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A Mermaid in ShanghaiDenmark's Little Mermaid traveled abroad for the first time to spend six months in Shanghai, where she made her debut Sunday at the World Expo.The surprisingly small 96-year-old statue--just 5 feet, or 1.5 meters tall--is the centerpiece of the Denmark Pavilion. It sits in a pool of water, also lugged all the way from Copenhagen.The statue, created by Danish sculptor Edvard Eriksen after the fairytale by Hans Christian Andersen, is Denmark's most popular tourist attraction, and while she is in Shanghai, a installation by Chinese artist Ai Weiwei is replacing her at her home perch in Copenhagen's harbor.While she is revered in Denmark, the Little Mermaid has seen her share of domestic violence and has been the subject of repeated attacks by vandals. She has been decapitated, had her arm cut off, been painted as well as blown off her rock. A few years ago, she was draped in a burqa.In addition, replicas of her have popped up across the world, including in Greenville, Michigan, where it forms part of the town's annual Danish Festival, along with a statue of Andersen--made of Lego pieces, a product that originated in Denmark.Xinhua news agency reported that Denmark's Minister of Taxation Troels Lund Poulsen said at a ceremony to unveil the statue Sunday that the mermaid had been brought to Shanghai to show his country's dedication to China.Although the ceremony was a closed event, hundreds of Chinese visitors crowded outside the Danish Pavilion, though they could only see the statue's back.Yue Yufei, 10, from Jiangsu province, told Xinhua that she has the Hans Christian Andersen fairytale, and also saw a picture of the statue taken by her mother, who visited Denmark in 2005.'It's so exciting to see it with my own eyes. I've been longing for that since I saw the picture and it's great that I can see it without going abroad,' she said, according to Xinhua. Her mother, Chen Xiaolan, said they may come back to visit the 'Little Mermaid' again after the World Expo opens on May 1.Bjarke Ingels, chief architect of the Danish Pavilion, said, 'It's almost like a piece of Danish culture being integrated into Chinese culture,' Xinhua reported.Andersen's works were introduced to China in the early 1900s and are still widely by Chinese children. In his tale, as in the 1989 Walt Disney movie, the mermaid is a sea king's daughter who falls in love with a human prince. But unlike the movie, the Andersen tale has no singing crab and, worse, the mermaid's Faustian bargain to trade her fishtail for legs doesn't quite work out as planned. /201004/102655Exchange the money兑换货币Is this the eign exchange department?这里是兑币处吗?Yes,can I help you?是的,我能帮忙吗?I need some US Dollars.我需要些美元What kind of currency have you got.您现在有哪国货币?RMB.By the way,what is the exchange rate today?人民币,顺便问一下,今天的汇率是多少?One US Dollars in cash is equivalent to 7.9 Yuan.1美元折合7.9元人民币And I want to change 000 Yuan.我想换000元Minus the fee. Here are your dollars. Please sign here.减去手续费,这里是你的美元,请在这里签字OK,thank you.好的,谢谢你 19631. Oh, Im sorry, but Ive just accepted another offer that I feel is more suitable to my needs.很抱歉,我已经接受了一份我认为更符合我要求的工作. I really appreciate your offer, but I have to decline it because I have aly taken another job which I prefer to work in.很感谢你们的录用,但是我不得不拒绝;因为我已经接受了别的工作,而且我更喜欢那份工作3. Frankly speaking, I have been thinking that the position is not right me after the interview.坦白地说,面试之后我一直认为这个工作不适合我. I think that position suits my major better.我认为那个职位更适合我的专业5. That not what I pursue. I have good clients to work with, and cozy office environment, that something you cant buy me out of.那不是我想要的,我有关系良好的客户,舒适的办公环境,这些是你无法让我跳槽的原因6. But I dont want to accept a position that I dont think I am bright in.但我不想接受一份自己感到不快乐的工作7. I think it is too stressed to work in your company.我认为在你们公司工作压力太大8. Please call me if you change your mind.如果你改变了主意,可以打电话给我们9. What more, that firm will supply me with an apartment. You know I dont have my own house yet and I have to rent.更重要的是,公司为我提供住房你知道我没有自己的房子,必须租房. Sorry to say no to your offer.拒绝你们的工作我很抱歉Dialogue 1Dialogue 1A: Hello, is that Miss Lan? This is Nin with Huawei Corp.A: 你好,是蓝吗?我是华为公司的妮娜B: Yes, speaking.B: 我是A: Id like to tell you that you could come to work with us.A: 我想通知你,你被我们公司录用了B: Oh, Im sorry, but Ive just accepted another offer that I feel is more suitable to my needs.B: 哦,很抱歉,我已经接受了一份我认为更符合我要求的工作A: I see.A: 我知道了Dialogue Dialogue A: I am calling to tell you that you are hired by our company.A: 我是想通知你,你被我公司聘用了B: I really appreciate your offer, but I have to decline it because I have aly taken another job which I prefer to work in.B:很感谢你们的录用,但是我不得不拒绝,因为我已经接受了别的工作,而且我更喜欢那份工作A: You are welcome, Please call me if you change your mind.A: 不客气,但是如果你改变主意,可以打电话给我们B: I will. Thank you.B:我会的,谢谢 3759

