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Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz (born August 13, 1926) was one of the primary leaders of the Cuban Revolution, the Prime Minister of Cuba from February 1959 to December 1976, and then the President of the Council of State of Cuba until his resignation from the office in February 2008. He is currently the First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba.菲德尔 亚历航德罗 卡斯特罗 鲁斯(生于1926年8月13日)是古巴革命的主要领导人,在1959年2月至1976年12月期间担任古巴总理,之后成为古巴主席,直到他于2008年2月辞去政务。他是古巴共产党第一名书记。 /200908/81143

Public Civil Service Commission in Bihar, India's most populous state, has reported a surge in visits from 5,000 families looking for grooms with lucrative bride income potential for their daughters.  印度人口最多的邦-比哈尔邦最近报道,已经有5000多个有待嫁女的家庭拜访过改邦负责公务员人事任命的委员会,希望可以为女儿找到可能得过大笔贿赂款的新郎。  Although most civil servants in India earn tiny salaries, they can still take home vast sums from corrupt dealings, depending on which department they serve.  虽然印度大多数公务员工资微薄,但他们却有可能通过腐败行为拿回大笔的钱,这和他们所处的部门有很大关系。 The state's former Director - General of Police told The Daily Telegraph families wanted their daughters to marry civil servants because they know they will take home high, tax-free bribe payments.  比哈尔邦前警察总监告诉《每日电讯报》,印度很多家庭的父母都希望自己的女儿能嫁给公务员,因为他们可以拿回家高额免税的受贿款。  "There is widesp acceptance of graft in the society. No parent gives a damn about monthly salary, all they are concerned about is whether he (the groom) is at a position which allows him to take bribes," he said.  他说:“印度社会普遍认可渎职行为,没有父母会谴责孩子受贿,岳父母们只担心自己的女婿没有谋到一个可以受贿的公务员职位。” /201012/122344

  大学新闻网站CampusGrotto最近刊出全美最贵大学宿舍排行榜,纽约市有七所大学高居前20名,新学院大学(The New School)的尤金朗学院(Eugene Lang College)宿舍更登上榜首。 这个排行榜以大学新生2009至2010学年度住二人一间宿舍的食宿费为准。根据它的计算,尤金朗学院宿舍的年费为1万5990元。如果住单人房加上餐费则可能达到1万9160元。这栋宿舍位于景观很好的格林威治村,是七层楼建筑,每年可住175名学生。学校警卫提供全天候类似门房的务。 其它上榜的纽约市大学宿舍包括:库柏联合学院(Cooper Union),排名第二,费用1万5275元;曼哈坦纽约理工学院(New York Institute of Technology-Manhattan),排名第五,费用1万4290元;复敦大学(Fordham University)林肯中心校址与玫瑰丘校址分别排名第六和第七,费用分别为1万3830元及1万3716元;纽约大学(NYU),排名第14,费用为1万3226元;圣若望大学 (St.John's University),排名第15,费用为1万3140元;马利蒙特曼哈坦学院(Marymount Manhattan College),排名第17,费用为1万2874元。 纽约州则有曼哈坦维尔学院(Manhattanville College)上榜,排名第九,费用为1万3500元。莎拉#8231;劳伦斯学院(Sarah Lawrence College)排名第11,费用为1万3370元。 该网站指出,学生家长与学生往往把注意力集中于学费,忽略食宿费是相当大的开。以纽约大学为例,它的学费在全美排名第36,但把它昂贵的食宿费计算进去,它就成为全美排名第二的最贵大学。 网站同时指出,2009至2010学年度,公立大学的食宿费上涨5.4%,私立大学上涨4.2%,平均分别为8193元及9363元。 /201001/93708

  Dan Urbano, a married father of two from Newton, Mass., learned his lesson on just how powerful the Internet can be, all thanks to a cat.丹·厄尔巴诺来自美国马塞诸塞州纽顿市,已婚而且是两个孩子的父亲。最近他终于领略了网络的强大力量,这一切都归功于一只猫。When Urbano’s 7-year-old son Remi kept pleading for a pet cat, he came up with a bet he admittedly thought wouldn’t go anywhere. If a picture of Remi and his 1-year-old sister, Evelyn, pleading for a cat got 1,000 likes on Facebook, he would buy the siblings a cat。七岁的儿子雷米不断提出请求想要一只宠物猫,厄尔巴诺想出了一个条件,他承认当时自己觉得这个肯定成不了。爸爸提出的条件是:如果雷米和他一岁的伊芙琳恳求猫的照片能够在Facebook上得到1000个“赞”,那他就给孩子们买一只猫。