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Hey! It's going to be Mother's day again. Have you planned something good for your Mama? If not, try even one of these tips.Make Your Mama ProudWhat special talents do you have? Maybe this is the right time to show it to her. She would be very proud and surprised if she'd realized that you have something that she doesn't expect.What's Her Favorite?Most teens don't what their mama's favorite. You do? Then, what are you waiting for buy her some of her favorite stuff and put a little twist on it. Make it more special.The best time to give her that is while she is sleeping at night. Put it on the drawer next to her so that when she wakes up she'll be surprised to see it. And, maybe, a little tear may fall down from her cheeks.The MemoriesOur mothers have special memories in mind. Those are the times that they gave birth to their healthy baby. How about you? What's your best moment with her? Maybe you can tell her about the time she got mad at you because you did something that you thought is right but since that day forward you realized your mistakes. Or, you can tell her how happy you are when she was there during your painful days in your life.Be HerWhat does she look like if she is so exhausted and angry and tired? What does she do for your family? This is the right time to show her the things that she usually does at home. Try to imitate her voice when she is angry. Make your face as if you are her when she is mad.Treat a QueenYour house is a palace with a king and queen (it doesn't matter if you're rich or poor). Our mother is the real queen in our life and in our family though her duties make her look like she is not. Give the lady a day off by being a servant to her.Make-Over BeautyBecause of stress and the problems that she is facing right now, especially in the family, admit it! She doesn't look great anymore. Most mothers are not into trends anymore because their focusing on us.Perhaps you could take some of your savings to treat her in a salon or the department store. Then, choose nice clothes that would make her look GLAMOROUS!Have Some of Your TimeIt's the cheapest but a meaningful way. Most of us are busy from our work, friends, boy/girl friends, school. We stay home late and after several hours, we go out again.Have you ever had a meaningful time with your mother where you don't think or talk about problems and arguments? Have you ever tell her how much you thank her from the life she gave to you, the time she took care of you, and for every suffering she'd felt for you? Have you ever tell her that you love her?Life is short. We don't know what will happen tomorrow nor today. Those three words can make her heart jump for joy, you know? Just tell her amp;;I love you!amp;; and it would make her smile so sweetly. Just try! We don't wanna miss a thing, right? 让妈妈为之自豪你有什么特长或才能?可能这是向她展示的好时机。如果她意识到你有出人意料的才能,她会感到十分自豪和惊喜。她最喜欢什么?大多数青少年都不知道妈妈喜欢什么,你知道吗?那么你还等什么,给她买样心仪的礼物,然后自己包装一下,看上去会特别有心意。送出礼物的最好时间,是她晚上睡着的时候。放在她身边的抽屉里,这样当她醒来就能惊喜地发现它。或许,她会感动得热泪盈眶。回忆我们的母亲心里总有特别的回忆。那就是孩子健康出生的那一刻。那你呢?什么时候是你和妈妈之间的难忘一刻?可能你会告诉她你犯错她发火的时候,因为你觉得自己做得没错,事后才发现自己犯错了。或者你告诉她你伤心的时候她陪在身边,让你感到多么幸福。模仿她当妈妈筋疲力竭或者火冒三丈的时候,她看上去是怎样?她为家庭付出些什么?是时候让她知道她在家中通常都做些什么。试试模仿她生气的声音。模仿她发怒的表情。当作“皇后”无论贫穷还是富有,每个家里都有一个国王,一个皇后。母亲是这个家也是生活中真正的皇后,即便她的母亲之责让她看起来不怎么像。那就放她一天假,把她当皇后侍吧。重塑美貌压力过大,她正变得不再美丽,尤其在家里,不得不承认这个问题。她看上去不如从前漂亮了。大多数母亲都只管照顾我们不再打扮时髦。我们或许可以拿出一部分积蓄,请她去美容沙龙或者去百货公司购物。为她挑件漂亮的衣,让她看起来光照人!花些时间陪伴这个方法最省钱,也最有意义。我们中大多数人都忙于工作学习,朋友聚会,或者谈恋爱。就算在家,也就待几个小时,然后又出门了。你有没有好好陪陪母亲,不再想着或者谈论问题和争执?你有没有告诉过她,你感激她赋予你生命,花时间照顾你,为你受尽苦痛?你有没有告诉过她,你爱她?生命短暂,时光匆匆,我们无法预知明天发生什么。知道吗?简单的三个字就能让她心花怒放?告诉她,“我爱你!”她听了一定会喜笑颜开。试试吧!我们不想错过这一切,难道不是吗? /200805/39774

