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因害怕遭到欧盟的又一次反垄断处罚,微软将在欧洲销售剥离了IE浏览器的Windows 7系统。Windows 7 to ship without IE in EuropeMicrosoft says it will send the newest version of its Windows operating system in Europe without its Internet Explorer web browser. The move is to counter pressure from European regulators.Microsoft will instead offer IE separately and on an easy-to-install basis to both computer manufacturers and users. The reversal comes shortly before the European Commission is due to rule on antitrust charges brought against Microsoft in January. The world's largest software company is charged wit abusing its dominant position by bundling its IE, shielding it from head-to-head rival products. Earlier the EU fined Microsoft 1.7 billion euros for bundling its media player, and forced the company to release a Windows version without it.06/74121。

Having a party? Follow these simple steps and find out how you can save money and serve better food while taking care of the planet. Learn how to host a green party.想举办派对吗?遵循以下简单的步骤,既可以保护环境,又可以省钱,还能为宾客提供更好的食物。学习一下怎样举办绿色派对。Step 1: You Will Need1.你需要Compostable Plates,Cloth Napkins,Plastic Utensils,Organic Wine,Organic Food,Gas Grill可降解的盘子,布餐巾,塑料器皿,有机葡萄酒,有机食品,燃气烧烤架Step 2: Post Consumer Production2.使用环保器皿One-time use items like paper plates, plastic cups and utensils take a tremendous amount of resources to produce and dispose.纸盘,塑料杯和器皿等一次性物品的制造过程耗费大量的资源,丢弃非常可惜。Use washable plates or purchase biodegradable plates. Many stores now carry compostable plates that will go right into your composter or can be thrown away. They biodegrade quickly so they wont take up space in a landfill. You can find plastic cutlery everywhere. Purchase the sturdy plastic utensils and you can wash and reuse them several times.使用可以清洗的盘子或者购买可以生物降解的盘子。现在,许多商场提供可以直接制作堆肥或者可以直接扔掉的可降解的盘子。这种盘子可以迅速降解,所以不会在垃圾填埋场占用空间。到处都可以找到塑料刀叉。购买结实耐用的塑料器皿,可以清洗,多次重复使用。Step 3: Organic Chow3.有机食品Preservatives and substitutes like high fructose corn syrup and partially hydrated oil arent doing your body any good. Go organic. You can find certified organic food at most grocery stores. Better yet, find a farmers market where you can talk to the farmer directly and ask questions about where your food came from. You can compliment your fresh, organic food with a little organic wine! These days you dont need to be a sommelier to find a good bottle of organic vino.防腐剂,果糖玉米糖浆等替代品和部分水合油对你的身体没有任何好处。还是有机食品比较好。大部分杂货店都可以买到通过认的有机食品。然而,最好找一个集市,直接和农民对话,询问他们食品来源。新鲜有机的食品再加上一点有机葡萄酒就更好了!现在,要寻找一瓶好的有机葡萄酒并不需要你是一个品酒专家。Step 4: Paper Free4.不要用纸餐巾Instead of using paper napkins that could contain contaminating bleaching agents, use cloth napkins for your events.纸餐巾中可能含有污染性的漂白剂,还是用布餐巾比较好。Step 5: Got Gas?5.使用燃气Gas-powered grills are the best option. Natural gas is the cleanest and the most energy-efficient method to barbeque. For an authentic wood flavor, soak a few hickory chips in water and throw them on the grill right before your food.燃气烧烤架是最好的选择。天然气是用来烧烤的最清洁,最能源高效的方法。要是比较喜爱真正的木质口味,可以在烧烤之前向烧烤架上洒一些山胡桃木碎片。Thanks for watching How To Host A Green Event感谢收看“怎样举办绿色派对”视频节目。201210/203713。

Cynthia Schneider列举两个和;美国偶像;同类型的节目,分别为阿富汗和阿联酋的节目,展示了电视选秀节目在不同的社会中展现出的惊人的效果。201203/176095。

Armwrestling is the perfect sport for the pub: its competitive, easy to learn and a great way of settling scores. In this film, VideoJug learns how to armwrestle with some of the best pullers in the world at the Milton Keynes Armwrestling Federation. Pull!搬手腕是酒馆里最完美的体育活动,有竞争性,容易学习,而且记分简单。在这段视频中,VideoJug跟来自米尔顿·肯尼斯扳手腕联盟的世界上最好的扳手腕选手学习一些技巧。Like any healthy, red-blooded man, James Lamont loves to arm wrestle. He wants to learn how to go from arm wrestling amateur to technical master. So who better than World Number 3 Steve Kirlew, and the boys at Milton Keynes Armwrestling Federation to show him the techniques for victory?像任何健康的,精力充沛的男子一样,James Lamont喜欢扳手腕。他想要学习怎样从扳手腕业余选手成为能手。那么,世界排名第三的Steve Kirlew和来自米尔顿·肯尼斯扳手腕联盟的成员来教他是最好不过的了。Step 1: Stance1.站姿If possible, stand up for your bout- thats what they do in professional armwrestling competitions.Put one foot forward- to maintain stability, and sp our weight.如果可能的话,站起来参加比赛,在专业的扳手腕竞技活动中,选手们就是这样做的。双脚一前一后来保持平衡,分散全身重量。Step 2: The Grip2.紧握The grip is very important - try and get as high a grip as possible on your opponents hand- this is cheeky, but it give you a huge advantage. Now raise your wrist, so your opponents wrist goes down. This makes them weaker, and you stronger.紧握对方的手非常重要——试着抓对方的手的位置尽量高一点——这是无礼的,但是可以让你获得巨大的优势。现在抬高手腕,这样对手的手腕就会低下去,使他变得更弱,你则变得更强。Step 3: Pull Towards You3.向你这边拉Never try and push your opponents arm straight down- you should be pulling their arm towards you to make the most of your strength, and minimise the risk of injury.永远不要试图推着对手的手臂把他压倒,你应该把他的手臂向你这边拉,用出最大的力气,将受伤的风险最小化。Step 4: The Hook Technique4.手要勾住This technique is great for when you are very strong. Try and extend the opponents wrist, by rolling your own hand and wrist back towards you. Now pull their arm towards you and down- to victory!对于强壮的人来说,这个技巧非常适用。试着拉长对方的手腕,把自己的手腕勾起来面向自己。把他们的手臂向你这边拉,并向旁边用力压——获胜!Step 5: The Top Roll5.把肘部抬高This technique is useful for when you are evenly matched in arm strength, and can give you a subtle advantage. As you take position at the start of the bout, move your elbow forward to make your hand higher than theirs. Now achieve as high a grip as possible on their hand. When the bout starts, roll your hand back towards you, and see how their wrist opens up- this makes them very vulnerable, and increases your chances.当两人势均力敌的时候,这个技巧非常有用,可以让你获得轻微的优势。比赛开始摆姿势的时候,你的肘部稍微向前一点,这样你的手就会比对手的高。然后尽量抓住对手的手比较高的部位。比赛开始后,把你的手向自己这边拉,看到他们的手腕逐渐伸展开,这让他们很容易受伤,增加你获胜的机会。Thanks for watching How To Win At Armwrestling感谢收看“怎样在扳手腕比赛中获胜”视频节目。201209/200830。

