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襄阳襄城妇幼保健院中医院治疗包皮包茎多少钱襄阳市中医医院治疗不孕不育多少钱英语专业四级 专四英语阅读理解练习 --7 :51:00 来源: 专四英语阅读理解练习The case college has been accepted without question more than a generation. All high school graduates ought to go, says conventional wisdom and statistical evidence, because college will help them earn more money, become "better" people, and learn to be more responsible citizens than those who don't go.But college has never been able to work its magic everyone. And now that close to half our high school graduates are attending, those who don't fit the pattern are becoming more numerous, and more obvious. College graduates are selling shoes and driving taxis; college students interfere with each other's experiments and write false letters of recommendation in the intense competition admission to graduate school. Other find no stimulation in their studies, and drop out—often encouraged by college administrators.Some observers say the fault is with the young people themselves—they are spoiled and they are expecting too much. But that is a condemnation of the students as a whole, and doesn't explain all campus unhappiness. Others blame the state of the world, and they are partly right. We have been told that young people have to go to college because our economy can't absorb an army of untrained eighteen-year-olds. But disappointed graduates are learning that it can no longer absorb an army of trained twenty-two-year-olds, either.Some adventuresome educators and watchers have openly begun to suggest that college may not be the best, the proper, the only place every young person after the completion of high school. We may have been looking at all those surveys and statistics upside down, it seems, and through the rosy glow of our own remembered college experiences. Perhaps college doesn't make people intelligent, ambitious, happy, liberal, or quick to learn things—may it is just the other way around, and intelligent, ambitious, happy, liberal, quick-learning people are merely the ones who have been attracted to college in the first place. And perhaps all those successful college graduates would have been successful whether they had gone to college or not. This is heresy to those of us who have been brought up to believe that if a little schooling is good, more has to be much better. But contrary evidence is beginning to mount up.1.According to the author, ___.A.people used to question the value of college education.B.people used to have full confidence in higher education.C.all high school graduates went to college.D.very few high school graduates chose to go to college..In the nd paragraph, "those who don't fit the pattern" refer to___.A.high school graduates who aren't suitable college education.B.college graduates who are selling shoes and driving taxis.C.college students who aren't any better their higher education.D.high school graduates who failed to be admitted to college.3.The dropout rate of college students seems to go up because___.A.young people are disappointed with the conventional way of teaching at college.B.many people are required to join