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B News – The first round-the-world solar powered flight has been completed, after the Solar Impulse aircraft touched down in Abu Dhabi.B新闻 – 太阳动力飞机在阿布扎比着陆,由太阳能驱动的首次环球飞行就此完成。Bertrand Piccard piloted the plane for a final time, steering it safely from the Egyptian capital Cairo to the UAE. He has been taking turns at the controls with Swiss compatriot Andre Borschberg, with the mission aiming to promote renewable energy.贝特兰.皮卡德最后一次驾驶飞机,从埃及首都开罗安全开到了阿联酋。他与瑞士同胞安德烈.什伯格轮流驾驶,带着旨在推行可再生能源的使命。It brings to an end a voyage that began in Abu Dhabi on 9 March last year. ;The future is clean. The future is you. The future is now. Let#39;s take it further,#39;#39; Mr Piccard said, arriving into Abu Dhabi to cheers and applause.它给去年3月9日始于阿布达比的航程划上了句号。“未来是清洁的。未来是你的。未来就是现在。让我们百尺竿头更进一步。”皮卡德在抵达进入阿布扎比受到欢呼和掌声迎接时说。The 17-stage journey covered some 42,000km, taking in four continents, three seas and two oceans. The longest leg, an 8,924km flight from Nagoya in Japan to Hawaii, US, lasted nearly 118 hours and saw Mr Borschberg break the absolute world record for longest (time duration) uninterrupted solo flight. It was just one of 19 official aviation records set during the global adventure.分成17段的航行全程约4.2万公里,经过四大洲,三个海域和两个大洋。最长一段是从日本名古屋到美国夏威夷,持续近118个小时,见什伯格打破了不间断独自飞行持续时间最长的绝对世界纪录。这只是此次环球冒险之旅中创造的19个正式飞行纪录之一。Solar Impulse is no heavier than a car, but has the wingspan of a Boeing 747. It is powered by 17,000 solar cells. Its experimental design presents a number of technical difficulties, with the airplane being very sensitive to weather conditions.太阳动力飞机不比一辆小汽车重,但有着波音747的翼展。它由1.7万个太阳能电池驱动。由于飞机对天气条件十分敏感,它的实验设计提出了许多技术难点。Indeed, the passage from Cairo was very bumpy for Mr Piccard as he battled severe turbulence above the hot Saudi desert. The cockpit is about the size of a public telephone box, with the pilots having to wear oxygen tanks to breathe at high altitude and permitted to only sleep for 20 minutes at a time.其实,从开罗出发后的航程非常颠簸,皮卡德与炎热的沙特阿拉伯沙漠上空的强气流搏斗。驾驶舱跟公共电话亭的大小差不多,飞行员在高空得戴着氧气罩,每次只被允许睡上20分钟。 /201607/456967

What Would People Do in Qingming人们怎样过清明节In ancient China,Qingming was by no means the only time when sacrifices were made to ancestors. In fact such ceremonies were held very frequently,about every two weeks,in addition to other important holidays and festivals. The formalities of these ceremonies were in general very elaborate and expensive in terms of time and money.在中国古代,清明绝不是祭奠祖先的唯一一个节日。其实这样的仪式举行地非常频繁,大概每两个星期一次,除了其他重要的节假日。这些仪式的手续一般是非常复杂和需要昂贵的时间和金钱。Qingming is not just a day of remembrance, it is also a day to celebrate the coming of spring,often by going out for a picnic. With the coming of spring,nature wakes up, dressing the world in green. All is new,clean and fresh.清明不仅仅只是纪念,这也是庆祝春天来临的一天,在这一天往往外出野餐。随着春天的到来,大自然醒来,世界穿上绿衣。一切都是新的,干净和鲜活。 /201607/451615

