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In the U.S., random attacks against Muslims—or people the attackers think look like Muslims—are on the rise. Michigan is not exempt.In her recent article for The Islamic Monthly, Michigan public school teacher Zeinab Chami wonders why, 14 years after the most significant incident of violence in the name of Islam ever, we are now seeing more vitriolic comments against Islam—not fewer.The article is called The Prayer of the American Muslim. That prayer: ;Please, God, dont let them be Muslim.;;Whenever an attack happens, the first thing that pops into our minds is please, God, dont let them be Muslim,; Chami says. ;I am not immune to that, and every Muslim that Ive spoken to agrees with that.;In an environment filled with increasingly hateful rhetoric aimed at followers of Islam, Chami tells us the Muslim community has been put on the defensive.;Were operating from a place of fear, a place of frustration, and its really not how we should be operating. We should be allowed to mourn just like everyone else when other people are murdered on a mass level,; she says.Chami adds that having to constantly defend something as personal as ones faith is ;not pleasant.;She tells us her article started out as ;this grand defense of Muslims,; but she felt that wasnt really getting to the core of the problem.;Its so unfortunate to me were helping them win.;;I just kind of deleted all of that,; she says, ;and, you know, I spoke from the heart, and I spoke about just mourning from a human level. Existing from a human level. Were all human beings; not even Americans or Canadians or Syrians, were just human beings. And forcing us on the defense sort of strips us of that right to live as human beings, and thats a really, really painful place to exist from, and I think thats doing damage to our community.;In spite of all the hate loudly being flung at Muslims, Chami doesnt think that voice is representative of Americas true attitude.;I refuse to believe most Americans feel that way. I think most Americans are pretty balanced people, and I think that the vocal minority has kind of overtaken the conversation,; Chami says.She is, however, troubled by that vocal minority because, she explains, theyre playing right into the Islamic States hands.;I cant emphasize it enough. That human connection is whats really most important here.;;When we dehumanize other people and fear them for no reason, were just as bad as the attackers are in so many ways. Were letting them win. You know, Daesh … they say that they want to make it impossible for Muslims to exist in the West. They want to take away this gray area, and its working. Its so unfortunate to me were helping them win,; she says.Chami tells us shes heard people float the idea that all of the Muslim communitys problems would be solved if only they would stop seeing the Quran as a sacred text, stop living for the afterlife, ;just throwing out everything that makes Islam, Islam, and essentially secularizing it.; She says thats not the solution.;A quarter of humanity follows Islam. Youre not going to get almost two billion people to throw their faith aside,; Chami says. ;The real solution is looking at each other as human beings. I mean, I cant emphasize it enough. That human connection is whats really most important here.;201512/417530You know, radio is a great thing. Here I am!要知道,收音机是伟大的发明。Flying high abovethe earth, but my voice is coming across just as if I were sittingin front of you.现在,我在演播厅,可是,我的声音让你觉得我就在你面前。Communicating by voice alone has its drawbacks, though.但是,光凭声音沟通是有缺点的。For example, I cant use hand gestures to clarify what I mean.And, as it turns out, that makes a big difference.比如,我现在无法用手势来表达自己。这说明手势对沟通很重要。Researchers atthe University of Otago in New Zealand wanted to know how much a relevant hand gesture helps to communicate an idea.新西兰奥塔拉大学的研究,想知道相关的手势对表达想法有多少帮助。