“We figured our friends and maybe their friends would be nice and kind and share with each other,” Urbano’s wife, and Remi and Evelyn’s mom, Marisa, said on “Good Morning America。”“我们估计是因为我们的朋友或者他们的朋友都很好心,互相分享照片”, 厄尔巴诺的妻子、两个孩子的母亲玛丽莎在参加《早安美国》节目时这样说道。Marisa Urbano took the photo of Remi, alongside Eveyln, holding a sign that , “Hey FACEBOOK! My sister amp; I REALLY want a CAT! My Papa PROMISES we can get one if we can get 1000 LIKES! PLEASE like this picture! Thank you 。”玛丽莎·厄尔巴诺帮雷米和伊芙琳拍了一张照,雷米手里举着一个牌子,上面写着:“嘿!Facebook!我和我非常非常想要一只猫!爸爸答应我们如果我们能得到1000个‘赞’,就能拥有一只猫!希望你们会喜欢这张照片!谢谢!”She posted it to her Facebook page Wednesday and just hours later, according to Marisa, the family knew they’d be getting a cat. Less than one week later, the picture has more than 110,000 likes on Marisa’s Facebook page and has been shared more than 100,000 times。周三她把照片贴到她的Facebook页面上,据她说,仅仅几小时以后,这家人就知道他们会有一只猫了。在不到一周之后,玛丽莎主页上的这张照片已经获得超过11万的“赞” ,并被分享超过10万次。“Never, ever did we think this was going to happen,” Marisa Urbano told “GMA。”“我们从来从来没想过事情会发展成这样。” 玛丽莎这样告诉《早安美国》的记者。Over the weekend the Urbanos welcomed the new addition to their family, a female cat they have named “Hairietta L. Pawturr。” The original plan was to name the cat Hairy Pawturr but when they found out “he” was a “she,” they switched it to Hairietta instead. She gained the middle initial “L” because she got so many likes on Facebook, the family says。这周末厄尔巴诺一家迎来了他们家庭的新成员,一只名为“Hairietta L. Pawturr” 的母猫,本来的计划是叫这只猫“Hairy Pawturr ”(译者注:音似Harry Potter),但后来他们发现新成员是只母猫,因此改用“Hairietta ”。这家人还解释到,猫名的中间有一个大写的“L”,这是因为她在Facebook上得到了许多“like”。Harrietta was selected by the family as their perfect pet at a local animal shelter, the Gifford Cat Shelter.Harrietta是这家人在当地的动物收容所“吉福德猫之家”挑选的,相信她会是他们家最完美的宠物。 /201211/209228。


  It may have taken him two decades, and the income saved from tons of recycled trash, but Wu Zheng finally fulfilled his wish to buy his wife a piano.尽管老人吴政花了近20年时间,倾尽靠回收垃圾攒下的积蓄,但他终于圆了妻子的钢琴梦。;It was not just an instrument, but a witness of the love from my husband,; said his wife, Xie Guizhi, who has made the piano the centerpiece of her narrow and crowded guestroom.“这不仅仅是一件乐器,也见了老伴对我的爱。”他的妻子谢桂枝说。钢琴已成为了拥挤狭小的客厅中最重要的物件。;I clean the piano every day and don`t allow other people to touch it,; said Xie, 58, a retired worker in Luoyang, Henan province.“我每天都会把钢琴擦得干干净净的,不许别人碰它。”58岁的谢桂枝说,她是河南洛阳的一名退休工人。Wu, 68, said he made up of his mind to buy his wife a piano long ago, even though their life was poor.68岁的吴政说,尽管家境并不富裕,但他很久以前就下定决心要为老伴买架钢琴。;My wife enjoys music and loves piano very much,; Wu said. ;I dreamed of buying her a piano as early as 38 years ago when we fell in love with each other.;“我老伴特别热爱音乐,喜欢钢琴。”吴政说。“早在38年前我们谈恋爱的时候,我就梦想着给她买一架钢琴。”Yet the cost of the piano - at 22,550 yuan (,500) - was a big sum for the family. His wife suffered from backbone problems for years and Wu`s salary at the rural credit cooperative could only cover the basic expenses of food and medicine for the whole family.然而一架22550元的钢琴对这个家庭来讲是笔不小的出。吴政的妻子常年饱受脊椎病的折磨,而吴政在城关信用社的收入仅仅能够撑整个家庭食品和药品的基本出。