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Conversation A Visiting a Tractor Factory?MELANIE: Good morning, Mr Learner. We've met. I'm Melanie Montgomery.?MARTIN: Good morning, Mrs Montgomery. How are you?MELANIE: Fine, thanks. How are you?MARTIN: Fine, thanks.?MELANIE: Come inside.?MELANIE: This is Tim Wang.?MARTIN: Hello. I'm Martin Learner. I'm a reporter.?TIM: Good morning. How are you?MARTIN: Fine, thanks.?MELANIE: Tim is a designer.?MARTIN: I'm happy to meet you.?TIM: Thanks.?MELANIE: And this is Dinah Cosby.?DINAH: Hello.?MARTIN: Good morning. I'm Martin Learner.?DINAH: How are you?MARTIN: Fine, thanks. How are you?DINAH: Fine, thanks.?MELANIE: Mr Learner is a reporter for the Voice of America.?DINAH: Oh, good.?MARTIN: What do you do?DINAH: I'm a supervisor.?MARTIN: I'm happy to meet you.?MELANIE: Good morning, Raj. This is Rajesh Sharma.?MARTIN: Hello.?MELANIE: This is Martin Learner. He's a reporter.?RAJESH: How are you?MARTIN: Fine, thanks. How are you?RAJESH: Fine, thanks.?MARTIN: Rajesh, what do you do?RAJESH: Pardon?MELANIE: He's a painter.?RAJESH: Oh, yes. I'm a painter.?MARTIN: I'm happy to meet you.?RAJESH: Thanks.?MELANIE: Hello, David.?DAVID: Pardon?MELANIE: Hello!DAVID: Oh, good morning.?MELANIE: This is Martin Learner.?DAVID: Hello, I'm David Shaw. How are you?MARTIN: Fine, thanks. How are you?DAVID: Fine, thanks.?MELANIE: He's a reporter.?DAVID: I'm happy to meet you.?MARTIN: Thanks. What do you do?MELANIE: He's a mechanic.?MARTIN: Pardon?DAVID: I'm a mechanic.?Practice 1:What do you do? 用来询问对方的职业。?Examples: DAVID: Hello, I'm David Shaw.?MARTIN: What do you do?DAVID: I'm a mechanic.?DINAH: I'm Dinah Cosby.?MARTIN: What do you do?DINAH: I'm a supervisor.?RAJESH: Hello, I'm Rajesh Sharma.?MARTIN: What do you do?RAJESH: I'm a painter.会话A : 参观拖拉机厂?梅勒妮:早上好,勒纳先生。我们见过面,我叫梅勒妮·蒙哥马利。?马 丁:早上好,蒙哥马利夫人。你好吗梅勒妮:很好,谢谢。你好吗马 丁:很好,谢谢。?梅勒妮:请到这边来。?梅勒妮:这是提姆·王。?马 丁:你好,我叫马丁·勒纳,我是记者。?提 姆:早上好,你怎么样马 丁:很好,谢谢。?梅勒妮:提姆是设计师。?马 丁:见到你很高兴。?提 姆:谢谢。?梅勒妮:这是黛娜·考茨比。?黛 娜:你好。?马 丁:早上好,我叫马丁·勒纳。?黛 娜:你好吗马 丁:很好,谢谢。你好吗黛 娜:很好,谢谢。?梅勒妮:勒纳先生是“美国之音”的记者。?黛 娜:噢,很好。?马 丁:你做什么工作黛 娜:我是名主管?马 丁:见到你很高兴。?梅勒妮:早上好,拉杰什。 这是拉杰什·沙默。?马 丁:你好。?梅勒妮:这是马丁·勒纳,他是记者。?拉杰什:你好吗马 丁:很好,谢谢。你好吗拉杰什:很好,谢谢。?马 丁:拉杰什,你做什么工作拉杰什:对不起,请再说一遍。?梅勒妮:他是油漆工。?拉杰什:噢,是的。我是油漆工。?马 丁:见到你很高兴。?拉杰什:谢谢。?梅勒妮:你好,大卫。?大 卫:对不起,请再说一遍。?梅勒妮:你好。?大 卫:噢,早上好。?梅勒纪:这是马丁·勒纳。?大 卫:你好,我叫大卫·肖。你好吗马 丁:很好,谢谢。你好吗大 卫:很好,谢谢。?梅勒妮:他是记者。?大 卫:见到你很高兴。?马 丁:谢谢,你做什么工作梅勒妮:他是技工。?马 丁:对不起,请再说一遍。?大 卫:我是技工。 /200602/3370All right, welcome back welcome back, do you enjoy us欢迎回来 欢迎回来,大家玩的开心吗?I have taken control of this show tonight今天晚上的节目将由我来主持Normally, this program is hosted by that tonight, it is being hosted by this通常情况下,节目都是由那边那位主持的 但是今天,我来了Look, this seems like a good opportunity to explain the origin of all the hatreds and bitternesses between me and Jimmy kammel今天貌似是个很好的机会,给大家讲讲我和吉米之间所有怨恨痛苦的渊源I think it#39;s time people finally know the truth是时候让大家了解事情的真相了Jimmy bumps me from his show every night, because吉米每天晚上在节目中挤兑我Jimmy always wanted to be an actor, and unfortunately for him是因为吉米一直很想成为一名演员,但是很遗憾的是I....I beat him out for every role that he ever truely wanted it他真心想要饰演的每个角色最后都被我拿下了Jimmy has audition for every movie I#39;ve ever been in我参演的每部电影吉米都有去参加试镜that#39;s true, every single one of them and how many did he get?