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My love is like an ocean我的爱好比海洋It goes down so deep它的水深难以测量My love is like a rose我的爱好比玫瑰Whose beauty you want to keep.它的美艳让你朝思暮想My love is like a river我的爱好比江河That will never end它的波涛万古流淌My love is like a dove我的爱好比信鸽With a beautiful message to send.信息中自有温柔之乡My love is like a song我的爱好比歌曲That goes on and on ever永远不停放声欢唱My love is like a prisoner我的爱好比俘虏It to you that I surrender.就等着向你投降 8937

Human growth is a process of experimentation, trial, and error ultimately leading to wisdom.人类的成长是一个经历,试验和最终失败而引向智慧的过程Each time you choose to trust yourself and take action, you can never quite be certaion how the situation will turn out.每次你选择相信自己,开始采取行动时,你绝不会知道这个情况会如何Sometimes you are victorious, and sometimes you become disillusioned.又是你是胜者,但是有时你又会幻灭The failed experiments, however, are no less valuable than the experiments that ultimately prove successful; in fact, you usually learn more from your perceived ;failures; than you do from your perceived ;success;.然而,失败的经历远远高于成功,事实上,你从失败里学到的比在成功里学到的更多If you have made what you perceive to be a mistake or failed to live up to your own expectations, you will most likely put up a barrier between your essence and the part of you that is the alleged wrong-doer.如果你自责犯了一个错误或辜负了自己的期望,你将很可能在你成功和失败之间竖起一道障碍However, perceiving past actions as mistakes implies guilt and blame, and it is not possible to learn anything meaning while you are engaged in blaming.然而,为过去的行为内疚、自责都是错误的,当你在忙着自责的时候,它不会让你学到什么Theree, giveness is required when you are harshly judging yourself. giveness is the act of erasing an emotional debt. There are four kinds of giveness.,当你苛刻要求自己的时候,你需要原谅你自己宽恕是一种消除情感负担的行为,有四种宽恕:The first is beginner giveness yourself.第一:从原谅自己开始The second of giveness is beginner giveness another.第二:原谅别人The third kind of giveness is advanced giveness of yourself. This is serious transgressions, the ones you carry with deep shame when you do soimething that violates your own values and ethics, you create a chasm between your standards and your actual behavior.第三:再次原谅自己,这是最重要的,是随时记住的,当你深深地感到羞耻,违反了自己的价值观和伦理之间的鸿沟时,这是你自己的标准,你的实际行为In such a case, you need to work very hard at giving youeself these deeds so that yo call close this chasm and realign with the best part of yourself.在这种情况下,This does not mean that you should rush to give yoursel not feel regret or remorse; but wallowing in these feelings a protracted period of time is not healthy, and punishing yourself excessively will only creats a bigger gap between you and your ethics.这并不意味着你应该急于原谅自己而不感到后悔或自责,但是很长一段时间总沉溺于这些感觉是没有意义的,惩罚自己过度只会给你和你的道德制造更大的隔阂The last and perhaps most difficult one is the advanced giveness of another.最后,比较难得就是再次原谅被人At some time of our life, you may have been severely wronged or hurt by another person to such a degree that giveness seems impossible.有时候在我的生活中,你可能受到另一个人的严重伤害,似乎是不可原谅的However, harboring resentment and revenge fantasies only keeps you trapped in victim hood. Under such a circumstance, you should ce yourself to see the bigger picture, by so doing, you will be able to shift the focus away from the anger and resentment.然而,怀著怨恨和复仇幻想只让你一直成为受害者通过这样做你必须强迫自己看到更大的图景,你可以转移你的注意力,不至于沉溺于怒火和仇恨之中It is only through giveness that you can erase wrongdoing and clean the memory. when you can finally release the situation, you may come to see it as a necessary part of your growth.只有通过宽恕,你才能忘却过错,清理那些不堪的记忆当你终于可以释放时,你会认为这是一个必要的一部分你的成长