To make more money to support the family, Wu decided to pick up recyclable waste after work in the early 1990s.;It was a hard decision because there were lots of prejudices toward waste recyclers at that time,; he said. ;Most people thought that collecting recyclable stuff from the dustbins was shameful.;为了多挣些钱养家,吴政从上世纪90年代初就决定利用业余时间捡破烂。“这是个艰难的决定,因为当时人们对拾荒者持有偏见。”他说,“大多数人觉得从垃圾桶里捡破烂是件丢脸的事。”To avoid being identified by his acquaintances, Wu wore a mask and a pair of dark glasses at first. ;It felt like I was committing some wrongdoings when I started to search for recyclable waste in the street,; he said. ;The most worrying thing for me was being identified by my colleagues.;为了避免被熟人认出来,起初吴政会带上口罩和墨镜。“刚开始在街上收废品时,我觉得自己就像做坏事一样。”他说,“最怕被同事认出来。”By collecting all kinds of wastes including rubber shoes, plastic bottles, glasses and newspapers, Wu could earn about 4,000 yuan per year and save about 1,000 of that.通过回收胶鞋、塑料瓶、玻璃和报纸等各种废品,吴政每年能有4000元的收入,从中能存下1000元。The realization of his dream was accompanied by lots of sad memories - he described as feeling ;like a beggar; when he would wait for customers at a roadside barbecue to drop their empty beer bottles.在实现梦想的过程中,也有许多伤心的经历——他说自己在路边烧烤摊边等待人们丢下空啤酒瓶时,感觉自己像个乞丐。;Sometimes I had to wait for more than half an hour until they finished their drinking and left the bottles for me,; he said.“有时为了等他们喝完酒留给我空瓶子,我要等半个多小时。”他说。;Some young men would rather break the glass bottles in front of me on purpose, and it felt like breaking my heart,; he said.“有的年轻人甚至故意当着我的面把玻璃瓶摔破,当时我特别痛心。”他说。He was also moved sometimes when the others gave him some plastic bottles ;in a respectful manner;.而有时人们会“礼貌地”把塑料瓶递给他,他也备受感动。He had to travel around the city twice every day for more than 10 kilometers to find as much stuff as possible.为了尽可能多地回收废品,他每天要在城里走上两圈,能走10多公里的路。Since Wu has fulfilled the dream of buying his wife a piano, he does not go out to pick up waste any more, though he still keeps the habit of saving his family`s recyclable waste.如今吴政已经实现了给老伴买钢琴的梦想,不用再出门拾荒了。但他仍旧保留着收集家中废品的习惯。;There are no differences between so-called noble or humble jobs,; said Wu Yuanhong, the couple`s 36-year-old daughter, adding that she felt proud of her parents.“工作没有所谓的高贵、低贱之分。”两位老人36岁的女儿吴艳红(音译)说,她为自己的父母感到自豪。;People deserve to be respected if they are dedicated to their dreams and don`t rely on others.; For Xie, the piano was a surprising gift - she had never played the piano before and she is trying hard to study how to play.“不依赖别人,为自己的梦想而奋斗的人,理应得到尊重。”对谢桂枝来说,这架钢琴是一份令人惊喜的礼物。之前从未弹过钢琴的她目前正在努力学习。;People could hardly connect the piano - a symbol of elegance and nobility - with waste recyclers, who are always thought of as dirty and messy,; she said.“人们很难将象征高贵优雅的钢琴与拾荒者联系起来。人们总是认为拾荒者脏兮兮的。”她说。;I really appreciate that my husband has done so much for me.; The biggest joy for Wu is to sing songs to the accompaniment of the piano, and his favorite song is The Most Romantic Thing.“我真的很感谢老伴为我做了这么多事。”吴政生活中最大的乐趣就是在钢琴的伴奏下唱歌,而他最喜欢的歌就是《最浪漫的事》。;The most romantic thing I can imagine is to get older slowly with you,; Wu sang to the melody of the piano.