’s conservatism has been moulded by foreign pressure, symbolised by the passage in the US of the Magnitsky law, which creates a travel blacklist for certain Russian officials. It has been moulded from inside by the desertion of the middle class from the ranks of his supporters and the growth of a liberal protest movement.普京的保守主义受到国外压力的影响,其中具有代表性的是美国通过的《马格尼茨基法案》(Magnitsky Act),该法案设立了针对某些俄罗斯官员的旅行黑名单。在国内,影响则来自于中产阶级脱离普京持者行列以及自由派抗议运动的发展壮大。In the face of these challenges, Mr Putin will move in the direction of being a conservative moderniser at home and a realist abroad. He will insist on state sovereignty, distrust globalisation, limit liberalisation and keep democracy strictly within a sovereign, national framework.面对这些挑战,普京的行动方向将是对内成为倡导现代化的保守主义者,对外成为现实主义者。他将坚持国家主权、怀疑全球化、限制自由化、将民主严格限制在独立自主的国家框架下。The term “balance of power” is the key to understanding Mr Putin’s version of conservatism, which will define politics in his third and presumably fourth terms. He will pursue the national interest, regional and global power, protectionism and mercantilism. Having lost the cold war, Russia will try to revise the status quo using all available opportunities.“力量平衡”一词是理解普京式保守主义的关键,这一思想将是他第三和(很可能出现的)第四个任期内的政治基调。他将追求国家利益、地区和全球影响力、保护主义和重商主义。在输掉冷战后,俄罗斯将努力利用一切可能的机会改写现状。The writer is chairman of the department of the sociology of international relations at Moscow State University本文作者为莫斯科国立大学(Moscow State University)国际关系社会学系主任 /201303/232707Whether you consider yourself to be financially responsible, or you always seem to come up short on cash, there are a few key indicators that may indicate you are living beyond your mean.不管你觉得自己生活富余还是经常会财政短缺,下面这几个小信号都需要注意一下,它们预示着你可能要财政赤字了哦。And being aware of them can save you loads of money woes in times of a cash emergency.注意这些能帮你省下一大笔钱以备不时之需。You couldn’t live without your job’s income for at least six months.存的薪水不够你花半年Need some motivation to start saving? Sit down and add up how much money you make each month. Then, multiply that amount by six.需要让自己省钱的动力?那就坐下来算算每个月能赚多少钱吧,然后乘以6。Assuming you have a stable job, that’s the minimum balance you should have stashed away in an interest bearing, FDIC insured deposit account that is earmarked solely for emergency needs.假设你的工作很稳定,这些钱是你需要存起来以备不时之需的最低标准,联邦存款保险公司有专为紧急需要的账户。Clients frequently underestimate life’s uncertainties and discount the need to have cash available for unexpected events like unemployment, illness, disabilities, and family emergencies.人们往往会低估人生的不确定性,在遇到突发情况(如事业,疾病,残疾,和家庭紧急情况)时我们对金钱的需求其实很大。If you have a less-than-stable career or you’re self-employed, we recommend saving as much as 12 months worth of income. If you don’t have anything near that amount saved, and worse, you’re in debt, you’re living beyond your means.如果你的工作并不稳定,又或者是自己创业,我们建议至少要存有12个月的收入。如果你的存款没有这么多,甚至还在负债,那么你就已经入不敷出了。You vacation on credit.用信用卡旅游You work hard and you’ve earned that vacation, right?努力工作觉得可以旅个游来犒劳自己啦?Consider this financial rule of thumb when it comes to credit purchases: If it takes you longer to pay for the purchase than the actual “life span” of the item, you can’t really afford it.但如果需要用到信用卡,就想想这个重要的准则吧:如果还款所需的时间比实际的旅游时间还长,算了吧,你其实付不起。