Tess knew that her mother greatly looked ward to these trips to Rolliver.苔丝知道母亲非常希望到罗里弗酒店去There she could sit by her husband side among the beer-drinkers在那儿,她可以挨着丈夫坐在一群喝啤酒的人当中,and get that the children existed.忘掉孩子们的存在It was one of the few bright moments in her hardworking life.这是她繁重的生活中难得的一小段幸福时光Mrs Durbeyfield went out and Tess was left with the children.德北夫人出去了,苔丝留下来与弟弟们在一起They were very young and totally dependent on the Durbeyfield couple:他们都还这么小,还全得依靠德北夫妇:six helpless creatures who had not asked to be born at all,六个无助的小生命,他们自己并没有要求降临到这个世界上,much less to be part of the irresponsible Durbeyfield family.更没有想要成为这样不能尽责的德北家庭中的成员 1

Sometimes people come into your life and you know right away they were meant to be there , to serve some sort of purpose ,teach you a lesson,or to help you figure out who you are or who you want to become.You never know who these people maybe (possibly your roommate , neighbor , coworker , long lost friend , lover , or even a complete stranger),but when you lock eyes with them,you know at that very moment they will affect your life in some profound way .有时候,一些人进入你的生命,你马上知道他们是注定要出现的,他们的到来是为了达成某种目的,给你提供教益,帮助你认清自己以及自己想要成为怎样的人,你不会知道这些人是谁(很可能会是你的室友、邻居、同事、失散多年的朋友、爱人,甚至是素未谋面的陌生人),可是当你的目光锁定他们的那一刻,你就知道他们会给你的生命带来深远的影响And sometimes things happen to you that may seem horrible , painful. and unfair at first , but in reflection you find that without overcoming those obstacles you would have never realized your potential , strength , willpower , or heart.有时候,发生在你身上的事情看似可怕、痛苦和不公平,但仔细一想,你就会发现,如果不克这些障碍,你就不会意识到自己的潜能、力量、意志和决心Everything happens a reason.Nothing happens by chance or by means of good luck. Illness , injury, love, lost moments of true greatnes and sheer stupidity all occur to test the limits of your soul. Without these small test whatever they may be ,life would be like a smoothly paved, straight, flat road to nowhere. It would be safe and comtable, but dull and utterly pointless.The people you meet who affect your life ,and the success and downfalls you experience , help to create who you are and who you become.任何事的发生都是有原因的没有事情是偶然出现或运气使然疾病、伤痛、爱情、与成功失之交臂,以及彻彻底底的糊涂犯错,这些都是你对精神极限的考验无论这些小小的考验是什么,没有了它们,生命就像是一条不知通往何处的平坦大道,纵然安全舒适,但却了然无趣、毫无意义你所遇到的影响你生命的人,你所经历的成功与失败,都有助于塑造和成就你的人生Even the bad experiences can be learned from. In fact ,they are probably the most poignant and important ones.If someone hurts you , betrays you ,or breaks your heart,give them, they have helped you learn about trust and the importance of being cautious when you open your heart. If someone loves you ,love them back unconditionally, not only because they love you ,but because in a way , they are teaching you to love and how to open your heart and eyes to things. 即使是不好的经历,也能从中吸取经验事实上,这些经验可能是最深刻和最重要的如果有人伤害了你,背叛了你,或伤了你的心,原谅他们把,因为他们帮助你理解了信任,让你懂得了在敞开心扉时保持精神是很重要的 如果有人爱你,你要无条件地爱他们,不仅因为他们爱你,还因为他们教会了你去爱,以及如何敞开你的心扉、放开你的目光Make every day count.Appreciate every moment and take from those moments everything that you possibly can you may never be able to experience it again. Talk to people that you have never talked to bee, and actually listen.Let yourself fall in love, break free, and set your sights high.Hold your head up because you have every right to.Tell yourself you are a great individual and believe in yourself, if you don`t believe in yourself , it will be hard others to believe in you . You can make of your life anything you wish. Create your own life and then go out and live it with absolutely no regrets.让每一天都过的有价值 珍惜生命中的每一刻,并尽你所能地从中取得收获,因为你不会有从头再来的可能跟那些你从来没有说过话的人交谈,并注意聆听让自己去爱,挣脱束缚,让目光高远要昂起头,因为你有权利这么做 告诉自己,你是一个伟大的人,并相信自己,因为如果你不相信自己,别人就很难相信你 你可以做任何想做的事来塑造你的人生 创造你自己的人生,并无怨无悔地去过这一生吧Most impotantly,if you LOVE someone, tell him or her , you never know what tomorrow may have in store. And learn a lesson in life each day that you live. 最重要的是,如果你爱某个人,就告诉他她因为你不知道明天将会怎样活着的每一天里都要有所收获That`s the story of life.这就是生命的故事 50