第一句:Im sorry to hear that.听到这件事我替你难过A: My father was ill. I took him to hospital this morning.我父亲病了,我上午把他送医院了B: Oh, Im sorry to hear that.哦,听到这件事我替你难过第二句:Dont be so depressed.别太灰心丧气了A: Nothing goes well.没有一件事进展得顺利B: Dont be so depressed.别太灰心丧气了其他表达法:I know how you feel.我知道你的感想Dont let it get you down.别让这个搅了你的兴致Dont take it too seriously.别把问题看得太严重了It not a big deal.这不是什么大问题

Rival Palestinian factions Fatah and Hamas have agreed to form a unity government led by current President Mahmoud Abbas.A Palestinian official said Monday the agreement was reached at a meeting in Qatar.The official said the deal calls for Mr. Abbas to assume the role of prime minister, replacing Western-backed Salam Fayyad. It was not immediately clear when the new government will be formed.巴勒斯坦两个对立派系法塔赫和哈马斯同意组成一个由现任民族权利机构主席阿巴斯领导的联合政府。一位巴勒斯坦官员星期一说,此项协议在卡塔尔的一次会议上达成。这位官员说,协议呼吁阿巴斯担任总理职务,替换西方国家持的萨拉;法耶兹。目前还不清除新政府将在何时组建。Hamas and Fatah first agreed to form a unity government in May of last year. Hamas rules the Gaza Strip, while Fatah heads the more moderate Palestinian Authority in the West Bank. Hamas, an Islamic militant group regarded by the West as a terrorist organization, won a landslide victory in Palestinian elections in 2006. It took over Gaza from forces loyal to Mr. Abbass Fatah movement in 2007, after months of factional unrest.哈马斯和法塔赫去月同意组建联合政府。哈马斯统治加沙地带,法塔赫在约旦河西岸领导较为温和的巴勒斯坦民族权力机构。哈马斯是一个伊斯兰激进团体,被西方国家视为恐怖组织。哈马斯006年巴勒斯坦选举中取得压倒性胜利。经过几个月的派系斗争后,哈马斯从忠于阿巴斯的法塔赫运动的军队手中接管加沙地带。来 /201202/170536

Check-out招呼结账Check, please.买单Wed like to pay separately.我们想要分开付账Here is your bill.这是您的账单Would you like to have the bill now?您现在想结账吗?Id like to settle my bill, please.我想结账May I know who is paying, please?打扰一下,请问哪位付账?Could you make out two separate bills me?可以给我分开两张账单吗?May I prepare the bill you now?请问,现在我可以为您准备账单了吗? 89