They had volunteers watch clips of a woman saying different simplephrases, such as “the square box,” or “peel the banana.”志愿者被要求观看视频短片,短片中有个女人在说各种简单短语,比如,“方盒子”、“剥香蕉”。In some, she simply said the phrase without moving her hands. Peel the banana.比如,剥香蕉。第一组志愿观看的视频中,她只是说出来,而不做任何手势。In others, shemade the kind of hand gesture most of us would make when saying that-a sort of banana-peeling mime that matches the content of the phrase.但是,第二组志愿观看的视频中,她模仿默剧,做剥香蕉手势。In a third group, she made gestures withher hands that were unrelated to what she was saying.在第三组志愿观看的视频中,她做了一些和剥香蕉毫不相干的手势。The results? People who got the matching content hand gestures remembered those phrasesmore effectively than folks who got just the words alone.结果是什么呢?第二组志愿者比第一组记得更好; And folks who got just the words alonedid better than folks who got irrelevant hand gestures!而第一组比第三组记得更好!What does this show us?这说明什么呢?We aly knew that all the hand-waving we do when we speak isntjust nervous energy; it serves various functions.我们在说话时所做的手势,除了情绪表达还有更多其它用处。Apparently, one of them is to help the listenerremember what youve said.很显然,手势有助于听者记忆。 201411/340840Historic-house museums历史房屋物馆Keeping up appearances永葆“青春”When federal money runs out, ingenuity is called for联邦资助山穷水尽,匠心独具柳暗花明“THE past is never dead. Its not even past,” wrote William Faulkner in “Requiem for a Nun”. In his house, Rowan Oak, you can almost touch the typewriter on which he tapped out those words. It sits on a desk in his study, protected merely by a rope across the door.威廉福克纳在《修女的安魂曲》一书中写到“逝者不殁,实未曾逝也。”在其故居“花楸橡树”,你甚至可以亲手抚摸当年他打出这些文字的打字机,它伫在书房的写字台上。Rowan Oak stands in a glade near the centre of Oxford, Mississippi. Faded signs and keen volunteers direct visitors round the property in which the writer lived for 32 years. Wonky floors, spartan bedrooms and the authors pipe, boots and spectacles await them. Those who forget the cash for the entry fee can squeeze inside anyway with the promise of a cheque to follow. After all, as Faulkner noted, “Money has no value. It is just how you spend it.”“花楸橡树”位于距离密西西比的牛津市中心不远的一块沼泽上,此处,根据褪色的标牌和热心的志愿者的指引,你可以游览这所作家曾生活过32年的居所。这里地板嘎吱作响,床铺简单朴素,作家的烟斗,长靴和眼镜安之若素,那些忘记付5块门票的人,保之后补上一张票,也可挤入人群探个究竟,“金本无利,使之得力,方才有益”福克纳所言极是。But Rowan Oak needs more spending. Though it was restored in 2005 at a cost of .5m, more than a third of which was covered by the University of Mississippi, which owns the site, the house now “needs a paint job really badly”, according to its curator, William Griffith. In addition to maintenance, however, the fees collected from around 30,000 visitors a year have to pay the electricity and phone bills. “Its a tough business,” he admits.但门票费远不能维系“花楸橡树”的维护开,虽然2005维修的150万美元费用有三分之一都由密西西比大学负担,毕竟地产在该大学名下,但据管理者所言威廉所言,“它现在亟需油漆粉刷”。除维护外,每年从三万游客身上收取的一部分费用还要用于付电费和电话费,威廉也承认“这笔收入着实难以为继”。Securing sufficient funds to keep historic sites up to scratch is tricky across the South. Almost a third of Rowan Oaks renovations were paid for by Save Americas Treasures, a competitive grants programme started in the Clinton years. Congresss decision in 2011 to stop funding the programme has hurt house museums most, according to Stephanie Meeks, head of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, a private charity. “It was the only bricks-and-mortar funding scheme run by the federal government,” she says.纵观整个南部地区,想要确保历史遗迹的修缮费用充足都不容易,虽然之前花楸橡树‘三分之一的修缮费用都来自保护美国遗产组织,它实力雄厚,但2011年国会已决定停止资助这个始于克林顿时代的赠款项目,据私有慈善组织国家历史建筑保护信托负责人所言,房屋物馆深受其害,毕竟那是唯一一个受联邦政府资助的实体项目。”And keeping crumbling old buildings together is expensive. Around m in the past four years has gone on maintaining 26 historic sites across America run by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. “Its tremendous work to keep these places looking nice,” says Toby Aldridge, the resident guide at the childhood house museum of another great southern writer, Flannery OConnor. But renovations in 2007 have improved visitor numbers since, he says, and a student helped with the paint analysis for the green-and-gold living room. So far this year more than 2,600 people have come, aly more than in 2013. The authors childhood books, such as “Five Little Peppers and How they Grew”, are on display—a far cry from the raw rural tales OConnor would write herself.