the army.C.young people have little motivation in pursuing a higher education.D.young people don't like the intense competition admission to graduate school..According to the passage, the problems of college education partly originate in the fact that___.A.society cannot provide enough jobs properly trained graduates.B.High school graduates do not fit the pattern of college education.C.Too many students have to earn their own living.D.College administrators encourage students to drop out.5.In this passage the author argues that___.A.more and more evidence shows college education may not be the best thing high school graduates.B.College education is not enough if one wants to be successful.C.College education benefits only the intelligent, ambitious, and quick-learning people.D.Intelligent people may learn quicker if they don't go to college.襄阳中医医院在哪 考研英语 年考研英语画图作文:不作死就不会死 --5 :36:9 来源: 近几年画图作文成为考研英语写作的主题,而死在话题作文爪下的考生也不在少数,很多都是因为没看懂,这是情有可原,但是对于看懂了却还低分下滑的考生就不得不考虑下原因了,是不是没事找事,自己作死呢?大家在练习时候要注意,下面三种行为就是此类,大家还是先看看以作警示吧  1) 不会写描述“暴死”  ) 主题不明朗“猝死”  3) 语言搭配不合理、语法错误多,“小刀割死”  不会写描述的“暴死”型:不注意观察角度,经常把自己明明不会写的单词当成描述的主题,这样的话,第一段就没写完、或者没写好,第二段也就无从谈起了  其实考研图画虽然庞杂,主要特征无非是人物、动物、物体,三种情况分别处理为:  1) 如果人多,就动作神态,物体带着写,能写则写,不会写别去送死,比如年的那次“网络”,既然不会写外面的那个蜘蛛网,就从屋里的人物写,干吗那么实诚?The picture above depicts many youngsters, who are sitting in the rooms of their own. Some of them are staring at their computer screens, whereas the others are playing games or chatting with their friends. Obviously, all of them seem greatly interested in the cyber world around. (那个蜘蛛网明明是障眼法,能写则写,不能写就换个角度)  ) 如果人少,咱就动作、神态,加个心理分析,无非是悲观、乐观、(形容词别isare变成becomeincreasingly…, full of…seem tobe…appear…look…)一些物体词汇能写则写,不写放弃年那年的考题,不会写拐杖怎么办:The picture above depictstwo youngsters, who are standing shoulder to shoulder. Hand in hand, they are moving  steadily ward along a path. However, neither of them seems to be depressed and anxious. Rather, both of them become increasingly self-confident and cheerful, even though they each have only one leg.(注意这里的几个处理方法:1)考生其实不会写拐杖,不要硬写,因为那样基本就“死菜”了有考生考上后跟我说:“我本来就不会写拐杖,那么何必想这个词怎么写呢?还不如大胆猜想这两个人的情绪)不会写残疾人,就写心情没看见什么disabled, handicapped这类的所谓大词,但是考官基本上能看懂,不会给你满分,但是也不会给你低分)  3) 如果是物体动物为中心,那可能得写象征点主题:至少得留一个主动用法、一个被动用法备用,如stand , can be regarded as a symbol as,用这几个词点主题就行了如果根本没有主题归纳的意识,这种文章的描述就会写得比较少,因为内容本身没有什么可描述的,用象征直接点中心思想就可以,不要“纠缠”  总之,要想不“暴死”,就别太实诚,要懂得选择观察的角度,避实击虚背到最后也是人多、人少、物体、动物这几种情形,背一大圈儿还是回到起点  主题不明朗的“猝死”型:  这种考生有一个共同的特点,那就是他们都不仔细阅读图画下方的文字暗示,并通过对这个文字暗示进行分析,进而归纳出文章要考的主题他们的注意力大多集中在模板文章的默写可惜的是,大多数文章的“模板句”如果不能和文章的主题相关,他们写出的文章自然就是套话连篇、内容空洞,自然也就不可能得到满意的分数了  请看以下这篇文章:年考题“你我一起、走南闯北”  The picture highlight a focal social point, that is, friendship and communication is indispensable.(错误1)To begin with, it is not only  beneficial advance of a nation, but also essential development of a  person. (错误)What is more, it (错误3)can teach people treat others with sympathy, sincerity and love. Still, it can help people obtain more opporties in the competition and achieve themselves in the prospective career. Last but not the least, it will certainly exert positive influence on sustainable development of society.  