Start a plan to save money for vacations well in advance of the time you’ll need to book tickets or make reservations.提前制定旅行计划能省一大笔钱,你需要订票和预约酒店。Make sure you pay the balance down before you’re charged a dime of interest and be realistic about all the “extras” that can add to the cost of a trip, like tips, parking, and baggage fees.确保自己在付利息前能付清所有的钱。记得要把那些小费、停车费和行李费都算进去。You only consider monthly payments when buying a car.买车时只考虑了月收入。Aside from a home, a car is one of the most expensive items you’ll purchase in your life. While it’s understandable to focus on monthly payment amounts when determining how much car you can buy, your ability to afford a monthly auto loan payment doesn’t mean you can afford the car.和房子一样,车子也会是你人生中购买的最贵的东西之一。在决定购买什么价位的车时,月收入的确需要考虑进去,但你能付清每月的车贷并不代表你就能买得起这车。If you’re in doubt, consider the duration of the loan: If it’s longer than three years, and doesn’t result in owning the vehicle outright at the conclusion of the loan, you’re shopping out of your true budget.如果你还对我的话有所怀疑,那不妨想一下还贷期限:但如果还款期限超过了三年,直到还贷结束才真正拥有这辆车,你得基于自己的实际预算来购买。The same premise holds true for auto loan refinancing: If you’re refinancing because interest rates have dropped considerably since you initiated the loan, that may be a money-smart move.车贷重新按揭也是如此:比如由于车贷降息,你选择重新按揭,这是个理财方法。If you are refinancing only to lower your monthly payments, and refinancing means that you are extending the life of the loan, you’re not actually saving money — you’re just stretching out the payments.但如果你重新按揭只是为了减少每月的还贷,同时还贷期限延长,那么你并没有省钱——反而多花了钱。You’ve arrived at the home you can afford based on a 30-year fixed mortgage.买房子,你能付起30年的固定抵押贷款。If you’ve calculated the amount of home you can afford based only a 30-year fixed mortgage scenario, you may be taking on more than you can really afford.考虑买房子的时候,你也许已经算过30年固定抵押贷款所需的金额,但也许比你实际付的还要多。Instead of strapping yourself to a 30-year fixed mortgage payment, consider how much more affordable less house with a shorter loan term is—despite the higher monthly payment.与其把自己绑在30年固定抵押还贷上,不如想想短点贷款期限是不是更省钱——即使月付更高点。By opting for a four percent, 15-year fixed mortgage on a 0,000 home loan over a comparable 30-year fixed loan, a homeowner could save ,020 in interest over the life of the loan. Further, he owns the home in less than two decades.比如25万美金的房子,贷款15年是百分之四的利息,相比于30年而言,房主能省97020美金的利息。更何况不到二十年他就能完全拥有这房子了。You’ve paid an overdraft fee in the last 12 months.过去一年你已经付过透费了。If money is so tight that you have to rely on overdraft protection in order to float your lifestyle, you’re living beyond what you can afford. Period.手头有点紧,不得不靠着透保护来继续这一生活方式,那么你目前已经入不敷出了。You’ve exceeded your credit limit.你已经超了信用卡额度Exceeding your credit limit doesn’t just cost you in over-limit fees.超额使用不仅仅要交付超额费。Because your credit score is based largely on your debt-to-utilization ratio, your credit score is lowered when your credit balances are high and it signals to lenders that you’re in over your head.由于你的信用额度很大程度上基于你的资产负债率,一旦超额使用,你的信用就会降低,会认为这意味着你入不敷出了。If you are approved for new lines of credit—including a home mortgage—your future interest rates will be sky high.如果你申请新的信贷,包括房屋按揭,你将来的利息税就会超高。You’re in debt but you pay someone to do a job you could do yourself.尽管负债,你还是花钱请人来做那些力所能及的小事Are you too busy to clean your house, walk your dog, mow your lawn, or manicure your nails?难道真的忙的没有时间打扫屋子、遛、修剪草坪甚至修指甲吗?Instead of paying someone else for skills you possess, do the task yourself and put the savings toward paying down debt, building your emergency savings accounts and funding your retirement.与其花钱请人干那些你力所能及的活,不如自己干,省下来的钱可以付账单,存入紧急账户或是退休基金。 /201302/224081