  Five Key Rules to Follow When Lending Money to Friends and Family借钱给朋友或家人时,可遵循5项重要的规则In today’s economy, it’s easy to understand how someone can find themselves in a dark place financially. To help guide you toward making the right decision, we asked financial experts to share five key things to consider before cracking open your wallet.在今天的经济状况下,理解一个人是如何发现自己金融状况不佳是很容易的。为了指导你做出正确的决定,我们向金融专家请教,分享在你打开钱包前可以考虑的5件事。Rule 1: Only Say Yes if You Mean It规则一:只有在你想借钱给他时才借If you feel guilt-tripped into making the loan by the asker (“I’m desperate!”) or you question your own hesitation (“I must be a bad person or I wouldn’t feel conflicted”), then turn her down.如果你贷款给借款人会感到十分罪恶时(“我绝望了!”)或者你在质疑你的迟疑(“我肯定是个坏人,要不然我就不会觉得受折磨了”),那么你应该拒绝借款人的借款。Rule 2: Lend Just What You Can Afford to Lose规则二:借钱的数量额在你承受范围内Bottom line: Be prepared for the worst by giving only an amount that, if never returned, wouldn’t jeopardize your own savings goals, bill-paying ability or other relationships.底线:要想到最糟糕的情况,即:你所借的钱,如果别人永远不还的话,这些金额也不会损害你自己的储蓄计划,付账能力或其它关系。Rule 3: Create a Firm Repayment Timeline规则三:制定严格的还款时间It’s also wise to charge interest and work that into your repayment schedule. Depending on the amount, loaning money can involve complicated tax rules; failing to charge interest might get you in trouble. To avoid this, you may want to charge the borrower the Applicable Federal Rate (APR) as interest.收取利息并将其写进还款日期也是明智之举。根据借款的不同金额,会相应涉及到复杂的税收规则;如果你没有收取利息,你也许会陷入麻烦之中。为了避免这点,你也许可以向借款人收取适用的联邦利率作为利息。Rule 4: Always Put the Loan in Writing规则四:借款时,总是付诸笔头You can draft a simple personal loan agreement without hiring an attorney. But more complex deals—for example, if they involve collateral or involve more than ,000—may require a lawyer to be involved.不用雇律师,你自己就可以写一份简单的个人贷款协议。但对于更加复杂的贷款------例如,如果这些贷款涉及了抵押品或者贷款金额超过了1万美元-----那么就需要雇佣律师了。Rule 5: Never Let the Due Date Slide规则五:永远不要错过还款期If your dinero doesn’t show on time, ignoring the lateness or making excuses for not confronting the borrower would be a mistake. She might continue going along as if the due date you set is a loose guideline rather than a rule.如果你借出去的钱没有及时还回来,忽略这种延迟性或者是找借口不去见借款人,都是错误的做法。如果你设定的付款期只是一个宽松的期限而非规定的期限,那么她(借款人)可能还会继续拖下去。Make it more businesslike, so neither of you feels like you’re taking advantage of the other.你应该使借款过程更加商业化,这样双方都不会感觉占了对方的便宜。译文属 /201606/447447