吴政老人随着钢琴的美妙旋律唱道:“我能想到最浪漫的事,就是和你一起慢慢变老。” /201206/185517THE greatest wave of voluntary migration in human history transformed China#39;s cities, and the global economy, in a single generation. It has also created a huge task for those cities, by raising the expectations of the next generation of migrants from the countryside, and of second-generation migrant children. They have grown up in cities in which neither the jobs nor the education offered them have improved much.This matters because the next generation of migrants has aly arrived in staggering numbers. Shanghai#39;s migrant population almost trebled between 2000 and 2010, to 9m of the municipality#39;s 23m people. Nearly 60% of Shanghai#39;s 7.5m or so 20-to-34-year-olds are migrants.人类史上最大规模的自愿迁徙波在一代人之间,改变了中国城市,改变了世界经济,同时也为那些被改变的城带来巨大的负担。因为他们提高了来自农村的下一代农民工的期望,提高了农民工子女们(新生代农民工)的期望。农民工的孩子成长在城市,而城市给他们提供的工作或者教育却丝毫没有改进。改进与否关系重大,因为下一代农民工数量激增。2000年至2012年间,上海农民工数量增长了近两倍,市区2300万人中的900万人是农民工。上海20到34岁之间大约共有750万人,近60%都是农民工。Many have ended up in the same jobs and dormitory beds as their parents did. A survey by the National Bureau of Statistics found that 44% of young migrants worked in manufacturing and another 10% in construction. This and another recent survey suggest that young migrants are dissatisfied with their lot and, despite large pay rises for factory work in recent years, with their salaries, too. Those who grew up partly in the cities with their parents have expectations of a comfortable life that are more difficult to satisfy. Their ambitions frustrated, many do something their parents did not: they leave one job, and find another. And then leave again.很多年轻的农民工干着父辈们干过的活儿,睡着父辈们睡过的集体床铺。国家统计局一项调查显示,44%的年轻农民工在制造业工作,另10%则在建筑工地。这项调差和另一项近期调查表明,尽管近年来工厂工作大幅加薪,工人工资也大幅增长,年轻的农民工们仍然不满意自己的处境。在城市里跟随父母一起长大的年轻人们向往的舒适生活就更难实现了。他们的美好愿望受到挫折,其中很多人做出一些父辈人不会做出来的事:他们辞掉一份工作,找到另一份;然后再辞掉。The Centre for Child-Rights and Corporate Social Responsibility, a partner in Beijing of Save the Children Sweden, conducted a survey of young textile workers in five provinces in 2011. A majority had changed jobs at least twice since starting work in the previous two or three years. Nearly half worried about the monotony of their work and despaired of their career prospects. Only 8.6% reported being “comfortable” at work. One worker told researchers: “We have become robots, and I don#39;t want to be a robot who only works with machines.”北京的一家瑞典拯救儿童机构的合伙人——儿童权利和企业社会责任中心在2011年对全国五个省的纺织工人做过一项调查。在开始工作的两年或三年时间里,大部分人至少换过两次工作。近一半人厌烦工作的千篇一律,对自己的职业前景感到失望。只有8.6%的人称工作“舒适”。一位工人告诉调查者:“我们都成机器人了,可我不想当只能跟机器工作的机器人。”Tied to the land牢牢地束缚到土地上One obstacle to a better job is their parents. In China#39;s system of household registration (known as hukou), children born to rurally registered parents count as rural, even if their parents have migrated to the city, and regardless of where they themselves were born. In 2010 Shanghai was home to 390,000 children under the age of six who were officially classified as “migrants”.找不到好工作的一个原因来源于他们父母。在中国的户籍登记制度(户口)里,父母是农村户口的,孩子也被看成农村户口,即便父母早已迁往城里,孩子出生在城市。2010年,上海有39万六岁以下的儿童被官方认定为“移民”。