  Apple has launched a series of more than 100 new and updated emojis. It#39;s replaced the gun with a water pistol and put out new designs it hopes will be more inclusive.近日,苹果发布了100多个新表情,并更新了之前的一些表情。其中,苹果用一个玩具水替代了手,并发布了一些它希望显得多样性的新设计。The company says it wants to ;ensure that popular emoji characters reflect the diversity of people everywhere;.苹果公司表示,他们希望能确保颇受欢迎的emoji表情能反映出人们种族的多样性。The new green and orange pistol emoji looks more like a toy and will replace the black and silver revolver.新发布的绿色和桔色水替代了之前的黑色和银色手,使这个表情看起来更像是玩具。Emoji on Apple products are designed by the Unicode consortium. It all comes after a series of high-profile shootings in America. However, many people on Twitter have joked that switching a gun for a toy isn#39;t ;going to solve anything;.苹果产品的emoji表情都是由Unicode联盟设计的。本次改变源于美国发生的多起击暴力事件。不过,很多推特用户开玩笑称,把手表情符号换成玩具并不能解决任何事情。It may have been ridiculed on social media by some but anti-gun campaigners were delighted to see the change.尽管苹果公司的这一决策可能会在社交媒体上遭到嘲笑,但不少反对的运动者还是很乐于见到这一改变的。Apple say the changes are an ;exciting update; and ;brings more gender options to existing characters;. ;These include new female athletes and professionals, beautiful redesigns of popular emoji, a new rainbow flag and more family options.;苹果公司表示:“这些变化是一次令人兴奋的更新,会给人们带来更多的性别选择。本次新增了女性运动员与女性专业人士的表情,并对受欢迎的一些表情进行了更加时尚化的外观改造,此外新增了一个虹旗以及更多的家庭表情选择。”This isn#39;t the first time that Apple has diversified its collection of approved emojis. Last year it released a range of skin tones for popular faces but received criticism that it used a very yellow colour for the Asian skin.这已经不是苹果第一次对已发布的表情包进行多样化设计了。去年苹果就曾发布了一系列肤色表情图标,不过却因为给亚洲人设计出很黄的皮肤而备受争议。 /201608/460284



  According to Beijing Morning Post, a Redmi Note 3 smartphone, bought by a consumer in March 2016, spontaneously combusted while charging on Dec. 21.据《北京晨报》报道,一位消费者于2016年3月购买的一部红米Note3智能手机在12月21日充电时发生自燃。A Xiaomi official promised to refund and compensate the consumer on the condition of her signing a confidentiality agreement, prohibiting her from commenting publicly on the event.小米一位官方人士承诺对其进行退款和赔偿,但是前提是该消费者签署一份保密协议,即禁止她公开对此事进行。The woman, surnamed Zhang, said that the phone started to discharge smoke 10 minutes after it began charging on Dec. 21. It then spontaneously combusted, burning the SIM card and her bed sheets.这位姓张的女士表示,这部手机于12月21日在充电10分钟后就开始冒烟。而后发生自燃,把她的SIM卡和床单都给烧了。Zhang added that she used the original charging device and did not know what caused the phone#39;s combustion.张女士补充说道,她使用的是原装充电器,但是不知道是什么造成了手机自燃。After several conversations with the Xiaomi#39;s customer service representatives, Zhang was promised a full refund plus an additional 600 RMB() as compensation -- just as long as she agreed to sign a confidentiality agreement.在与小米代表进行数次沟通后,张女士获得了全额退款,外加600元人民币(86美元)的赔偿--只要她同意签署一份保密协议。;The agreement prohibited me from commenting on the event to any media outlets, or on public networks or communication platforms. It was like hush money,; said Zhang, who ultimately agreed to sign the agreement.最终同意签署该协议的张女士说道:“协议要求我不得在任何媒体、公共网络和其它任何传播平台发表此事处理的言论。这哪里像赔偿,简直就是封口费。”Not long after, however, a Beijing-based lawyer, Zhang Xinnian, argued that the confidentiality clause in the agreement was invalid. The merchant#39;s intention to cover up the complaint goes against relevant provisions of contract law.然而不久之后,北京一位名叫张新年的律师称,协议中的保密条款无效。厂家的目的是为了掩盖投诉,这有违《合同法》的相关规定。Zhang also pointed out that, as there are so many Xiaomi smartphones on the market, the Administration for Industry and Commerce must launch a prompt investigation to minimize potential risks, ensuring the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.张律师还指出,由于市场上存在大量小米智能手机,因此工商部门必须立刻展开调查,将潜在危险降至最低,保消费者们的合法权益。 /201701/487571The UK is at risk of losing its status as the world’s leading fintech centre as the number of innovative companies in China is rapidly rising, according to a new report.最新报告显示,随着中国创新公司数量迅速上升,英国可能失去全球领先金融科技中心的地位。