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福建福清市妇保医院私立还是公办福建省福清市妇幼保健医院四维彩超价格A train crash in China中国火车相撞事故A new third rail新的政治高压线Suddenly the Communist Party’s showcase project is in trouble中共的形象工程突然陷入困境Jul 30th 2011 | BEIJING | from the print editionNO TRANSPORT accident has caused such an outcry in China as did the collision on July 23rd of two bullet trains, in which at least 39 people died. With the accident and the railway ministry’s crass response, public grievance is widesp. A cherished project, the rapid expansion of what is aly the world’s longest high-speed rail network, is in tatters.7月23日中国两列动车相撞,造成至少39人殒命,一时舆论汹汹,为历次交通事故所罕见。此次事故连并铁道部的应对失据,令公众怨声四起。这项被中共奉若至宝的世界最长高速铁路网快速扩张工程,如今却成了烂摊子。The crash on a viaduct near the coastal town of Wenzhou is above all a big embarrassment to the Communist Party itself. Only a few weeks earlier party officials had been crowing about the network’s latest, and most expensive, addition: a 1,320km (820-mile) line between Beijing and Shanghai that cost more than billion. Its opening was timed as a celebration of the party’s 90th birthday on July 1st. Soon services on the new line were disrupted by power cuts. Angry passengers waited for hours in sweltering heat.首先来说,这起发生在滨海城市温州附近高架桥上的火车相撞事故令中共大为难堪。仅在几周前,中共官员对一条刚修建的、耗资最大的铁路网始终不吝溢美之词:那是一条连接北京和上海的铁路线,全长1320公里,造价超过300亿美元。其开通时间定在中共“七一”90华诞当天以作为献礼。不久之后新线路的运营就受到停电事故的干扰,愤怒的乘客只能在闷热的车厢中等候数小时。The collision occurred on another line that opened two years ago. It was the four-year-old network’s first fatal crash, and the bloodiest train accident since more than 70 people died in 2008. As it did then, the railway ministry responded to this week’s fatalities by sacking officials from the region responsible, in this case Shanghai. But as even some state-owned newspapers have pointed out, the man appointed to succeed the bureau’s disgraced chief had himself been demoted in connection with the 2008 accident.这次碰撞事故发在另外一条于两年前开通的线路上,这是高铁网络4年时间里首次发生的重大撞车事故,也是自发生死亡70余人事故的2008年以来最为惨重的火车事故。与当时做法如出一辙,为应对本周的恶性事故,铁道部解雇了责任地区(这次是上海)的几名官员。但即便是一些国营报纸也纷纷指出,该局被撤职局长的继任者曾因牵涉2008年事故而被免职。201108/146728福清市中山男科几点下班 Analysts predicted that Goldman Sachs would post earnings of more than billion in the second quarter. Instead, the U.S. investment firm reported a profit of .4 billion.Although the impressive results drew cheers from investors, a government report showing a nearly 2 percent jump in the producer price index, which measures the average change in price for domestic goods, tempered enthusiasm on Wall Street.Financial historian and author Charles Geisst says big profits for a firm that took in billion in government bailout funds last year might upset taxpayers. "No one likes obscene profits in markets like this. But on the other hand, Americans do like money," Geisst said. "And they admire firms that will take a risk in order to reap this sort of profit."The investment firm is among the first to pay back its government loans. It also managed to set aside more than billion for employee bonuses.Geisst says Goldman Sachs succeeded by making profits the old fashioned way - by taking risks and buying and selling volatile commodities like oil. "The taxpayer looks at this and thinks, 'We are getting back to normal,' which is not the case right now; it's a matter of risk taking," he explains. "Extreme risk produces extreme profit and vice versa. But this gives a consumer some heart at the same time."U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has warned that a full economic recovery will take time. But on Tuesday, he told Arab business leaders in Dubai that the global recession is showing signs of easing."The rate of decline in economic activity has slowed, business and consumer confidence has started to improve, the housing markets are showing some signs of stability, the cost of borrowing, the cost of credit, has fallen significantly," Geithner states.Despite an improving economic forecast, many large banks, including Citigroup and Bank of America, are still struggling.On Tuesday, President Barack Obama sounded a note of caution, saying that unemployment will likely continue to rise before the job market improves. Last month's jobs report showed that nearly one in ten American workers are unemployed.07/78510Many Indian Companies Put Expansion Plans on Hold许多印度公司暂停实施扩张计划  Many Indian companies are slowing expansion plans as they cope with the global economic downturn. It is a huge change from last year when Indian companies spent billions of dollars on acquisitions both at home and overseas. 