是真的,每一部电影 那么他拿到了几个角色呢?None So he hates me and, Look! I know it seems hard to believe, so很遗憾,一个都没有 所以他对我心生怨恨 我知道这很难让大家相信to prove it to you guys, I..I called every casting director in town to get tapes of all of Jimmy#39;s audition所以为了明我说的是真的,我给电影的选角导演打电话并且拿到了吉米去参加试镜的录像带You guys wanna see it? Yeah! Fine你们想看吗?想看 嗯Yeah, now I#39;m sorry Jimmy, I#39;m gonna have to show I mean, yeah, go ahead, you can roll it对不住了吉米,我要把录像带拿给大家看看 好了,可以开始放了This is Jimmy Kammel y for the role of Will Hunting吉米试镜《心灵捕手》Oh, I got a number how do you like them,Apples? Try one more time Again?诶,我拿到了一个号码牌 你觉得苹果怎么样?再试一次?再读一次?How do you like them? Apples? Do you like Apples? I have them你觉得苹果怎么样?你喜欢苹果吗?我有货哦So you are the guy running for office, aren#39;t you? You bet I am你就是那个参加竞选的人,是吗?我是And judging from you speech, you are not wining?从你演讲的内容来看,你输了?Well, that what happens when you are a part of the Adjustment Bureau What are you doing?事情已成定局 这是命运规划局的安排 你在干嘛?Sorry, what#39;s...what#39;s he doing? I just is planing on that stretching the..不好意思,他在干嘛?我就是跟摄像机互动一下,伸展下筋骨No, you can#39;t do it to the camera when you....不,你对词的时候不应该看着摄像机So you are the guy running for that? You bet I am You are gonna let me finish你就是那个......对,我就是 呃,你要先让我说完我的台词You know this movie is an animated, right? uh?这是一部动画电影,你知道吧?啥?It#39;s a voice-over audition What? A voice-over audition你要做的是配音 配音But why am I in the costume Hi, kids I#39;m happy feet two OK, cut那我为什么要换装 嗨,孩子们,我是快乐大脚2号哦 好,停My beak kicks off eye Ok, next Picture? Nope, thanks噢,我的喙戳到了我的眼睛 好的,下一个 要我的大头照片吗?不,谢谢Judging from your speech, you are not wining从你的演讲内容来看,你输了?That#39;s what happens, when you are a part of the Adjustment Bureau Ok这是命运规划局的安排,事情就是这样 嗯Are you say that camera was I supposed to look at?你是说我对词的时候应该看着那台摄像机吗?No, just what you do it to it Oh, to you Have you done this before?不是,是看着我 对着你哦!你之前有过经验吗?Whenever you are y. You are adorable. Was that you saying I#39;m adorable,too?你准备好就开始了 你好可爱!你会觉得我也很可爱吗?well, that#39;s why we bought a zoo yeah这就是我们为什么要买下这座动物园 嗯Before we start I just clarifying am I..am the stucky? or the stucker? I mean who stuck to who here?在我们开始之前 我想先弄清楚,我们到底是谁贴着谁呢?I don#39;t. I#39;m sorry is that matter for the process? Really?不好意思,这对我们工作有意义吗?It#39;s part of my process, it does matter. Who the hell are you?有意义,对我有意义 请问你是哪位?I#39;m Jimmy Kammel, and I#39;m stuck on you Who looking the Matt Damon我是吉米 我要黏着你了 谁知道马特·达蒙在哪儿啊?Go do it The movie is called Stuck on you#39;ve even do it ....hey hey, hey, hey快去找 这部电影叫贴身兄弟 嘿嘿嘿.....I don#39;t know what this is, is this like a pity ing or something我不知道这是个什么情况?这是因为同情而组织的会面还是?No, no, you are here on your own American. Don#39;t.. don#39;t do that噢不,你是凭实力得到这个角色的That#39;s.. I#39;ve been come..you came here since she is her own.Ameican我是被选上的......你告诉她她是凭实力得到这个角色的吗?I#39;ve been cost an.. She thinks it#39;s a pity meeting How do you like dump Apples?她以为是因为同情让她过来的 你觉得苹果怎么样啊?Next How do like them? Apples?下一个 你觉得它们怎么样?苹果?I swear to god if I even feel somebady behind me, there is no measure without.... stop....um我发誓,如果我感觉到后面有人跟踪我,你无法估量......