The annual study by advisory firm KPMG and investment company H2 Ventures shows that four of the top five global innovators in financial technology now come from China, reflecting the “indisputable” growth of fintech in the country.咨询公司毕马威(KPMG)与投资公司H2 Ventures的年度研究表明,全球排名前五的金融科技创新企业中有四家都来自中国,反映了中国金融科技“无可争议”的增长。Topping the list, which is determined by the amount of capital raised and the degree of traction with consumers, among other factors, is Hangzhou-based Ant Financial, an online payment service provider. Earlier this year, Ant Financial raised .5bn in a record fintech private placement.名列榜首的是总部位于杭州的互联网付务提供商蚂蚁金(Ant Financial),这一排名是由所筹资本金额以及消费者吸引力等因素决定的。今年早些时候,蚂蚁金在一轮创纪录的金融科技私募中筹得45亿美元。The report shows that the UK is losing ground, occupying 13 of the top 100 positions compared with 18 last year. Only Atom, a mobile-focused bank that launched this year, made the top 10.这份报告显示英国正在丧失自己的阵地,去年有18家英国公司进入前100名,而今年为13家,且只有Atom跻身前十。Atom是今年上线的一家专注移动业务的。Fintech companies seeking to shake up the traditional bank-dominated business of lending and payments have all flocked to London in recent years with the aim of offering customers superior and often lower cost services.近年来,寻求颠覆主导的传统贷款和付业务的金融科技企业纷纷涌向伦敦,旨在为客户提供更优质的、且往往成本更低的务。London is considered a fintech powerhouse as it provides efficient access to capital, skills and regulation that is focused on the sector.伦敦被认为是金融科技重地,它提供了获取资本、技术以及享受注重该行业的监管的有效途径。But Warren Mead, global co-head of fintech at KPMG, said the emergence of China as “a market leader” and the increasing globalisation of fintech means UK policy makers and regulators will “have to continue to work hard to maintain our position”.但毕马威金融科技业务全球联合主管沃伦.米德(Warren Mead)表示,中国成为“市场领导者”以及金融科技的日益全球化意味着,英国政策制定者和监管机构将“必须继续努力维持我们的地位”。Competition is heating up globally with 17 countries now making the top 50 established companies, up from 13 last year. The UK is still in second place to the US, which holds a quarter of the 100 spots on the list.全球金融科技竞争不断升温,这次前50大企业分布在17个国家,去年为13个国家。英国仍排名第二,排名第一的美国在前100大公司中占据四分之一。Funding for fintech is on the rise, with the top 50 companies attracting .6bn of capital since last year, marking an increase of more than 40 per cent in just 12 months.金融科技的融资越来越高,自去年以来前50大公司吸引到了146亿美元资本,短短一年就实现同比增长逾40%。However, funding in the UK has come into question following the Brexit vote and intensifying competition elsewhere, especially in China.但继英国退欧公投和来自其他地区、尤其是中国的竞争加剧之后,英国的融资已出现不确定性。Innovate Finance, the UK’s financial technology trade body, recently reported a decline in venture capital funding for UK fintech companies, which fell by a third in the first half of the year.英国金融科技行业机构Innovate Finance最近报告称,英国金融科技公司的风投资金出现下降,今年上半年下降了三分之一。Companies saw 6m of investment for the first half, down from 0m for the same period last year. Innovate Finance cited Brexit as the main reason for the dip. In contrast, venture capital funding for global fintech companies grew nearly 150 per cent.上半年这些公司获得3.86亿美元投资,低于去年同期的5.8亿美元。Innovate Finance将英国退欧列为这一下滑的主要原因。与之相比,全球金融科技公司的风投融资增长了近150%。Toby Heap, of H2 Ventures, said that although China is growing rapidly in this sector, there are a number of “exciting” fintech companies emerging globally, in countries such as India and the Philippines.H2 Ventures的托比.希普(Toby Heap)表示,虽然中国在该领域增长迅速,但有多家“令人兴奋的”金融科技公司正在全球浮现,比如在印度和菲律宾等国。Most of the top 50 fintech companies are dubbed as “disruptors” that seek to challenge established financial services companies and traditional business models.绝大多数前50强金融科技公司都被称为“颠覆者”,它们寻求挑战传统的金融务企业和传统商业模式。A number of peer-to-peer or marketplace lenders have grown in the past decade, as a way to provide more efficient lending compared to traditional banks. P2P matches investors with borrowers through a website, allowing for loans to be made more quickly.许多P2P贷款机构(或称集市型贷款机构)在过去十年得到了成长,它们提供了比传统更高效的贷款方式。