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富阳区第三医院简介富阳人流多长时间做最好Thailand is set to have its first female prime minister in Yingluck Shinawatra, younger sister of ousted former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. Her victory as leader of the opposition Pheu Thai party has raised hopes that women can play a larger role in the country’s male-dominated politics. But many question if she can emerge from her brother’s shadow, let alone challenge Thai society’s cultural and social barriers for women.泰国第一位女总理英拉.西那瓦很快就要就职了。英拉.西那瓦是被推翻的前总理他信.西那瓦的。她作为反对党为泰党的领袖所取得的胜利使人们更有希望看到泰国女性在男性占主导地位的泰国政坛将发挥更大的作用。但也有些人怀疑她能否走出哥哥的阴影,更不用说跨越泰国社会给女性造成的文化与社会障碍了。Yingluck Shinawatra emerged victorious in one of the most high-stakes elections in Thailand’s recent history.英拉.西那瓦在泰国近期历史上关系最为重大的一次选举中当选获胜。Her Pheu Thai party won a comfortable majority in a rebuke to Thailand’s traditional elite, who backed the ruling Democrat party of Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva.她的为泰党在对传统精英构成严重教训的一场选举中轻松赢得多数议席,那些传统精英持执政的民主党籍的总理阿披实。The 44-year-old businesswoman is now preparing to hold her first political office as Thailand’s first female prime minister.这位44岁的女商人现在正准备以泰国第一位女总理的身份步入政坛。She says Thailand, after years of political turmoil and sporadic street violence, can benefit from having a woman in charge.她说,在多年的政治动乱和零星的街头暴力之后,泰国可以从一位女性掌权获益。"I think I can use as the female to talk with everyone to make the country… move forward by the peaceful strategy," she said.英拉说:“我认为,我可以利用自己的女性身份和大家谈话,使国家以和平的方式向前进。”201107/143701在富阳第一人民医院新院收费好不好 Asia and Europe's economic front CNN's John Vause reports leaders from Asia and Europe agree on plan to overhaul financial systemAnd so it now, it has come down to this: dozens of leaders from Asia and Europe beating apart to Communist China to find a solution to the greatest crisis capitalism has faced in more than 70 years. This meeting was planned in Beijing long before the credit crunch. But the symbolism seems unmistakable. China, the economic superpower of tomorrow, will play a major role in solving the economic mess of today. Europe and Asia have come together in Beijing at the time of global crisis. And indeed, we are, in the moment, we're, we need global team work. As I said, two days ago, we seem, swim together, ah, we think together. And now, these leaders want new rules for global finance. We need even more financial regulation to ensure financial safety.French president Nicolas Sarkozy was looking for China support to his plan to rewrite the rulebook of international finance. He didn't get that. But ahead of the major economic summit in Washington next month, he does have support for significant changes in the way business has done.We need to try it into the / making for them. And this brings me to what the prime, Chinese prime minister has said, intonation to the Washington Summit, that / that China was going to participate very actively.But China will not be using its massive foreign reserves with almost 2 trillion US dollars to save the world. The government's focus, says the premier, is to keep strong economic growth at home or / this lowest as it has been in years, and expected to slow further in the coming months. This summer was about a united front, 43 countries representing half the world's economy, demanding tougher rules for the international finance, great transparency, strictest supervision. All they had to do now is convince the US.John Vause, CNN Beijing.200810/54098Greek politicians have voted in favor of billion worth of austerity measures that were a precondition for Greece to receive international loans and stave off financial disaster. But as strikes take place across the nation and thousands gather in the capital Athens for a second day of protest.希腊政界人士已投票通过价值400亿美元的紧缩措施,这些措施是希腊为了接受国际贷款和避免金融灾难需要满足的先决条件。罢工席卷希腊全国,数千人连续第二天聚集在首都雅典进行抗议。Root problem Democracy was born in Greece and many still consider it the cradle of Western civilization.希腊是民主的诞生地。许多人把希腊看成是西方文明的摇篮。But in 2011 the bedrock of democracy in Greece, its parliament, has been defended by armed police against battalions of citizens who say their voice has been forgotten. 