  The Earth is so hot this year that a limit for global warming agreed by world leaders at a climate summit in Paris just a few months ago is in danger of being breached.今年全球是如此之热,以至于数月之前由几个国家的领导人签署的巴黎气候峰会协议几乎快要成为一纸空文了。In December, almost 200 nations agreed a radical shift away from fossil fuels with a goal of limiting a rise in average global temperatures to well below 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 Fahrenheit) above pre-industrial times while ;pursuing efforts; for 1.5C (2.7F).去年12月份,近200个国家同意大幅削减化石燃料的使用,目标是把全球温度的上升幅度控制在2摄氏度(3.6华氏度)以内,通过努力使温度比前工业化时代只高出1.5摄氏度(2.7华氏度)。But 2016 is on track to be the hottest year on record, also buoyed by a natural El Nino event warming the Pacific, according to the U.N.#39;s World Meteorological Organization. The first six months were a sweltering 1.3C above pre-industrial times.但是根据联合国世界气象组织的报告显示,有了太平洋厄尔尼诺现象的火上浇油,2016年却是有记录以来最热的一年。前六个月已经比前工业化时代高出了1.3摄氏度。;It opens a Pandora#39;s box,; said Oliver Geden, of the German Institute for International and Security Affairs. ;The future debate about temperature targets will be about overshoot.;德国国际与安全事务研究所的奥利弗·戈登说道:“这就像打开了潘多拉的盒子。未来对温度目标的讨论将会集中在温度超标上。”Many climate scientists say the Paris targets are likely to be breached in the coming decades, shifting debate onto whether it will be possible to turn down the global thermostat.很多气候专家表示,巴黎峰会定下的目标在几十年内就会沦为一纸空文,讨论的重点将从“是否可行”转移到“降低全球温度”。Developing nations see overshoot as a betrayal of commitments by the rich and a recipe to worsen heatwaves such as in the Middle East this year or a thaw of Greenland#39;s ice sheet that could swamp island states by raising global sea levels.发展中国家认为,温度超标是富有国家对协议条款的背叛,造成了中东地区的今年的热浪以及格陵兰岛冰盖的融化,导致岛国海平面上升,有被淹没的风险。;There is a risk that #39;overshoot#39; is a slippery slope towards lower ambition,; said Emmanuel de Guzman, secretary of the Climate Commission of the Philippines, which chairs a group of 43 emerging nations in the Climate Vulnerable Forum (CVF).领导着43国气候脆弱性论坛的菲律宾的气候委员会秘书长伊曼纽尔·德·古兹曼表示:“#39;温度超标#39;对小国家来说有急转直下的风险。”。Developing nations say overshoot lets world leaders pay lip service to 1.5C while failing to act on pledges made in Paris for a trillion-dollar shift from coal and other fossil fuels towards renewable energies.发展中国家宣称,温度超标使得各国领导人在巴黎峰会承诺的——把温度上升控制在1.5摄氏度、花费大量资金把化石燃料换成可再生能源——成了空头票。The 1.5C threshold could be in jeopardy within five years on current trends of world greenhouse gas emissions, led by China and the ed States, and 2C within about 25 years, according to U.N. calculations of the amount of carbon that can be emitted into the atmosphere. Brazilian scientist Thelma Krug, who will lead the Geneva meeting of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), said a ;wholesale transformation; of economies and society will be required to achieve the Paris targets.根据联合国测算的二氧化碳排放量,按照现在温室气体的排放趋势(以中国和美国为主),1.5摄氏度的目标很有可能在五年内化为泡影,2摄氏度的目标也将在25年内破产。在日内瓦主持联合国政府间气候变化专门委员会会议的巴西科学家席尔玛·克鲁格表示,要想达成巴黎协议定下的目标,经济和社会必须要有“大规模改革”。Many IPCC scenarios in recent years discuss ways to extract heat-trapping carbon dioxide from nature. If applied at a wide enough scale, such ;negative emissions; could reduce temperatures after an overshoot. But there are many pitfalls.近几年,很多IPCC的提案都讨论了从大自然中抽取导致温室效应的气体——二氧化碳的方法。如果范围足够广的话,这种“反向排放”能够在温度超标以后降低温度。但是这也有很多隐患。The simplest natural aid - planting trees that absorb carbon dioxide from the air to grow - would probably require too much farmland to be feasible. Industrial technologies for extracting carbon from the air are costly and in their infancy.最简单的方法——种树,能够吸收空气中的二氧化碳,但是这种办法要占用很多的耕地。从空气中提取二氧化碳的工业技术尚在起步阶段,而且成本很高。 /201608/462562。

  15. Vietnam 越南Buy yourself forty quail and start raising them if you wish.1美元可以给自己买40只鹌鹑,如果你愿意的话可以开始养鹌鹑了。16. Venezuela 委内瑞拉Believe it or not, you can get from #189; a tank of gas to a full one, depending on the size of the tank. Now I may relocate.信不信由你,在这里1美元可以买到半箱至一箱的汽油,取决于你的油箱有多大。这么看来没准我会搬到这里来住。17. ed Kingdom 英国Satisfy your pickle yen with a single pickled egg.1美元可以买到一颗酱蛋,给爱吃泡菜的你解解馋。18. Saudi Arabia 沙特阿拉伯Take a taxi a single mile for a dollar.1美元可以乘出租车走一英里。19. Czechoslovakia 捷克斯洛伐克This is the place to go! Three bottles of beer will only cost you a buck.这真是你该去的地方!三瓶啤酒只花1美元。20. Honduras 洪都拉斯Take a taxi anywhere in the city! Saudi has nothing on these guys.1美元可以乘出租车到这个城市的任何地方!与之相比沙特真是弱爆了。21. China 中国Here you can get one pint of beer.在这里1美元可以买到一品脱啤酒。 /201607/452840