P2P通过网站将投资者与借款人相匹配,加快了贷款过程。P2P has surged in China, which is dominated by large state-owned banks that prefer lending to state-owned industrial companies. Chinese platform Lufax, which was valued at bn earlier this year, is fourth on the KPMG list.P2P在中国增长迅猛,中国的贷款由大型国有主导,它们更倾向于贷款给国有工业企业。中国P2P平台陆金所(Lufax)在毕马威排行榜上名列第四,在今年早些时候获估值190亿美元。 /201610/473767Experts believe that machine translation good enough to replace advanced human translators will be widesp within five to 10 years, as language-processing technology has seen many breakthroughs in recent years, Xinhuanet.com reported on May 22.据新华网5月22日报道,由于近年来语言处理技术取得了多项突破,专家们相信,足以取代资深译员的机器翻译将在五至十年内普及。Zhou Ming, standing deputy dean of Microsoft Research Asia, made the statement in his keynote speech at the 2017 Global Artificial Intelligence Technology Conference, held in Beijing on May 22.5月22日,微软亚洲研究院常务副院长周明在于北京举行的2017全球人工智能技术大会上发表的主旨演讲中这样说道。Machine translation currently faces challenges that prevent it from reaching the standards of professional translation, Zhou noted.周明指出,当前,机器翻译面临着各种挑战,这使得其无法达到专业翻译的标准。However, he also pointed out that several technology companies are now focusing on machine translation, and have aly made great progress.不过他也指出,现在好几家技术公司正在主攻机器翻译,且已取得很大进展。Google released its translation system in September 2016, based on recurrent neural networks.2016年9月,谷歌公司发布了自己基于递归神经网络的翻译系统。In addition, the artificial intelligence team at Facebook claimed to have achieved the highest accuracy yet in machine translation by using brand new neural network technology, with a translating speed nine times that of Google.此外,脸书的人工智能团队宣称,通过使用新型神经网络技术,已经实现了迄今最为准确的机器翻译,翻译速度为谷歌的九倍。Apart from translation, Zhou speculated that language-processing technology, integrated with other artificial intelligence, could be applied in many fields including education, medicine and driverless cars in the near future.周明预测,除了翻译,语言处理技术和其它人工智能,在未来还可应用于包括教育、药物和无人驾驶在内的很多领域。 /201705/511988

  China#39;s major telecom operators have announced plans to cancel domestic roaming charges as they are instead turning to 4G services as a major source of profit.中国的主要电信运营商已经宣布取消国内漫游费的计划,它们转而将4G务作为主要的利润来源。China Mobile Communications Corp, the country#39;s largest telecom operator, recently said they will stop charging domestic roaming fees by the end of this year.中国最大的电信运营商--中国移动通信集团公司近日宣布,到今年年底将停止收取国内漫游费。Since July, they have stopped selling service packages that include domestic roaming charges on cross-province phone calls.自七月份以来,各大电信运营商就已经不再出售包含跨省呼叫漫游费的务包。Mobile users are currently charged 0.6 yuan (9 cents) to 0.8 yuan per minute for the roaming service under different payment schemes.当前,手机用户在不同的收费方案下,每分钟的漫游务会被收取0.6元(9美分)至0.8元的费用。This nearly doubles costs for subscribers, which angers consumers. Industry regulators have also urged operators to gradually abolish fees.这样便使得用户的费用增加近一倍,引起了消费者们的不满。行业监管部门也已敦促各大运营商逐步取消费用。With 4G services developing rapidly, China#39;s major telecom operators saw their net profit grow at remarkable pace in the first half of this year thanks to fast growth in 4G subscribers.随着4G务的快速发展,4G用户的迅猛增加,中国的主要电信运营商在今年上半年的纯收入实现了大幅度增长。In July, China Telecommunications Corp, China#39;s third largest mobile telecommunication provider, announced it will cancel roaming fees this year. On Thursday, China Unicom, another telecom heavyweight, said it will scrap such fees from October.在七月份,中国第三大移动电信运营商--中国电信集团公司宣布,在今年取消漫游费。在周四,另一家电信巨头中国联通宣布,从10月份起取消此类收费。Analysts said that eliminating roaming fees will not incur big losses for operators, as the data flow business has become a major source of profit for them.分析人士表示,取消漫游费并不会对运营商们造成多大损失,因为数据流量业务已经成为他们盈利的一大主要来源。 /201608/462566

  ;You married me--that proves you#39;re brilliant and a great judge of character.Put that on your resume!;你和我结婚了--这说明你很聪明且有很强的判断力!把这点写到你的简历中吧。 /201508/395517

