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Lexington来克星敦 Mars in the descendant下降星座——战神火星America is tired of war. That would suit Barack Obama, if not for the one he entered in Libya美国已经厌倦战争。这对奥巴马来说正合适,只要他们不讨厌利比亚战争就行Jun 23rd 2011 | from the print edition“I VENTURE to say that no war can be long carried on against the will of the people.” Edmund Burke should be alive today. None of America’s several wars is popular. According to a Pew Research poll this week, a majority of Americans (56%) now believe that their troops should come home from Afghanistan as soon as possible. Only 39% favour waiting for the situation there to stabilise, even though most still think that the original decision to go to war was right. In the case of Libya there was never any equivalent enthusiasm to intervene in the fighting between Muammar Qaddafi and the rebels. And most Americans are delighted that the present plan is to quit Iraq by the end of this year.“我敢说任何违背人民意愿的战争都打不长。”埃德蒙·伯克曾如是说。他真应该活着看看今天的情况。美国参与的战争没有一个是受欢迎的。皮尤研究中心本周的民意测验显示,虽然大多数美国人仍然认为当初进攻阿富汗的决定是正确的,但是大部分人(56%)现在都认为美军应尽快撤出阿富汗,只有39%的民众愿意等待局势稳定。而对于利比亚,民众从一开始就没什么热情干预卡扎菲和反对派之间的战争。大部分人都很高兴听到目前计划年底撤出伊拉克。America has reason to be war-weary. Since September 2001 it has spent some .3 trillion on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, in which some 6,000 service personnel have died. Even conservative Republicans, the group keenest on “staying the course”, have started to tell pollsters that America should pay less attention to problems overseas and more to the growing ones at home. In their New Hampshire debate several Republican presidential candidates joined the cry to bring the boys home—“as soon as we possibly can,” said Mitt Romney, the putative front-runner.美国患上战争疲倦症不是没有道理。自从2001年9月起,美国已为伊拉克和阿富汗战争花费1.3万亿美元,牺牲约6千名士兵。即使是最热衷于“按既定道路走下去”的保守共和党人都开始告诉民意调查员,美国应少管些国外的麻烦,多关注与日俱增的国内问题。在新罕布什尔州的辩论中,几个共和党总统竞选人齐声呼吁要让男孩们回家,而且用米特·罗姆尼的话说,“越快越好”。罗姆尼是普遍认为最有希望的竞选人。201106/142674American Middle East envoy George Mitchell said Tuesday he thinks the U.S.-brokered direct Israeli-Palestinian peace talks "are moving in the right direction overall." Mitchell spoke after a three-way U.S.-Palestinian-Israeli meeting in the Egyptian Red Sea resort town of Sharm el-Sheikh that included a surprise second session.The initial three-way meeting of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Neyanyahu, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton extended nearly two hours - longer than planned.以色列总理内塔尼亚胡、巴勒斯坦权力机构主席阿巴斯和美国国务卿克林顿共同参加的三方初步会谈比原订时间延长了将近两个小时。Although he kept to a stated commitment to avoid discussing the substance of the talks, U.S. envoy Mitchell, who spoke for the three parties, hinted at progress.尽管作为三方代言人的米切尔固守着避免讨论会谈内容的声明,但他还是暗示会谈有所进展。What was discussed He said the talks, the second round of a direct dialogue begun earlier this month in Washington, included a serious discussion of several of the core issues of the peace process, and that he believes the talks "are moving in the right direction overall."米切尔表示,这次会谈是三方这个月初在华盛顿开启直接对话后的第二轮谈判,会谈包括了就和平进程中的一些关键性问题进行的严肃讨论。米切尔说,他相信会谈“总体上正向着正确的方向迈进”。It was later revealed that the three principals held an unscheduled second meeting Tuesday afternoon at a Sharm el-Sheikh hotel. The dialogue is to continue with another three-way meeting Wednesday in Jerusalem, and Mitchell said the parties agreed to hold working-level talks to, among other things, prepare for the next leadership session.随后有消息透露,三方于星期二下午在沙姆沙伊赫一家宾馆举行了原本没有在计划中的第二次会面。三方会谈星期三将继续在耶路撒冷进行。米切尔说,各方同意举行工作级别会谈,为一些议程以及下一次的领导人会谈做准备。201009/113791"Colleen, it's the biggest insider-trading case having to do with the hedge fund, specifically. And basically, what it is, is you also have at the top of the indictment, the 559th listed Forbes individual, who’s worth something like 1.3 billion dollars, that obviously gives it more media attention and scrutiny. But basically, it's an insider-trading case saying that material non-public information, information not available to the public, was traded on, which defrauds the markets, and defrauds the public. So, you know, it's a large case, but, the amount, certainly by the standards of the Madoff case, is not, you know, as big as that. But, they're describing it as the big case, so, you, but, you know…""Yea, so, we call it a big case, but you know, how big a surprise is this to you, because you know, when you’re talking about hedge fund, so money, so much money, is that at play. And, you know, one assumes the temptation is so large. I mean, look these managers aren't getting 37% returns for nothing, right?" "I think you make a great point, Colleen, because the point is, they have lots of money under