停we should just.. yes So we will start it again You y?不好意思,我们得重来一遍 你准备好了吗?Just give us an action again. I swear to god if I even feel somebady behind me重新开始 我发誓,如果我发现有人跟踪我......There#39;s no measure....What you doing? What you doing? you my part你在干嘛?你在干嘛?你读了我的台词No, my this, you are the other part. I#39;m Jason Born. I thought I was really for Born你的台词是另外一段 我是杰森·伯恩 我以为我是杰森·伯恩呢Yeah? Why would you? I mean, I played it in the first two movies, why would you my part?呃,你以为?我的意思是,这部电影前两部都是我演的,你怎么能不知道,抢了我的台词呢?I didn#39;t see the first two movies前两部电影我没看And thank you, since you spoiler alert. I#39;m supposed to those alert你剧透了,剧透了what goes on here? I mean he didn#39;t say Spoiler Alert I#39;m, really, I#39;m sorry yet Spoiler Alert他这是怎么了?他没说剧透警告 实在是不好意思 剧透警告 Article/201706/514893What we found in the ACE study involving seventeen and a half thousand middle-class adults wasACE研究通过对17500名中产阶级成人的观察发现that life experiences in childhood that are lost in time童年经历会随着时间的流逝在他们的记忆中逐渐丢失and then further protected by shame and by secrecy and by social taboos against inquiry into certain realms of human experience,但那些由于羞耻 保密和社会禁忌等原因不愿意被人盘问的经历反而会被保护从而遗留在人的记忆的某个角落that those life experiences play out powerfully and proportionately a half century later以致于即便是很多年后这些人生经历对其影响深远in terms of emotional state,in terms of biomedical disease, in terms of life expectancy.它们会在自身情绪状况、生物医学疾病、或寿命方面成比例地对人生造成影响In 1985, I first became interested in developmental life experiences in early childhood really by accident.In the major obesity program we were running,a young woman came into the program.在我们着重研究的肥胖问题中 一个年轻姑娘来到我们这She was twenty-eight years old, and weighed 408 pounds,她28岁 重达408磅and asked us if we could help her with her problem.向我们求助And in fifty-one weeks, we took her from 408 to 132.在接下来的51周中 我们帮她从408磅减到132磅And we thought, well my god, we’ve got this problem licked.我们想 谢天谢地 终于解决这个问题了This is going to be a world-famous department here!这次胜利将举世闻名She maintained her weight at 132 for several weeks,她将她的体重稳定在132磅几周的时间and then in one three-week period regained 37 pounds in three weeks,which I had not previously conceived as being physiologically possible.我之前压根没想到会有这种可能性That was triggered by being sexually propositioned at work by a much older man,as she described him.这是由工作中一个比她大的多的人对其性暗示导致的(当然)她是这么描述的That was triggered by being sexually propositioned at work by a much older man,as she described him.这是由工作中一个比她大的多的人对其性暗示导致的(当然)她是这么描述的And in short order, she was back over 400 pounds faster than she had lost the weight.很快 她就就增肥到400磅 比她减重快多了I remember asking her why the extreme response.我记得问过她为什么会出现这种极端反弹情况After initially claiming not to have any understanding of why the extreme response,她起初一直说她也不知道she told me of a lengthy incest history with her grandfather from age 10 to age 21.后来 她告诉了我 祖父对她漫长的乱伦经历从10岁直到21岁Ultimately it turned out that fifty-five percent of the people in our obesity program最终得到实 在我们这项对肥胖研究中有55%的人acknowledged a history of childhood sexual abuse.都有童年时被性侵的经历I mean that obviously is not the only issue going on but it was where we began.