As well as demonstrating the courage of Ukraine’s people, the one thing that the country’s political crisis of the past few weeks has made clear is the weakness of Russia. President Vladimir Putin likes to present his country as a reviving world power but it is trapped by its own dependence on oil and gas.过去几周的乌克兰政治危机不仅展示出了乌克兰人民的勇气,也明显暴露出了俄罗斯的弱点。俄罗斯总统弗拉基米#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)希望把自己的国家呈现为一个正在复苏的世界强国,但该国却受制于对油气的依赖。The threats and sabre-rattling will no doubt continue. Russia may be able, and should perhaps be allowed, to keep control of the Crimea and its black sea naval base at Sevastapol though history does suggests that current events are simply sowing the seeds of another long-running conflict there, not least with the Tatars.威胁和武力恫吓肯定会继续。俄罗斯或许能够、也可能应该被允许控制克里米亚及其位于塞瓦斯托波尔的黑海舰队基地,不过历史确实表明,目前的事件只会为该地区另一场旷日持久的冲突播下种子,特别是与鞑靼人的冲突。Beyond that, however, Moscow is in no position to confront Europe or even the new government in Kiev. The Ukrainians must not allow themselves to be provoked by an Emperor who has no clothes.此外,俄罗斯政府还没有做好准备应对欧洲甚至乌克兰新政府。乌克兰不应让自己受到一个没穿衣的“皇帝”的煽动。Russia’s weakness is its overwhelming dependence on oil and gas export revenues. Russia exports 6m barrels of crude oil and another million barrels of oil products to Europe every day. Europe also buys a third of total Russian gas production. Moscow simply cannot afford to lose any significant proportion of that revenue. Four gas pipelines run through Ukraine. On a short-term basis Europe needs Russian energy but the dependence is entirely mutual. On a longer-term basis Europe has other options and every burst of Russian rhetoric must be encouraging European governments to prepare contingency plans. Russia has no such options.俄罗斯的弱点在于其对油气出口收入的严重依赖。俄罗斯每天向欧洲出00万桶原油外加100万桶石油制品。此外,俄罗斯天然气总产量的三分之一流向欧洲。俄罗斯承受不起损失其中任何一笔巨额收入。有四条天然气管道途径乌克兰。短期来看,欧洲需要俄罗斯的能源,但依赖完全是相互的。较长期而言,欧洲还有其它选择,俄罗斯方面的任何激烈言论都肯定会促使欧洲各国政府制定应急方案。俄罗斯却没有那么多选择。Since coming to power 14 years ago, Mr Putin’s regime has been sustained by more than a decade of high oil and gas prices. The revenue has allowed the Russian government to survive and has made a small proportion of the country’s population very rich. This easy stream of income has, however, enabled the Russians to evade the need for reform and modernisation.自从14年前上台以来,普京政府靠10多年的高油气价格得以维系。这笔收入让俄罗斯政府得以生存,并让该国一小部分人变得非常富有。然而,这种轻易获取的源源不断的收入,导致俄罗斯政府避开了必要的改革和现代化。Beyond the energy sector the scientific and technical base of the country is weak and has failed to match the advances being made elsewhere in the world not least in China. Too many of the brightest Russians have left the country. So, of course, has a large proportion of the wealth generated by the energy sector.除了能源行业,俄罗斯的科学技术基础相当薄弱,而且未能跟上全球其他地区正取得的进步,特别是中国。太多最聪明的俄罗斯人离开了祖囀?当然,能源行业创造的大量财富也已从俄罗斯流失。The Russian economy is now more dependent on oil and gas than it was when Mr Putin came to power. Oil and gas account for 70 per cent of Russian exports and over 50 per cent of all state revenue.俄罗斯经济现在对油气的依赖程度超过普京上台之时。油气占俄罗斯出口的70%,占财政总收入的0%。Even if exports to Europe are maintained in the short termas they were throughout even the toughest days of the cold war Russia is vulnerable to developments in Europe which undermine the need for imports, especially of gas. That process is happening aly. European gas demand is down by 10 per cent over the last decade and will fall further as markets such as Germany switch to renewables. Gas to gas competition is threatening old contracts and will push prices down.即便面向欧洲的出口在短期内得以维持(就像在冷战期间最困难的日子仍得以维持那样),俄罗斯仍会受到欧洲一些发展的影响,这些发展会降低欧洲的进口需求,特别是天然气进口。这种情况已经出现了。过0年,欧洲天然气需求下0%,随着德国等市场转向可再生能源,需求将进一步下滑。天然气竞争正威胁过去签订的合约,并将推低天然气价格。Russia has huge resources not just of oil and gas but also of shale gas and tight oil. But resources in the ground are of limited value if the market is saturated. Petroeconomies are inherently unstable precisely because they have minimal flexibility in responding to external circumstances beyond their control.俄罗斯资源丰富,不仅拥有油气,还有页岩气和致密油。但如果市场处于饱和状态,那么地下资源的价值就有限了。石油经济学的内在不稳定性恰恰是因为,它们在应对无法控制的外部情况方面灵活度太小。No doubt all this will reinforce Russian paranoia and could trigger some damaging responses to the loss of a country which has been part of the Russian sphere of influence for many decades. Russia cannot afford to apply energy sanctions against Ukraine and if it tries to do so the only effect will be to expose the limits of its power.毫无疑问,这些都会加重俄罗斯的疑惧心理,而且俄罗斯也许会因为失去一个几十年来一直隶属该国势力范围之内的国家,而做出一些具有破坏性的反应。俄罗斯承受不起对乌克兰实施能源制裁,如果俄罗斯试图这样做的话,唯一的结果将是暴露其实力的局限性。Given this reality it is important that the threats from Moscow are not misunderstood as expressions of strength. One day perhaps Russia will be reformed and emerge, if not as a great power, then as a strong and diversified economy. It looks as if we will have to wait for a new Russian leadership for that process to begin.鉴于这一事实,这点非常重要:来自俄罗斯的威胁不应被误解为该国实力的表现。或许,俄罗斯有一天会实行改革,变成一个强大且多样性的经济体(即便不是世界强国)。看起来我们必须等待新一届俄罗斯领导人来启动这一进程。来 /201403/278720

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