可是在2011年,希腊民主的基石--它的议会却由武装警察守卫着,不让大批民众进去。那些群众说,他们的声音已被忘却。The root of this crisis is money.这场危机的根源是资金。After years of borrowing, Greece is in debt. Faced with a massive deficit and under pressure from the international community, the government has revved up taxes and put the brakes on spending. 在借钱多年之后,希腊负债累累。面对巨大的财政赤字和国际社会的压力,希腊政府实行增税政策,并且大大减少了开。That's been bad news for most Greeks. Business profits are low and poverty rates are high.这对大多数希腊人来说是坏消息。公司的利润降低,贫困率升高。Austerity, many in Greece say, is destroying lives. 许多希腊人说,紧缩措施正在毁坏他们的生活。201106/142697富阳妇幼保健院做人流

新登镇妇女儿童医院可以做人流吗Central banks target credit crunchZeb Bham of Corporate FX on a federal interest rate cut and central banks' decision to help end credit woesA: What do you make of this decision by the, by the central banks to, to club together to ensure that, the credit market doesn’t freeze up ? B: I think Wednesday’s report that they were working together to auction off the, er… extra funds, er… over a 3-month period was sort of er…seen as a bit of er… a bit of positive for the markets and we saw most of the stock markets rally. But since then, the markets had digested that information and realized that this injection isn’t really going to er…alleviate the problems that we’ve seen in the credit crunch.A: It was like the interests rate cut, wasn’t it? Really, the day before, where from the Fed, it was an interests rate cut which everyone wanted, everyone said we were gonna get, but it didn’t go quite far enough. It was the same with…with what the central banks did, we are talking about a lot of money in you and me terms, something like 49 billion dollars, but it’s in banking terms, it’s a relatively small amount, isn’t it?B: Yeah, it indeed. It is a relatively small amount, and because it’s for such a short period of time. That’s the reason why the markets have taken this negative impact. I mean in Asia, we’ve seen the… the stock markets over there, react pretty badly, and the Asian Central Bankers haven’t really followed suit with what the Europeans and the Americans are doing, but the fears are still there that if the credit crunch continues, they could see their exports being crippled.A: And what do you make of the… the interests rate cut by the Fed earlier in the week, a quarter of a percentage point, er.. it was what everyone wanted, as I said, but the reaction was more sort of “Come on guys, what planet are you living on there in the…in the Fed, you know, living in the same world as the rest of us?”B: Exactly, I think it was mu(ch), came out much in lie, er… however, the rhetoric after meeting suggested that they are sort of …paving way for further rate cuts despite the inflation being pretty high, we saw both RPI and PPI coming out stronger than expected, em… and also we got CPI this afternoon, if we see this hotter than expected, it’s aly expected to come out at 4.1%, even if you strip out food and oil from there, it's still expected to come out at 2.3 which is above the Fed's two percent target.A: It’s interesting to hear you talk about inflation, and the Fed obviously sounded a lot of caution about inflation, and yet we had a survey out earlier this week which said that most of the American public thinks that the economy is aly in recession.B: Exactly, em… I think the, the word rather than recession is stagflation. We have, we are having problems with inflation at the moment, and the Fed with the difficult position of trying to control that, while it's at the same time, trying to prevent the er… American economy going into recession, and that’s where we see the rate cuts coming into play, the question now is whether the rate cuts are going to fuel inflation, or whether they are going to control er…growth as the U.S. is expecting.A: And what’s your gut feeling about the CPI today with Bridge Rick and ...?B: I think CPI’s gonna come out slightly hotter than expected, em… mostly due to higher fuel and energy cost, and the RPI and PPI gave us that direction as well. If we see it come out hotter, I think the Fed are gonna have to make another difficult rate decision about whether they are going to raise rates in January, and the …interesting to know the interests rate futures market is still predicting, 100% chance that the Fed are going to raise rate in January.Notes: PPI:roducer Price Index 生产价格指数RPI:Retail Price Index 零售价格指数CPI:Comsumer Price Index 消费者价格指数02/62421富阳市哪个医院无痛人流比较好 The battle for control of the U.S. Congress has entered its final week and both major political parties are engaged in a furious last-minute push for votes.11月2号是美国中期选举投票日,为争夺国会控制权的角力进入冲刺时刻,两大政党都在为争取选票做最后的努力。