我想说 显然问题不止一个但我们就是从那个问题起步的And as we went down that trail, then we discovered other forms of abuse随着我们的继续追查 发现在很多机能失调家庭(或其他家庭)中also growing up in massively dysfunctional households, etc.其他形式的侵害也大幅增加the ACE study was really designed to see whether these things existed at all in the general population,ACE研究目的就在于确认是否大多数人都经历过这些侵害and if so, how did they play out over time?果真如此 那它们(指侵害)又如何随着时间的推移造成影响?We studied 10 categories of adverse life experiences我们研究选择了了十类有害生活经历that were chosen because of their prevalence in the weight program因为它们都与体重研究紧密相关childhood sexual abuse, heavy-duty childhood physical abuse这些包括童年性侵 严重的童年身体伤害I#39;m not talking spanking—我不是指打屁股um, major emotional abuse, recurrent humiliation, two categories of neglect还有严重的情感伤害 经常性的精神羞辱 以及两类忽视growing up in a home孩子童年和青春期成长过程中where one of the members of the household,家庭中有人uh, was chronically depressed, suicidal, mentally ill, or in the state hospital;长期抑郁 自杀 患精神疾病 或长期住院的家庭环境中growing up in a home without both biological parents;或者是 没能与亲生父母生活在一起growing up in a home where, um, one of the members of your household was alcoholic or a drug user;或者是 有家人嗜酒或吸毒growing up in a home where mother was beaten;或者是 妈妈被家暴growing up in a home where one of the members of your household was imprisoned during your childhood or adolescence.或有家人入狱Those were the 10 categories.以上就是这十类In a middle-class population, one in 11 people has experienced six or more of those adverse life experiences in childhood.中产阶级群体中 每11人中就有一人经历过以上六类或更多So this is very common totally unrecognized.这种情况非常普遍却完全不被注意到It was difficult for us to accept their commonness.让我们接受他们的共性很难But on the other hand, these are issues that most people never touch.但另一方面 大多数人从未接触过这些问题And so who would know without routinely asking?如果没有例行公事的询问又有谁会知道呢But at a so-called ACE score of six, experiencing any six of the ten categories that we studied,但在ACE六类测评分中 (如果一个人)经历了我们研究得出的10类中的任何六类that person was 4,600% more likely to become an IV drug user than a person那他就会有4600%更可能变成静脉注射毒品的瘾君子who had experienced none of those ten categories.相较于什么都没经历过的正常人Okay? Now, you know,好吧 现在 你知道了you think, you the newspaper, the latest cancer scare of the week,你想 你看报纸 本周最新的癌症恐慌you think, you the newspaper, the latest cancer scare of the week,你想 你看报纸 本周最新的癌症恐慌prostate cancer or breast cancer increases 30%, and everyone goes nuts.前列腺癌或乳腺癌上升了30% 每个人就都不淡定了I’m talking 4,600% increase.我说的可是4600%的上涨率The same ACE score of six produces a likelihood of attempting suicide同样的 ACE研究也暗示了这些人的潜在自杀可能性that is between 3,100% and 5,000% greater than the likelihood of suicide attempts in someone with none of those life experiences.比没有这些人生经历的人要高3100%到5000%的自杀率So the power of this relationship is enormous.所以这种联系的影响力是巨大的So ultimately the question arises: how do life experiences in childhood end up with那么 最后 问题来了 童年的阴影是如何with disease states a half century later?影响到接下来的生活的There are at least two big categories to account for that.主要有两大方面原因One is through the use of various coping devices.一种是通过各种各样的应对方法One smokes to feel better;如通过吸烟来安抚自己one overeats to feel better; one drinks to relax, etc..