  Monday was something of a red-letter day for the tech industry. When the stock market closed, the five most valuable companies on the planet were, for the first time, technology concerns. And they all hailed from the West coast of the US, whether the San Francisco Bay Area (Apple, Alphabet and Facebook) or in and around Seattle (Microsoft and Amazon).对科技行业来说,上周一(8月1日)是个值得纪念的日子。股市收盘时,全球市值最高的5家企业头一次全部是科技企业。并且,它们全部来自美国西海岸,包括旧金山湾区的苹果(Apple)、Alphabet和Facebook,以及西雅图一带的微软(Microsoft)和亚马逊(Amazon)。In subsequent days, ExxonMobil — which held the title of world’s most valuable company until it was overhauled by Apple — edged back above Facebook and Amazon. But it may only be a temporary reprieve. A seemingly inexorable shift in business and stock market momentum is under way, as today’s technology leaders assume a more central place in personal and business life.随后几天,埃克森美孚(ExxonMobil)——曾是全球市值最高的企业,后来被苹果赶超——市值重新超过Facebook和亚马逊。但是,这可能只是昙花一现。随着科技领军企业在个人生活和商业事务中占据着更加核心的位置,商业和股市中也出现了一种似乎势不可挡的转变。Ten years ago, at the height of the PC era, Microsoft was the only tech company in the top 20. Now, though, the big five control a much wider array of digital platforms around which life and work revolve — from smartphones and cloud computing data centres to mobile messaging apps.10年前,在个人电脑(PC)时代的巅峰时期,微软是当时市值最高的20家企业中唯一一家科技公司。然而,如今五巨头控制着在人们生活和工作中占据重要位置、更加多种多样的数字化平台——从智能手机到云计算数据中心,再到移动通讯应用(App)。They are also racing each other to build the next platforms, from virtual reality headsets to driverless cars and digital assistants powered by artificial intelligence.它们还在竞相打造下一个平台,从虚拟现实头盔到无人驾驶汽车,再到由人工智能驱动的数字化助理。Only China, thanks to a domestic market that is hard for outsiders to penetrate, can lay claim to tech companies with the scale and ambition to compete.只有中国——有赖于外来者难以渗入的国内市场——能够拥有在规模和野心上可以与之一较高下的科技企业。That has been underlined by this week’s detente in the ride-hailing wars, which has seen Uber’s global expansion halted and a new Chinese digital champion crowned, in the shape of Didi Chuxing.上周叫车软件之战有所缓和就突显了这一点:优步(Uber)停住了全球扩张的脚步,而一家新的中国数字化冠军企业成功加冕,即滴滴出行(Didi Chuxing)。Today, the key question is: which markets are next in the big five’s sights, as they cast around more widely for growth?如今,关键问题在于:在五巨头在更大范围内寻找增长点之际,它们的下一个目标市场在哪?There is still plenty of room for them to expand in their core markets. Although Google and Facebook are aly the world’s biggest advertising-based businesses, only about 30 per cent of global advertising spend is digital. Two percentage points of this spend shifts from analogue to digital every year, leaving room for plenty of expansion.目前它们的核心市场仍然有足够空间供它们扩张。尽管谷歌(Google,上图为谷歌的总部)和Facebook已是全球最大的以广告业务为基础的企业,但是全球广告出仅有30%来自数字化领域。每年有2个百分点的广告出从模拟广告转向数字化广告,因此有足够的扩张空间。However, in other markets, such as smartphones, growth is harder to come by. For a company as big as Apple, the only hope for material expansion comes from breaking into a huge new business, like automobiles. Giant bets like this, or Google’s “moonshot” projects, are hard to assess. Closer to home, there are two areas that seem more likely to support growth in the short and medium term.然而,在智能手机等其他市场,要取得增长困难得多。对于像苹果这么大的企业,实现大规模扩张的唯一希望是进军一项市场庞大的新业务,例如汽车领域。诸如此类或者谷歌的Moonshot项目之类的豪赌,很难评估。目前有两个领域似乎更有可能撑中短期增长。One is building and running the infrastructure on which the digital economy runs. Companies that make hardware and software, or sell IT services, are facing disruption as their customers spend more on cloud services rather than extending their own IT systems.其中一个是为数字化经济打造和运行基础设施。由于用户选择增加在云务方面的出更不是升级IT系统,制造硬件和软件、或者提供IT务的企业正面临分崩离析的局面。Much of Amazon’s recent stock market advance reflects the huge opportunity that its cloud platform business, AWS, now has. Microsoft’s renewed relevance in the tech world, following the sidelining of the PC, reflects a similar shift to the cloud, where it is now Amazon’s closest competitor.