但维修这些摇摇欲坠的房屋开不菲,国家历史建筑保护信托负责的26处遗迹维修在过去四年里花了将近1200万美元,另一个南部作家弗兰纳里奥康纳的童年故居负责人托比说,让这些地方看上去光鲜亮丽真不是一项小工程,但2007年的修缮工作之后,游客数量确实增加了,同时一个学生也在帮忙规划金绿色客厅的粉刷工作。今年的游客数量已达到2600人,比2013年多,一些作家童年读的书如“Five Little Peppers and How they Grew”也在这里展出,他们与奥康纳写的乡村故事迥然不同。Andalusia Farm, near Milledgeville, was OConnors home when she wrote most of her stories. The museum that is now there once got money from Save Americas Treasures, but now uses timber from its 544-acre (220-hectare) estate for repairs to keep costs down. It also depends on donations from individuals to cover its 0,000 operating budget each year. The farms director, Elizabeth Wylie, has expanded an annual bluegrass festival at the site, started a supper club and opened a ing room to try to attract more locals. “Innovation is the watchword,” she says.米利齐威尔附近的Andalusia农庄便是奥康纳的家,她在这里完成了大部分著作,这一所物馆过去也受到保护美国遗产协会的资助,但现在只能指望来自它554英亩房产里的木材进行修缮,同时它也接收私人捐款,来负担每年22万的预算,农场主伊丽莎白在原址上扩大了蓝绿茎牧草节的规模,建立了晚宴团体,开设读书室,吸引当地人,她说“创新才是硬道理.Ms Meeks agrees. The greatest threat to house museums is other house museums, she says—especially as America has around 15,000 of them. Her organisation is exploring partnerships with restaurants and shops at certain sites as a way to find extra income and draw more visitors. But private philanthropists help most. A recent m gift for Montpelier, the estate where President James Madison lived in Virginia, will pay for, among other things, rebuilding the sites slave quarters. Other houses are less fortunate in their friends. At Rowan Oak, “We barely make it, but we do make it—just like Faulkner,” Mr Griffith says.米克对此也同意,她说,房屋物馆同业之间的竞争最为剧烈,他的组织正尝试与一些餐厅店铺形成合作伙伴关系,以赢得更丰厚的收入,吸引更多旅客,但是私有的慈善机构还是最有力的合作伙伴,詹姆斯麦迪森在弗吉尼亚的住所最近也迎来了一笔1000万美元的援助,主要将用于重建,但相比之下,其他的一些居所便没那么幸运。至于花楸橡树,威廉说,我们艰难困苦,但将竭尽全力。译者:张孟夏 译文属译生译世 /201412/346380

Just like that.If you see a news report that you think I should see.就像那样 如果你看到一则新闻 觉得我应该看看Please send it to me.I love these things.Here is something you should see.请把它发给我 我好这口 下面的视频你也应该看看Ah, last weekend we sent one of our assistant Jason to a restaurant with a birthday cake for his grandma.嗯 上周末我们派了一位助理杰森 去一家餐厅 带上给他奶奶做的蛋糕And he asked people to hold it.But the cake was rigged.然后他让别人帮他拿着 但是蛋糕被做过手脚So that it would immediately fell off the tray.But the cake was rigged.端着会立刻从托盘上滑下来 于是他又做了一个And he brought his grandma with him to Chilis.My grandmas.Beautiful.他还带上了奶奶去Chilis 这是给我奶奶的 真漂亮Actually I am looking to take a quick picture.Can you hold it quickly for me?Beautiful.事实上我正想给它拍一张照 你能帮我端一下吗 当然If you just lower so I can get it over.And 3, 2... Oh... Oh.Hi, grandma.你能放低点吗 我可以拍下整个蛋糕 准备 3 2 噢 噢 你好 奶奶Oh, my birthday cake?My grandma comes, its her birthday.No.啊 我的生日蛋糕 我奶奶要来了 今天是她的生日 不Jason, what did you do to my cake?We dropped it. I am sorry.杰森 你对我的蛋糕做了什么 我们弄掉了 抱歉Its all right. It looks okay.Oh, man.Do you have an interview?Yeah?没事的 它看上去还好 天哪 老兄 你有一个面试吗 什么Do you have an interview?Yeah. - Good luck in.Yeah. - Good luck in.你在等面试吗 是的 -祝你好运 谢啦老兄 -你能帮个小忙吗Just hold it quick.My grandmas birthday.Here it is.Oh...Grandma.只是端着它而已 (今天是)我奶奶的生日 拿好了 噢 奶奶Jason, what did you do to my cake?We just got a little messy, gradma.杰森 你对我的蛋糕做了什么 我们只是出了点小意外 奶奶Well get this Here.Happy Birthday to you.Happy Birthday to you.Happy Birthday dear grandma.Happy Birthday to you.这个我们还是可以用 给你 祝你生日快乐 祝你生日快乐 祝你生日快乐 亲爱的奶奶 祝你生日快乐I dont think so.Can I say something? - Yeah.Youre on the Ellen Degeneres show right now.Thanks, buddy.我并不如此认为 听我说 哥们 -怎么了 你上了艾伦秀 谢谢你 老兄Elbow high five, thanks for being a good support.You want some cake? Oh, Im fine, thank you.- Good luck on your interview. Thank you.用肘击个掌 谢谢你的持 你想尝一点蛋糕吗 哦 不用了 谢谢 祝你面试顺利 谢谢Oh he clapped in everything. So sweet!Well be right back.哦 他什么都可以拍得精 真贴心 我们马上回来 /201602/425333

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