通过暴食 喝酒 等等And those things carried out in heavy amounts have major destructive patterns,这些行为(如果)过度都会有极恶劣的影响even though they may be immediately beneficial.即使可能短期内很有效果The other broad category has to do with另一种是必须处理the effect of chronic major unrelieved stress on the workings of one’s brain and central nervous system.慢性难除刺激对这个人的大脑或中枢神经系统产生的影响In recent years, this is relatively new,近年来 这些研究不断发展it’s become clear that chronic major unrelieved stress研究结果也逐渐清晰——慢性难除刺激can produce the release of pro-inflammatory chemicals in a person’s body,会产生促炎性细胞活素and also can suppress immune system function.也会抑制免疫系统功能Of the ten categories that we studied,我们研究的十类中any six of them produces a shortening in life expectancy of almost twenty years.其中任何六类都会削减大概20年寿命The magnitude of this problem is so huge,这个问题的影响太深远了and the complexity of dealing with it after the fact is so huge,处理这影响也太复杂了that realistically, the only serious approach is going to have to involve primary prevention.唯一可行的方法就是防患于未然No one knows how to do that, but it’s the right question to focus on.没有人知道如何做 但我们仍需关注它 Article/201706/512187

A lot of people don#39;t realize that I actually hated ing for the majority of my life.很多人都没有意识到其实我人生中的大部分时间都很讨厌阅读。By the time I was 18, I don#39;t think I had really a single book直到18岁,除非是被迫为了完成作业,unless it was part of an assignment and I was just forced to do it.否则我基本没有真正读过一本书。But ever since I went to first grade, my teachers constantly tried to inspire me to ,但是自从我上一年级,我的老师就一直尝试鼓励我阅读,and it never worked. It just made me hate it even more.但根本没用。反而让我越发讨厌它。And then finally when I was about 18 or so, I started to find mentors, most of them online,最后大约在18岁的时候,我开始寻找导师,大部分都是在网上,and they were able to inspire me to almost instantly, and now I can#39;t even imagine a life where I don#39;t .他们能够迅速的激励我阅读,现在我已无法想象不阅读的人生会是怎样。So what was the difference between my teachers who tried to inspire me to for 12 years and failed constantly我的老师在12年间尝试鼓励我阅读却屡战屡败,and my mentors who were able to do it in basically no time?我的导师却能立刻说我,那么这两者有什么区别呢?Well here it is in the context of the golden circle.我们来看一下这个黄金圈背景。My teachers started with the ;what;. You have to this classic. This is a great book! You have to!我的老师从“是什么”开始。你必须读这部名著。这本书很好!你必须读!Then they sometimes went to the ;how;, and said, this is how you it.他们有时也会提到“怎样读”,然后说道,这就是阅读的方法。But that was it, there was no ;why;.但是仅此而已,没有提过“为什么”。The funny thing is, if I had asked, ;why should I it;, they would probably get angry and start yelling.有趣的是,如果我问,“为什么要读这本书”,他们可能就会生气大吼。;How could you ask a stupid question like that?; ;What do you mean why should you a classic?!;“你怎样能问这么愚蠢的问题呢?”,“你这么问是什么意思?”And that anger would mostly come from the fact, that they haven#39;t really thought about the ;why;,那种生气极有可能是因为他们没有真正的考虑过“为什么”这个问题,so they can#39;t really clearly articulate it.所以他们不能清晰明确的表达出来。Most people and even most organizations don#39;t really know why they do what they do.大部分个人甚至是机构也不知道为什么要做他们的所做。But how were my mentors different from my teachers at school?但是我的导师是怎样区别于学校老师的呢?They had successful relationships. They had success in their businesses.他们有成功的人际关系,生意也很成功。And they said, ;Look, do you want your girlfriend to be attracted to you?; ;Do you want to build a successful business?;他们会说,“瞧,你想吸引你女朋友吗?”