Sunny: Did you hear the news? Nancy and Brian are splitting up. Igor: How long have they been married? Sunny: Eight years. I’m sure it was the seven- year itch. I bet Brian was unfaithful to Nancy. Igor: How do you know? Maybe it was Nancy who had a wandering eye. Sunny: Maybe, but it’s a shame. They were such a nice couple. Doesn’t anyone take marriage vows seriously these days? To me, it’s a lifelong commitment. Igor: If you ask me, I think our notion of marriage is out of date. Conventional wisdom is that everybody wants to be unfaithful after they’ve been married a few years. Why not make marriage a short- term arrangement? In my view, a marriage should last seven years unless you want to renew. If you don’t, you each go your separate ways. Sunny: You make marriage sound like an apartment contract! Not everybody is as cynical as you are. I don’t think that most couples think seriously about committing adultery, and many couples stay together life. Igor: You may live in la-la land, but I live in the real world. Sunny: If that’s the real world, I don’t want to live there! 90

What Is Compulsive Overeating?何为强迫型过度饮食症?Compulsive overeating is a health problem, which can affect women or men, though it appears twice as often among women.强迫型过度饮食是一个事关健康的问题,男性和女性都有可能患上,但女性患上几率比男性多两倍In this serious eating disorder, a person eats a lot of food in a short amount of time. This is called bingeing. Compulsive overeaters often binge. This can lead to serious medical problems, including obesity.在严重的饮食失调下,患者进食多,速度快,即暴食暴饮强迫型过度饮食者通常暴食暴饮,这样就会引发严重的健康问题,比如肥胖Obesity is related to serious medical problems, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, trouble breathing and sleep problems.肥胖会导致很多严重的健康问题,比如心脏病,高血压,糖尿病,呼吸障碍与睡眠问题No one knows the exact cause of compulsive overeating. Many compulsive overeaters use food comt. Others binge to deal with stress.没人知道导致强迫型过度饮食症的确切原因很多患者只是用食物聊以慰藉,另一些人暴饮暴食是为了缓解压力Eating makes them feel better, but only a short time. Usually compulsive overeaters feel guilty eating so much, which makes them feel bad about themselves.吃东西能让他们短时间感觉好些通常,他们暴食暴饮后都会有负罪感,对自己感到非常失望This leads to more stress, which leads to more overeating, and so on. It becomes a pattern that is hard to stop.这样会导致更大的压力,随后会更加暴饮暴食,这样就成了很难改变的死循环Overeaters often feel their eating is out of control. Compulsive overeaters also feel they are not in control of their emotions. They have trouble dealing with feelings like anger, sadness, loneliness, guilt, and shame.过度饮食者经常觉得在饮食上很难自控,在情绪上也是如此他们在处理自己类似愤怒,伤心,孤独,负罪感和耻辱等情绪问题上有困难There are many warning signs which indicate that someone may be suffering from compulsive overeating disorder.如果出现下列这些危险信号,就有可能患上强迫型过度饮食症They include eating large amounts of food when not physically hungry; eating much more rapidly than normal; eating until the point of feeling uncomtably full;这些信号包括 在并不感觉饿的情况下大量进食; 进食速度比正常速度要快很多; 不停进食,直到撑得难受;often eating alone because of shame or embarrassment; suffering feelings of depression, disgust, or guilt after eating; with a history of marked weight fluctuations.经常因害羞或者尴尬而独自吃饭; 在暴食暴饮后常有沮丧,厌恶和负罪感; 有体重激增的历史 397

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