亚马逊最近的股价升势在很大程度上反映出其云平台业务AWS眼下坐拥的巨大机遇。在PC业务边缘化后,微软调整了在科技领域的定位,同样转向云务。如今微软是亚马逊在云务领域实力最接近的对手。And the second promising growth area is in applications for the pervasive new platform emerging from developments in cloud and mobile computing. In the past, Microsoft, with Office, cornered the market for the main applications that ran on its PC operating system. But the next big digital applications will reach into many more corners of life and touch many more businesses.第二个前景不错的增长领域是App,也就是为那些随着云务和移动计算的发展而出现的无处不在的新平台打造App。过去,凭借Office软件,微软垄断了在其PC操作系统中运行的主要应用的市场。但是下一个重要的数字化App将更加深入生活的方方面面,触及更多领域。Uber’s use of a mobile app to invade the taxi business is the blueprint for this. It is now angling to become a new transport and logistics platform itself. Now, the big five — with their large user bases and control of their own platforms — should have an advantage when it comes to developing new applications like this. But it does not guarantee they will be the ones to grab the opportunities first.优步利用一款手机App侵入出租车业务,便反映了这一点。如今优步的目标是成为一个全新的运输和物流平台。在研发此类新App方面,五大巨头——以其巨大的用户基础和对各自平台的控制——应该拥有优势。但是这并不能保它们会最先抓住机遇。Facebook’s unveiling of a virtual clone of the rival Snapchat app is a sign of the justifiable paranoia that even the biggest digital companies can feel. While the social network has shown itself to be an effective fast-follower, it will struggle to outrun all the innovation unleashed by the new open digital platforms. Facebook发布了一款实质上复制竞争对手Snapchat的App,表明了即便是最大的数字化公司也会犯的无可非议的偏执。尽管这家社交网站已明自己是一个高效的快速模仿者,但是它将难以超越各种开放型的新数字平台带来的所有创新。Indeed, the history of other seemingly unstoppable tech companies, such as IBM and Microsoft, should give others hope. Competition regulations, as well as the increasing difficulty of staying on the cutting edge as they become giant companies, are among the factors that eventually weigh them down.IBM、微软等一些曾经看似势不可挡的科技企业的历史,应该会给其他企业带来希望。与竞争相关的法规,以及随着它们成为巨头后要保持在行业最前沿的难度日益加大,这些都是最终压制它们的因素。But for the other companies battling against their current stock market dominance, that may be cold comfort.但是对于其他正与当前在股市占主导地位的巨头相抗衡的企业来说,这或许起不到安慰作用。 /201608/459319。

  “The word hacking is like feminism. It has got too much baggage attached.”“hacking这个词就像女权主义。它已附带了太多包袱。”Of all the things Cal Leeming told me — and he told me a lot of hair-raising stuff about banks’ security flaws — this was one of the things that stayed with me. He does not call himself a hacker, although he almost exactly embodies the stereotype of one. Pale, introverted and with an innate talent for technology, he went to prison for stealing credit card details and now, after turning his life around, runs his own security company. He calls himself a software engineer.凯尔#8226;利明(Cal Leeming)曾告诉我许多关于安全漏洞的可怕事情,然而上面这句话让我尤其难以忘怀。他并未称自己是一名黑客——尽管他几乎是人们对黑客固有印象的完美化身。面色苍白的他性格内向,拥有与生俱来的技术天分。他曾因窃取信用卡资料而入狱。如今,华丽转身后的他运营着自己的安全公司。他把自己称为一名软件工程师。Back in the 1950s, when the word “hacking” first emerged in connection with an MIT computer club, it simply meant tinkering with computers and was a badge of honour. But when the press began writing about hackers in the 1980s it was usually in the context of criminality, and that link has stuck. For a while there was an attempt to differentiate between hackers and crackers. “Peaceful, law-abiding coders who built things called themselves hackers. Hackers built things, we said, and crackers broke things,” wrote J M Porup, a hacker-turned-tech-reporter in a piece on website Motherboard. But this distinction is not often made clear.上世纪50年代,“hacking”一词最早出现在与麻省理工学院(MIT)一个电脑俱乐部有关的语境。当时它只是指鼓捣电脑,带有荣誉勋章的涵义。然而,上世纪80年代,当媒体开始报道“hacker”(黑客)时,其语境通常是犯罪行为,这种联系已经固化。有那么一段时间,曾有人企图将黑客和“溃客”(cracker)区分开来。由黑客转型的科技报道记者J#8226;M#8226;泼卢浦(J M Porup)在Motherboard网站上撰文写道:“那些安分、守法、爱动手做东西的编程者自称黑客。