They are fated to grow up on a separate path from children of Shanghainese parents. Migrant children are eligible to attend local primary and middle schools, but barred from Shanghai#39;s high schools. They receive better schooling and social benefits than their parents did, and some pursue different types of work (see next story), but their status and their education are still more likely to lead to an assembly line than a university classroom.他们注定要走一条跟土生土长上海人孩子不一样的路。农民工子女可以进当地小学初中,不过不能进上海的高中。他们比他们的父母接受更好的教育和社会福利,有一些人能追求不同类型的工作,但是他们的身份和所受教育更有利于他们进流水线而不是大学课堂。For years reformers have called for changes in the hukou system. Children with a rural hukou want to lead a better life than their parents did. Many have never worked on the farm, but the system denies them a fair chance to move up the ladder.好多年以来,改革者一直呼吁改革户口制度。有农村户口的孩子想过上比父母好的生活,他们其中很多人没有下过地,但是受制度限制,他们没有公平的机会往上爬。This is unlikely to change soon. First, China#39;s factories still need large numbers of migrants, and the system now in place ensures that many of them will seek work there. Second, Chinese cities have welcomed migrants without a coherent plan to educate them. Shanghai had 170,000 students enrolled in high school in 2010, but there were 570,000 migrant children aged 15 to 19 living in the city who were unable to attend those schools. “The Shanghai government needs to provide its educational resources to the locals first,” says Xu Benliang, deputy director of the Shanghai Charity Education and Training Centre, which teaches young migrants how to get on in life. Mr Xu says the centre tries to tell migrants: “Don#39;t complain about things that you can#39;t change.”这种状况不大可能短期内得到改善。首先,中国的工厂仍大量需要农民工,这套制度目前能够保大部分农民工在城里找工作;第二,中国的城市欢迎农民工,却没有配套的教育计划。2010年,上海高中录取17万学生,而57万15到19岁之间居住在上海的农民工子女不能进上海的高中上学。上海慈善教育培训中心副主任徐本良说,“上海政府要首先给本地人提供教育资源。”而该中心教育农民工如何出人头地。徐先生声称,该中心试图告诉农民工兄弟们,“不要抱怨你不能改变的事情”“不能改变事情时,就不能抱怨。”One educational option that is left to the brightest young migrants is vocational school, where students are taught a trade. At a suburban campus of the Shanghai Vocational School of Technology and Business, half the students are migrants and half are local Shanghainese (five years ago, only one student in seven was a migrant). Because the locals tend to be those who failed to secure the prized slots in formal Shanghai high schools, the migrant students here are the stars.留给最聪明的年轻农民工们的一条出路,就是进职业学校,在那里学技术。上海商业职业技术学院的一所郊外校区里,一半的学生是农民工,一半是上海本地人(五年前,7个人里才有1个是农民工)。因为当地学生一般是那些混不上正式的上海高中的,农民工学生在这里就是明星。Zhang Xiaohan is 16. She moved to Shanghai five years ago from Henan province in central China in order to be with her migrant parents. Her father is a furniture salesman and her mother works in a shop. She studies computing. Ms Zhang would prefer a diploma from a Shanghai high school and the better chance at a university education that would bring, but she admits, “I need to accept reality. I need to adapt.”赵小涵16岁,5年前跟父母从中部的河南省来到上海。她的父亲卖家具,母亲在一家店里打工。她学的是计算机。赵小涵更想有一张上海高中的文凭,和大学教育带来的更好的机会,不过她承认,“我得接受现实,我要适应现实。” /201206/185922

