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医学教科书为人体各组织标上颜色以便未来的外科医生学习,而真实的人体组织却不是那样的。但是现在情况改变了。在TEDMED 上,Quyen Nguyen 向大家展示分子是如何照亮肿瘤使其呈氖绿色,向外科医生标明确切需要切除的部位。 Article/201405/294888France#39;s First Lady Hospitalized After Affair RumorsValerie Trierweiler reportedly in shock after seeing tabloid photos of her husband and a famous actress.Sex scandal rocking France this morning with the country#39;s first lady has been hospitalized ,said to be in shocked after tabloids published photos exposing the prisedent scretafiar with the famous actress. He is now lashing out of press, A#39; R with all the details and in this kind ofvery complicated love way. yes, but it#39;s French,right,the French should do? and the French all usualy consider more liberal when that comes to this type of issues. But this is actually sending shockwaves through out the country.This moring French prisedent F is preparing to addressing allegations,he has been caring on affair with this woman, 41 year old actress J, rumors of trace began swilling after the Frech magzine Closer published theses pictures of a man , they say is H wearing a helmet and riding a motor scooter coming and going to met G in this Pairs apartment, not far from the home he is sharing with first lady T whose spokeman said suffer a big emotional shock after seeing this story. Frence says the news hit her like a high speed train, she has been hospitalized for depression and extrem fatige. People traditionally have sympathize with T,she does not have charming personality in public, but I think now they are begining to see her as a woman scorn.while T acts as the first lady,she and H have never been married. The prisedent has not denied the affair, but has said he greatly deplored the invasion of his privacy , and he is even threatening legal action.according to a new French poll, 77 precent French voters thoutht the president should remain private, and 8 in 10 say their opinion of him had not change. But this was before T hospitalisation was made public.when you look at the polls that say 80 percent of people belive this one change thier opinion of him,that is not a good nows, he has only got a 28 percent of approval rate to begin with.G has not commented on the alleged affair, but her lawyer has reportlly obtained a legally junction agasit magzine for publishing these pictures.Now,a lose friend of T says she does now want to slam the door on her partner 7 years she is prepare to forgive as long as he comes please with his intentions ,maybe will hear those later this morning 10.30 eastern time,he has a press confrence .they got to get a number for this state dinner here at the white house in Februry. That might be best. They might want to get on that.He basically gets together with his current live in girl friend when he was living his previous live in girl fridend.so she was the mistress before. who is his wife for president of France.so she a kind knew what she was getting into,I guess so. /201401/274226

If he wanted his immigration status to be US citizen,then he had to return by the time he was 18.如果他想正式移民美国,就得在十八岁时回去。To go when you#39;re still a star is very strange,because he could have kept doing films,but they wanted him to go,to make the right decision of where he#39;s going next.在小有名气时离开确实不符合常理,因为他本可以留下来继续拍电影的,但他的家人希望他离开,以在以后的人生道路上做出正确的选择。In Seattle, my father started teaching martial arts.He didn#39;t ever look at people because of their race or their stature in life.If you had a sincere interest in martial arts,he would teach you.爸爸到西雅图后开始教授武术,他根本不在乎自己学员的种族以及社会地位。只要你诚心想学,他就愿意教你Taky Kimura was really his best friend.Taky became his first assistant instructor in his first school,the Jun Fan Kung Fu Institute, in Seattle, Washington.木村武之和他成为了真正的忘年交。木村成了他武术学校的第一个助理教练,即坐落于西雅图的振藩国术馆Bruce used to come to my high school and he used to teach in the Chinese philosophy class.布鲁斯曾来到我们高中,教授一些中国哲学课程He was five years older than we were,and I do remember my heart going,;Pah,pah,pah; You know, he is sure cute.他比我们大了五岁左右,而我清晰地记得当时心头的小鹿啪啪啪跳个不停,他太可爱了It wasn#39;t long after that that I started taking Kung Fu lessons from him and my relationship with him changed more from just a student to actually feeling that maybe,maybe there could be a connection between us.那之后不久我也开始去他那学习功夫,我和他的关系也从师生逐步转变到那种,那种更加微妙的关系。 Article/201311/264068


  于TED2010的演讲中, Blaise Aguera y Arcas令人屏气地演示了微软的新颖地图技术,为地图增加现实内容的技术。 Article/201311/263181。