management, and people aren't necessarily calling for all of that money, all of the time, so of course, it's very very tempting to misappropriate the money. And the biggest surprise of all, though, and this was brought up in the introduction for the case, is that a wiretap was used. That's not that common in an insider-trading case. It's usually reserved for different areas of law organized crime, things like that. And I actually, had an occasion to look just very quickly at some of the es, you know, that are in the media, coming off of those wiretaps. Um, I mean, you know, that can be very very damaging, because those are the words of the people charged right out of their own maps, so, yea." "Yeah, I wanna ask you more about the wiretap thing in a minute in the show, but you've aly mentioned one of the world's richest man, we've been showing the picture of him. So I wanna bring that in now, may we can pop those pictures back up, but that person you mentioned is someone named Raj Rajaratnam. Now he is interesting, now these are just allegations at this point I wanna make sure. But he’s among the six executives busted. This guy, Raj, Rajaratnam, born in Sri Lanka, graduated from the Wharton School of Business, pretty prestigious school, right, runs a hedge fund at Galleon, a company that he started in the late 90s. Forbes Magazine put him at No.559 among the world's wealthiest billionaires. He’s got a net worth of what, 1.3 billion dollars and we've also learned that he contributed the money to President Obama's presidential campaign. I mean, I guess maybe that's the typical resume of a hedge fund manger, right?"11/89082Growth prospects中国的经济发展前景Beware the middle-income trap中国当小心中等收入困境China’s roaring growth cannot last indefinitely 中国经济的蓬勃发展无法永远持续下去Jun 23rd 2011 | from the print edition But will they consume enough? 中等收入家庭能够撑起足够的消费吗?CHINA’S LEADERS ARE usually shy of telling things as they are, but the prime minister, Wen Jiabao, put it bluntly when he described China’s economy in 2007 as “unstable, unbalanced, unco-ordinated and unsustainable”. Some foreigners may extol China’s handling of the global financial crisis, but Mr Wen has stuck to his guns. The phrase even crops up in China’s recently adopted five-year economic plan, standing out as an indirect admission of the failings of his own administration and as a marker for the next. 中国领导人谈论中国的情况时常常羞羞涩涩,但是温家宝总理在谈到2007年中国的经济发展时却很直截了当的认为是“不稳定﹑不平衡﹑不协调﹑不可持续”。有些外国人也许会称道中国很好的应对了全球金融危机,但是温家宝总理却坚持了自己的立场看法。他关于2007年中国经济的表述甚至出现在中国最近出台的经济发展“十二五”计划里面,这等于间接承认了他在自己任内有些问题解决得不是很好,可以作为下一届政府的前车之鉴。For all its problems, China in the coming 10-15 years is still likely to reach several symbolic milestones. The IMF predicts that in 2016 it will become the world’s largest economy on a purchasing-power-parity basis. The Economist Intelligence , a sister organisation of this newspaper, reckons that on the basis of market exchange rates China will attain that glory in 2020. By the end of this decade, according to Daiwa Securities, GDP per person in Shanghai, China’s richest city, could be almost the same as the average for America in . 尽管存在问题,中国在接下来十到十五年里还是很有可能实现某些具有象征意义的里程碑式的发展。国际货币基金组织预言,以购买力平价计算,到2016年中国将成为世界最大的经济体。本刊的兄弟机构“经济学家资讯中心”认为,按照市场汇率计算,中国将于2020年获得那份荣誉。根据大和券公司估计,到这个十年(2010-2020)末,中国最富有的城市上海的人均国内生产总值将几乎与美国在年的人均国内生产总值持平。201107/142840

Reality TV school 培训学校 OK, here comes the school which can train you who want to get fame or anything else in a reality TV show.Why are these people subjecting themselves to this crazy exercise? They're building their emotional endurance because they desperately long for a chance at this-"She bangs, she bangs"-possible superstar among American Idol.‘? ever think about it, it was grotesque.’I can't say love on The Bachelorrete, (No, I can’t.) or maybe just a good old cat fight on Flavor of Love. ("No way, slap me bitch, or what...")Yes it seems these days everyone wants a piece of reality TV.“I love reality TV, I think my personality will be great for a reality show The hope is that the fame will actually last and for a lucky few it has.Elizabeth Hasselbeck ,a Survivor alarm, has become a star on the view. (I just don’t understand why it’s my fault.) And Jennifer Hudson crooned her way from an American Idol nobody to Oscar Gold. (Look what God can do.) Perhaps you could be the next reality show's super story if only you have some coaching. (Bring it in? Let it out) Welcome to the New York Reality TV School (A little bit noise, breathe, ahaaaaa.) where extroverts, hams(ham :An incompetent actor who overplays 夸张的表演者)and dreamers have come to free their inhibitions and get comfortable in front of TV cameras so they can hopefully one day land that "make it or break it" role.