A DECADE before he killed himself in 2007 at the age of 74, R.B. Kitaj, an American painter, left Britain, where he had lived since the 1950s, and moved, with his young son, to Los Angeles. A retrospective at the Tate Gallery in 1994 had drawn caustic personal reviews. When his 47-year-old wife, Sandra Fisher, also a painter, died just a fortnight after the exhibition closed, Kitaj blamed the critics and turned against his adoptive nation.从1950年代开始,美国画家罗纳德·布鲁克斯·基塔伊就一直生活在英国。然而1994年泰特美术馆的一场回顾展引来了针对个人的尖刻。画展结束后仅仅两个星期,他47岁的妻子、同为画家的桑德菈·费希尔便撒手人寰。基塔伊迁怒于那些家,并同他旅居的这个国家反目成仇。1997年,他带着年轻的儿子离开英国,前往洛杉矶。10年后,74岁的基塔伊自杀身亡。Now two shows, drawn from the Jewish Museum in Berlin, offer a reassessment of this passionate and difficult artist. The Jewish Museum in London’s Camden Town has chosen a small selection of works in which Kitaj confronted most explicitly the questions of his Jewish identity. “Unpacking My Library”, which he began in 1990, shows a white-haired figure contorted, bent almost double, from the effort of concealing a book in his jacket. The figure has the moustache and spectacles of one of Kitaj’s intellectual heroes, Walter Benjamin, a Jewish essayist, but this is undoubtedly Kitaj. A self-confessed bibliophile, the artist wrote in 1990, “my books feed into the pictures I make with an untutored passion.”对这位充满却又性格乖张的画家,当前举办的两场画展做出了重新评价。展出的作品均来自柏林的犹太物馆。展馆之一是伦敦卡姆登镇的犹太物馆,它挑选的是一组为数不多的作品:在这些画中,作者正视自己犹太身份的方式最为直白。《开箱整理我的藏书》是1990年开始创作的。画中,一个满头白发的人由于竭力想把书藏到外套中,几乎将身子弯成了一张弓。他的胡须和眼睛很像作者的知识偶像之一、犹太作家瓦尔特·本雅明,但却无疑是作者本人。基塔伊承认自己爱书成狂,他在1990年写道:“我的画会以质朴的,从我的书中吸取养分。”Here in microcosm is what makes Kitaj one of the most significant painters in post-war Europe and also what maddens so many of his detractors. The painting is full of movement and precisely articulated emotion. It is partly comic—the hero trying to slip away from helping his wife arrange the house—but it is also an assertion of identity, both as an intellectual of the Jewish diaspora, and as a writer. Kitaj’s paintings are always figurative, but like books, they need to be or unpacked, which his critics find pretentious.此画正是基塔伊画风的缩影。这一画风让他享誉战后的欧洲画坛,也让众多诋毁他的人为之抓狂。《开箱》一画动感十足,其间饱蘸的情感拿捏得十分准确。作品有几分滑稽(比如不愿帮妻子收拾房间、试图溜之大吉的主人公),但也是对身份的坚持:既有流离海外的犹太知识分子这一身份,也有秉笔耕耘的作家这一身份。基塔伊的绘画都是表象艺术,不过同书籍一样,它们需要观者的解读;这在批评者眼中却甚是造作。Kitaj’s obsessive concern with his Jewishness started in the early 1970s, after he Hannah Arendt’s account of the trial of Adolf Eichmann, one of the organisers of the Holocaust. For 14 years on and off he worked on “Desk Murder”, finishing the painting in 1984. Invoking Arendt’s phrase, “desk murderer”, it shows the spooky outlines of a 1940s office set against a blood-red background, which morphs into the shape of a mobile gas van. “The Listener (Joe Singer in Hiding)” from 1980 vividly conjures in pastel a Holocaust survivor, a surrogate for Kitaj himself, hunched underground and visibly tense with fear.