为了应对全球经济下行,很多印度公司放慢了扩张计划。和去年很多印度公司动辄斥资几十亿美元在国内和海外的大举并购相比,这是个很大的变化。A recent decision by Indian conglomerate Tata to defer expansion plans came as no surprise to industry watchers. The group chairman said recently that some of its companies with foreign operations are facing problems raising capital, and advised managers to put acquisitions on hold.  对于观察人士来说,印度汽车工业巨头塔塔(TATA)集团最近做出的推迟扩张的决定并不令人吃惊。塔塔集团董事长表示,该公司的一些海外部门集资困难。他同时建议经理们暂时搁置扩张计划。It was a huge turnaround from the last two years, when the Tata group, like many other Indian companies, was on an aggressive buying spree. Tata's most high-profile acquisitions were its takeover of steel maker Corus last year, and the purchase of Jaguar and Land Rover earlier this year.  这个决定和过去两年形成鲜明对照。当时,塔塔集团和很多其他印度公司一样,展开大举收购。塔塔集团最抢眼的收购行动包括去年买下钢铁公司CORUS,以及今年早些时候从福特手中购入捷豹和陆虎这两个高端品牌。Flush with profits from a booming domestic economy, Indian companies spent about billion in 2007 on overseas takeovers. At the same time, they drew up ambitious expansion plans at home to benefit from growing consumer demand.  2007年,在国内经济景气撑下赚得盆满钵满的印度企业总共花费了大约330亿美元用于海外并购。与此同时,他们还为国内业务勾划出宏伟目标,以期充分借助增长强劲的国内需求。But most companies are rethinking those plans as a credit squeeze begins to bite.  但是,随着信贷紧缩,大多数公司开始重新考虑这些计划。An economist at the Confederation of Indian Industry, Anjan Roy, says steadily rising interest rates in the last year are hurting industry. 印度工业联盟得经济学家安让.罗伊说,过去一年来逐步提升的利率正在殃及印度工业。"Across the board companies, all sectors - people are complaining that they are facing this higher interest burden, and in the face of that they are cutting down investment plans. Expansion has been affected because of this credit squeeze," he said. 罗伊说:“这影响到所有行业的公司。企业抱怨高利率带来的负担。他们不得不因此砍掉一些投资计划。信贷紧缩已经影响到企业的扩张。”The higher interest rates have also cooled domestic demand in the last year. The automobile sector - booming until earlier in the year - is reporting lower car sales. Builders are unable to sell homes, and demand for commodities such as steel has dropped.  高利率同时也给国内需求降温。在今年上半年之前相当火爆的汽车市场开始出现销售下滑。建筑商卖房变得更难。钢铁等大宗商品的需求开始下降。The head of the economic think tank, RPG Goenka Foundation in New Delhi, D.H. Pai Panindiker, says many sectors have been affected.  新德里经济智库RPG基金会总裁帕宁迪克说,受到影响的行业不在少数。"Automobiles have been cutting production," he said. "The other industries which are likely to be in trouble are textiles, for which the demand has come down very sharply, leather goods, chemicals is another industry."  帕宁迪克说:“汽车公司减产。其他可能遇到问题的行业还包括纺织业,纺织品的需求急剧下降。制革、化工等行业也是这样。”Indian companies are asking the government to lower taxes, and cut interest rates to revive demand and protect them from the global slowdown. 印度公司要求政府减税、降息,以求刺激需求,帮助企业度过全球经济下行的难关。200811/56869城头镇妇幼保健院门诊专家预约

福清/治疗提高性能力多少钱Google’s takeover of Motorola MobilityGoogle收购托罗拉移动部分Patently different截然不同The battle in the mobile industry takes an unexpected turn移动通信行业之争出现意外转折Aug 20th 2011 | from the print edition WHEN smartphones were still young and computing tablets not yet born, some analysts predicted that the market for mobile devices would sooner or later look much like that for personal computers (PCs): there would be a clear division of labour and intellectual property between makers of hardware and software; a dominant operating system would emerge; and Apple would again become a niche player.在智能手机初现江湖、平板电脑尚未问世之时,有些分析人士就预言移动通信设备市场迟早会变得和个人电脑PC市场一样:软硬件制造商之间分工明确,拥有各自的知识产权;有一个操作系统会一统江湖;而苹果将再次扮演只做特定群体买卖的角色。If proof is still needed, Google’s takeover of Motorola Mobility is the strongest sign yet that this will not come to pass, at least in the near future. On the contrary, the mobile-device industry will bear a closer resemblance to its other parent: the market for old-fashioned, voice-only handsets.不过至少在短期内,这一预言是不会成真了,假如你一定要我给个据,Google收购托罗拉就是最有力的明。相反,移动设备行业的市场状况倒是会与它的另一位生父更为相似,那就是:只有通话功能的老式手机。Start with intellectual property. In contrast with PC makers, firms in the telecoms industry have long fought over patents. If such disputes are even more common over today’s mobile devices (see article), it is because they are exceedingly complex and based on intellectual property from many different industries.先从知识产权说起。与PC制造商相比,电信企业对专利的争夺由来已久,而由于移动设备极其复杂,其知识产权来源于各行各业,知识产权纠纷在今时今日会变得更为普遍。