点评:虽然考生在上述段落中用了一些难词,比如indispensable,  essential, sympathy, sincerity, 但是得分仍然不高从语法单词的角度看,这篇文章的错误似乎并不多,但是文章将主题句写成了friendship and communication is indispensable,可是年文章主题是“合作”,考官阅读时肯定会有一种文不对题的感觉这篇文章告诉我们,如果考生在没有看懂题目的情况下就开始写作,即使写了象indispensable这样的“大词”,语法结构也没有错误,只要是文不对题,考官仍然会毫不客气地给出低分因为看不到合作(或者那么是合作的近义词)考官就会立刻失去耐性,认为你根本就没看懂题目,他“失性”、你“猝死”  建议:这个考生的写作基础其实并不弱,背得也不错,但是他拿到文章之后,没有通过题目中的文字暗示判定写作主题,而是很随意地照自己的想法,而不是文章的主题词写作其实这个同学只要明确文章的主题“合作”,然后把句子重新组织一下就可以了,具体写法如下:The primary purpose  of this picture is to show(套话要少写)that a growing number of people have come to realize that cooperation is not only necessary, but also indispensable one’s career.(首句用“重要性”的句子点题,) As a  result, they increasingly stress the fundamental role of cooperation in their career(延伸句1) By doing so, they can improve working skills necessary their prospective career, gradually fitting into a competitive society and carving their career. (延伸句) Still, cooperation enhances mutual understanding between people, thus providing them with mental comt as well as spiritual back-up.(延伸句3)To sum up, intoday’s world, nothing is more important than cooperation (尾句要和主题呼应,可以换写和“重要性”有关的句子,做到首尾呼应,中间展开)  3. 写作错误太多的“小刀割死”型:这部分考生一般都能看出文章的主题词,但是通常把主题词写在段落的结尾、)喜欢只写一些和主题无关的背景类型信息这样的框架处理方法,就使文章的主题词和其相关的内容相割裂,迟迟不能和主题挂接,越不会写吧,越写、可是越写吧、越不会写逐渐进入“原创”后,语法错误无数、拼写错误无数考官没读两行,就产生一种“跳跃”感,感觉这个考生总是前言不答后语,句子之间不能相辅相成  阅读以下的这篇文章:  China has rapidly developing in recent years. According to the economic datas by the government, our country has changed stronger than bee. So with it followed there area phenomenon called “China hot” in many other countries. that is, eigners are popular with tralve to China, wearing traditional Chinese costume, eating Chinese diet, even learning Chinese and Beijing Opera. However,is that the picture tell us? Certainly not. The American girl is not onlywearing a traditional Chinese costume but expressing Chinese traditionalcultural sign. furthermore, this picture above does convey a truth that the national culture is international culture, and that is easily to understand.  这个段落的首句为China has rapidly developing in recent years. 可以说,当这位考生写了这句话的时候,离低分也就不太远了也许你觉得我说的有点“危言耸听”,但是这篇文章在阐述段的开头位置写“中国发展快”,这本身就远远地脱离了文章写作的中心这样这个段落就成了明“中国经济发展快”,而不是“民族文化、世界文化“了这篇文章最为致命的一个问题就是:二段用引言句开篇(“中国经济发展快”是个被广大考生写“烂”了的引言句,这样三句话写完了都没有出现文章主题词  此外,该段的语法单词错误过多大家可以自己找找看,这个小段中有多少单词、语法、句子结构的错误呢?  建议1:建议考生将主题词前置到二段段首,用“重要要重视”的写法开篇,然后用先熟悉万能意思框架,然后选择最明确简单的关联词即可,注意以下的文章写法:on the one hand, on the other hand, by doing so, 这样的连词形成中间段引申的粘结,尽量多写和文化交流有关的句子然后用“这种做法会造成积极消极影响”的写法结尾 The primary purpose of this picture is that cultural exchanges are not only necessary, but also indispensable, so we are supposed to emphasize their role in a country. One the one hand, they will invariably enhance friendly ties between countries and improve their mutual understanding between peoples. Onthe other hand, they can promote communication between people in these countries and remove the barrier between them. In the long run, the cultural exchanges willexert positive effects on the sustainable development of world civilization.