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襄阳男科医院咨询qq襄阳市四医院有治疗前列腺炎吗襄阳市有什么好的男性医院 If you#39;ve dug yourself into a hole with one too many impulse buys, this guide will show you how to crawl back into the black and get debt free.如果多次冲动购物导致你负债累累,这段视频将帮助你了解如何慢慢偿还债务,享受无债一身轻的感觉。You Will Need你需要Debt list债务列表Additional income额外收入Sacrifices牺牲Patience耐心Steps步骤STEP 1 Create a debt list1.制定债务列表Create a comprehensive debt list to plainly see how much you owe in loans, cash advances, credit cards, and anything else you owe money on. Knowing exactly where you stand is the first step to reclaiming control over your finances.创建一个综合的债务列表,贷款,现金垫款,信用卡和其他任何债务一目了然。了解自己的状况是重新控制财务状况的第一步。Display the list in plain sight and cross off each debt paid to track your progress and stay motivated.把债务列表放在显眼的地方,每偿还一笔债务就划掉,及时追踪进展,让你更有动力。STEP 2 Set a budget2.制定预算Set a budget and try every strategy you can think of in order to stick with it. Decide which purchases and expenses are priorities, and which are nonessentials. Then, cut the nonessentials.制定预算,为了坚持这个预算想尽一切办法。确定一下哪些购物和花费优先进行,哪些是不必要的。然后,削减非必需品。Avoid huge sacrifices that will add more stress to the family, but sacrifice luxuries when you can. Eat in rather than going out and learn to have fun for free at home, in the park, or at the beach.避免作出太大的牺牲,否则会对家庭造成更多压力,但是可能的情况下牺牲一些奢侈消费。不要外出就餐,而选择在家吃饭,学习如何在家中,公园和沙滩等免费的地方寻找乐趣。STEP 3 Increase income3.增加收入Increase your income by picking up a part-time job or selling those unused electronics, clothes, or tools you own.做一份兼职或出售不用的电子产品,装或工具,增加收入。STEP 4 Work from highest interest rate4.从利率最高的债务开始偿还Pay down credit cards and loans with the highest interest rates first, and move down the list.从利率最高的信用卡和贷款欠款开始偿还,从高到低。STEP 5 Be patient5.耐心Be patient and consistent, and you#39;ll once again get your head above water.有耐心,坚持一下,你终将偿还所有债务。The U.S. Treasury printed a 0,000 gold certificate for less than a month between 1934 and 1935.1934年至1935年期间,美国财政部发行了100,000美元的金币券,为期不到一个月。视频听力译文由。 Article/201403/281416襄阳市职业病防治医院包皮手术怎么样

襄樊中心医院治疗前列腺炎多少钱It#39;s spring cleaning time! Since the average American spends a third of their time in bed, use these tips to help you spring clean your mattress.现在到了春季大扫除时间了!由于一般美国人三分之一的时间是在床上度过的,遵循以下建议,帮助你清洁床垫。You Will Need你需要Vacuum with attachment有附件的吸尘器Upholstery cleaner室内装潢用清洁剂Mattress protector床垫保护装置Fabric refresher布料清新剂Steps步骤Step 1 Remove bedding1.移走铺盖Remove all bedding and let the mattress air out for a few hours. If possible, haul it outside for the day to get fresh air.将所有铺盖拿走,让床垫在空气中暴露几个小时的时间。如果可能的话,白天把床垫拖到外面接触新鲜空气。Step 2 Vacuum the mattress2.吸尘Vacuum the mattress and box springs with a vacuum attachment.用吸尘器附件打扫空气垫和弹簧床垫。Step 3 Remove stains3.清除污渍Remove any surface stains with upholstery cleaner. Invest in a mattress protector to prevent any future stains.用室内装潢用清洁剂清除任何表面的污渍。可以购买床垫保护装置,防止床垫今后再被弄脏。Never clean a mattress with dry cleaning fluid; the chemicals could damage the mattress.千万不要使用干洗洗涤剂来清洁床垫;其中的化学物质会损坏床垫。Step 4 Flip the mattress4.翻转Flip the mattress over and switch the top to bottom to help it wear evenly. This should be done every six months.将床垫翻过来,上下颠倒,帮助你更彻底地进行清洁工作。可以每六个月进行一次。Step 5 Spritz the mattress5.喷洒清新剂Spritz the mattress and mattress cover with a fabric refresher before you reapply the sheets to give it a fresh smell. Spring is in the air.用布料清新剂喷洒床垫和床套,让其气味清新。然后重新铺好床单。这样,你的床垫中就充满了春天的味道。While the average human sleeps seven to eight hours a day, a giraffe only sleeps for 20 minutes.一般美国人每天的睡眠时间为7到8小时,而长颈鹿每天只睡20分钟。视频听力栏目译文属。 Article/201303/231441襄阳市做包皮哪家好 襄阳南漳县人民中心医院割包皮手术价格