“你想生意成功吗?”;Do you want to create powerful relationships instead of always getting your emails ignored just like everyone else?;“你想建立一段强有力的关系,从而不再像其他人一样被忽视吗?”And I was like, ;Yeah, that#39;s exactly what I want.; And they were like, ;Okay... Good.; Then pick up a book.我会说,“是的,那正是我所想的,”他们说,“好的…很好。”然后捎带出一本书。;Oh and by the way, How to Win Friends and Influence People is a great book, and so is The Way of the Superior Man.;“哦,顺便说一下,《如何赢得朋友和影响别人》是本好书,《优势男生存法则》也不错。”And I picked up both of those books and them, and now ing is an inseparable part of my life.我就开始读这两本书,现在阅读已经成为我生活中不可分割的一部分。That is how great leaders inspire action. Everybody starts from the what, and most people never even get to the why.伟大的领袖就是这样激励人们行动的。人们都始于“是什么”,大部分人都到不了“为什么”那个层面。Most people create a product and they want to tell you about all the amazing features and specifications.大多数人发明一种产品,就想着把产品的特征和规格介绍给大家。They want to tell you about how these features work so well.他们想告诉人们这些特征运行的非常好。But the truth is, most people don#39;t care about your ;what; and ;how;.但事实是,大部分人根本就不在意你说的“是什么”和“怎么样”。Most people don#39;t want to be told the exact measurements of your CPU,大部分人不想知道CPU的精确尺寸,they don#39;t want to be told how the little chips interact with each other so amazingly,他们也不想知道小芯片之间的连接是有多么奇妙,they want to be told something like this... We value effeciency just like you do.他们想听到的是…“我们跟您一样很看重效率。”Here#39;s how we can help you be more efficient. And here#39;s a product that will help you achieve exactly that.这就是我们帮您提高效率的方法。这是个可以帮您达到目标的产品。And that#39;s exactly what I want to buy.这才正是我想买的。If you tell me my company#39;s going to be more efficient, I want to know more.如果你说我公司的效率会得到更大的提高,我就想知道更多。If you tell me how great your newest chip is, I don#39;t really care.如果你只是告诉我这个最新的芯片有多棒,那我真的不在意。So again, most people start from the ;what; and never even get to the why.所以重申一下,人们始于“是什么”却从来不去想“为什么”。You#39;re not going to make that mistake. You#39;re going to know your why and you#39;re going to start with it你可不要犯那种错误。你需要知道“为什么”,并带着这个疑问开始做事,because you realize that people don#39;t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.因为你知道人们不会为“你做什么”而买单,但他们会为“你为什么做)”而买单。 Article/201707/516531

Here#39;s what I don#39;t understand that you#39;re doing.这是我不明白你在做什么You#39;re getting roasted on Comedy Central. Yes. And Kevin Hart is the host.在喜剧中心你被整蛊 是的 并且凯文·哈特是主持人He#39;s the roast master. He#39;s the roast master? Yeah. And you have to be nervous.他是整人大师 他是整人大师 是的 你很紧张You have to be scared, I mean--right? Oh, my God! Oh, my God.你害怕 我的意思是对的吗?哦 我的天!哦 我的天Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Don#39;t do that to me. Oh, God. Why me? I#39;m--哦 我的天 哦 我的天 不要这样对我 哦 天呐 为什么是我?我……I#39;m the prankster. That was the perfect reaction. Oh, my God.我是恶作剧的人 那是一个很好的反应 哦 我的天I#39;m the prankster. What are you doing this for? I thought we were together on this.我是恶作剧的人 你做了什么?我以为我们会一起被恶作剧Well, because I#39;m not part of the comedy roast, so this was my only shot at you. So... Oh, my gosh.好吧 因为我不是整人喜剧一部分 所以这是我唯一惊吓你 所以 哦 我的天Look how great you-- this was perfect. You have to be nervous.看看你多好--这个太棒了 你会紧张You have to be scared, I mean--right? Oh, my God! Oh, my God. Oh, my God.你害怕 我说的对吗?哦 我的天!哦 我的天 哦 我的天Were those Kleins? Yeah. Yes. He was a Calvin Klein model. Yeah.那些是克莱因斯?当然 是的 他是卡尔文·克莱恩模特 是的He was trying to be as good-looking as you. Oh, my gosh, I#39;m still shaking. Okay.他想尝试变得跟你一样好看 哦 我的天 我还在颤抖 好吧Oh, that was so good. All right. We#39;ll be back after this.哦,那太棒了 的确是的 过一会我们再回来 Article/201706/514731