  Part of this increase in hurricane power八十年代至今from the #39;80s to recent times,飓风越来越强的一部分原因is related to sea surface temperature.与海洋表面温度有关The reason is that as the temperature goes up,随着温度的上升this thermal disequilibrium海洋与大气间的between the ocean and atmosphere also goes up.热力不平衡也随之加剧It goes up at a rate that would increase the wind speed按理说 温差每增加一摄氏度of hurricanes maybe 7% for every one degree C.飓风的风速就会上升7%But we#39;ve seen a lot more但我们观测到半摄氏度than 7% for half a degree.就造成了远超7%的效果So we#39;re trying to understand that.我们想要找到原因But he#39;s not just interested in what#39;s happened in the past.他不仅对过去发生了什么感兴趣He#39;s trying to get a sense of what the future might be他还想要知道如果海洋温度继续上升的话if ocean temperatures continue to rise.未来会是怎样的情况If we look at the distribution of hurricanes若要画一张当今气候条件下in the present climate,飓风的强度分布图with weak storms over on this side这边代表弱风暴and strong storms over on this side,那边代表强风暴what we see is lots of weak events.弱风暴占大多数 Article/201410/333257Most primates have excellent colour vision,多数的灵长类 拥有绝佳的色视觉and colour too can be used in communication.色也可以用做沟通的工具Adult Phayre#39;s leaf monkeys might seem rather drab.成年法氏叶猴的外表 看起来也许有点无趣But not so their newborn.但是新生儿是另一回事Bright orange fur makes the babies very conspicuous,宝宝鲜明的橘色毛发相当抢眼so the adults can easily keep an eye on them.所以成年叶猴 可以轻易的看到它们Close friends and relatives亲朋好友are eager to help the mother with baby-sitting.都很乐意客串保姆It#39;s a good chance for the younger ones to practice parenting.年轻的猴子 可以趁机练习怎么带孩子As a result, a baby is never left on its own for long.因此宝宝很少落单When it#39;s a few months old and more independent,几个月后小猴子变得比较独立it will turn the colour of its mother身上的毛色开始变得和母亲一样and blend in with the group.并且融入群体But until then, it can#39;t be ignored.在那之前 想不看到它也难 Article/201311/265771

  The Third Plenum is likely to cover the country#39;s ambitious urbanization drive. But that would come with challenges.三中全会将启动全面城市化进程。但是,这也将带来新的挑战。As we can see, urbanization brings both opportunities and challenges to China. Let#39;s get back to Prof. Fu Jun for more.正如我们所看到的的,中国城市化进程是机会与挑战并存的过程。让我们与付军教授一同分享更多相关信息。Q1. How do you see the dangers of overbuilding? As Junfeng#39;s story shows, there are ghost towns, but the 70 major cities are super crowded.您怎样看待过度开发带来的危害呢?比如峻峰为我们带来的思考,那里有很多鬼城,但是70个大城市都超级拥挤。Q2. Who pays for urbanization? HS estimates total fiscal cost on 260 million migrant workers in cities (public housing and children#39;s education) is 6.24 trillion yuan. Local government finances are strained as they are.谁将为城市化带来的后果埋单?据汇丰估计,用于260百万外来务工人员(公共住房和子女教育)的固定总出为6.24万亿元。地方政府财政已出现吃紧状态。Q3. A large part of the urbanisation process depends on Hukou reform, what will we see on this (household registration system) reform from the Third Plenum meetings?城市化进程在很大程度上取决于户籍制度改革,那么在三中全会上就户籍制度改革,我们会看到哪些进展? Article/201311/263834

  How Lisa Marie Presley Got Back to Her Teenage WeightLet#39;s move on to Lisa Marie Presley#39;s startling weight loss and says she weigh what is she did as a teenager and she#39;s revealing just how she did it and how her legendary late father inspired her to drop those pounds. I can#39;t wait to see what she looks like and she#39;s all healthy right now and let#39;s go to the piece. She#39;s the daughter of a legend and now Lisa Marie Presley#39;s famed family history is one of the reasons for this remarkable transformation. At 46 years old she#39;s aly outlived her late father.Lisa Marie Presley’s startling weight loss, she says now she weighs what she did as a teenaaager, and she’s revealing just how she did it, and how her legendary late father, actually inspired her to drop those pounds, Sarah has more on that story this morning.I sure do. I can’t wait to see what she looks like and she’s all healthy right now and let’s go to the pieces.She’s the daughter of a legend and now Lisa Marie Presley’s famed family history is one of the reasons for this remarkable transformation. At 46 years old, she’s aly outlived her late father, Elvis died at just 42. Now Presley tells People’s magazine, his health issues are inspiring her to change her life.Lisa Marie started taking a serious look at her weight in 2012 when she went on tour, she knows she knows she has a history on her father side, her family members dying at an early age. And she really decided to take action and make sure that she was living a healthy life, so that she could be around her children.The singer and song-writer is looking noticeably slender, telling people magazine she is now the same weight she was as a teenager. Like many women Presley said she tried fat diet in the past, but now she said she’s finally discovered what works, a diet of organic food and portion control, eating only half of what she’s given.Lisa Marie is basically focusing on healthy foods, fish, chicken, vegetables, fruits, all the things that we should include in our diets on a regular basis.As for exercise, the mom of 5 year old twins says her family is a huge part of her workout, regular 30 minute walks with her husband, and running around with her kids keeps her feeling fit.What I like about Lisa’s approach is it’s very realistic, she’s not spending hours and hours a day in the gym, I also like the fact that Lisa works out with her husband, and studies show that people who have someone to work out with tend to exercise more often, longer and more intensely, and overall, it makes you a healthier person.Now I think she’s raised the bar for most of us, getting to our high school weight, me included, maybe a little difficult, but the best part is she looks healthy which you mentioned earlier.Yes. Yes.Now she looks fantastic. /201404/286025