‘Well I'm a dermatologist, and I came here to learn how to present myself on camera.’‘I'm a firefighter and improviser ,and I came and check it out.’"Being at a certain age I want to portray on reality shows, how a succeed/ed/ woman does in reality TV." "Feet, shoulder-length, apart (脚与肩宽), let’s just put our hands on the hips and roll your hips(扭跨)."The school is the brainchild of acting coach Robert Galinsky, the seminar‘s cost 139 dollars a pop, and the curriculum is all about, e" being real".The cameras’ right in this room, soon enough you are gonna forget they’re there."I'm coaching them to be themselves, to be clear about what makes them unique."He also teaches confidence and strategy, he calls this exercise "the perp walk"(slang, 类似于警察拉着罪犯游街示众). By the way it feels absolutely awful."We have them walk through that line, and have to build up some emotional immunity to what's going on because it's very much like a reality show."While yelling and the cameras were too much for one woman, she actually broke down while we were there. And the pressure let another man to literally explode.‘No, it’s…’I mean, you got metrosexual(metrosexual 是走中性风的都市美型男,但总体来说与gay有很大差别,以新潮发型、钻石耳钉和在海滩穿着布裙而著名的小贝就是“都市中性男”的典型代表。)perfect guy here ,/ insult him as I walked past and you got, you know, cheerleader over here , you got college girl with boy scout over here...’It tends to be the craziest people that win, so it's almost like you teach them how to be themselves in their most crazy form."To be comfortable with yourself in your most crazy form, definitely a part of it."Galinsky even crowds an impressive group of D-list(very minor celebrity) reality celebs to give the students tips. Among them is a star student, Jorge Bendersky. Just months ago Jorge was an average New York dog-groomer. But he felt he had "TV potential".I'm good at what I do, I'm funny".So when he heard Cable Channel Animal Planet was doing a competitive reality show for dog-groomers?"I was like, oh my god, that is just screaming my name." He just knew it was his destiny."I was so excited until I really tried to do their auditioning tape. That was a disaster."And we hire Robert Galinsky for coaching, and the rest is TV history.Jorge made it to the final three on Groomer has it. (Groomers, the judges have made their decision.) He didn't win the cash prize but he did win a little bit of fame."I'm hot and hit(出名), as usual, I’m hot and hit, hey.’"Who knows? Maybe I do have a future on the entertainment industry, you know, 'Grooming dogs would (be) hot and hit?, hot and delicious(老美喜欢这样换词,delicious:Very pleasant; delightful: 有趣的;宜人的), let's make the dog hot and delicious."Yah, Ok for now he is doling out (bestow, as in small portions) tips to other wannabes at the reality school. Once they get the show they need that out of you and then you can concentrate on the challenge.The class also preps them to be comfortable with emotional cast mates. Remember her?"I'm sorry I had a breakdown,/ just want, let you know that, I was hired by New York Reality School to do my little sit?"And that guy, he was a "hired plan", too. There're obstacles and stressful moments that cast members also bring on, the calmer you are, the clearer your head is, the better your decisions will be."If you think this school is a bunch of baloney(胡说八道), testing agent Risa Tanania says reality TV is a serious business."People who want to either be in the spotlight or have a story to tell,or have a name to sell or whatever it is,this is a very serious avenue."So here are the top tips you can't live without.No.1: Don't perform--be yourself. If I wanted an actor, I would hire an actor. So don't song and dance me.No.2, be open about personal issues. You’ve got to always be y to be on the surface with your personal issues, whatever they are. People are not asked to come onto reality shows to be private and reclusive.No.3, be camera-pretty.I don't like Chinese people on TV.I don't like Chinese foreheads.No.4, speak in sound bites to increase your airtime. Just train yourself to always include the question on your answer. Tongue bites are so important because that's what people is going to remember.And finally, No.5, be a hero. Your future is going to go, God knows where? You wanna be likable.Maybe if you are likable enough, a little of the fame last. 'Hot and Delicious'is going to be global.That's the funny thing about getting big by a little bit of fame. "I get to have my celebrity picture"---makes a lot of people yearn for a little bit more.I'm Gigi Stone from Night Line in New York.200811/56846

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