襄阳第四医院男科专家Summertime means fun time! Check out these tips on getting the season-long party started.夏日意味着欢乐时光!看看下面的建议,迎接持续整个季节的派对的开始。You Will Need你需要Beach towel沙滩浴巾Bathing suit泳衣Sunscreen防晒霜Water水Trowel泥铲Vegetable seeds蔬菜种子Sports equipment体育设施Book书Camping gear露营装备Star chart星宿图Mason jar (optional)有金属螺盖的玻璃瓶(可选)Steps步骤STEP 1 Take a dip1.游泳Grab a towel, don a bathing suit, and cool off with a swim. Wear waterproof sunscreen and play a little Marco Polo; before you know it, you#39;ll be having such a good time, you won#39;t realize you#39;ve burned off all those ice cream calories.拿一条沙滩浴巾,穿上泳衣,下水去游泳。涂上防水防晒霜,播放一点音乐。你会不知不觉地享受到轻松的时光,也会无意识间消耗掉冰激凌带来的热量。Drink plenty of water, even when you#39;re swimming. You might not feel thirsty, but you#39;re still moving around in the hot sun.饮用足够的水,即使是在游泳的时候。或许你不会感觉到口渴,但是毕竟你是在热辣辣的太阳下活动。STEP 2 Get growing2.种植Start a vegetable garden. Find a plot of land and map out areas for various veggies. Aerate and weed with a trowel, then plant summer produce like tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers. Water regularly and watch the perfect complements to a summer barbecue come to life.开辟一块蔬菜菜园。找一块地,策划出种植不同蔬菜的地方。用泥铲松土和锄草,然后种植一些夏季作物,例如番茄,辣椒和黄瓜。经常浇水,亲眼目睹夏季烧烤的完美元素的成长过程。STEP 3 Find a sport3.体育项目Toss a ball around, shoot some hoops, ride a bike, spike a volleyball, toss a Frisbee, play some tennis, go for a run -- anything that gets you up and moving outdoors. Being active in the sun improves sleep, promotes vitamin D production, and boosts your mood -- just be sure to wear sunscreen.踢球,扔铁环,骑自行车,打排球,扔飞盘,打网球,纯粹为了乐趣——只要能让你在户外运动的项目都可以。在阳光下运动可以改善睡眠,促进维他命D的生成,刺绪——不过一定要涂抹防晒霜。STEP 4 Grab some ing material4.拿一些阅读材料Pick a book, stretch out in the shade, and . Choose a book that interests you, rather than something you think you have to . Try a masterpiece you#39;ve always meant to check out, and challenge yourself to finish it by Labor Day.拿一本书,舒展地坐在阴凉的地方阅读。选择自己感兴趣的书,而不是自己不得不读的书。尝试一下你一直想看的著作,挑战自己在劳动节前完成。STEP 5 Go camping5.露营Explore the great outdoors with a camping trip. Grab a canteen, food, and a flashlight, pack up a tent and sleeping bag, throw it all in a backpack, and hit the road. Even if you#39;re just in your own backyard, the summer months are the perfect time for a night away from the television.进行露营,探索大自然。拿一个水壶,一些食物和一把手电筒,打包一顶帐篷和睡袋,全部丢进背包,上路。即使只是在自己的后院,夏季也是远离电视机,在户外露宿的好时间。If you live in an area with fireflies, bring a mason jar on your trip and catch some to give your camp a little extra mood lighting.如果你住的地方有萤火虫,带一个有金属螺盖的玻璃瓶,捉一些萤火虫,让你的旅途增添一点朦胧的光亮。STEP 6 Look to the heavens6.观看夜空Wait for night to fall, go outside, and stargaze. Consult a star chart to find constellations, many of which were named centuries ago. Let your imagination run and find new shapes and images in the sky to inspire you as you consider your next fun summer activity.等待夜幕降临,外出,仰望星空。查看星宿图,寻找星座,很多都是几百年前命名的。放飞想象的翅膀,在天空中寻找新的形状和图像,考虑下一个充满乐趣的夏季活动。In August 1969, Sly and the Family Stone#39;s single ;Hot Fun in the Summertime,; hit no. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100.1969年8月,斯莱和斯通一队的单曲《夏日的情味》在告示牌百强单曲榜上排名第二位。视频听力译文由。 Article/201405/298711 襄阳市第一人民医院男性专科襄阳市四医院割包皮手术价格



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