汉娜·阿伦特有一部作品讲述的是审判阿道夫·艾希曼(组织犹太人大屠杀的凶手之一)。基塔伊在1970年代初拜读这部作品之后,便开始十分重视自己的犹太身份,甚至沉迷其中。绘画《办公桌旁的谋杀》就援引了阿伦特的“办公桌旁的凶手”这一措辞。这幅作品,他断断续续地画了14年,才于1984年完成。画中,一套1940年代的办公物件呈现出阴森恐怖的轮廓,而血红的背景则幻化成一辆流动毒气车的形状。创作于1980年的《乔·辛格在藏身处侧耳倾听》用粉生动地描绘出一位大屠杀幸存者的形象:他躬身藏在地下,惊惧之色一目了然,而这一形象指代的恰恰是基塔伊本人。In “The Wedding” (pictured), completed in 1993, Kitaj himself, wearing the yarmulka, dances with his wife at their wedding surrounded by his best man, David Hockney, and their Jewish friends—Lucian Freud, Frank Auerbach and Leon Kossoff—whom he had dubbed the School of London. “If Not, Not”, his masterpiece from the mid-1970s, is mesmerising, lusciously painted and formally resolved. The dreamlike blue lake is inspired by Giorgione’s “The Tempest” overborne by the looming gates of Auschwitz, in a landscape littered with symbolic objects and people. Kitaj acknowledged his debt here to Eliot, another American émigré, and to the idea of the “waste land” of T.S. Eliot’s great poem “as an antechamber to hell”.图中的这幅《婚礼》完成于1993年。这是基塔伊自己的婚礼,画中的他头戴犹太便帽,与妻子翩翩起舞,周围是他的伴郎大卫·霍克尼,以及他们的犹太朋友卢西安·弗洛伊德、弗兰克·奥尔巴赫和里昂·科索夫(也即基塔伊口中的“伦敦画派”)。《如果不是,那便不是》是他1970年代中期的大作。这幅作品画风艳丽,形式完美,令人心醉神迷。画中,一泓碧蓝色的湖水如梦似幻,其灵感正是来自乔尔乔涅的《暴风雨》;湖水上方森然笼罩着奥斯维辛集中营的大门,而四周原野则零散堆砌着富有象征意味的物品和人物。基塔伊借此向同为美国侨民的托马斯·艾略特致谢,并感谢其伟大诗篇中的“荒原”这一意境:在他看来,“荒原”正“如通往地狱的前厅”。The second Kitaj show, at the Pallant House Gallery in Chichester, picks up another th in the artist’s imagination: his allegiance to a line of modernist thinking that included Jewish intellectuals as well as those occasional anti-Semites, Eliot and Ezra Pound. Among the important canvasses that reflect Kitaj’s broader philosophical and political thinking are “The Ohio Gang” (1964), with its ferocious Maenad, a follower of Dionysus, sweeping in from the side, the compelling “Juan de la Cruz” (1967), with its conflicted African-American soldier, and the huge contemporary history painting, “Pacific Coast Highway” (1973), with its multilayered references. None of these is easy, but they share essential qualities: exhilarating draughtsmanship, boldly expressive colour and conceptual ambition.另一场画展是在奇切斯特市的帕兰特屋画廊。它所挑选的是作者意象的另一主线,那就是他对一种现代主义思潮的忠诚(这一思潮中既有犹太知识分子,也有偶尔反犹的艾略特和埃兹拉·庞德)。基塔伊的不少油画都能反映他在哲学和政治方面更为广泛的思考,而以下几幅都是其中的重要作品:在1964年的《俄亥俄帮》中,酒神迪奥尼索司的信徒美娜德从一侧气势汹汹地掠来;1967年的《“圣十字”胡安》是一幅引人入胜的作品,画中的美国黑人士兵满脸都是矛盾的神情;而1973年的巨幅现代历史画《太平洋海岸公路》则有多层次的旁征引。所有这些作品都不简单,却都有一些共同的基本特征:赏心悦目的绘画技巧,大胆而极具表现力的色运用,以及宏大的艺术构思。A final room contains some of the explosive works that Kitaj painted after 1994, including the marvellously vituperative “The Killer-Critic Assassinated by his Widower, Even”, painted the year he left Britain. Nearly two decades after the Tate show, these exhibitions prove just how good Kitaj was at marshalling complex ideas into a coherent and forceful image.最后一个展厅陈列的是1994年之后、基塔伊在盛怒之下所绘的一些作品。其中《刺杀夺命家,为亡妻雪恨》就是他在离开英国的那一年所画;作品充满了刻毒的诅咒,却又令人叹。在泰特回顾展结束将近20年后,这些画展恰好表明,基塔伊是多么擅长将复杂的思想融入一幅条理清晰、震撼有力的图像。 /201303/228454

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