我们说,黑客是做东西的,而溃客是砸烂东西的。”不过,这种区分往往并不被人认真对待。Calling yourself a hacker can even be dangerous, as Corey Thuen, a software developer found out in 2013 while in dispute with a former employer. The Idaho District Court ordered Mr Thuen’s hard drive to be seized and copied for evidence, a fairly serious privacy intrusion and not routine legal practice. Part of the justification was that Mr Thuen described himself as a hacker.正如软件开发者科里#8226;休恩(Corey Thuen) 2013年在与前雇主的纠纷中所发现的,自称黑客甚至可能会有危险。爱达荷州地区法院(Idaho District Court)下令没收并复制休恩的硬盘作为据,这是相当严重的剥夺隐私行为,并不是常见的司法实践,而其理由之一就是休恩自称黑客。“The tipping point for the Court comes from evidence that the defendants — in their own words — are hackers,” wrote the judge. “By labelling themselves this way, they have essentially announced that they have the necessary computer skills and intent to simultaneously release the code publicly and conceal their role in that act.”法官写道:“法庭做出决定的关键要点,源自被告——用其自己的话来说——是黑客的相关据。通过以这种方式标榜自身,他们实质上已宣布自己拥有必要的电脑技能和意图,能够在公开发布相关代码的同时,隐藏自己在这一行动中所扮演的角色。”The case was eventually settled out of court, but the idea that calling yourself a hacker implies some kind of evil intent remains troubling. Opinions were mixed when I asked the FT’s Tech Meets Money Facebook group about hacking. “It implies fast and cheap with disregard to convention or rules. Sometimes that’s good and sometimes not so much,” said Daniel Priestley, a London-based entrepreneur.该案最终以庭外和解收场,然而那种自称黑客就隐含着某种罪恶意图的观念依然令人不安。当我在英国《金融时报》“当高科技遇到资本”(Tech Meets Money)的Facebook群里问到有关hacking的问题时,人们的看法各不相同。伦敦企业家丹尼尔#8226;普里斯特利(Daniel Priestley)表示:“这个词暗示着快捷和廉价,无视惯例或规则。有时候这很不错,有时候就不太好了。”Above all, “hacker” is now a confusing term. Everyone, from a member of a Russian criminal gang stealing credit cards to online political activists and the 14-year-old kid who tinkers with computers, is a “hacker”, yet each one of them has very different motivations and resources.最重要的是,如今“黑客”是个令人迷惑的词汇。从窃取信用卡资料的俄罗斯犯罪团伙成员,到网上政治活动人士,以及鼓捣电脑的14岁孩子,都是“黑客”,然而他们每个人做事的动机和手头拥有的资源极为不同。At the same time companies hold “hack days” and “hackathons” during which they brainstorm business ideas, women’s magazine hints and tips column have been rebranded as “lifehacks” and the people who used to be called advertising executives refer to themselves as “growth hackers”.与此同时,企业举办“黑客日”(hack day)和“黑客松”(hackathon)之类的活动,其间借助“头脑风暴”捕捉业务上的创意;女性杂志的提示技巧栏目已被重新包装为“生活破解”(lifehack);而那些过去被称为广告主管的人如今自称“增长黑客”(growth hacker)。Catherine Bracy, director of community organising at Code for America, even argues anyone can be a “civic hacker”, helping governments to re-energise democracy. Under this definition Benjamin Franklin, inventor and one of the founding fathers of the US (who never filed a patent because he believed all human knowledge should be free) is an archetypal hacker — even though the word had something to do with cutting down trees in his day. The term is maddeningly imprecise.“为美国编程”(Code for America)社区组织总监凯瑟琳#8226;布雷西(Catherine Bracy)甚至提出,任何人都可以成为“公民黑客”,帮助政府为民主体制重新注入活力。按照这样的定义,发明家、美国的开国先贤之一本杰明#8226;富兰克林(Benjamin Franklin)就是典型的黑客——尽管在他的年代这个词的含义和砍树有关。他从来不申请专利,因为他认为人类所有的知识都应该免费。简言之,“黑客”一词的含糊程度令人发狂。The battle over the word mirrors the behind-the-scenes struggle of the internet, between those who push the boundaries of what is possible and the institutions that want to secure cyber space for their own purposes.围绕这个词的斗争折射出了互联网幕后的斗争:一方是那些致力拓展可能性界限的人,另一方是出于自身目的想要确保网络空间安全的机构。Hackers are a problem because, if anything, they are a bit too democratic for many people’s taste. In her essay on Phreaks, Hackers and Trolls, academic Gabriella Coleman likens internet disrupters to the tricksters of mythology. Folkloric figures like Loki and Anansi are the agents of change, but they are also unsettling, frightening, even grotesque. Hackers will take technology forward but they may not be thanked for it.