  Apart from the death of a loved one, it is probably the most stressful experience life can throw at you. But research suggests that divorce can be good for men – at least in terms of making them fitter. Women, on the other hand, are likely to become less healthy.   科学显示,离婚后的男人和女人会呈现出“天壤之别”的状态。男人会变得更健康、身材比婚前健硕,而女性则往相反的方向改变,离婚后会体重暴增、健康状况大不如前。   The findings, published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, are based on checks on 9,000 men and women, with an average age of 45, over an eight-year period. They suggest men who go through a divorce pay more attention to their bodies in a bid to try and win a new mate. Men who remain married, on the other hand, are more likely to let themselves go a bit as they no longer need to compete for a partner.   据悉,这项研究发表在《美国流行病学杂志》(American Journal of Epidemiology)上,调查针对平均年龄45岁的9000多名中年男性以及女性,而调查很严谨,时间也很长,为期8年。报告显示,男性婚后会花更多精力在自己的身上,无论是健身还是保养,因为他们的目的很明确:就是尽快寻找到新伴侣。因为男性在结婚期间,会比较“放任自己”,因为他们根本不需要和别的“竞争者”为夺得女人的芳心而比赛,因为家里那个已经他们“吃不消”了。   Although the divorce rate in England and Wales is falling and currently stands at its lowest rate for 29 years, the UK still has the highest divorce rate in Europe, at 11.5 divorcing people per 1,000 married people.   虽然,目前的离婚率是英国29年来最低的时期,然而,英国的离婚率在欧洲来说还是遥遥领先的。大约1000对已婚夫妇中,会有11.5对夫妇离婚。   Scientists recorded whether the volunteers remained single, married, got divorced or remarried. Each one underwent regular tmill tests to measure their fitness. The results showed men who divorced saw a rise in fitness levels, while those in men who married during the study period declined. In a report on their findings, the researchers said: 'There was a significant increase in fitness levels in men who divorced but a tendency towards a decrease in the fitness of women who divorced.   据悉,调查者努力让调查更“多元化”,因为在9000人中,有单身、已婚、离婚和再婚的人士,研究对象可算是面面俱到了。研究显示男性在离婚后的身体健康程度要比在婚前高许多,而女性却没有那么幸运了。可能天性的原因,并没有像男性一样离婚后会继续生活,好好善待自己。数据显示,女性离婚后时常会“止步不前”更容易沉浸在离婚痛苦中,健康状况令人担心。 /201012/120757Research suggests that processed foods and sugary drinks made by the likes of PepsiCo Inc. and Kraft Foods Inc. aren't simply unhealthy, but may also be addictive, just like cocaine, Bloomberg reported. 研究表明,百事公司和卡夫食品等企业生产的加工食品和含糖饮料不仅是不健康那么简单,它们还可能像可卡因那样让人上瘾。 Lab studies have found that sugary drinks and fatty foods can produce addictive behavior in animals. 据彭社报道,实验室研究发现,含糖饮料和高脂食品会使动物出现成瘾行为。 Brain scans of obese people and compulsive eaters reveal disturbances in brain reward circuits similar to those experienced by drug abusers. 研究人员对肥胖人群和强迫性暴食的人进行大脑扫描后发现,他们大脑中的“奖赏回路”所产生的变化和瘾君子的大脑中“奖赏回路”的变化很相似。 Twenty-eight scientific studies and papers on food addiction have been published this year, according to a National Library of Medicine database. 美国国家医学图书馆的数据库显示,今年发表的关于食品上瘾的科研论文已有28篇。 If fatty foods and snacks and drinks sweetened with sugar and high fructose corn syrup are proven to be addictive, food companies may face the most drawn-out consumer safety battle since the anti-smoking movement took on the tobacco industry a generation ago. 如果高脂食品﹑零食﹑以及用食糖和高果糖玉米糖浆来增加甜味的饮料真的被明能让人上瘾,那么食品公司可能要面临自二三十年前烟草业出现禁烟运动以来最为持久的消费者安全大战。 /201111/160524

