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Inca legend recalls his bravery:;The young prince threw himself at the enemy.;印加传奇重现了他的英勇骁雄 年轻的王子以迅雷不及掩耳之势;He was so agile and fast,;He terrified Uscovilcas bodyguards.;杀入敌方阵中 令尤斯科维尔卡的护卫闻风丧胆The Chancas vanquished.昌卡人被击败了The Incas victory over the Chancas was legendary.印加帝国战胜昌卡帝国 成为一段传奇故事They never stopped talking about it,人们对这段故事的讲述从未停止they never stopped celebrating it.欢呼雀跃也从未停息Pachacuti will kick-start the biggest empire Ever seen in the Americas.帕查库提将精神饱满地建立起美洲 最大的帝国Most of modern-day Chile, Bolivia and Peru,ed under Inca rule.如今的智利 玻利维亚和秘鲁的大部分地区 当时都在印加帝国的统治之下And to link their territory A network of trails stretching 25,000 miles,绵延25000英里的路网 将他们的领土紧密相连Over some of the steepest terrain on earth.有些甚至越过了地球上最陡峭的地带At the end of the trail,Machu Picchu,Pachacutis palace in the clouds,路网的终端 是马丘比丘(秘鲁中南部古城) 帕查库提的云顶天宫就建立在那里Unknown to the rest of mankind.其余人类却毫不知晓But the isolation of the Americas is coming to an end.但是美洲的与世隔绝即将走到尽头In Europe, survivors of the plague will rebuild,在欧洲 瘟疫爆发后的幸存者将开始重建Launching a new era of conquest and exploration,掀起一个征与探索的新纪元Thatll lead to the discovery of the new world.新大陆即将展现在世人面前201512/417151We struggle for new lands,New opportunities.我们倾力找寻新大陆 攫取新机遇We fight for wealth and power.我们为财富而战... 为权力相争But now mankind embarks on a new journey而今 人类再次拔锚启航risking all for a new world.不惧千难万险 踏上找寻新大陆的全新征程Amidst the chaos of an unforgiving planet,这颗星球残酷无情 在无数混乱中Most species will fail.大多数物种将会在劫难逃But for one, all the pieces will fall into place,但有一个物种 却有条不紊地进化着And a set of keys will unlock a path for mankind to triumph.一串钥匙即将开启人类通往胜利的道路This is our story, the story of all of us.这就是我们的故事 我们所有人的故事Guided by Thor, God of Thunder,The vikings set out across the world.承蒙雷神托尔的指引 维京人穿行于世界各地Their longboats are fast, rugged,维京大战船航速快抗击打能力强Designed to navigate the most treacherous waters on earth.足以抵御世界各地最为危险的恶水险境The longboats almost like an all-terrain water vehicle,维京大战船就是种万用的水上交通工具that allows these Vikings to go further and deeper这种船便于维京人 涉海远行 深入重洋and almost anywhere on the planet.使他们可以畅通无阻地往来于世界各地From Scandinavia,warriors storm through Europe,Raiding, settling,从斯堪的纳维亚半岛南下 维京勇士席卷欧洲各地 奇兵突袭 掠地自居Founding new cities, connecting the northern world.兴建城镇 贯连北方诸地Now, they head west, across the Atlantic Ocean.而今 他们一路向西 横跨大西洋201601/422353Hong Kong feels drop in mainland tourists香港旅游业失去光 内地游客呈现下降趋势In the past three months, Hong Kong has seen the number of tourists from the mainland plummet.过去3个月到香港旅游的内地游客数量呈现下降趋势。And the slump is feared to get worse for the coming May Day Holiday.这样的情况在即将到来的五一假期或许会更加糟糕。During the three-day holiday,the number of mainland tourists is expected to plunge by 30 percent from the same period last year.在为期3天的假期中,内地游客的数量相比去年同期预计会减少30%。Thats mainly down to the cancellation of multiple entry permits for Shenzhen residents,the strong Hong Kong dollar and easier visa procedures to go to Japan and South Korea.这主要是因为取消深圳居民的多次入境许可、港元走势变强及前往日韩所需签手序变得更容易导致。Over a thousand hotels in Hong Kong say only 50 percent of their rooms have been booked for the holiday.香港1000多家酒店表示假期期间只有50%的房间被预订。This comes despite numerous discount offers from travel agencies and hotels.尽管旅行社和酒店提供大量折扣,但游客仍不买账。201505/373291l Warned him about this family.我早就警告过他要小心这家人了l warned him about that mother. That mother, l from a mile away.我早就警告过他要小心那妈妈了 我一眼就看穿她了she had an agenda from day one.她打从一开始就不安好心眼There was a so-called rebuttal that was played,还有所谓的抗辩影片the that the Arvizo family made after the allegations had surfaced,阿维佐家族在做出那些控诉后所拍的影片in which they claim that Michael had been a father figure to this family.说迈克尔对他们全家来说 像是个父亲And they were really adamant about it on this .他们在影片中的口气很坚决And this existed.也确实有此影片And you wouldve thought that just the fact that this existed正常人应该都会认为 光是有这部影片wouldve been enough for the district attorney检方就应该to not wanna prosecute this case,不去起诉这起案子because, eventually, we would have to see this .因为最终这影片必定要播放And all of us would then have to look at this and think,我们看了不都会想What the heck is going on here? Which is exactly what happened.现在是什么状况? 结果正是这样The focus, instead, was on the defences first celebrity witness,the actor Macaulay Culkin.焦点都转移到了辩方的名人人 演员麦考利·克金The prosecution had suggested that in the early 1990s,检方在90年代初曾怀疑他也是he was one of a number of young boys whod been sexually abused by Jackson.众多被杰克逊性侵的年轻男孩之一201511/407605


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