  Due to our inability to see past the propaganda bombarded on us by various outlets, we believe that all is good in the world with the ‘us vs them’ fight. However, according to the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, in 2015 women received 79 cents for every dollar earned by men, giving us a gender wage gap of 21%.由于我们没有能力去审视过去那些对我们进行的爆炸式宣传,各式各样的传单等,我们相信通过“我们对抗他们”的战斗,最后世界上所有的东西都是好的。然而,根据女性政策调查机构的数据,在2015年,与男性相比,女性的收入仅为男性的79%,相当于男性挣一美元,女性仅收入79美分,性别薪资差距为21%。Women are often subject to abuse and rejection女性总是受到侮辱和拒绝That is only in the workplace – but there are many other avenues where women are subject to abuse and rejection: Women feel they have to succumb to the ideal picture society (that is mostly dictated by men) set out for them to be and they take extreme and many times, dangerous measures to comply with it.这仅仅是在工作场所——但是在许多其他的大街上,女性也会受到侮辱和拒绝:女性认为他们不得不屈于摆在她们面前的理想社会画面(大部分是男性主导的世界),而且认为她们需要采取极端多次的危险措施来应对这些。It is time to remember our worth是时候记住我们的价值了Ladies, it is time to remember our worth. It is time to remember we are roaring lionesses that no one should dare to mess with. It is time that we stop our bickering and criticizing, come together in unity and teach the cubs – and by cubs, I mean boys and girls – of tomorrow that they are powerful beyond measure.女士们,是时候记住我们的价值了。是时候记住我们是咆哮的雌狮,任何人都不敢来打扰我们。是时候停止我们的争论和批判了,团结起来教育未来的孩子——说到孩子,我指的是男孩和女孩们——告诉他们的能力无可限量。 /201607/454351

  The history of tea茶的历史Tea is native to China,and Chinese tea culture has a long history.中国是茶的故乡,中国的茶文化有着非常悠久的历史。Originally tea was used as a medicine instead of a drink. It was said that Shennong,the legendary ruler in ancient China,once tasted a lot of plants and was poisoned many times. It was tea that helped him get rid of the poisoning effect. Later the ancient Chinese got to know more and more about tea,and instead of being regarded as a medicine, it became a drink.最初茶被用作药物而不是饮品。传说,古代中国神话中的统治者神农曾尝遍百草,并因此多次中毒。正是茶帮助他消除了中毒的影响。从那以后,古代中国人对茶的了解越来越多,茶开始成为一种饮品而不再被认为是一种药物。Tea not only quenches one#39;s thirst, but also helps reduce one#39;s intemal heat.茶不仅可以解渴,还可以帮助降低人体内的温度。 /201605/445083