  The newest heir to the British royal throne made his first public appearance on Tuesday, as he left the hospital with his parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. 英国王位的最新继承人周二首次公开亮相,随父母剑桥公爵及公爵夫人(Duke and Duchess of Cambridge)离开了医院。 The royal couple posed for photographs with their first born, who is third in line to the throne, on the steps of the London#39;s St. Mary#39;s Hospital shortly after 7 p.m. U.K. time. 英国时间晚上7点多,这对王室夫妇在伦敦圣玛丽医院(St. Mary’s Hospital)的台阶上抱着他们的第一个孩子拍照。这个孩子是王位第三顺位继承人。 Fielding questions for the first time since the birth of their son Monday afternoon, Prince William and the former Kate Middleton described the experience of becoming parents as #39;very emotional.#39; 周一下午,威廉王子(Prince William)和王妃凯特#8226;米德尔顿(Kate Middleton)在儿子出生后首次回答问题时说,为人父母的体验“令人心情激荡”。 #39;He#39;s got a good pair of lungs on him, that#39;s for sure,#39; said Prince William, holding his son swaddled in a cream blanket. #39;He#39;s got her looks, thankfully,#39; he added, nodding toward his wife. The duchess added that Prince William had aly changed his first #39;nappy.#39; 威廉王子抱着裹在米色襁褓里的儿子说,他有一对强壮的肺,这是肯定无疑的。还朝妻子点点头说,他长得像她,谢天谢地。公爵夫人补充说,威廉王子已经为小王子换过了第一块尿片。 The first public sighting of the baby will go a long way toward satisfying the mass of world media that has been camped outside the hospital for days awaiting a glimpse of the new prince and his mother. But the royal couple is keeping them and the public guessing on another important front: the new prince#39;s name. 小王子的第一次公开亮相将在很大程度上满足连日来在医院外安营扎寨的大批全球媒体,他们都等着一见小王子和他母亲的风采。但王室一直保密,同时公众还在猜测另一个重要问题:小王子的名字。 #39;We#39;re still working on a name, so we#39;ll have that as soon as we can,#39; Prince William said. The royal couple then went back inside the hospital briefly, before leaving by car to take their boy home to Kensington Palace. 威廉王子说,我们还在想名字,会尽快起好。这对王室夫妇随后回到医院内,过了一小会儿之后乘车离开,带小王子回到肯辛顿宫。 Their departure followed visits Tuesday afternoon by both sets of grandparents: Prince William#39;s father, Prince Charles, and his wife, the Duchess of Cornwall, as well as the parents of the former Kate Middleton. As she left the hospital, the Duchess of Cambridge#39;s mother, Carole Middleton, said both new mother and baby were #39;doing really well.#39; 他们离开医院前,小王子的祖父母和外祖父母周二下午前往看望,也就是威廉王子的父亲查尔斯王子(Prince Charles)和妻子康沃尔公爵夫人(Duchess of Cornwall),以及凯特王妃的父母。剑桥公爵夫人的母亲卡罗尔#8226;米德尔顿(Carole Middleton)离开医院时说,新妈妈和宝宝的情况都非常好。 Outside Buckingham Palace, crowds continued to gather Tuesday to view the easel officially announcing the baby#39;s birth, which has been on public display since Monday. 周二在白金汉宫外,仍不断有人群聚集,浏览正式宣告小王子降生的黑板架,这个通告自周一开始就公开展示了。 Sam O#39;Neill, a secondary school history teacher from Bromley, Kent, waited about a half-hour with her mother, Jenny Edwards, a former nurse at a London hospital. Having just taken a tour of the House of Commons, Mrs. O#39;Neill said: #39;We couldn#39;t not come and see this historic moment having just seen the past history of our kings and queens.#39; The women were delighted at the short wait; after Princess Diana died, they waited in a line eight hours overnight to commemorate her. 来自肯特郡布罗姆利(Bromley)的初中历史教师奥尼尔(Sam O’Neill)与曾为伦敦一家医院护士的母亲爱德华兹(Jenny Edwards)一起等了大约半个小时。刚刚参观了下议院的奥尼尔说,刚刚看过了我们历代国王和女王以往的历史之后,我们一定得来看看这个历史性的时刻。她们两人很高兴等待的时间不长;戴安娜王妃(Princess Diana)去世后,她们为悼念她彻夜排了八个小时的队。 /201307/249587





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