(结尾句中的sustainable development虽然有些老套,但是如果主题词前置,延伸句层次清晰,并不很明显,反而和exert positive effects相组合,形成了合理的结论)  结语:  战场上,新兵和老兵的区别是,新兵该胆大的时候胆小,该胆小的时候胆大;而老兵则相反,该胆小的时候胆小、该胆大的时候胆大考生第一次考研,多为新兵,如果这个考场就是战场,进入战壕之前,记不住那么多交战法则,那么只要记住以下三点就足够了:  1) 简化段落层次,少套话  ) 第一段描述和第二段阐述的延伸部分要具体些  3) 尽量减少拼写和语法错误第三点其实反而不重要,因为语法拼写的错误多只是表象,根源在于考生的搭配不合理,表述不流畅随着框架结构的简化、以及对常用说法的归纳整理、加上反复练习,相当一部分的拼写和语法错误也就慢慢消失了英语能力>英语作文>高考英语作文 高考英语满分作文:关于高三学生住出租房 -- 19::8 来源: Time seems to speed up as soon as the students step into their final and vital year.The college entrance examination is approaching day by day.Quite a few students have moved out from their dormitories to live in a rented room near the school to make every minute count.随着学生们步入高中生涯的最后也是最重要的一年,时间的脚步似乎加快了高考一天天临近,很多学生搬出来自己的寝室住到了学校附近的出租房内,以争取每分每秒的时间学习It cannot be denied that they have their own time schedule after classes and easily concentrate on lessons alone in their small room.What’s important,with their moms taking care of them,they can spare more time studies.However,there exist some disadvantages. example,sometimes their minds go wandering easily without competitors round.Furthermore,a student who is left alone to study at rather an easy atmosphere tends to get distracted or even feel tired easily.不可否认,下课后学生都可以有自己的时间安排,而且在他们自己单独的小房子里更容易集中精力学习更重要的是,有密码照顾他们,他们就有更多的时间学习然而,住在出租房也还有些弊端比如,没有竞争对手在旁,他们更容易走神而且,独自一人在简单的氛围中学习的学生更容易分心,甚至容易疲倦In spite of the fact that the dorm life is full of fun and friendship,noisy songs and shouts after evening classes,and itonly quiet down long after the blackout at :30 p. m.,leading to a serious lack of sleep,I think.Worse still,they don’t make fullest use of time to study so,from my perspective.I prefer to live in the rented room.我觉得,虽然晚自习后寝室生活有乐趣,有友情,也有吵闹的歌声和叫喊声,且要到晚上:30分熄灯后才能平静下来,导致睡眠严重缺乏这是事实 高考英语满分作文襄阳中心医院男科咨询

襄阳第四医院网上预约  人们觉得所有不漂亮的女主管比漂亮的女主管更有诚信,更有能力然而,耐人寻味的是,与一夜之间获得成功的漂亮人士相比,人们认为一夜之间获得成功的不漂亮人士更多地是由于人际关系,而不是由于能力襄阳477医院做白带常规阴道镜彩超多少钱 欢迎学习《读句子轻松学英语四级语法【第59节】59.There is every reason to believe the trend will continue through the next few decades.四级词汇讲解:there is every reason to do sth.意为“有充分的理由做某事”,与have every reason to do sth.相近如:I have every reason to stay in my own house.我有充分的理由待在我自己的房子里decade意为“十年,十年间”,而表示“数十年”可用其复数形式decades英语四级考点归纳:听力考试中类似decade的数词还有:dozen(一打,个),score ( ) ,这两个词在用法上有相似性※ dozen和score的前面有数词修饰时,一般不用复数如:1) three dozen eggs三打鸡蛋) They bought two score bottles of the beer.他们买了0瓶啤酒※ 当dozen和score表示“许多,大量”等数量上的泛指时,要用复数形式,即dozensscores of如:dozens of times几十次 scores of years ago许多年前※ 与a few, some, several, many等表示不确定数量的词连用时,dozen和scare常用复数形式,且后面要加of如:some dozens of people几十个人 many scores of cattle许多家畜※ 若修饰代词或有the , these , those等限定词时,dozen和Scare之后要加介词of如:a dozen of these oranges一打橙子 four score of them他们中的80个学习更多《读句子轻松学英语四级语法襄阳第四人民医院医院

襄阳妇幼保健院什么时候建立life is miserable." (我的日子过得很苦) 年(TOEFL)备考词汇辨析:Admireesteemappreciate --30 19:: 来源:qnr  Admire amp; esteem amp; appreciate  1.admire-  1.1表示尊敬某人,因为某人做的一些事  1.  Eg:  I really admire your enthusiasm.  .esteem  .1-程度比admire略高,且可以做名词  .-Eg:  She is held in high esteem byher colleges.  3.Appreciate  3.1-更多的表示一种共鸣的赏识  3.-Eg:  You can’t really appreciate eign literature intranslation. 词汇 词汇 TOEFL esteem Admire襄阳包皮切割手术保康县妇幼保健中医院治疗前列腺疾病多少钱



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