  If you#39;re the kind of person who loves travel but finds it difficult to break down language barriers, you may want to check out Iconspeak, a T-shirt covered in basic pictographs ranging from clocks to bathrooms.如果你是那种爱旅行,却难以打破语言障碍的人,那你可能想看看这款图标语言T恤。从时钟到浴室,这款T恤上印着许多基础的象形图画。Simply point to the symbol associated with your need, and hopefully, the person you#39;re talking to will understand. It#39;s better than having to play charadeswith strangers, I can tell you that.需要什么,轻轻一指,很可能你谈话的对象就明白了。我敢说,这比对着陌生人比划猜词要强。Iconspeak is the brainchild of friends George Horn and Florian Nast.图标语言T恤的点子是一对好朋友,乔治·霍恩和弗罗里安·纳斯特一起想出来的。They were traveling through Asia in 2013 and found themselves in a remote village with ;no infrastructure, zero tourism, and just some locals.;2013年,他们到亚洲旅行时,曾经到过一个偏远的小村子,那里“既没有基础设施,也没有旅游业,只有一些当地居民”。This experience inspired them to start working on a simple yet effective solution to the language gap. Two years later, they came up with the Iconspeak t-shirt.这次经历启发他们开始寻找一种简单有效的弥合语言障碍的办法。两年后,他们设计出了图标语言T恤。;In the furthest and deepest corners of our world we were repeatedly left with no words, either in breathtakingawedue to the sceneries or in empty silence, due to our lacking linguistic talents,; the Iconspeak website states.图标语言T恤的官网上这样写道:“在世界上最遥远而偏僻的角落,我们常常会哑口无言,有时是因为周围美景摄人心魄,令人惊畏,有时则是因为语言不通,不得不沉默。”;Such situations got us thinking about how to bridgelanguage barriers with utmostsimplicity, on a global level. The answer came to us after a remarkable experience in the depths of Vietnamese backcountry: ICONs. Because with ICONs, you can SPEAK, you can SPEAK to the world.;“这种情况促使我们思考,如何才能用最简单的方式在全球范围内突破语言障碍呢?在越南一处穷乡僻壤的奇妙经历给了我们:图标。有了图标,它们就可以替你说话了,你就可以对世界说话了。”The products are available internationally through the Iconspeak website.目前,这款T恤可通过产品官网全球订购。 /201604/439663

  You are likely feeling confident, optimistic and enthusiastic today. You feel as though anything is possible for you. And, indeed it is. If you are feeling a bit of wanderlust, and are anxious to explore new places and meet new people, you may soon receive an opportunity to do so. Life for you is one great big adventure. You are fortunate that you have the sort of spirit that embraces all.今天你可能会感到自信、乐观,充满。就好像一切皆有可能。而事实也的确如此。如果你对于探索新地方、结识新朋友感到惊奇不安,那么你可能很快就有这样的机会了。对你来说,生活就是一场盛大的冒险。你很幸运,因为你有拥抱一切的精神。Your well being horoscope幸福运势You may feel a little weary today. It#39;s a good time to take stock of your life. You may have gotten some news about someone around you that has caused you some pain. This is a good time to rely on the support of your relationship in order to reenergize yourself. Take the time to let yourself be taken care of...今天,你可能有点疲劳。现在是盘点生活点滴的好时光。你可能会得到身边人让你痛苦的消息。为了让自己重新元气满满,现在是依赖恋爱一方持的好时节。慢慢来,让别人照顾自己。Your finance horoscope财务运势A depressed friend or aquaintance may need some cheering up, and your ability to listen sympathetically will definitely prove beneficial. Take care, however, not to soak up any of this person#39;s dejection. Your own life should continue to go well with professional success leading to new friendships and new goals. Hang on to your own enthusiasm and optimism while extending a compassionate ear to others.沮丧的朋友或旧相识可能需要你的鼓舞,而你感同身受倾听的本质必定对她/他有益。然而,要注意,不要被他/她的沮丧感染。你自己的生活应该会过得很好:事业成功,同时还可能有新朋友和新目标。在同情聆听他人的同时,也要保持自己的和乐观。Your love horoscope爱情运势This is a good day to write that letter to that old friend you haven#39;t seen in a while. The emphasis of the day is on appreciating loved ones. You should call or write family members who don#39;t speak with you very often. Or maybe you should invite some friends over to get caught up on the latest news. The energy of the day is gentle and social, and you#39;ll be able to enjoy yourself.今天是写信给许久未见老友的好时光。今天的重点是要赞赏所爱之人。你应该打电话或写信给不经常联系的家人。又或许你可以请些朋友叙旧,说说近况。今天的你既温柔又善于社交,因此你应该会很享受。Your career horoscope事业运势An old problem that was bothering you at work could be solved today. Maybe you have been trying to work with a new group of people and iron out personality differences between you. Today you should notice significant progress. Or you could have asked management to address something that was worrying you, and you might get some positive feedback today.工作上困扰你的问题今天可能会得到解决。也许你一直在尝试与新同事合作、消除彼此的个性差异。今天应该会有重大进展。又或者你可以问管理层人士,请他们帮你解决困扰你的问题,你可能会得到一些积极的反馈。译文属 /201608/460132


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