We both have no jobs,we are in the same boat.我们都没工作,大家都有着同一景况。in the same boat意思是处境相同,相当于in the same unpleasant situation,一般都指不是好的情况。We both don't have any money, so we are in the same boat.我们两都没钱,都是有着同一处境。 /200803/28580

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The rangers lured the cheetah out into its new home with a fresh carcass.园林管理员用新鲜的动物尸体将猎豹引诱到它的新家中。This is the first cheetah Malawi has had in the wild in two decades.这是20年来马拉维在野外拥有的第一只猎豹。The cheetah is the fastest land animal in the world, but even that couldn#39;t protect the species in Malawi.猎豹是世界上奔跑速度最快的陆生动物,然而速度再快,也没能在马拉维存活下来。Poachers killed off the cheetahs#39; prey and ultimately the cheetahs themselves.偷猎者杀光了猎豹的猎物,最终导致了这一物种在本地区的灭绝。;They were last seen within Malawi about 20 years ago.“人们最后一次看到猎豹大约是在20年前。And specifically in the Liwonde area, they have been absent for over a 100 years.尤其是在利翁代地区,人们已经有100多年没有发现过猎豹的踪影了。So, as part of the rehabilitation of the park,所以作为公园重建的一部分,we feel very, that it#39;s very important to bring back the cheetah to Malawi and Liwonde specifically.;我们深觉让猎豹重回马拉维和利翁代相当重要。”A total of four cheetahs – two males and two females – were airlifted to Liwonde from South Africa in May.五月份,总共有四只猎豹——两公两母——从南非空运到了利翁代。The cheetahs spent their first three weeks in this enclosure getting acclimated.前三周,猎豹一直待在这片围场当中,适应新的生活环境。Liwonde National Park has a population of 12,000 large mammals.利翁代国家公园共有1.2万只大型哺乳动物。And these include bush buck, water buffalo and antelope.其中包括南非林羚、水牛和羚羊。The cheetah is the first large predator to be reintroduced to the park.猎豹是第一个被重新引入公园的大型捕食动物。;We have a very healthy animal base“我们的动物基地如今十分繁荣,and now that the protection measures are in place as we have got a very good law enforcement in the park.保护措施均已到位,因为公园的执法环境相当良好。The numbers of animals are increasing very rapidly动物数量也在迅速增加,and, as a result to that, there#39;s more than enough animals to provide for some carnivorous animals such as the cheetah.;这样一来,可供一些肉食动物(如猎豹)捕食的猎物便绰绰有余。”Meanwhile, the officials are holding meetings with communities surrounding the park.与此同时,官员们也正在与公园周边社区举行会议。;Those people are likely to face dangers.“这些人很有可能会面临危险。And our message to the community is to say, can they refrain from entering the park and doing what they used to be doing我们传达给社区的信息就是,他们能否不要进入公园,不要再重复以前的行径,because these animals definitely, they are dangerous, they can kill a human being.;因为这些动物确实很危险。他们完全可以杀死一个人。”Park officials say they soon plan to also reintroduce leopards and lions to restore the park#39;s lost glory.公园官员表示,很快他们就要计划重新引入美洲豹和狮子,恢复公园逝去的风采。Lameck Masina, for VOA news, Liwonde, Malawi.VOA新闻,拉美可·马西纳于马拉维利翁代为您播报。 Article/201706/515930

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