According to the opinion polls and political pundits, Republicans continue to have the upper hand heading into the final days of the 2010 congressional midterm election campaign.民调显示,共和党人在2010年国会中期选举竞选中继续保持优势。Most Americans say the domestic economy is the number-one issue this year, and the public's dismal view of the economic climate is bound to hurt Democrats and help Republicans on Election Day, November 2.大部分美国人表示,国内经济是今年的头号议题。民众对经济形势的悲观看法必然会在11月2号选举日影响民主党人,惠及共和党人。Among those campaigning for Republican candidates is Ohio Congressman John Boehner, who is likely to become speaker of the House if Republicans win back a majority next week.如果共和党11月2号赢回多数地位,正在为共和党候选人助选的俄亥俄州共和党众议员约翰·纳就可能成为众议院议长。"If you are tired of the high unemployment, if you are tired of all the takeovers and bailouts, [then] that is what elections are for," he said.他说:“如果你们厌倦高失业率,如果你们厌倦所有这些并购和救市措施,这就是为什么要进行选举。”Polls also give Republicans an edge in voter enthusiasm, though there are signs that lethargic Democrats may be waking up in the final days of the campaign.民调还显示,尽管缺乏生气的民主党人在竞选的最后几天可能振作起来,但共和党人还是更能激发选民的热情。Much of that Republican intensity is being driven by the Tea Party movement, a loose coalition of conservative and libertarian-leaning groups around the country that is demanding spending and tax cuts and a smaller role for the central government generally.共和党人紧锣密鼓的竞选大部分要归功于茶叶党运动。这个全国性的保守派联盟要求削减开,降低税率,缩小政府作用。201011/116977富阳宏路第三医院

场口镇中心医院妇科专家大夫Chelsea warning: NY town abuzz pre-Clinton weddingNever mind that the details about Chelsea Clinton's wedding are being guarded like state secrets. The postcard-pretty town of Rhinebeck is y for its close-up.The former first daughter and her parents have not even confirmed that her wedding is being held in Rhinebeck. Still, signs congratulating her hang in shop windows, residents are talking to TV crews and officials are bracing for crowds.Clinton, 30, will wed investment banker Marc Mezvinsky on Saturday, and this little Hudson Valley town of upscale boutiques and pricey homes north of New York City is expecting an influx of A-List guests, reporters and rubber-neckers."I think this will put us on the map in an entirely different way," said Ira Gutner, owner of Samuel's coffee shop, which featured a sign in the window congratulating the Methodist bride and Jewish groom with "Mazel Tov, Chelsea and Marc.""People will say, 'Oh, let's go to Rhinebeck, Chelsea Clinton got married there.' ... We'll forever be known for this," he said.It's all but certain that the couple will wed Saturday evening at Astor Courts, a secluded estate along the Hudson River built as a Beaux Arts style playground for John Jacob Astor IV more than a century ago. The estate features the sort of commanding view that once inspired Hudson River School painters, as well as 50 acres of buffer space to shield the party from prying eyes.The spot is a bit more than an hour north of Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton's home in suburban Chappaqua and about 90 miles north of New York City.Vocabulary:A-List: a group of desirable or admired people who are welcomed esp. in social and professional situations(一流的,最出名的)rubber-necker: an extremely curious person(好围观的人,好奇者)put on the map: to bring into the public eye; make known, famous, or prominent(使出名,使有重要性)Mazel Tov: 恭喜,犹太人之间所用的话语Beaux Arts style: 法国美术学院派风格,或称美术风格、布杂风格commanding view: 一览无余,俯视,俯瞰buffer space: 缓冲地带,间隔背单词 — 装英语词汇201007/110192 富阳无痛人流哪个较安全富阳中山门诊妇科



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