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Todays ;Shoutout; goes out to Mr. OBrien and the students at Warrenton High School in Warrenton, Oregon.今天的“大声喊出来”来到了奥伯里恩先生的课堂。Which president established the U.S. Department of Labor? You know what to do? Was it George Washington, William Taft, Franklin Roosevelt or Bill Clinton? Youve got three seconds, go!哪位总统成立了美国劳工部?你知道该怎么做!它是乔治·华盛顿、威廉·塔夫脱、富兰克林·罗斯福还是比尔·克林顿?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!President Taft established the Labor Department in 1913. Thats your answer and thats your ;Shoutout.;塔夫脱总统在1913年成立了劳工部。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。(END VIDEO CLIP)AZUZ: Every month that Labor Department releases numbers about the U.S. economy. 每个月,劳工部会公布有关美国经济的数字。They help give us an idea of how the economy is doing. 这会帮助我们了解经济运行情况如何。First number, 7.5 percent, thats the national unemployment rate. 第一个数字,7.5%,这是国内失业率。Its been going down slowly, but its still relatively high. 这一数字正在下降,但相对来说它仍然很高。Before the recession hit, that rate was 4.5 percent. 在衰退袭来前,失业率曾是4.5%。Next labor number, 165,000, thats how many jobs the U.S. economy added in April. 下一个劳动数字,165000,那是美国经济四月份新增的工作。The biggest gains were in retail and restaurant jobs, there were cuts in government jobs and the construction industry. 最大的就业增长是在零售业和餐业,政府和建筑工业的工作有所减少。Last number, 15,000. 最后一个数字,15000.This one isnt from the Labor Department, its from the stock market. 这个数字不是来自劳工部的,它来自股市。The Dow Jones average temporarily hit 15,000 on Friday for the first time ever. 道琼斯平均在周五首次短暂达到15000新高。It didnt end the day there, but experts say its a sign that investors feel more positive about the U.S. economy.那天收盘价并不是这个,但专家表示这标志着投资者对美国经济将更有信心。 /201305/238355。

昨天上午,国家科学技术奖励大会在北京人民大会堂举行,大会颁发了年度国家最高科学技术奖,中国科学院院士、知名数学家谷超豪和中科院院士“两弹一星”元勋、资深航天专家孙家栋荣获年度国家最高科学技术奖。中共中央总书记、国家主席、中央军委主席胡锦涛向他们颁奖。Backgrounder: China's State Science and Technology Awards amp; The past winnersChina's State Science and Technology Awards are offered in five categories. And while some have more than one winner every year, others are more elusive. The State Supreme Science and Technology Award is China's highest and most esteemed national science honor. The award is given out each year to no more than two scientists. Winners receive a cash prize of 5-million yuan, or over 730-thousand US dollars. It honors important breakthroughs in basic scientific research, with far-reaching influence. It also rewards prominent scientists who have generated enormous economic returns or facilitated social progress. The first State Supreme Science and Technology Award was given in 2000. Mathematician Wu Wenjun and hybrid-rice expert Yuan Longping were the deserving recipients. Two academicians won the award the following year. They were computer scientist Wang Xuan from Peking University and semi-conductor expert Huang Kun from the Chinese Academy of Sciences.No winner was announced for the Supreme Award in 2004. It was the first and only time in the history of the award. In 2008, neurologist Wang Zhongcheng and chemist Xu Guangxian shared the Supreme Award. The Natural Science Award, the Technology Innovation Award, and the Science and Technology Advancement Award are the three major science awards handed out at the state level. The Natural Science Award honors achievements in basic research and applications. This includes math, physics, chemistry, astronomy, geology, biology and other disciplines. In the past ten years, there have only been winners on 3 occasions.The Technology Innovation Award honors important inventions for manufacturing, processing, and material and systems research. The award declared its first winners in 2004. The Science and Technology Advancement Award focuses on projects crucial to social progress, state security, and social well-being. The International Science and Technology Cooperation Award honors foreigners or international organizations that have contributed to the advancement of China's science and technology fields. 201001/94307。