Gaining control of Motorola’s big patent portfolio will provide Google with ammunition in the ongoing battle between mobile platforms. Android, Google’s operating system for smartphones and other devices, has taken the world by storm. Its global market share is approaching 50% (see chart). Yet Apple and Microsoft have found a way to slow down, and even benefit from Android’s advance: going after makers of smartphones running Android for patent infringements.将托罗拉庞大的专利网收入囊中,这为Google参与激战正酣的移动平台争夺战提供了弹药。Google开发的智能手机及移动设备操作系统安卓Android正席卷全球。其全球市场份额正接近50%(见下图)。不过苹果和微软找到了应对之策,这两家公司甚至还从安卓的发展中受益:状告安卓智能手机制造商专利侵权。201108/150886福清市中山医院体检多少钱 Sony headless chicken ad mocks French World Cup teamSony took a cheeky swipe at France's disastrous World Cup team Wednesday with a full-page newspaper ad for Playstation showing a cock with its head blown off above the words "Game Over."The game console ad did not make specific reference to the team, but the cock is a clear reference to an unofficial symbol of France which features on French footballers' jerseys.The headless bird was a photo-montage and "no animal was killed," noted the small print at the bottom of the ad on the back page of Liberation newspaper. Sony was not immediately available for comment on the ad.L'Equipe sports newspaper said last week that for failing to dump the national squad's coach Raymond Domenech, the French football badge should "no longer be the cock but the headless chicken."The players were due to fly back to a humiliated country that has largely written them off as spoiled millionaires led by an incompetent coach and unworthy of the blue jersey worn by the 1998 world champions.Vocabulary:cheeky:无耻的photo-montage: 集成照片(制作法);蒙太奇照片write off: to regard as worthless, lost, obsolete, etc.(认定…失败,或没有价值、不可救药等)背单词 — 装英语词汇201006/107136南岭镇治疗宫颈炎哪家医院最好的

福清性病治哪里最好Pakistani Officials Still Waiting for Evidence in India Attack马伦上将抵巴助缓解印巴紧张关系 The top U.S. military official is in Pakistan in an effort to reduce tensions with India following last week's terrorist attack in Mumbai. Admiral Mike Mullen arrived after President Asif Zardari indicated that Pakistan will not hand over 20 named suspects, even if India offers proof of links to the attack. 美国军方最高领导人抵达巴基斯坦,争取缓解上星期印度孟买发生恐怖分子袭击之后印巴两国之间的紧张关系。美国参谋长联席会议主席马伦上将在抵达巴基斯坦之前,扎尔达里总统表示,巴基斯坦不会交出印方点名的20名嫌疑人,即使印度拿出了这些人跟袭击有关联的据。Indian officials say they have one Pakistani man in custody and other evidence that the attackers had links to Pakistani militants. But Pakistani President Asif Zardari says he doubts the detained man is Pakistani and he is still waiting for India to present evidence tying the attacks to groups in his country.  印度官员表示,他们手里现在有一名被拘押的巴基斯坦男子,以及他们掌握的其它一些据表明,孟买的袭击者跟巴基斯坦激进分子有关联。不过,巴基斯坦总统扎尔达里表示,他不相信这名被扣押的男子是巴基斯坦人,因此他仍然在等待印度方面拿出据来,显示孟买袭击跟巴基斯坦激进组织有牵连。In an interview broadcast on CNN, Mr. Zardari said India's list of 20 fugitives wanted in connection with the attack is not enough evidence for Pakistani authorities to detain them. 在美国有线电视新闻网播出的对扎尔达里的一次采访中,扎尔达里说,印度列出涉嫌与孟买袭击有关联而受到通缉的20名逃犯的名单不足以成为巴基斯坦当局抓捕他们的据。"At the moment these are just names of individuals - no proof, no investigation, nothing has been brought forward," he said. 扎尔达里说:“此刻这些只是个人的姓名而已,不是据,也没有经过调查,等于什么也没有给我们。”U.S. officials have said that it is still too soon to definitively determine who was responsible, but there are indications of links with a militant group partly based in Pakistan.  美国官员说,现在要准确地确定谁制造了孟买袭击还为时尚早,但是,有迹象表明袭击跟部分以巴基斯坦为基地的一个激进组织有关联。While India has demanded that Pakistani authorities hand over the 20 suspects, Mr. Zardari indicated that even if India provides evidence of their involvement, the suspects will remain in Pakistan.  尽管印度要求巴基斯坦当局交出这20名嫌疑人,但巴基斯坦总统扎尔达里表示,即使印方拿出这些人跟孟买袭击有关联的据,那也不会把他们交给印度。"If we had the proof we would try them in our courts, we would try them in our land, and we would sentence them," added Mr. Zardari. 扎尔达里说:“即使我们拿到了据,我们也会在我们自己的法庭审判他们,在我们的国土上审判他们,我们会宣判他们。”Senior U.S. officials are in both countries trying to defuse tensions. After Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice arrived in New Delhi, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mike Mullen landed in Islamabad to meet with senior Pakistani officials. Secretary Rice is expected in the Pakistani capital later in the week. 一些资深美国官员目前在印巴两国访问,争取缓解紧张局势。国务卿赖斯抵达新德里之后,美国参谋长联席会议主席马伦乘坐的飞机也在伊斯兰堡降落,他将会晤巴基斯坦高级官员。预计赖斯这个星期晚些时候前往巴基斯坦首都。200812/57897 2.mayo:n.AKA mayonnaise蛋黄酱 200810/52712上迳镇妇女医院的qq号是多少新厝镇早孕检查哪家医院最好的



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