  What about your classes?你的课程上得怎么样?I#39;m not a student anymore, Jack.我不再是学生了 杰克Well, you#39;re here, and you#39;re learning.呃 你在这里(旁听) 学习Sure sounds like a student to me.于我而言 你跟学生没什么分别If you want me gone...如果你想赶我走...Why would I want you gone, Steven?我为什么要赶你走啊 史蒂夫?I#39;m glad that you#39;re here.我很高兴你愿意待在这里Whether you#39;re paying or not.付不付学费都没关系Now, you#39;re always carrying this notebook around.现在 你经常拿个本子闲晃You obviously fancy yourself as an artist.貌似你自诩是个艺术家吧Why don#39;t you sit in on some design classes?为什么不去上个设计类的课程呢?No. Well, I like the idea of art, the beauty.不 呃 我喜欢艺术之美But only in the right context.但是仅限于言之有物的那种艺术Just not as a career. I don#39;t have the necessary talents.但是我并不想以此为职业生涯 我没有那种天分But aren#39;t you interested in electronics? What about engineering?但你不是对电子设备感兴趣吗? 工程类课程如何?There#39;s a growing market for qualified technicians. What about that?合格的工程师的就业前景看涨 你看这主意怎么样?I don#39;t want to spend my parents#39; money to get a degree and become something as forgettable as an electrician.我不想花我父母的钱去读取一个学位了事 而且不想成为...这么容易被人淡忘的电气工程师Excuse me, what,a degree is a waste of time now? So...等会儿 什么 读取一个学位是虚度光阴? 因此...For some.For others it offers validation. Job security.对某些人而言是的,对另外一些人而言 它是很有效的明 工作保。Steve... I#39;ll see you around.Steven.To be continued.史蒂夫... 拜拜 史蒂文。那下次再聊What are you working on?你在干什么?Nothing, really. It#39;s homework for calligraphy class.没什么 书法课的家庭作业而已It#39;s beautiful.Yeah, the teacher#39;s this monk, or something.很漂亮啊,是的 这门课的老师是一位僧侣。A monk?Yeah. Robert Palladino.僧侣?是 他叫罗伯特 帕拉迪诺He#39;s totally inspiring.他的课非常有启发性My name#39;s Julie.对了 我叫茱莉 /201403/281618。


  UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Time for the shoutout. “大声喊出来”的时间到了!Which literary work first featured the e, ;a horse! A horse! My kingdom for a horse!; If you think you know it, then shout it out. 哪部作品以这句话“一匹战马!一匹战马!我愿以我的王国来换取一匹战马!”开篇?如果你觉得你知道,那么大声喊出来吧!Is it ;Richard III,; ;Black Beauty,; ;Henry V; or ;Seabiscuit?; You got 3 seconds. Go.它是《查理三世》、《黑骏马》、《亨利五世》还是《奔腾年代》?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!William Shakespeare penned this line in ;Richard III.; That#39;s your answer and that#39;s your shoutout.威廉·莎士比亚在《理查三世》中写下这句话。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: ;Seabiscuit?; Now the real-life Richard III, on whom Shakespeare#39;s play was based, had a lot of enemies and a nasty reputation. 海饼干?现实生活中的理查三世,莎士比亚戏剧就是根据此改编的,有很多的敌人和不好的名声。That might have been why his body was thrown into a shallow grave in the 15th century. 那可能始他的尸体在十五世纪被扔在一个浅浅的坟墓里的原因。But some modern historians say his enemies might have portrayed him as being worse than he really was. 但是一些历史学家认为,他的敌人可能把他过于丑化了。That#39;s part of the reason why some Britons are fighting over where to rebury him. 那就是为什么一些英国人在把他的墓迁移到哪里这个问题上有所争议的原因。Erin McLaughlin has the details on that.埃琳给我们带了更多细节。 /201309/255703

  The 114th China Import and Export Fair, known as the Canton Fair, is in session. The semi-annual event attracts world-class buyers and exhibitors from across the globe.第114届广交会正在火热进行中。本次秋季广交会吸引了来自世界各地的参展商。More than 40,000 participants were there for Monday#39;s opening. Officials say the event focuses on enhancing the quality of exhibitions, and promoting green and low carbon development.秋季广交会首日便迎来超过40000名采购商。官方表示本次广交会旨在提高展会质量并促进绿色和低碳能源发展。One highlight is a design award for exporting commodities.本届广交会的一大亮点是将为出口商品颁发设计奖。The fair has three phases. The first one runs to Saturday. It focuses on Electronics, Household Electrical Appliances, Building Materials, and Machinery. The second phase starts in late October, and the third in early November.本次广交会共分为三个阶段。第一阶段截止到本周六,主要涉及产品为电子设备,家电,建筑材料以及机械设备。第二阶段自10月底开始,而第三阶段则从11月初开始。Guangdong has hosted fair for more than half a century, since 1957.广东自1957年开始主办展会,至今已有半个世纪之久。 Article/201310/260636

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