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Overwhelming anxiety can indicate a serious mental-health disorder. Consult a doctor if anxiety is interfering with your daily life.Step 1: Play a game(玩电脑游戏)Play a game. Researchers have found that a Game Boy eased anxiety in young patients awaiting surgery better than a prescription tranquilizer. Goal-oriented play boosts dopamine in the brain, a chemical linked to positive feelings.Munch on Brazil nuts. They’re nature’s top source of selenium, a mineral that soothes the central nervous system during high-stress times.Step 2: Relinquish control(放弃自己无法控制的部分)Know your “no-control zone.” Most things we’re anxious about are completely out of our control, so it’s useless to worry about them.Look at something blue. Psychological studies show this color is so calming, it instantly soothes overstressed adrenal glands and slows down anxious brain waves!Step 3: Get perspective(最坏的打算)Think of the absolute worst-case, catastrophically bad scenario. This helps put things in better perspective.Doodle, especially circles and figure eights: they switch your brain from analytic to creative and help you calm down.Step 4: Take vitamin B(补充维生素B)Take a B-complex vitamin. These are the ones that are depleted first when you’re anxious or stressed.Step 5: Eat fish(多吃鱼)Eat more fish. Foods like tuna and salmon are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which quash anxiety.Step 6: Avoid low-fat dieting(不吃低脂肪的食品)Have the full-fat ice cream! British researchers found that people on low-fat diets are more depressed and anxious, and fat boosts levels of serotonin.Step 7: Talk it out(和别人交谈)Call a friend. Talking things out is proven to ease anxiety by triggering the release of oxytocin — a chemical which makes us feel safe and secure.Step 8: Use aromatherapy(用香料)Take a whiff of lavender or vanilla. Studies show these scents reduce anxiety more than prescription anti-anxiety drugs!Step 9: Repeat a mantra(默读颂歌)Give yourself a mantra to repeat when you’re anxious; this will alter your brain waves so you’ll feel in control.Step 10: Try herbal remedies(使用草本治疗)Try an herbal remedy: lemongrass, chamomile, and dandelion all calm the central nervous system.Step 11: See a doctor(看医生)If nothing helps, see a doctor. Over 21 million Americans have some form of anxiety disorder, including Drew Barrymore and David Beckham.201003/99144How To Become a Professional Makeup Artist on HowcastGetting into the makeup artist field requires perseverance as well as talent. If you have these, you’ll be packing your bags for Hollywood before you know it.You Will NeedOccupational knowledge Willingness to volunteer Training A computer with internet access Perseverance An IMATS ticket Step 1: Understand the realities of the field(了解化妆师这个职业)Understand the competitive and demanding nature of this field. In addition to having talent, you need to be willing to work long hours on an episodic schedule.Many makeup artists only work sporadically and 70-hour weeks can be typical.Step 2: Volunteer for student films and small theaters(免费为学生电影和小剧院提供化妆)Offer your skills as a makeup artist for free on student films and for community theater productions to strengthen your resume.Step 3: Take makeup artist classes(报一些化妆班)Enroll at a reputable school that offers makeup artist classes. Note that most of the top schools are in the Los Angeles area.Check out some schools before making a selection. You can find many on the web.Step 4: Enroll in an animatronics school(去专门的学校学习电子动画学)Enroll in school for an animatronics degree. Because of the growing demand for movie special effects, this training can give makeup artists a competitive edge.Step 5: Attend the International Makeup Artist Trade Show(参加国际化妆师潮流展)Attend IMATS, the International Makeup Artist Trade Show. This is the premier annual event for the makeup artist industry. At IMATS, you’ll have networking and educational opportunities.Step 6: Enter the Student Competition at IMATS(参加国际化妆师比赛)Enter the student competitions at IMATS, if you’re currently enrolled in school. Student winners of either the Beauty/Fantasy or the Character/Prosthetic competitions get industry-wide recognition.In 1981 Rick Baker won the first-ever Best Makeup Oscar for An American Werewolf in London. He then recreated his werewolf for the Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” .201006/105122这次低调的关于形像包装的演讲中, 著名设计师Christopher C. Deam谈论了他对于一个美国经典的改造: 蒸汽式房车。201301/219830伟大的设计是条永无止境的探索之路 -- 它能帮我们养成一种自然的幽默。David Carson,一个社会学家和一个从冲浪者转型来的设计师, 带我们浏览一组叹为观止(并且幽默)的幻灯片,包括他的作品以及收藏。分集介绍:伟大的设计是条永无止境的探索之路 -- 它能帮我们养成一种自然的幽默。David Carson,一个社会学家和一个从冲浪者转型来的设计师, 带我们浏览一组叹为观止(并且幽默)的幻灯片,包括他的作品以及收藏。201301/223015


But all is not as it seems.但是事情并不总是这样Mr Jin, like many of the best conservationists,像其他许多最好的自然保护者一样is poacher turned gamekeeper,金先生现在由偷猎者变为了看护者using his hunting skills to benefit his old quarry.使用他捕猎技艺来保护他原先的猎物The staff here at Dongtan Bird Reserve在东潭鸟类保护基地里will measure, ring and weigh the trapped birds人们将给这些捕获的鸟测量 带环 称重before releasing them unharmed.然后把它们释放The information gathered by Mr Jin and his colleagues由金先生和他的同事们收集的这些信息helps to protect over 200 different species of birds帮助保护了200多个不同的鸟类which visit the island each year.这些鸟类每年都要来到这个岛屿Just south of Chongming Island在崇明岛正南端lies Chinas largest coastal city,Shanghai.是中国最大的海边城市——上海Situated on a major migration route for birds as well as river life,上海处于一条河流生物和鸟类迁徙的路径上Shanghai is now preparing for an even bigger invasion.现在它正进行一个更大的侵袭动作Barges loaded with building materials constantly arrive in the citys docks,满载着建筑材料的驳船不停的到达这个城市的码头feeding one of the greatest construction booms in the world.来满足这个世界最繁忙建设之一的需要Last year, half the worlds concrete was poured into Chinas cities,去年 全世界一半的水泥都运往中国的各个城市all in preparation for the biggest mass migration of people这些都是为了人类历史上最大规模的in the history of the world.人口迁移做准备 /201210/202465

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