黑客之所以成为问题,是因为(如果说有任何不正常的话)他们对许多人来说有点民主过头了,令人难以接受。在名为《电脑怪人、黑客和山精》(Phreaks, Hackers and Trolls)的论文中,学者加布里埃拉#8226;科尔曼(Gabriella Coleman)将互联网颠覆者类比成神话里恶作剧的妖精。洛基(Loki)和阿南西(Anansi)这类民间故事中的人物是变革的推动者,但他们也令人不安、让人害怕、甚至古怪狰狞。黑客会促进技术进步,但他们也许不会因此受到感谢。For example, hackers were some of the earliest believers in open-source software — making computer code freely available to be viewed and improved on by anyone. This used to be a troubling concept for companies, which had based businesses on protecting their intellectual property.比如,有些黑客是开源软件的最早信徒,这类软件免费公开源代码,让任何人可以查看并作出改进。过去这对企业是个令人不安的概念,因为这些企业的业务建立在保护知识产权的基础上。Linus Torvalds, inventor of the Linux open source operating system, was for a time the bête noire of business. He was described in 2001 as “cancer” by Microsoft’s then chief Steve Ballmer. But a recent survey found some 78 per cent of companies who had responded ran at least part of their business on open source software. Even Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s new chief, has said he “loves Linux” and is moving part of the company’s Azure platform to run on the system. There is a sense of karma about this but 15 years can be a long time to wait for acceptance.开源操作系统Linux的发明人林纳斯#8226;托瓦兹(Linus Torvalds)一度被商界视为“眼中钉”。2001年他曾被时任微软(Microsoft)首席执行官史蒂夫#8226;鲍尔默(Steve Ballmer)称为“癌症”。然而,最近一次调查表明,回应调查的企业中,大约78%在开源软件上运营至少一部分业务。就连微软新任首席执行官萨蒂亚#8226;纳德拉(Satya Nadella)也表示“喜爱Linux”,正在将微软Azure平台的一部分迁移到Linux系统上运行。这种峰回路转有点宿命感,不过15年等来的接受,时间上可能长了一点。It is not just Linux that is worthy of redemption. Today Cal Leeming is many things: a businessman, a film-maker, a devoted father and a charity volunteer. A loaded word like “hacker” risks obscuring these other facets. It is no wonder he doesn’t use it.值得救赎的不仅仅是Linux。今天,凯尔#8226;利明身兼多重身份:商人、电影制片人、全心投入的父亲以及慈善事业的志愿者。而类似“黑客”这样含义丰富的词汇可能掩盖上述其他方面的身份。难怪他不使用这个称号。 /201606/448770

  1. Throwing apples at people was a way of declaring your love in ancient Greece.1. 在古希腊,向别人扔苹果是一种示爱的方式。Catching the fruit means acceptance of the feeling. In ancient Greece apples were considered to be “sacred to Aphrodite”.接住苹果表示接受了对方的爱意。古希腊人认为苹果是爱神阿弗洛狄忒的圣果。2. There are so many different types of apples, that if you ate a new one everyday, it would take over 20 years to try them all.苹果有非常多的品种,如果你每天都吃一种,那你要二十多年才能全都试一遍。3. Apples reduce tooth decay because they stimulate the production of saliva in your mouth.苹果能防止龋齿,因为苹果会刺激口腔唾液的分泌。They stimulate gums and prevent cavity buildup so an apple may easily replace your toothbrush if you don’t have it at the moment.苹果会刺激牙龈,防止牙齿长洞。所以你一下子找不到牙膏的时候,苹果是很好的替代品。4. Apples may poison you in fact.4. 其实苹果也会让你中毒。Do you know that apple seed contains cyanide? Do not be afraid, though, you have to eat plenty of them to get sick.你知道苹果籽含有氰化物吗?不过不用怕,你得吃一大堆才会中毒。5. Apples are members of the rose family. Just like cherries, peaches, pears, plums, raspberries.5. 苹果是蔷薇科植物,跟樱桃、桃子、梨子、李子、覆盆子一样。6. The average person eats 65 apples a year.6. 一般人每年会吃65个苹果。It is amazing that humans have been enjoying the taste of apples since 6500 !人类居然从公元前6500年起就喜欢吃苹果了!7. Apples are 25% air, which is why they float in water.7. 苹果里有25%是空气,所以苹果能浮在水上。However apples do not emerge when dropped in … naptha.不过要是掉在汽油里就浮不上来了……8. Apple trees take four to five years to produce their first fruit.8. 苹果树要花四到五年才会结第一次果。However trees may vary greatly, some bring the first fruit much sooner.不过不同品种的树之间也能会有很大差别,有些第一次结果会早很多。9. It takes about 36 apples to make one gallon of apple cider.9. 一加仑(约3.8升)苹果酒要用约36个苹果。One apple needs the energy of 50 leaves. How many leaves are needed for three gallons of apple cider?一个苹果需要50片树叶(产生)的能量,那三加仑苹果酒需要多少片树叶呢?10. One of George Washington’s hobbies was pruning his apple trees.10. 乔治·华盛顿的爱好之一就是修剪他的苹果树。Such hobby helped him to de-stress.这个爱好能帮他减压。 /201704/506024


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